Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another daTruthSquad Exclusive: Manalapan's Attorney Issues Hidden From You For Months - Extreme Billing Questions - And a Bombshell

More bombshell information coming out about da now-infamous Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man's lawsuit. And, one of these bombshell tidbits has been hidden from da public, either due to embarrassment for Manalapan politicians, or fear of political retribution at da polls of people knew.

Well - now you're going to know.

DaTruthSquad - da very first place that you read that da Mosked Man will continue full steam ahead with his lawsuit against Manalapan, has learned that Manalapan Dream Team attorney David Weeks, who came in from a Union County firm on a contingency fee, has decided he (and da guy on his law team who did a lot of da work) no longer want to be a part of it! Now, that's da news -- but that's not da real news.

What is da real news ---- apparently Manalapan Township politicians have been sitting on this information for MONTHS! DaTruthSquad has learned that since at least early April, when Dream Teamer Weeks went before da judge and asked to be severed from this sinking ship, da work on this case has been handled by da Manalapan Township attorney -- who gets paid over $130 per hour for his township work -- information confirmed by da Asbury Park Press.

Now, before you "gasp" and say, "can this get any worse," it gets a lot worse.

Since this lawsuit started, when Bush was President and 25 MONTHS AGO, it was alleged that da Mosked Man messed up and it was all his fault. To some, that may sound pretty good in theory, but "daTruth" trumps any theory.

Here's some truths that will remain self-evident:

ISSUE 1: Why is it Roth, Lucas & Klauber led this assault against Moskovitz for da last two years, and with da lawyers and money spent, and nobody bothered to determine if da Mosked Man would be able to fork over $10,000 if he were to lose da case? This goes directly to whoever "advised" Hear-no-evil, See-no-evil, and Looking Evil about how to handle this case 2 years ago. Did not even one lawyer bring this up? Did not Tara Tiara speak this? Did not Commissar Klauber, himself an alleged attorney, think of this little nugget? This issue alone lends great credence to the "political vendetta" angle.

ISSUE 2: Interesting how da Gang of Three went after their hated rival, da Mosked Man. Apparently, if you were to ask any lawyer in New Jersey - that is, any lawyer who didn't miss da "fraud" class in law school, they would have known that in cases such as this, Manalapan could and should have gone after da land seller, and could have recouped three-times da actual damages in a much easier position to win da case with far less to prove!

ISSUE 3: Da Queen State Senate Candidate actually went on da record with da Asbury Park Press, saying "committee members until recently remained in a 'black box' regarding da case." So, what Committeewoman Michelle Roth was saying, in effect, was that she and her other elected officials were spending taxpayer money � and had absolutely no clue as to what they were spending it on!

And, what in da world is this "black box???" Is this some abyss in Town Hall? Is this where people smoke? Is that a dungeon only elected officials know about?

ISSUE 4: As previously mentioned, Dream Teamer Weeks begged off this case, apparently in early April. Why was that not reported to da people paying for this case -- da people of Manalapan -- for da last several months? Is "transparency" OK, unless a politician wants to hide something?

ISSUE 5: Follow da bouncing ball of corruption here --- Manalapan wants to drop their two-year long case against da Mosked Man, but they can't because they have to have his consent first? If you were ALLEGEDLY guilty as sin, and your accuser comes up to you and says they'd let you go free with no strings attached, wouldn't you be so happy you'd proudly proclaim you would be honored to have Michelle Roth's baby - twice?

Well, that's not da case here, because, as Roth told da local Snoozepaper, da "guilty" Mosked Man, daTruthSquad has learned, will NOT allow this to end! He was told by da township he must first drop all of his 3rd-party lawsuits, including against Committeeman Andy Boy and others, and promise not to sue anyone else. Well, people in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico heard da Mosked Man laughing at that one!

DaTruthSquad has learned through Town Hall and other sources that not only will da Mosked Man demand this continue, he's also planning to add more "3rd party DEFENDANTS" to da already-growing list, and that could include at least one other current township official!

ISSUE 6: How much has been spent by Manalapan taxpayers so far? DaTruth is, Manalapan politicians REFUSE to admit daTruth. Commissar Klauber went on record last week saying so far they've only spent $7,000. Queen Roth this week said it was $7,500. However, an investigation by Snoozer star editor Mark Rosman written in September, 2007 at da height of da First Amendment portion of this lawsuit, proclaimed two years ago that "more than $6,400 had been spent just on da 'expert witness" alone. In addition - �special counsel� David McCarthy, who had a big hand in da First Amendment portion of da case, was billing Manalapan �at a rate of $130 per hour!� Did he write this 29 page brief for free?

This means, very simply put � someone�s not telling daTruth to da public - da very same public that is paying for this lawsuit. Could it be that only $600 has been spent on this case in almost 2 years, outside of what Renaud is owed? Did McCarthy refuse payment and do all work for free?

Any way you slice it � someone�s not telling daTruth.

DaTruth is, it�s becoming more and more clear that this was indeed a political vendetta lawsuit � funded by taxpayer money � and nobody knows how much because Manalapan officials refuse to openly admit it.


As daTruthSquad confirmed, this case will continue. Da next meeting between both sides will happen at da court in Freehold in mid-July, when whichever Manalapan Dream Team lawyer is expected to ask da judge to drop this case. Don�t expect da judge to do it, without at da very least a summary judgement against Manalapan. DaTruthSquad expects unless that judgement includes damages to repay da Mosked Man, this case will continue.

And, there�s even more coming out about this case that daTruthSquad�s embedded Town Hall sources are uncovering � da primary reason Manalapan politicians wanted daTruthSquad out of da picture. Look for more details soon to emerge before da next legal meeting.

And that�s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I'm not going to doubt you el Squado, but if you are correct, and Roth and the mayor of Manalapan sat on this important information, I believe this would warrant a Federal investigation into corruption. In my opinion, saying they've only spent $7,000 in 2 years on a group of lawyers is an outright lie to the people. If they are not investigated, it shows just how currupt the state of New Jersey really is.

Anonymous said...

im speechless,roth wont even look at the camera anymore.lucas sits there like a spoiled child talking to tara when citizens are speaking.............when are we going to wake up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask Klauber about the McCarthy bill for his services for the legal work he billed the township for the suing to find who the truth squad is? Ask Klauber about the $9,600.00 bill he pulled from the bill list last year and that has mysteriously disappeared? Oh there is alot to be investigated here. Like the extra $10,000 that Manalapan paid for Andrew Lucas's lawyer. You see the township has a $10,000 deductible on their policy and it was paid by the township for this case. Add that to the false number of $7,000 and the lies add up. The real number for legal fees and court expenses is closer to $50 thousand dollars. Lets see how the fat Queen of mean and her court jester mayor Klauber handle the truth when they have get caught in the web of deciet that they have weaved? As for Roth not knowing what was going on, Please, she micro manages everyone and everything and we are to believe she knew nothing? LOL
They will get caught and the tax payers of this town will speak out loudly this November.

Lost faith in Roth said...

There's no way on earth that anyone is going to believe this case has spent the last 2 years in a "Lock Box." If that's true, then why were Cohen and Gennaro censured in relation to his case if nobody on the township committee knew anything about the case?

What about McCarthy's nearly $10,000 bill pulled from the bill list at the last minute because it was uncovered?

What about Andy's lawyers $10,000 + billing so far?

What about Valesi, who I believe may be a 3rd party defendant in this case, whose company said there was no contamination on the site originally and billed the town for that?

Personally, I think the town has probably spent well over $75,000 on politically-connected lawyers for this case already.

I agree, an investigation by the state or Feds is absolutely needed!

Da Truth Squad can take pride . . . said...

The blog printed the full text of a taxpayer's excellent summary of the case to the Township Committee just after the transcript was made available. After the five-minute presentation, which the mayor tried to cut off, the committee members sat frozen in silence. There is more responsiveness to citizens' statements even in Iraq these days.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, i was hoping klauber would be different and a man of his word.i was wrong.i watch these meetings on 77 and to be honest,he looks to her for aproval on everything,like a child.also,when he thinks hes making a valid point(which is rare) he repeats himself over and over.someone really needs to step up this nov.please, i bet andy doesnt even run,he cant be that stupid,right?

Busy KBee said...

Regardless what you read in this censured Fraud Blog, "da" real truth is Michelle and Richard are very concerned that Stuey can't pay the $10,500 damages. Obviously, this blog is simply trying to deflect from the truth that he is guilty and now that he wants to continue this lawsuit, the bills for Manalapan residents will be only worse in these hard economic times. Obviously he cares nothing for his neighbors, because if he did he would agree to stop this case. I guess its all about greed.

This post will not be allowed through the Fraud Squad censors, because its against Free Speech, despite what they say.

DabBullSquad said...

This fraud site has not allowed hundreds of my posts from being printed. There is nothing on this site that is true. The blogger (and we all know who it really is) knows the lawsuit for him is lost. There is no freedom of speech here if my hundreds of postings can't be printed here because the censors don't print the truth. This site is a fraud and everybody knows it.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't figured it out by now, the last three posts were by Vicodin infested Kathy Baratta. Kathy, as you may remember, was fired from the News Transcript because she was filing stories that were absolutely false due to her psychotic never explained obsession with Stu, as you can see from the posts above. Kathy was mortified -- and fired -- by datruthsquad posting the truth so that her publishers realized she was lying in her reports. She has never forgiven datruthsquad for that and has, along with her best bud Fred Stone whose meanderings on the wrong side of the law have been fully published, tried to spam this site with her nonsense. Since this blogsite adopted a policy of no obscenity or vulgarity, neither Fred nor Kathy were able to submit anything that datruthsquad could approve. I'm surprised datruthsquad printed the drug induced ravings above. NJ.COM would have deleted them on sight. Kathy and Fred have a lot in common. Both are out of work. Both make wild unsupported allegations against Stu - the last honest mayor of Manalapan -- and both lost their jobs by being dishonest and unethical. Is it any wonder they're close friends and even sound alike online? Perfect example. If Stu couldn't pay a judgment, how come he refused to send the case to his insurance company, and how come Michelle's trying to end the case, not Stu. And would someone please explain why all the newspapers published two years ago that he wasn't sending this case to the insurance company but Michelle and Klauber claim they are only learning this for the first time now? That story might fly with senile old lawbreakers like Kathy and Fred, but not with any intelligent person reading these posts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dabbullsquad (aka Kathy the foul mouthed rager from howell), if you don't like this site, how come you spend so much time posting on it. People don't like any of your websites and prove it by not posting on them or even reading them. You prove this is a GREAT site by constantly posting on it. But that's ok. We learned long ago that the best way to find out what's going on is to read what you write and assume the opposite.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about it Squad.

1. You have avid readers who believe this blog because you've already been proven reliable, despite the spammers who you seem to so successfully put a stop to.

2. I for one have no faith in the Transcript, especially due to the attacks by Greg Bean and former reporter Cathy Barata. At least Mark Rosman is honest and not biased.

3. You have proven to all of us how corrupt manalapan politics are. FYI, I was at Manalapan Day, and two of the sponsors were CME (Valesi) and a Union County law firm that has connections to the lawyers hired by Manalapan against Moskovitz.

Add me to the list of people demanding a state and Federal investigation into Manalapan Town Hall corruption.

Anonymous said...

DTS, here's a question I'd like answered.

The Transcript wrote that Klauber said Manalapan spent over $100,000 on this case. How can that be if only $7000 as he claims was for lawyers, and $10,000 was for the actual cleanup of the site. Does that mean there were over $80,000 in engineering fees? Something seriously does not add up, and as a Manalapan resident I'd like to know where my tax money was sent.

Since Greg Bean is happier attacking your blog and cares nothing about the facts of this case and has no desire to get answers, can you please do his job and get them for us?

Little Billy Levinson said...

all these people are stu moskovitz, and even the misspellings are carefully crafted to defraud us into thinkng they are differenct people.

Anonymous said...

I watched the meeting on TV from June 24. Nothing Klauber or Roth said addded up.

They both basically said they spent all this money on the case, and since Moskovitz didn't file with his insurance carrier, they couldn't guarantee getting back the $10,000 they spent to actually cleanup the site. Doesn't Moskovitza have a car? Couldn't he sell that to cover the 10,000 if he were found guilty?

They also talk about leakes in town hall from their own executive session. However Roth never names the names of those leaks. If I were a former TC member I'd go in and demand that she name names with evidence to back it up. Maybe Moskovitz should demand that too.

What a comical farce Manalapan's township committee is.

Anonymous said...

Listen, if you actually believed they were dropping this case because they thought they had even a prayer to win, but didn't think that Stu, a successful attorney who put his daughters through college, owns his own home without a mortgage, not to mention everything else that one would expect someone to own, couldn't pay the judgment, give me your email address. I've got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn and some beautiful land in the Okefenokee. Also, there's an newly opened attorney position at Millennium Partners that sounds like a perfect fit for you. The only person who has given evidence of being unable to pay a judgment is Michelle Roth, desperately holding on to taxpayer provided health insurance.

They're hiding something said...

I also watched the meeting on TV. It was obvious to me they were hiding something. It took them 2 years to determine that the person they were suing allegedly doesn't have $10,000 to his name? Unnamed leaks by committee members, says Michelle Roth? She even told the newspaper Moskovitz was guilty. So why back off?

The whole thing to me seemed like it was hastily arranged, like they were covering up something. The thing that really bothers me most was the Transcript, which decided to mock the DT Squad instead of asking themselves how the town could have only spent $600 in 2 years on this lawsuit, outside of the "expert witness" testamony they paid 2 years ago?
When it comes to Monmouth County, I'll read the Asbury Park Press. When it comes to Manalapan, I;'ll read the DT Squad. It's obvious there a slant on this blog, but the political slant is far worse at the Transcriot IMHO. If they were a REAL newspaper, they'd investigate this case. If they don't then they're just a coupon clipping rag sheet, and a bad one at that. Do your job Bean and the Transcript before what is left of your credibility as a so-called newspaper is completely gone. And shame on Greater Media for owning them and allowing their antics to continue.

Can Roth Count to 4 (fellow comm. members)? said...

"They also talk about leakes in town hall from their own executive session. However Roth never names the names of those leaks."

The leaks on Route 522 are in the upstairs bathroom. The facts came out of Monument Street in Freehold.