Friday, August 7, 2009

URGENT: Manalapan's Police Chief To File a Lawsuit Against His Town Due To Da Actions of a State Assembly Candidate!

This is one of those times that even while relaxing at our vacation estate in Truth or Consequences, you have to be amazed at what lunacy some career politicians can cause.

You also have to wonder if the Mosked Man actually sleeps? Fresh off his victory in da Shapiro affair, and his tremendous victory against da Manalapan Legal Dream Team in da now-infamous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in legal fees, despite what elected politicians stated to da public, Moskovitz has been hired to represent a well-known client in a case that could have a major impact in the District 12 State Assembly race!

Now, da latest lawsuit to make news in da "Lawsuit Capital of da World" - Manalapan - is da one that da chief of police has filed against da town he serves. Chief Stu Brown, an award-winning officer of da law has filed a discrimination lawsuit against da township due to da actions of one of its political representatives - Then-Mayor / Committeewoman / and State Assembly candidate Michelle Roth. According to da Asbury Park Press, "Committeewoman Michelle Roth, Township Administrator Tara Lovrich and the township created a "hostile work environment as part of a pattern of age discrimination" against Police Chief Stuart Brown in violation of state law."

Now, anyone who knows Chief Brown knows da man is beyond reproach. He has da respect of his officers, all of those who wear da uniform, and da citizens he serves - well, at least all but two or three.

Now, before you really start wondering, this whole affair stems back from 2005, according to da TruthTellers, when Chief Brown offered assistance in his capacity as Chief to setting up what was one of da most comprehensive anti-pedophile ordinances in da state, one that was copied by other towns - that is - before da Queen and her court voted to repeal it. That apparently drew da ire of then-township committee candidate Queen Michelle, and maybe, a pedophile here & there.

Then there was da situation when Verizon shut off da phones to da Manalapan Police Department - not once - but twice. This could have potentially been catastrophic, and thank all that is holy nobody died, but when da Chief raised da issue with Verizon, raising da ire of da Queen.

Earlier this year, Chief Brown was ordered into what can be described as an "Inquisition," with da role of Torquemada played by da Queen. Da outcome of that Inquisition was sealed from da public.

Then comes word that Brown used "disrespectful, mutinous, insolent and abusive language" toward then-Mayor Michelle Roth in a 2008 incident, among other complaints in court documents. A third-party mediator from another town ordered Brown be suspended for one day without pay."

But here's da soon-to-be big taxpayer-funded money question --- was that legal?

Apparently, that question will send this case to court, because as Brown's lawyer contends, da person who ordered da suspension of Brown may not have been in a position to make that order.

And, adding to da intrigue of this whole affair, apparently da Queen may have had cause to act against Brown because of what Brown allegedly called her on one occasion.

Sit down for this, because some may find this extremely disturbing - and cover da kid's ears for this one:

According to da Asbury Park Press, Brown called da Queen ---- a "lady."

Fortunately for Brown, since da guillitine, waterboarding and thumbscrews are no longer allowed as punishment, he was merely given a suspension for his alleged vile action.

Oh, and did daTruthSquad tell you, your tax dollars are being used to fund these actions against Brown?

Now, just before you go running into da streets screaming "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore," maybe daTruthSquad should tell you who will be representing Brown in court ----- Attorney Stuart Moskovitz!!!!!

Yes, you really can't make this stuff up.

There will be some chatter on certain hate-speech sites where anti-Moskovites will try to spin this, but this isn't spin here. These have been da facts.

1. A State Assembly candidate is making a mockery against a decorated and well-respected police chief in an election year!

2. Da State Assembly candidate's arch-rival who just fought a 25 month case - winning on both legal and First Amendment grounds - is da lawyer against her!

3. Manalapan taxpayers, who spent 25 months spending thousands upon thousands of dollars in a case they decided to drop because da judge was days away of finding against them, not to mention their own Dream Team lawyer was abandoning da case, will now have to fork over more tax money to fund a new lawsuit, this one involving da finest of one of Manalapan's finest!

No folks, you can't make this stuff up.

DaTruth is, this is da worst thing for da Queen, her state assembly running mate, and da even Commissar Klauber who will have to deal with this on his watch as Mayor during his own election year. How will Manalapan residents feel when they find out they're paying for lawyers because da Chief of Police "dared" call da Queen a "lady?"

You know, it's eerily reminiscent of another lawsuit daTruthSquad read about, where someone filed a defamation lawsuit against someone for daring to say that da person was a "TruthTeller," and who dared to say that person was "right" about something they said.

Manalapan parents, teach your kids to grow up to be lawyers. Apparently there is a lot of work to be had in Manalapan.

Oh, and another reason you want your kids to grow up to be lawyers --- daTruthSquad has learned through Cadre sources that indeed, there is a serious concern that lawsuits will be doled out like candy in da coming weeks and months.

If you remember, when da Manalapan Township Committee opened up their super-secret "lock box" as their case against da Mosked Man was unraveling, they had a chance to end it with no further lawsuits, but to do it, they would have had to admit they made a mistake in filing the lawsuit against da Mosked man in da first place. Call it whatever you like, but daTruthSquad has learned that instead of standing to with an agreement hammered out in court, they instead decided to end it da way they wanted by blasting da Mosked Man in a televised township committee meeting, which basically left da Mosked Man with da judge's blessing that he did not have to sign any papers taking da town and certain politicians off da hook.

DaTruthSquad has learned that it's only a matter of time now before lawsuits may be filed against certain individuals involved in pushing da case forward. Will these lawsuits happen before da November elections?

Stay tuned.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that Michelle Roth is upset with the Chief because of Miracle's Law. Michelle is a very close friend of Fred Stone's. It's been posted many, many times in response to Fred's lunatic and constant attacks on Stu that the only reason Fred has for hating Stu is Fred's personal interest in Miracle's Law and the fact that Stu wouldn't kill it. Each day just makes it clearer that this seems to be true.

Anonymous said...

Fanatastic. More of my tax money will fund another hair-brained lawsuit forced on the town by Michelle and her sycophant political cronies. I think the Squad is right, at this rate the only people who will be able to afford living in Manalapan are lawyers, because they'll all be able to find work in town dealing with Roth's lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Whoever Bill Levinson is, he hit the nail on the head this time:

4426. Insanity
by BillLevinson, 8/7/09 17:33 ET
is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. You know, like posting the same drug induced rantings no one is paying attention to, having them deleted and reposting them fifty times a day. You're not telling anyone anything about Stu, Fred. You're telling us all what you've lowered yourself to being. I read the newspapers. Stu is enjoying his life. Enjoying his career. Using his writing where it has clout. And here you are wallowing on a pathetic little blog site. We see what we see, Fred.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth has done this to Manalapan, imagine what she will do if she is successful in November and becomes our Assemblywoman?

In the Moskovitz case they started the lawsuit without a ratified public vote. Then they take a vote 18 months after they started the Moskovitz case because the judge told them that they had to "formally vote to sue Moskovitz." Oops something they did not do.

Now after 6 months of another one of Michelle Roths vendettas, this time against the Chief of Police, the truth has been revealed that the suspension that Roth wanted for the Chief was never ever ratified by a formal vote of the governing body. De ja vu?

It had to take the Chief and his lawyers going to Superior Court to appeal the suspension and have Judge Taccini, tell the townships lawyer that his client needs to vote before you can impose any
action against the Chief of Police.

What the hell is going on in Manalapan?!

Two high profile cases began and monies were spent without the proper voting by the governing body. The townships lawyers for both the Moskovitz case and the Chief's case did not go to court for free. Even though Weeks was on contingincey there were expenses paid out on a case that was not authroized for 18 months after the fact. Now after 6 months where monies were spent on the Chief's case no vote has yet to be taken.

How many other matters are being handled without the proper votes taken?

Michelle Roth I have to ask you this question why can't you follow the law that you swore to uphold when you took your oath of office and vote in public on legal matters?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand Michelle Roth. How can she pick a fight with the decorated and extremely respected Manalapan chief of police in the middle of an election campaign? What was she thinking????

She and her running mate just lost the backing of police and any uniformed person in the entire district. And you know Moskovitz will drag this out into November.

For someone who claims to be smart she made a really dumb move here.

And her little dog Klauber too said...

To the last blogger, I have one worse.

This new case isn't even Klauber's fight, but unless Ryan Green has no active brain cells he will attach this to Klauber at every turn. If Klauber loses his election in November for Township, he will be able to point to Roth's ego picking a fight with Chief Brown as the reason he loses. And unfortunately for Klauber, there's no way to avoid this thanks to Roth.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for John Amberg, the nice school teacher who is Michelle Roth's running mate in the Assembly race. Word is he is very upset about the media coverage of his running mate's attack of the well respected and decorated Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown.

Mr. Amberg contrary to Michelle's PR spin that the article was "neutral" where she was called "lady" by the Manalapan Chief of Police. Roth contends that "she felt threatened when he (Chief) got up and moved his seat closer" to where Roth and two other females were sitting. Fact is no one felt threatened but Roth?!.

Amazing considering how "threatened" so many of the Manalapan residents have felt while speaking at the township meetings while Michelle Roth was Mayor.

Roth's "tone" and "attitude"
towards the taxpaying residents of Manalapan was disgusting. Current Mayor Klauber himself even stated that he wanted to bring back decorum and order to the townships meetings after last year. Last year his fellow Democrat Michelle Roth was Mayor. Her own fellow Democrat commented on the way she ran her meetings.

I think that all the Chief of Police has to do is show Judge Taccini what he has had to deal by showing Michelle Roth in action as Mayor in 2008. The Chief or his lawyers need to get a copy of the publically aired meetings on local channel 77 and show them.

Mr. Amberg should be sent copies as well, I think the Chief calling your running mate Michelle Roth a "Lady" is hysterical. Watch her in action as she sat as Manalapan's Mayor and you wil think of alot of other adjectives to decriber her. "Lady" is not one of them.

Mr. Amberg you have every right to be concerned. You are a very nice man in a race with someone who has never shown you her true colors.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM (before Larry Roth had it deleted). It is a rational explanation about the irrational Fred Stone.

4425. Would you like to know
by glinda27, 8/11/09 0:20 ET
why Fred Stone has engaged in this insane campaign against Stu? It is because Stu was the only Jew honest enough to tell the truth about Michelle Roth and her anti-Italian diatribe. As Michelle Roth's principal lackey (what does it tell you that Michelle sends pond scum like Fred Stone to defend her) Fred has been relentless, albeit incoherent in his attacks. Here's the story that Fred is still nuts about:
Read it. It tells you everything you need to know about Michelle Roth, the crazed woman trying to suspend one of the most respected police chiefs in the state for calling her a "lady."

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is really her, but if it isn't, it should be:

4423.2.1. You think that's funny?
by Bonniestone, 8/11/09 0:03 ET
Re: 1 1 /2 hours until the end by Holymackaral, 8/11/09
I don't think it's funny. And you wouldn't think it was funny if you had to be married to this miserable lunatic either. How would you like to be married to someone who hasn't gotten a single sentence out of his mouth for six months that didn't have "Stu" in it. I have cried, I have screamed, I have threatened, but he refuses to get psychiatric help. You all can read his posts. If there is even one person out there who is his friend -- which is doubtful -- please, for me, convince him to get help before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

This post deleted last noght on Let's see if it gets equal time:

August 10th - come and gone by Holymackaral, 8/11/09

Everyone seems to be in good shape except the Grim Reaper. More like the Grim Sleeper, aka, the Slim Peeper, aka, the Prim Bleeper. Anyone seen that lawyer guy around? Nope, I think the Grim Reaper cursed himself. The moral of the story, for anyone following the saga is that the “evil doers” are liars, but I’m not telling you anything you already didn’t know. They lie about everyone who tries to do good in this town. They besmirch the character of good, hard working people. Their day in the sun is coming. A certain, ex town official will make sure they get the attention they deserve. Are you all ready? I know I am....

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should come out to the next township committee meeting this week and let Michelle Roth and Richard Klauber know they cannot intimidate Police Chief Brown and remind them if they use our tax money to fund another in their long line of frivolous lawsuits we will all remember this in November at the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea on how to get the Queen of Mean to back off of Chief Brown.

Start donating to Ryan Green's election campaign, as long as Green comes out in public and backs Chief Brown and stands up to Roth's antics. A vote for Green is a vote against Klauber, and in the end it could be the Queen who is the factor to having Klauber voted out of office.

Blame KLAUBER said...

You may be on to something here. If we focus the blame on Klauber, that will help Green and hurt the Democrats. Without Klauber on the TC, it leaves Lucas hanging in the wind. Is he Roth's puppet or a closet Republican? I like it. Blame Klauber for Roth's handling of Chief Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like we have a spy,lets put the blame where it should be,with roth.klauber has created his own poltical downfall on his own,im sure even he know theres no shot at a victory come november.his only chance is to immediatley expose roth for what she is.

perhaps he could call mr gennaro for some coaching.

as for the last comment about lucas being a closet republican,well lets just say thats not the only item in that closet.hhhhhhheeeyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Excellent article in todays News Transcript by Mark Rossman. Read it!

My personal thoughts as a Manalapan Taxpayer:

Michelle Roth has really done it this time. She decided that she was going after the Manalapan Chief of Police.
What Michelle Roth failed to recognize is that she did not just go after the Chief of Police, she went after the PBA, the SOA, the FBI National Academy Associates, the IACP, NJ State Association Chief's of Police and the Monmouth County Police Chief's Association. These are men and woman who live by a code of HONOR, RESPECT, LOYALTY,and INTEGRITY. Michelle Roth may now realize that these men and woman live by an honor system and when one of their own is attacked by a chameleon (Roth) that switches from predator to victim to suit her own devices they fight back. Support for Chief Stuart Brown is very real. Michelle Roth must have thought he is just another department head to get of rid of. I must ask Michelle Roth "Are you stupid?" Your actions against the Manalapan Chief of Police answer that question.

Anonymous said...

Correct. We do have a spy.

Anonymous said...

I for one will not vote for Roth, and because of her actions, I will hold her running mate and Klauber responsible for her actions and I will not vote for them either. I am a Democrat, but these three people have lost my vote. On election day, I will not vote for the Republicans, but i will withhold my vote for these people due to Roth's actions against the police chief.

Anonymous said...

As the wife of a police officer in Monmouth County, I can tell you that he and his fellow officers know about this case. We're both Democrats, and Roth lost our votes. In fact, other members of the service are organizing to vote against Michelle Roth because of this. Suspending a decorated officer, the police chief, because he called you "lady?"

To me, that is one power-hungry and egotistical person who should have no place in politics.

Anonymous said...

After witnessing last nights township committee meeting, I realize that that there is no leadership in Manalapan. None.

Former Mayor of the "Old Guard" to quote him, Jim Gray said that personel and personality conflicts need to be worked out and privately. Not in the public. We need to show leadership.

Last night there was none.

Andrew Lucas, made some jibberish speech about how he wanted to go to the local finance board for an opinion, Why? you had a hearing officer come in from another town to hear the issue? Show some guts and make a decision.
But Lucas was just setting up for his response, which was he abstained. He was playing politics.

Susan Cohen was asked not to vote and remove herself from the dias along with Roth and Lovrich. Cohen who publically is quoted as saying she would vote no, was asked not to vote by the townships attorney citing that she was a witness to the entire matter and that she will need to testify in the matter in Superior Court. The lawyer tried to make this like the Chief did not try to settle this between them. The lies that were spoken last night astounded me.
I told a friend last night that I thought that Roth, Lucas, Klauber and their attorney all should be hooked up to lie detectors. This way we could monitor the Bullshi* coming out of their mouths. Oh and I guess Roth does read this site because she had an independent camerman there last night to tape her at the meeting. Last night she was as silent as a church mouse. Not a problem though the original dvd's of her spewing her venom at the Manalapan taxpayers don't lie.
November can't come soon enough to vote out those who lied to us and to show Roth her hopes for higher office are not in her future.

Anonymous said...

Well i went to the meeting last nite in support of chief brown,ive lived in manalapan almost 20 years and that was the first meeting ive been to.i have to say,it was hard to listen to.
i saw residents/non residents/democrats/republicans all voice there support for chief brown.
even that whacko spodak walked the tightrope.

please lady roth,resign and save some sort of tried to create something that has completely backfired,the people of manalapan(and surrounding towns)have made it very clear you will not make fools of US!

As for you,RICK.i have some good news,you can immediatley stop going door to door looking for votes and spend more time with your family,because there is no chance in heaven or hell you will be re-elected.

for those of you with a good memory.

old bridge circa 1985.........

Anonymous said...

You can see the insanity for yourself. Thanks Mayor Klauber for allowing Manalapan to stoop to an even lower level.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Anonymous said...

One word describes
Michelle Roth: LAWLESS!!!

Anonymous said...


"We were considering (establishing the post) before, but now it's an absolute necessity," Committeeman Don Holland said.


"Klauber said that because the matter involves personnel and is in litigation, the governing body could not give more details.


"Insubordination and intimidation
by a police chief cannot be tolerated and even police chiefs need to follow the rules," Roth said.


Anonymous said...

4434. The real story
by nowzathyme, 8/14/09 10:24 ET
of why Klauber felt free to go against the wishes of the entire community? If you were there you noticed that McEnery was sitting right next to Ryan Green making sure he didn't speak. For the second year in a row McEnery has used Green to guarantee the democrats a victory. Klauber knows he's running unopposed just like Roth did last year. Let's get real. Roth could never have beaten any legitimate candidate if the race wasn't fixed through McEnery. This year there is no way Klauber could win an election if it were up and up. But it's obviously not. Like last year, Ryan Green will sit back and allow Klauber to steal an election he could never win. Last year we thought Ryan was duped by McEnery. This year, it's pretty clear that Ryan is in on this. Well, Ryan is spending his last term on the school board, because a lot of us intend to get together and make sure he loses his next school board election for selling the party down the river like he has.

My 2 cents said...

Question: Where is/was/will be Ryan Green on this? Is he in Europe taking a 5 month vacation? He was at the meeting and he was silent! He should have grabbed any reporter he saw and began his election campaign. What was he thinking? Better ask McEnery, the campaign manager for Klauber.

Question: In the midst of the worst recession ever, as Manalapan home values are still going down and taxes are going up thanks to their "lets use all the surplus to make Queenie's campaign look good," we're going to hire some high-priced not-needed director of public safety who will also get benefits & a pension? Does Spodak or Gray or Kathy Barada need a job that badly?

This town is going into the toilet, and Queenie's hand is on the flusher.

Anonymous said...

Hey Squad, why is Ryan Green being silent?????????????

Anonymous said...

Ryan, you are a worm.

Anonymous said...

This comment was posted on the APP site in response to Michelle Roth's ridiculous letter to the editor attacking Casagrande and O'Scanlan (is there anyone she doesn't viciously attack?):

This letter is laughable. Does Michelle "Don't call me lady" Roth ever tell the truth about anything? Just this past week we witnessed the disgrace of Michelle Roth using tens of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money to attack one of the most respected police chiefs in the state. This is on the heels of her embarrassing frivolous litigation against a former township attorney costing the taxpayers over $100,000 in legal fees and waiving the right to go after the real parties for the $100,000 in costs the township incurred for the cleanup caused by HER agreeing to purchase these properties long before that guy was ever township attorney. Now she is lying about the township's COAH obligation. They built over 900 COAH houses JUST for round one, and she wants to make it look like there's a total of just over 300 for all three rounds? All those houses on Route 33 are the result of the township's COAH obligation, as well as the houses east of Englishtown. Did they suddenly dissappear?

Anonymous said...

How about Roth's comment about a shared services agreement with Marlboro for the use of their antenna tower. I never knew that a shared services agreement meant that you paid Marlboro Twsp. $250 a month just to put your antenna on a tower. What happened Lady Roth, did you forget about telling the public the $250 cost per month about this. It's also nice that you make a point of submitting a monthly police report during the committee meeting when you don't even speak with the chief. Maybe you and hornick should spend more time together. two losers.

Anonymous said...

that should be "the houses WEST of Englishtown" that are the COAH houses.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM.

4437. What does it say about
Michelle "Don't call me a Lady" Roth that she has retained Fred Stone, a securities defrauder who was fined $25,000 and caused his client to be fined $180,000,000 to attack the attorney representing Stu Brown by trashing this website, and by posting fake emails he claims he got from the attorney. Is there anybody that really believes that a respected attorney would ever have bothered sending emails to this mutual fund scam artist? You have to be kidding me. And if Fred's claimed dispute with Stu is based on the ruckus over Michelle's anti-Italian comments that Fred blames on Stu (look, Fred never was all there), then why, if that happened in 2006, would Fred have received emails from Stu in 2007 like he claims? Poor Michelle. She's hired a clown too dumb to realize how illogical his postings are, just bringing more well deserved discredit to Michelle Roth, the most vicious politician in Manalapan's history.

Anonymous said...

From May 13. Worth repeating:

4169. Wow
by trevanian, 5/13/09 18:51 ET
I don't think there's anything lower than a person who would deliberately post day after day, hour after hour attacking someone who is not responding. I don't know this Fred Stone -- I see he committed securities fraud and cost his clients millions of dollars, but that's about all I know of him -- but he has to be the lowest slug on the face of the earth to deliberately attempt to demean someone not even responding. Someone ought to grab this guy by the throat and tell him to act like a professional even if he has lost his license to practice law because of the securities fraud. It seems clear to me, these guys once were friends and Fred's insides are twisting that his friend Stu is still riding high while he's pushing pencils somewhere because of his indiscretions. I'm guessing what we haven't been told is that Stu refused to hire him as a paralegal or something.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

4438. This is all you need to know about Fred Stone

pay particular attention to paragraphs 6 and 9. This is the person making up false emails and claiming they came from Stu. Are you surprised?

This is the person Michelle Roth has out there attacking innocent people on her behalf. Do you really need any more reasons to vote against Michelle "Don't call me a Lady" Roth?

Anonymous said...

I read this legal paper. Are you trying to tell us that this is on of the primary backers of Michelle Roth - the same Michelle Roth running for State Assembly? The same Michelle Roth who is anti-police by her actions against Manalapan's police chief?

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Just heard that there is a petition going around town from a group called: "Manalapan Residents Against Corruption" or MRAC
They are garnering signatures for a recall vote of Michelle Roth.

I can't wait for them to ring my bell so I can sign my name to it.

Finally the residents of this town have woken up and are going to do something about this "Lady"

Anonymous said...

I think the telling thing about this whole mess involving Chief Brown is the way Susan Cohen handled herself. She seemed honest and becoming, and you can tell she was not going along with the Roth scheme. For Lucas to abstain is the lowest move of all. It shows he has no backbone. Obviously he wanted to vote no, but he went along with what his handlers told him to do.

If there really is a petition, I'll gladly sign it.

Impeach Roth said...

It's obvious to me she doesn't want anyone to shine above here. I applaud Moskovitz for taking this case against the town. I hope he wins his client millions.

I also hope that someone gets the Feds in here and Manalapan's Town Hall is investigated. I feel like I live in Hudson County with all of the corruption going on here.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another day of Ryan Green's silence. I would have hoped he was his own man, but I guess I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

oooooooohhhhhhh, woooooooooooohhhh, ooooooh, oooooh

Ummmm, November 11th, 3008........

Did I scare ya?

Anonymous said...

No grim bleeper, not at all

Anonymous said...

What does it say about the condition of a sixty-six year old former Wall Street attorney that he is reduced to spending day and night on blogsites posting things like the above. My heart sincerely goes out to his family.

Becuase njo deleted it 3 times said...

Someone posted a fascinating suggestion that if the chief can be suspended for being insulting and/or intimidating, so should the former mayor, who the poster pointed out, has been far more insulting and intimidating and nasty to many more people for mouch longer than the chief.