Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roth Blames Manalapan’s Money Troubles On Andy Boy Lucas!

Da other day daTruthSquad needed a little laugh, so reading da local Snoozepaper there it was. Intrepid BaconHead Award-winning press release specialist Back Page Barratta wrote another quality press release about Manalapan’s Queen Mayor’s trip to Trenton to discuss with Governor Toll Troll how da loss of municipal aid will hurt her kingdom.

Apparently while she was there, she became a graduate from da Corzine Fuzzy Math Academy, because while Roth cries tears about losing $376,000 in state municipal aid, she will spend $4.5 million to make more upgrades to Manalapan Rec, widen Route 522 in front of her “Field of Nightmares,” and fix a pond.

Wait, she’s not spending da money --- YOU ARE!!!!!

Apparently when she went to Trenton with Tara Tiara and Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen among others she must have been behind da wheel of a large bus. Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy wasn’t in that bus.

Instead, he was tossed under da bus by Roth!

Speaking to all da other mayors throughout da entire state and Corzine, she said da 28% Manalapan tax increase, da largest in town history, was necessary in order to undue the damage that was done by the irresponsible (municipal) budgets that were passed in 2005 and 2006."

Who, according to that quote attributed to Roth by da Snoozepaper was responsible for those budgets and cast da deciding vote to pass both of them?

Andy Boy Lucas!

Roth told da Governor and all da mayors in New Jersey all her town’s financial troubles were because of Andy Boy’s budgets!

She could have blamed the economy. She could have blamed high oil prices. She could have blamed George Bush. No - - SHE BLAMED ANDY BOY!

Poor Andy Boy. Those tire tracks driven by da Roth Express must have hurt.

Why in da world would da Queen Mayor go out of her way to place every iota of blame squarely on her alleged friend Andy Boy? Was that not a part of da backroom deal?

If you’re Andy Boy, you have to be steamed. Roth didn’t blame da Mosked Man for anything – she spanked Andy Boy 110% - in front of da Governor and all da mayors!

In da process, she also placed Manalapan GOP’s Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery and his new protégé’s Ryan “3rd place” Green and Blogger Bill Garcia behind da political 8-ball since she effectively and without hesitation blamed Republicans for Manalapan’s money troubles.

What will da Poobah’s protégé’s do about this? What will Iron Grith do? What will Andy Boy do to disavow this?

Nothing – and not because they can’t – it’s because they WON’T!

DaTruth is, da Queen and Andy Boy are a team, two-thirds of da Gang of Three. Andy Boy has burned bridges and has no ally with Mr. Gennaro, and neither with fellow GOP’er Susan Cohen. With Cash Klauber doing what he is told, that leaves Roth his only friend. So, much like a young Kevin Bacon pledging the Omegas in "Animal House," da Queen will blame him, and he will simply say, “Thank you Queen. May I have another!”

So, when it comes to why after 20 years a handful of little underprivileged kids from Englishtown won’t be receiving their $575 subsidy for attending Manalapan’s camp, and Manalapan can’t afford to put a cop in Manalapan High School even through the Freehold district will pay for part of it, and while pleading poverty in Trenton with da other mayors Manalapan residents will have to pay even more on top of last year’s historic 28% tax pillaging of our pockets, Manalapan residents are safe in da knowledge that da Queen and Andy Boy will spend $4.5 million for even more Manalapan Rec expansion, on top of da millions of $$$$$$ they spent last year on it!

And remember – you can’t do anything about it because da Queen has 3 votes thanks to Andy Boy, da person responsible for da budgets that placed Manalapan in da hole it's in!

And who did da Queen Mayor throw under da bus in front of da Governor and all those mayors for Manalapan’s money troubles?

Da person who cast da deciding votes on those budgets ----- Andy Boy!

And who didn’t receive even one iota of blame ----- da Mosked man!

Who else didn't receive any blame ----- da Bloggers!

And who will do nothing about it ----- GOP’er Poobah Iron Girth!

How do we know they will do nothing? Here’s da proof.

DaTruthSquad dares a response from either Andy Boy, of course if he's physically able to after having da Roth Express run over him, or Iron Girth. Write a letter to da Snoozepaper. Make a strong statement at da next Township Committee meeting. Post a stern message on this or another blog of your choice.

DaTruth is, if you stand up to da Queen Mayor, you will prove that no exploratory surgery is needed and indeed you both may have a spine, or by inaction, you’ll prove what real GOP’ers believe, and that is you have sold out your party for your own gain, and that da Queen Mayor is right, and da person who cast da deciding votes for da 2005 & 2006 budget is da one who has caused Manalapan’s money woes.

Now, all da good citizens of Manalapan have to do is wait and see which Andy Boy and Iron Girth show up. And, if you're Iron Girth protege's Blogger Bill or Ryan "3rd place" Green, you may want to remind your commanders that you will have to spend the next 6 months fighting off these allegations if they don't act.

DaTruthSquad guarantees 2 GOP'er candidates will take notice and act. Don't be too surprised if it's not da candidates under Iron Girth's midsection.

And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Great catch Squad. This is a serious image problem for Iron Girth. Since its already been proven Andy lacks any type of spine, either he has to stand up and challenge Roth or your 1000% right that Republicans will be imaged as the ones who created all of Manalapan's problems.

Manalapan Republican said...

This is a much more serious issue thanyour letting on. Roth quietly just announced her big issue and blamed it on Andy Boy. This means like in 2005, she will tie everything to Andy Boy's feet so he will drag down Garcia and Ryan the same way he dragged down Hall and Miracle.

If I were Garcia or Green I'd demand Andy & McEnery stand up and challenge Roth on her budgets, or quit now and not waste the rest of the year running for an office with no support from your party leaders.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Too bad you incompetants didn't bring this up in November. Now you are stuck with Lucas for 3 years. Boy, are you innefective....ANd oh, by the way, you conveniently forgot to mention that Fat Joe was the bigger culpret being not allowing taxes to be increased, and that Da mosked Man was the puppeteer behind the original campaign of Fat Joe and Lucas. (By the way, heard that Fat Joe bankrupted yet another business and left town...)

Anonymous said...

Wrong again yawn. If you decide to remember, Andy Boy is the one with the degree from Princeton, and he was the architect of the 2006 and 2007 budgets since he sits on the Finance committee. He is the architect of the largest tax increase in town history. Joe had nothing to do with that. Joe was not on the finance committee. Joe moved out of town with his family and bought a house. You probably drank the kool-aid enough to know they were renting.

Anonymous said...

It always cracks me up to listen to the weasels running Manalapan trying to blame everyone else for what they did. We've seen this a thousand times from Shapiro, Roth, Lucas, Ward and McEnery, it's expected, but still funny. Here, Manalapan's Freehold mayor had direct responsibility to create the last two budgets. In 2006 SHAPIRO was the mayor. He, Roth and Lucas were the majority of the Township Committee. But who do they want to blame for the Shapiro/Roth/Lucas budget? Joe Locricchio, the person none of them would listen to, the person who missed many of the meetings because of illness, the person that they wouldn't even speak to. I wonder if the Shapiro/Roth/Lucas team have any clue how ridiculous they look to the people in Manalapan. Well, Lucas found out when he ran for Freeholder, and came in dead last in Manalapan (I'm not sure how he did in his home town of Freehold, though). Shapiro found out last year. Roth will find out this November.

Anonymous said...

well said, but is Lucas technically Manalapan's Freehold mayor or Freehold's Manalapan mayor?

Anonymous said...

I think you can say he goes either way.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on the board and knew the Roth alliance would have it deleted, so I'm posting it here where she and her cronies have no power. If this is true, and I pray that it is not, then Manalapan has a serious problem that nobody is addressing and maybe even someone is hiding.

2812. This just in and verified
by brother666, 4/17/08 19:41 ET
17, yes 17 Manalapan High School students have been arrested and or suspended for DRUGS.
Why has this not been publicised. Was Board of Ed notified of this?

Let's see how many are thrown out of school or will they just get a slap on the wrist like others have. I thought they have a zero tolerance policy. LOL.

Anonymous said...

When you play with the bull you WILL get the horns, Andy Boy!

Anonymous said...

Roth is the biggest bull in the pen. How does it fell to get the horn in the back?

I guess the mutual admiration society was one way. You either have to eat crow and support her, or stand up like a man and put her in her place. Your choice!

Isn't she the woman behind the man?

Anonymous said...

Woman behind the man? That is how you get stabbed in the back!

Publicola said...

Thank you for your blog. May I humbly make one suggestion? I have been living in the Pan for about a year now and have trying to catch up on the local scene. I know that your nick-names for the players on the scene are humorous, but as a new resident, I just do not know who all of them represent. I get some by context clues and following the links you provide. Would you be so kind as to include a key or a ledger of all of your cast of characters, either as a link or down the side column of your page? I really enjoy your writing, and presume that I would enjoy it more if I knew who all of your names were in reference to. Many thanks in advance. Humbly and anonymously yours,


Sam said...

To Publicola:

In this blog you actually found the way many of us in Manalapan (I like "the pan" get our inside information. Dont read the Transcript (the Snoozepaper). It's not even worth letting your dog pee on it. It's merely a propoganda rag for some politicians.

This blog is fun to read but you make a point on the names. After you read it a few times it all seems to come together.

BTW, I don't know if you know this, but as a Manalapan taxpayer you and we actually spent over $100,000 to expose whoever this blogger is as a part of a political vendetta lawsuit hatched by people like Andy Boy (Committeeman Lucas) and the Queen (Mayor Roth). They lost their case with datruthsquad, but their case against the Mosked Man (Stu Moskovitz) continues because we can't stop it and they have no problem spending our money on it.

Welcome ot Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for this blog we'd never have known the husband of Queen Mayor Roth said "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" during a township meeting. The "Snoozepaper" (thing left on your wet lawn every week) refused to write anything about it. It wasn't until real newspapers, radio stations and TV news showed up here like locusts to report on it. Of course, when they did, they blamed the blog for all the problems and not the person who said it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they blame the budget, but both the Freehold Regional H.S. District and law enforcement say they cannot control the out-of-control downward spiral at Manalapan H.S.:

They need more then the full time police officer. What about the daily fights that are happening that are putting all at risk? What about the drugs and inability of the teachers to teach because deals are cut with the students instead of issuing suspensions? When will the union finally stand up and support the teachers and when will the administration open their eyes to what is happening! Will it take a horrific incident? Parents stop getting your nails done and eating bon bons and start being present in your teens lives! 4/16/2008 9:23:43 AM --- Both the district and law enforcement admit they are unable to do much about anything there:

He also said he is encouraging Colts Neck, Freehold and Freehold Township to put officers in their high schools. The district is offering each of its schools $20,000 to help fund the officer's salary, Wasser said.

In Manalapan, the school resource officer's position has been vacant since the officer was called to active military duty in Afghanistan in the fall. Township police have been sending two Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) officers to regularly check in on the school, Police Chief Stuart Brown said.

But Wasser said that without a full-time officer, the school has seen an increase in police calls, particularly calls relating to suspected prescription drug abuse.

Among those incidents were two arrests last week involving prescription drugs and another incident last month during which a teacher was investigated for a possible prescription-drug transaction, Wasser said. He said the teacher, whom he did not wish to name, has since resigned.

"Now my administrators are working around the clock dealing with matters that before our SRO would find out about and be proactive in dealing with — matters related to student fighting, drug dealing," Wasser said.

"He would have a wealth of information and we would be able to intervene before a crisis happens," Wasser said. "Now we're finding we're calling Manalapan police over on a regular basis. I started to see a change and I said, "This is not right.' "

Township police said they don't have the manpower to do more for the high school at this time.

"If we had someone available we would have had them there already," said Brown, who added Manalapan school resource officer Jonathan Suydam earned a senior patrolman's salary of about $80,000. "Unfortunately we don't."

Brown said the district and DARE officers have been doing a good job of "keeping communication and feedback lines open." He said the department will see what will be provided in this year's budget before it determines if the position could be fully restored.

"It's budget time," Brown said. "We're waiting to see. Right now it's just a little premature . . . but we'll certainly see if we can fulfill (Wasser's) request."

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously spending $1,000,000 on an artificial field that will be replaced in eight years (or less when the facts about it's harmful nature come out) is FAR more important to the Queen of Mean than $80,000 to reduce the number of students in the high school who will either die from drugs or end up with a criminal record because of them. It's called priorities. The Queen of Mean spells hers "M-E."

Anonymous said...

4 township committee members voted for the rec center expansion, and the 5th was out of town the day of the vote. You can't blame Roth for this. And the matter of adding a police officer to the school was brought up at the last TC meeting so it is being considered; don't assume that it was rejected out of hand.

Publicola said...

As a new resident of the Pan, would someone be so kind as to inform me as to when are the township meetings held and where? Is the public able to attend? What about Party committee meetings?

Many thanks in advance -


Anonymous said...

To the poster who wrote:
"4 township committee members voted for the rec center expansion, and the 5th was out of town the day of the vote. You can't blame Roth for this. And the matter of adding a police officer to the school was brought up at the last TC meeting so it is being considered; don't assume that it was rejected out of hand.":

OK, expert, what have they been doing all along about this? Another big nada. Just too darn busy pursuing crazy First Amendment suits.

Anonymous said...


Official Web site, for its limited usefulness, is:

Anonymous said...

That was a good point. If they knew about this last year and have done nothing yet, what are they waiting for?

Summer recess?

This proves either they don't care at all, or they can't gettheur priorities in order.

I hope it's not that they don't care. One way or the other it's my tax dollars they're wasting or not using wisely.

Anonymous said...

Publicola, AKA Bill Garcia, the township committee meeting is at town hall. It's across the street from the rec. center.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Publicola is Bill Garcia. If he has to ask where town hall is, then he shouldn't be running for it.

Then again, Iron Girth's candidates of the past have had problems of their own.

Anonymous said...

his last two candidates, Lucas and Pezzullo didn't even know where Manalapan was, let alone town hall. Of course Lucas, by his own admission couldn't find his own wife, and had to live with mommy and visit his wife whenever she felt like giving him directions.

BGarcia said...

Where is the Rec Center? Is that where my kids play soccer?

Anonymous said...

I heard the Manalapan Real Estate market is pretty bad since Lucus and Roth raised the taxes 28%.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, actually the economy of the town, county, state and entire country was affected by the need to increase taxes. Bear Stearns was pushed to be acquired by JPMChase; Citibank and Merrill Lynch are writing off $20 billion each, oil prices are over $110 a barrel, the dollar is very weak compared to ther currencies; subprime mortgage defaults hit 14%; CIT and Lehman are laying off people left and right....all because of Lucas and Roth. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Roth, Lucas and Klauber voted for the tax increase of 28%. Fact.

When all of these companies you mentioned are laying off people and the state of the economy is so bad, gasoline is at 3.35 a gallon and rising. Why is Roth leading the charge to spend money for a Rec department that brings NO revenue to the town? She is spending, spending, spending other peoples money. Great leadership quality. She will be gone in November you can count on that.

Anonymous said...

It's called "enhancing quality of life", dumbass. We spend money on parks, education, police and fire protection, the arts, libraries, landscaping, etc. to make Manalapan a better place, which in turn attracts and retains residents. The summer rec program isn't "needed" in that there are private camps in the area, but using the reosurces of the town this program can deliver a much lower cost product to residents that opt for it. Manalapan doesn't NEED for Thompson Grove Park to be developed, nor does it NEED a dog park or splash park, but those are items that make the town better for its residents. If you want to live in a town that has significantly lower taxes, I know the names of a few good local real estate agents that would be happy to sell your house for you so you can move.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

You are the "dumb ass" I never said that the Rec is a bad thing. I said if you complain about there being a bad economy then you do not spend, spend, spend like Roth is. Oh and as for a splash pad, there isn't one planned yet. Your herione the Queen Roth hasn't included it in this years shopping spree with taxpayers money. I see the campaign to defend
your arrogant self rightous Queen Roth has begun. We are all hoping she will move out of Manalapan and take you with her. Since Manalapan schools were not good enough for her children and Manalapan Rec was nothing more than glorified babysitting. But ROTH feels she is best qualified to run this town as an elected official, an official who felt the amenities this town had to offer were not good enough for her own family. Can you spell HYPOCRITE?!!

Anonymous said...

that would be nice if that were true, but it's not. You spend money on artificial fields that we don't need and will have to be replaced in eight years, or earlier when we realize they aren't safe. You spend money on lawsuits that every knows are political bs and a total waste of taxpayer money. You spend money on learning curves by firing top quality directors and replacing them with amateurs. You spend money on illegal "bonuses" to favored employees who aren't even performing that well. You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the engineer that finances your campaigns every year by not sending out the different projects for bids like every other town does. THAT explains why it took your engineer $60,000 to do a $3,000 soil remediation. You hire one attorney after another who has no experience as a municipal attorney just because they're "your" attorneys politically. Is there anyone who seriously thinks Casagrande is a skilled attorney? So spare us the nonsense about spending money for quality of life. And as for Thomson Grove Park, the renewing of that park was fully designed in 2000 until YOU stopped it because you didn't want Stu to get credit for it. Just like the township paid for the FULL design of the rec expansion which you ALSO stopped for the same reason. Your finally getting to these things seven years later than we could have had them if you weren't playing politics. And there'd be no 28% tax hike if you weren't playing politics with the Village Center to give the jailed John Lynch's project a chance to get off the ground first, because you've taken campaign contributions from him. Those of the facts. Save your spin for the campaign literature that everyone's learned to throw away as soon as they see it.

Anonymous said...

With Michelle Roth being so fat and the her ties to Africa can she also be responsible for the African Food Famine by eaing all their food ? If so shame on her.

Anonymous said...

Spend eat Spend taxpayer money The Roth way !

Anonymous said...

Your mega mall isn't going to be built because the property isn't zoned for the project and because the local road failed DOT traffic studies. But you can blame "politics" all you want.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Dumb Ass is that you? The Village was zoned for 500 K SQUARE as a Village Center. FACT. They got preliminary approval inspite of Roth and Shaprio voting no. The new plans with their pads for stores does not really resemble a "Village Center Feel" as orginally designed. You can thank Roth for that, now we will have another Epicenter shopping center.
Is Roth going to be getting brownie points from the Lynch group in Monroe for squashing the Manalapan Village and letting their Village project go in first? Hmm.... time will tell.

Anonymous said...

NOTHING is being built on the site as long as Millhurst Road continues to fail traffic studies. You can blame Lynch, you can blame Roth, you can blame whoever you want, but despite the developer and their paid hack Da Mosked Man trying to support candidates to change the zoning, NOTHING is being built on the site until the traffic issue is resolved. They can throw up smoke screens over COAH but NOTHING is being built until traffic issues are resolved. Build the side road west of and parallel to Millhurt, build the overpass, and take the 500,000 square foot prel. approval. That's all you are getting and that's what you have to do to get it. Throw as much money and support at Butch and Steve but they are not getting elected and changing the zoning.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

This is not about Butch and Steve. This is about Roth. The traffic studies showed back in 2006 this site could not be expanded beyond the 500K due to the traffic engineering reports and Roth knew that then. As for the expansion of Millhurst and the DOT-Smart Growth reports they are now looking for the town to approve the opening of Route 33 for access. Roth, Klauber and Lucas the gang of 3 have to vote to give that access. So say what you want. Without Roth and her two minions, Klauber and Lucas their is no approval to DOT and their is no Village built. She knows exactly what she is doing and so does the taxpaying public. We just hope the federal government is watching too.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether Route 33 access is granted - which needs the County's approval - the site failed traffic studies so the project can't be built without the parallel road and possibly the flyover. Don't recall hearing Brunelli & Co. saying they would do this, just a lot of lawsuits over irrelevant smokescreen issues.

Anonymous said...

Once again, the democrats keep stuffing their pockets with developers and professionals' money, screwing the taxpayers and trying to blame the last honest mayor Manalapan ever had. Stu has never had anything to do with the developer either now or back in 2000. That's already been proven time and again. That's the bs spread by the democrats to focus people away from their taking money from Lynch to kill the project. The traffic problem with Millhurst Road exists regardless of whether the village center is built. Had the project been approved and not killed at a $30,000,000 cost to Manalapan's taxpayers by Roth, the developer would have improved Millhurst Road so that there'd be no traffic problem. It never was an issue. It never "failed." And if the planning board had an attorney who wasn't a clueless political hack -- Daniel McCarthy -- he'd be able to tell you that you can't kill a project just because of inadequate transportation, you have to incorporate improvements to the transportation into the project. Next thing we're going to be reading from the Roth spin machine is that Stu was the one who hired McCarthy and had him pour all that money into Roth and Shapiro's election campaigns.

Anonymous said...

To writer of: "Anonymous Anonymous said... Yeah, actually the economy of the town, county, state and entire country was affected by the need to increase taxes. Bear Stearns was pushed to be acquired by JPMChase; Citibank and Merrill Lynch are writing off $20 billion each, oil prices are over $110 a barrel, the dollar is very weak compared to ther currencies; subprime mortgage defaults hit 14%; CIT and Lehman are laying off people left and right....all because of Lucas and Roth. Yeah, right."

The real measure isn't a book of crooks and liars on Wall Street, but the fact that Manalapan prices have declined far more drastically than the surrounding municipalities. That is the honest way to view the situation.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

How is that the Village passed preliminary approval from the Planning Board if their traffic engineering study failed? They had to meet all of the criteria set forth by the Planning Board in order to get a vote in the affirmative. Your post claiming that the Village traffic study failed, begs me to ask this question, was the Planning Board attorney present during this vote?

Anonymous said...

Well, changing times, the "planning board attorney" is Roth's campaign financier, Daniel McCarthy. He's not exactly what you would call an "expert" in the law, although he's pretty good at pushing the envelope against the campaign finance laws. Some of his opinions in the last two years would make most lawyers drop their jaws. You may remember he made a fool of himself and Andrew and Michelle, and brought international shame to Manalapan with his rant in court against daTruthSquad -- at taxpayer's expense, of course. Expecting good legal advice from him is like expecting good legal advice from Caroline Casagrande. So far as good quality legal work is concerned, Caroline is a politician.

Anonymous said...

Spin this: and and and let's hear from a former R Mayor:

Anonymous said...

LOL. Are you serious? You're quoting the News Transcript as if it somehow is real news and decides ANY issue? And the funniest part is that you close it off with your "power" piece, the letter to the editor from a washed up has been who hasn't gotten over losing ten years ago and only came out against the village center in 2000 because Stu was the mayor, and 2005 because Stu was the township attorney and he wanted to make the bogus argument that's been completely discounted that Stu had something to do with the Village Center. Jim Gray was nowhere to be found in 2003 when the new developers first filed their applications. Why? Because he couldn't use it to attack Stu, Stu wasn't around. Jim Gray was nowhere to be found in 2004 when the application was speeding through the planning board and Michelle was having her secret meetings with the developers. Why? Because Stu wasn't around and Jim Gray couldn't care less about whether the village center was built or not. He only wanted something to attack the guy who kicked his a$$ and made him a has been in 1998. Right now, Jim Gray is protecting his six figure job as Barham's coffee boy. When Barham's gone, so is he, because the rest of the Republican Party has seen the evidence of Jim Gray, McEnery and Lucas all working with the democrats to fight the real republicans in Manalapan.

michelle roth fan club said...

I take great offense to the last posting made here. It's obvious you did not do your homework and you should have your facts straight. You said:

Right now, Jim Gray is protecting his six figure job as Barham's coffee boy. When Barham's gone, so is he, because the rest of the Republican Party has seen the evidence of Jim Gray, McEnery and Lucas all working with the democrats to fight the real republicans in Manalapan.

Jim Gray doesn't have a "six figure job." He makes about $96,000 a year as a "clerk." I'm sure all "clerks" make that kind of money. Anyway, if he didn't make that kind of money at a political patronage job, how could we give him such a huge pension when he finally does retire?