Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DaTruthSquad's Plan to Rectify Manalapan's Latest Black Eye: Da Police Chief Suspended For Calling a State Assembly Candidate a "Lady"

Boy, you can't even go on your vacation getaway to Truth or Consequences without something both big and dastardly happening while you are out of town!

As you all know by now, Manalapan's current honored & decorated police chief is under fire for calling Manalapan's Queen a "lady."

A lot of Manalapanites and even non-Manalapanites ascended on Town Hall for da latest installment of "You Can't Make This Stuff Up!"

Everyone, from former mayors to former police officers to town residents to non-town residents either had amazing stories of Police Chief Stuart Brown, or discussed his courage, compassion, and steadfast support of Manalapan residents. Now, if you were at da meeting, what you heard from Commissar Klauber and his labor lawyer in attendance was that Chief Brown was bringing a lawsuit against Manalapan. What you didn't hear - besides maybe for da very first time -- current Committeewoman & State Assembly candidate Queen Michelle Roth not speaking - was why da Chief was suing Manalapan, Town Administrator Tara Tiara, and da Queen, who is front & center in this extravaganza!

Seems Like Roth & Klauber's Dirty Laundry Is In Its "Spin" Cycle.

So, if da Queen won't tell you, and da Commissar won't tell you, and da Township Committee won't tell you - as always - daTruthSquad will.

Da incident that was da catalyst for Chief Brown's troubles actually goes back to 2005, when da Chief he helped a candidate for Township Committee establish Manalapan's anti-pedophile ordinance. A TruthTeller tells daTruthSquad that da candidate went to da Chief for information on who she could talk to in order to make da ordinance legal and binding, unlike others that were being challenged in court. That, of course, apparently did not make da Queen very happy.

Chief Brown's first mistake -- being against pedophiles.

Then, earlier in da year, Verizon shut down Manalapan's Police Department phones not once - but twice. Da Chief personally contacted Verizon, who told him da reason was for "non-payment." When asked about it, he told daTruth and said exactly what Verizon told him, which did not make da Queen very happy. of course, she was even unhappier after she and Verizon tells everyone this will never happen again, it happens days later!

Chief Brown's second mistake - telling daTruth in order to keep residents safe.

Then, you have a meeting where it has been alleged that da Chief stood up and made a move that was considered by some to be "of a threatening manner." Did he draw his gun? No. Did he put Tara Tiara in a vicious headlock? No.

Did he allegedly stand up out of his chair and walk in da room to an area where da Queen was apparently either standing or sitting? Maybe.

Chief Brown's third mistake - apparently not asking explicit permission from da Queen to leave his seat.

Then, deciding da Chief apparently needed to learn a lesson, da Queen and her Tiara went to a third-party, who said da Chief must be suspended for his alleged movements. Now, they could have just decided to drop their actions, but instead ordered da suspension. Da Chief, being an honorable man, did not want to take this sitting down.

Chief Brown's fourth mistake - not kissing da ring of da Queen or da Tiara's tiara.

Then, apparently he did something that might warrant a suspension. A panel of TruthTellers are all in agreement on this one. At or about da same time da Chief made his alleged threatening-move by standing up and walking, he also called da Queen -- and this is very disturbing so please cover da ears of children -- a "lady."

Chief Brown's fifth mistake - and apparently this was a mistake - a very poor choice of words.

Then, facing da possibility of his claim he was wrongly accused, he decided to stand up (no pun intended) and challenge those who he claims wrongly accused him. He went out in search of a lawyer, and his legal eagle filed a lawsuit against Manalapan Township and their agents for their actions.

Chief Brown's sixth mistake - having both morals and principles, and leading by example.

Of course, he didn't just take da legal advice of any lawyer. He chose one that has won a number of legal cases, knows how a local government works, and knows da players involved. In fact, he hired of all lawyers da arch-nemesis of da Queen and da Cadre - Legal Eagle Da Mosked Man!

Chief Brown's seventh mistake - obviously he has a sense of humor.

Like daTruthSquad said - you really can't make this stuff up.

Now, what is happening in Town Hall is da Township Committee is blaming da Chief for da lawsuit, because he was suspended for - in effect - getting out of his chair and calling da State Assembly candidate a "lady."

This now starts another lawsuit that will cost taxpayers even more money. This gives another black eye to Manalapan, as former Mayor Gray aptly said during da last meeting.

One by one, members of da community praised Police Chief Brown. However, they could have said he was da second coming, and it wouldn't have mattered - because these people were unfortunately, while exercising their right to free speech - were completely wasting their time! Da vote was finalized long before da first citizens filed into da meeting tomb! Would da Commissar turn his back on da Queen? Would her running mate Don Holland? Would Andy Boy hide behind someone's skirt?

Da 2-0 vote with one abstention (Andy Boy) and two people not allowed vote means that yes, another lawsuit will happen to drain even more taxpayer money because da Queen didn't like being called a "lady."

Now, we polled da TruthTellers, and we came up with a number of ways this entire mess can be fixed - and even better - each makes da township money!

Here's how it will work:

Da Township will agree to drop their suspension and issue a written apology to Chief Brown, who will in turn, drop his lawsuit and promise to never call Michelle Roth a "lady," and promise to never get out of his chair at a conference until he gets explicit permission from da Queen at any meeting.

And, here's how they will settle their cases.

Proposal 1: Michelle "I'm No Lady" Roth will battle Chief Stu "I'm Getting Out Of My Chair" Brown in a WWE-style steel cage wrestling match. Proceeds from entry, pay-per-view, and 50/50 raffles will go to lowering property taxes.

Proposal 2: Chief Brown raises money by becoming a DJ and playing the song "Lady" over and over again and da Queen dances to it until it breaks a world record.

Proposal 3: At da next Manalapan Day, two dunk tanks are set up. Da Queen gets one, Chief Brown da other, and people pay $10 each to try to dunk either participant. For some strange reason, we all feel da Queen will bring in da most money here.

Proposal 4: Beer-Pong. Honestly, we don't know who would win that one.

DaTruth is, this whole affair is a slap-in-da-face to da people of Manalapan. A world-class, decorated, and beloved police chief is suspended for calling an alleged woman a "lady."

You know, we all thought using tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money suing a blogger for writing about township events was da worst thing that ever happened in local government history. It appears even that travesty of taxpayer money will take a back seat to State Assembly candidate Michelle Roth being called a "lady" -- and getting suspended for it.

Once again, Manalapan is da laughing stock of da state and da nation as this news filters out. And, once again, da taxpayers will pay for it because members of da township committee are issuing checks their egos can't cash.

And that's datruth.


Anonymous said...

For some reason Proposal #2 has painted a very disturbing picture in my mind!! Love it but disturbing at the same time. Kudos to the daTruthsquad for once again providing us with some entertaining, truth telling news!

Anonymous said...

I have posted 3 x's on and 3 x's it was deleted! What a surprise! NOT!! What I would like to know is why is LADY Roth not being suspended for a day for being fowl mouthed to the Chief, fellow committee members and the residents of Manalapan? Maybe I can get an answer here without being deleted AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

We've got a long road to go. How many people in Manalapan are named Stu or Stuart?

Anonymous said...

The scary thing about proposal 1 is, considering who probably wears the pants in her family, she might beat Stu Brown in a wrestling match, probably using some illegal maneuver.

Great post Squad. Hope you had a good vacation.

Anonymous said...

Considering the last two posts I put on were deleted as fast as I could write them, it's obvious to me IMO that the Roth faction is monitoring that board 24/7 and having anything they don't like deleted.

Interesting how they love censorship.

I will be posting here, because at least this site does not love censorship like some of our politicians do.

Anonymous said...

Remember, Roth and her minions tried to shut this site down, but the DTS fought them and the blogger won. I don't care whether it's Stu Moskovitz or anyone else, this blog is great and thank goodness we have it to get around Roth's censors.

Also, don't bother to post anything on Roth's friend's Anti-Stu site. All they do there is rave about how bad Moskovitz is, and I'm not giving them any of my private information.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many times Lionel Ritchie would have been suspended by Michelle "Don't call me a Lady" Roth? Although as an African American, he'd probably just be fired by her.

Anonymous said...

if you have iunfo on how bad stu is, by all means post it here!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Proposal #4? The Chief beats everyone in beerpong!

Theyrewastingmytaxes said...

I am a little disappointed you did not comment on the proposed civilian public safety director instead of spending so much time on beer pong and WWE steel cage match.

If the Township Adminstrator can not supervise the Chief why would we think she could supervise the Public Safety Director? Seems to me the Council is not addressing the weakness in the administration.

Anonymous said...

"iunfo"? That can only be Uncle Fred. LOL. No one else in Manalapan spells that poorly. Let's call the birthers and get them moving on something worthwhile like trying to find out if Fred really has a law degree.

Anonymous said...

You bring up a good point, but I think I know the answer. What they want is a public safety director they can CONTROL! They couldn't control Collincini, so they forced him out. They couldn't control our symphony leader, so that person is gone. Moskovitz - out. Kenneally - out. Gennaro - out. Brown - they're trying.

This is not about the position of Chief of Police. This is the only way they can force Brown out and get someone in they can control.

Anonymous said...


August 19, 2009

Stop the antics in



Manalapan Township Committee is about two jugglers and a clown shy of a circus. The act might be entertaining if it weren't so wrong-headed and costly.

Manalapan residents need to remind their public servants to grow up, chill out and spare them the expense of needless litigation and another possible six-figure administrator to mediate political and personality disputes.

The committee last week directed its attorney to draft an ordinance creating the position of director of public safety, who would oversee the police department, apparently to act as a buffer between Chief Stuart Brown and the township administrator. It would be a huge waste of taxpayer money.

The latest sideshow started late last year when Brown and Committeewoman

Michelle Roth, a 12th District Democratic Assembly candidate, got into a heated discussion in a closed-session meeting. Brown referred to Roth as "lady" in a manner she felt was "disrespectful and intimidating." A formal complaint, filed by the administrator and upheld in a 2-0 vote by the committee last week — there were two recusals and an absention — affirmed a one-day suspension. Brown, 48, has appealed the suspension and two weeks ago filed an age discrimination suit against the township.

Kids on the playground settle their differences with more sense and civility than that.


Sklar, New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police executive director, estimated about 430 towns in the state have a police chief and 20 to 25 have a civilian public safety director. Not many have both and it's easy to see why.

"It seems a kind of waste of taxpayer money to have a paid position doing the administrative functions, depending on how complex those functions would have to be, for the vast majority of the state's police departments,"

Sklar said. "But as long as everybody is familiar with the law and what authority is given to those positions, it can work fine."


Manalapan's past and present shenanigans, that doesn't seem likely, not with the current cast of characters.

The township's taxpayers shouldn't be asked to shoulder the cost of another high-priced administrator because their elected officials, the police chief and other township employees can't get along. Residents should turn out en

masse at the next Township Committee meeting, demand that the public safety director position be scrapped and insist that the rifts with the police be resolved without resorting to litigation.

What a perverted joke said...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to thank the chief as well. Let's not forget that he is suing us.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chief is suing Manalapan. But the reason has to do with the actions not of its citizens, but of its politicians. Roth & Lovrich's actions are why the Chief has been forced to file a lawsuit.

My guess is, and I hope I would be right, is if the Roth Squad were to drop their suspension and remove it from his record, then the Chief would probably drop his lawsuit - thus ending this new black eye for Manalapan.

Queen, the State Assembly candidate, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

It does not matter why he is suing us, he is suing us. In the end the citizens pay. It's a bogus lawsuit. There is no age discrimination and everyone knows it. This is retaliation, pure and simple. It's contrived and I am disappointed in the chief.

Someone should talk to the chief and explain why it's wrong.

On top of that, who is the lawyer representing the chief? - none other than the attorney who had a recent scuffle with the township. The whole thing STINKS and smacks of retaliation and retribution.

I have discussed this with a number of friends and they agree. When the app reporter wrote:

"Kids on the playground settle their differences with more sense and civility than that"

The statement was meant to include all parties, not just the TC members or the chief.

The state should intercede and force both sides to sit down and work this out.

Demonizing one person or one side is wrong and politically motivated IMHO.

The behavior is just plain childish.

The only people coming out ahead are the damn lawyers, who will muck up the whole affair and be richer for it.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth has finally done it.

She has made Manalapan the laughing stock of the State.

The public will not forget what Michelle Roth has done to this town. Her legacy to this township will be her inability to lead or get along with others in authority.

No matter how hard Michelle Roth and her husband Larry try to spin the APP editorial, they are finsihed politically. The County is seething and the opposition is hysterical laughing.

The Roth's have brought the circus to town! The real losers are the innocent taxpayers who will be left to clean up her mess!

Anonymous said...

The previous blogger makes some interesting points, but I think they missed the mark.

Yes, this whole thing is childish, but it's the fault of Michelle Roth. OK she doesn't like to be called a lady. I'm sure nobody will ever call her a lady again after this.

Yes, an age discrimination lawsuit is over the top. However, I cannot falut Chief Brown since he had no recourse after the town spent taxpayer money to go get some guy from Millburn to agree with them. The Chief wasn't just going to agree to something he obviously didn't believe in.

As for Moskovitz, it only proves the Chief has a sense of humor. If this lunacy continues, it will be because of Roth, and if that happens, I hope the Chief wins big.

To " The only people coming out ahead are the damn lawyers, who will muck up the whole affair and be richer for it." said...

The township committee's lawyers did not come out "richer for it" in the Dreier case, if one is to believe the mayor and his statements about contingency fees.

And it has not made the defendant's lawyer richer, because he represented himself pro se. The big bucks will come in his defamation suit.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the Sybil Squad are resorting to mocking Stu Moskovitz on the blog. One can only imagine what they post on their own site. It seems to me like they must be getting nervous about Michelle's chances in the next election. Klauber should be nervous about his election chances too, because this "Lady" trouble will be tied to him as well, that is, if Ryan Green ever bothers to run a campaign.

Re: "if Ryan Green ever bothers to run a campaign" said...

It may well be time to start agitating for a write-in candidate.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sybil. Looks like IT is in for a world of hate. I can't wait to get the name of

"It seems like the Sybil Squad are resorting to mocking Stu Moskovitz on the blog."

Some people are going to have a field day!

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM. Excellent post:

4444. What has become of the Democrats?
by trevanian, 8/23/09 17:46 ET
It seems on every level, the Democrats, who spend their lives viciously attacking their opponents seem to have skins thinner than an onion. The Obama camp was merciless against Sarah Palin. She didn't sue anybody; she simply went on to set herself up to make millions on the lecture circuit. In NJ, Corzine is spending tens of millions of dollars on personal attacks against Christie, but bristles at anyone saying he's not a wonderful governor. In Manalapan, Michelle Roth, who never missed an opportunity to attack someone at every meeting during the time she was mayor, has attempted to sue the police chief for calling her a lady. George Spodak, who shows up in the audience most meetings to attack Susan, or Stuart or Butch, or whichever other Republican his vile little mind feels like attacking, is spending the last two years of his life in a fruitless attempt to find out who is saying mean things about him on blogs no one takes seriously. Heck, Stu has an entire website devoted to attacking him, with a half dozen of the slimiest democratic politicians in Manalapan posting daily. What's Stu doing about it? Nothing that I can see. He's simply refusing to be distracted from what he does every day, make a real difference in the community by refusing to be dragged down to the level of the bloggers. Maybe it's time we had politicians in office more worried about serving the people than about "getting even" for slights real or imagine, or spending their lives 24/7 attacking people. That's not what government officials should be all about, is it?