Monday, October 25, 2010

DaTruthSquad's Coveted Election Endorsements of 2010!

Well TruthTellers, it has come down to this. We're a week away from da 2010 election, and what kind of a political year we've had so far.

In Manalapan, it started out a decorated police chief under fire by da Manalapan Township Committee under Baron Mayor Andy Boy, and morphed into a lawsuit against da town brough by da police chief's attorney - who in a shock to those being sued was none other than da Mosked Man himself, who just happens to be da arch rival of both Land Baron Andy Boy and da Queen. Then came what many knew would happen, but didn't expect now - da dissolving of da alliance between Land Baron Andy Boy and da Queen. Not only did Land Baron Andy Boy run over da Queen and her party boss, Gerry "One Bourbon, One Scotch & One Beer" Ward, but then he drove da bus in reverse and grinded da tires.

This, of course coming after da Manalapan Democrats selected two spectacularly unqualified candidates to go up against da revered darlings of da Yorktowne Club - Andy Boy Lucas and Jordan "Stu" Moskowitz.

Da problem with da dissolving of da alliance is, you never, ever, ever underestimate da Queen. You knew she had something up both her sleeves after being da victim of Land Baron Andy Boy's treachery, and apparently her sleeves were full of trouble for Andy Boy, who dug a big hole for himself with "Farmland Preservation-Gate!"

Now, a week before da election and this blog has been busier this month than it has been da whole year, da Asbury Park Press news team and editorial division is working overtime tracking down da ethical lapses of Manalapan's Land Baron Mayor, and da local Snoozepaper is probably doing something this month, whether its news or not can be debated.

So, without much ado, here's what you've all been waiting for, daTruthSquad's annual and highly coverted election endorsements!

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 6: Tea Partier Anna Little vs Big Pockets Frank Pallone. Any reader of daTruthSquad knows we've been fans of Little Anna since she faced former Manalapan GOP Commissar PuPu and his enforcers and told she cannot run for office. We liked her then, and as an outsider looking in to da GOP'ers once again she beat da odds and chopped down da hand-picked GOP'er to run against Pallone. Our endorsement goes to Anna Little, because when it comes down to da people, she will do what she believes and not what da party bosses want her to do.

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 12: "Hedge Fund Manager" Scott Sipprelle vs Rush "Greg Bean" Holt. Considering da fact Holt once voted against Israel and for da Palestinians should have been enough for "HFM" to cakewalk his way onto an Amtrak train to Washington. Then came da dispicable exploitation of an American hero. However, his campaign hasn't taken any traction, and those "Hedge Fund Manager" commercials have people talking. While Holt doesn't deserve a trip to Washington this time around, Sipprelle hasn't done enough to win this campaign. We flipped a coin, and Sipprelle won best two-out-of-three, so we'll back him.

MONMOUTH COUNTY SHERIFF: Eric Brophy vs Shaun "Marlboro" Golden. Since Golden didn't answer those Marlboro questions, then we want more transparancy. Brophy's our guy.

It's Clifton & Arnone for da GOP'ers against D'Amico and Venables for da Democrats. We all know as much about these guys and gal than we know about Off Track Betting in da Himalayas. We decided to do something interesting here, so we are going to endorse da one with da least and most letters in their last name. Therefore, our endorsements go to "John D'Amico" (10 letters) and Janice Venables (14 letters).

This is da one you've all been waiting for. One one side you have former state trooper Jordan "Stu" Moskowitz and current Manalapan Mayor Land Baron Andy Boy Lucas against vertically challenged Mark "Beevis" Eiger and 22-year old Evan "Butthead" Dworkin.

This one can't get any more bizarre. One one side, you have a guy who gets da state Cadillac benefits plan for life, along with Manalapan's current mayor who bought nearly 100 acres of land from a developer in a questionable deal that we were first told da seller wanted to keep da details secret, so secret that there wasn't even info available from da county records - until a former Manalapan mayor came forward and told us all da developer company LLC is actually majority-owned by Andy Boy and his family!

On da other side, you have one guy who needs a stack of New York City phone books to stand on just to be seen, and a 22-year old kid touting his "experience."

And no, we didn't make any of this up.

A poll of our TruthTellers back in September found we didn't know anything about da Democrats, who we felt were selected to be sacrificial lambs for da GOP'ers for their alliance. After da alliance dissolved, it left da darlings of da Yroktowne Club against two guys we wouldn't know if we tripped over them. Then came October, and "Land Baron-Gate" and everything's changed. So, here's where we stand. In one candidate, we don't know if da ethical cloud will spout a full-blown investigation or just blow over. Another candidate is so young he may be a year removed from pimple cream. Then, you have da person many commenters here on this site really wanted, Joe DePasquale, and someone even floated da idea of da Ghost of Joe Locricchio running! This is how bizarre this race has turned.

So, here's our endorsement: Land Baron Andy Boy does NOT deserve even another minute on da Manalapan Township Committee. He was directly responsible (and even became a third-party defendant when he was sued and we da taxpayers paid for his attorney too!) for da Lawsuit to Nowhere costing taxpayers even by his own words "at least $100,000," siding with his alliance partner and turning has back on two former running mates (Joltin' Joe and Susan Cohen), silence in da Wasser issue, silence in da case against Police Chief Brown, having his own intern at taxpayer expense, and now buying land from what appears, according to a former Manalapan Mayor, to have been an LLC that he is a majority stakeholder in, and trying to get that land into Farmland Preservation so taxpayers would have to pay him for da land to da tune of over $1 million!!!! To give this career politician any more time in da mayor's office could mean even more taxpayer money directed toward either his purposes or even his piggy bank.

While we had high hopes for Jordan "Stu" Moskovitz, he has become a major disappointment after claiming he would not take health benefits if he wins, but failed to mention his benefits he receives as a former police officer. Apparently, da apple doesn't fall far from soybean farmer Andy Boy's tree here.

Evan Dworkin is about 22 years old, and while we don't criticize age, when he said during da debate he would use his "experience." What experience? He's fresh out of college and appears he may live in his parent's house. We will give him credit for being a nice kid, but we have bunions older than him.

And, while Mark Eiger may be so short da township may need to lower da table so he can be seen, he actually has financial experience needed for these tough times. So, while we joke about his vertical challenges, he by default is da best equipped to be a functioning member of da Manalapan Township Committee.

So, here's how we rate da candidates - and others - in order:

1. Mark Eiger: Da best mentally equipped to join da Manalapan Township Committee and deserves your support and our coveted endorsement.

2. Joe DePasquale: Not running, but is still a better choice than Butthead or da fleecer of Manalapan and his crony, and has a solid tax-cutting record on da school board. He deserves a write-in vote at da very least, and equally important, he's alive and well.

Tie - 3: Da Ghost of Joe Locricchio: He's deceased, and yet still leaves comments on this blog (apparently from heaven). Despite living "above" Manalapan, we at least know what we will get from him, and how much real damage can a dead man do on da Manalapan Township Committee? Considering what we've seen from those who are alive on da Manalapan Township Committee, how much worse can he really be?

Tie - 3: Evan "Butthead" Dworkin: He probably won't take benefits (he still may get that tough his parents for his entire term in office thanks to Obama). While we don't know what we will get from him, a big difference between Dworkin and da Ghost of Joe Locricchio is that daTruthSquad has confirmed through a variety of scientests that he's actually alive. For that reason alone, we're willing to take a chance on him.

5. Jordan "Stu" Maskowitz: If Andy Boy is not elected, then there's hope he can actually be his own man and do da right thing. If Andy Boy is somehow reelected, which would prove that ethics are best left in da toilet with da plunger pushed down, then it appears he may become nothing more than a puppet of puppet master Andy Boy and his handlers. Unfortunately, voting for him isn't worth taking da chance, which is why Jordan "Stu's" stock has fallen so far.

DaTruth is, it's truly a shame of da rise and fall of Mayor Andy Boy. Once touted by his own party for greatness, he has in effect worked da system for his own benefit. Questions regarding his Farmland Preservation-Gate seems to be gaining strength almost daily. Former allies, including two former Manalapan mayors are now coming out against him, and a third former Manalapan mayor may have dropped da bombshell evidence to-date about who da "seller" of da 95 acres of land he just bought was.

Remember what Sir Walter Scott said: "Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive."

Who will win da October BaconHead of da Month award? Stay tuned - that and possibly more evidence in "Farmland Preservation-Gate" may be coming very soon.

And that's daTruth.


Working for Hamas, not New Jersey said...

Gambling with Israeli Lives
Jennifer Rubin - 01.28.2010 - 12:15 PM

On January 21, some 54 Democratic congressmen — many familiar names in the never-have-a-good-word-or-positive-vote-for-Israel club — sent a letter to the president imploring him to force the lifting of “the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt” on Gaza. (As Matt Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition points out, it’s troubling to see Rep. Joe Sestak, who is a candidate for U.S. Senate, also on the signatory list.) Citing the great suffering of the people of Gaza, they call for the resumption of access to a long list of materials for the Hamas-controlled territory.

And what if in lifting the blockade once again bombs and armaments flow to Gaza? What about the ordeal of those trapped in hellish conditions thanks to the Hamas overlords who use the misery of children and the deaths of innocents to increase their bargaining power? The congressmen don’t say. Or perhaps the rearmament of Gaza-based terrorists is a price they are willing to pay in order to strut before the “international community.”

Now what’s interesting is the extent of the overlap between the pro-Gaza blockade lifters and the roster of J Street–supported congressmen. The following appear on both the Gaza letter and the recently released J Street list:

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), Rep. Michael Capuano (MA-08), Rep. Lois Capps (CA-23), Rep. William Delahunt (MA-10),Rep. Donna Edwards (MD-04), Rep. Keith Ellison (MN-05), Rep. Bob Filner (CA-51), Rep. Jim Himes (CT-04),Rep. Rush Holt (NJ-12), Rep. Jay Inslee (WA-01), Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy (OH-15), Rep. Eric Massa (NY-29), Rep. Betty McCollum (MN-04),Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-03), Rep. George Miller (CA-07), Rep. David Price (NC-04), Rep. Peter Welch (VT-At Large), and Rep. John Yarmuth (KY-03).

Inveterate Israel bashers who have not yet appeared on the J Street list but who did sign the Gaza letter include Reps. John Conyers, James Moran, and John Dingell. No Republicans signed the Gaza letter.

Well, at least we know the sort of congressmen that J Street supports and the sort that are only too glad to accept J Street’s largesse. What is most disturbing, however, is that 54 Democrats are more than happy to gamble with the security and lives of Israelis to curry favor with … well, with whom? Are they, like Obama, under the impression that the “Muslim world” would be impressed? Or is their aim to bolster Hamas even further, hoping to blur the stark differences between the Hamas-induced squalor of Gaza and the emerging economy of the West Bank? It’s hard to say. The Obama administration, we hope, will ignore their pleas and direct its attention to the true cause of Gazans’ suffering — Hamas and the state sponsors of terrorism.--commentary

Arlen Fisterspoon said...

Could you remind me exactly why I'm supposed to care what some anonymous lying scoundrel thinks about the issue of how my vote should be case?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How low has Manalapan sunk? A dead guy is given an endorsement to win the township committee because the others who are running aren't worth dirt!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the ghost of Joe Locricchio's campaign platform? Has he been campaigning in heaven? Why was he excluded from the recent debate? Has he bought any land up in heaven that he sold to himself? Does he cirrently receive taxpayer-funded heaven benefits?

At this point, he's more appealing than the 4 who are running now.

Anonymous said...

All over the 12th Congressional District, voters are upset:

Election 2010 just might be the last vote I have and possibly for many other seniors. In just 21 months, the gross national debt has grown at a 1,200 percent greater rate than before this administration took office.

Unemployment has gone up as high as 16 percent in some areas. We don't need to have the same situation reoccur that existed in 1937. Only World War II stopped the gross out-of-control economy and loss of personal liberties then. Rush Holt's Obama care vote has raised my last 90-day prescription cost 25 percent to $524 and my healthcare costs for 2011 by 20 percent.

I asked Rep. Holt not to approve the following: Cap and Trade (i.e., higher energy costs for everyone). A 2005 government study found we have in the U.S. enough sweet oil for 235 years, while the green movement evolves economically. Digitalized power meters now in South River where the government can control the when and if of electric energy usage. Card check (i.e., loss of individual private voting rights in union organizing elections). Rep. Holt stands ready to increase everyone's tax rate. Not everyone, since 51 percent of the population under the present system pay NO federal taxes. Under the new law, the IRS now has access to your bank account. Over the last several years, Rep. Holt's ear marks have cost the taxpayers $100 million. Better government requires fewer page documents written by the elected officials not 11,000 lobbyists, and without costly ear marks attached. We the people must return to government involvement; let us start by voting Nov. 2. I encourage you to vote for Scott Sipprelle in the 12th district.

Gene N. Cooper


Anonymous said...

The Ghost of Joe Locricchio isn't a joke, how sad is Manalapan that a dead man gets an endorsement. I'm voting for Eigor because he is a CPA and his experience is vital and costly if we had to pay him hourly I'm also voting for the ghost of Joe Locricchio who won't fool us into a land deal to make him rich, he has free room and board in heaven. Jordan can't solve yje problem he is the problem collecting his fat pension and benefits.

Anonymous said...

Before you vote for Rush Holt, maybe you ought to know something about his breeding. His grandfather was Mathew Holt, a declared atheist, who shifted his political support from the Republican Party to William Jennings Bryan in the 1890s, and then to Socialist candidate Eugene Debs. That’s right, Socialist candidate. Mathew Holt attended the Socialist Party's 1917 convention, where he participated in condemning American involvement in World War I. So, Rush Holt’s grandfather supported the Socialist Party agenda in 1917 (for more information on the Socialist Party in 1917, see “Bolshevik Revolution”).

Rush’s father, Rush D. Holt, Sr. died in 1955. Before then, before being thrown out of the U.S. Senate by the voters in West Virginia, Daddy Holt ran around the country trying to convince everyone that we should not be in World War II fighting the Germans or Japanese. True, he started giving these lectures before Pearl Harbor, but continued them AFTER Pearl Harbor and even after leaving office! He was giving these lectures in 1942, while our boys were overseas dying.

The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. Rush Holt was one of the infamous Gaza 54, the 54 Democratic senators who signed a document attempting to compel Israel to allow Hamas to rearm, with full passage into Gaza for terrorists. Holt has never regarded Iran, the Taliban or Jihadists as our enemy. The apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree.

Does he represent your views? Should he be your “representative” in Congress?

Joe DePasquale said...

Hey Squad, Thank You for your support. I am humbled, and honored to be added to your list. It's no surprise to those who know me that at this time even if I were elected, I could not serve due to time constraints in my private life. I do love your choice for the Twsp Committee, and I respectively ask those Republican, Democratic,and Independent Voters who would take the time to write my name in to PLEASE do not waste your vote on me, do what is right for this beautiful town we live in and cast your vote for Mark, and Evan. My time will come, and I will be happy to serve then. I would also like to say as far as Mark (vertically challenged) as you put it Eiger, remember DYNAMITE is only 6" long, and it packs one hell of a bang!,and as far as young Mark, I personally do not know him, but don't forget your standing (not mine) Mayor was also young when he started. Please go out and vote with your hearts and more important your minds. Thank You Joe ( Joey D) DePasquale.

Anonymous said...

Please run soon Joey D we need you! In the interim I will do as you wish and vote for Eiger and Dworkin.

I won't vote for the land grabber Andrew or the Cadillac pension leech Jordan Maskowitz. I would vote for Jordan if he didn't take his publicly supported expensive pension he's young enough to and get a real job like the rest of us and stop taking advantage of the squeezed taxpayers of this town and state.

Eyeless in Gaza said...

Last week, 54 members of the US House of Representatives, including such long-time opponents of Israel as Jim McDermott of Washington and Keith Ellison from Minnesota (both Democrats), signed a letter asking President Barack Obama to pressure Israel to “ease the blockade on the Gaza Strip.” The 54 congressmen asked the president to “press for immediate relief for the citizens of Gaza, to ease the movement of people in and out of Gaza and also to allow the import of building materials.”

Ellison, America’s first Muslim member of the House, had previously criticized the congressional resolution to reject the notorious Goldstone Report which Alan Dershowitz has rightly labeled “a defamation written by an evil man,” comparing it to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

One may assume that some of the signatories, perhaps ignorant of the facts, were indeed motivated by a genuine concern for the lot of people living in Gaza, but most were clearly prompted by their antagonism toward Israel. Not only that by no objective judgment could the majority of the population in Gaza be held totally noncomplicit in, or at least unaware of, Hamas’s terrorist activities against Israeli civilians. Nor is it a secret that Gaza is still ruled by an organization which denies Israel’s very right to exist and is actively engaged in planning terrorist activities even as I write this article.

But on a practical level, it is hard to believe that the initiators of this appeal do not realize that “movement of people in and out of Gaza” means allowing the movement of terrorists into Israel, as well as into Egypt or Jordan. Is is it just ignorance which turns their minds away from the plausibility that at least some of the “building materials” imported into Gaza would be used not for rebuilding civilian houses, but for restoring the Hamas infrastructure?

THE GAZA issue underscores the legal and perceptual problems which democratic societies have with terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hizbullah, al-Qaida and the Taliban, which use civilians as human shields for their nefarious activities. What happens in Gaza is indeed collective punishment – not by Israel, but by Hamas.

This or similar letters are not going to dent the solid support for the State of Israel and its security, nor is it going to overly influence Obama, who only this week called Israel America’s best ally in the Middle East, adding that “every day the sun rises on the Jewish state of Israel is the ultimate rebuke to the ignorance and hatred of this place.”

In fact, he is increasingly forced to recognize that both in terms of domestic and external policy, the extreme left-wing elements in his Democratic party, which include most of those calling for “pressure” on Israel, are rapidly becoming a political albatross.

All of which brings us to the Jewish organization called J Street which pretends to be a supporter of Israel. We would not waste paper and ink on the group had it not transpired that in addition to the above 54 members of Congress, J Street also put its signature on the letter. Perhaps this should surprise nobody – after all, at their conference last year, there were two participants who had previously compared the suffering of Holocaust victims to that of Palestinians in the “territories,” and several J Street activists on campuses across the US had proposed doing away with the official “pro-Israel” part of the organization, giving equal billing to “pro-Palestinian.” . . .

No less perverse was the group’s opposition to sanctions on Iran.

Some people in the US administration had initially looked with favor upon the activities of J Street, mistakenly believing its views might be helpful in moving the peace process forward. No longer. J Street, by adding its signature to the Gaza letter, has again shown its true face.
The writer is ex-Israel Ambassador to the US, and now heads the Prime Minister's forum of US-Israel Relations.

Anonymous said...

Cadillac Pension Leech? WTF are you talking about. He is s retired Trooper. What have you done for this state, you anonymous piece of garbage?

Anonymous said...

We love you Joey D Run!! Save us from the self interest scum!

Anonymous said...

If Joey D is going across party lines and voting for Eiger and Dworkin, that's good enough for me. There has to be something seriously wrong about Lucas and Maskowitz for him to do that. Obviously there's really something to this land grab issue that is either unethical, illegal or both.

Anonymous said...

Very classy move by Joe D. He probably would have gotten hundreds of write-in votes. I'll be voting Democrat this year (only in Manalapan for township committee).

Another reason not to vote for Rush Holt said...

PolitickerNJ.comLogin | Register

Rush Holt’s J Street Problem
By Alan Steinberg | June 22nd, 2010 - 12:08am
| More
For New Jersey 12th District incumbent Democratic Representative Rush Holt, the most alarming moment of his reelection campaign had to be last week’s endorsement by super-lawyer Alan Dershowitz of Republican challenger Joel Pollak against Illinois incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. It was reportedly the first time Dershowitz has ever publicly endorsed a Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The darling of J Street in New Jersey is none other than Rush Holt. He was a member of the J Street October 27, 2009 first annual Gala Dinner Honorary Host Committee. It should be noted that the three leading Democratic supporters of Israel in the New Jersey U.S. House of Representatives delegation, to wit, Rob Andrews, John Adler, and Steve Rothman all refused to serve on this J Street committee.

Obama, of course, is the darling of J Street in the White House. He is without question less supportive of Israel than any previous American President, even less supportive than Jimmy Carter. His approval rating in polls of the Israeli electorate has at times failed to exceed a single digit.

J Street was established to counter the efforts of the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a bipartisan organization which has for more than a half century most effectively represented the interests of the Israeli-American alliance in the Congress and White House. After the recent Gaza flotilla crisis, J Street tried to thwart AIPAC’s efforts to get members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to sign letters supporting Israel in this matter. To date, 307 members of the House of Representatives and 85 Senators have signed these letters.

Dershowitz is a staunch liberal Democrat and, until recently, actually defended Obama’s overall record on Israel. The super lawyer’s pro-Israel credentials are impeccable, however. Regarding J Street, Dershowitz has said "I reject J Street because it spends more time criticizing Israel than supporting it. They shouldn't call themselves pro-Israel.”

Accordingly, it was no surprise that Dershowitz endorsed his former student at Harvard Law School Joel Pollak against Schakowsky, a J Street icon. Now one must ask whether Dershowitz and other prominent Democratic Jewish critics of J Street will endorse Republican challenger Scott Sipprelle against Rush Holt in the 2010 New Jersey 12th Congressional District race.

The only two candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey endorsed by J Street PAC are Rush Holt and Don Payne. The action of Holt which most endeared him to J Street was his signing of a letter in January, 2010 to President Obama which harshly criticized Israel for its blockade of Gaza. The letter was signed by 54 members of the House of Representatives.

Holt knows he is in political hot water in his reelection effort because of his signing of the aforesaid January, 2010 letter. His J Street endorsement is now a political albatross.

As a matter of political damage control, Holt last week signed the aforesaid AIPAC – endorsed letter which supported Israel in the Gaza flotilla incident. He has never, however, withdrawn his previous harsh criticism of the Israeli blockade of Gaza. Nor has he repudiated his J Street endorsement.

Key members of the New Jersey pro-Israel community are saying that Rush Holt is now running away from J Street as far as he can get. The problem for Holt with regard to J Street, however, is that while he can run, he can’t hide.

Alan J. Steinberg served as Regional Administrator of Region 2 EPA during the administration of former President George W. Bush. Region 2 EPA consists of the states of New York and New Jersey, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and seven federally recognized Indian nations.

Anonymous said...

So as a retired trooper what experience will Jordan bring to the township besides knowing how to get a fat lifetime pension for himself and handing out speeding tickets on the Turnpike? Will he be looking out for those speeders in the township complex lol. According to Mayor Andrew a Manalapan farmer is a far more dangerous job than a ticket writing cop.

Anonymous said...

Joey D is a man of integrity, if Joey D says to vote for the democrates than I will do so.

Anonymous said...

Isn't retired Trooper and fat state pension recipient Jordan Maskowitz`a member of the Yorktowne club that has no black members? Hummmmm

Anonymous said...

Jordan Maskowitz can't shine Joey D's shoes.

Run Joey Run!

Anonymous said...

A little history lesson here:

1. Andrew Lucas wins in 2004 thanks to his running mate Joe Locricchio.

2. In 2005, Lucas and Locricchio face an onslaught of criticism from old guard Republicans like Jim Gray and Democrats like Michelle Roth, who join forces to wreck the Republicans of 2005 from winning.

3. In 2006, he creates an alliance with Gray and the Democrats turning his back on his own running mate to become mayor.

4. In 2007 he leads a lawsuit against former township attorney Stu Moskovitz, costing the township over $100,000 by his own words in legal fees, a case he couldn't possibly win.

5. Then he sues a blogger, costing even more money and bringing worldwide ridicule to the town. Their lawyers shameful and bumbling handling of this caused them to lose the case.

6. He says nothing when the head of the symphony is slammed.

7. He votes to pursue a lawsuit that he's a third party in, one would think must have been against lawyer's advice.

8. Turns his back on another former Republican running mate Susan Cohen.

9. Continues his Democrat alliance to keep power.

10. Turns his back on the same alliance that got him his power when he decided he didn't need them anymore.

11. Gets caught red handed in a land grab scheme that the Asbury
Press calls unethical.


Anonymous said...

Booooo It's me the ghost of Joe Locricchio, thank you truth squad for the endorcement. Up here in heaven I have also been endorsed by the St Peters Angels Union #777 and the Amalgamated Cloud Buiders Association. I heard from the God of thunder Thor that Andrew easily won an endorcement from the Devil's union local 666.

When you make land deals and deals with the devil you tend to be a good politician but a bad person. We up in heaven still see jail time in Andrew Lucus's future. Booooo

Anonymous said...

Not to criticize, but a very important point was left out. In a prior blog you wrote ""He said his family, longtime farmers in the township, made the purchase this way, not to hide anything, but because "farming is one of the most . . . dangerous professions out there."

I do not live in Manalapan, but I am a firefighter in Essex County. As a first responder to make such an outrageous claim that farming is somehow more dangerous than being an EMT, police officer or firefighter is beyond belief. This jerk has no respect for first responders, and if I lived in your town and was this guy's brother I wouldn't vote for him. Any first responder who votes for this guy is betraying his brothers and sisters in uniform.

He tried to pull a fast one and make a million dollars. He got caught. So now he's just making excuses. Doesn't make him any different from any other corrupt politician IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Genuiuses the danger comment was about financial liability not physical danger for farmers because of the large loans they incur every year to run the farm.

Anonymous said...

hi! i'm a sudanese ship pirate, and i read your blog over here in africa quite regularly. my job is incredibly more dangerous than farming!! we pirates would never vote for this guy lucas. man, what chutzpah!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
hi! i'm a sudanese ship pirate, and i read your blog over here in africa quite regularly. my job is incredibly more dangerous than farming!! we pirates would never vote for this guy lucas. man, what chutzpah!!

Wow, I had no idea Freddie had a new job.

Anonymous said...

It just shows the lengths that Lucas and his Republican cronies will go to hide their ethical challenges.

First, he says the seller wanted to remain silent about the selling price, until Beth Ward nailed him in public withthe fact he's a majority owner of the company selling the land to himself.

Then, he tells the newspaper the secrets were due to the "dangers" of farming, to which the DTS did a wonderful analysis of how dangerous farming can be (still LMAO).

IMHO, the soybean farmer who pays about $100 annually in taxes on his 5 acre property and home while we all pay so much more has no shame.

Anonymous said...

This may sound familiar - CRIMINAL!

Anonymous said...

"Genuiuses the danger comment was about financial liability not physical danger for farmers because of the large loans they incur every year to run the farm."

Oh puhhhlleeeezzzze. Every time you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar, Andrew, you come up with these crazy spins over and over. You did it with the trip in Brunelli's SUV. You did it with the violation of the Court's order. You did it with your attempted forgery of a letter to the News Transcript. You did it when you were caught living in Freehold. Every time you're caught, you come up with a crazy story. And you follow it up with lie after lie every time someone points out that you aren't telling the truth. i think we're all on to you by now Andrew. Apparently the only person left in Manalapan dumb enough to buy your bs is Jordan. That puts him in line to be listed historically as Manalapan's dumbest township committee person ever.

Anonymous said...


Good endorsement of Brophy. Until we get answers regarding Amit Bornstein, Golden must go!!! It's now more than a political thing..its a human rights issue!!

How many days has it been for a cause of death to be detrmined??? ridiculous!!!!

Brophy will clean the sheriff's department of unethical and immoral behavior!!!

'Wow, I had no idea Freddie had a new job' said...

Yeah, he grew a beard and goes "AAAArrrrgh, aaaarrrrgh" and coughs.

Anonymous said...

If we elect Eiger we get the expertise of a CPA on the township commettee for a fraction of the cost. Nosw that's a good deal!

Joe DePasquale said...

Correction: I meant to say young Evan and not young Mark. Sorry for the confusion. Remember to vote!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Andy's newest pack of lies. He and his handlers mailed out political propoganda featuring his parents singing the praises of their son and blaming everything on "politicians who are supported by developers."

I guess Andy never discussed over the dinner table his SUV ride with the developer Brunelli, or the fact a developer sold him the land that he's in big trouble about. Before we found out he was a mayority OWNER of the LLC that sold him the land that taxpayers will pay for if he gets his political way.

a Marlboro fan said...

Thanks for not endorsing Golden. His silence about the death of Amit Bornstein is deafening. We're voting for the Democrats because of that.

BTW, feel free to blog about Marlboro. We love you here and what you do.

Anonymous said...

Forget the robocalls. What about the litter that showed up in my mailbox from Lucas and his crony? I hope Lucas doesn't believe the lies he is spewing, and shame on his parents. If he isn't man enough to stand up for himself, then he isn't qualified to be on the township committee.

I'm voting Democrat for the first time in years in Manalapan, and I have no shame aboit it.

Anonymous said...

If Gerard Ward loses this election, then he is a tool who deserves to be removed as Manalapan Democratic Chairman.

If Lucas is elected, then we are all tools and deserve the worst municipal government in New Jersey.

Golden Must Go! said...

Thanks for your non-endorsement or should I say, rejection of Shaun Golden for sheriff.

What we are witnessing, with the kid from Marlboro, who died during 6 hours of custody at the jail, is an atrocity in the making. What is worse, is the silence of Golden and his refusal to speak about it or even reach out to the family.

He has handled this very bad from the beginning. And I also ask: why no medical examiner report?? Why no cause of death??? Seems this is all about politics.

This Republican will be voting for a democratic sheriff!!

Princeton Tax Board Confirms Holt's Ad Is Misleading said...
Oct. 25
Matt Fair

PRINCETON BOROUGH — Republican congressional candidate Scott Sipprelle yesterday lashed out at his opponent, Rep. Rush Holt, over an advertisement released by the Democrat’s campaign last week suggesting that, while serving on a voluntary advisory committee, Sipprelle knowingly allowed the borough to lower his property taxes during last year’s revaluation.

Sipprelle, who served on the committee with four other borough residents, saw his home increase in value from $1.9 million to $3.2 million. Meanwhile, his property taxes went down from $79,500 to about $64,200.

Borough officials, however, said yesterday that the committee and its members were in no position to know what the outcome of the revaluation would be while it was going on.

Sipprelle reserved harsher language for Holt’s ad, which was released on the Internet last week.
“(Holt) should probably think very long and hard as to whether this constitutes slander,” he said. “He’s accusing me of a crime.”

According to Neal Snyder, the borough’s tax assessor, the committee was tasked with reviewing tax maps he drew up in conjunction with Appraisal Systems, Inc. (ASI), the company Princeton Township and Princeton Borough hired to assist in the revaluation. The maps divided the borough into “neighborhoods,” each of which was subsequently given a base site value. Snyder has said zoning and housing stock determined the boundaries of the neighborhoods and that site value is just one factor in determining the total assessment of the property.

The property tax revaluations in Princeton Borough and Princeton Township have been a thorny issue since tax bills started going out in January. On average, tax bills increased in poorer areas, while bills decreased in the more expensive neighborhoods.

The crux of Holt’s claim stems from the fact that Sipprelle’s Hodge Road property sits in a neighborhood where taxes went down. Several other properties on the street, meanwhile, also saw their taxes go down, but by lesser amounts than on Sipprelle’s house.

“Mr. Sipprelle kept his home in an area of lower valued properties, which would cut his property taxes,” a statement released by the Holt campaign said last week. “On the map it is visually striking that the Sipprelle home is not included with most of the others on his street. Other houses were included in a higher valued zone.”

However, Snyder said the committee was never given any information as to what value would be assigned any given neighborhood. “It is ludicrous,” Snyder said of Holt’s statement. “It’s not even possible. The revaluation committee is not putting actual values on anything.”

He added that while the committee made some changes to neighborhood boundaries on the north end of town, about 95 percent of the map, as he had drawn it up with ASI, had remained unchanged.
“He had really nothing to do with his neighborhood’s land values or site values,” he said.

“The committee did very little work (and) had no input into any part of the process,” Sipprelle said. “We were there probably mostly as a symbolic gesture that there was a citizens’ committee and that (the revaluation) was not just an act of committee.” He said he attended one meeting during the life of the committee and reviewed some of the maps at home . . .

Holt’s campaign could provide no evidence that Sipprelle knew what the outcome of the revaluation would be. “All we’re saying is let’s look at the facts,” said Chris Donnelly, a spokesman for the campaign. “He was on the committee. His job was to look at the map to see if the zones made sense. His home stayed in the same zone while the other homes on his block moved into the area where the homes were of higher value.”

The concerns were brought to the campaign by Dale Meade, a borough resident who has been questioning the result of the revaluation from the beginning as a member of the group Princeton Fair Tax. . . . Meade, a retired deputy director at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), said he worked under Holt at the facility.

Anonymous said...

While you did not go into detail about why you did not endorse Golden for Sheriff, I agree with you. The youngster who died while in county jail was a tragedy, but what may be worse is the silence on the part of Golden and his staff. No medical staff on call? No report about his death months after the fact? If Golden can't report on a kid's death while in his custody in his jail, then how can we trust him? I'm voting Democrat this year for sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Six days until we can remove the CRIMINAL from the township committee.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Manalapan Reubblicans are looking for people to make calls on behalf of their candidates this weekend? They are so upset with robocalls and want an investigation into them that they are going to make calls too? Talk about hypocracy.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Joey D. I'm voting for Eiger and Dworkin. No more corrpution in Manalapan Town Hall!

Anonymous said...

The tragedy and mishandling of the death (perhaps murder and coverup) is going to be a problem for Golden. But the continued silence and not reaching out to the parents would have been the humanitiarian thing to do.

Putting that to the side, I have a problem with correction officers doubling their salaries. Isn't there overtime management there?? sounds like ineffectual leadership.

And one more thing: his public information officer, who is not a law enforcement person gets a take home car??? and lives a couple of miles down the road??? Give me a break!!! People are losing their jobs and homes. Come to think about it: a large percentage of sheriff's department personnel were indeed laid off--and Ms. public information officer still has a car on my dime.

Can't wait to cast my vote on this clown. I thinks we need a new sheriff in this county.

Anonymous said...

I also will do what Joey D suggests!

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Brophy for Sheriff. From what I have read here I think there's something fishy withthe Sheriff's office under Golden. Great Blog. Very informative. The mayor in Manalapan sounds like a creep and a political hack. Glad he's not the mayor in my town.

Anonymous said...

Expect the Democratic response to the Lucas "My kid's a prince" mailing in the coming days.

Unlike the Lucas Family love fest and pack of lies, the Democrat's mailing will include all of the truth of the land deal.

Anonymous said...

Booooo It's me the ghost of Joe Locricchio with a Halloween greeting. I'll be attending the big Halloween bash up here in heaven dressed as something really scary. Andrew Lucus, boooooo

It would be really scary if Andrew after the land ethics questions was elected.

In my current condition no one can question my transparency. booooooo

Anonymous said...

Golden was at the Manalapan Library during a debate. He lost it--he is paranoid of losing cause of this dead kid issue. thats what all the questions from the audience were about.

The Manalapan Mole said...

Would you have reelected Richard Nixon after Watergate?

Would you elect Sharpe James in Manalapan if he were on the ballot?

Andrew Lucas may not be a witch, but he's still taited the office of mayor in Manalapan with questionable unethical conduct. Does he deserve three more Years?

I say - Vote for Dworkin and Eiger.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Maskawitz and Eiger.

Anonymous said...

I just thumbed through the photos on the Lucas-Maskowicz website. Aren't there any Southern Asians, East Asians, African-Americans who are Republicans in your town. Jesus Christ, you could hold a fundraiser in Rejkavic or Frikkin Finland and see more diversity!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little less leary of Jordan and I will be voting for him. I cannot vote for Lucas. I voted for him before but I can't this time. I think Eiger may be the better of the leftover candidates so I will vote for him. I have to agree withthis site. Lucas doesn't deserve my vote or any others. let him retire to his farm and make his millions while dealing with the dangerous profession of farming. As a volunteer firefighter, his comments disgust me.

Anonymous said...

Question - does Lucas employ any illegals on his farm?

Anonymous said...

Can't say it more - CRIMINAL!