Monday, August 9, 2010

"Alliance" Battlelines are Being Drawn

While it seems very quiet on da "alliance" front, behind da scenes there's been some activity ever since da political marriage of Republican Andy Boy and Democrat da Queen was sent to divorce court.

DaTruthSquad's GOP'er sources check in and say that they're still celebrating New Years Day at GOP HQ. Not only is da GOP in Manalapan now in a position to gain a solid everybody-taking-orders-from-da-same-person majority, but they are now poised to gain a stranglehold on da Manalapan Township Committee. From what we can put together, there is da appearance that this may have been da long term plan all along.

Ironically, what it would take for da GOP'ers plan to work is someone who could be easily duped. They also needed someone who could control others, and maybe even be a "bad guy." They also needed someone who thirsted for power. Never in their wildest dreams did they think that person would be da Queen.

Or was it?

It was actually back in 2004 that da Manalapan GOP started to wonder if da late Joltin Joe was da kind of guy who could follow orders. They were right to realize he was not, because he was his own person and could not be placed under da thumb of anyone, much like his mentor, da Mosked Man.

After da GOP'ers gained power in 2005, da Cadre immediately went to work in ways of "dividing and conquering" da dynamic duo of Joltin Joe and Andy Boy. They were able to eventually divide da duo, and da alliance was born.

This leads us to what will happen next for da Manalapan Democrats who for da first time since da 1990's are now on da outside looking in. Da Andy Boy - Green Hornet duo is on da very same page, which is exactly da way their handlers want things. Their third wheel, Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz is a shoo-in to be elected, thanks to da Democrat's Capo di Tutti Capi, da Boss of all Bosses Gerry "One Bourbon - One Shot & One Beer" Ward putting up two virtually unknown candidates to take on a sitting mayor and a leader of da Manalapan Yorktowne Club. Then again, can you remember da resources da two GOP'ers da Grand Poobah put up against da Queen and Farmer Don received?

Outfoxed by, of all people, Andy Boy and his handlers, da big question now is what will da Capo do, and what will da Queen of Manalapan do to combat what is now turning into GOP dominance at their expense?

DaTruthSquad's embedded sources within da Cadre's walls have been working on this, and here's what we're seeing:


Without a certain former BaconHead Award-winning alleged "reporter" pushing da Snoozepaper's buttons, da Cadre's public relations machine is missing a few cogs. Actual real-life reporter Mark Rosman is not one to be duped into writing whatever, so that option is out. Da so-called "Hate" website is about six eggs short of a dozen, so even placing out those controversial lawn signs from a so-called "mysterious benefactor" didn't help grow da blog either - nor did trying to sell it last year. It seems da only way to make a statement may be during public sessions in Manalapan Town Hall meetings. Their best messenger is da former mayor known for his silver hair and silver shovel.

Could da guy with da shovel be da one to dig up dirt on Mayor Andy Boy??????


Da days of spending 20 or 30 minutes sitting at a table and taking aim at committeepeople is over. Da 5-minute rule is not only enforced, it is now gospel. Recently, a former mayor went up to ask questions, and da look on his face when he was told his 5 minutes of fame were up was priceless. If da Cadre is going to employ da same "divide & conquer" strategy, they'd better learn how to do it in less than 4 minutes.


Da Queen is da face of Manalapan Democrats, and she is also da face now of two well-known and polarizing lawsuits filed against Manalapan Township, one by da Mosked Man and da other by his client, highly decorated and popular Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown. Thanks to da alliance, all of da Queen's allies became all of Andy Boy's alies, and now that he's holding all da cards and his side's power is on da rise, it leaves those "allies" deciding what side to be on in these tough economic times. For maybe da first time since she entered politics, da Queen may be on da outside looking in. And, if da unknown Democrats that da Capo has placed against Andy Boy and "Stu" Maskowitz lose, then da Manalapan GOP stands just one election away from an unstoppable 5-0 supermajority.


When you have power-sharing, you at least still have power. When da other side Pearl Harbor's you, and makes enough inroads to swipe away enough allies to weaken your position, and da face of your party is facing legal issues from two highly publicized ongoing lawsuits, and, lets not forget, da issue that vaulted you into power - stopping da Village - is now not going to be stopped and your own party cast da deciding vote to approve it, well it appears that both credibility and power may be in short supply.

So, what is da Capo to do? One thing he doesn't want to do is think about this --- his GOP'er counterpart, Da Grand Poobah - got da better of him!

DaTruth is, da abrupt ending of da alliance has left da Manalapan Democrats more vulnerable than they could have ever imagined. If da GOP'ers emerge victorious this year, then what of political appointments, including those political supporters at da WMUA and their free health benefits? Committees within da township? Jobs like township attorney and others? Even Tara Tiara?

We are now just 90 days away from da election that could keep Andy Boy in power and guarantee him at least one more time as Manalapan's mayor. We could only guess that da Green Hornet wouldn't mind his picture on da mayor's wall of shame. This means that da Capo has just 90 days to find a way to get his base energized, get out da vote, and somehow with da GOP holding all da cards, make them look bad enough to get people to vote against da sitting Mayor and a big wheel in da now-popular Yorktowne Club.

While he's at it, maybe da Capo can also leap tall buildings in a single bound?

DaTruth is, whoever gave da order to end da alliance did so at da perfect time. There may not be enough time now for da Capo to mount any offense against da GOP and his new arch-nemesis, Andy Boy and his "Gray" handlers. What da Capo will need is a "scandal," however, he will need to find one or create one that doesn't touch anyone on his side of da political wall, and that could be tough.

What might da Cadre be planning? If anything, they are plotting and planning now. If they try anything, daTruthSquad believes it will happen in late-September or October, trying to impact da election.

As for what they are planning - daTruthSquad's embedded sources believe da Cadre's plan of attack wlll focus on health benefits da Green Hornet and Andy Boy receive. However, what we are hearing is it will not end there. While they are being very silent on this, it is believed they are working on something else that could impact Andy Boy's election chances. Da question is, can they find it, can they get their message out, and will it be enough?

Da Cadre could also be waiting for a bombshell expose courtesy of daTruthSquad that could blow da lid off da upcoming election. We'll let our embedded sources work on that. Until then, expect both sides to be operating silently during da dog days of summer, and even September too, unless da shovel guy digs up something.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

don't look for the shovel guy to dig anything real up. This guy is dumber than a drunk Lindsay Lohan without her iphone. Remember the fake email fiasco when he showed up on camera waiving laughably fake emails in the air and was cut to shreds by da mosked man in something short of fifteen seconds? Good luck relying on that guy to bring Andy Boy down. lol.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record there Squad, its one bourbon, ONE SCOTCH and one beer. Still Fits,lol.

Anonymous said...

I think Roth knows something she's not telling us. All in due time.

Anonymous said...

I think the Squad's wrong about Spodak as the messenger. His failures in the past have left him with no real credibility to get the job done IMHO. I think that Michelle Roth isn't dumb. She must have learned a lot about Andrew in these years and knows his weaknesses. Unless the lawsuits against her happen in October, I bet she has a surprise waiting for Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Face it. The Democrats got caught with their pants down and Lucas beat Roth. She has nothing on Lucas or McEnery to bring them down. However Moskovitz has enough on both of them to cause some damage in this and the next election.

Anonymous said...

Time for STU to SUE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Will the Mosked Man be a factor in the election this fall ? Love him or hate him, it's remarkable how he continues to maintain his presence in township affairs long after he's left public office. There is little doubt that he can cause mayhem this fall..the big question is.. will he ?

Anonymous said...

You have to admit Stu Moskovitz still has a huge presence in Manalapan politics. It wouldn't surprise me if he releases some details about Lucas that Andrew would rather keep quiet. He also probably has a file cabinet of info on Queen Michelle just waiting for next year. This should be an interesting election indeed. Now we wait for Stu's next move.

A woman scorned said...

I don't think Lucas needs to worry about Moskovitz. Considering how Michelle was dumped from the alliance, my guess is she knows where the skeletons are in Lucas's closet! I think she will be the one to try to wreck his election plans.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think Roth will be the one who goes after Lucas in October. The Squaddo is right about Ward. He messed up and left Roth holding the crapola. He's powerless now. Maybe Roth should run the Democratic party in Manalapan?

The Manalapan Mole said...

Michelle isn't someone to be trifled with. She has been spending her time since Lucas and his "handler" as the Squad calls him digging up dirt on them both. She also knows details about things that Lucas probably regrets she knows. Forget Moskovitz. Michelle is a big girl who will be handling her enemies on her own. She has been meeting with people and knows who her allies are. Beware the Ides of October. That will be the summer of discontent for a certain former friend.

Anonymous said...

Joey D will fix Manalapan. Joey D knows and sees all.

Anonymous said...

His handler to thousands of dollars in cash in a brown paper bag from his engineering friends.

Guess who the bastard is!

Anonymous said...

I bet Chris Christie and Paula Dow would like to know who the recipient of that brown paper bag was!

Do Tell!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who gets the Baconhead for this month?

Anonymous said...

Christie doesn't care about Manalapan corruption. He isn't done going after the teachers. Bags of cash are way down on his list.

Anonymous said...

Call Joey D. he'll know what to do. Joey D a successful local CEO of his own company can't be bought or influenced.

Joey D is for the working class.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who didn't believe there was an alliance or deal between Roth and Lucas was living in a dream world. It was also obvious that Roth kept this team together. What she must know about Lucas couls be very scary, especially with an election coming soon. If he were smart he would have waited until he won in November to kick her out. Now she has 2 months to plot her revenge. Knowing Roth, that should be interesting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The "Squaddo" statement obviously confirms what the HATE website won't, that there was actually an alliance and now it is over by the hand of Lucas.

I don't think Moskovitz even cares at this point. Considering he has a lawsuit heading into discovery against both Lucas and Roth, my guess is neither side would want to be friends with him.

The Manalapan Mole said...

My embedded sources reveal that yes indeed the Manalapan Democrats have a plan of action and they will be indeed going after their new arch enemy Mayor Lucas. Look for the Manalapan Democrats to start to single out what they feel is the Republican's weak link. I reveal that weak link in my next blog!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about either Lucas or Roth? They both slept through the government ethics class; one may or may not even live in town, and the other squandered my hard earned tax dollars to sue just about anyone who looks the wrong way. Quite frankly, I'm tired of them both and think they need to go. For every one bad act - or "dirt" if you will - that Roth supposedly finds on Lucas, you can bet your bottom dollar that there are three more that Roth has hiding in her own closet. She's evil. He's dopey. Neither belong in my government.