Saturday, November 19, 2011

Will It Be A Quiet Queenly Exit - Stage Left?

So, if anyone was surprised by the outcome of da Manalapan election this year then it's safe to say that you surprise easily. Nobody really expected da Queen to get reelected after da past 7 years of her time on da throne. Da question is, what will happen next?

Yes, there will no longer be Queenly checks and balances, at least after December 31. However, if you think da Queen will go quietly into da night, then we have a bridge on Iron Ore Road to sell you.

Even with da Queen to soon be a former Manalapan Committwoman on da now-infamous Township Committee, da Great Manalapan Land Grab is still a hot topic of discussion. Mayor for Life Andy Boy will be back next year and could very well be da mayor again, and again, and again. But da big question is - will he get da taxpayer-funded 7-figure massive "on your backs" payday for buying land and flipping it in a week and a half?

With da Queen soon to be on da outside looking in, it could be worse. If Executive Session records are somehow subpoenaed, whether redacted or not, then that could possibly change everything and da big question then will be - was there really anything illegal happening, or did anything illegal happen, or was it all just a major ethical gaffe or a minor one, or even one at all? Either way, questions that still deserve answers.

But before we go there, let's not mince words. Da Queen had a 7 year run that included politics before taxpayers, questionable actions regarding da symphony guru and da Rec guy, da "Because I Hate Italians" fiasco, da "Lawsuit to Nowhere" against da Mosked man (with an "accomplice" as da law records state), da "Lawsuit Heard Round da World" against da blogger, lawsuits, countersuits, da accusations against Chief Brown, da now-infamous "alliance" that eventually led to da Democrats completely losing power in Manalapan. If we had more space on da blog we'd add to this list, but you get da point.

To be fair, da Queen will be a historic figure in Manalapan political history. However, with da GOP'ers now writing that history, it may not be too flattering for her.

You also have to ask yourself how da Queen ended up on da short end of da election of 2011. You can say she made her own bed. You can also say that da Manalapan GOP'ers supplied her bedding, pillows and a warm glass of milk. Remember, it wasn't too long ago that da hatred between Mayor for Life Andy Boy and da Queen was so thick you couldn't cut it with a chain saw. But da "Alliance" which allowed both to keep power and keep da late Joltin Joe from becoming Mayor benefitted both for a time, but in da end da power sharing was taken out from under da feet of da Queen, and in effect politically neutered da Manalapan Democrats and left Democratic party boss Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward now running a decimated party with ZERO township committee representation for 2012. You can call it arrogance to keep power, or taking "naive" to a whole new level to trust Andy Boy and his Poobah, whichever one is actually in charge.

In da end, da big winners are da Manalapan GOP'ers. They have 100% of da power, and they vanquished da Queen and her party boss into da political abyss.

Da big losers - there's a few.

1. Seth Ptasiewicz turned out to be a breath of fresh air in da thick and stifling hot air of Manalapan politics. He's smart, articulate, and if he has a "political" fault, it would be that he actually cares about da citizens and not about party bosses and lining his own pockets, something not everybody in this recent election can say. He also apparently had da courage to post comments here, and made great points. We hope he runs next year, and gets da chance to do some real good "For All Da People."

2. Manalapan residents must now face da dais and see five Andrew Lucases staring back at them. Not one of these people will dare to not side 110% with their party bosses, and that can't be a great thing "For All Da People."

3. Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward now runs a Manalapan Democrats group that needs 7 more participants to hold a minion. How sad is this group that 8 years ago held complete control of Manalapan politics, and now isn't allowed to sneeze without express permission from da Manalapan GOP'ers. Da "Alliance," da Roth missteps, his own apparent failings in quality candidates and those like Farmer Don who took his backhoe and ran to da GOP'ers, his party is now in ruins and may take years to gain even a little foothold. There are those who say da Manalapan Democrats will now need new leadership. Maybe its time that Ward exits and a real leader steps in - maybe even da Queen herself --- or maybe even Lawrence of Manalapan?

DaTruth is, nobody expected a Queenly landslide victory. Now, with da Queen scorned and in need of health insurance she will now have to pay herself, will she just move out of town and start over, or will she stand and fight against those who have taken her down da road to an election loss? Will she go quietly into da night, or will she lead a charge and fight da Great Manalapan Land Grab? Will she hide in a closet, or become a whistelblower for illegal or unethical activity in Manalapan politics? Will she take over da Manalapan Democrats, or will that person become Lawrence of Manalapan? Will Manalapan cover her legal costs, or will she become da latest person to sue Manalapan Township (and win)? And will da Mosked Man be her attorney?

So many questions, which is what keeps this blog in business and remain Manalapan's home to Freedom of Speech and da First Amendment.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Squaddo, if dis blog swung one ounce of influence, if it had ANY readers except me and 5 or 6 other local political junkies, she wudda won. Face it, dude, you count for zippo.

dts jumps the shark said...

dumb de dumb dumb. dumb de dumb dumb dumb.

an' dats "da" truth.

Anonymous said...

The good news no more Roth. The bad news is 4 more Lucasses. Either way Manalapan loses.

Anonymous said...

As of today is is Lawrence of Freehold. He will have to make Manalapan hos residence again.

Anonymous said...

Despite being a long time loyal Republican, I threw my support this year to Mrs. Roth because of her exposure and staunch opposition to the totally unethical land-grab of current Republican Mayor Lucas. Hopefully, Mrs. Roth will continue to oppose this million dollar boon-doggle and fight for its defeat.

Anonymous said...

history shows that the way a party gets revitalized is when a bunch of renegades from the other party, the one in power, gets disenchanted with the abuses of their leaders. that means the dems will become re-populated with a bunch of 99%ers from yorktowne when they realize what steve and andrew have put over on them. i give it 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Roth got what she deserved. Being booted out of office.

Anonymous said...

Now its time that the TC get their act together. Lucas needs to end this land grab that has divided the town. All of them need to vow not to take benefits and pass a law that says they can never take benefits again. No more political appointments like the party boss who becomes sewer commmissioner with pay and benefits included. All of this has to end.

Anonymous said...

Squaddo, with Roth out of office why still have this blog?

Anonymous said...

Roth and Lucas are cut from the same cloth. To bad the governor refuses to ban such cloth! Greedy politicians!

Anonymous said...

thanks to da truth squad for the kudos (although loser I can do without, LOL) and if whowever writes it wishes to ever meet and sit down for a talk by all means let me know, you know where to reach me. I mean what I said and I say what I mean. I am not afraid to talk to anyone whether on this blog or elsewhere.

As to my future, I offered my services to the township committee for whatever committee or board or other assignment they can find for me. I submitted an application and eagerly await a response.


Fred said...


They will never come forth out from under the rock, because then they could be held accountable for their words. You are not afraid to show your face to them, but they are VERY afraid to let you know who they are.



Anonymous said...

Advice from one of the most disrespected public figures in Manalapan history. And the competition for that honor was intense.

Anonymous said...

It gets better and better:

By Art Gallagher

The Republican County convention to elect a Monmouth County Freeholder to fill the coming vacancy caused by Freeholder Director Rob Clifton’s ascension to the State Assembly will be held on Saturday January 14th, according to GOP Chairman Joe Oxley. The location and exact time has yet to be determined.

A quorum, 50% plus 1, of all Republican County Committee members, as certified by the Superintendent of Elections, must be present for the election to be to be official.

Howell Mayor Bob Walsh is a candidate. Those considering entering the race include Holmdel Deputy Mayor Serena DiMaso, former Freeholder Bill Barham, Wall Committee member George Newberry, Keyport Councilman Bob Burlew, Atlantic Highlands Councilman Peter Doyle, Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan Green, former Middletown Committee member Tom Wilkens and former Howell Mayor Joe

Fred said...

"Advice from one of the most disrespected public figures in Manalapan history. And the competition for that honor was intense."

spoken by an anonymous ghost, a spineless coward who cannot face those he/she defames.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fred-
I hope that is not true and that they will talk to me. If they are so concerned about maintaining their secret identity I understand and certainly will respect same if they do meet with me. You all know where I work and can reach me there. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove me wrong.

fred said...

good luck, bro.

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering when Queen Michelle will go to the Feds with all she knows about Manalapan politics???? The stuff she can spill about the Land Grab alone could probably bring indictments.

Anonymous said...

Consider that Roth might have been with the land deal from its inception up to the point of the breakup. That could implicate her in the act of malfeasance.

Anybody want to venture a guess on when she spills to the feds or an indictment is handed up?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote..
" I'm still wondering when Queen Michelle will go to the Feds with all she knows about Manalapan politics???? The stuff she can spill about the Land Grab alone could probably bring indictments"

It's doubtful that she has anything to say that will interest them, if she did have any dirt she would have used it to help her election campaign.

Anonymous said...

According to the complaint, Chief Brown referred to Roth as the "C" word. Really? The "C" word?

Roth is Competent? Compassionate? Cool? What was the "C" word?

Anonymous said...

It was the "L" word, as in "lady," that she objected to.

Fred said...

"Advice from one of the most disrespected public figures in Manalapan history."

notice please that the commentator wishes to categorize me as a "public figure". sounds a lot as if it were from a lawyer interested in reducing his risk of civil liability for past libels.

Anonymous said...

We told you it was getting better and better:

"Ryan Green Is Running For Freeholder

Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan Green told MMM that he is a candidate to fill Assemblyman-elect Rob Clifton’s Freeholder seat when the Monmouth County Republican Committee holds its election on January 14th.

“I’m throwing my hat into the ring and we’ll see what happens,” said Green, “I think I have a lot I can contribute on the county level.” He said he was running on his record as an elected official in Manalapan since 2005, on both the school board and the township committee. ” We haven’t raised taxes in Manalapan over the last two years, a fact that I am very proud of.”

Green said his Freeholder candidacy won’t impact the incoming Manalapan Township Committee’s plan to elect him Mayor in January. “I’m not counting my chickens before they’re hatched. Manalapan’s reorganization is before the Title 19 convention. I have a great deal of respect for all of my opponents in the Freeholder race.”

Title 19 is the New Jersey statute that governs elections. It requires that vacancies for Freeholder be filled via a county committee election.

Green was encouraged by the positive feedback he received at a recent meeting of the Western Monmouth Republican Chairmen. However, the only chairman’s endorsement he is counting on is that of Manalapan’s Steve McEnry."--moremonmouthmusings

Anonymous said...

That is good. Finally, maybe a chance for Manalapan to be represented by a Freeholder.

Good for Ryan!

Anonymous said...

chance? Do you think the people of Monmouth County are as dumb as the voters in Manalapan who never pay attention to the garbage they elect until, like in the case of Roth, it finally spills into the headlines?

Anonymous said...

Then he can send out his "Green Team" to poke around everyone in Monmouth County's garbage looking for the plastic bottles and other recycling like they do in Manalapan.