Saturday, October 11, 2008

Da Latest Manalapan Observations

There’s nothing better than driving daTruth mobile through Manalapan to see exactly what is happening, because a little tour of town can allow one to see more than some want you to see.

First, we start with signs. Lots of those “Getting da job done” Queen and da other guy signs. To their credit, da TruthTellers report in almost 11 G&G red weatherworn signs aroun town, probably left over from da primary.

Second, we have “Where da signs are.” There are an unusually high number of those Queen & da other guy signs in traditionally Republican parts of Manalapan, especially near da homes within close proximity to where alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident committeeman Andy Boy lives. Note to G&G – if you’re going to simply mail this election in and let da Queen win, let da Manalapan residents know so they don’t need to waste their time.

Third, we have, “Where da signs are NOT.” It is very nice to hear from a number of TruthTellers that there is a sign for da Queen at da Union HQ at Route 33. It was not, however, a surprise. What was a surprise was there is not even 1 sign anywhere on da property of alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy’s family farm for da G&G boys. Is he supporting them? There’s a lot of real estate there – but not even one G&G or any other GOP’er sign for that matter. Is Andy Boy supporting da Queen? Obama? Zimmer? Lautenberg? Da Communist line?

Fourth, speaking of support, does Dr/Mr/Lord/King James Wasser have a friend in Manalapan? As far as daTruthSquad has heard, there hasn’t been even one town resolution against King James and his tyrannical rule has been levied by da Manalapan Queen & her court. Why? There was earlier this year a resolution passed by a 4-1 vote supporting da State Police in Wall Township (da lone vote against da police was cast by none other than Andy Boy). Why all da outrage from Marlboro, Freehold, and other towns, but only da harmonious sound of crickets by da Queen?

Fifth, congratulations are in order to da local Snoozepaper. As of October 10, there has not been even one political advertisement in da paper now notorious for soaking up dew on wet lawns, or if dry, absorbing whatever da parakeet drops. There was a time when da Snoozepaper was oversold on political ads they had trouble finding places for them. One could consider they’re just not as relevant as they used to be. Feel free to debate why.

Sixth, congratulations are in order for da Queen & her court. Wall Street is collapsing, taxes are up over 40% in just 2 years in Manalapan (under da rule of Andy Boy & da Queen), and even though da economy is a disaster and we’re probably into what could be a deep recession, Manalapan is bonding for everything under da sun and spending money like it’s from a Monopoly game. From da artificial turf field and it’s road to nowhere, to da Tillis tract and da “Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” lawsuit which gained worldwide scorn, apparently if Lehman Brothers, AIG, or any bank teetering on disaster needs an infusion of cash, talk to da Queen and her court, because it seems like they have a ton of taxpayer money to spend. Every town in da nation - every home except for da filthy rich - every middle class household watching every penny -- yet Manalapan's Queen and her court say "Spend-Spend-Spend!!!" Makes you think.

Seven, da debate – or lack of debate. Why did da G&G Boys bag da debate? They claim da debate format favors da Queen, but da silence of not debating favors da Queen, because her “real” record will not be displayed for all. Blame here has to go to da campaign manager of da G&G Boys, and that of course begs da question, whose campaign is he actually running anyway? If you fear debating da Queen, then why run against her anyway? If you don’t campaign, or send out political information about yourself, or have signs ready 28 days before da election, or can’t generate publicity about yourselves, why are you running?

Eight, da G&G Boys. At da Halloween store they’re selling G&G costumes. 2 ghosts! You never see these guys. You never hear these guys. You wouldn’t know them if you tripped over them. No campaign literature. One of my TruthTellers reports they couldn’t even find a link to their campaign website on Blogger Bill’s blog! If their goal is to hand da election to da Queen, then they’re doing a fantastic job. And, if they are, whoever is running their election should have their Republican credentials revoked, or at least, seriously questioned.

Nine, da Queen. Talk about luck. She has no competition. Obama is starting to look like a runaway winner. She doesn’t even have to campaign. Congratulations to Manalapan, where da Queen will reign for another 3 years! Three years from now, you’ll look back and say, “I can remember da days when da Queen only raised da municipal taxes only 16 percent. She was pretty thrifty back then!”

DaTruth is, and this is directly from da daTruthSquad crystal ball – Da Queen will be handed a 2nd consecutive term as mayor, and Andy Boy will be handed da mayor’s gavel in her year 2.

Da campaign of da G&G Boys is nothing more than a sham campaign, because they'd actually have to campaign in order to have a campaign! By ducking da debate they show fear of da Queen. Maybe try da "town hall approach?" Unless you have Sarah Palin wowing da crowds for you, like McCain found out, that won't work for you either. Whoever is running your campaign is leading you down da road to a big loss - and that needs to be seriously questioned.

So, daTruthSquad is going to give from free simple advice to da G&G Boys:

1. Since you're actually candidates on an official ballot, try campaigning. Other politicians have found that it might actually get you some name recognition.

2. Stop hiding behind your campaign manager and not only accept da debate - demand it. Bring evidence of what da Queen has done to this town as your props. If you can't find da evidence, contact actual GOP'ers like da guys who ran against you in da primary and seek out their advice. They both have lived in town long enough to kno what is really happening in Manalapan.

3. Get campaign literature that shows da point of what da Queen and her court are spending on - and let Manalapan residents know. Promise lower taxes. It once worked for Andy Boy and Joltin Joe.

Thanks to da current G&G Boys campaign strategy, “Power to da People” is alive & well in Manalapan! Da only problem, da “people” are da Queen & Andy Boy, or should he be called, da boy King?

And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

yes. By all means. Promise lower taxes, knowing full well you can't deliver. Lie to the people! This column not only is irrelevent, it is morally bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Taxes were lowered in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2006. It's not that hard to do. All you need is someone in office who has a clue. Notice that in NONE of those years were Michelle or her fellow know nothings in control. In none of those years was there a Klauber seconding everything proving he has absolutely no mind of his own. Klauber would have seconded the sinking of the titanic. Taxes did not have to be raised this year. We didn't have to borrow 7 million dollars. We didn't need to spend a million dollars for the cancer field. We didn't need to spend 100,000 on the "litigation to nowhere," Michelle and Andrew's personal revenge. We didn't need to fire our recreation director, our orchestra leader, our administrator, our CFO, all of which has led to disastrous and expensive consequences. So a promise to lower taxes is not a lie -- it would only be a lie if it were promised by someone like Michelle Roth, the PR agent pretending to be a financial analyst or Andrew Lucas -- now universally recognized as Princeton's dumbest graduate (as some of you may already know, Andrew did not have the grades -- and certainly not the SAT's -- to get into Princeton. They had an affirmative action program for New Jersey farmers that he used to get in instead of more qualified students.)

Anonymous said...

To the first comment left here:

Are you referring to the 2004 election where Andy boy promised to lower taxes? If you're referring to him, then did he lie to the people?

Go back to reading the bird cage liner known as the Transcript. You can get your propoganda there, which is the very reason they have no poliical ads anymore.

these people need help said...

And I once thought about voting for McCain. I couldn't be associated this this flock of losers.

this brainwashed bunch is worse said...

Anonymous said...

I think the s***t is going to hit the fan. Seems Roth, Klauber and Lucas have alot of explaining to do. Well mannered and respected committee members Tony Gennaro and Deputy Mayor Cohen went to the judge with certifications about their opinions on the Moskovitz case. I think this is fascinating! Maybe now we will finally find out the truth. Knowing the kind of man Gennaro conducts himself as at the meetings he must have had enough to write to the judge. Maybe Moskovitz has been right all along and this is a political witch hunt at the taxpayers expense. Gennaro and Cohen I hope you let it rip and I hope you go to the media and come out swinging, tell your side of the story. Tell your constituents the truth about the case.
I do not believe a word Roth, Klauber or Lucas says in this matter. I read their quotes in the Transcript after finding out Gennaro and Cohen sent in certifications. Klauber wake up. Maybe Gennaro and Cohen decided they were on the side of the PEOPLE! The TAXPAYERS! Maybe they they did not want to be a part of a conspiracy! Lucas, you want legislation, me too, to have you a manalapan committeeman that was running for re election but living on Georgia Road in Freehold during the process be found ineligble. It's a two way street. Roth well, she is biting her tongue right now, afraid to damage her reelection bid.

Anonymous said...

Help me. I am a taxpaying resident. We moved from Brooklyn 8 years agos because of the schools & sports. We were visiting friends & we loved Manalapan. My daughter plays soccer & my son plays baseball. My husband commutes to downtown every day. I think we are an average Manalapan family. I'm trying to follow all this about this guy named Stu Moskowitz. Who is he and why is everyone so consumed with him? I'm Italian so I really can't vote for Roth after the comment by her husband. I was outraged at the time. I don't know much about the other 3 candidates. Where can I get more info. I'm an independent so I usually vote for the best candidate. Leaning towards Obama for President. Not sure.