Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goon for Governor!!!!!!!

Rarely has a public official come forward and told daTruth. Manalapan had one in former Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro. Now, Monmouth County and Marlboro has one in former Marlboro representative on the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education.

Katie Goon has had enough. She was tired of the politics. She was tired of a superintendent and others who showed students it was OK to cheat by getting bogus degrees from an alleged "university" that changed locations as much as da typical person changes underwear.

Goon was tired of having so-called "education professionals" putting themselves first and students last. She was tired of the rhetoric. She was tired of the seeing da students ignored.

During da last meeting, ironically held at Manalapan High School, Goon read a prepared statement.

Over the last six months, I have been extremely perturbed," Goon said. The politics of other board members have gotten in the way of goals she had wished to accomplish, she said. Goon alleged that other board members have feared more for themselves and their family members in making decisions for the district than for the students. Goon said she holds "sincere hope'' that her successor will rise above the politics of the district. There was no immediate reaction from other board members.

Goon then submitted that statement to the board, which to nobody's surprise then voted to accept her resignation.

Why should da Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education not accept her resignation?

DaTruth is, Katie Goon is absolutely nothing like da folks who sit on that board. For one, Goon has a conscience. For another, she actually cares about the students. Accordingly, Goon didn't want to serve da students by lining her pockets with $$$$$$ and taking as many trips on da taxpayer dime as humanly possible.

Yes, Goon is very different from da "educators" who run da Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education.

You can watch Katie Goon for yourself - in her own words, by watching this video.

At da Manalapan Township meeting on December 17, a person who dared to speak before da Manalapan Township Committee's Gang of Three specifically asked da Queen Mayor why she hasn't spoken out about Superintendent "Bogus Degree" Wasser? Her reply was silence.

Manalapan's representative on that same school board has not only been silent on da matter, but her silence is a slap in da face to da students she is allegedly supposed to be watching out for.

While Manalapan's leaders have been silent, thankfully, Katie Goon has not been silent. She has been a force for change, but her efforts were rebuffed by individuals, who as she so elequently said, "Everyone (on that board) is more concerned with themselves or their family members. This prevents them from accomplishing da job they were sent there to do. It has made them powerless to make positive changes."

Katie, you will be sorely missed as an advocate for da students not only of Marlboro, but for Manalapan and da other towns that make up da district. It is now time for da Marlboro mayor, and all da other mayors of da towns who fall within da district borders to stand together and call Trenton. They must demand that da state step in and take control of da Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education. It's obvious now more than ever that da people assigned to watch over your tax dollars and da children are incompetant and cannot effectively do da jobs to which they were assigned.

DaTruthSquad now calls - again - for da resignation of Mr. So-called Dr. Wasser and his cronies. It's time that with one voice, da residents, da parents of those kids, and da politicians also stand up and demand action from Trenton.

Katie Goon, thank you again for your service to da children. And, if you wouldn't mind, please consider running for Governor. Honesty such as yours is about as hard to find as an amoeba in da political universe that is Monmouth County & New Jersey.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

All of this would be taken care of if the U.S. Attorney would do his job and arrest Wasser for crimes that were reported in detail in the Asbury Park Press years ago. You can add to those crimes obstruction of justice, the way Wasser manipulated the county prosecutor's office by hiring the assistant prosecutor's wife and then having Doria run interference for him with the less than upstanding state attorney general.

However, since this is NJ and only a few of its criminals get indicted (for show purposes, so the U.S. Attorney can run for office and claim to have accomplished something) that's not likely to happen.

Here's what is realistic, however. Katie can be replaced by someone who won't be Wasser's stooge and can't be bought or threatened by him. Then, in April, Manalapan's voters can do what no one has seen Horvath do in fifteen years, WAKE UP. When they wake up and start to make their presence felt at the polls, they can elect someone to replace Horvath, you know, an actual living representative. Because of the weighted voting caused by -- oh, you know who, Manalapan and Marlboro will only need one other representative on the board to do the right thing and they will have the majority. It's really that simple.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Katie Goon can't move to Manalapan. I'd vote for her for Township Committee in a minute. You could waterboard me and I still wouldn't vote for Klauber.

Anonymous said...

what's really scary is in your heading, you're punctuating like McEnery (malypractice).

Anonymous said...

now if we could only get andrew lucas to resign and let someone with true moral value take the position.

Anonymous said...

Never happen. Apparently not having any morals is a prerequesite for being on the Manalapan Township Committee.

on_ NJ.com said...

3729.1. I was wrong

by butchbudai, 1/15/09 14:18 ET
Re: meeting last night by aMalcontent, 1/15/09

In the past I have said that bloggers should not hide behind the shield of an anonymous name. However, I have learned that people are afraid to say things in public because of reprisals. I have seen good people being forced off boards & committees as volunteers. I have also seen good, hardworking volunteers not being returned to their volunteer position. Coincidentally these people who some members of the township committee claim can't work with others happen to be the ones not in lockstep with them. Most happen to be Republicans as well or have helped them. Well, that just may be a coincidence. I find it hard to believe their aren't any qualified Republicans to fill vacant seats? My point is not that I believe that they should consider putting Republicans on the various volunteer positions because they are Republicans but that they shouldn't purposely look for reasons to NOT put them on.

Last night Mayor Klauber said in public that members of the EDC said that if I was reappointed they would resign. Some how I doubt these claims. In fact I did not submit to be on the EDC that year. I requested to be on Rec.

Last year I was removed from Rec.. I know I had the votes of 2 members of the TC. You need 3. I believe the reasons were clear, because I was Susan Cohen's campaign manager, supported Jerry Collincini, Chiu-Tze Lin and didn't feel that the synthetic field was a good return on investment. Steve Johnson's wife was also removed. Coincidence, I think not. The only reason I have is that she was Steve's wife and Steve was also against the synthetic field. I received numerous emails from my fellow Rec. members stating that I was a valuable member and I should have been returned to the board.

This year I put in to volunteer my time, my time from my family, my time from relaxation or my time from riding my Harley to help our town. I was not appointed to any of the committees or boards. That's fine, I'm tuning up the Harleys. You will see them on Wednesday nights of township committee meetings at the Municipal Building.

Again, sorry to all of the posters. You were right. I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Butch, I can't use my name because I am a volunteer and I very much fear reprisals for what I'm going to say. As a Republican, I was shocked that I did not have the support from Andy Lucass to return to my committee. I want to volunteer, but like you I was told in effect "we don't need you to volunteer."

It saddens me that this is the way things are, but that's politics in Manalapan. Manalapan loses without a person like you being involved. The people of Manalapan lose, but that means nothing to the political elitists who run our town. To them it's about power and control, and since they cannot control people like you, they don't want you no matter how much time you give.

Thankfully, I can be anonymous and post here without fear of reprisals.

Anonymous said...

1/05/2009 A Special daTruthSquad Update

"Don't look now, but daTruthSquad has stumbled on some very interesting quotes from a former Manalapan mayor. Is "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" a lawsuit brought solely by da Mosked Man? Did a current committeeman pass confidential info outside of executive session? More to follow soon!!!!! "


Anonymous said...

Here is a quote, "I am not a criminal"

Now GUESS which former Mayor that doesn't apply to!

Anonymous said...

It certainly doesn't apply to the last three, because it wouldn't be true if they did say that, as we'll soon learn. Just like it wouldn't be true if it was said by that former mayor who shows up at every meeting to annoy everyone and attack all of Michelle Roth's enemies.