Monday, August 24, 2009

Will "Lady-Gate" Be Da Downfall For Candidate Michelle Roth in November?

In 2007, it was a lawsuit pushed for and approved by Michelle Roth that led Manalapan into what became not only a legal precedent in da nation, but put Manalapan on da map worldwide, receiving rebuke for "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man."

After da Merry-Go-Round of members of da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team lost their First Amendment case against da Mosked Man and da Electronic Frontier Foundation, and after 25 months withdrew their own case days and hours before a judge was going to toss it out, quite possibly with penalty, and bypassing an agreement with da Mosked Man to end it, even more legal trouble is staring Manalapan's taxpaying residents in da face - and this one you can only imagine has some county Democrats irate!

Let's face reality - having an argument with someone is natural. Having a public spat with a highly decorated police chief in your own town, makingthe move to suspend him, all over him calling you a "lady," --- that certainly won't be something you can hang your hat on in November with an en election on dal ine.

DaTruthSquad has heard from a GOP'er in da know who has ties with da District 12 GOP candidates through da county. Apparently they are salivating over this newest legal problem facing Queen Michelle. That person speculated that it would not surprise them one iota if a political mailer sooner or later discussed Roth and her "Three-ring circus" in Manalapan.

Grand Master Vic Scudiery, are you listening?

DaTruth is, and it's da very same truth that came out of da other lawsuits -- da Queen and her "Three-ring circus" of leaders in Manalapan, as da Asbury Park Press so aptly nailed it, underestimated what was legal, what was illegal, and da lawyer opposite them in a court of law, not their Cadre meeting lair.

They obviously underestimated da Mosked Man when they sued him for legal malpractice. They dragged him through da mud, and then were forced to withdraw da case before a judge would have embarrassingly have done it for them. They severely underestimated da Constitution of da United States when they took on da EFF and daTruthSquad, and with no surprise, looked like a pinata in front of da judge and da whole world watching as da Manalapan Legal Dream Team's case turned to rotted spam before their very eyes.

Now, they underestimated Chief Stuart Brown, a popular, respected, decorated, trusted and valued member of both da community and law enforcement. Anyone who even remotely knows "Da Chief" knows he is above reproach, he's as honest as da day is long, and he also doesn't like to lose.

Now, he could have rolled over and said he can't fight City Hall. Instead, he led by example and like any TruthTeller from Brooklyn stood up to da bully demanding their milk money. He fired back with a lawsuit to clear his good name, going after both Roth and her prized Township Administrator, Tara Tiara. Of course, he also had no choice but to sue da Township, because da events happened in a closed door township meeting, on township property, and da alleged wrongdoing against da Chief was allegedly performed by da Queen and Tara Tiara, who are paid township officials acting on behalf of da township and conducting da business that da township allegedly wants as its elected officials.

We also learned that da chief is both cunning and has an amazing sense of humor. He could have hired any lawyer. There's a lot of them in da state.

Who did he hire?

Da Chief picked to represent him in court da arch-nemesis of da Cadre, da Queen, da Commissar, and anyone who reads da Manalapan Board of Hatred.

Da Chief's lawyer ---- DA MOSKED MAN HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!

Now, you may scratch your heads and ask, why da Mosked Man?

DaTruth is, this was a very calculated maneuver. By picking da Mosked Man, da Township, fresh off a stinging war-of-attrition defeat to him will not want to lose again. Now they are forced to pursue it, hoping and quite possibly even praying da Mosked man screws up. Now ego is involved. And, they won't want to give even an inch against their arch-nemesis, meaning this will continue, which is exactly what da Mosked Man and da Chief will want because it only helps them.

Why else? Because da District 12 State Assembly Candidate da Queen is front & center in this. She initiated it, no matter how much you want to blame Tara Tiara. It was da Queen who claimed in da Asbury Park Press, "Insubordination and intimidaton by a police chief cannot be tolerated, and even police chiefs need to follow da rules."

Why start this whole fiasco and latest black eye for Manalapan at all?

Could it have been because they feel since they don't have a Chief of Police they can control, they will devise an ordinance to create a six-figure per-year (not including benefits & etc.) "Public Safety Director," who will act as a liason between da police chief and da township committee? If this scenario is correct, they will want to pay over $100,000 per year to someone who will act as a go-between --- and your tax dollars will pay for it!

In other words, your six-figure salaried Township Administrator apparently can't play well with da Manalapan Chief of Police, therefore, let's hire another six-figure paper-pusher whose sole job it will be to hold da hand of da six-figure Township Administrator to da long hand of da law.

Why spend millions of dollars building additions to Manalapan Rec, when you already have a playground with a bunch of 2-year olds in Manalapan Town Hall!!!!!

By dragging this out, da Chief and his attorney could force this new hiring to be moot.

Meanwhile, as da Asbury Park Press editorial board so aptly stated, "Manalapan residents need to remind their public servants to grow up, chill out and spare them the expense of needless litigation and another possible six-figure administrator to mediate political and personality disputes. The Manalapan Township Committee is about two jugglers and a clown shy of a circus. The act might be entertaining if it weren't so wrong-headed and costly!"

Kudos to da Asbury Park Press editorial gurus for tackling this growing blight.

While da local Snoozepaper may have been silent on this one, da Asbury Park Press, which wrote their editorial right after our prior blog was released, hit da nail squarely on da head.

Former Mayor Gray called this another "black eye" for Manalapan. Sorry Mayor Gray, but you're wrong -- this is worse. Manalapan is now destined to become da fodder in da District 12 election, and if local GOP committee candidate Ryan Green ever wakes up from his election coma, he will obviously have to use it against Commissar Klauber, unless da Commissar (or da Poobah) is running his campaign for him.

But that's for another blog - and yes, dear Ryan, don't look now but your silence is showing.

DaTruth is, "Lady-Gate" could very well:

(a) - Cost Manalapan taxpayers even more money for dealing with lawsuits generated by da handiwork of da Queen.

(b) - Make Manalapan even more of a laughingstock than it has already become.

(c) - Be da driving factor to keep da District 12 Assembly to remain in GOP hands.

(d) - Be da lynchpin to get more Federal scrutiny of Manalapan Town Hall.

DaTruth is, this one isn't going away, and by all accounts, it's going to get even worse. And yes, like da Asbury Park Press so again aptly stated, "Residents should turn out en masse at the next Township Committee meeting, demand that the public safety director position be scrapped and insist that the rifts with the police be resolved without resorting to litigation."

But remember, that's not up to da Chief or da Mosked Man. That decision needs to be made by Tara Tiara and District 12 Assembly candidate Queen Michelle, da representatives of Manalapan. And, da clock is ticking.

And that's daTruth.


Someone who is not a "co lover" said...

Chief Brown far outshines law enforcement luminaries like Ray Kelly and Bill Bratton

Anonymous said...

Drew Shapiro, Gerry Ward, Beth Ward, Michelle Roth, Larry Roth, Don Holland, Richard Klauber, Kathy Baratta, George Spodak, Fred Stone.....

Are there ANY democrats who know how to play nicely with others? How did they ever pass second grade?

Anonymous said...

when is da next township meeting?

'How did they ever pass second grade?" said...

They didn't. They all flunked out. That should be painfully obvious.

Anonymous said...

You know this will get deleted right away. It explains why Fred has all the time in the world to post on blogs day and night:

4463. My favorite is how
by 81alim, 8/25/09 15:36 ET
Fred keeps telling everyone how wealthy he is, just like Shapiro did before we found out the truth. Well, the truth is out there. Read this:

"Standard & Poor's revised its outlook to negative for one of the largest funds, Israel Englander’s $13.8 billion master fund, Millennium Partners LP. True, the rating agency affirmed its long- and short-term counterparty credit rating (BBB/A-2) on Caymans-based Millennium. But in the face of heavy redemptions, the outlook is no longer stable." How much money can you make from a hedge fund rated "negative."

But, unlike Fred, we don't make things up. You can read it here:

Anonymous said...

Hey, 81alim, whoever you are...

A whole lot of people in our town who worked in the finance industry are out of work and struggling to keep their homes and pay their bills. Whoever this guy is and whatever he did to make you upset, what's happening here is nothing to joke about or beat up our paople about. Maybe you got a secure job, but most people I know are in trouble. Show a little kindness.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous person attacking 81alim. Obviously you are not aware of the vicious and disgusting posts by the person 81alim is talking about. That same person, while constantly attacking innocent people bragged about how wealth and powerful he was. That arrogance is what 81alim was reacting to. It's difficult to have sympathy for anyone who behaves the way the person 81alim was referring to has behaved.

Anonymous said...

I think what I find interesting about this report of yours is the fact that some other sites are basically ignoring it. As the wife of a police officer (not in Manalapan) I find it disgusting and reprehensible that any elected official would treat any police officer, whether they be patrolman or chief in this manner. I don't live in the district this Michelle Roth is running in, but I know plenty of other police families who do. I thank them for forwarding me this site to read, and I will tell my froends who live in Monmouth County to not vote for her.

Anonymous said...

From today's APP. I'm sure the Squad will not delete this, unlike those who control the site:

Police: Former Colts Neck H.S. teacher ran cash-for-grades scheme

COLTS NECK — A former teacher at Colts Neck High School has been arrested after she allegedly collected money from students in exchange for boosting their grades.

Authorities said then-social studies teacher Megan Laboy, 30, collected more than $1,400 during the 2008-09 school year. Laboy allegedly told her students she would give the money to various charities and in turn give them extra credit on their final grades and exams, but instead kept the money for herself, Sgt. Joseph Whitehead said.

Laboy, of Howell, turned herself in at police headquarters this morning and was released on her own recognizance after being charged with one count of third-degree theft by deception.

Whitehead declined to discuss how much Laboy charged students or disclose which charities students were told would receive the money. He said the scheme was "well known" to students, more than 100 of whom were interviewed by police since the investigation was opened on June 4.

Laboy, employed by the district since 2001, allegedly told students the grades-for-cash scheme was approved and backed by administrators within the Freehold Regional High School District, police said.

District spokesman James Quirk said Laboy is no longer employed at the school, but declined further comment about the arrest or investigation. Records show she was paid $65,195 in 2008-09.

He said because the matter deals with personnel, the district will have no comment about the impact of students paying for grades, including how many students were affected or whether changes need to be made to official transcripts.

A call to Laboy's attorney was not immediately returned.