Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Your Taxpayer-Funded Circus Is Back In Town

If you had any questions that da case "heard 'round da world," Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man, was nothing more than a political witch hunt, look no further than da latest on da trial found in da local Snoozepaper.

In da latest installment of da "Bungling Brothers Circus," a judge tossed out da written testimony of current Manalapan Township Committee-folk Mr. Anthony Gennaro & Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen, saying "I want to make this perfectly clear. I am not accepting anything from anybody who is represented by counsel."

Of course, buried in da Back-Page Barraatta special was that Cohen based da reason on why she went straight to da judge was because -- and get this -- because lawyers handling da case for Manalapan -- lawyers that YOU PAY FOR WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS -- weren't returning her calls!!!

"Cohen said she left messages at the office of the attorney who is representing Manalapan in the litigation against Moskovitz. She said those messages were not returned and she came to believe the attorney was not acting in her interests in the matter and therefore did not represent her in the matter."

Da lawyers were not returning da calls of da Deputy Mayor - their client!!!

If you're at a restaurant and da waiter ignores you, do you just sit there or tell da manager his customer is being ignored?

Cohen, according to da Snoozepaper, has had enough with what is looking more & more like a political vendetta waged by circus performers da Queen Mayor, Slick Rick, and alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Andy Boy (aka: DEFENDANT in da very same case).

"She said that after listening to an audiotape of a July hearing, she came away disturbed by the potential escalating costs of continuing the litigation against Moskovitz. Cohen said that is why she voted with Gennaro against a committee resolution on Oct. 7 that was related to the litigation. She said she was hoping to see the matter get dismissed by O'Brien. As an elected official, it is my responsibility to act as the taxpayers' watchdog. I saw this case as a political vendetta," Cohen said."

Now, before we go further, lets go back for a brief historical recap of da case about a $10,500 contaminated soil cleanup that exactly 1 year ago, DEFENDANT Andy Boy said had already cost Manalapan taxpayers "well over $100,000!"

EXHIBIT A: Manalapan's circus performers started with their Township attorney, then hired an expert lawyer, another lawyer, and finally another lawyer, creating da now-infamous "Manalapan Legal Dream Team" to go after their arch-nemesis, former township attorney & mayor Da Mosked Man for what they allege is legal malpractice.

EXHIBIT B: Manalapan's circus performers decide, with their Dream Team AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, that somehow this blog is to blame for da land-deal-gone-bad. They turn da land deal into a First Amendment case, and shroud it in silence & secrecy, until their plans are exposed by daTruthSquad and da Electronic Frontier Foundation, which fought for this blog in court - and won a major First Amendment decision!

EXHIBIT C: Although Manalapan's circus performers wanted to hide this, every iota of their dirty laundry became available for everyone to see thanks to da EFF!

EXHIBIT D: One of da Manalapan's circus performers gets implicated in da case, as former mayor Andy Boy is named a DEFENDANT - by da Mosked Man himself! And, somehow da Manalapan Legal Dream Team allows DEFENDANT Andy Boy to vote on motions involving this case!

Da case, of course, CONTINUES AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE, however some of those whose job it is to watch YOUR MONEY aren't sure your money is being spent wisely anymore.

Now, in what has all da appearance of having to fix up another problem at taxpayer expense, da Manalapan Township Committee, after da Mosked man claimed in February their hiring of Dream Team lawyers wasn't "kosher," leaders of da circus had no choice but to hold a vote on October 7 to "clarify" - legally - what they were doing - something they've been doing for da last 18 months! Da vote was 3-2, because 2 members of da committee have decided da "circus" has turned into a "freak show."

Making matters worse for Manalapan - and da TAXPAYERS - is what da judge said about da case according to da Snoozepaper --- "There seems to be a dispute between the parties as to the authorization of this lawsuit," O'Brien said.

Of course there is a "dispute," as da judge calls it. Da party authorizing payment of da legal bills can't even get a returned phone call from da Dream Team!

DaTruth is, this heading-toward 2 year legal fiasco has no end in sight, has all da smell of a political vendetta, and those with da vendetta are shoving a vacuum nozzle into your back pocket to siphon out YOUR MONEY to pay for their endeavors.

So, with that vacuum nozzle squarely sucking your wallet dry, including municipal tax increases of over 40% in just 2 years to help pay for this lawsuit, what can you do about it?

1. Da ringleader of Manalapan's 3-ring circus is up for reelection this year. You can decide to withhold your vote for da Queen Mayor! Nothing says you have to vote for her. However, you should vote since we have brave men & women fighting overseas for that right - just vote for someone else.

2. You can call da state Attorney General and demand they come to Manalapan and investigate da Manalapan Township Committee and specifically look into this case. Obviously, there's something very important in those private "Executive Sessions" that caused enough concern for 2 sitting Committeepeople to call their paid-for lawyers -- get no reply -- and instead go to da judge!

3. You can repeat "Step #2" and call the Monmouth County Prosecutor.

DaTruth is, something is very wrong with this case if (a) your taxpayer-funded lawyer allegedly doesn't return your call, (b) a contaminated soil cleanup costing $10,500 to clean can wind up costing "well over $100,000" - and da meter is still running, (c) one of da attorneys involved says "Spite and malicious intent are all over this case" - and that lawyer is NOT a member of da Dream Team, and (d), a town's Deputy Mayor can't even get straight answers about a case she needs to vote on and have taxpayers pay for!

If someone you employed didn't return your call, yet you still kept paying them large sums of money, would you want to still pay them?

If you're a Manalapan resident - da answer is YES - because that is exactly what is happening by your political leaders -- AND YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!


And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

it's actually worse than what you wrote. Kathy Baratta wrote that it was THE JUDGE HIMSELF who said that "spite and malicious intent are all over this case." In other words, the Judge has already recognized there is no legitimate case against Moskovitz. This was an attempt by Lucas to keep Moskovitz from being involved in Cohen's campaign against him, and now Michelle is keeping it going because he was responsible for her losing in 2004 when she had brought the township to the doorstep of insolvency (which, of course, Michelle denied, right before she got elected the next year and worked with Lucas to raise taxes 46% -- so tell me, if the township wasn't on the verge of insolvency, why the need to pass tax increases in two years that matched the highest increases ever put together in any TEN year period combined? Gee, does Michelle lie? No, of course not, and Obama never heard what Reverend Wright was saying in church for twenty years, had no idea that Ayers was a terrorist, never met the man who held his first campaign fundraiser in his house, has no connection to Jesse Jackson, who helped push his career in Chicago, and has no connection whatsoever with ACORN, who he served as an attorney, organized for, trained workers for and gave 800,000 to, to finance the voter fraud. Michelle Roth and Obama. Perfect together.

Anonymous said...

First off, I don't believe anything I read in the Transcript anymore. It's partisan and become a laughingstock and a tool of certain individuals.

While I don't always agree with this blog, it actually makes more sense than what the newspaper says. I don't know anything about the law, but how can Andy boy vote for a case he's a defendant in? Doesn't he have to recuse himself?

The more I read about this case, the worse I feel about this town.

Anonymous said...

Well, this much is clear. If Michelle Roth loses in November, then cases like this will not happen again, and this one will be gone. If she wins, you can expect another tax hike so she can launch more malicious spiteful cases against other political enemies as well. Remember, if it doesn't cost her the election, there is nothing to persuade her not to keep pulling this stuff.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Stu Moskovitz, but I hope he loses this case against him and loses big. If he wins, then it proves this case was nothing more than partisan witch hunt paid for with taxpayer money, and if I were him I'd sue everyone and everything in sight, and he'd probably win which means we'll all pay higher taxes to pay off these politician's egos for going after him in the first place.


Anonymous said...

then maybe you need to stop hoping he loses and start working to get Michelle and her felloow egomaniacs out of office. It's three weeks away. You're not going to get any help from G&G. They're missing in action because of the deal their campaign manager made with the Dems (Andrew Lucas was a part of that crooked deal too). So the taxpayers will have to do it without the help of the gop candidates.

Anonymous said...

Da Mosked Man is going down. He can delay, deflect, ask for the case to be thrown out over and over again, but eventually he's going down.

Gennero will be forgotten after his term ends in December as he accomplished nothing in 3 years.

Cohen's husband uses Da Mosked Man for legal services for his business, a fact you conveiently didn't state, so her motivation in trying to have the suit thrown out is quite suspect.

Green will continue the fine work he's done on the school board after losing the election, albeit with an attitude.

Garcia will just go away.

Butch and Steve will shout "See, we told you we should have been the candidates." Next year Butch will finally get the R nod, and lose handily. Steve will continue to mistate details he reads and present them as facts.

Heckler will take a more visible role in the Party. Rhoda will have to abdicate her front row aisle seat to Gloria Close since Rhoda is no longer the most ridiculous speaker at TC meetings.

Lippman will continue to purr nonsensical questions and accusations at Klauber.

Kennedy will be replaced by someone that won't have to get to us on everything.

And Da Truth Squad will continue to be irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, you're on drugs. Frankly, you forgot to mention the only thing that really WILL come true. Moskovitz is going to own you when he wins the case against you and takes your house away, so you will have no choice but to admit you live in Freehold. That's after you get fined for Local Government Ethics violations for voting on a case in which you have a personal interest as a defendant -- a case which you publicly stated you would NEVER vote in. But then, when haven't you lied, Andrew? We're still laughing at the lie you tried to pull off telling Mark Rosman you didn't send the email to him that had your IP address in it. What a joke you are estrogen boy.

Anonymous said...

The funny part is Andrew continue to post on this site saying DaTruthSquad is irrelevant. If it's irrelevant, how come you're so obsessed with it Andrew that you keep posting on it. Everytime you post that it's irrelevant you prove it's not. But you wouldn't understand that, would you. After all, you are universally known as PDG (Princeton's dumbest graduate).
Is there anyone who doesn't know by now that you were brought in under Princeton's program to bring in a certain number of farmers for "diversity" regardless of grades or SAT scores?

Anonymous said...

To the poster that says this blog is irrevelent. If it is, then why do you post here. I post here because I find it very relevant. Whoever the blogger is obviously knows what's happening in Manalapan, and obviously is someone who works in your town offices because they know too much.

FYI, I live in Marlboro, and we could use someone like datruthsquad here too.

Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not lie; thou shalt not steal; thou shalt not covet; thou shalt not bear false witness. Not bad, Andrew. There's only ten commandments and you've broken four of them in one lawsuit. Your wife must be soooooo proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Tony Gennaro and Susan Cohen for having the courage to go to the judge and to speak out. Like the quote from Martin Luther King Jr. states " the time is always right to do what is right."

If I were Klauber, Roth and Lucas, I would be concerned, very concerned that Gennaro and Cohen will hold a press conference on this case and set the record straight. Elected officials have an obligation to do what is best for the people they represent. Gennaro and Cohen acted for the people. The lawyers in this case refused to return their calls and ignored them. I heard Gennaro's request to see the bills on this case were denied and his calls were not returned either. I bet Roth, Klauber and Lucas had access to both the attorney and the bills. Remember this is the case that was not going to cost the taxpayers anything?! Judge O'Brien felt that Gennaro and Cohen's certifications should have been submitted to their counsel. How do you do that when your counsel does not respond to you? Talk about ethical infractions? Lucas has been screaming about executive confidentiality and how he and Shapiro made a big rant about signing an agreement that if you breached executive you would resign. Shapiro always walked around and saying what are they going to do "take you to sunshine court"? They knew there was absolutely no law or violation against speaking out! Lucas seemed so surprised in his statement Wednesday that he did not know that there is absolutely nothing you can do. Give me a break! Gennaro and Cohen have the guts to speak out and do the right thing. Gennaro always stated what he wanted to say even though Roth , Klauber and Lucas have always tried to stop him. They can't stop him or Cohen. I was in town hall and over heard a conversation that everyone was shocked that Roth had recently told Gennaro he had no b*lls and was a mistake in an argument she started with him (Gennaro) in recent executive session. Image having the mayor speak to a guy like Tony Gennaro like that?! Michelle Roth the mayor is disgusting and unprofessional for using that kind of language against a fellow elected official. If I were Tony Gennaro I would have filed ethics charges against Roth, for all I know he already has.

IMHO Manalapan needs to vote Michelle Roth out in 3 weeks. We don't need this this self serving obnoxious and vulgar woman ruining this town any more than she has. We can't afford her political vendetta's or tax raises.
Restore dignity to this town and get her out of office.

Anonymous said...

Help me. I am a taxpaying resident. We moved from Brooklyn 8 years agos because of the schools & sports. We were visiting friends & we loved Manalapan. My daughter plays soccer & my son plays baseball. My husband commutes to downtown every day. I think we are an average Manalapan family. I'm trying to follow all this about this guy named Stu Moskowitz. Who is he and why is everyone so consumed with him? I'm Italian so I really can't vote for Roth after the comment by her husband. I was outraged at the time. I don't know much about the other 3 candidates. Where can I get more info. I'm an independent so I usually vote for the best candidate. Leaning towards Obama for President. Not sure.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Susan Cohen and Anthony Gennaro for standing up for the taxpayers. It's about time someone in elected office did what they did. Now there is no option. Manalapan must show its residents exactly what has been spent on this lawsuit and why. If not, I agree withthe blogger here that the state should be called in to investigate the possibility of fraud and who is responsible for it.

Anonymous said...

Gennaro and Cohen get it, they realized that the people, we the taxpayers were getting the royal screwing on this lawsuit.

Our money is being spent, wth no monitoring of what goes on in this case all for a personal political agenda.

Any doubt Roth has to go? Klauber is up for re election next year and Lucas the following. Clean house and get rid of these officials