Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Side of "Smoked" BaconHead

We have said here that you can't make this stuff up. In this case, it's da combination of Marijuana, a former mayor, a current mayor, another former mayor, a deputy mayor, a "MegaMall," and a zoning issue that all comes together to create an unforgettable BaconHead of da Month!

Remember, "where there's smoke, there's fire."

First comes word that da state has approved six sites statewide that will be medical marijuana centers where people can legally buy ciga-weed for medicinal purposes. Much to everyone's apparent surprise, one of those sites is in Manalapan!

Second, we hear from someone who is none-too-thrilled that he's da deputy mayor of Cannibas-town. What does Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green have to say? He gives a "Big Oops" quote to da Asbury Park Press that says "It's shocking to hear that Manalapan has been named as a location for an alternative treatment center to dispense medical marijuana. The residents of Manalapan deserve to have their voices heard on this issue."

OK, so as we can now see, "Big Oops" may or may not be too concerned about folks suffering in severe pain who would benefit from medical marijuana. We're sure in "Green-land" folks like that can just crawl out to their car and travel to Freehold for an asperin. But that's only part of da story.

Then, you have da current Manalapan mayor Land Baron Andy Boy. It seems that da "tokin" location chosen for da dispensing of da legal pot just happens to be down da street from his farm/home/garage business office. Da business location of this medical maryjane office is doubly-interesting. But that too is only part of da story.

Now, you also have a former mayor who, one might think must be as angry as a Tea Party Republican at an Obama 2012 Victory party. It was former Manalapan Mayor James Gray who was a recognized focal point of da folks who formed da "No MegaMall" front who fought to slow down and basically stop da Village from being built on Route 33, which by da way is just down da road from where Cannibas Central is set to be located! Will da "NoMegaMall" forces who allege to not at all like traffic and development on their pristine Route 33 be seen again with Mount Marijuana set to be erected, with people from around da state traveling down pristine Route 33 to "weed" up on supplies? Are they super with being stoned against a supermarket? Are they cool with Cannibas but against a card shop? Will they give a pass to pot but protest a park & ride?

Then, you have a former mayor who gave his blessing for da Manalapan Legal Dream team to go after daTruthSquad to remove our First Amendment rights, and just happens to represent da company that wants to place a cannibas counter in a location on Route 33. Oh, did we tell you that this very same former mayor who has a law office in another town has in da very same building he's in da office of da very same company that wants to set up their pot shop on Route 33 in Manalapan!

Now, ready for da more interesting thing --- da place where they want to set up their ciga-weed station just happens to NOT be properly zoned for it! So, now da Wacky Weeders will have to go before da Manalapan Zoning Board to get approval - and then da Manalapan Township Committee must approve it!

Now, you have to be smoking something to think that (1) this would be a great thing for people suffering from serious illness and pain, and (2) if you do some investigative work you'll find more than one newspaper account of a medical marijuana dispensing facility getting broken into by bad guys. Now, to be fair, da latter is good for defense attorneys. Da former is good for any person in pain. But, da serious question remains - does Manalapan need this - do da citizens want this - and how much is a former Manalapan mayor getting to represent da company located in his office building to get this into da town where he was once mayor?

Sorry, but that's a lot of "high" questions to answer.

DaTruth is, what will unfold in da coming months will be "high times" to be sure. Will Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy who was for it before he was against da MegaMall be for da Weed Emporium or against it? Will da "No MegaMall" forces who were against development on Route 33 be against shopping but for smoking and be against a Village but for Cannibas City? Will da MegaMallers who believed they would have a XXX movie theater on their corner be OK with Marijuana town down their street? Will Republicans stand with Deputy Mayor "Big Oops" or stand with Marijuana? Will Mayor Andy Boy decide that Marijuana ratables are good for Manalapan, but Village shopping ratables is something Manalapan taxpayers need no part of? Will he stop growing corn and start growing Cannibas? What will da Queen do here? Will da Manalapan Zoning Board make da Wacky Weeders smoke their way through hoops like da Village People did? How will da now-Republican-dominated Manalapan Township Committee handle this?

We don't know about you, but this is going to be fun to watch to be sure.

Now, for da BaconHead.

Just when we thought we had a winner, somebody comes along and "Big Oops's" their way out of da weeds and smokes their competition. For coming out with da weedy statement, "It's shocking to hear that Manalapan has been named as a location for an alternative treatment center to dispense medical marijuana" and in effect saying that people in severe pain and agony can crawl out of bed and march down Millhurst Road to Freehold like everyone else with no supermarket at da non-existent Village to grab an asperin in they need one. So, for being against medical marijuana, but apparantly A-OK and having no weedy issues himself with free medical benefits, you get no Cannibas Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green, but you do get a BaconHead Award for da Month of March - and this month - that's "Smoked" BaconHead!

And you know you must have been good, because you won this month when your leader Mayor Andy Boy was dissed by da GOP'ers and not allowed to run for County Freeloader, and da Mosked Man not only won his age discrimination case for his client in Manalapan - but did so while leaving his even more prized defamation case against da Queen still on da table, setting up an even bigger potential pay-day for his client and legal fee for himself!

Chalk up yet another VICTORY for da Mosked Man against da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and former mayors (remember "Da Township of Manalapan v Mosked Man" & "Shapiro v Shapiro") who tried to take him down!

And that's daTruth!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Websters Dictionary defines "Cover Up" as "a usually concerted effort to keep an illegal or unethical act or situation from being made public."

DaTruthSquad uncovered something extremely disturbing well over a month ago, but since we asked around and couldn't get 100% confirmation we decided to wait until we got that confirmation. That time is now.

It appears back in early January someone was pulled over in Freehold and gave da appearance to da police officer who pulled him over that he could possibly be impaired. Upon further review, this person allegedly did not pass a field sobriety test and was placed in da back of a police car. When he was taken to da Freehold police station, he allegedly refused a breathilyzer test. According to what daTruthSquad was able to find out, da person in question was charged with refusing da breath test, allegedly driving while intoxicated, and at least one other driving offense.

Getting da details was not easy to say da least. Now, if this person was Joe Schmo it would be one thing. When it was da late Joltin Joe, there were some who were demanding jail time. If he was allegedly driving a vehicle that he didn't own, that would be another.

Now, this is where things get interesting.

As more people began to pry into this, it was discovered and verified by da prized Asbury Park Press - and not da Snoozepaper - that da individual in question is not just a Manalapan volunteer firefighter, but da president of a Manalapan Fire Company who allegedly was not supposed to even be using da Fire Department vehicle he was using - and obviously should not have been impaired while driving it as police in Freehold allege.

Da Asbury Park Press wrote a news story that says da person in question is a guy named Sean Sullivan. Now, to be fair, he is innocent until proven guilty and any good and qualified lawyer will tell you just that. However, this isn't just about what could potentially be a bad apple in da bunch. This one goes much deeper than that - and actually has nothing at all to do with da fine men and women who fight fires in Manalapan. It's about oversight at da taxpayer level - or a serious lack thereof - or something even worse than that - a potential Coverup.


According to both da newspaper and also what daTruthSquad had learned, this incident happened on or about January 9 - over 2 1/2 months ago!!! Since this involves da Manalapan Fire Department, this means someone somewhere in Manalapan Town Hall MUST HAVE KNOWN SOMETHING. Who knew - or even worse - who didn't know - or even worse - who wasn't told? These questions deserve answers.


Here's where da picture not only gets muddy, but even worse, there can be a concern of a possible coverup. For da sake of argument, let's assume this incident indeed happened on January 9 as da newspaper says. It has been alleged that this fire guy was driving a vehicle he should not have been driving at da time. It has been alleged he was caught driving under da influence of something that more than likely should not have been in his system. It was alleged he refused a breath test. It was also alleged da Freehold Police had to impound and tow away a Manalapan Township Fire vehicle. Again, this allegedly happened January 9 - so for da last 75 days - WHO KNEW?


If indeed da events happened as da Asbury Park Press alleges, then there's a number of people who either should have known, or were kept out of da loop. Let's examine who these players are.

If indeed this happened as da Asbury Park Press alleges, and lets use their timeline of events as a baseline, then based solely upon simple courtesy da Manalapan Police Department should have been made aware by their brothers in blue in Freehold of at da very least da vehicle involved. If for argument da Manalapan Police were made aware, did they tell anyone in town government, or at da very least da liason between da police and town government, or at da very least da person who is da go-between between da town and da fire department?

If indeed this happened as da Asbury Park Press alleges, and lets use their timeline of events as a baseline, then why was da mayor of Manalapan not notified since it involves da town's fire department? Was Mayor Andy Boy notified? Did he know about this? Was he too busy campaigning for yet another political office to be located? If he didn't know, who covered up da arrest and kept it from him? If he did know, when did he find out and why was it concealed from da public? Is he too concerned about another campaign for Monmouth County Freeloader?

When did Manalapan District Fire Commissioner Rickie Hogan know? Who did Hoagie tell - or who did he not tell? Did he inform Manalapan Township Committee members and not da mayor? Did he tell Mayor Andy Boy and not other members of da Township Committee? Are DWI arrests not important to da Manalapan Township government officials? Is da impounding of a Manalapan Fire Department vehicle by police in another town unimportant to da Manalapan Township Committee? Who was responsible for getting da Fire Department vehicle released from impound? Who signed for it? How much money if any was paid? Who paid it? Did taxpayers pay for it from Manalapan budgets? Why did we find out over two months later? Where was da Manalapan attorneys on this one? Was Tara Tiara, da town administrator in da loop? If she was not informed, who kept it secret from her? If she did know, did she inform da Township Committee? If she did, then who did she tell and why did they not reveal to taxpayers what had happened?


Imagine if this impaired driver using a Fire Department vehicle with Manalapan's name on it heaven forbid hit a car full of kids, or worse, caused a fatal accident. Who would be responsible? Could da town and da taxpayers potentially faced a new and quite possibly devastating lawsuit?


Did anyone in da Manalapan Police Department know? Did Town Administrator Tara Tiara know? Did Mayor Andy Boy know? Did anyone in Andy Boy's political campaign entourage know? Who did Little Ricki Hogan tell, and when did he know? Who got da car out of impound? Did Chief Ryan Perrone know? If da Chief knew, then why did he not tell town officials? If he did tell township officials, who would he have reported to and told? Did any members of da township committee know? Did da new police chief know? Was da new police chief told? Was da police chief kept out of da loop? Was Mayor Andy Boy and/or members of da Manalapan Township Committee kept out of da loop? Did anyone tell anyone of these people to hide or keep secret these events? Was taxpayer money in any way used in this situation? Is anyone in Town Hall capable of answering these questions? Is there a gag order on this topic in Manalapan government? Can we expect an answer or will we be given yet again da party line of "We'll get back to you?"

DaTruth is, if it walks like a coverup, smells like a coverup, acts like a coverup, gives da appearance of a coverup, and tastes like a coverup, it's highly likely it's not veal piccata. Like Grandma Truth says, "Even if da pig is wearing lipstick, it's still a BaconHead." In this case, you had a person driving a Manalapan Fire Department vehicle when they were not supposed to be, according to da new acting president of da Fire Boys & Girls. You have this person arrested for allegedly driving that vehicle he was not supposed to be driving by police in Freehold, according to da newspaper. You have him refusing to give a sample of his breath which is a violation of da law, according to Freehold Police. And, are we led to believe that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY IN MANALAPAN GOVERNMENT even knew what was happening for da last 2 months? Are we also led to believe that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY IN MANALAPAN TOWN HALL even knew what was happening for da last 2 months?

Again, Websters Dictionary defines "Cover Up" as "a usually concerted effort to keep an illegal or unethical act or situation from being made public."

Now, this of course leads us to da coveted BaconHead Award for da month of March, and so you know da word "BaconHead" is not in Websters, meaning that one is all ours, thanks to a certain former newspaper editor who was kind enough to help us create this prized award.

We must admit da editorial staff of daTruthSquad had a tough time with this. Do we give this month's BaconHead to da town for becoming one of da pot distributing capitals of New Jersey, or does da Fire-breathing Fire guy get it?

Well, we can't keep you in suspense much longer.

DaTruth is, da BaconHead has nothing to do with this "hallucenigenic drug," although it easily could have. It does, however, have something to do with another "hallucenigenic drug," something you'll read about in da very next tangeled web we weave in da next daTruthSquad - and you won't believe who's against it - and who's involved - and who da next BaconHead will be because of it!

And that's daTruth.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Freeloader" Andy Boy Lucas? Can They Do Better?

It's starting to seem like Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy runs for some political office almost every year. In 2004, 2007 and 2010 it was da Manalapan Township Committee. He's already run for Monmouth County Freeloader once - and lost in a historic vote that gave Democrats their first seat on da Freeloader board in memory. He's been Mayor 3 times, including twice in da last two years. And, this is all since 2004 when da late-Joltin Joe Locricchio carried him over da finish line for da Manalapan Township Committee.

Now, Andy Boy's running for office again - this time another try for Freeloader. He's one of four guys who have thrown their hats into da Freeloader pile. Does he have a chance? Can da GOP'ers do better?

If you look at da current candidate landscape - and how Manalapan has changed in his six years of so-called "leadership," than you have some serious questions to answer. So, let's ask a few.....


You have Gary Rich, and we hope he is because he's probably going to have a tough time, but he's a Spring Lake Borough Council guy so he needs more votes and support. You have Bob Walsh from Howell, who we hear has some good support but still needs more. You have da apparent frontrunner, Wall TC guy and former Mayor George Newberry. One reason he's da fontrunner to us - da town attorney for Wall is a guy named Oxley, who shares da very same name as da guy who heads da Monmouth GOP'ers and it appears early he has both da edge, da support, and having da Ox on your town payroll doesn't hurt. Then, you have Andy Boy, whose questions certainly outweigh his accomplishments, whatever they may be.


On his Monmouth County Republican candidates page, Andy Boy has this - "During his
tenure he worked hard to restore Republican control to the Township Committee through cutting wasteful spending and restoring fiscal responsibility
." Maybe he forgot that during his time on da Manalapan Township Committee and both times when he helped craft da budget, he helped put together two of da largest back-to-back municipal tax increases in town history - once when he was mayor!


While on da Manalapan Township Committee, he voted to start da lawsuit that may have permanently scarred Manalapan, da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, which lasted 25 months and in da end da Manalapan Legal Dream Team had to withdraw for -- having not even a bloody stump to stand on - and a case he's on da record as saying cost "over $100,000!" He voted in favor of morphing da lawsuit to go after daTruthsquad, which then made that case a precedent-setting First Amendment case. He sat by and said nothing during da whole Lord / God / King / Vicar / Commandante Wasser affair. He didn't come out against either discrimination case against revered and former Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, and one of those cases still is being billed by lawyers!


In da year that Andy Boy ran for office in 2004 and before he took office, that very year Money Magazine in 2004 ranked Manalapan #2 - not in da county - not in da state - but DA #2 MOST DESIRABLE PLACE TO LIVE ON DA ENTIRE EAST COAST OF DA UNITED STATES! Then, Andy Boy takes office. Since then, Manalapan has never been anywhere near da top of da Money Magazine list, if its even on there at all (good luck finding it). And, how low can Manalapan go??? In 2010, when Andy Boy was Mayor of Manalapan, New Jersey Monthly Magazine ranked Manalapan 311 among 556 state municipalities! Making matters worse, they based their rankings on "population growth, home values, property taxes, land development, employment, crime rate, school performance, and proximity to services." From 2005 to 2010 - Andy Boy was Mayor twice! Freehold, Howell, Wall, Marlboro all beat Manalapan. Teterboro has 1 airport and only 17 people living in da entire town and they beat Manalapan -- and Lacey Township came in ahead of Manalapan - and da Forked River section of Lacey has a nuclear power plant in it!

DaTruth is, his record of RAISING TAXES far outweighs his flat taxes in town. Da fact with his TAX RAISING record it will be hard to get Tea Party support. His LAWSUIT RECORD in Manalapan is also a question, as is anything that da Queen may have in her purse from their days of being in da mutual admiration society. Andy Boy also led a vote to CENSURE a beloved Republican in Manalapan regarding one of those highly controversial LAWSUIT CASES. It almost seems like Andy Boy's carrying more baggage than a cruise liner. Add to that "E-Mail-Gate" in 2005, turning his back on two running mates (Joltin Joe & Susan Cohen), and even voting to place da current Malapaan GOP Chairman as a chairman of da sewer authority in a patronage job - You have to think he's da dream candidate for da GOP'ers - if you're da Monmouth Democrats!

Now, to be fair, Andy Boy has da right in this great nation we live in to have Freedom of Speech (although he once was a part of a lawsuit voting in favor that tried to take that away from someone or some people) and he has da right to run for any political office he desires, even if its 5 times in 7 years. Nobody should take that away from him. However, you have to be concerned about da baggage he brings into this race, not just da primary by da general election. You have to ask da question - is he da best candidate for da GOP? Does he have da kind of record you want your GOP candidate to have? Can he beat a fiscally conservative Democrat? Can he beat any Democrat?

DaTruth is, we believe da GOP'ers can do better. A guy like George Newberry is a uniter, not a divider and has legit backing and key county support, and it appears a good team already in place. A guy like Gary Rich is well-liked and has a solid Republican record. A guy like Bob Walsh has solid backing. Is Andy Boy really da best da Monmouth GOP has to offer - with an historic county Freeloader loss already under his belt?

These are all interesting questions. As Americans, you can answer them based upon da facts, and we'll see where this primary election for Freeloader takes us. You would have to think there are some GOP'ers who will back him - but there are also some Democrats who would be doing handstands and jumping for joy if he is da GOP'er in da race heading to November.

And that's daTruth.