Monday, February 13, 2012

Da GOP & Manalapan GOP - Family Resemblences?

Now that Manalapan for the first time in a number of years has a mayor that will work in da best interest of all da people, and one who will put da people before da land grabbing self interests, we can take da time to look at what you could actually call an offshoot of Manalapan politics -- da Republican primary for president of da United States. If you look at da four participants, you could actually see a bit of Manalapan in each and every one of them.

Thanks to da GOP'ers and their efforts to one-up each other at da expense of their own party.....

First, you have Ron Paul, who, if he lived in Manalapan would best resemble one of those called a "renegade" back in the 2007-2009 era of Manalapan politics. Yes, Ron Paul is a Republican, and that cannot be denied. However, he is also not one of those GOP'ers who fit into da mold of da current politburo of Manalapan GOP politics. He's cast as an outsider, as he was at CPAC. He's cast as someone not in da mainstream of da GOP's far right establishment, much like some of Manalapan's great GOP foot soldiers were in 2007-2009. Because of that, he has as much chance to win as Land Baron Andy Boy has of having longer hair than Mrs. Land Baron.

Next, you have Rick Santorum. He's ultra conservative. He's apparently never met an earmark he didn't like. He'd spiral woman's rights back to a day when man shot dinner, and woman plucked it and cooked it while wearing da Muslim equivalent of a Burqa. In a way, he's da Jordan Moskowitz of Manalapan politics. Santorum has principles he believes and doesn't shy from and will stand for them like Jordan "Stu." He's a man's man, like Jordan "Stu." He believes in law and da truth, and has never voted for a Manalapan earmark as far as we know.

Then, you have Newt Gingrich. It seems da Newtster has never met a reality he's like to change and make into his own. It seems as if da truth, to Newtonian, is whatever best suits him at that given moment, much like a former recent Manalapan mayor. While he went after Bill Clinton for having "sex with that woman" who was not his wife, Newton was busy cheating as Speaker of da House - da #3 position in politics - cheating on his own wife with "that woman" who would become wife #2, before he left her for wife #3 (or was that cheated on wife #1 for wife #2)? While Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery has never cheated on his only wife, his hair color and prodigious girth are most like da eye of da Newt.

Which brings us to Willard "Mitt" Romney. He claims he's a working man, just like us. He claims to be an ultra-conservative, and just a guy like any guy. I guess that means every father in Manalapan has eight-figure trust funds for each of their kids, administered by some blind trust guy who parks more money in da Cayman Islands than we'll all ever see in 20 lifetimes. He governed from da left (appeasing Democrats), even though he now claims he's always on da right (to appease right wing Republicans). He was for universal health care and abortion before he was against it.

Now, who does he remind you of??????????

DaTruth is, while none of the GOP'er candidates for President reside in Manalapan, their current politics are akin to what we've all become used to in Land-Grab Acres. Da way things are, this primary will go straight through to da convention, with Mitt being bashed for being too rich, too out of touch, too left and too unelectable for GOP'ers, while Santorum is bashed for being too close to earmarks, too out of touch, too right and too unelectable for independents. Then there's Newt, who is too untruthful, too right while being too left, married way too many times and too unelectable for everybody, and Ron Paul seems to be too much of a wack-a-doodle for everyone in da GOP who isn't too libertarian. Add to all of this an economy growing, and unemployment falling, and businesses getting busier, and all of a sudden 4 more Obama years is becoming too much a possibility.

Da reality is, come October when both sides negative campaigns are in full swing, da GOP won't be able to say da Obama folks are lying or being too negative, because they will most likely be using commercials released by da GOP primary campaigns who were bashing their standard-bearer from January to da convention. And, da closer da primary stays, with Mitt not able to seal da deal, Rick wanting to take women's right and stow them in da stone age, Newt changing his tune like Pandora changes songs and Ron being Ron, then da Obama campaign will have more political ammo than da GOP ever had with candidates named Dukakis and Tsongas and Kerry combined, and it will be a bad night for GOP'ers in November.

Of course, you can also add to this that for da first time since Kennedy was President, a Democrat has kept our great nation safer than his GOP'er counterparts (nailed Osama, other big al-Qaida names, made "drones" a household word) and seems to be bringing us out of da great Recession while saving da auto industry and da banking industry and many other industries, all of a sudden he doesn't seem like this radical, out of control Muslim / Communist / Socialist / Marxist / Leninist / anti-American / anti-Business / anti-Job / anti-Jewish / anti-Democracy / anti-White / pro-Radical / pro-universal health care / pro-tax / pro-social warfare / pro-Europe / pro-Islamist guy who would doom America making us unsafe, unsuccessful, unDemocratic and unlike what da hard right of da GOP want us to believe we actually are.

DaTruth is, as da GOP campaign against itself continues, President Obama is looking better and better each day. Da polls say it, da people and Independent voters seem to say it, and soon da Obama campaign spin machine will be saying it too.

Maybe Mitt and Newt can move to Manalapan and run for Township Committee? Of course, it'd be tough for Mitt to own more land than Land Baron Andy Boy wants to own, and even Newt is smart enough to know da name of his own sister and not vote to give her a high-paying township Rec job.

And that's daTruth!


the towntowsbricks said...

Gotta be one of your most imbecilic entries. We all know the GOP candidates are losers, and that the leaders of the GOP in Manalapan are losers. What makes you such a transparent partisan is your continued deification of the Virgin Susan, who you know to be fairly stupid and a tool of the most evil forces in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Interesting analogy to the Manalapan politicians, but the point is as long as they keep fighting each other and not the policies of Obama they will fail. Obama must be defeated and the GOP leadership is doing nothing to reign in their stupidity, something Karl Rove would have done far early in this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Unfamiliar with Manalapan politics or the players. Can't even tell if you support the Democrats or Obama or not. Personally I can't support any of them.

Anonymous said...

Santorum in 2012!

TheTownFightsBack said...

Another winner picked by the Lucas Cabal. I'm sure he would have served proudly with the GOP Party Boss/Sewer Commissioner....

Manalapan committee goes back to drawing board with WMUA appointment

MANALAPAN — The Township Committee is going back to the drawing board with its January appointment to the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority, this time with a formal interview process.

The appointee, Steven Plinio, 45, of Iron Ore Road, stepped down from the five-year appointment shortly after local officials discovered he had been convicted of Medicaid fraud in 1999. The discovery has prompted the Township Committee to conduct interviews for volunteer boards in the future, members said.

The committee voted to rescind the appointment at its regular meeting Feb. 8. Interviews now will be held in executive session at the committee’s Feb. 22 meeting before a selection is made, members said.

Commissioners oversee the WMUA’s roughly $13 million budget and an operation that provides wastewater treatment service to much of Manalapan and Marlboro, and parts of Englishtown and Freehold Township. It provides service to more than 25,000 customers. Board members may receive a $4,000 stipend for their service.

Committeeman Andrew Lucas said the committee for the past four years has relied on volunteer applications to provide information to make appointments to volunteer boards. “The new Township Committee position is to interview applicants,” he said.

“I’m very happy about it,” said Committeeman Ryan Green. “It’s what I’ve been advocating all along.”

Green, who voted against the appointment, said he’d hoped to appoint 10-year commissioner Steve Toubin. Green said he had previously requested the Township Committee seek to hold formal interviews as a governing body but “the feeling was not to go in that direction.”

“Speaking for myself, I have learned the importance of a more formal interview process for our appointments and would hope that they are conducted with at least two Township Committee members present,” Committeeman Jordan Maskowitz said.

Township Attorney Roger McLaughlin said officials here were made aware of the charges when a copy of the documents were anonymously sent to a Township Committee member a week after Plinio’s Jan. 18 appointment. After committee members asked about the charges, Plinio on Jan. 31 submitted a letter declining the five-year position, McLaughlin said. The letter came days before he would have been sworn in on the authority’s board of commissioners.

Toubin said he had been “hopeful of being reappointed” and has resubmitted an application to the committee. He said the authority is well-run, has kept rates stable for seven years, has made $20 million in improvements in two decades and cut outstanding debt.

According to court records, Plinio from October 1995 to April 1996 agreed to participate in a scheme in which a transportation service for the disabled would bring in patients to his chiropractic office; Plinio would double bill Medicaid for treatment.

He pleaded guilty in 1999. He was sentenced to four years of probation and the Board of Chiropractic Examiners revoked his license in 2000.

Plinio’s letter did not indicate why he was stepping down and he was unavailable for comment.

Alesha Williams Boyd; 732-308-7756;;

Anonymous said...

I see the Lucas Land Grab is on hold again. What a shocker. George Spodak for Manalapan Township Committee!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that the Lucas supporters still feel there is no problem with a sitting mayor getting over 1 million in taxpayer money, but now 2 years have gone by. Obviously there is something fishy about this case. Kudos to George Spodak for standing up for the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

Re: Town Fights Back comments:

Interesting how the Republicans tried AGAIN to slip someone by who will collect taxpayer paychecks. Last time it was the GOP chair. Now it's someone with a record of, of all things, medicare fraud! Where does the GOP find their sewer commissioners? From their wealthy donor rolls or state prison?

Anonymous said...

hey, da squad thinks everything is beautiful because the Virgin Susan, the loveliest woman in NJ, is da Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please explain why you would promote someone to Police Chief after he's told you he's planning to resign in a few months? Did we elect these geniusses because we wanted people running the town who would flush our tax dollars straight down the toilet?

Anonymous said...

Nice letter to the editor by Gerard Ward in the News Transcript. Says it all. Very impressed.

Anonymous said...

You promote someone right before he retires so his pension goes up. This is CORRUPTION by whoever votes to take tax dollars to boost a friends pension when he is leaving!

Shame on you! Shame on all of you!! Shame on the Governor who promised this practice would stop!!!

Anonymous said...

Jerry Ward, you can't say Lucas doesn't have BIG balls.

Anonymous said...

how much do you want to bet that the subject of squaddo's next blog entry will be the treatment of jeff simon by the FRHSD. wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Yes...Simon's treatment by the FRHSD will probably be the next blog entry...however, the Lucas land-grab issue is still in the forefront of most concerned residents and taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Why not have a TWO FACED Manalapan politician blog. There are four on the township committee right now. Have at it DTS!

Then, you can do one on the two faced demoncrats. Sorry no spelling error! Father suing Shapiro could be the start.

A Blast From the Past said...

And on the other side of the aisle:


LaRocca Slate Shows Wide Support;Will to Win

Frank LaRocca today announced a complete slate to lead the Monmouth County Democratic Party, reflecting the diversity of the county and a will to win on the part of local leaders.

“I’m honored to have the support of such a broad-based coalition and those who know what it takes to win elections in Monmouth County,” LaRocca said. “This is an outstanding team.”

As the Marlboro Democratic Party Chairman, LaRocca has won 8 out of 9 elections, making Marlboro a model for how to build a Democratic Party organization from the ground floor. When he took over, there was an all Republican Council and a Republican Mayor. Now, as a second term councilman in Marlboro, he is providing innovative, effective leadership in to his community.

The following is the LaRocca Leadership Team:




In addition to serving as Mayor and Committeewoman in Manalapan, Aaronson was Chairman Victor Scudiery long-time vice-chair of the Monmouth County Democrats.

Rebecca volunteers as a Spanish interpreter at Parker Family Health Center in Red Bank. She has been honored by the Latino American Association of Monmouth County for her public service. She’s a graduate of Brookdale College. She and her husband Richard have raised two sons.

In 2005, Aaronson ran a strong race for Monmouth County Freeholder, nearly toppling an entrenched incumbent.--moremonnmouthmusings