Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Can Ryan Green's Questions Potentially Force Da Queen To Recuse Herself From "Contaminated Acres" Approval?

Here's something you may not know - it seems as though any time da Manalapan Township Committee has a vote on anything real estate-related, Committeewoman Susan Cohen is forced to recuse herself simply because she is a real estate agent.

This means that Susan Cohen has taken herself out of votes on anything real estate-related, even if there was no way she could even remotely profit from it, such as COAH-enabled votes.

Here's an interesting question submitted by one of da TruthTellers --- What if you are on da Manalapan Township Committee, are you allowed to vote on any real estate project, or any building project, especially one related to COAH obligations, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN LARGE POLITICAL DONATIONS FROM DEVELOPERS?????

That was an interesting question. We'll have to answer that one soon. Meanwhile......

Da Village project has been through committees and studies for da last seven years, and is still being debated. It's a project stalled by traffic impact studies, debates on if Manalapan really needs business to generate tax income, what should be built there, if anything should be built there, if some want it, if other's don't, if Route 33 should be kept without business, if a "Mega-Mall" should be built just over the Manalapan border in Monroe, who should profit from Manalapan tax money, should Manalapan just become a conduit of traffic for shoppers heading to Old Bridge, Marlboro, Freehold and Monroe, and so on.

However, some are finding it very interesting that a COAH project, coming at a time when da Democrat-led State Senate and Assembly are pursuing doing away with COAH, something da new governor already said he will sign into law, is being pushed through faster than probably any construction project of its kind in town history. Why?

Why is a COAH low-income housing complex being pushed through at breakneck speeds, when da state seems to be working at da very same speed to do away with COAH and all da COAH requirements towns face?

Why is Manalapan working so fast - just one Planning Board meeting - questions on if any traffic studies or if any impact studies have been done - and why is Manalapan's Township Committee ready to spend $1.6 million in taxpayer money to subsidize this -- all while da state is working to do away with COAH requirements?

Why is this happening on a piece of land that neighboring Englishtown says will be detrimental to them? Why is this happening on a piece of land that will seriously impact Route 522?

Oh, and this same piece of land is also called a "Brownfield," due to contamination after an oil facility was there for decades.

It started to wonder to daTruthSquad if maybe, just maybe, someone was going to be benefitting financially from all of this?

Then somebody raised an interesting question posted by someone who was commenting on one of daTruthSquad's blog postings. It read, "Hey Squaddo, maybe instead of wasting our time with much ado nothing, maybe you should be looking into who is going to profit if this COAH disaster on Route 522 in Manalapan is built. Better yet, maybe you should be spending your time, counselor, on who has already profited from COAH in Manalapan. I sent this same note to da Transcript, so if you want to find "da" answer to this, you'd better act quickly."

After reading that post, it dawned on us that someone knew something, but for osme reason they did not want to answer their own question. So, maybe we should.

We ordered da TruthTeller's Special A-1 No-Nonsense Blue Ribbon Investigative Unit to look into this posting. What we found was indeed disturbing.

According to evidence obtained from da State of New Jersey ELEC records - information that was submitted directly from da Roth for State Assembly campaign shows there were donations to her 2009 State Assembly campaign that came directly from not only developers and those involved in construction, but specifically from developers who are specifically involved with da construction of affordable housing units!

But wait - it get's even more interesting..........

Are you ready for some more questions that probably deserve an answer or two???

Question 1: What is Barton Partners and who is Thomas Barton?

Question 2: Ever hear of a company called Tara Developers and a nice gentleman named Robert Kahan?

Question 3: While we're on that subject, you may be wondering what CIS is and who another nice individual named Mark Issa is?

Question 4: Why was da developer's name changed so quickly and without any questions or apparently no objections for the planned "Roth Renewal at Contaminated Acres?"

Of course, since this is da Passover Holiday we felt "Da Four Questions" were in order.

Now, let's try to answer some of these questions....

Answer 1: Barton Partners of Norristown, Pennsylvania near Trenton is a fine company that has already done business in Manalapan. They were specifically involved in da construction of Heritage Village at Manalapan on Woodward Road ("100 Independent living units (700 to 900 sf) (Affordable, Seniors Midrise, Subsidized Housing).

Oh, and according to ELEC records from da 2009 election submitted by da Roth campaign, Thomas Barton gave $350 to da Roth Campaign when she ran for State Assembly - da same Michelle Roth who sits on da Manalapan Planning Board and on da Township Committee.

Answer 2: Tara Developers, based in Trenton and near Bordentown according to their own website, says they are "Since 1994, Tara Developers has been actively involved in affordable housing developments."

Oh, and according to ELEC records from da 2009 election submitted by da Roth campaign, Robert Kahan from Tara Developers gave $350 to da Roth Campaign when she ran for State Assembly - - da same Michelle Roth who sits on da Manalapan Planning Board and on da Township Committee.

Answer 3: CIS, based in Bordentown and near Cherry Hill, once had a VP named Mark Issa, who is now da President of CIS Construction. His company also is involved in da construction of affordable and senior housing units - and had a hand in Heritage Village at Manalapan.

Oh, and according to ELEC records from da 2009 election submitted by da Roth campaign, Mark Issa gave a whopping $5000 to da Roth Campaign when she ran for State Assembly!!!

Answer 4: Should we even go there at this point?

DaTruth is, and da proof comes from da State of New Jersey's government ELEC website and not from some "Hate" website, Michelle Roth has been da beneficiary of campaign contributions from three (3) companies and officers of those companies, two of which have been specifically confirmed as doing work in Manalapan - specifically with COAH obligated housing units - da very same type of housing she has backed and is backing again for da controversial and potentially contaminated site on Route 522!

Forget about da fact that a fine legal eagle and member of da WMUA who gets a salary and benefits from da WMUA, paid for by Manalapan residents and supported by da Queen, also gave $200 to her campaign last year. That's for another day. As for today, here's da question you have to ask yourself:

Why is Committeewoman Susan Cohen forced to recuse herself from votes regarding real estate issues, including COAH which she cannot even make a dime off of, but Michelle Roth is allowed to vote on COAH construction, and is a leader on da planning board, and she has received election campaign money from three developers that we know of that handle affordable housing -- two that specifically did business in Manalapan --- and she is allowed to vote on COAH-related projects?

Are we missing something here?????

Now, to be fair, it should be noted that at this time, da Queen has not done anything illegal by taking political contributions from anyone - even developers - even those who have done business in Manalapan - and are tied to COAH --- Question-raising, but not illegal --- and ethically curious, but not illegal. There is no direct evidence that da Queen has taken any campaign contributions from any member of da Ingerman Group, who wants to build this alleged 3-story apartment building / complex in Manalapan, which will cost Manalapan taxpayers $1.6 million from their COAH fund, to satisfy a COAH responsibility that may be moot in da coming months, and one that many other towns, including Marlboro, is suspending pending what da state does with COAH. Ask yourself, would you buy something you knew would be obsolete in a few months? Would you buy a black & white TV knowing that 3D TV's are coming out this year? Would you buy a two megapixel camera when a 10-12 megapixel camera is the standard now? In a way, that's what da Manalapan Township Committee wants to do with YOUR TAX DOLLARS!

DaTruth is, a simple Google search of "MBI Development Company" shows companies easily able to be found, based in Bosnia, Malaysia, and somewhere else in Europe. You really have to do some dredging to find this company in the US of A, and ironically, its a part of the Ingerman company, the same one that gave their demonstration that raised more questions than it answered.

Now, if you have questions, feel free to ask, but get ready for some more.

From a psychological standpoint, when you want to get one over on someone, you accuse them of something to place them on da defensive. According to da Snoozer in a report done by actual news guy Mark Rosman, "Roth called Green’s comments about the proposed "Contaminated Acres" Wood Avenue affordable housing project “grandstanding for the television cameras at the committee meeting."

Why is da Queen making this accusation - especially since Planning Board meetings aren't televised???? Could it be because she is a member of da Manalapan Planning Board - and has been for years? Is it possible that could be a reason? Could Green, who has been opposed to this project since word of it became knowledge, be casting light on something that could make some people uncomfortable?

To be fair, let's ask a few questions about Ryan Green, based upon da "grandstanding" comments of Queen Michelle ---

Is it really Ryan Green's intentions to get his face on da TV camera of a meeting that isn't televised? Does Ryan Green like to imagine himself on TV? Could Ryan Green have issues with how Manalapan spends it's tax dollars? Is it possible that Ryan Green dreams of becoming a TV news guy, and maybe even practices that craft in front of his bathroom mirror? Or - maybe - just maybe - Ryan Green was not at all happy that Michelle Roth got more face time on YouTube than he has by calling herself a "fiscally conservative Democrat. Most Republicans are shocked that I am more fiscally conservative than they are" - (daTruthSquad's computer nearly imploded, our patented "Truth-O-Meter" began spinning uncontrolably backwards and my pacemaker nearly shorted out when we saw this).

As we have said before, you really can't make this stuff up.

DaTruth is, what Ryan Green has done here is commendable to say da very least. His next step may be - and should be - to order an investigation at da township level to see if any member of da Manalapan Township Committee has received any donations from developers or builders or those involved in construction - especially those involved in COAH issues. That's what daTruthSquad would do - and if da township says "no way, Jose," then maybe that same request should be made to Paula Dow's offices in Trenton.

DaTruth is, you can't ask or order someone to recuse themselves from a vote if someone else who is voting is tied in any way to that project, or tied in any way to da scope of a project of that type, which would include taking money from developers of that type for projects that were already built (before or after da fact) in town that that same person may or may not have voted on in their capacity of township duties.

Kudos to Ryan Green for standing up for daTruth in this matter. Kudos to Mark Rosman for writing a professional fair and balanced report on da issue devoid of press releases and one-sided reporting. And as for da Manalapan Township Committee, with this information now available for all to see, it may be time for Mayor Andy Boy to side with Committeeman Green and demand da Queen recuse herself from da "Contaminated Acres" issue - and quite possibly reopen da matter entirely from square one - as has been done with da Village in da past - especially since $1.6 million dollars of Manalapan taxpayer money and COAH obligations could soon be as extinct as da dinosaurs.

And that's daTruth.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Da "Corzine 6" Pass-Da-Buck Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Ed Decide Not to Cut a Dime & Dumps $3 Million On Taxpayers!

Da state, swimming in so much red ink they can't purchase a life preserver, is cutting back on anything that moves. That's why we all elected Governor Chris Christie and booted former Governor Tax-zine out of office. As an elected official, Christie is making da hard choices. There are some other elected officials, however, who would rather continue da Con-zine motto of "I've never met a tax I've never loved and cherished, because we have da power to make someone else pay for it."

As hard as this is to believe, da Manalapan-Englishtown Board of Ed has voted 6-2 to pass along $3 million in taxes directly to da homeowner of Manalapan and Englishtown!


Because as one of these elected yahoos said, "I don't want any of these things cut!"

They also apparently feel that there is no problem passing along a tax increase to you - da homeowners!

Despite opposition to taxing local residents into oblivion from elected officials "Joey D" Pasquale and Joanne Orr, they were outnumbered by Tax-zine clones 6 to 2, leaving it up to da voters.

To be fair, maybe those other six elected officials who voted YES are wealthy landowners? Maybe they even have diamond-studded silverware, light cigars with $20 bills, and buy Gucci diapers for their grandkids? Maybe they can afford more taxes? Maybe they think we all can? Maybe they still kneel by da alter and pray to their shrine of Jon Tax-zine before they go to bed every night?

DaTruth is, it is reprehensible for these "Corzine 6" to think we all can absorb another tax increase - because they can't seem to do their jobs properly. It is abundantly clear that outside of Pasquale and Orr that these 6 Tax-ologists have a clue as to what they are supposed to be doing up there.

Because of that, it is clear by what all da TruthTellers are saying, daTruthSquad must show these 6 Tax-a-holics how to cut a budget, yet still do da right thing for da kids.

That's right --- daTruthSquad will have to hold their tax and spend hands and walk them through how to cut a budget -- and not cut even one teacher or school program in da process! They say it can't be done --- but daTruthSquad and our TruthTellers know better!

So, here's how daTruthSquad would cut da Manalapan-Englishtown school budget by $3 million:

BUDGET CUT #1: Each school has an Asst. Principal making on average $90-115,000, not including benefits & pension. So, on average, take $100,000, multiply that by 8 schools, and that = $800,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #2: Each school has two (2) secretaries making on average $45-70,000, not including benefits & pension. So, on average, take $50,000, multiply that by 8 schools, and that = $400,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #3: Each school has an Computer Technician making on average $60-90,000, not including benefits & pension. If you have 1 Techie oversee two schools - you cut four computer tech jobs. So, on average, take $75,000, multiply that by 4 schools, and that = $300,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

So far, we have just cut $1.5 million of the $3 million lost, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS OR KIDS! GEE, THIS IS TOUGH! No wonder these 6"Handi-TAXed" people can't do this! Let's see how much more we can do da job of our elected officials....

BUDGET CUT #4: Each school has 1 school counselor making on average $60-100,000, not including benefits & pension. If you have 1 counselor oversee two schools - you cut four counselor jobs. So, on average, take $80,000, multiply that by 4 schools, and that = $320,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #5: Each school cans two full-time janitors, replacing them with one part-time guy. Floor mopers make on average $45-60,000, not including benefits & pension. So, on average, take $50,000, multiply that by 8 schools - times two - and minus $35,000 from each school for the part-time mopper-upper, and that = $520,000 cut WITH NO AFFECT ON TEACHERS AND KIDS!

BUDGET CUT #6: Each school maintains heat at no higher than 68 degrees in the winter, and AC at 74 degrees, and at 58 degrees and 78 degrees when da schools aren't being used. Estimated savings on gas/electric annually will be approximately $24,000.

BUDGET CUT #7: MEMS has a principal, dean of students, 4 secretaries (one of which we already eliminated), 2 asst. principals (one of which we already eliminated), and two school counselors (one of which we already eliminated). Eliminate da other asst. principal, da dean of students, and one other secretary, and da savings on average there is $250,000.

BUDGET CUT $8: From da school system, eliminate da Asst. Coordinator of Transportation Department, one of da 2 secretaries of da physical plant, one of da school superintendent's two (yes, he has 2) secretaries, one of da 3 human resources secretaries, da Assistant Business Administrator/Board Secretary, all of whom combined earn approximately $260,000 not including benefits and pension, and da savings there is another $260,000.

BUDGET CUT #9: Take da budget ax to one of da 2 secretaries in da school curriculum office, and you save another $50,000.

BUDGET CUT #10: Eliminate one of da 2 Pupil Personnel Services secretaries, and save another $50,000.


Now, of course, this may be asking too much from da 6 Tax-a-genicists, but maybe now, instead of $3 million they refuse to cut, maybe now they can find $26,000 in da eight schools to eliminate -- or for those 6 Tax-illiterates who are on da school board -- $3,250 of waste to eliminate per-school!

DaTruth is, it is not daTruthSquad's job to do da job of 6 Pass-da-buck Tax-hacks who obviously have no clue as to why they were elected. Here we are, and as fast as you can say "Re-elect Joey D & Joanne Orr," and daTruthSquad just cut $2,974,000 from da school budget, and little Johnnie was not affected in da slightest. Sure, da school superintendent will have to get by on just one secretary. At his salary, he should be able to lick his own envelopes. Da secretarial jobs can be divided out easily and fairly. If da mopper-uppers have a problem with this, we're all sure there are 100 guys in a muster zone, or any resident of da future "Roth's Shantytown on Contaminated Acres" that will need a job at a much-reduced rate.

And - daTruthSquad's cuts don't even factor in long-term pension and benefits!!!!

Joey D and Joanne Orr, you both did your jobs and should be commended. As for da other 6 Tax-a-dermists, GET A NEW JOB, because daTruth is, you're not doing this job of working for da residents of Manalapan and Englishtown very well.

DaTruthSquad urges all Manalapan and Englishtown residents to VOTE AGAINST DA SCHOOL BOARD BUDGET UNTIL THAT $3 MILLION OF WASTE IS ELIMINATED -- without harming teachers or students!

And, Joey D, consider a run for Township Committee. You should have been on da ballot in 2005 - and we all know it. Susan Cohen got elected without da backing of da Poobah, and so can you. Manalapan would be a better place with you watching out for da residents.

And that's both da math - and daTruth!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Manalapan to lose $1 million in state aid!

This comes directly from one of daTruthSquad's embedded sources in Town Hall who was mortified at da prospects. According to this source, Manalapan will lose $993,300 in direct state aid in 2010! The rate of loss - over 20%, is above the state average for towns losing state aid.

Manalapan received just under $5 million in direct state aid last year. The new number will be just over $3.8 million - a major loss!

Since Manalapan has extremely little business base, unless da Manalapan Township Committee cuts $1 million from da operational town budget (jobs & infrastructure & services), then that money will have to be made up directly from taxpayers! This, of course, will be on top of da increases being sent from da school system!

Now That Da Gov Has Spoken - What Happens In Manalapan?

OK, you lost your job six months ago. No job prospects, and no job appointments for da next few weeks at least. No nibbles on your resume from any employer, not even da Route 9 fast food places. Bills are coming overdue. So, what do you do? You go down to da nearby appliance store, and buy that nifty 60 inch plasma TV you always wanted.

Sounds either like you're a member of da unemployed Cadre blogger list, or it's business as usual in New Jersey.

Da budget hole is soooo deep that you'd be closer to China than Trenton if you were to dig through. In da past, we simply just raised taxes and fees. because nobody cared. Now people care, except some can't stop spending.

Good news for New Jersey is that Governor Christie replaced former Governor Tax-zine. Da bad news, there are some who are ready to scare us to death that budget cuts are bad for us, and severe tax increases are not as bad. Da big question is, as some of these cuts will certainly roll downhill to municipalities and Boards of Ed, are how will we deal with this on da local level?

PRIME EXAMPLE OF 10 POUNDS OF CRAPOLA IN A 5 POUND BRAIN: Da Freehold High School District is already putting out da word that taxes will be going up, and cuts to schools are coming. Da good news for Team Wasser and da Bogus Degree Boys & Girls, their salaries won't be cut, they won't lose their privileges, and all will be well for them. Da bad news goes to da teachers and kids - and taxpayers who will get to pay for those bogus degrees and their bloated salaries that won't get cut.

NEXT QUESTION - MANALAPAN: What will Democrats on da Manalapan Township Committee have to say when our municipal aid - which makes up a descent chunk of da Manalapan budget - will be cut to zero? Will they demand cuts in town hall? Will they demand infrastructure cuts? Then again, how will Mayor Andy Boy react?

Considering how taxes were held in check last year when da Queen was running for state office, and da surplus was raided to hold taxes low, what will happen now? DaTruthSquad's embedded sources within Town Hall said many were very concerned before da Gov spoke, because they know there will be less in da till before da budget is put together. It will be interesting to see how Andy Boy and da Queen play with less $$$$$$$. Especially when da school district will have their hands out first.

DaTruth is, if taxes go up in Manalapan, there's only one person who should be blamed - ANDY BOY! He's da mayor, and he approved last year's budget that raided da surplus that needs to be replenished.

Keep a close watch on those who will be quite possibly asking you for money.

DaTruth is, this year will be maybe da most interesting as budgets are concerned. Over da years, da burden on Manalapan taxpayers has risen dramatically, with two-thirds of all da money in da budget coming directly from homeowners since there's not much of a business base in Manalapan - and, that factored in da $$$$$ aid that came directly from da state! In fact, Manalapan has one of da worst business ratable rates in da whole state! Da good news, though, is Manalapan will apparently be getting a new extra-large gas station and convenience store on Route 33. We can only guess da very same folks who demanded da Village never be built are now OK with businesses moving into Manalapan on route 33. But don't be too "Gray" about it - cheap gas and potato chips are what we really need along the Route 33 corridor, especially since folks travel through Manalapan to get to da shopping in Freehold and Marlboro.

Finally, we recently passed an anniversary many in Manalapan would certainly wish never happened, since it did, we should remember it, because those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.....

It was just over 4 years ago that at a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, a certain husband of a certain Manalapan committeewoman was asked a question by an Italian-American committeeman, and that certain husband answered "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS." Despite numerous attempts to hide what happened, and claims it either never happened, or it was a joke, or it was a bad joke, or he didn't mean it, or it was da fault of da Italian guy, or it was da fault of da Irish GOP guy, or it was daTruthSquad's fault for letting people know what happened, or it was da Italian-American group's fault for not liking it, or it was da Village's fault for wanting to build a development in town - people still found out da truth. While there is still one former Snoozer alleged-reporter and a few commenters to a certain website that stands by da statement being a joke, or someone else's fault, or whatever, da people really do know what happened, because despite all their hard work, you cannot hide datruth.

DaTruth is, hatred is not a joke, and it's not to be blamed on others - and it won't be forgotten - as history reminds us. And -- no threats can stop it - then or now.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It Looks Like They Woke Up At Da Snoozepaper

First, daTruthSquad will readily admit that da relationship between this blog and da local Snoozepaper has been strained for a number of years.

Back when da husband of Manalapan committeewoman Queen Michelle, Ruler of Manalapanistan uttered his now infamous phrase, "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS," Da local paper, covered by then-so-called-alleged-reporter Cathy Barratta and overseen by then-chief-bottle-washer Bozo Bean decided da whole situation was, as they called it, a "non-starter."

Unfortunately for da Snoozer leadership, they completely ignored da uproar that ensued after that hateful statement was made.

Also unfortunately for da Snoozer, just about every major newspaper, radio and TV station thought otherwise, sending more reporters to Manalapan than when a tornado touched down in the northern part of town. They blamed this blog for what happened, which isn't much different from da Queen blaming an Irish-American for her husband saying his anti-Italian infamous phrase. Da then-Snoozer leader, instead of doing da right thing, instead went as far as to claim this blog pulled "da wings off flies," while all da while, da flies were circling over da Snoozepaper.

In one so-called editorial by Bozo himself, he even said he wouldn't mind too much if we drove off a cliff, and even offered to get behind and push.

There were alleged-news stories about how this blog will be brought to its knees by a lawsuit, and after never materialized, another story about how a former mayor would take this blog down. That was when George Bush was president, and da Commissar was in power. Bush is out of office -- and da Commissar was sent packing by da voters -- and this blog is still blogging!

To be fair, there have been glimmers of hope at da Snoozer from time to time. One of those times was when actual-reporter Mark Rosman wrote a news story that became evidence against Manalapan Township in da now-famous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, showing that da financial numbers of that Manalapan Township Committee leaders were giving out didn't add up.

To recap that historic report by Rosman, his non-biased investigation showed that as many as four lawyers were on da clock in this case -- AT TAXPATER EXPENSE -- not just one as was being claimed -- and that at a time when Manalapan politicians were saying everything was being done on a "contingency fee" and it wasn't costing da town residents a dime, Rosman claimed he personally saw two bills that totaled "more than $6,400" for just one lawyer --- charging $350 per hour!!!!!

As we all know now, that case cost so much money over 25 months that Manalapan residents will probably never know da whole cost -- except that current-Mayor Andy Boy went on da record saying well before da half-way mark in da 25 months, da case had already cost Manalapan taxpayers "over $100,000 dollars!," proving daTruthSquad right yet again.

But, ever since intrepid reporter Rosman became da chief reporter covering Manalapan, it seems that innuendo-style reporting has been replaced with actual events being covered. Da most recent article in da Snoozer was quietly one of their most important.

In a story titled "ELEC website has information about campaign donations," da Snoozer gives readers a step-by-step way to investigate for themselves what is really going on in local politics. It includes the web address for ELEC, which, as our readers know, is readily utilized by daTruthSquad for information about candidates and their donation trail. From ELEC, we have found who has filed their reports on time - and who hasn't. We've uncovered who gave donations to whom - and followed that pay-to-play trail, and who received what - and how much.

You have to admit this is a gutsy maneuver by da Snoozer, which at least one embedded source has said comes from a newspaper that has fallen out of favor with da Manalapan political leadership. Information like this can now make any reader a blogger, or at da very least, an investigative reporter.

DaTruthSquad hopes that everyone uses da ELEC website to read into da local, county, district and state candidates. Even more so, feel free to research back and look back at past candidates. As an example, you can research very easily reports filed by da many Michelle Roth campaigns for all da elected offices she has tried to attain. Did she and her people file their reports on time? Who were the big donors? Who got money for "work" performed for da campaign? How much were expenses? Were reports even filed on time, or were they late - a violation of ELEC protocol? All of these questions, and others, can be answered using da ELEC site.

DaTruthSquad must admit a story like this took courage to print. It may not seem like it, but handing out to readers a vital source of election information is both courageous and eye-opening. It also shows that we may have to seriously remove da "Snooze" from da Snoozepaper.

It appears Manalapan may have a solid local newspaper after all. We at daTruthSquad hope this is da case. One reason - it seems that Mark Rosman is now driving da bus with no backseat drivers.

And that's daTruth.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Six Months Later - And Da Safety of Manalapan Women Is ?????

It has been just over six months since Manalapan Township Committeewoman Queen Michelle Roth had her now-infamous YouTube moment. During a meeting of da Manalapan Township Committee, in da middle of da business of da township, da Queen made a statement that is now front and center of a defamation case brought by da decorated and esteemed Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown. In that extraordinary statement, we were all told by da Queen about an apparent investigation being handled by da township labor attorney, who is on da township payroll, paid with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

That was over six months ago. What has happened with that investigation - which was ordered by da township using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to uncover how many women have been allegedly threatened or subject to da alleged "rage" of Chief Brown?

Thanks to embedded sources within Manalapan Town Hall, as for this investigation that has lasted now over six months, what has been determined thus far into any irregularities regarding da Chief into alleged wrongdoing against women?

So far --- NOTHING!

Allow us to repeat this --- NOTHING!

To be fair, let's start first by going back to that fateful September evening when da Queen gave her crocodile-tear-filled read from a written statement mea culpa of allegedly how women in da vicinity of Chief Brown should hypothetically be in fear of their lives. Let's break down what she said - and this is on da record:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown are a big problem. Bringing this problem public creates a safer working environment for all the women of town hall and protects our residents and our township. The public need to know that Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women. Chief Brown’s attack last September on me was not the first time he was threatening to a female employee of Manalapan … It is this governing body’s responsibility to make sure that this despicable behavior stops and that no other woman becomes a victim of Chief Brown’s rage."

She continued, "Those who came forward to defend the chief at the last meeting were probably not aware of the full scope of the serious issues we face with Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women. I say this because I cannot fathom anyone, male or female, who would support and defend someone who is abusive to women. Defending individual rights and keeping people free from harassment and intimidation, especially by a police chief who has sworn to uphold the law, is the responsibility of every elected official. I will continue to protect all the women employed by Manalapan against Chief Brown’s abuse, his demeaning language and threatening behavior. I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage.”

Note da Queen's words, said during da business of a Manalapan Township Committee meeting very carefully:

"The public need to know that Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

Is there a predator in our midst?

Without giving any evidence whatsoever, da Queen says da Chief has "a history of assaulting and threatening women." Not much "gray" area here. She claims clearly and distinctly that Chief Stuart Brown "has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

Should da Queen be believed?

"Bringing this problem public creates a safer working environment for all the women of town hall and protects our residents and our township"

Is da Chief dangerous?

This basically says that, according to da Queen's statement, there must indeed be a problem, therefore, by exposing light to it and bringing it out into da open, women within da vicinity of Chief Brown now know he "has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

Is this true? Can it be true? Why would da Queen say this if it weren't true?

"no other woman becomes a victim of Chief Brown’s rage."

Again, not much "gray" area here.

"keeping people free from harassment and intimidation, especially by a police chief..."

This statement, as it was said, basically says that "harassment and intimidation" by da Chief must have happened before.

Does da Chief single out women and intimidate them?

"I will continue to protect all the women employed by Manalapan against Chief Brown’s abuse"

Of course, we're all still waiting for this "abuse" to materialize.

Now, you don't have to believe datruthSquad if you don't believe da Queen actually said this. If you have any doubts as to what da Queen said, how she said it, and her demeanor, vocal inflection, and mannerisms of her speech, all you need to do is watch da video for yourself, which was posted on YouTube! This way, if some other website tries to spin da truth, or make up their own, you'll be able to judge da actual events for yourself!


Now, before we go to da investigation, let's give da Queen da benefit of da doubt here. Let's say for da sake of argument she is 1000% accurate. If she is correct, then what she did on that fateful September, 2009 evening took remarkable courage and strength and should be commended for her actions as da protector of women in all of New Jersey. Standing up to da bully - that's what legends are made of.

However, if this was, as some have alluded to, merely a publicity stunt to kick start a failing political campaign, or merely an action to tarnish da image and reputation of da Chief, then da door has been opened to a lawsuit that Manalapan taxpayers would have to pay for - since da statements came at a Township meeting, on Township time, at Township taxpayer expense.

Now, as for that "investigation...."

ISSUE 1: We have been told that an attorney representing Manalapan at taxpayer expense was supposed to be handling this investigation against da Chief, which, by da way, da Chief allegedly never knew about, which is a violation of his rights if indeed he did not know - and he has claimed just that. That investigation started before da Queen's mea culpa on September 9, 2009. That investigation was allegedly designed to seek out other women who she claims along with Tara Tiara have been subject to da "rage" of Chief Brown.

So, that investigation, being overseen by a paid-with-taxpayer-money township lawyer, has been going along for almost 7 months at da very least - that we know about.

What ever happened to that investigation?

What were da results?

Are there other women da Chief allegedly subjected to his alleged "rage?"

Interesting questions indeed. As for answers --- so far --- THERE ARE NONE!

DaTruth is, an investigation with da purpose of keeping Manalapan women safe has been going on for nearly 7 months --- with absolutely no word whatsoever on what results have been uncovered. Does this mean no other women, other than da Queen or Tara Tiara, feel they have been subject to da Chief's rage in da last 29 years of his Manalapan employment?

DaTruth is, a number of people have posted in our comments section that they believe this whole sordid affair could have been nothing more than a publicity stunt by da Queen to get da favor of da women's vote during her severely failed State Assembly election bid - da one she lost by a landslide. Was it a publicity stunt? Could it have been? Unfortunately, we do not know, but we can only hope and pray it wasn't, because hypothetically, if it was, women - any woman - will have a much harder time proving harassment if someone were to hypothetically cry "wolf."

Now, to be fair, both da Queen and Tara Tiara have both claimed they were just two of da subjects of Chief Brown's alleged "rage." However, as this blog has noted previously, Manalapan Township Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen has publicly stated on da record that da events as da Queen allegedly remembers them were not, according to Deputy Mayor Cohen, exactly as things happened, since she was an eyewitness.

Cohen said specifically that da Queen "left out key facts" and "gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."

And, she too is, like da Queen, on da Township record.

Now, when it comes to da protection of women, Committeewoman Susan Cohen has a rock-solid reputation. She told da Asbury Park Press last September - and this is important -- "Cohen, however, testified in the disciplinary hearing (against Chief Brown) that both the chief's and Roth's voices had been raised at the 2008 meeting. She said in a phone interview that Roth left out key facts and gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."

Now, this in itself not only muddies da waters, but it would seem casts a giant shadow on da entire case being brought by da Queen and her court against da Chief.

Here's where da severe problems are:

ISSUE 1: What if da Queen is telling da 100% truth?

Let's say da Queen is 100% right and da Chief did everything she said exactly as she said it, and her claim that "Chief Brown’s attack last September on me was not the first time he was threatening to a female employee of Manalapan." If that is da case, then why has this gone on for so long? Why has this investigation not been fast-tracked? If da Queen is correct, then for da last six months plus, and actually since 2008 - women have been in danger due to a snail's pace-like investigation. Why hasn't anyone spoken out about this? Are there other women who da Chief has threatened? Why have they not come forward? Do we know if these women exist?

ISSUE 2: What if, as Cohen alleges, that "Roth left out key facts and gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."?

If this is accurate, then da problems here are much deeper, not only for da Queen, but for Manalapan taxpayers. You see, if what Cohen alleges is true, then a number of questions must immediately be raised. One - was perjury involved? Two - could this impact da case brought by Chief Brown and cost Manalapan taxpayers money in a settlement or actual legal victory by Brown? Three - why would Cohen say what she said against da Queen, and put her reputation on da line, if she weren't telling da truth?

ISSUE 3: Da investigation into sexual harassment against women by Chief Brown.

One would think that every minute this drags on means that women are in danger and living in fear. If a known child molester were in our midst, wouldn't people in da vicinity both want to know and more important, have something done about it? Right now - NOTHING IS BEING DONE - and potentially, if Roth is accurate, not one women is safe, and remains unsafe until this is resolved in da open.

ISSUE 4: What if da almost 7-month investigation turns up absolutely nothing, despite da Queen's claims to da contrary?

Well, if we were Chief Brown, one might suspect da name of da town of Manalapan might change to "Brown-ville" or "Stu-city," because da settlement alone might be extreme.

DaTruth is, Manalapan residents, and especially da women of Manalapan should demand from da boy-Mayor and da Township Committee what in da world is taking so long - how much this has cost - and what conclusions have been made at taxpayer expense!

Da longer this goes on - da longer Manalapan women are not safe. We have a right to know why this has dragged on for so long - what da findings are - and if truly Manalapan women aren't safe to be walking da halls of Town Hall.

It's time for answers - and we should demanding it at every meeting until we get them. And, Mark Rosman, it's also time for you to do one of those award-winning unbiased investigations you have become known for - and we have come to expect from you as a true reporter of Manalapan events.

If da Queen is accurate, then there would be no doubt women in Manalapan could be living in fear. Da People of Manalapan must have and deserve answers - and they deserve them now!

And that's daTruth.