Friday, April 25, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Iron Girth-Gram Like A Political Party Boss on Steriods

Kudos to the Monmouth Bull Moose, Teddy Roosevelt for exposing this email allegedly sent by none other than Manalapan GOP’er Party Boss Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery to all Monmouth County GOP Chairs. Apparently one patriot, with as much allegiance to Iron Girth as Governor Toll Troll has to cutting taxes made sure McEnery’s penmanship made it to a blog near you.

This is not the forum that I would normally use for this type of info. However, this will be a very difficult election year for all of Monmouth County. As many of you may know, Manalapan will be having a more difficult year because we will be facing a primary. A few Republican malcontents and a number of rejected Democrat losers have joined together to try and split the Republican Party in Manalapan. We have become just another town to face turmoil.

I believe that the loyal Republicans from Manalapan can take a beating and survive. We can deal with our own dirty laundry.

However, none of us need outsiders helping to split Manalapan Republicans. I have heard that Jim Giannell has teamed up with the breakaway's and committed to help fund their campaign. I know Jim likes to play in the shadow (emphasis added) so nothing can be attached to him, accept the good things he likes to take credit for. I would like your help in telling Jim to pay attention to his own business and leave other Towns to work out their own issues. Start supporting the Party and stop prying things apart.

I'm not sure how to say it in Greek, perhaps some one can translate for Mr. Giannell, what goes around, comes around.

Steve McEnery

Chairman, Manalapan

Beside the interesting reference to Greece, one has to seriously question whether Monmouth GOP Chairman Adam “PuPu” Puharic has even an iota of control left over the county Republican party. If he did have any control, he’d either order a frontal lobotomy for Iron Girth or demand he keep his fingers off keyboards and away from pens and other sharp objects.

Da mere fact one of da 50+ Municipal Chairs felt it necessary to release Iron Girth's rant into da open and out of da shadows proves da party has lost control from da top on down. Da email drips of despiration and outright hatred, and shows da great lengths one will go to harm others within their own party, and even more, when one has no control structure in place.

DaTruth is, this email proves da leadership of da Monmouth GOP is out of control, flying down da tracks like a train wreck waiting-to-happen - and November is just around da corner.

Da TruthTellers around da county report this McEnery-gram has enraged a number of municipal chairs because their rank-&-file already feel the GOP will be handing over da keys to da county to da Democrats in November.

In this McEnery-Gram, you have proof-positive evidence that a Party Boss is demanding you either stand in his line or get off the line completely.

Case in point, Manalapan, which has become da Monmouth Tea Party of revolt against Puharic, McEnery, Lucas and their cronies.

In da email, it states, “A few Republican malcontents and a number of rejected Democrat losers have joined together to try and split the Republican Party in Manalapan.”

Apparently it doesn’t mention there that da 2 hand-picked Iron Girth candidates apparently WEREN’T EVEN REPUBLICANS until February!

Apparently, it also doesn’t mention that 12 “hired guns” were brought in and made Manalapan County Committee people in da 11th hour by Iron Girth himself to insure the Iron Girth line won.

Apparently, it doesn’t mention that in a Manalapan GOP Club vote by a monumental landslide the “malcontents” were chosen to represent them.

DaTruth is, Manalapan Republicans are a microcosm of da County GOP’ers. Those very few in power will do and say anything to keep their grasp on power, whether it’s bringing in “spectacularly unqualified” candidates that can be controlled, or sending inflammatory emails, or casting out people who can make a difference for da better like Anna Little.

Then you have da footsoldiers of da party who are upset with losing Freeloader elections, running candidates they don’t support, being treated unfairly, or being chastised for merely having an opinion.

DaTruth is, you da people have an opinion and it matters. That is why daTruthSquad and da Electronic Frontier Foundation fought GOP’er then-mayor Andy Boy Lucas and his “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” when he and his Township Committee wanted to expose this blog and its readers and commentors. People like Iron Girth and the alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Lucas want only their voices heard – and we da people will not allow that.

We da people also have a way to put an end to cronyism and da hijacking of our political parties. If you want change in Manalapan, vote against da Iron Girth candidates. If you want change in the county GOP, demand new leadership in June. Make your voices heard, and gather enough voices, and that change will happen.

By da way, local Snoozepaper editor Mark Rosman may have fired da latest salvo in da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man." It's a daTruthSquad you won't want to miss - coming soon.

And that’s daTruth.


being taxed to death in Manalapan said...

This is from I am posting it here before Roth and Lucas and their minions delete it. DaTruthsquad, since we can't count on the local Snooze to accurately report on this, it's up to you. Please help the hard working people of Manalapan!

2834. DreyerGate
by AuntieEm180, 4/25/08 10:37 ET
If this doesn't guarantee that Roth loses the election in November then the people simply aren't paying attention. Roth, together with Lucas and Shapiro - perhaps the dirtiest mayors Manalapan have ever had - brought this action against an attorney who did exactly what he was supposed to do in 2005 in handling this matter. The Township was always protected by Stu not only because of the unique language he put in the contract related to state funding, but also because of a state statute that Kathy Baratta mysteriously refuses to write about that allows the township to go after the homeowners for the costs of any cleanup. The township, in three years, has failed to make a claim against the homeowners. Why? Because if they did, it would be impossible to maintain the bogus claim against Stu. So Michelle is not only costing the taxpayers the money to sue Stu, but she is depriving the taxpayers of the reimbursement for the costs of remediation to protect her political vendetta. She tells the public that the case isn't going to cost the taxpayers anything and then votes to approve bills to Casagrande, Renaud, McCarthy and Weeks. Weeks is the attorney who agreed to do the case on a contingent fee basis so it WOULDN'T cost the taxpayers any money. So he's only getting paid for "disbursements" How do you like THAT for a fraud on the taxpayers. All of these attorneys are politically connected to Roth or Lucas. McCarthy has given money to every one of Roth's campaigns. The biggest contributor to Roth's election campaigns is Greg Valesi of CME. He has already billed $60,000 for engineering costs for this $10,000 remediation. Any engineer will tell you that for a $10,000 remediation, including all of the paperwork that has to be submitted to the DEP for a no further action letter, the cost is going to be somewhere between $2500 and $4,000. Why $60,000? Because they needed to build up the costs to justify their bogus lawsuit. And because Greg is going to funnel most of that right back into Michelle's campaign this year. This may end up being the biggest scandal ever in Manalapan. The News Transcript is to be congratulated for revealing parts of this story. I wonder if they'll reveal the whole story. If not, pay attention to I am sure they will cover the entire story.

Anonymous said...

What you're saying is we're paying $200,000 for something that costs only $10,000.

Sounds like typical New Jersey politicians run amok.

Anonymous said...

da truth squad will save Manalapan and is our hero ! Go truth go !

Anonymous said...

Over two years ago, L. Roth is nailed by a united Republican party headed by MCHENRY for a sarcastic remark about
Italians. Two years later, McHenry is nailed by his own party for a vicious attack on Greeks. PAYBACKS A BITCH AINT IT.

Anonymous said...

Is McEnema going to be the campaign manager for the Roth campaign this year?

Or will it be Lucas?

Probably Gray. She probably wouldn't have won in 2005 if it weren't for him.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Michelle hasnt said a word to MCHENRY in almost three years and that is a fact. You may as well try and tell everyone that Tony is going to run the campaign.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who read this site and still have a few brain cells left, Have you noticed over the year how few good guys are left and how many supposed bad guys are out there. Whos supposedly bad now...Roth mchenry, lucas, klauber, grey, hall ward shapiro...on and on an on..give me a break

Anonymous said...

We're giving you a break. You've just named about all that's left, and many of them are or will be gone soon. Shapiro is already a has been. McEnery will be gone in June. Roth will be gone in November. Lucas is meaningless now. It's only a question of when mommy kicks him out of the house and makes him live with his wife. Gray has been a has been wannabe for years. Hall is a perjurer who will be taken care of in short order. That's it. There are about seventy good guys working with Budai and Johnson right now. So you can hardly say there are only a "few" good guys. Can't fault you for trying to spin, it's just that we're not as dumb as you think, or, maybe not as dumb as you are.

Anonymous said...

Under normal circumstances I'd find it very hard to believe that anyone could write such vile trash in an email and call themselves a political leader.

Everything I've read about this Iron Girth Guy paints him as a very low individual without much of a life IMO.

I think you folks in Manalapan should be lucky you have someone like the Truthsquad informing you. I live in Florida, NY and this town could use someone like your Squad.

Anonymous said...

Ill try my point again. Over the years, there were just a handful of bad guys according to this ridiculous blog. As mushkavitz started ticking off people. suprisingly the list of bad people grew and grew. My point is, who does mushkavitz like anymore. The only ones that are left are Susan, Tony, Cynthia, budai and johnson. Thats it. who does he trust. absolutley no one. who are his friends. no one. it is very very sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Too bad the truth is that the Dems wll win in november and that tony and susan will not be running again according to their own admission. That means an awul lot of your buddies become totally irrelevent in 2009 and beyond. deal with it. better yet, get a life.

Anonymous said...

The truth squad is just one individual who will be feeling the full force of justice in the not too distant future

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know. In 2005, his hand was in everything. He wouldnt let the candidates talk to the press. you could only go through him and his press lackey. His hateful writings were entirely responsibile for the republican loss, not mchenry. open your eyes people.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize what would have happened if this town took Gennaros advice last year on the budget? WE WOULD BE TOAST THIS YEAR!!!!

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is a 28% tax increase is nothing? We were TOAST last year! And on top of a revaluation! This year will be bad too because we're getting less from the state and the only way to make up that shortfall is to get it out of our pockets or cut services.

And we have Andy and his Queen to thank for that.

Mal E. Practice said...

Apparently the last comment didn't drink the Roth & Lucas kool-aid.

Everything is Stu's fault. He raised taxes 28% even though he's not in office. He's to blame for higher taxes, global warming, traffic on Route 9, the Megamall not being built so we can lower our taxes, and why Andy's wife apparently lived in another town.

Remember, everything is Stu's fault. That's what they want you to think.

Anonymous said...

Did someone really say McEnery is daTruthSquad? "YOU KNOW WHAT IS REALLY FUNNY. HOW THE AUTHOR OF THE TRUTH SQUAD TRIED TO WIN THE ELECTION FOR THE REPUBLICANS IN 2005. THEN WHEN TORREGROSO AND HALL LOST HE BLAMED EVERYONE ELSE AND TOOK NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE LOSS. WHAT A LOSER." That's McEnery. McEnery kept Stu out of the campaign, then tried to pin the loss on him. As everyone in the Republican Party knows, Stu was involved with one piece of literature and when Steve refused to use it and went with that horrible tax piece frightening everone with the nuclear radiation symbol, Stu told him he would not have anything to do with a campaign that used those tactics. Steve wanted to prove he could win without Stu. He proved he couldn't. Then tried to blame Stu. Obviously, he's the person who posted that here and is still trying. The problem for Steve is that everybody has him figured out now.

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

We'll all have a good laugh when the case against Stu is tossed out of court for lack of merit.

Then we'll all have an even better laugh when it's revealed the Manalapan Township Committee spent over $200,000 of taxpayer funds to clean up an old oil tank that only cost $10,000 to fix.

We'll laugh even more when we find how much the "free" lawyers billed Manalapan taxpayers for their "free" work.

We'll laugh louder when Christie raids town hall for records on the Village (oops - he already did that).

Don't we all love a good laugh.

Mal E. Practice said...

I'm laughing so hard about how Manalapan taxpayers are being ripped off by politicians and their political vendetta my sides are splitting.

Can I blame Stu for that?

Anonymous said...

Dreyer-Gate will equate to Roth losing the election in November.

When all of the facts are revealed and reported to the public it will be the end of the Democrats in Manalapan, that includes Lucas.

Anonymous said...

We need Miracle, Nikki, Rhoda and Susan Heckler on the township committee. At least we know that two of the four will show up for meetings, and the entertainment value will be priceless. Stu can then be appointed township attorney, which should give enough ammo for Chris Christie to eventually become Governor. We'll get out MegaMall which will eventually get foreclosed on as retailers go out of business due to the traffic problems and no one else will dare rent there. Maybe the stores can then be turned into a school, as the property has plenty of land behind it for ballfields. Sounds like a win-win for all...

Anonymous said...

Larry Roth, you really have no life, do you? And tell me, Larry, in your perverted little mind, how does making the last honest mayor of Manalapan the township attorney give Christie ANY ammo? And as for the village center, Larry, your wife has cost the taxpayers 30,000,000 a year in revenue by putting politics above the interests of the people in blocking the village center. The traffic comes from the extra houses she allowed Hovnanian to build. If Christie is going to be interested in ANYTHING in Manalapan, it's got to be her sweetheart deal with Hovnanian. What did she get for that one, Larry? By the way, have you seen the new plans? It was going to be a village center, with a performing arts center, open space, ball fields, a bandshell, fountains and a beautiful aesthetic. Now, thanks entirely to your wife Michelle, Larry, it's going to be a strip mall bringing in half the taxes and none of the public benefits. Great work, Larry! That may top her poisoning our children and giving them heat stroke with her artificial field for boneheaded political follies.

Anonymous said...

This will be the nasitest campaign against Roth and rightfully so.

Anonymous said...

It won't matter. With new Democrats McEnery & Lucas working side by side with Roth, she will win.

Anonymous said...

Just read the APP
Roth and her minions want a hiring freeze. Budget isn't even inked or is it behind close doors and without the knowledge of Cohen and Gennaro? No government imposes a hiring freeze unless they have their budget in place. A lot of questions are emerging, did Roth just tip her hand and show what has been assumed for the past 2 plus years that there is a government running within the government in Manalapan?

Anonymous said...

Not again. Are we going to sit through this year's budget listening to how once again there was no communication between township committee members? How about you come to the table with some ideas of your own Mr. G. that is in addition to your vending machines.