Saturday, October 30, 2010

An October BaconHead - With A Side Order Of Ethics

Talk about a no-brainer! Da Choice of da October BaconHead Award winner was unanimous, and da answer was as fast as you can say "ETHICS."

However, before we go to da BaconHead Award winner, lets investigate daTruth about da two recent political mailings being received this week by Manalapan residents.


In this ad you wouldn't even know Mr. & Mrs. Maskowitz had a baby boy named Jordan. It was all about Andy Boy and his land grab. Let's investigate daTruth in da Quotes on da mailer.

SHOCK QUOTE #1: "Land Baron Andy Boy is trying to use OUR tax dollars to get 95 acres of land for free AND a property tax break."

DATRUTH: There's actually a lot of truth here. Yes current Mayor Andy Boy is trying to purchase 95 acres of land in a very questionable land grab, and yes, if he gets his way, it will be placed into Farmland preservation which means he can get over $1.2 million in taxpayer money from da state for that land - and keep da deed to it - plus a huge $$$$$ break on property taxes on da land.

SHOCK QUOTE #2: From an Asbury Park Press editorial by their own staff on da land grab - "Proposed land deal with Mayor raises ethics concerns in Manalapan" and "Sure smells like a conflict."

DATRUTH: This isn't from some politician. This is from da editorial staff of da Asbury Park Press. Need we say more.

SHOCK QUOTE #3: "After acquiring the land, Lucas pushed it into farmland preservation program even though it was not on the list."

DATRUTH: This is a quote from da Asbury Park Press - and cannot be refuted.

SHOCK QUOTE #4: "Lucas participated in the open space purchase process that could reduce the amount of money available to him for his land."

DATRUTH: One word - ETHICS. Two words - RECUSE YOURSELF. If you are knowingly going to be involved in a processs like this, you cannot be involved in it at all, including voting on or persuading votes on other land. This means da shock quote has accuracy.


DATRUTH: This is highly damning. This is from meeting minutes and shows corroborates Shock Quote #4.

Overall, this mailing has - unfortunately for da GOP'ers - too much of daTruth.


On this one, you find Mommy and Daddy Lucas praising their beloved little boy.

SHOCK QUOTE #1: "We raised our son Land Baron Andy Boy on this farm. We taught him da value of hard work and to give back to da community which has given so much to him."

DATRUTH: There is some truth here. Land Baron Andy Boy lived and lives on a farm. We'll give his mommy and daddy da benefit and agree they probably did teach him da value of hard work. However, da part of da quote "da community which has given so much to him" isn't 100% accurate - yet. Once he receives over $1.2 million in taxpayer $$$$$ for da land grab - then YES - he will indeed get something back from da community - huge sums of $$$$$$$ with tax breaks too!

SHOCK QUOTE #2: Recently some politicians who are supported by developers attacked our son for standing up for our town and saving one of da last remaining farms in Manalapan from developers."

DATRUTH: While there are probably a lot less farms in Manalapan than there were 50 years ago, there are still many farms, including that of current Township committeeman Don Holland. And, as for da "politicians" who are "backed by developers," those claims came from da Asbury Park Press newspaper that investigated da land grab. Da newspaper article included a quote from da Queen - but also more from Andy Boy himself. However, da investigation was done by da newspaper, which isn't a "politician" and obviously isn't "backed by developers."

DaTruth here is, it was both da newspaper and daTruthSquad that exposed this land grab - not some politician supported by developers. In fact, now there are questions about da whole deal itself.

1. While Land Baron Andy Boy said he got approval from three attorneys on da deal, do we know for sure if he actually disclosed to his barristers that the company he and his family bought da land from is majority owned by both Land Baron Andy Boy and his parents - according to former Manalapan mayor Beth Ward?

2. If that statement is correct, then why did Andy Boy go on da record saying da seller wished to keep da sale price secret - if he was da seller of da land?

3. Why did he not recuse himself during da entire process of either Farmland Preservation or Open Space - especially if he knew if his land was a part of the process

4. Why has the town placed itself in da crosshairs of potential lawsuits by da other property owners in da process who can now claim bias on da part of da township? Where was da township attorney in this process? We know if we were da landowners in this situation, we'd be contemplating this.

DaTruth is, this entire process is now tainted and should be stopped immediately and no land should be bought due to the ethical lapses here. As hard as it is to believe, da Queen is 100% right on this one. Da mere appearance of impropriety is glaring, and da process does give da appearance of being tainted. Think about this - da sitting mayor of a town stands to make millions on a land deal using taxpayer money - with what appears to be a serious appearance of manipulation by at least one or more members of da Manalapan Township Committee - during an election year. If this doesn't get da state to investigate Manalapan politics for corruption, then nothing will.

This, of course, leads us to our October BaconHead Award winner.

At one time, this election was an afterthought. Now, it has come down to whether you want someone who puts da town ahead of their ambitions, or a person content with making millions of taxpayer dollars using their position in da town.

As it was recently reported in da Asbury Park Press, "Lucas said he never cast opinions on da properties or allowed himself to be polled in those discussions." However, you have to ask yourself - what was he doing in those discussions to begin with, if he was an active part of da process? Ironically, it was da Queen herself who may have made da defining statement of da whole situation when she said "Mayor Andrew Lucas manipulated da public process by participating in discussions on da three properties that competed with da tract of land he owns" in da process. What he said actually doesn't matter. he was present - he was there - and his mere presence taints da entire process to da point where Manalapan could potentially face lawsuits because of his mere presence in da process.

One thing you can say about our BaconHead, he's consistently in da middle of Manalapan politics.

2004 - He's carried over da finish line by Joltin Joe and wins a seat on da Manalapan Township Committee.

2005 - Takes township committee meeting abuse from da Queen and former mayors Jim Gray and Gorgeous George Spodak.

2005 - Gets nailed by da local Snoozepaper for "E-Mail-Gate."

2006 - Turns his back on his Republican running mate and begins laying da foundation for an alliance with da very same people who ridiculed him in 2005 to secure becoming mayor in 2007.

2007 - Led da charge to file da "Lawsuit to Nowhere" against da Mosked Man, and also led da charge to file da lawsuit against daTruthSquad in da "First Amendment Lawsuit Heard Around da World" that brought scorn and ridicule to Manalapan, and may have been da singular moment in da entire "Lawsuit to Nowhere" dooming it to failure.
2007 - In da midst of da lawsuit, as mayor he turns his back on a campaign pledge to not raise taxes and creates and enacts one of da largest municipal tax increases in town history - nearly 28%!

2007 - Questions are raised if he's actually living in town when he is served legal papers at a home in another city - at a home where his wife was allegedly residing.

2008 - Backs again as an architect da second double-digit municipal tax increase in two years.

2008 - As in 2007, voted for a lawsuit that he was a third-party DEFENDANT in, which begs da question as to what his legal council told him to do in this regard.

2008 - For da second time in 3 years, turns his back on a running mate and sides with his Democratic alliance against Susan Cohen.

2009 - Does nothing when da WMUA has more ethical issues, while Lord-God-King-Doctor-Mr. Wasser makes our school district da laughingstock of da nation, and while taxes are lowered and he is ridiculed by da same people who gave him grief about his flat budgets of 2005 and 2006.

2010 - Possibly under orders of his handlers, breaks da nearly 4-year old alliance between himself and da Queen in order to pass his flat budget during his own election year.

2010 - Nailed by da Asbury Park Press for attempting to profit on a land-grab deal involving a questionable land purchase. No price for da land was divulged because he claimed it was da seller who wanted to not release any information. It is later discovered by a former Manalapan mayor that da seller was a LLC that is majority-owned by da Lucas family - information that was never refuted by Land Baron Andy Boy at da meeting where she exposed this!

Da Huge Question here is - if he is reelected, what will we have to add to his timeline for 2011, 2012 and 2013 when he would be in office?

DaTruth is, as a sitting mayor, Land Baron Andy Boy had no place in steering this land deal into any position where he could have gained monetarily. Some might call that a conflict of interest. While it is not illegal to own land or try to get land into Farmland Preservation, da mere appearance of him being a part of da process taints da entire process and calls into question who participated, and who voted for what - and even more important - why they cast their votes da way they did. Were they asked to? Were they coerced? Did they not know all da facts? These are only three of da many questions that can be asked.

DaTruth is - is this Land Baron worthy of your vote? As we have all learned over da years, members of da Manalapan Township Committee have received censure for a lot less than this - and they did not commit any crimes or were alleged to have done so. As for whether he will remain on da Manalapan Township Committee, and if he will receive a windfall of $$$$$$$ from da now-talked-about land deal, we'll know for sure if ethics are a question for voters on Tuesday.

However, win or lose, one thing is for certain: If he wins da election, Manalapan residents deserve whatever they get in da next three years and should never be surprised about news accounts of ethical lapses in Manalapan Town Hall, because that's what we should come to accept and expect - because we will have voted in favor of that type of government. If he loses his election next week, Land Baron Andy Boy won't go home empty-handed. He still stands to reap over $1 million in taxpayer money for his land grab deal, and he also gets, for all he has done this month to put Manalapan back on da map for all da wrong ethical reasons - - Land Grab Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy is da unanimous winner of da October 2010 BaconHead of da Month!

And remember - don't forget to vote! And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

The most pathetic thing of all is that, after the Dem boys win and DTS realizes its wish to destroy the present leadership of the Republican party in Manalapan, even if the Mosked Man's team takes control, they will never win an election. Why? Because as bad as McInery and Lucas are, the renegade wing of the Mosked Man, Budai, Cohen and their ilk are far worse.

Anonymous said...

Great pig picture. Too bad you couldn't find a picture of a pig farming.

Wait - pigs are too smart to be farmers. Remember what Lucas said, farming is one of the most dangerous professions there is.

Anonymous said...

If this pathetic loser wins then its safe to say that Manalapan residents deserve the worst government possible. They will be OK with corruption and violations of ethics and public trust, because that's what they will be voting for with this loser Lucas IMHO.

KBee said...


Anonymous said...

"even if the Mosked Man's team takes control, they will never win an election. Why? Because as bad as McInery and Lucas are, the renegade wing of the Mosked Man, Budai, Cohen and their ilk are far worse."

LOL, who is it exactly that you believe is on the Mosked Man's team? Is there any doubt that if the Mosked Man had assembled a team with the goal of taking over the Republcan Party, it would already have happened? Who ran and won the election in 2004? McEnery? I don't think so. Who won in 2007? The "team" you talk about helped Susan win. Lucas' campaign was run out of Trenton. Number of elections won by McEnery in 6 years of dictatorial control of the Republican Party: Zero. Get your facts straight before your paranoia and obsession embarrasses you further, Kathy Donohue. What is it with women involved in Manalapan politics named "Kathy?" Is it the name that makes them hysterically irrational?

Anonymous said...

I made copies of this and went to every neighbor pleading with them to come with me this Tueday to vote this jerk Andrew Lucus out. His parents should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Democrats are going to make a big get out the vote push on Tuesday. They should leave nothing to chance. I'm going to vote Democrat right down the line. If I lived in Manalapan, I'd do the same especially because of your land grabbing mayor.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Eiger and Dworkin. They will clean up Manalapan's corruption problem once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I voted Eiger & Dworkin. Why? Because they haven't "F'd" us yet! If they do, I will vote them out, too!!

ManalapanTaxpayer said...

I refuse to ever vote for a Democrat because they love to spend my money. So this year I have the choice of three Dems running and one Republican that has a Democrat on his ticket. Can't vote for him either since he decided to run with a Dem. Guess that leaves me two write-in votes.

dottyp said...

dottyp said...Vote for Eiger and Dworkin. In this week's News Trancript, Mayor Lucas said "An elected official must be responsive to the residents they serve and accountable for their actions while in office." Well Mayor Lucas, I have been waiting a long time for you to accept responsibility for your actions in 2005 where you sent an email to the News Trancript about me. I even came to a Township Committee meeting one night to ask you personally to look me in the eye and tell me that you wrote that email. You sat in your chair up on the dais looking down and never raised your head to look at me. Well Mayor Lucas, I think you should be ashamed of yourself and should be held accountable for your past actions. I am asking all Manalapan residents to go out on Tuesday and restore honesty and decency to the Township Committee by supporting Mark and Evan.

You know who said...

I would actually have some respect for Mayor Lucas if he'd just come out and tell everyone he tried to pull a fast one. Instead, much like every other problem he's gotten himself into, he blamed someone else. He's blamed Joe Locricchio, Susan Cohen, Stu Moskovitz, the News Transcript, the Asbury park press, Democrats, Michelle Roth, lawyers and even daTruth Squad for all of his problems. Notice he never takes any responsibility.

Now its time we voters take responsibility and vote this John Lynch wannabe out of Manalapan politics.

Anonymous said...

When you have longtime Republicans saying they can't vote for their own party and they blame ethics, then you know no matter what your party is you can't vote for Lucas or Moskowitz.

I'm voting for Eiger and Dworkin. it's time to get two newcomers in there to see what they can do to restore sanity to the township committee.

Anonymous said...

How bad is Lucas for Manalapan?

I hate Michelle Roth, but I'm still going to vote for the Democrats Dworkin and Eiger because they are not Andrew Lucas!

Anonymous said...

It's time to send politicians a message and tell them they can't hide the fact they bought land and a week later try to spin it into a million dollar payday for themselves and manipulate the system to do it. I'm viting for Eiger and Dworkin. They have no political record, which is grat compared to the screw job Lucas has done to Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Remember JOEY D says to vote for the democrates in Manalapan on Tuesday. That's exactly what I plan to do! Andrew Lucus and his parents are greedy F_CKS!

Anonymous said...

Boo The Ghost of Joe Locricchio wishes you all a Happy Halloween. I know Andrew Lucus better than anyone and I'm not voting for him not because I'm dead, I'm not voting for Andrew because I don't trust him and neither should you.

What's his next excuse for this land grab debacle? the devil made me do it? I would vote for Satin himself on Tuesday before I would ever vote for Andrew Lucus.

Eiger and Dworkin endorsed by God.
Andrew Lucus endorsed by the Devil.
Your choice on Tuesday. Boo

Anonymous said...

I'm not voting for the Republicans because of Lyin Ryan come clean Green. They all stink!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Manalapan now knows what a creep Andrew Lucus is. Lucus will lose by a landslide on Tuesday and rightfully so for this land deal gone wrong for him.

Anonymous said...

"How bad is Lucas for Manalapan?

"I hate Michelle Roth, but I'm still going to vote for the Democrats Dworkin and Eiger because they are not Andrew Lucas!"

Gee, Stu, I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Lucas was an honest man...then he was born. That is why I am pro choice!

Anonymous said...

"Gee, Stu, I wonder why"

LOL. That's Freddie and his perennial psychotic obsession against the attorney who wrote Miracle's Law. We all know why you see him everywhere, Fred. When are you going to admit it?

Anonymous said...

If I were the Democrats I'd still leave nothing to chance. They need to get out the vote and have their voters vote out Lucas. Only then can we rid the town committee of the corruptive influence by voting him out of office.

Anonymous said...

Little problem with all the Lucas bashers. Can anyone show even an iota of proof that he committed a crime. No you can't. Sure you can anonymously beat someone. Any sycophant can do that. But you have no proof and there is no proof. Andrew Lucas did nothing wrong and you know it. Anybody can make up a story. That's what the Asbury Park Press did. Notice the News Transcript didn't take that bait. There's a reason for that. You people really need to get a life and leave an honest and great man like Andrew Lucas alone.

Anonymous said...

I can prove Lucas voted on a case he was a defendant. I can prove he voted to give CME $100,000 in fake tests to run up the "Damages." I can prove he moved to censure Susan Cohen afte the judge said to cease all activity in the case as a township committeeman. I can prove the company who did the remediation gave back $5,000 because "The spill wasn't that bad."

Can you at least prove you aren't a Lucas sycophant? I guess not!

Anonymous said...

First time comment, long time reader.

I'm an unaffiliated voter. I have no great love for any political party. I've read about each town candidate here in Manalapan. I'm voting for Eiger because he's a longtime CPA and that can benefit us with our taxes. I will absolutely not vote for Lucas. After reading the newspaper accounts of his trying to turn push through the land and not telling anybody he owns a majority of the company selling it he proves to me he's dirty and in it to make money. I may vote for Maskovwitz to make it even, but I'm leaning toward Dworkin.

This could be a great election to start fixing up this town.

Anonymous said...

I'm just voting out any incumbent. I'm voting against Holt, Golden and Lucas.

Let's get new people in there.

Anonymous said...

" can prove Lucas voted on a case he was a defendant. I can prove he voted to give CME $100,000 in fake tests to run up the "Damages."

You can't prove Jack. If you could, you would have already done it.

You are nothing more than an anonymous bully, who if exposed would apologize profusely for acting like the pond scum you are.

Anonymous said...

Wow. And I thought we had some shady politicians here in Tinton Falls.

Anonymous said...

"You can't prove Jack. If you could, you would have already done it"

Oh, stop already. It's not only been proven, it's all a matter of public record. It's been written about in the newspapers and it's available for inspection in the clerk's office.

You did the same thing when the video of Andrew leaving his house in Freehold at 6:00 am was produced, saying "You can't prove it." You sound like Kathy Baratta where reality is fiction and fiction is reality.

Anonymous said...

Pond scum? If Lucas is elected there won't be just one ethics complaint against him. Watch what you wish for, you just might get it!

Anonymous said...

Jim Gray

Anonymous said...

The only way there won't be an ethics complaint against Andy Lucas is if he actually gets elected and his party does not vote for an investigation. Otherwise, I think its time the state and Feds come in and take a serious look at what has been happening in Manalapan Town Hall. What this person has done is a travesty and has made Manalapan yet again a laughingstock.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say this again - CRIMINAL!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Joey D and Dotty P say vote for Eiger and Dworkin. They're Republicans. If they're saying don't vote for the Republicans then you know somethings really wrong with Lucas and Maskowitz.

I'm with them. I'm voting for Eiger and Dworkin.

Anonymous said...

Do what Joey D a working man of integrity says, vote Democratic in Manalapan!

Anonymous said...

"Oh, stop already. It's not only been proven, it's all a matter of public record. It's been written about in the newspapers and it's available for inspection in the clerk's office."

It hasn't been proven. You are an anonymous liar. Andrew is still standing, despite all your nonsense about what has been proven.

The REAL Republicans are going to stand up tomorrow, blow out the dems and the Fake, phony and fradulant republicans. Your day is done.


What said...

By Barry Rubin

A reader asks what I meant when I wrote:

"Should I mention the total reversal of U.S. policy on Hamas from trying to undermine that radical Islamist group's rule in the Gaza Strip to believing Hamas will fall if Gaza becomes prosperous?"--

Here's my answer:

From the time Hamas seized the Gaza Strip until last summer, the U.S. government supported a strategy of trying to bring down the Hamas government. It did this by both political isolation and supporting embargos to minimize Gaza's imports and exports. The idea was that weakening Gaza's economy would weaken Hamas's rule.

At the same time, by lavishing aid on the PA-ruled West Bank, the United States and its allies would show that West Bankers were much better off because they were ruled by peace-oriented moderates. In other words, West Bankers would support the PA rather than Hamas because they were materially better off; Gazans would yearn for (and support a return of) PA rule because they were much worse off.

After the Gaza flotilla incident in 2010, however, President Barack Obama declared a new policy--though he never identified it explicitly as a new policy. Now, the US would provide a lot of aid to Gaza in the belief that it became more prosperous the citizens--apparently a strengthened middle class and businessmen--would bring down the regime in Gaza. Although they never said this explicitly, the implication seemed to be that they expected something like what happened in Eastern Europe in opposition to Soviet control and Communist rule.

The aid is to go to carefully designated and monitored projects. Whether or not that goal is achieved, however, the infusion of $400 million in U.S. aid directly (plus many millions more of U.S. aid filtered through the PA for supporting civil servants in Gaza (intended to bolster their support for Fatah) will have the effect of strengthening the Hamas regime.

Aid will reduce popular discontent against Hamas while letting Hamas divert some of this aid and a lot of funds that would otherwise have been needed to do some of these projects (and buy popular support) for terrorist/military purposes.

Thus, however well-intentioned or apparently clever the new policy may seem to Washington decisionmakers, its practical effect is to strengthen Hamas; undermine any hope for Israel-Palestinian peace; and to help establish a stable, long-term radical, terrorist, Islamist, anti-Western, and genocidally minded Iranian client state on the Mediterranean coast.

And to see how upset the Egyptian government is about this institutionalization of Hamas' rule in Gaza, read this.

Anonymous said...


Spoken like a true criminal. It is the troublemakers that created the United States in the first place. It is the troublemakers that stood up and prevented dictatorships. It is the troublemakers that exposed corruption. It is the troublemakers that pointed out government waste and theft of which Andrew is so often a perpetrator. Thank goodness for the troublemakers. And be wary of those who attack the troublemakers.

Anonymous said...

It's election day 2010. Vote for Eiger and Dworkin for Manalapan Township Committee! Let's bring ethical government and strong leadership without party bosses pulling strings back to Manalapan.

Satan said...

This blog is very one-sided and mean-spirited. I, for one, am voring for Anrew Lucas!

Anonymous said...

"This blog is very one-sided and mean-spirited. I, for one, am voring for Anrew Lucas"

Really, Brie? That's a surprise. Right. But I give you credit for loyalty. Since he probably wouldn't have been voting for you unless it served his own interest.

Anonymous said...

There you go folks you heard it directly from Satin himself. he's for Andrew Lucus the land grabbing scum.

I'm votng with our lord for Eigor.

Anonymous said...

Three republicans Joey D, Dotty P and the ghost of Joe Locricchio are all endorsing the Democrats Eiger and Dworkin. They obviously know something we don't. Only Satan seems to be endorsing Lucas. Obviously he also knows something we don't.

Vote for Eiger and Dworkin for Manalapan Township Committee.

BTW this blog is off the hook entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Re: "Aid will reduce popular discontent against Hamas while letting Hamas divert some of this aid and a lot of funds that would otherwise have been needed to do some of these projects (and buy popular support) for terrorist/military purposes."

And this is what Rush Holt has signed on to.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw the ghost of Joe Locricchio floating above me and smiling as I didn't vote for Andrew Lucus. RIP Joe, many know that Andrew used you then screwed you.

If there is a God in heaven above us then Andrew loses.

Anonymous said...

To Ghost of Joe. I hope I spelled your name correctly. That write-in vote pad had some stiff keys. I couldn't bring myself to vote for any of the three Democrats on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Ethics are dead and buried somewhere in Manalapan. Check the Burke Farm for a gravesite that reads "Here Lies Ethics."

Your right squaddo. We get what we deserve.