Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is Career Politician Andy Boy's Appeal Eroding?

In some cultures, those around you will be publicly seen moving away from you when it seems as though you're either guilty of something or your personal stock is plummeting. Could this be da new reality in Andy Boy's World?

Could it be that sometimes a person's past comes back to haunt them?

In 2006, he turned his back on his former township attorney (Da Mosked Man) who helped get him elected to his first public office. He would then lead the attack to sue and humiliate da Mosked man by voting to approve a legal malpractice lawsuit against him - a lawsuit that would turn Manalapan, da town he was then mayor of in 2007 into a circus that received worldwide scorn for attempting to destroy da fabric of our society, da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States. It was a case da town would later be forced to end due to something they seemed to really lack -- evidence.

In 2007, he turned his back on his former running mate, da late Joltin' Joe. He also turned his back on another former running mate in 2007 when running for office again.

In 2007 he publicly sided with once-hated rival Democrat da Queen in what some considered a power-sharing operation. There were rumors of backroom deals between both parties in a system to consolidate power, to da point where some GOP'ers who didn't follow Andy Boy's side were considered "renegades" and "insurgents."

Now, fast forward to 2011.

After maneuvering to become mayor of Manalapan for the second year in a row and 3rd time since 2007, he almost immediately decides that's not good enough and decides to run for Monmouth County Freeloader. He gets into a 4-man primary, only to lose even before da June primary when those who choose da candidates didn't choose him. Less than a month later, da state redistricting plan comes in, and District 12 is broken apart, leaving no State Senator and two new State Assemblymen. So, what does Andy Boy do? He immediately makes it known that he will run for State Senate in District 12 - that is - unless one of da new state assemblymen decides to do so. When one of them does decide to do so, what does Andy Boy do? He decides now to run for state assembly!

So, as da newly-designed District 12 seems to be getting their political act together, Andy Boy apparently does not have a ticket for admission there either.

DaTruthSquad has learned from reliable GOP'er sources that Old Bridge Assemblyman Sam Thompson, now in District 12, wants to run for State Senate and also has da party leaders backing to make that happen. He also has da experience and $$$$$ to make that happen too.

In addition, da extremely informative and highly accurate blog called MoreMonmouthMusings is reporting that Thompson wants to have Monmouth Freeloader Director Rob Clifton be da guy to succeed him as Assemblyman. Clifton also has da name appeal and party support, and that includes da OX who has other ideas for Andy Boy. This means that shoulder they seem to be giving Andy Boy is a cold one, and no matter who his handlers are, they don't have enough juice to push their Andy Boy into position to run for yet another office.

So, let's recap.

In 2004, Andy Boy runs for Manalapan Township Committee.
In 2005, he runs for Monmouth County Freeloader and records da first Republican loss in memory losing by a historic margin.
In 2007, Andy Boy makes a deal with Democrats to become Mayor of Manalapan.
In 2010, in anticipation to running again for office Andy Boy becomes Mayor of Manalapan.
In 2010, Andy Boy runs for Manalapan Township Committee.
In 2011, Andy Boy announces a run for Monmouth County Freeloader, but can't get enough support for a primary run.
In 2011, Andy Boy after losing out on da chance for being Freeloader announces he's going to run for da vacant State Senate seat in District 12.
In 2011, Andy Boy after hearing that a new District 12 Republican who has spent over a decade as an Assemblyman wants to run for State Senate, says he will now run for da state assembly.
In 2011, Andy Boy finds out he may not have da support for that either as da powers that be desire a different candidate

To some, it might have been just a little easier to list da elected offices that Andy Boy hasn't officially run for yet...

Governor of New Jersey?
President of the United States?

It is safe to say that being ruler of Syria or Libya or China are offices that he may not have thought about, but it's important to note that they are also not elected offices either.

To be fair, Andy Boy has da right to run for any office and we'd never stop him from pursuing any elected office - even becoming da Pope if he so chose. But how many political offices can he consider running for in just one year, and at what point does this become a distraction to being da mayor of Manalapan?

DaTruth is, an argument can be made that all he seems to want to do is run for political office. So far, he's tried to run for two elected offices within 13 months, and in that time also says he wants to run for two other political offices, meaning he's either run for or announced publicly he would run for 4 political offices in just 15 months -- or a mathematical average of 1 political office every 16 weeks!

Now, of course, this can lead to much political humor.

Is Andy Boy's political ego writing checks his political party supporters can't cash?

Is he trying to break some state political record for trying to run for da most offices in one year?

Can Andy Boy just simply run for every political office this year on a line called "Da Lucas Line

DaTruth is, and to be fair, Andy Boy has announced that he will now not seek any of da Trenton offices. And, that's good news because now it means that Andy Boy can focus on his primary job, being an elected official in Manalapan, or financial guy with an office in his garage, or a farmer. And, he will also now be called upon to deal with a number of thorny political issues smoking in da corner, including da medical marijuana issue for Route 33 that one must wonder if da NoMegaMall crowd will demand an end for, since those folks definitely didn't want ANY development involving da Village or a food supermarket, you'd have to think they wouldn't want a Pot Stop or a Marijuana Supermarket along pristine Route 33? And, as for da NoMegaMallers, where are they with Marijuana haven heading for Route 33, and will Route 33 be 420 friendly? That's something we'll be watching.

All of a sudden, da thoughts of da Queen running again for political office is like distant smoke on Route 33.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's just trying to use his local office to get a bigger office. Typical politician.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason that the Monmouth Republican Party have no candidates running from Monmouth in the new District 12 - THERE ARE NO GOOD CANDIDATES! if there were, then Andy would be running. Kudos to Chairman Oxley for setting Andy into place.

Anonymous said...

Just remember, when Manalapan had enough of the Jim Grey shenanigans they fired him. Manalapan is ready to fire Lucas after his buying a farm with our money!

ruth westheimer said...

am I the only one who thinks datruthsquad has some weird homoerotic fixation on this poor guy lucas?

Anonymous said...

I think anybody IMHO who knows about our Mayor's antics(questionable taxpayer-funded land grab, dissing running mates, deals with Roth, lawsuits) knows it's not a fixation, it's just questionable judgment about how our mayor operates.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mayor Lucas the same guy who gave a plum political commission'er's job with pay and health benefits to his party boss?

Anonymous said...

I like what the other guy said: TYPICAL POLITICIAN.

No wonder the Monmouth Party leaders said no way to him running for higher office.

Anonymous said...

I think the issue is whether datruthsquad's appeal is eroding.

Anonymous said...

No Fred. I think that, unlike you, the people posting here and possibly even datruthsquad themselves has a real life that they are too preoccupied with to spend all day long posting. That, obviously, has never been a problem for YOU.