Thursday, May 5, 2011

He Put His Presidency On Da Line To Keep A Promise

Those too young to remember might not know that President Kennedy took a black eye for his failed Bay of Pigs invasion. President Carter's Delta Force-led failed rescue mission to free da hostages in Iran most likely was da final nail in his bid to be reelected. Ask yourself what would have happened if da US invasion of Panama was a dismal failure with hundreds of US servicemembers killed. Could a failure like that have caused President Bush (da first one) not to lead the coalition against Saddam Hussein (da first time)?

Like him or not, it was an extremely gutsy call by President Obama to send an elite squad of America's best deep into Pakistan and surgically strike the head of da snake. It was maybe da gutsiest call since President Kennedy stared down da Russkies during da Cuban Missile Crisis. He never let on during da recent White House Dinner when he made jokes about Fox News and Donald Trump. He never let on while visiting Alabama and the tornado devastation. He made getting this evil personified his mission, and saw it through.

Think about what would have happened if this mission failed and American troops were captured or killed? Most likely, even Sarah Palin would be able to beat him by a monumental landslide in 2012. Our military would have been set back a decade. We would have come across weak to those who are against us. He would have set back da Democratic party for a decade. We would have opened the door to attacks against Americans and American interests like we've never seen before. His critics would beat him with this ad-nauseum.

However, fresh off releasing his long form birth certificate and trashing his rivals at da White House Dinner, President Obama made da single-most important speech of his presidency, and let da world know that time matters not when you harm America. He told da American people he gave da order to go after Bib Laden and take him out and as Commander-In-Chief, he did his job.

You have to give President Obama credit. There are those who hate him or don't like him. However he did make da promise before he was elected that he'd capture or kill Osama and he kept his word. He came across more presidential on Sunday night than Bush ever did in eight years. He proved himself as a leader.

However, something that may not be spoken is that he put his presidency on da line. If the mission ended in failure, America could have been in danger. If da mission ended in failure, his legacy would be the same as Carter's. If he did nothing, da opposing party could never use "You didn't find Bin Laden" since they couldn't find him for over 7 years either. Instead, Obama made da biggest gamble of his life, sent in the best troops we had on a mission that the planners of the Entebbe raid into Uganda would be proud of, and he just left his legacy on the world for all to see.

Now, to be fair, this should not be all about President Obama. We have to salute every single man and woman in the American military who put their lives on da line every second of every day to keep us safe. We have to salute the heroes of 9/11 who ran into burning buildings to save others. We have to salute every family who lost a loved one on that day who stood by for da last 10 years hoping and praying for this evil to be removed from the earth. And yes, we absolutely have to salute American-born President Barack Hussein Obama for keeping his promise to fight terrorism and taking the battle into da bedroom of the most evil person on da planet, giving da order that sent American military and CIA on da most dangerous and most important mission of da War on Terror, and placing one bullet hole into da head of the snake.

Equally important, the mission that President Obama approved not only cut off da head of evil, it sent a clear message to other would-be terrorists and those who don't like America. He proclaimed in very clear words that it may be a day, a week, or a year or 10 years, but we will find you and we will eliminate you no matter where you run and hide - even if it violates da sovereignty of another nation to do so.

Even more so, he sent a message to da world that said indeed, we do not need to drop a nuke on you to find you and harm innocents that may be in the same area. And, when we find you, we will not harm the innocents you may surround yourself with and shield you with. We will spare them and remain true to our objective to remove da evil of the world.

But, American-born President Obama didn't stop there. Da gamble of his life also included gathering more intel in 40 minutes than waterboarding ever could in 40 years. What those brave Seals brought home with them was a treasure trove of info about an organization that is bent on our own destruction. Computers, thumb drives, hard drives, cellphones - they got it all in da home of evil. So, not only did Obama get his man - he also got intel that we will most likely find will set back al-Qaida for a decade, and could quite possibly or hopefully lead to their destruction.

There are many people who lost loved ones during 9/11, and many more from being exposed to da toxins on da pile afterward. Our readers know some of those people, including many in Monmouth County and in Manalapan. They can rest a little easier tonight knowing the evil one is now swimming with da fishes in da North Arabian Sea. It won't bring our loved ones back, which is what we would all rather have, but it will give us all a little peace.

And, to be fair, thank you again to our American-born President Barack Obama for taking that 3:00am phone call and keeping da promise you made to us. Thank you to da people in your administration who guided you. Thank you to da military who protects us. Thank you to da US Navy Seal Team Six who dropped into a firefight braving da bullets and da unknown and removed evil in this world.

America is a much better place today. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Squad. I didn't vote for Obama in 2008, but he's certainly making a big impression for me and I'll support him in 2012.

Anonymous said...

A few flaws in the praise. To begin with, the operation was a success only because of information gathered from the interrogation techniques that he vowed to eliminate, including rendition and waterboarding. Second, despite his world-wide apology tour, we obviously have had no inroads into the Moslem communities, including Pakistan where he is spending billions in foreign aid while they sheltered Osama. Third, word is leaking quickly out of the White House that Obama did NOT give the order to go ahead. He was blocked from doing so by Valerie Jarrett. In fact Panetta made the decision on his own because Obama never decided one way or the other. If you look at the official photo, you'll notice that Obama is sitting in the back, not up front with Biden and Hilary. This is because the operation started without his knowledge while he was still on the golf course (reporters have noted the unusual event of his golf shoes being in the business end of the White House, contrary to his usual pattern of going directly from the golf course to the residence). If he had given the order to go ahead, do you really believe he'd be on the golf course when it began? If the operation failed, he would have blamed Panetta and not taken the blame himself. Since it succeeded, he, of course, took the credit.

Anonymous said...

You really need to stop listening to Fox News. If someone else gave the order than that is an act of treason. If you don't want to give Obama credit, than you're probably a birther too. He did the right thing, and watching TV yesterday at Obama in NY made it even more clear he was the right choice to fight the war on terror because he got bin laden and didn't take his eyes off the prize.

Anonymous said...

"A few flaws in the praise"

This guy must listen to Glen Beck on tape.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Republican who didn't vote for Obama, but I absolutely commend the President for doing his job and doing it well. He did the right thing and earned a lot of respect from me.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the USA!

Anonymous said...

I guess we are back to a "War on terror" and not using the "Man made disaster" phrase anymore. Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

Facts are facts, whether or not they come from Fox news or one of Obama's press agents masquerading as a network. The fact is, Obama was against the rendition and waterboarding and Gitmo that all contributed to what he is now taking credit for. The fact is, it is not treason for the head of the CIA to authorize an operation that the President has neither authorized nor vetoed. The fact is, Obama's Attorney General continues his probe of the very CIA operatives actually responsible for the success of this raid. The fact is, Obama was asked by the sister of a woman killed on 9/11 to end the probe or at least recommend to the attorney general that he stop the probe and he refused. This is not Obama's victory. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The killing of Bin Laden took place in spite of him, not because of him. The blind hero worship of this loser continues to be frighteningly cult-like.

Drunken Tea Partier said...

To Facts are Facts:

You bring up some very interesting points, but some of your observations are a little off.

1. You're right that Obama did not give the order to take out Osama. The order came from George W. Bush after Dick Cheney told him to.

2. It would have been impossible for Pannetta to give the order, since Leon Panetta actually does not exist. The name "Leon Panetta" is a code name for Donald Runsfeld.

3. As for torturing minds, apparently we still do that because yours is a prime example of sleep deprivation.

4. President Obama was not born in Hawaii. He was actually raised by wolves.

5. If your synposis of how this went down is accurate, then it's safe to say that President Reagan did absolutely nothing while in office since others in his administration could do whatever they wanted to, much like you believe happens in the Obama White House. With that in mind, lets rename Reagan national Airport for whoever was the CIA director at the time since he probably did everything anyway.

We all know you can't stand Obama. Suck it up and realize he's an American-born leader who didn't take his eyes off the prize like others did.

Anonymous said...

Obama was on the golf course when this all went down. Your blind hero worship of him is pathetic.`

Anonymous said...

@"If someone else gave the order than that is an act of treason."

The plausible and most likely scenario is that he authorized Panetta to make the final call based on what the field commanders were reporting and went to Andrews.

Anonymous said...

Is it because he's black? If things went wrong he wouldn't have said its all Panetta's fault and he had nothing to do with it. See the pictures. He was right at the table next to Biden. He gave the final call. He got binladen. Not Bush or Cheney or Rumsfeld or anyone else from the administration that took their eyes off the prize.

Anonymous said...

I love that on the Sunday talk shows everybody from the Bush years was taking all the credit for getting Bin Laden. If the credit isn't important than why are they all lining up for it years after they left office?

Anonymous said...

The credit here goes to Bush and Obama, but the real credit goes to our military. Period.

Anonymous said...

@"lets rename Reagan national Airport for whoever was the CIA director at the time since he probably did everything anyway"

Someone doesn't remember Iran-Contra, with Bill Casey, Admiral Poindexter, Ollie North and the unforgettable Fawn Hall.

Seals Rock! said...

I found your blog through a search, and while I'm not from New Jersey it's a great blog.

I remember after the 9-11 attacks how Republicsns stressed unity and that anyone who was against President Bush during a time of war was not patriotic and not a real American.

Now we have President Obama, and this guy does what no other Republican could do - Take out Osama bin Laden and get all of his secret documents. He's proven he's a real leader and all this guy gets is backhanded comments and he's still being called a communist. I didn't vote for him before, but he gets my vote now. People need to get over the fact he's black and be patriotic like we once were.

Anonymous said...

The proof that Obama is a very bad president is the need for his supporters to constantly bring out the fact that he's black. If Obama were actually credible as a president,they would be arguing his achievements (you're right, there are none -- killing Bin Laden, while a good thing, is going to do nothing to reduce terrorism and everyone knows that) rather than constantly playing the long worn out race card.

Anonymous said...

The latest Gallup poll shows that the "bounce" is over. The majority of the American public is smart enough to recognize that the Seals did a great job in getting Osama, but it had little to do with Obama. The majority of the American public recognizes that Syria is still a problem, Iran is still a problem, Venezuela is still a problem, North Korea is still a problem, the economy is still a problem, unemployment is still a problem, the debt is still a problem and, now, thanks to Obama's stupidity, Egypt is now a problem China is now an economic problem, and inflation is soon to be a problem. Obama has done absolutely nothing to solve any of these problems and will not. He simply is not capable of it. Only a fool could think Obama is not a serious problem for this country. The rest of us can't wait until January 2013.

Anonymous said...

New poll just released

Those who think Chris is doing a good job 47%

Those who thing Chris is doing a bad job 49%

Those who think he is just a bully who verbally bashes everyone who doesn't agree with him = 99%

There is at least 1 village idiot in every town!