Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: "Disclosure-Gate" Is Da Latest Manalapan Town Hall Fiasco

DaTruthSquad must first admit that lately we have had some serious headaches that we almost had to seek out an expert physician. There were two reasons we didn't make that doctor's appointment - (1) We weren't sure whether our insurance was being picked up by a spouse that works for da state or by da township, and (2) we figured out da root cause of da headaches - unbelievably but true, daTruthSquad found ourselves in total agreement with da Queen on an issue for da first time since Truman was President!

It was daTruthSquad that first told our readers about da breakdown and da dissolving of da four year "alliance" between Mayor Andy Boy (Lord Lucas) and former Mayor da Queen, at da hands of Lord Lucas and his "Gray" handlers. We told you that da Queen would not go quietly into da night and allow this to go unpunished, especially during an election year where when da alliance was in play, da Democrats through their Capo di Tutti Capi put up two virtual unknowns to match up against da Yorktown Club's finest.

Remember, we told you this would happen!

Call this a "Spodak Moment" - In a stunning turn of events that da local snoozepaper has completely missed, da Queen, thanks to a silver tongued shovel toting card carrying Democrat has unearthed information that could play an embarrassing and significant role in da upcoming election - and we told you first this would happen.

In what was definitely "Must See Manalapan TV," Manalapan Committeeman Ryan "Big Oops" Green admitted before da Manalapan Township Committee and also to anyone in attendance or who was watching MTTV that he apparently botched his all-important financial disclosure form, a duty that all Manalapan Township Committee elected officials MUST submit!

In his own words, "Big Oops" said during da meeting, "A resident referenced my financial disclosure form. There was an oversight on my form. When I originally submitted the form at the request of the township clerk I asked it be glanced over to make sure it was in compliance. Turns out it wasn't. My wife's financial info was also not on there. As soon as it was brought to my attention I updated the form and resubmitted it."

And you thought crossing Route 9 (a state-maintained highway despite da thoughts of some on da Manalapan Township Committee) against da traffic light was bad!

But wait TruthTellers - it get's worse! Let's delve into what "Big Oops" said.

ISSUE 1: "There was an oversight on my form"

What "Big Oops" fails to tell us was exactly what da "oversight" was. Was it one thing? Did he not sign it? Did it involve a Swiss Bank account? Were there donations to da "Obama-Biden 2008 Campaign?"

ISSUE 2: "When I originally submitted the form at the request of the township clerk I asked it be glanced over to make sure it was in compliance"

When "Big Oops" made his mea culpa, he didn't blame himself, or gremlins, or da spirit of his late Uncle Truthie. He instead blamed da fact he left something off his disclosure statement on da Manalapan Township Clerk!

Oh, so let us get this straight --- in da eyes of at least one person, it's da job of da Manalapan Township Clerk to proofread all of our personal and private family documents for accuracy. Does this mean if daTruthSquad runs for Manalapan Township Committee next year and wins, then will it be da job of da Manalapan Township Clerk to proofread this blog for spelling and grammer errors?

What's next -- will it become da job of da Manalapan Township Clerk to give committeepeople haircuts so they look good on MTTV? Is it da job of da Manalapan Township Clerk to apply da Queen's makeup before meetings too? Will she soon be giving Mayor Andy Boy manicures and pedicures before each meeting?

If we follow Ryan "Big Oops" Green's logic, then one can assume that it will become da job of Tara Tiara to take out da Town Hall building trash. Even worse, da Town Clerk wasn't even at da meeting to defend herself! So, in effect, he blamed someone who cannot defend herself and most likely never saw this one coming.

And, by da way, how is da Manalapan Township Clerk supposed to know about intimate details about da financial well-being of one "Big Oops?"

ISSUE 3: "My wife's financial info was also not on there"

Is this something else he may or may not have left off his financial disclosure form? Does she have offshore accounts? His answer, to be fair, obviously adds more questions to what turned into a very suspect mea culpa.

DaTruth is, blaming da Clerk for his own obvious mistake was not only a mistake, it was also childish and completely 1000% disingenuous, and we can guarantee could become political fodder that can be used against Mayor Andy Boy and his running mate, Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz. Da reason -- if "Big Oops" made a big mistake on this one issue, what else in his past has he not disclosed?

What ever happened to "TRANSPARANCY IN GOVERNMENT?"

And, you know da silver haired silver shovel guy won't be da only one who will be looking to see if "Big Oops" didn't forget anything else he may or may not have disclosed.

Our embedded sources within da Cadre believe this is not da first thing that could come back to haunt da GOP'ers that will have "Big Oops's" name on it. We believe something big will happen during one of da September meetings that will be raised by da Queen or by someone during da open public session that could become very newsworthy.

And, apparently this wasn't all that "Big Oops" made a "Big Oops" on. He also was caught playing what one TruthTeller called "an elaborate Ponzi scheme" with da issue of health care.

Ryan "Big Oops" Green wanted to make health care an issue during a recent meeting. He wants to put a resolution forward that said in effect that Manalapan Township Committeepeople could have a paid salary, or health benefits paid by da taxpayer - but not both.

Of course, that sounds very positive and makes a lot of sense. Already, Farmer Don gets one perk but not da other. Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen refused health benefits when she first took office. Mayor Andy Boy gave up his stipend, but has health benefits. Da Queen gets both and will not give up anything. Now, that sounds like she wants her cake and eat it too. However, to be fair, you haven't heard da whole story.

You see, again to be fair, at least da Queen admits she enjoys taking sips from da public trough. It appears "Big Oops" wanders there in da dead of night when nobody can see.

Ryan "Big Oops" Green decided he too would make a political statement. He's keeping his stipend, but he says he will not have da taxpayers of Manalapan pay for his health benefits. Sounds great. You'd want to vote for a guy like that.

Only problem --- Big Oops says he will not have da taxpayers of Manalapan pay for his health benefits. However, you may not realize it --- BUT YOU ALREADY DO!

Da reason Big Oops can boast that he doesn't want YOU DA TAXPAYER of Manalapan to pay for his health benefits is because he gets his health benefits from his wife. She works for da state -- and gets state taxpayer paid-for health benefits that extend to him - da state plan is da very same plan Manalapan Township workers get - including "Big Oops.". Meaning ---- YOU ALREADY PAY FOR HIS AND HIS FAMILY'S HEALTH BENEFITS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ironically, it was da Queen herself who made that point clear during a recent Manalapan Township meeting, saying "he (Green) gets his state health benefits plan paid for by taxpayers!"

Meaning --- much like leaving something off his financial disclosure form, he tells da residents he didn't take state health benefits from da Township of Manalapan - because he already gets them free from da state!

And, adding insult to injury here, it was of all people da Queen herself who drove that nail into da pine box.

DaTruth is, this entire situation of "Disclosure-Gate" is something that has to make you seriously wonder about da honesty of not only "Big Oops," but also his handler, Mayor Andy Boy. Lord Lucas didn't come out against Big Oops, or say anything about it. His silence on da matter could be construed as an endorsement of Big Oops's actions. If that is da case, one might suspect da Manalapan Democrats could use this as political fodder - along with "Disclosure-Gate" in da upcoming election against Lord Lucas.

Da questions are - will they - and what else do they have up their collective sleeves? And, is this da only thing they believe they have on Big Oops?

And, you'll want to check out an upcoming issue of daTruthSquad, because we're researching what Lord Lucas and former President Bill Clinton may have in common, and if "Big Oops" will become Lord Lucas's "Waterloo."

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Good that Spodak exposed the sneakiness of Big Oops Green. They should have run Joey D who wouldn't be sneaky in filling out forms. They really messed up running Big oops Green now how can anyone trust him? Joey D you can trust. Big oops was a big mistake. LMFAO

Anonymous said...

How stupid or weasley is Ryan Big oops Green that he couldn't hand in filled in forms. duh what an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't it the individual's responsibility to ensure that the forms are properly filled out and NOT that of the township clerk? And come to think of it, since he added that his wife's information was also missing, just what did he neglect to report on his form? But then again, does anyone expect anything else from a person who, as a member of another governing body, decided to jump ship for the heck of it, thereby abandoning those responsibilities? Seems to me that Ryan Green has a problem with responsibility.

Your friends in Bordentown said...

Wow. And I thought our own ethically-questionable politician Mayor Lynch here in Bordentown was bad. Your Oops guy sounds like a real prize.

Anonymous said...

Squad, I think there's more to this story. First, he says he left something off his financial disclosure form. Then in the same "mea culpa" as you stated, he says his wife also had something left off there. How many things did he really leave off his financial disclosure form? I think definitely demands censure. Of course his buddy Lucas won't go for that.

Anonymous said...

Not that I'm lazy or anything, but if can get myself elected tothe Manalapan Township Committee, since its the job of the town clerk to make sure all of Oops Green's legal paperwork is properly filled out, can Roseanne also do my taxes too? I'd sure save money on an accountant that way.

Anonymous said...

The real question is should Manalapan Township provide health care benefits for members of the township committee. Committee members are part time volunteers and should not even be eligible for Health care Benefits. The fact that Ryan Green's wife provides for his Health Care benefits does not matter. What matters is that Manalapan Township does not incur any expense for Ryan Green's Health Care benefits. You guys all missed the boat. And all this other stuff about Ryan Green is much ado about nothing. Where's the beef?

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Big Oops tries to make the Queen look bad by her taking health benefits then Big oops Ryan himself is exposed as a d-bag for trying to mislead the public when it comes to his.

Ryan Green aka Big Oops has no credibility now and for the good of the Manalapan Township I hope ace Township watchdog Mayor Spodak demands he resigns at the next township meeting. Kudos to Mayor Spodak for showing us "The Real dark side of Ryan Big Oops Green" . He should do the right thing and resign for misleading the public.

Anonymous said...

Now you all see why Joey D should have been put up to run last year.

Joey D is a man of integrity who would have disclosed everything.

Joey D never would have tried to play the Manalapan public as fools as now exposed Ryan Big Oops Green did by saying he won't take medical insurance all the while he's on his wife's state provided medical insurance.

Joey D is obviously smarter than Big Oops Green.

To save face Green should resign and be replaced by a truthful person with an impeccable intergrity like Joey D who should serve out Big Oops Green term on the Manalapan Town Council.

What a total disgrace Green turned out to be.

Let's see what other info they didn't mention as Mayor Spodak looks further into Green's and his wife's closet.

Come clean Green!

Anonymous said...

"Joey D never would have tried to play the Manalapan public as fools as now exposed Ryan Big Oops Green did by saying he won't take medical insurance all the while he's on his wife's state provided medical insurance."

Did Ryan say he did not have medical insurance? Does his wife have a full time job and is she entitles to family medical insurance? How is the public being played here? Is there a lie here? I still don't get it! No smoking gun here.

Other township committee members have caused the township lots of money with their frivolous lawsuits. That's beef.

Health Care Benefits should not be provided for a part time volunteer position like Township Commitee member. That is my point. That is the issue.

Anonymous said...

You say "The fact that Ryan Green's wife provides for his Health Care benefits does not matter."

It does matter Ryan Green tried to mislead the public with a political stunt that backfired on him, sorry his intergrity is now gone.

A Proud Manalapan Republican

Anonymous said...

You can call me someone who was duped into believing Ryan green would be a pleasant change for Manalapan. I can understand making a mistake, and I don't blame Green for that, even if it was for something as important as his financial disclosure form. But to blame his mistakes (his and his wife's) on the township clerk is as gutless as it comes. Be a man and take responsibility for your actions. If you can't do that, you don't belong as a Manalapan Township Committeeman.

And BTW, to say you don't get state benefits from the taxpayers of manalapan but still get state benefits through the state from your wife is like a health-plan Ponzi scheme. I'm not just disappointed in you Ryan, but also in Andrew for backing you on these issues. I may have to remember that in November.

Anonymous said...

I agree - COME CLEAN GREEN!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can Ryan Green handlers answer sone simple questions.

Why is Ryan opps Green so stupid he couldn't fill out a simple disclosure form?

When people don't fully fill out disclosure forms don't they have something to hide?

Why didn't Ryan Green come right out with full disclosure that his wife gets health benefits from the state and that he's on her policy?

Why did Ryan Green publicly blame the Township Clerk for his f-up?

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced Ryan Green is a schmuck.

How could he have been so dumb not to realize that where he gets his health coverage is an issue. Did he thiunk no one would find out?

Mayor Spodak to the rescue exposing really dumb politicians like Ryan Big Oops Green.

Let me join the chorus COME CLEAN GREEN! Resign!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight.

Come clean Green and his wife are both sucking pay from the public payrolls?

Anonymous said...

If this is true, then a phoney has been exposed ! Suggesting that members of the TC should only be able to choose either Health Benefits or a paid salary,but not both. All the while knowing full well he's already got his free benefits from his wife's State Health Plan !! But forgetting to disclose that fact when it was initially required of him? Does the hypocrisy ever end. Good reporting by the Squad

Anonymous said...

Obviously all of you people bought into what the Lack of Truth Squad is sliming. Allow me to make this clear.

1. Ryan Green did absolutely NOTHING wrong. In fact, he took the blame for the Township clerk's failure to do her job and go over his disclosure statement. If anyone should resign, maybe she should.

2. He is not taking health benefits from Manalapan, meaning he is not charging Manalapan taxpayers for his health benefits. Michelle Roth however is. Where is the outrage there?

3. You people can lie all you want. Ryan Green has nothing to resign over. He is doing right by the people of Manalapan and should be praised for his hard work and dedication to the job he takes seriously and proudly. This is just another case of some troublemakers jealous of the great job he is doing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did he or didn't he disclose the fact that he was getting free health care from the State of NJ from his wife's plan, during the time he was demonizing Roth for choosing to take her Health Care from the Township ?
if so..he is a phoney..plain and simple.. And since when is it the Clerk's job to make sure that he fills a form out correctly ? is he an educated adult or a kindergarten student. Is he reviewing Township documents, contracts etc..God help us

Anonymous said...

Unless the township hired Madaam Cleo as their Clerk, how would she know what his personal information is ? Thats why it's called a disclosure form, you need to enter personal information how the heck is the Clerk supposed to know he already has free health care ? Don't blame the little people for his Big Oops.

Anonymous said...

First off don't thank the squad, thank Mayor Spodak for looking into "Lyin Ryan".

If Ryan Green is to stupid to fill out his OWN important documents how can the residents of Manalapan trust him with township business?

He was clearly a jackass for blaming the Manalapan Township clerk for his pre school I.Q. incompetance.

I'm very disappointed to learn this and now he has no choice but to resign. He tried to mislead the residents and blamed a hard working public servant for his own non disclosure.

"Lyin Ryan" I agree with everyone else and should step down.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone really surprised here?

The Manalapan Mole said...

First Ryan Big Oops Green unbeknownst to anyone except maybe for former Mayor Spodak changes his financial disclosure form.

Second Spodak catches him in the act and forces Big Oops to come clean.

Third Big Oops makes and even Bigger Oops by claiming the fault he made a mistake is because of a beloved senior citizen town clerk.

Fourth Super Big Oops Oopsed again because that same respected clerk has just retired, so he blamed someone who wasn't around to defend herself.

Fifth, he adds another Oops to his resume of Oopses by claiming taxpayers of Manalapan aren't paying for his benefits, when all residents of the state are.

And we thought Slick Rick Klauber was bad. I believe the Manalapan Democrats led by Michelle Roth and George Spodak will be primed and ready for the first September meeting to go after Super Oops with new allegations of wrongdoing.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

"I believe the Manalapan Democrats led by Michelle Roth and George Spodak will be primed and ready for the first September meeting..."

I will be sure to be in attendance for that meeting of the minds. ::Rolling Eyes::

She's evil. He babbles way too much. Neither belong in my government.

Anonymous said...

I like the Manalapan Mole!

Anonymous said...

There's Ryan "Big Oops" Green, "Come Clean Green", "Lyin Ryan".

How about "Resignin' Ryan".

Anonymous said...

Because he wasn't man enough to accept he's a moron and blamed the Township clerk for his stupidity add "Cryin Ryan" to the list.

Anonymous said...

Of course some on the township commitee can't stand Manalapan watchdog Mayor George Spodak. He's the only one with the intelligence and guts to shine a light on the scum.

Does Come clean Green's wife have a politically appointed job with the state? This two are milking the system with 2 public jobs, bennies and nice pensions. Talk about a family being supported by the people. Come Clean Green!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Gray us the answer to all your questions. He is the one who knows where the luggage came from. He pulls Green strings just like Lucas strings. Puppets will only do what Gray wants. Gray is getting the benefits. How many Afican Americans are in the Yorktown club? How many people of color have you run for township committee. How many fat bastards break the law so you can keep CME on the payroll?

Anonymous said...

The fools should have ran Joey D last year instead of Come clean Green.

Anonymous said...

Count me in as a member of the Yorktowne Club who is not happy with Ryan Green right now. We have two wonderful people who are running for the Manalapan Township Committee who want to do what is best and right for Manalapan. Ryan Green made a mistake. He made that mistake worse by blaming Roseanne. Yes, stupid. He is not connected to Jordan or Andrew as some have alleged. Don't hold them responsible for Ryan's mistake.

The Manalapan Mole said...

The Mole predicts that both Michelle Roth and George Spodak will each have more to say about "Blame the senior citizen clerk-GATE."

And, the Mole predicts that the next salvo fired by the Democratic Dynamic Duo will target something that Mayor Lucas either did or is alleged to have done.

Bust a Deal - Face the Wheel!

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

OK, he made a mistake. I can live withthat. But Republican Lyin Ryan Green can't own up to his own mistakes, so then how can he be trusted with the town's finances?

He's the right hand of Lucas, who is standing up for him. Can Lucas be trusted? A question best answered in November.

Anonymous said...

pretty soon y'all be sayin da HATE SITE is now da GREAT SITE.

Anonymous said...

I have a logistical question. How exactly did George Spodak know about the information that was left off of Ryan Green's forms? Out of the 30-sum-odd thousand residents of Manalapan Township, I find it quite odd that he was the only one who knew about it beforehand and brought it to the forefront; could he have had some inside information that subsequently led him to confront Ryan Green? If so, doesn't that qualify as yet another breach of ethics at the hands of a currently sitting Township Committeemember?

Anonymous said...

how would it be a breach of ethics for a member of the TC to inform a member of the public of someone else's breach of ethics?

Anonymous said...

George Spodak knew about it because Rose Ann made sure Tara and Roth knew about it. Your "mole" is your disgruntled ex-clerk.

Anonymous said...

"doesn't that qualify as yet another breach of ethics at the hands of a currently sitting Township Committeemember?"

You hit the nail on the head. George was by far the dumbest mayor we ever had. Mr. Silver Shovel would be no better able to uncover any wrongdoing than the Yorktowne Club would be sponsoring a civil rights march or Yom Kippur services. For the last four years, this long ago washed up political hack has been desperately trying to get attention any way he can. The man even had his heart surgery covered by a newspaper, for heavens sake. Seeing that he was easy pickins, the democrats have been using him mercilessly ever since, feeding him false documents, false accusations, whatever, as he continues to be oblivious to the fact that they are making a fool of him for their own purposes. George is no hero. He's no brilliant detective. He's the court jester. And all the postings by Larry Roth on this site praising him to keep spurring him on in his vicious attacks doesn't change a thing.

Anonymous said...

larry doesn't post here. i do. and i post out of all sides of my multiple personalities, all of my myriad forked tongues. i'm here to make sure that everyone looks ridiculous except me, that everyone becomes suspicious of everyone else except me, and that everyone destrots the reputations of everyone else except me, so that when the town is a pile of rubble and dead bodies, i can stand atop the pile, all alone, and say:


Anonymous said...

Larry, maybe if you learned to spell and write coherent English, it wouldn't be so obvious when you post. No wonder your business has failed. It's a business that depends on cogent writing, and look at the garbage you spew. What's a wonder is that your business lasted as long as it did. You're completely illiterate. And can someone explain to me why every failure in Manalapan is so upset with Stu? I smell a little jealousy here. Larry could never get elected to any position. Fred failed the only time he tried - miserably at that. And these two guys, along with the disgraced Spodak, the fired brillohead and a couple of rotund municipal chairmen who have never been able to get their candidates elected to anything out of Manalapan, are psychotically obsessed with him -- while he cashes in on their obsession all the way to the bank. You've got to love it.

Anonymous said...

Pointing the finger and trying to divert the attention to those who exposed this is truly a sign of desperation. Green just needs to answer the question. Did he omit info on his financial disclosure that would have shown he is getting health care benefits at the expense of NJ taxpayers? At the same time he was attacking Roth for choosing to recieve health benefits for herself.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that is clear here is that the Truth Squad knows exactly what they are talking about.

There once was an alliance. Those who were a part of it denied it. Now its over, and its clear by the actions between Roth and Lucas. Since I wouldn't trust Andrew to flush a toilet without first being told to do it, he must have received that advice from the two people giving him his marching orders. Their timing was too soon, because now Roth and the people she orders have time to go after Lucas and Green. Although Green and his disclosure problem are making that easy to handle. Not a bright maneuver from a Princeton grad.

The Manalapan Mole said...

Does our Manalapan Mayor have an intern issue?

Is there more to this disclosure-gate that we don't yet know about?

Does the Yorktown Club have a mole of its own?

Has a current Manalapan Mayor already chosen the next Manalapan mayor?

Why was it a street where a number of African-Americans already live in Manalapan was chosen to become more than double the size with low income housing?

Many questions. Who will answer?

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Larry, you made a mistake. When Stool is done trashing everyone in town and is standing on the rubbish heap, the new name of the town will NOT be Moskovitzniaville. It will be--


Anonymous said...

"When Stool is done trashing everyone in town and is standing on the rubbish heap..."

There you go again, Fred, with your creepy fixation about Stu. Do you ever think before you run your mouth, or do you like saying "Stu Moskovitz" for everything and having everyone in town look at you like you're a fool? You spew nonsense and hatred like all of your little friends at the hate site, and all it does is attract negative attention to yourself in the form of people saying "Oh lovely, there he goes again, popping off about the guy. I wonder what kind of dumbass comment is going to come out this time." Dude, get over it, man. You're obsessed and it's really not healthy.

Anonymous said...

Gee Fred, that was clever. If that's a sample of your intelligence, I think we can understand how you became the laughingstock of Wall Street with your amateurish mutual fund fraud that even Elliot Spitzer could see right through.

Anonymous said...

Poor Fred. What does a 68 year old has-been whose career was destroyed by being caught violating SEC rules do all day to pass the time? I guess we can see -- he spends every minute blogging nonsense and attacking successful people who aren't tarnished like he is. Of course, what helps makes them successful is that unlike Fred and the three other defeated losers he hangs around with online, they don't spend all day blogging nonsense and convincing themselves that a guy who can't figure out how to return government shovels is going to get some kind of vindication for them in a case he hasn't been able to figure out how to move in three years. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

STOOL!! I love that. Much funnier than what they call him on the Hate Site--Stuchebag.

Anonymous said...

After seeing Ryan Green on TV it's apparent to me he tried to deceive the residents. Mayor Spodak caught him red handed, Ryan Green should resign, is there a petition yet?

Question about the Yorketown club. Is it really true they have no black members? In this day and age what's up with that? Makes one wonder about this secretive Yorktown club.

Anonymous said...

Do you think if Larry Roth spent even half his time trying to get his business off the ground as he does attacking people with his "anonymous" postings that he wouldn't be in the financial trouble he's in now?

Anonymous said...

What makes it worse is that it looks like Ryan Green tried to deceive the public and then tried to blame and ruin the reputation of a beloved senior citizen civil servant. Spodak did catch him green handed. Scummy person in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mole,

Lucas and the Yorktown club doesn't want black people here. They only have a token Jew and no black members. The low income housing will be for white politically connected family members.

Maybe Lucas will put is mum and dad there!

Anonymous said...

Trying to interject the race card, how desperate and obvious. Come back when you can find an African American resident who was denied membership, and maybe someone here may take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

How about the Yorketown club name some black members of the community that they asked to join, then you'll be taken seriously.


The Manalapan Mole said...

I don't know much about the Yorktowne Club, however I did check out their website. They have a pictures section with a lot of nice photos from events they have. The pictures show a lot of white middle aged and older men, but not even one hispanic, asian or african-american man or woman in any of them. If you don't believe me, look at the link:


Not to inject the race card here, but the club only seens to have one singular race represented in those pictures. Judge for yourself.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Why is it Democrats can never stick to the issues. Maybe when your principal spokespeople are Gerry Ward, George Spodak and Fred Stone, there's not a lot of brain power there, so they have to resort to name calling. But racism against the Yorktowne Club? Really? Larry Roth calling someone a racist? Really? The guy who earned his living writing press releases for South African mining companies? Really? Calling other people racist? LOL. You can't make this stuff up. Of course, if Larry had to stick to the issues, instead of screaming Stu, Stu, Stu and calling everyone else a racist, he'd have to deal with the truth - that the two Democratic candidates are tools of his wife Michelle Roth, who has cost the township tens of thousands of dollars in lawsuits, who refuses to give up health care for a part time job, who falsely accused our award winning police chief of sexual harassment, who got rid of all the experienced township directors to replace them with younger people who would kiss her ring and who has created anger, hostility and tension in Town Hall the entire time she's been there, making Manalapan the laughingstock of the County. Let's see, who do we want in charge -- the Yorktowne Club (a service organization) or Michelle Roth, a vicious, greedy, egomaniac. Let me get back to you on that one.

Anonymous said...

Somebody could get angry with Da Truth Squad and perpetrate something like this:

Philly requiring bloggers to pay $300 for a business license
By: Mark Hemingway
Commentary Staff Writer
08/22/10 5:10 PM EDT
An new iPad owner syncs the device with his laptop computer while visiting a Starbucks Coffee location April 3, 2010 (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

It looks like cash hungry local governments are getting awfully rapacious these days:

Between her blog and infrequent contributions to ehow.com, over the last few years she says she’s made about $50. To [Marilyn] Bess, her website is a hobby. To the city of Philadelphia, it’s a potential moneymaker, and the city wants its cut.

In May, the city sent Bess a letter demanding that she pay $300, the price of a business privilege license.

“The real kick in the pants is that I don’t even have a full-time job, so for the city to tell me to pony up $300 for a business privilege license, pay wage tax, business privilege tax, net profits tax on a handful of money is outrageous,” Bess says.

It would be one thing if Bess’ website were, well, an actual business, or if the amount of money the city wanted didn’t outpace her earnings six-fold. Sure, the city has its rules; and yes, cash-strapped cities can’t very well ignore potential sources of income. But at the same time, there must be some room for discretion and common sense.

When Bess pressed her case to officials with the city’s now-closed tax amnesty program, she says, “I was told to hire an accountant.”

She’s not alone. After dutifully reporting even the smallest profits on their tax filings this year, a number — though no one knows exactly what that number is — of Philadelphia bloggers were dispatched letters informing them that they owe $300 for a privilege license, plus taxes on any profits they made.

Even if, as with Sean Barry, that profit is $11 over two years.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats are toast in November, thanks to Obama and Pelosi. They have done more damage to the party than Carl Rove could do in 10 lifetimes. It probably won't matter who the Manalapan Democratic Party runs this fall, with the current stratagies they are using, they are going to be slaughtered in November.
Trying to play the race card at the eleventh hour won't work either. It's been played out too many times, the Manalapan Mole is fighting the wrong war with the wrong tactics, it's no wonder the Manalapan Democratic party is facing a mass exodus, your living in the past and tomorrow is here already. If you don't wake up and get in the game and drop the failed stratagies of old, you'll be rolled over by the Republican frieght train that is coming... if you can't see this, try listening, your sure to here it.

The Manalapan Mole said...

You have to find it interesting the mindset of some individuals. You post a link to a website about a little unknown club whose membership is as far from asian or black or hispanic as the arctic circle is from antarctica.

Now you have some grand old partier saying the reason Manalapan democrats will suffer a landslide defeat in Nivember is because of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi.

The last time I checked, it was not Obama who said he did not properly fill out his financial disclosure forms, and it was not Speaker Pelosi who blamed it on a senior citizen already retired friend of the people clerk.

You can blame everything you want on Obama, however in the end it was the Republican Ryan Green who said it and did it, and Mayor Lucas who did not back away from it. What else is he hiding? I can only wonder what Mayor Spodak is looking into now.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Spodak is looking into, no one is going to take seriously anyway. Other than the four old men and their moll at the hate site, no one takes anything Spodak says or does seriously. Why should they? This guy has been shooting blanks for decades. He was thrown out of office by Jim Gray for a reason. Whatever shred of credibility he had when he left office, he's lost in the last two years with his obsessions, paranoia, false evidence, and just plain silliness. The man isn't a muckraker, he's muck.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest here. Spodak is a lantern short of a lighthouse.

Anonymous said...

Between Mayor Spodak and the Manalapan Mole, Andrew and Ryan Green and the Manalapan Republicans are in trouble.

Anonymous said...

"Let's be honest here. Spodak is a lantern short of a lighthouse"

If this statement is correct, then would it be safe to say that Ryan Green is one inmate short of a prison?

Anonymous said...

"Let's be honest here. Spodak is a lantern short of a lighthouse

If this statement is correct, then would it be safe to say that Ryan Green is one inmate short of a prison?"

I'm just curious. Did the person who wrote that actually think it would make sense to anyone other than themselves? I mean, anyone who hasn't been drinking heavily or under other forms of influence.

Re: 'Ryan Green is one inmate short of a prison" said...

Has any official taken any action against Green or is this just more defamation and villification?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Spodak Manalapan's watchdog is exposing the scum in this town and the Republicans are getting nervous. Can't wait for the next township meeting as Spodak sets the stage for someone to resign. I hope Mayor Spodak shares what he found out with the county prosecutor. They could have had a man up there who knows how to fill out 3rd grade disclosure forms like tax cutting Joey D. What a mistake Ryan big oops Green turned out to be.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing here is you have a sitting elected official admitting he made a mistake. I can accept that and move on. But then instead of just accepting he made his mistake, he instead blames someone else. That's what bothers me about this. By blaming others for his own mistakes, you have to start wondering what else he may have done wrong. Considering I can't even get my own garbage picked up in Manalapan because the trash guy doesn't like my garbage can, you really have to scratch your head at the incompetance running Manalapan Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

Come Clean Green! And tell your sidekick the mayor to get someone to pick up my trash!

Anonymous said...

Question - does Ryan Lyin Green also believe that the town clerk was also responsible for the lawsuit against Moskovitz? Or the Chief Brown lawsuit?

The Manalapan Mole said...

Here are some predictions from the Manalapan Mole:

1. The issue of the lack of anything other than white faces at the Yorktowne Club will be attached to the Republicans in the upcoming election. It appears they don't like their super secret club to be put in the light.

2. Ryan Green will blame the situation with garbage pickup on the former Manalapan Township Clerk. No particular reason. He seems to blame her for everything else.

3. Michelle Roth will stand up against both Mayor Lucas and Ryan Green, and that will open the door to the next issue that will be brought up against the Republicans.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,

Since I saw something about garbage pick up in this thread I need to voice a complaint. Since this new company Waste Management started I haven't been able to sleep well. The problem is with their one man trucks. After they put the trash in the arm brings the trash to the top of the truck and at that point it let's out a big bang noise when dumping into the top of the truck, it wakes up the whole family!!

Two options, please put in the next contract that trash pick ups have to begin after 8 AM or get quieter trucks, It's really affecting the health and well being of my family being jarred out of bed as early as 5 AM or earlier some mornings. This is a residential area where people are sleeping, not commercial stores and businesses.

Thank you in advance for addressing this major problem in our town of Manalapan.
If this is addressed you'll forever have my vote and the votes of my suffering neighbors.

Please let us sleep, we need to work to pay our property taxes, at this point I would be willing to take my trash to a dump just to keep Waste Management from jarring us out of bed with their very loud trucks and pre dawn pick ups.

Signed a $14,0000 a year property taxpaying resident of Manalapan ready to move because of Waste Management.

Anonymous said...

It should be put into the next garbage contract pick ups to begin after 8 AM AND quieter trucks. The Waste Management trucks are WAY too loud even during the day when my baby is taking her nap.

Waste Mansgement is destroying our quality of life. Please fix it!

Anonymous said...

The EPA has set decibal ratings that may keep those very loud Waste Management garbage trucks off Manalapan streets. Someone could look into that option. I do agree pick ups should start after 8AM in residential areas. That should be in the next contract. Those Waste Management trucks are loud no question about that.

Anonymous said...

"Moles" and "watchdogs" ought to explain why Green, as a school social worker with his own health benefits from his district, even has to bother with such piddling paperwork.

Anonymous said...

Waste Management trucks is what wrecks your day?

How about the two big tax increases Andrew Lucas brought us? We still are paying them even though this year "Election year" the Budget went flat.

And you don't like a waste management company that has state of th art trucks that lift the big trash cans? Now we are stuck with many little cans so Lucas can get another company to take over. Ask Lucas how he spent $1500000.00 of tax money so his farmer friend can have some more land to farm. Check it out...long time friends get the deal.

Blacks in Yorktown? Who cares? Jim Gray vetos all who he hates. If you aren't Irish, kiss his jack boot!

Lucas and Gray got rid of Brunelli. Ever wonder what deal Lucas couldn't get from Brunelli? Now Lucas's friend is building another damn strip mall!

And trash is your biggest problem?

The Manalapan Mole said...

Is this a Republican thing? Governor Christie takes responsibility for the school funding fiasco, then blames Obama for not calling him and telling him his form had a mistake on it. Lyin Ryan Green makes a mistake on his financial disclosure form, and blames a retired senior citizen clerk for his personal mistake.

Is Mayor Silver Shovel Spodak in his kitchen cooking up more problems for Ryan Green?

Could Lyin Ryan's problems become Mayor Andrew Lucas's problems?

Should you expect some interesting questions to be raised during the public portion of the first September Manalapan Township Committee meeting?

Keep your eyes on Ryan Green during that next meeting. See if he is sweating.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for the rediculous garbage mess with Waste Management? I had one - one hefty bag with trash in it in my garbage can, and they never picked it up. Maybe the next time I'll just leave my trash in the middle of the street not in a garbage can. Will they take it after people run over it? Manalapan is going to become a very ugly and smelly town if Waste Management is running the town and not our so-called leaders. It's getting embarassing to live here.

Anonymous said...

Are these pansy's at Waste Management not going to pickup trash when it snows because it's too cold for them? Someone needs to fix this problem. It's already out of hand.