Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Side of "Smoked" BaconHead

We have said here that you can't make this stuff up. In this case, it's da combination of Marijuana, a former mayor, a current mayor, another former mayor, a deputy mayor, a "MegaMall," and a zoning issue that all comes together to create an unforgettable BaconHead of da Month!

Remember, "where there's smoke, there's fire."

First comes word that da state has approved six sites statewide that will be medical marijuana centers where people can legally buy ciga-weed for medicinal purposes. Much to everyone's apparent surprise, one of those sites is in Manalapan!

Second, we hear from someone who is none-too-thrilled that he's da deputy mayor of Cannibas-town. What does Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green have to say? He gives a "Big Oops" quote to da Asbury Park Press that says "It's shocking to hear that Manalapan has been named as a location for an alternative treatment center to dispense medical marijuana. The residents of Manalapan deserve to have their voices heard on this issue."

OK, so as we can now see, "Big Oops" may or may not be too concerned about folks suffering in severe pain who would benefit from medical marijuana. We're sure in "Green-land" folks like that can just crawl out to their car and travel to Freehold for an asperin. But that's only part of da story.

Then, you have da current Manalapan mayor Land Baron Andy Boy. It seems that da "tokin" location chosen for da dispensing of da legal pot just happens to be down da street from his farm/home/garage business office. Da business location of this medical maryjane office is doubly-interesting. But that too is only part of da story.

Now, you also have a former mayor who, one might think must be as angry as a Tea Party Republican at an Obama 2012 Victory party. It was former Manalapan Mayor James Gray who was a recognized focal point of da folks who formed da "No MegaMall" front who fought to slow down and basically stop da Village from being built on Route 33, which by da way is just down da road from where Cannibas Central is set to be located! Will da "NoMegaMall" forces who allege to not at all like traffic and development on their pristine Route 33 be seen again with Mount Marijuana set to be erected, with people from around da state traveling down pristine Route 33 to "weed" up on supplies? Are they super with being stoned against a supermarket? Are they cool with Cannibas but against a card shop? Will they give a pass to pot but protest a park & ride?

Then, you have a former mayor who gave his blessing for da Manalapan Legal Dream team to go after daTruthSquad to remove our First Amendment rights, and just happens to represent da company that wants to place a cannibas counter in a location on Route 33. Oh, did we tell you that this very same former mayor who has a law office in another town has in da very same building he's in da office of da very same company that wants to set up their pot shop on Route 33 in Manalapan!

Now, ready for da more interesting thing --- da place where they want to set up their ciga-weed station just happens to NOT be properly zoned for it! So, now da Wacky Weeders will have to go before da Manalapan Zoning Board to get approval - and then da Manalapan Township Committee must approve it!

Now, you have to be smoking something to think that (1) this would be a great thing for people suffering from serious illness and pain, and (2) if you do some investigative work you'll find more than one newspaper account of a medical marijuana dispensing facility getting broken into by bad guys. Now, to be fair, da latter is good for defense attorneys. Da former is good for any person in pain. But, da serious question remains - does Manalapan need this - do da citizens want this - and how much is a former Manalapan mayor getting to represent da company located in his office building to get this into da town where he was once mayor?

Sorry, but that's a lot of "high" questions to answer.

DaTruth is, what will unfold in da coming months will be "high times" to be sure. Will Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy who was for it before he was against da MegaMall be for da Weed Emporium or against it? Will da "No MegaMall" forces who were against development on Route 33 be against shopping but for smoking and be against a Village but for Cannibas City? Will da MegaMallers who believed they would have a XXX movie theater on their corner be OK with Marijuana town down their street? Will Republicans stand with Deputy Mayor "Big Oops" or stand with Marijuana? Will Mayor Andy Boy decide that Marijuana ratables are good for Manalapan, but Village shopping ratables is something Manalapan taxpayers need no part of? Will he stop growing corn and start growing Cannibas? What will da Queen do here? Will da Manalapan Zoning Board make da Wacky Weeders smoke their way through hoops like da Village People did? How will da now-Republican-dominated Manalapan Township Committee handle this?

We don't know about you, but this is going to be fun to watch to be sure.

Now, for da BaconHead.

Just when we thought we had a winner, somebody comes along and "Big Oops's" their way out of da weeds and smokes their competition. For coming out with da weedy statement, "It's shocking to hear that Manalapan has been named as a location for an alternative treatment center to dispense medical marijuana" and in effect saying that people in severe pain and agony can crawl out of bed and march down Millhurst Road to Freehold like everyone else with no supermarket at da non-existent Village to grab an asperin in they need one. So, for being against medical marijuana, but apparantly A-OK and having no weedy issues himself with free medical benefits, you get no Cannibas Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green, but you do get a BaconHead Award for da Month of March - and this month - that's "Smoked" BaconHead!

And you know you must have been good, because you won this month when your leader Mayor Andy Boy was dissed by da GOP'ers and not allowed to run for County Freeloader, and da Mosked Man not only won his age discrimination case for his client in Manalapan - but did so while leaving his even more prized defamation case against da Queen still on da table, setting up an even bigger potential pay-day for his client and legal fee for himself!

Chalk up yet another VICTORY for da Mosked Man against da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and former mayors (remember "Da Township of Manalapan v Mosked Man" & "Shapiro v Shapiro") who tried to take him down!

And that's daTruth!


Anonymous said...

What a complete loser. This politician has the nerve to damn people with debilitating injuries and constant pain while he gets those Cadillac benefits from the state? Two words describe him - HYPOCRITE and REPUBLICAN!

Anonymous said...

Considering how high local taxes are in Manalapan, I would think they'd welcome any revenue.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree. Marijuana is an illegal drug and the last thing Manalapan needs to go along with all of the lawsuits, an out of control local government and all the bad press it gets is to become the marijuana capital of New Jersey. We can do without this.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that a giant headshop will open in the old Pathmark store? How many roach clips can there be?

Anonymous said...

I was just passing Yorktowne and I saw several storefronts empty. Maybe someone will open a head shop there and sell marijuana bongs?

Anonymous said...

I always thought Manalapan was going to pot. I just didn't think it was figuratively.

Anonymous said...

"I always thought Manalapan was going to pot"

That says it all.

Anonymous said...

Another Manalapan controversy thanks to the leadership of Mayor Andy.

Anonymous said...

Now a Manalapan Cop is driving DWI. Sounds like Lucas has a new problem. We have a cop that can't drive. A cop that can't drive because of DWI. Too funny! Too sad!

Anonymous said...

yeah, whatever goes bad is andrew's fault. shows the fairness of anonymous defasmation.

Anonymous said...

Tell me Larry. How is it Andrew's problem if the policeman hired by Michelle Roth gets a DWI?

Anonymous said...

I bet the cop would have been let go if he didn't hit someone head on. Isn't that the blue wall of silence? Come on Mr. Ward, tell us about the nut job at the port authority who got stopped all the time and never got a ticket. Wasn't that good time Charlie? O Or was Charlie the guy who went out on stress leave every six months and when he came back they let him carry a gun, every time?

A Whole Lot of Connections said...

"Still, 21 groups applied for licenses. A number of them applied in more than one region of the state.
And state Health Department officials said they were happy with the quality and variety of the
applicants. Chris Goldstein, a medical marijuana advocate who serves as the spokesman for the
Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey, had concerns about the winners. “These are the most
politically connected medical marijuana operators in the country,” he said.
David Knowlton, a onetime acting commissioner of the state Health Department whom Gov. Chris
Christie appointed as chairman of his transition team’s health care subcommittee in 2009, is a member
of the board for Compassionate Care Foundation Inc., which received a license to run a southern New
Jersey treatment center.
William Thomas, the CEO of the foundation, said Knowlton’s name on the application likely didn’t
win any favors from the Health Department when it chose its licensees. “Dave Knowlton is sort of a
gadfly to the Health Department,” Thomas said. “We were almost afraid to put him on the board.”
Knowlton said he didn’t talk to anyone in the governor’s office or health department about his
application and hasn’t spoken to officials formally or informally about his views on the proposed
Kevin Barry, picked by Christie last year to be chairman of the board of trustees at the University of
Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, is a medical adviser at another center, the similarly named
Compassionate Care Centers of America Foundation, which is setting up a center in New Brunswick.
Barry did not return a call.
Board members and advisers at other centers include Webster Todd Jr., the brother of former Gov.
Christine Todd Whitman and a chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board in the late 1970s;
and Thomas Giblin, a union official who is a Democratic member of the state Assembly. Todd did not
comment, but Andrei Bogolubov, a spokesman for Compassionate Sciences Alternative Treatment
Center, which is looking to open in Camden or Burlington County, said in a statement, “We are proud
of Webster Todd’s public policy experience, which will help us serve patients and their physicians with
excellence in keeping New Jersey’s medicinal marijuana program.”
Christie has often criticized the wide-open way the medical marijuana business works in places like
California and Colorado. Under the regulations, the clinics would not be able to advertise their prices;
their signs couldn’t specify that they’re selling marijuana; and patients would have to show long-term
relationships with doctors who recommend the drug.
Among the principals in groups receiving licenses are people who have run a health insurance
company, a firm that sold pharmaceuticals to nursing homes, and a company that developed a system
for delivering chemotherapy. One organization, the Compassionate Care Centers of America
Foundation, has close ties to Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center.
Some of the enterprises with the strongest connections to the medical business are being run by
veterans of dispensaries in Montana, Colorado and California.
Thomas, of Compassionate Care Foundation Inc., says that if the rules were more lax, his group would
not have formed. He said his organization plans to make marijuana plants into lozenges, topical lotions
and a form that can be taken through a vaporizer or by smoking. “We’re not a pot shop, we’re not a
head shop,” Thomas said. “There are no bongs for sale.”
Thomas said it’s not clear where his group will operate, though it has looked at a place in Camden
County’s Bellmawr. According to the organization’s application, it’s expecting to have annual revenues
of nearly $68 million and a staff of more than 200 by the end of 2013.
Some of the other groups asked the state to redact more details of their business plans before
distributing them to the media and other interested parties. Most have declined to be interviewed or
have not returned calls to The Associated Press."

Anonymous said...

Considering how many businesses went out of business in Manalapan, I'm all for any revenue. Bring on the mary jane!

Anonymous said...

Now we will REALLY see if the NO MEGAMALL people are real or just an election stunt. If they didn't want the Village there's no way they want pot smokers to drive up and down Route 33. It's dangerous enough now. Where are you NO MEGAMALL? Now its time for NO MARIJUANA!!!

Anonymous said...

This town is going to pot, literally. From the Asbury Park Press:

A six-year veteran township police officer is charged with driving while intoxicated after he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in Colts Neck last month.

Patrolman Andrew Adell, 30, was traveling northbound on Route 34 at 9:24 p.m. on March 6 when he attempted to make a turn onto South Street in his 2004 Jeep, according to Detective Sgt. Joseph Whitehead, spokesman for the Colts Neck Police Department.

As Adell was making the right turn onto South Street, which veers off the highway, the Jeep collided head-on with a 2003 Ford driven by Robert Felix, 40, of Keansburg, Whitehead said Friday.

Both drivers were entrapped in their vehicles, and the engine compartment of Adell's Jeep caught fire before the men were extricated, Whitehead said.

Both drivers were transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune with injuries, Whitehead said. Details of those injuries were not available Friday.

Adell, who was paid a base salary of $78,968 in 2009, is charged with driving while intoxicated, and an internal affairs investigation is being conducted by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office and the Manalapan Police Department, according to acting Police Chief Louis Moreto.

"The pending charges and ongoing investigation are very serious matters," Moreto said. "All of the members of our police department are dismayed by these charges as it does not accurately reflect the normal conduct of the members of our agency nor the level of professional police service that we provide on a daily basis."

Adell has been on sick leave as a result of the injuries he suffered in the accident, Moreto said.

"Upon return from sick leave, Patrolman Adell will be placed on modified duty and will not be permitted to operate a police department vehicle pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation," Moreto added.

The accident case has been referred to the Prosecutor's Office for review.

Charles Webster: 732-643-4255;

OMG, Can You Believe Who Has the Chutzpah to Run Again? said...

"Lucas Will Run In the New 12th

By Art Gallagher

Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas will be a candidate for the state legislature in the GOP primary from the new 12th district.

Lucas, who will make a formal announcement tomorrow, said he would defer to Assembly incumbents Sam Thompson and Ronald Dancer should either seek the vacant Senate seat. In such case Lucas will run for Assembly. Should neither incumbent Assemblyman run for Senate, Lucas will seek that seat.

Lucas said that he will not compete with Freeholder Director Rob Clifton for the Monmouth GOP line with the screening committee, but would take the race to a primary.

“I think this will be fun and reinvigorate the western portion of the Monmouth GOP,” said the Mayor."

Anonymous said...

Lucas, bring it on! You will have to deal with all your corruption!

Runnning a primary is now good, I see.

Anonymous said...

"Lucas, bring it on! You will have to deal with all your corruption!"

This is going to be fun! Now he'll have to explain his massive tax increases, first amendment lawsuits and why he seems to like to run for a new office every year, or in this year's case - every month.

Anonymous said...

If he does decide to run, he should immediately resign as mayor of Manalapan. This great town does not need an absentee mayor.

Anonymous said...

I think Lucas is a Baconhead.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the gall that some people have. Medical marijuana is not something that is for kids getting a high. It's for people with illnesses so painful they'd rather die than feel that pain. Have a heart for God's sake. Mr. Green, get both a life and a heart. Your stance on this issue is pathetic, and it disgusts me that you represent my town with no heart or feelings for others. Maybe if you visit with someone who is in constant pain and could benefit from medical marijuana you'd better comprehend why you are so very wrong on this issue.

Lucas is the punch line to a countywide joke said...

"Oxley does not consider Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas’ primary bid in the new 12th to be a serious undertaking. “I don’t know who is giving Andrew his political advice,” said Oxley, “this is not fun and games, it is serious business.” Oxley was referring to Lucas’ comment on MMM that a legislative primary against Freeholder Director Rob Clifton would be fun."

Anonymous said...

Up in Smoke. Go to Manalapan, buy some pot and watch Cheech and Chong at MEMS.

If it is truely a drug for people in severe pain, sell it as a pill at CVS requiring a "Real" docotrs scrpt!

Anonymous said...

2012 is a presidential election year. Will Andy Lucas go for the Republican nomination? He hasn't tried that yet. Not much else to run for in 2012.

Anonymous said...

he's a lot better than michelle bachman--he knows what state new hampshire is in.

Anonymous said...

It would probably be easier to just identify what political offices Andy Lucas has not run for or thought about running for. That would save time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Jim Grey smoked a little he might chill out and let us have a village rateable!

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumors I hear the republicans are running Susan Cohen and Don Holland this year against Michelle Roth? Isn't Holland a Democrat? I seem to remember Holland & Roth running together last time.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth has had three separate running mates. Beth Ward, Tony Gennaro, Don Holland. Now she is running with her fourth running mate in seven years. Does that tell you something? As far as I'm concerned, if she isn't good enough for her running mates, she isn't good enough for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

holland did a switcheroo, so that would make one republican and one reTUBlican.

Anonymous said...

yeah, it would be like TV in the good old days: Don Knotts and Sophie Tucker!!

Anonymous said...

Susan Cohen would be a great idea. That's like putting da Mosked Man back on da TC!!

Anonymous said...

Cohen is the new Lucas clone. She used to be for the people. Now she is for Lucas. 5 - 0 baby. Watch the Lucas screw job on steroids.