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History was made in Manalapan when corruption on a grand scale was uncovered in da local Snoozepaper. It was da first time since da famed "Rosman Editorial" that da Snoozepaper had an article in it exposing corruption by Manalapan's political elite. We know it must be true because it wasn't written by Back Page Barratta - it was penned by none other than Manalapan Township Committeeman Anthony Gennaro -- and it exposes corruption in local government on a grand scale!

In a scary account of township officials apparently acting with reckless disregard for taxpayers, Committeeman Gennaro's shocking allegations prove beyond any doubt da lawsuit which has garnered worldwide attention, "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" is nothing more than a political vendetta -- led by Manalapan's elected officials known as da "Gang of Three -- and paid for by taxpayer money!

Gennaro wrote a letter to da editor of da Snoozepaper, that actually printed it! In it, Gennaro's claims are not only serious, but can easily be deemed violations of da public trust!

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #1: "This has become a case where several committee members have attempted to control how elected officials do their jobs."

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #2: "I was recently challenged when simply qualifying my vote on a "ratifying resolution" that retroactively attempts to rewrite history."

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #3: "How can anyone claim that our government is transparent and fiscally responsible when elected officials are denied access to legal documents, and legal counsel is allowed to function unmonitored?"

GENNARO SHOCK QUOTE #4: "On behalf of the taxpayers of Manalapan, I believe that neither their interests nor mine were properly represented."

HISTORY: In 2007, a small alliance of folks who apparently have no plans to invite former Manalapan mayor & township attorney Da Mosked Man to a backyard BBQ hatched a plan to go after da person they claim cost Manalapan money in a land-deal-gone-bad scheme. They wanted a judge to slap a gag order on da case so nobody involved in it could talk about it. Unfortunately for da Gang of Three, daTruthSquad kept their ears down and blogged about it. Da scheme for da political elite backfired when they decided to believe daTruthSquad was actually da Mosked Man, da defendant in da lawsuit, so they sued daTruthSquad too.

What da Gang of Three didn't expect was in their actions, they were taking da First Amendment of da Constitution and throwing it on "da Barbie" next to da shrimp. Da Gang of Three's "Manalapan Legal Dream Team," at TAXPAYER EXPENSE, compiled scores of pages of exhibits and evidence making their claim that da Mosked man was daTruthSquad. Their actions were challenged by da Electronic Frontier Foundation, which not only challenged their claim, but also posted all of da legal documents on their website for everyone to see!

Since then, others have come forward to expose shocking allegations.

ALLEGATION #1: Da Deputy Mayor, who is a friend of da Mosked Man has to leave da room when da case is discussed, but a current Committeeman who is an actual defendant in da case is still allowed to vote to keep da case moving forward!

ALLEGATION #2: A former Manalapan mayor told da Township Committee in an email that this case could cost taxpayers "over $200,000" according to evidence uncovered by Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen - all for a soil cleanup costing $10,500!

ALLEGATION #3: Amazingly, evidence brought to da court by two current elected officials claim they aren't being given access to township information on da case, and township lawyers paid by taxpayer dollars are not discussing da case with certain township officials!

ALLEGATION #4: Although township officials claim not one cent was being paid to lawyers due to da case being done on a contingency fee, da now-famous "Rosman Editorial" verified what daTruthSquad claimed - that is - lawyers are being paid despite township officials claims.

ALLEGATION #5: Considering that a total of 4 township attorneys were employed during da time of da land deal issue, and a number of engineering officials at taxpayer expense who either did no tests on da land or were not told to do any despite da knowledge of an oil storage tank, and even one township attorney who claimed da Mosked Man did nothing wrong, Manalapan politicians only singled out da Mosked Man for their lawsuit.

ALLEGATION #6: An engineering firm that donated money to Manalapan politicians charged approximately $65,000 for a soil cleanup that only cost $10,500, and actually came in under budget.

DaTruth is, what Committeeman Gennaro did in his letter to da Snoozepaper, and his brief brought to da court is what every taxpayer should expect from their public officials. He has exposed corruption on a grand scale - and he should be praised for doing his duty for da citizens he serves.

Accordingly, it is obvious that this wrongdoing must be offered da attention it deserves.

DaTruthSquad has never asked of their readers anything, except to read da blog and find out what is really happening through our number of sources. Now, daTruthSquad is asking "For All Da People" to get involved - and it is "For All da People."

DaTruthSquad wants every person who reads this blog to send a copy of da letter Committeeman sent to da Snoozepaper to da following offices. DaTruthSquad has provided da links to make it easy for you - and - you can send this anonymously. Simply click the link and follow da prosecutor's simple directions. Five minutes of your time could save you $$$$$$$ of tax dollars:

Da Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office.

Da New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice.

Christopher Christie at da US Attorney's Office.

New Jersey Common Cause.

Da only way YOUR TAX DOLLARS will stop being wasted is for you to become directly involved. On all of these sites, your anonymity is kept safe. It's time da proper authorities get involved and uncover what Manalapan politicians are really doing with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.


And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

It's not going unnoticed. If any of you received that telephone call a couple of weeks back from the polling company in Maryland (check your caller ID), the results will knock you off your chair. First Michelle is coming in dead last, just like Shapiro last year. Second, 64% of the voters are AGAINST the tax hikes over the last two years. 57% are in favor of the Village Center. But hold onto your hat for this last piece. The litigation to nowhere was opposed by a whopping 83% of the people polled. That's an astounding number. If these numbers hold up, guess who ends up being responsible for knocking Michelle out of office, just like he did in 2004!! Only this time, he didn't even have to try.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stu for that fair and balanced assessment of the lawsuit against you.

You know what is really funny. Anybody with half a brain knows that Gennaro did not write that certification to the judge. Gennaro can't write. That is the reason he did not write any campaign literature for the Roth/Gennaro campaign. The certification to the judge was crystal clear and well written, obviously by an attorney. The letter to the editor was almost incomprehensible. Their were clearly two authors.

Anonymous said...

Polling results are interesting. I wonder if the question was asked, "Who is running against Roth and Holland? Because when I ask that question to people, I do not get the correct answer 95 percent of the time. Tearing down signs is not going to win this election this time boys. Polls show Roth Holland up 3 to 1! Maybe next time, McHenry, you should try sending out a mailer or putting out an ad or allowing a debate.

Anonymous said...

Since you're claiming the letter was incomprehensible, are you saying that YOU wrote it Andrew? Don't even think about denying you wrote the last comment. Your obsession with Stu gives you away everytime you accuse every single person who posts anything anywhere of being Stu. Did you forget Stu is earning a living. You're the one without a job, Andrew who has time to post all day -- grnmeatlies, malypractice, and whatever other names you use while calling everyone else Sybil. You're exposed Andrew. And whoever the first poster was, there are a LOT of us who join him or her in hoping Stu kicks your ass and takes everything you've got. From what I've heard through the grapevine, you've already been told that insurance company won't pay the claim if you're found to have violated first amendment rights OR, as stated by the judge, to be guilty of malicious prosecution. Hmm, maybe that's why you're so obsessed with Stu?

Anonymous said...

actually, it's not Andrew this time, it's Larry Roth. You have to remember that Andrew isn't the one nutjob obsessed with Stu and Tony G. Larry Roth (Bob54)is also. And when he's dumb enough to post on NJ.COM as Bob54 right around the same time he's posting here, it's pretty easy to figure out. But no one ever claimed that Larry Roth was going to be invited to the Brookings Institute.

Anonymous said...

Some how I do not think that Committeeman Gennaro is done speaking out.

Mal E. Practice said...

Hey Squad, you were right as always. It was very easy usingthe links you provided. I sent a copy of the Gennaro letter to the Monmouth County Prosecutor. I hope they take action, and I urge everyone to do the same and send it to Chris Christie, Ann Milgram, and Common Cause.

Anonymous said...

I too sent a copy to the prosecutor and to Chris Christie.
Enough is Enough. This is a disgrace and Roth, Klauber and Lucas must be held accountable for their actions. Shame on Klauber, he is an officer of the court. as a lawyer he should know the law better than anyone. Disgusting. As for McCarthy being in court and representing Manalapan when he is not the appointed counsel on the matter is wrong. Judge O'Brien said he is not representing Manalapan in this matter and he had no business attempting to file a motion. Interestingly will he attempt to bill Manalapan for his time? What about the bill he has refused to show Gennaro? Is that another charge Manalapan has been billed for in a case where he is not the attorney? Legitimate questions. I am sure Mr. Gennaro will question this too. Tapes from these court proceedings are availabe to the public for $10.00 at the court house.
You can't make this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Try as you will to garner public support to stop the valid lawsuit against Da Mosked man, it won't work. Try as you will to influence the outcome of next weeks election, your G&G boys are toast.

Anonymous said...

What, did Tony misplace Stu's number when he needed help writing a legible Letter to the Editor?

Anonymous said...

I am neither surprised nor bothered by your expected response to anything anyone writes about what Gennaro did in his letter or his certification.

You are so predictable.

Irrevelvant of Tuesday's outcome one thing is certain the truth on this case will be told.

The train has left the station and there is nothing holding it back.

Anonymous said...

Being in the spotlight may not be the kind of light Michelle Roth, Andrew Lucas and Rick Klauber want to be in.
It appears that with one well executed letter Mr. Gennaro, fired the shot that was heard all around the kingdom of Manalapan and beyond. Squandering taxpayer money on a political vendetta when there was no formal vote taken to intitate a lawsuit and then to hide the facts and allow lawyers to act un monitored?! Interferring with the duties of Mr. Gennaro as an elected offical and deliberately withholding documents from him are all serious allegations.

Mr. Gennaro has spoken out and exposed the political code of silence that has been the mantra of the township committee for the past 4 years. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

the only legitimate lawsuit is Stu's lawsuit against Lucas. Stu is going to OWN Lucas's house. Lucas will be going back to Freehold real soon.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the Roth, Lucas and Klauber pundit, Larry Roth has shut his mouth. Why? Maybe because the truth is the truth as Gennaro said. Plus he has the proof to back up his statements. He isn't as stupid as you thought Larry. He got the executive session minutes, even the one where your wife told him he had no b*lls.

You can't disupute what is written in those executive minutes, unless of course you are going to call the best township clerk in the county, Ms. Weeden, unflattering names.

Roth_must_go said...

1.) Crossed communications over budgetary protocols led to the resignation of two volunteers who had been serving on the Manalapan Arts Council (MAC).

Following an exchange with municipal officials at the Aug. 22, 2007 Township Committee meeting when the matter of a grant application process was outlined for the purposes of clarification, Sandra Lippman and Kalman "Butch" Budai both resigned from the MAC.

Lippman's and Budai's resignations due to a grant application brouhaha follows the recent resignations of former Manalapan Symphony board members Steve Pine and Roger Hicks after a reorganization of the Manalapan recreation department, a change that removed the symphony from operation under the recreation department budget.

Pine and Hicks resigned after Deputy Mayor Michelle Roth's request to review outstanding symphony bills wherein Roth asked for backup information to substantiate vouchers that were waiting for approval for payment. Roth's request to audit the way the symphony's money was being spent also resulted in the symphony conductor resigning following the request to her for the backup documentation.

Bruce Brickman, Chair MAC commented,

"Deprived of support from the recreation trust fund, our mayor and deputy mayor directed us to find additional sources of revenues.

The minutes of our July 9 meeting show that Tara Lovrich, the township administrator, as well as the mayor and deputy mayor were present for the grant report, indicating that we met the grant application deadline set by the Monmouth County Arts Council.

During the July 9 meeting, Ms. Lovrich, who was the person charged with "speaking" and implementing government procedural requirements (role of administrator), never mentioned the need for the township to enact an enabling requirement. This was an act of omission."

However, at the Aug. 22 township public meeting Ms. Lovrich denied any knowledge of the grant, which she applauded on July 9. This was a failure to take responsibility.

I am extremely disappointed with silence exhibited by Mayor Lucas and Deputy Mayor Roth at the Aug. 22 township meeting. They failed to correct the record, allowing Committeeman Richard Klauber to chastise an innocent volunteer, rather than accept responsibility for an omission by the administrator, ["the buck stops with the Township Committee"]. Only Committeewoman Susan Cohen had the courage to reprimand Mr. Klauber for his callous and insensitive comments. She was the only member of the Township Committee who affirmed the dignity due volunteers.

2.) The Township Committee has voted 3-2 to adopt an ordinance that establishes a new number of members on the recreation advisory board. Mayor Andrew Lucas, Deputy Mayor Michelle Roth and Committeeman Richard Klauber voted to adopt the law which sets the number of appointees to the recreation advisory board at seven regular members and two alternates. Committeewoman Susan Cohen and Committeeman Anthony Gennaro voted against adopting the ordinance.

Cohen asked how many of the present members of the advisory board are affiliated with a particular township sports organization.

Mona Cholowinski, the acting head of the Recreation Department, said four or five present members are affiliated with sports organizations.

Cohen said she opposed reducing the number of volunteers on this panel because there is already a problem attracting volunteers to serve on Manalapan's boards and committees. She said she does not want a recreation advisory board that only includes representatives of sports groups.

"We need ordinary citizens promoting recreation too," the committeewoman said.

According to Manalapan's Internet Web site, the members of the recreation advisory board are Michael Gross (chairman), Rebecca Ginsberg, Helene Johnson, Dennis Bruzzi, Butch Budai, Diana Cochran, Richard Cohen, Richard de Pierro, Glenn Essner, Jeff Ohlstein, George Rothweiler, Paul Sagnelli and Drew Shapiro.

Budai spoke against reducing the number of members.

"I think this is a big mistake," Budai said, adding that to his knowledge Old Bridge, for example, has a 15-member recreation advisory board. "We can use all the help we can get. Why go from 11 and two to seven and two?"

Township Attorney Caroline Casagrande said if Budai's numbers were correct, Old Bridge, with 15 members, would be in violation of a state statute which allows for no more than 11 regular members and two alternates serving on a recreation advisory board.

According to information posted on the Old Bridge Internet Web site, that township's recreation advisory board has 15 members, all appointed by the Township Council for one-year terms.

2.) Immediately after taking da oath of office, two prominent volunteers where unceremoniously “fired” from their non-paid & non health benefits positions. DaTruthSquad will let you judge to see if “bipartisanship” was a reason for their dismissal.

What da newspaper story didn’t tell you was two prominent people were “fired” from non-paying volunteer jobs – da very same volunteers she blamed daTruthSquad for staying “on the sidelines for fear of attack with fabricated and severely distorted information."

Let daTruthSquad tell you about two of those volunteers kicked to da Queen’s curb.

One is a gentleman named Butch Budai. As da President of da Manalapan Republican Club, it was very bipartisan of da Democratic Queen to fire him. Of course, Budai was also Susan Cohen’s campaign manager, which put him at odds with Andy Boy since both GOP’ers ran separate campaigns. Budai also had another person who could pull some strings working against him.

Budai was not in favor of having to fill out a “job application’ to be a volunteer, but did so anyway because HE WANTED TO SERVE. He has a long record of volunteerism in Manalapan. Budai has also been rumored to be thinking about running against da Queen for Township Committee.

So what is da criteria for being a Manalapan volunteer?

Maybe we should also ask Helene Johnson. She too has a long history, along with her husband, Steve Johnson, of being a Manalapan volunteer. She’s sharing da curb with Budai. Why? I guess her many years of volunteer service doesn’t count for much.

Anonymous said...

I don't live in Manalapan, but here's my opinion as an outsider looking in.

That town has a serious problem. That letter your town official wrote is a stunning example of pure 100% corruption in politics. The fact Mr. Genaro had the courage to expose it so publically shows just how bad that corruption is. If I lived in your town I'd be sending lettrs and calling the state prosecutor too.

Good luck Manalapan. You're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Kudos for Mr. Gennaro standing up and speaking out. He said in his letter that he waited and thought it would get better and it didn't, how long has this been going on?

Mr. Gennaro I hope that your next stop is to the prosecutors office or the FBI with all your documents and executive minutes in hand.

Anonymous said...

As a Manalapan taxpayer, I for one will be glad to chip in to hire a limo to take him to the prosecutor's office. He deserves it.

Great job Mr. Gennaro! The only downside is you're not up for reelecton. The people of Manalpan need you.

Anonymous said...

Laugh it up while you can. Nobody is going to send anything to the Feds because there's nothing to send. When Moskovitz LOSES in court we'll all know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so wrong Larry.

Do you really think that Tony Gennaro just sent his letter to the Transcript?

Their editor Mark Rossman printed it, and the Transcript has a copy of his certification, as so stated in last weeks article by Kathy Baratta.

The editor had a choice to accept and print the letter or not. He choice to print it and print it a week before the election. That speaks volumes.

Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

the only person losing that lawsuit is Andrew. Moskovitz CAN'T lose. The township can't prove negligence, because he followed a court order he had nothing to do with; and they can't prove damages because the state statute allows the township to collect from the home sellers -- something they've refused to do, meaning only the current township attorney can be found liable for legal malpractice. You have to prove negligence AND damage to recover for legal malpractice, and the township can't prove either against him. And the court's already said so. On the other hand, the judge has RULED that the complaint against Andrew states a valid claim. So it looks like the only loser here is Andrew. But that's nothing new. He always was a loser.

Anonymous said...

not entirely true. The other losers are the taxpayers who have to pay for this lawsuit. Nearly 100,000 dollars already. And if they're dumb enough to vote for Michelle on Tuesday, they deserve what they get; because only a real loser could possibly vote for "I hate Italians, I hate Orthodox Jews, I raised your taxes 46 percent, I am paying 1.4 million dollars for a 700,000 property to benefit John Lynch, I'm screwing the police department for my own personal vengeance, I love frivolous lawsuits against my enemies that I don't have to pay for, I killed the symphony, I borrowed 7,000,000 dollars to make me look good that you're going to pay off for the next 20 years" Roth.

Anonymous said...

Another point. You can't blame the current township attorney for this. I think the way they have done this the case is actually out of his hands. Blame McCarthy, Weeks, and the rest of that dream team of lawyers Manalapan taxpayers are paying for thanks to Roth & Lucas. In 2006, the township attorney said Moskovitz did nothing wrong. Why wait until 2007 to start this case? Why not go after the 2004 township attorney for setting this in motion? Why not go after the engineering firm who should have done these studies years ago? Was it because they donated to Roth's campaign? Why not go after the former homeowner?

I didn't believe this was a political vendetta at first, but now I have no doubt, and as a Manalapan taxpayer I want it to stop. Thanks Gennaro for watching our backs. Chris Christie, HELP US!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Andrew Lucas got the prosecutor to void a traffic ticket for an old woman so he could get her to vote for Green and Garcia.

Isn't that an ethics violation?

Anonymous said...

Not if it's a rumor. Of course, if it's not a rumor -- if it happens to be a fact -- it's still not an ethics violation, it's a criminal violation of law.

roth_ must_ GO said...

Recreation Center Taj Mahal

"The project has become too big and so over-reaching from where municipal business should be involved. It's frightening," Vorbach said. "This is not a community center. This has become a recreation center Taj Mahal."

Kinneally said, "In these uncertain times, even if there was a concrete plan before us, I'd say let's put that on hold right now. But there's nothing in concrete."

Sound familiar? Remember Kinneally? Yes, he was the Manalapan township attorney when the recreation center expansion was approved.

From The News Transcript:On Jan. 2, the new Democratic majority of DREW SHAPIRO, MICHELLE ROTH and Anthony Gennaro replaced the township attorney and the township engineer.

Before a vote was held, Locricchio asked Township Administrator Alayne Shepler about the criteria for selecting a professional and Lucas asked Kinneally about his qualifications.

Kinneally said he had made contributions, all by check, to the campaign of ROTH and Gennaro.

As gadfly Rhoda Chodosh wrote, Was the motive for Mr. Kinneally's hiring political? Did contributions to elected officials' campaigns play a stronger role in the hiring of professionals this year than competence? What do you think?

The engineering firm of CME Associates was then brought up and Shapiro said, “I’ve sat here with Birdsall and I’ve sat here with CME. I believe that CME contributes more

CONTRIBUTES MORE? You're right Mr. Mayor SHAPIRO, it's right there in the ELEC reports.

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Not gonna happen. Get used to it!

Anonymous said...

Yes we can!

Anonymous said...

If you vote to keep Michelle Roth in office then you all deserve what you get. Higher taxes,wasteful spending, political spin and pandering to special interest groups. To quote Gennaro in this weeks News Transcript letter: "How can anyone claim that our government is transparent and fiscally responsible when elected officials are denied access to legal documents, and legal counsel is allowed to function unmonitored?" and "This has become a case where several committee members have attempted to control how elected officials do their jobs."

The truth is the truth. Roth must go.

Roth_Must_go said...

3512. Pay to Play- MARCO
by RothMustGo, 11/3/08 10:45 ET
Pay-to-play code dies in 3-2 committee vote

Manalapan officials may discuss return to 2004 anti-corruption lawsBY DAVE BENJAMIN Staff Writer

MANALAPAN — After defeating the proposed Municipal Anti-Racketeering and Corruption Ordinance (MARCO) on May 11, the Township Committee tonight may discuss the possibility of returning to anti-corruption ordinances that were enacted in 2004 and repealed early in 2005.

Comments made by committee members during the May 11 meeting indicated that Manalapan’s previous pay-to-play and Request for Proposal (RFP) ordinances might be discussed on May 25, along with any suggestions for changes to those laws.

The 2004 pay-to-play law placed certain limitations on contributions that may be made by professionals to candidates who are seeking municipal office. The goal was to prevent professionals from buying their way into a lucrative public appointment. The RFP law dealt with the way that contracts for professional services (i.e. attorneys, engineers) would be awarded by the township. Both ordinances were enacted in 2004 when the governing body had several different members.

The 2004 pay-to-play and RFP laws were repealed earlier this year after new members joined the committee and said they would pass a stronger anti-corruption law.

That proposal, MARCO, was discussed and debated by the committee for several months, but in the end it died in a 3-2 vote against its adoption. Voting against MARCO on May 11 were Mayor Bill Scherer, Committeewoman Rebecca Aaronson and Committeeman Drew Shapiro.


Voting for MARCO were REPUBLICAN committeemen Andrew Lucas and Joseph Locricchio.

Before the vote, Heather Taylor, a representative of the Center for Civic Responsibility, Metuchen, addressed the governing body.

“We really feel strongly about this,” Taylor said. “As it stands professionals are not precluded from getting a contract if they’ve made contributions to a local party and that is a major loophole. For that reason, the committee should vote no.”

Township Attorney Stuart Moskovitz said the ordinance prevents a situation known as wheeling — the means through which contributions to a candidate are moved through a third party — and no money contributed to any candidate can get to the candidate. In the event a contribution has been paid by professionals to a county organization and the county organization tries to run a campaign, that also will be eliminated, he said.

“If a professional makes a contribution in violation of this ordinance, [he] cannot get a contract [with the town] for three years,” Moskovitz said.

“The ordinance is clear,” Locricchio said. “Candidates can’t take money from PACs (political action committees). This is the toughest ordinance ever written in the state.”

In voting no, Aaronson said she agreed with Taylor that MARCO did not go far enough.

Shapiro and Scherer voted no without explanations.

“The second thing we want to bring in [is an] ethics committee, so we can have a bipartisan panel. We’re trying to pass an ordinance that actually prevents corruption, and everybody says, ‘Yes, let’s fight it.’ Then you sit here and tell me that our ordinance is not stronger than last year. Now, you have the audacity after the abysmal failure of wheeling by the Democratic Party of Union County to the Township Committee members last year. I find that despicable and don’t understand how anybody [here] can say they are against corruption. It’s a sad day in Manalapan as far as I’m concerned that anybody says they are against corruption,” Locricchio said.

When MARCO was introduced, Scherer said it was “designed to send a message to those that do business with this township, those who serve Manalapan and those who participate in campaigns to determine the governing body of this township will be held to the highest standards in this state.” He said he believed that MARCO would be on the cutting edge of anti-corruption efforts in New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

You mean like CME? How about that Maple Shade's PAC that gave the Manalapan Democrats $3500?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone received a robo-call from Queen Michelle today?

I have been told she's robo-calling people in Manalapan saying the GOP candidates are liars.

Look who's talking.

Anonymous said...

I guess she received a copy of reen And arcia's mailer complete with her mug on it. It told the truth about Roth. I guess the truth is something Roth can't handle.

Anonymous said...

Off topice. Front Page of the New Jersey Law Journal. "Firm's Political Clout and Competence in Question in Legal Malpractice Case" That firm is Cleary, Alfieri & Jones and among the defendants is Caroline Casagrande. "A malpractice suit says that as a new lawyer in 2003, Caroline Casagrante, now a state Assembly member, lacked the expierence to handle the defense of a complex personal injury case."

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the attorney that Andrew Lucas stated publicly was the "best attorney Manalapan ever had?" I guess that explains Andrew's judgment in suing Moskovitz. I don't think I'll be asking Andrew any time soon to recommend a lawyer to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that explains why Caroline Casagrande has given up the practice of law.

Anonymous said...

I got the Queens robo call. Thanks Michelle for calling my house, who asked you to? Not me.
Michelle Roth you have the gall to state that the Republicans lied that they would not attack you.

Poor Michelle Roth, you are whining because they told the truth, you take $14K in health benefits for your entire family.

That's an attack?

They should have attacked you on the fact that you agree that taxes have to be lowered. Funny you raised them on us two years in a row. The way you have spent our money we will have to have our taxes raised for the next 10 years to offset your wild spending.

I hope that you are voted out of Manalapan tomorrow.

I have had enough of you and your husband Larry " I hate Italians" Roth.

Anonymous said...

This is the legal malpractice case against Caroline Casagrande, Andrew Lucas' idea of the best attorney Manalapan ever had: After you read this, a REAL malpractice case, remember that Caroline was the township attorney when the case against Stu was brought.

Mal E. Practice said...

I think it is very safe to say this. If the people of Manalapan reelect Michelle Roth, you deserve every tax increase you'll be getting. You deserve every political vendetta lawsuit you'll be paying for. You deserve all of the political cronyism you'll be paying for.

Good luck Manalapan. You're going to need it.

Anonymous said...

Big turnout in Covered Bridge. Congratulations Mayor Roth!

Anonymous said...

what makes you think they're voting in the local election? They didn't last year. And do you think they're happy with the 50% tax hike she's given them over two years? They'll vote for Obama, but don't count on votes for the Queen of Mean.

Anonymous said...

If Roth wins I'm moving out of Manalapan.

If Lautenberg wins I'm moving out of NJ.

If Obama wins I'm moving out of the country!!!

Anonymous said...

If Roth wins that God help us. We cannot afford 3 more years of her.

If the majority voted for her we are stuck.

Anonymous said...


We're screwed!!!!!! said...

We're screwed!

Township Committee (2)
3-year terms
William Garcia (R) — 7,739
√ Ryan Green (R) — 7,789
Donald J. Holland Jr. (D) — 7,776
√ Michelle Roth* (D) — 7,998

Public question: Open space levy increase
√ Votes for — 6,518
Votes against — 4,842

Anonymous said...

The voters of Manalapan re-elected Michelle Roth and elected Donald Holland. They saw through your lies, smears and unfounded allegations. The election is over. Now it's time to work with these people in a constructive way to help make our town even better than it is.

Anonymous said...


the truth of what Michellle Roth has done to this town and others will be exposed

she may have fooled 8700 people, but she did not fool the other 30,000 that make up this town