Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - Newspaper Slams Baron Andy Boy's Manalapan Land Grab Scheme

Holy "I'm da Mayor so I'll get a $1 million dollar huge land grab for pennies on da dollar" Deal, Batman! If you think "Farmland-Gate" is going away any time soon, you can forget about that now. Now it's not just da Democrats going after Baron Andy Boy -- it's da Republican-leaning Asbury Park Press newspaper -- and they not only think this deal reaks of dead fish - they have both barrels blazing!

In a shockingly direct and damning editorial not by some peasant in da Kingdom by by da newspaper itself that could theoretically become be da lynchpin for launching an investigation, da Republican-leaning editorial folks paint not only a grim picture of da events surrounding "Farmland-Gate," they also paint a disturbing picture of da current Manalapan mayor! Here's da editorial - along with daTruthSquad's take:

Sure Smells Like a Conflict:

If it looks like a conflict of interest, sounds like a conflict of interest and smells like a conflict of interest, it hardly matters if the person at the center of the deal insists there is no conflict of interest — especially if that person stands to gain financially.

Gee, not much "Gray" area here. We may not be 100% sure of what the editorial is trying to convey here, but it seems like they keep using da term "conflict of interest" here alot. Do you think this means da newspaper feels there's some type of conflict of interest here? Sure comes across that way to us.

In Manalapan, if Mayor Andrew Lucas' attempt to get property he and his family recently acquired into the township's farmland preservation program — along with the tax break that comes with it — isn't technically a conflict of interest, it certainly has the appearance of someone using his official position to gain special advantage. Lucas should withdraw his application. If he doesn't, the township should put a halt to the process.

"If he doesn't, the township should put a halt to the process." Da question is - will da Manalapan Township Committee go this far, and how will "Lyin' Ryan Green" vote on this? And, somewhere along da line someone on that committee whose job it allegedly is to represent da people should tell da people da whole truth about it - or maybe publically call for a probe and leave that to some state or Federal investigation.

Lucas wants the township to preserve about 95 acres of his newly acquired property, known as the Burke farm, which is contiguous to his own farm. He has applied for farmland preservation through the state's Planning Incentive Grant program, under which the state typically pays 60 percent for development rights, the county 24 percent and the municipality the remaining 16 percent. The tract is currently assessed at $1.3 million.

All we know is he paid $42,000 in back taxes for 95 acres - and that's all we're allowed to know? Hmmmm, where in da entire state of NJ can any of us get a deal like that? You can't even buy 1 acre for that price. Do you have to be politically connected to get a deal like that? You have to wonder just how many games of Monolopy Baron Andy Boy played as a kid? You may think he pulled da card that says "Pass Go and Collect $1 million. Or, many who comment on daTruthSquad seem to feel he pulled da card that read, "Don't Pass Go - Go Directly to Jail!"

Essentially, the mayor could get the property for free at taxpayers' expense and a property tax break on that part of the property actually being farmed.

You have to ask yourself who else was in on this land grab deal? Da mayor of any town getting his/her own million dollar tax break on land essentially paid for to them by taxpayers? Now we're starting to believe why da newspaper here feels it is a conflict of interest. But wait --- there's more.....

Lucas, who is up for re-election next month, has painted himself as a victim of partisan politics and as a white knight trying to save his town from developers. Lucas and his family purchased the farm from Diamond Developers of Belmar, which had received preliminary approval in 2006 to develop eight single-family homes on the property.

This is literally da taxpayer-funded million dollar question -- why does da developer of all people want to keep da total price of da sale a SECRET - as Baron Andy Boy alleges? What is this developer keeping SECRET from da taxpayers of Manalapan and da state of NJ? Why is this deal so SECRET? IF DA DEAL IS USING TAXPAYER-FUNDED PUBLIC DOLLARS - HOW CAN IT BE A SECRET? What does da developer in this case have to hide? Did they only charge Baron Andy Boy $1 dollar? WE DON'T KNOW -- BECAUSE IT'S A SECRET! How can any land deal, especially one so CONTROVERSIAL and INVOLVING A SITTING MAYOR AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE be such a well-kept SECRET?


Neither of those portrayals undoes the appearance of special treatment. Lucas and his family own the land. They can prevent it from being developed simply by holding onto it. That way, the money spent to preserve that property could be used to acquire another parcel or be banked until a property in greater jeopardy of being developed became eligible for the program.

Another major point - now that Baron Andy Boy owns the CONTROVERSIAL 95 ACRES - they don't have to do anything with it. They could just farm it and leave it alone - but instead of just keeping it in their family, they're in effect selling it back to da state for farmland preservation and pocketing what could be over $1 million taxpayer-funded dollars + tax breaks! Now, to be fair, da GOP'ers are trying desperately trying to paint Baron Andy Boy as a "White Knight" trying to save land from greedy developers. Da Question here is --- who exactly is being GREEDY? And, they forget to tell you he made da deal WITH A DEVELOPER!

Lucas has refused to say how much he and his family paid for the Burke farm. County land records do not show a sale price for the property. Lucas said the seller insists that those figures remain confidential.

Hear that? Sounds like da sound of silence. DA SILENCE IS DEAFENING HERE!!!!! Is Baron Andy Boy trying to say here that da DEVELOPER has some secrets they are trying to keep under wraps? What book are we reading here -- Donald Trump's "Da Art of da Deal" or Baron Andy Boy's "Da Art of Da Steal????" One might think that taxpayers do not want to feel that their hard-earned money is being scammed from them. If he has nothing to hide - and that goes doubly for da developer, then simply tell da taxpayers who Baron Andy Boy wants $$$$$$$ from through Farmland Preservation to simply admit with evidense exactly what he and his family paid for it. Like Desi said, Baron Andy Boy has some "Splaining to do."

Although Lucas didn't vote on decisions on his own property, he led Township Committee discussions on other properties that could have competed for the same pot of money in the township's Open Space and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund — properties the township passed on. Officials have to squint real hard not to see an ethical red flag.

Squint? Apparently there is an ample supply of BLINERS in Manalapan Town Hall. Here's da deal here -- Either all of da members of da Manalapan Township Committee and da lawyer representing da people knew about this - approved it, and did nothing --- or they were possibly misled somehow into allowing this. Either way, unless this is temporarily stopped and investigated we da taxpayers will never know for certain, "Da Soybean King" Baron Andy Boy will become da richest Mayor in all da kingdom - and quite possibly he was aided and abetted in his venture by da Manalapan Township Committee. Because of all da SECRETS, we cannot know for absolute certainty.

Lucas should pull back the application until he is out of office. If he won't, the township should ask him to reapply when his career in township politics has ended.

Da bad news for Baron Andy Boy is da voters could decide his political fate in 30 days. Da worse for Baron Andy Boy is possibly da US Attorney could also decide his fate.

DaTruth is, any good lawyer will tell you that if it looks like a fish, swims like a fish and acts like a fish and smells like a fish, an argument can be made that something's fishy. No matter what Baron Andy Boy's handlers try to say about this, daTruth is - and all politics aside here - Baron Andy Boy is a sitting mayor of a town who is inches away from a seven-figure taxpayer-funded payday on an extremely questionable land grab, land bought from of all things a DEVELOPER who according to da newspaper REFESES TO ADMIT HOW MUCH BARON ANDY BOY PAID FOR DA $1.3 MILLION DOLLAR 95 ACRE PROPERTY - except what was admitted which was $42,000 in back taxes, there's no deed of sale on file with da county like all of us other peasants have to do when we buy and sell land, passed by a Township Committee that MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN THEIR OWN MAYOR'S DIRECT TIES TO DA DEAL, and now by design includes da SILENCE AND apparently da support of Baron Andy Boy's former police officer and darling of da Yorktowne Club running mate! Da deal has absolutely NO TRANSPARANCY - something that Mayor Andy Boy campaigned for in da past, and has way too many ethical questions that cannot be ignored.

Unless this deal is is either (A) INVESTIGATED, (B) PUT ON HOLD or (C) CANCELLED outright, we will never know for absolute certainty what was done and who did what.

What we are certain of this -- this is not "politically motivated" as some might lead you to think. If that was da case, then why would a GOP'er-leaning newspaper like da Asbury Park Press, which supports Christie and other GOP'ers turn its back so harshly on Baron Andy Boy?

To be fair, it should be noted that it is not illegal as any lawyer who handles real estate law or municipal law will tell you. However, there is a big difference between illegal and ethical -- and ethically this looks bad, smells bad and tastes bad and has no place in politics. By not disclosing da actual price and hiding da information from taxpayers who will be ultimately paying for it with farmland preservation, it means to us that someone or some entity in this case cannot be trusted. It's time to either come clean, or resign from office and this election for da good of da Republican Party and da people of Manalapan, because you can't have it both ways -- and better yet -- demand yourself da US Attorney step in and investigate this deal and da Manalapan Township Committee's role in it if you have nothing to hide.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Not illegal? Don't be so sure. There are a lot of other questions that need to be answered.

1. When Diamond Developers won approval to build 8 homes on 95 acres in 2006, what was Andrew's involvement. Andrew was a very close ally then of Mayor Michelle Roth. What influence did he have on the planning board's decision to approve that building. Who's interest was he serving in doing so?

2. That property is heavily into wetlands. That is why the approval was for only 8 homes on 95 acres. Why is the land assessed for such a high amount? Generally, in this economy, lots with no utilities or infrastructure are worth much less than the average for which it is currently assessed. What influence did two time mayor Andrew Lucas have on the tax assessor when she decided to assess it at such a high amount - the assessment determines the amount that will be awarded as farmland preservation.

3. The "Burke Farm" was put into farmland preservation in 2002. Or at least 17 acres of it. Is there any relation between that "Burke Farm" in Manalapan and this one? If there is, I'd love to see the difference in assessment between that "Burke Farm" and the "Burke Farm" Andrew claims to own.

4. Isn't it true that Andrew was farming that property, adjacent to his homestead farm, as a tenant and the loss of that property to development of a mere 8 houses on 95 acres wouldn't be such a tragedy for the Township, but would have a major financial impact on Andrew. Is he using public funds to protect his farm revenue?

5. Why are there no records of his purchase of the land, or the corporation that owns it? Is Andrew merely a front? Is the real story here that the developer couldn't build the eight homes and needed a quick return of some of their revenue? If so, is there a piece of the action for Andrew for claiming to be the owner and pushing through farmland preservation?

I'm sure you can all think of many more questions that need to be answered. The appropriate authorities need to ask those, as well as the questions above.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what you took 2,000 words to say? That guy Freddy Sloan over on the Hate Site said in like three sentences. You guys should hire him to do your writing for you.

Anonymous said...

It's time to put that liar, thief, and what some kool aid drinkers would call a man in JAIL. Jordan, get smart and run on your own!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for both Andrew and Jordan this year. After this first came out, I decided to not vote for Andrew but instead only vote for Jordan. Now that not only has he been so silent about it, the Republican Club and McEnery are making claims and Jordan has been silent. His silence has not lost my vote too.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is worse, Andrew for this sweetheart deal where he can profit millions or the former state police officer Jordan his running mate who is not saying a word and backing him. If he can go along with cronyism, he has no place in my government. I think Jordan is really worse in this case.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say this again - CRIMINAL!!!

Anonymous said...

On the HATE website it said that Andrew gor the land from the same developer involved with the druglord who got caught who owned that mansion on Taylors Mill Road. On this site it says that it was a different developer. If they are right then Andrew deserves to go to jail. My guess is this blog is right, because they usually are.

Anonymous said...

To hell with all of them. I'm going to write in Joey D!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the ghost of Joe Locrichio is getting a big laugh at all of this!

Anonymous said...

Well, Lucas said at the LWV debate last night that it was all legit. Never produced a shred of paper. Ha!

Even Beavis and Butthead couldn't figure out what was going on.

Anonymous said...

Want to compare two candidates? Check out these two's closing statements to the

Anonymous said...

"he ghost of Joe Locrichio is getting a big laugh"

He will be stalking the committee meting tonight.

Anonymous said...

Well, Baron Andy says its all legit. I guess that settles everything. No paperwork proof. No problem.

Andy, its OK. We believe you as much as the US Attorney will!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what tells me Andy did something wrong. He has no proof. His running mate police officer is as silent as can be. His handlers are sending emails to people telling them its all lies with no facts.

Can't believe I'm going to say this, but Roth is on the right side of this one.

Anonymous said...

Can you say - CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Enough with Lyin Ryan and PU Andrew I'm another write in vote for Joey D! Big belly Steve should resign for not running Joey D !

Anonymous said...

Did you notice the Repubs aren't even coming here to defend Andrew. Boy did they screw up, betcha the ghost of Joe Locricchio is laughing his butt off at this in heaven.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Beavis and Butthead, they may be short but at least they're honest!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I actually now like Michelle Roth for exposing this land baron bald scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth has played this debacle like an orchestra. Andrew Lucas should have been more forthcoming with the details and not created an aire of deception by only providing minimimal information to the press. This only fueled public speculation that something fishy may be going on. If this costs him and heaven forbid, his running mate the election, Michelle Roth will be portrayed as a crusader against unethical politics and will end up being a very difficult candidate for the GOP to beat in 2011. If in fact there was nothing unethical going on, Lucas's only chance to salvage his political life, is to hold a press conference asap and eplain the facts. Until then the speculation and suspicion will only continue to grow. Ignoring this issue will be at Lucas's and the party's own political peril, especially if their strategy amounts to nothing more than just whistling past the graveyard.

Anonymous said...

Sell out! Vote for ethically challenged Lucas!! Sell out Manalapan you puke bastards!!!

You know who you are!!!!

The Manalapan Mole said...

Let's face some serious facts we didn't know before.

Fact 1 - Andrew's running mate, the former state police officer put up a pink wall of silence and is just going along with whatever his party boss is telling him to do. That says he is not his own man, and IMHO cannot be trusted to do right by the people.

Fact 2 - Andrew is defending himself by simply saying he has done nothing wrong and "lawyers" say it is OK. Are these the same lawyers who said it was "OK" to not go after the landowner in 2007 and instead spend 2 years going after Moskovitz/and or a blogger spending six-figures of taxpayer $$ with no return to the townspeople?

Fact 3 - With each passing day, Andrew is making Michelle Roth look like a Chris Christie crime watchdog. The Manalapan Republicans look like land grabbers and the Manalapan Democrats look like protectors of the people.

Fact 4 - This deal makes Andrew look guilty of something, whether its deception about buying the land, deception about the other land turned down for farmland preservation, or deception to the voters about the hidden cost of the land. The key word here is DECEPTION.

Fact 5 - If the Republicans lose this election in a Republican town and Republican county and lose their Republican majority, McEnery should resign ASAP because as leader he led the GOP into a brick wall set up by all people - Michelle Roth.

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

Does this word sound familiar - CRIMINAL!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person here who thinks Roth is to blame for this?

Anonymous said...

"Lucas's only chance to salvage his political life, is to hold a press conference asap and eplain the facts."

He's had a week and hasn't shown a shred of evidence to back up his assertions of innocence. Decrepit!

Anonymous said...

i blame obama. i believe he and roth are both agents of people from another galaxy trying to destroy planet earth.

Anonymous said...

"Am I the only person here who thinks Roth is to blame for this?"

You could be. You want to blame the messenger for blowing the whistle on the guy who was using his position in government to line his pockets? Look, Michelle Roth is hardly the paragon of virtue, but she is not to blame for Andrew's actions. If you are going to blame every politician who blows the whistle on other corrupt politicians, then we may as well just close up shop. This will no longer be a democracy if the corrupt are protected and those blowing the whistle on corruption are condemned.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this Batman;
Andrew Lucas voted to limit the amount of dirt a builder can bring onto a property. The Builder he got his "I can't tell you cause it's a secret" deal from couldn't move dirt in to make more room for more buildings. Sort of like Temple Beth Shalom did when their "Wetlands" were turned into "Drylands" so they could expand. What is good for the goose you know!

Side bar: Who was on the township committee when all those dump trucks rolled by on route 522? It is reported by residents the trucks came every 20 minutes for days. Must have been 100 or more.

Back to Mr. Lucas. The developer couldn't pay the taxes? What developer goes through the process to get approval to build and lets the taxes lapse? Sound like a setup to help Andrew get the land.

Now for the real issue. What is the tie to all the approvals in the past and would Andrew have his appointed planning board members approve future plans for this developer? Andrew could easily get Holland, and Green, and the Masked man to vote to approve any land deal for a developer.

The "I told you so express will be back when he tries it!"

By the way, There is a new village developer and the committee is moving to help them along the way. I wonder if the lawyer for that developer is the lawyer for mr Lucas. He is the lawyer for the property across 33. You know the one needed for the road expansion! Aren't they the same? Wouldn't that be a conflict Mr. Lucas?

Anonymous said...

If you clowns understood what Lucas did, you would know he didn't do anything wrong, nor did he use his influence to make anything happen. Nevertheless, continue to spew lies and innuendos. Just don't hold your breath waiting for an investigation because investigations only happen when there is suspicion of wrong doing and there ain't nothing to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Squad. I don't know if you have received any of the propoganda that the Manalapan Republican leadership is spreading like manure, but they are claiming that this isn't even an issue and that it's all some political stunt set up by the Manalapan Democrats.

Now the bigger question becomes not WHO is lying, but who is LYING MORE!

Anonymous said...

I was going to vote for Jordan but now he's lost my vote. It's obvious to me IMHO that he is doign what he is told and being quiet. Tony Gennaro stood up when a wrong was committed. Jordan Moskowitz is nothing more than another political hack who will just do as he is told.

Independents for Beevis and Butthead said...

I don't know these guys for anything and never met them. But my guess is they are not void of ethics and are not morally corrupt and not wealthy land barons who are out of touch with real Manalapan residents.

I'm voting for B&B!

Anonymous said...

Understand this word - CRIMINAL!

Gerry Wierd said...

new slogans--

Mark and Evan spell ME!!

Elect the Mighty Manalapan Midgets!!

B+B = The Bread and Butter Buddies!

Re: 'If you clowns understood what Lucas did' said...

Put up or shut up. If he had anything at all to back up his empty pronouncements, he would have produced it.

Investigations are called for and may or may not proceed, depending on his connections. But his political career is kaput. Don't worry, soybean prices are climbing by the bushel.

Anonymous said...

"I was going to vote for Jordan but now he's lost my vote. It's obvious to me IMHO that he is doign what he is told and being quiet. Tony Gennaro stood up when a wrong was committed. Jordan Moskowitz is nothing more than another political hack who will just do as he is told."

You should say that to Jordan's face and see what kind of response you get instead of hiding in the shadows, you anonymous creep. You have no idea what kind of man he is

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I was going to vote for Jordan but now he's lost my vote. It's obvious to me IMHO that he is doign what he is told and being quiet. Tony Gennaro stood up when a wrong was committed. Jordan Moskowitz is nothing more than another political hack who will just do as he is told."

"You should say that to Jordan's face and see what kind of response you get instead of hiding in the shadows, you anonymous creep. You have no idea what kind of man he is."

I was at the debate. His silence about Baron Andy's situation was so deafening I couldn't even hear the rest of the debate. I'm sure when we all see and hear what he had to say, or actually what he did not or pardon me refused to say or maybe even what he was told not to say, then you'll see foryourself why I will not be voting for him.

Anonymous said...

"I was at the debate. His silence about Baron Andy's situation was so deafening I couldn't even hear the rest of the debate. "

I was at the debate. Don't know which one you went to, but it sure wasn't the same one. Jordan supported the Mayor no less than 3 times, stating that it was a great thing that Andrew did.

The mayor spoke about it as well. All the dems did was say they had nothing to do with negative campaining.

You are a liar plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

"I was at the debate. Don't know which one you went to, but it sure wasn't the same one. Jordan supported the Mayor no less than 3 times, stating that it was a great thing that Andrew did"

Are you sure you were at the debate in Manalapan Town Hall? The one I was at yes Jordan did stand by Andrew and his support of lowering taxes, but the issue of Baron Andy's Land Grab he never said anything. Maybe he said it privately to you before or after the debate. Maybe you're Steve McEnery. Watch the debate on TV and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

It's too late for them. They both lost my confidence and respect. I'd rather have Beevis and Butthead in there.

Anonymous said...

Andrew and Jordan should just pack it in. People won't be voting for them with this land grab cloud hanging over them. I know people in Covered Bridge are livid. Hell, the ghost of Joe Lochricchio has a better chance of winning than those two. As for me I too will be voting for Beevis and Butthead.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was there alright and no I am not Steve McEnery, but you might be one of the little ones. What part of supported Andrew no less than 3 times did you not understand? Jordan said the land purchase and subsequent application to put in for farmland preservation was a GREAT thing Andrew did. I can't help it if your ears were full of wax. He stood up for Andrew because unlike the disgracefull, dirty Beevis and Buttheads handlers, he is a man of integrity. You weren't voting for Jordan & Andrew anyway, so its not like your opinion matters. Now that I think about it you are probably Gerry Ward. This little dirty trick of yours smells of Ward as do almost all of these "outraged" posts. All Ward and his dirty dem disciples.

Anonymous said...

Is Mayor Lucas Beavis or Butthead?

The dems can't have that title. The dems haven't bought land and had my taxs dollars pay for it! Shame on you Andrew. Isn't one of those pesky commandments, "Thou shalt not steal?" Taking my tax dollars to pay for your land while you are the Mayor..........? What do you call that?

Anonymous said...

So who is the father?

Anonymous said...

The Democrat Campaign for Township Committee has been nothing less than dreadful. If it was not for this Farmland issue dogging Lucas they would have been DOA on election day. To further demonstrate the level of incompetence that has been the trademark of their campaign, they failed to supply a statement or platform to the Asbury Park Press when asked to provide one..Lucas is there...Jordan "Stu" has provided his...but B&B just have their picture with "no statement provided" posted next to them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Hey, what you took 2,000 words to say? That guy Freddy Sloan over on the Hate Site said in like three sentences. You guys should hire him to do your writing for you."

lol, yeah 3 sentences, one for each of the three people who actually post there.

We need better candidates said...

The Ghost of Joe Locricchio and Joey D for Manalapan Township Committee!

One guy is dead and the other guy cleans gutters. We know that one guy has experience to clean up muck and gunk, which is what you will find running Manalapan. The other guy is dead, so how much trouble can he cause?

Anonymous said...

The point about Jordan Stu is this - he's a former state police officer who BTW is getting a nice taxpayer funded pension. He knows right from wrong. He's wrong IMHO for not speaking out against the ethics here, or lack of ethics. That's where he's wrong, and that's why I will not vote for him.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious here --- CRIMINAL!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in The Ghost of Joe Locricchio and Joey D!

Anonymous said...

You have to admit one thing. Your Mayor Lucas is a smart cookie. He orchestrates a million dollar deal for himself using taxpayer money from Farmland Preservation - and he has the cajones to do it while still in office. Where did he go to school? Wayne Bryant Senior High?

Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget about Ryan Come Clean Green, all the Repubs are birds of a feather.

Manalapan's Own Congressman Bitch Slaps His Constitutents said...

Rush Holt’s Arrogance is Astounding

By “Fred Lehlbach”

By now, we have all seen the video of Junior grabbing the microphone away from Rhoda, linked here.

We have all heard Junior lecture us at Town Hall meetings. I say “lecture” because Junior doesn’t hold Town Halls to listen to you, his constituents, he holds them to tell us why he knows better. Remember, he believes he is smarter than we are, and therefore, doesn’t care what we think.

The following hand written notes from Rush that have been forwarded to me illustrate the basic arrogance of Rush Holt. The first one says:rush_holts_note00011

“I hope you now see that the bill would make healthcare more affordable for your business and employees. I know that at the town meeting (you)(sic) did not want to believe me.”

I should tell you that the hand-written portion was at the end of a three page form letter where Junior simply repeats all of the talking points that were trotted out to support the healthcare bill, and which we now know to be falsehoods. But Rush Holt is so sure he is right, that, like a four year old, he is incapable of reason. You are not smart enough to understand.

Look at the second note:rush_note_200011

“You may think this is a form letter, as you say my climate bill letter to you, but this is my reply to you- although I must say, it is difficult for me to figure out what you are really thinking amid your angry, insulting ravings”

Unfortunately, it was exactly the same letter that the first note was written on. So it was a form letter. See, Rush doesn’t believe his opponents are smart enough to compare notes.

But look at the tone and language of the note, calling his constituent, who was voicing his opinion, angry, insulting and raving. I will tell you what is insulting, Junior, and that’s your tone and language toward your constituents.

But even more fascinating is what some amateur handwriting analysis tells us about the notes. I am paraphrasing a report on his handwriting here:

Because Rush has sharp needle pointed ‘m’ and ‘n’ humps, he has a very sharp mind. He instantly sizes up situations, making instant decisions…he may be seen as highly intelligent. Rush is often irritated by slow talkers or slow thinkers.

His handwriting tells us that Rush is moderately outgoing, and that his emotions are stirred by sympathy and heart rendering stories. (Like a typical liberal). His handwriting tells us that he will be somewhat moody, with highs and lows. Sometimes he will be happy, the next day he might be sad. Or insulting, like in the notes.

The handwriting is that of someone who will demand respect and will expect others to treat him with honor and dignity. Rush believes in his ideas and will expect other people to also respect them. He has a lot of pride.

Rush can be defiant. He sometimes has the attitude that if someone doesn’t like it the way he is doing it, then they can just “go to hell!” (This is actually a direct quote from the handwriting analysis report, and is borne out by the tone and language of the notes themselves.)

Rush is sarcastic. This is a defense mechanism designed to protect his ego when he feels hurt. He pokes people harder than he gets poked. These sarcastic remarks can be harsh, bitter, and caustic.

Rush has a tendency to put things off, Rush procrastinates. He sometimes pretends to be busy, so he will not have to do whatever he is putting off. He is often late to appointments or deadlines.

Anyone who has been to an event with Junior knows he is often late.

I think this analysis pretty much sums up Rush Holt: harsh, bitter, defiant, prideful, demanding of respect, irritated if he thinks he is smarter than you.

Not exactly the kind of guy you want in Congress, is it?

The Manalapan Mole said...

Remember my words:

What the Baron of Manalapan-land did was not illegal. But ethics are another matter and his land grab while in office is nothing short of poutting one over on the taxpayers for his own political gain and profiting by getting over $1 million in taxpayer money to purpotrate this scam of the voters. He created an alliance with Roth and the Democrats for one reason - to stay in power. By staying in power he was able to orchestrate this land grab deal, which nearly doubled the acreage of his empire.

And we thought Michelle Roth was the villian here?

The Manalapan Mole has spoken.

Anonymous said...

He has made himself the Emperor, if he wins in November there will be a statue of Lord Lucas erected at the gates of the Rec Center, just wait an see.

Anonymous said...

"lol, yeah 3 sentences, one for each of the three people who actually post there."


Anonymous said...


Fred, are you saying you're the only person posting here? You've been arguing with yourself all this time? We knew we were a total paranoid, bitter whacked out flake but that's definite over the wall stuff.

Re: 'Hey don't forget about Ryan Come Clean Green, all the Repubs are birds of a feather.' said...

Let's see whether anyone has come up with an answer to these questions:

Why does anyone ask about Ryan Green's wife receiving medical benefits from the state? She works for the state just like Mr Maskowitz.

Did he refuse medical benefits? No of course not and i wouldn't expect him to do so. Why is it an issue with Green and his wife?

Anonymous said...

Three points I would love to know the answers to:

1. If elected, will Jordan "Stu" Moskowitz "gladly decline" benefits in lieu of a salary (he gets bennies from the state already and may not have disclosed that)?

2. Will Mayor Lucas vow to resign immediately if he is investigated for his million dollar land grab?

3. Is it me or was Michelle Roth making the most sense of anyone on the Manalapan Township Committee at the last meeting?

Anonymous said...

I watched the last TC meeting for October, and can someone please tell me when the Andrew Lucas and Michelle Roth love fest ended? I've never seen Anrew looking so angry at anyone before.

Anonymous said...

"Why is it an issue with Green and his wife?"

Because Green made it an issue by failing to disclose he was already on the gravy train! When he asked Roth to give up her health care benefit. He made it look like he was taking a hit to give the taxpayer a break, all the while he wasn't giving up anything! It was very deceptive of him. Nobody would have cared less about his free health care benefits. It was his failure to disclose it and that this deception had to be exposed by a former Mayor is what's disgraceful.

To the person who said Jordan responded to the land grab said...

Are you sure you were at the debate that featured Lucas and Moskowitz and Eiger and Dworkin? At that debate, Jordan only referenced it once, and only said something to the effect of there must be something more important in Manalapan to be discusing.

That is not a response. That is a cop out (no pun intended) and that is why he lost my vote is because he couldn't stand up and even take a real position on the issue.

Anonymous said...

Vote for the ghost of Joe Locrichio. If you can't trust someone in heaven, who can you trust?

Anonymous said...

The problem with Joe Locriccio was he had a good heart.

In Manalapan if you take for yourself, like Andrew Lucas is doing, the Republicans will stand in jack booted lock step and defend the corruption.

You Democrats are no different. When did you stand up and fight against Michelle Roth and her wicked attack on cheif Brown. You will vote for he corruption next year, no doubt!

Joe was poor. He didn't get land deal or legal defense funds from the tax payers. Manalapan Stand for something other than the corruptness in your political parties.