Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Party Boss - Please Step Forward!

There's an old saying in politics that "if you repeat something enough, people will start to believe it." That has become da First Commandment of Manalapan's Gang of Three (see no evil, hear no evil, and looking evil). That commandment was used in da election of 2006 (Nikki Pezzullo lives in Belmar), da election of 2005 (GOP'ers "spectacularly unqualified candidates), da election of 2004 (insolvency), and yes, even in da case of da Mosked Man, claiming on various message boards da word ("malpractice").

Now, with all the skill of a Democratic graduate of da Michelle Roth "School of Political PR," Manalapan GOP Grand Poobah Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery has taken a page from his supposed rivals and using perfect Democratic "Roth-like" precision launched a tirade against the two GOP'ers who dare challenge his hand-picked candidates.

Iron Girth told da Asbury Park Press, "What it has turned into is a club that will do the bidding of the party bosses, Club President Budai and ex-president Johnson," McEnery said.

Calling Butch Budai, the current president of the Manalapan Republican Club who has as much power as daTruthSquad as to who gets placed on election ballots, or it's past president Steve Johnson a "Party Boss," it's like mistaking Iron Girth McEnery with wafer-thin supermodel Kate Moss.

It's like calling Manalapan's Queen Mayor Roth a "right-wing fiscal conservative."

It's like calling Monmouth County GOP leader Adam "Pu-Pu" Puharic "a uniter, not a divider."

It's like calling President Bush "a left-wing ultra pro-choice liberal."

It's like calling alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy a "Republican."

It's like calling da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" "cost-effective."

It's like calling da ad-hoc Village Transportation Committee "impartial."

It's like calling da local Snoozepaper "an non-biased factual, actual newspaper (with da exception of Mark Rosman)."

Iron Girth was alluding to the primary challenge gauntlet thrown down by Budai & Johnson, who are challenging His Girthness's hand-picked candidates, Ryan "3rd Place" Green & Blogger Bill Garcia.

Continuing his Democratic Doublespeak, Iron Girth then said to da Press, "They could not convince the legitimate organization, the county committee members, to support them for office, and for many good reasons."

Iron Girth was right about that - that Budai & Johnson were having problems convincing county committee members to support them. Maybe da reason Budai & Johnson couldn't "convince da legitimate organization", as in da county committee members was because in da 11th hour, Iron Girth hired 12 new committee members, and would you believe that they voted for Blogger Bill & "3rd Place" Green? Did Iron Girth mention who was responsible for selecting those 12 "new" members? Da answer to that question is Iron Girth himself.

So, it's no wonder Budai & Johnson couldn't convince enough county committee people. They didn't know who the "new" county committee people were!

Now, if both Budai & Johnson were da "Party bosses" Iron Girth alleged in da newspaper, then why weren't they able to hand-pick 2 dozen people, make them county committee people, and take da vote on a day of their choosing?

Maybe you have to actually be a "Party Boss" like Iron Girth to do that?

As for da "for many good reasons," Iron Girth only says that "Budai and Johnson had not worked well with other volunteer boards and committees in town."

Ironically, both Budai & Johnson remain on volunteer boards and are very respected on those boards. Also ironically, Budai, who was Susan Cohen's campaign manager for Township Committee last year was "fired" from one volunteer committee he served on, as was the wife of Johnson. The person who made that appointment was the Queen Mayor. The person who could have stopped it was Andy Boy, who apparently did nothing to stop it from happening to fellow Republicans. Who ran Andy Boy's Township Committee campaign last year - - Iron Girth.

Also, da last time daTruthSquad checked, it was Iron Girth who made da schedule to vote on candidates, hired 12 new county committee people, and knew in advance da only time Budai would not be able to attend a meeting was da day Iron Girth decided to schedule it - da day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

If Budai or Johnson was in fact a "Party Boss," then why was he not able to schedule a vote, hire his own 12 new county committee people, and hire candidates without anyone else's approval?

DaTruth is, Steve Johnson said it best, saying "We are not the renegades, we are the patriots." It's nice to see that someone remembers what our great nation was founded on. The British running the 13 Colonies thought people like Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, John Jay and others who wrote anonymously to let people know they could better their lives were renegades. Now you have people like Iron Girth, who would lead one to believe he was not a "Party Boss" by calling others that title, telling people they shouldn't want to serve the public because they don't think or believe the way Iron Girth does.

Now, here's a daTruthSquad guarantee. As we continue toward the June primary, da TruthTellers have intercepted word that voices from the Iron Girth / Andy Boy / Queen Mayor axis will unleash a campaign of da following lies, rumors and scandalous accusations:

"Da Mosked man will be running da Budai & Johnson campaign."

"Da Mosked man will be named Township Attorney in 2009 if Budai & Johnson win."

"Budai & Johnson support a "MegaMall."

"Budai & Johnson will raise taxes."

"Bloggers are spreading lies to support Budai & Johnson

DaTruth is, there are forces at work behind da scenes who want nothing more than to reelect da Democratic Queen Mayor - at all costs. Da surprise is, some of those people are supposed longtime Republicans!

Who are these people, and why are they working against their own party? Da TruthTellers are gathering information. Their names and activities will be released. A hint is in da next paragraph.

Like Hillary Clinton said, "It takes a Village," and it's a "Village" and those who want to insure you are forced to pay more taxes with no new ratables to offset what you will be forced to pay that seek to keep control. DaTruthSquad is hearing from da TruthTellers as to the identities of some of these individuals. But that's for another daTruthSquad, when all of da facts are confirmed and those hidden in "da Village" are exposed.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Nice try. Johnson wants the mega mall built, with no consideration to the traffic nightmare that it will create. And Butch is tied to the hip with Da Mosked Man, in addition to his buddy Susan Cohen being personal friends with him, and her husband being business associates with him. There are reasons why Butch was not chosen to be the candidate last year and this year, and those reasons will become abundantly clear during the primary race when numerous people speak up.

Anonymous said...

Great well researched investigative report from the truth squad. Why doesn't the newstranscript do this quality work, oh I forgot they don't have real reporters or editors since they're a once a week coupon clipping waste of paper.

Anonymous said...

One thing we've all learned is that anyone that talks about a "megamall" rather than the village center is someone you don't even bother having to pay attention to. What's a mega mall? The Village Center at it's largest was never going to be half the size of the Freehold Mall. It was never going to be as large as Raintree. But Freehold Township's taxes are HALF what ours are with similar services. Why? Because Freehold Township has had experienced, honest township officials who understand the need for blending commercial and residential, while we've been stuck with certifiable nutjobs like Gray, Spodak, Lucas, Shapiro, Roth, and Ward. Other municipalites just shake their heads at how childish and incompetent Manalapan's government is. They ask questions like,"Doesn't Manalpaan have any voters who actually can figure out what's going on?" Well, if they elect "I'll run for whatever you've got" Ryan Green, "I do what Jesus tells me to do" Bill Garcia, "I hate everyone and I'll them all, and their little dogs, too" Michelle Roth, or "I do whatever Gerry Ward tells me to do because I haven't had an independent thought since 1967" Don Holland, then I guess the answer is no, the voters of Manalapan don't pay attention to what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Johnson wants a Megamall? Can't you read the transcript article you listed? He said "We have entertained too many things outside the zone. We need to only consider those things within the zone," he said. "The Township Committee did their part by creating the Village Commercial zone. Now they should stay out of it and let the Planning Board do their part. The Planning Board has no direction and the direction should come from the people."

I guess you can't read! MegaMallNut!

Mal E. Practice said...

Congratulations, supporters of the so-called Megamall. You just proved Datruthsquad right again!

The Squad said the Roth & Lucas & McEnery supporters would lie and say Budai & Johnson support the Megamall, and what do you do? You say exactly what Datruthsquad said you would.

You also proved beyond any doubt whoever these Truthtellers are working for Datruthsquad are gathering accurate information from the inside.

Great work again Squad!

Anonymous said...

Forget trying to figure out who daTruthSquad is. After reading this, if I were Roth or Lucas or in these campaigns I'd want to find out who is ratting them out inside their own camps, because daTruthSquad was 1000% on target with this one. It's obvious to anyone the daTruthSquad has inside information in Manalapan Town Hall and in the campaigns.

If this blog sticks around any longer it'll put the Transcript out of business.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

The public has not forgotten the truth. The Italian Amerian Community has not forgotten. The Asian American Community has not forgotten. The Jewish Orthodox Community has not forgotten. No one has forgotten what Michelle Roth and her infamous spouse Larry have done to us.

Anonymous said...

The village center was zoned for 500,000 square feet. Brunelli advertised on his website space for rent in the amount of 1,200,000 square feet. The village center was zoned commercial. He wanted condos above the store, then sued under COAH to have housing (with an affordable housing component included, by law) on the property. He's nothing but a carpetbagging profiteer, and created his own mess of antagonism in town. The area needs a supermarket and retail stores, plus additional access to take the traffic burden off of Millhurst Road. He's spent three years fighting this just to line his own pockets. Blame the TC or the Planning Board all you want, but the facts are the facts. He's his own worst enemy.

Publicola said...

Hello Friends and Neighbors -

As a new resident, I was interested in the Village project, as it seemed like a nice idea, shopping, entertainment and a park close to home. I was disheartened to learn how long it has been stalled. Aside from the (understandable) concern for traffic, what is the objections the board has to the project?

Also, I ask your pardon if this question is a repeat, but how does a new resident get involved in the local GOP club/committee, etc.? I see that this McErney fellow is not liked on this blog, are there are elections for his position? Can someone challenge his role? Does the Democrat Party have as much division as the GOP?

Finally, when are the Township Committee meetings and are they open to the public?

Many thanks in advance.

Humbly and respectfully,


Anonymous said...

According to McEnery you can move to Manalapan and two years later run for township committee. You don't even have to join the Manalapan Republican club and socialize with the truely hard working fellow Republicans. Just show up for the stacked county committee vote.

Your running mate can be a guy who hasn't done anything for the Republican party either. But, at least he did join the club, when he decided to become a Republican in February 2008!

I warn you about those who sold out their party, like McEnery and Lucas. Meeting with Dems and running to have the Dems leader and let him pat you on their tiny little heads.

Anonymous said...

According to McEnery you can move to Manalapan and two years later run for township committee. You don't even have to join the Manalapan Republican club and socialize with the truely hard working fellow Republicans. Just show up for the stacked county committee vote.

Your running mate can be a guy who hasn't done anything for the Republican party either. But, at least he did join the club, when he decided to become a Republican in February 2008!

I warn you about those who sold out their party, like McEnery and Lucas. Meeting with Dems and running to have the Dems leader and let him pat you on their tiny little heads.

Anonymous said...

Why are you wasting your valuable time reading all this crap?

Wyatt Earp, MD said...

I used to read the Transcript, but then I realized I was truly wasting my time because I actually wanted to know what was really happening in Manalapan and the area.

So I stopped reading it and began reading this blog. It's more entertaining, and 10,000 times more informative that the Transcript.

Anonymous said...

Hey bitter disgusting woman with no life except to make up stuff about the two of us,your cheap shots are reprehensible. You know my number. If you have a problem, call me, you coward.

Anonymous said...

You have to appreciate it when the attack dogs get their fur in a bunch when they are attacked.

How embarassing will it be to lose a primary? Or a job as party boss?

Anonymous said...

Post your number here, give your name, you must be Lucas or McEnery. Both of you losers claim you don't post online. One of you just proved yourself a liar. It is hard to tell which, because you both wanted to post against Joe L, even after he resigned.

You don't deal with the dems? Then, why put out signs for Lucas and Shapiro. Lucas, you should ask your father why he was doing that! He got caught. You are a sellout!

Your new attorney, isn't he the one working on the village project? I wonder if you will go back to supporting Brunelli? Have you had any more rides in his limo? How about your friend Roth?

Anonymous said...

The 500,000 square foot village center is supported by most people in town. The problems with it are twofold: first, Millhurst Road can't handle its existing traffic, so improvements need to be made, and the developer wasn't willing to make them, and second, the developer kept on trying to win approval for a monsterous mega mall or shopping center with retail, both of which aren't allowed under zoning, and both of which the traffic can't support. He simply isn't playing by the rules and being a good neighbor. If you drive on Route 33 in that area you see there is a need for a supermarket and other stores. If you drive on Millhurst Road you also see how bad the traffic is. All the developer needs to do is understand he isn't going to change the zoning in the area so he can build more, and that he has to make traffic improvements through a parallel road west of Millhurst Road, and he will get his approvals to build and the stores can be built. Unfortunately, he's greedy.

Anonymous said...

You just summed up the truth about every developer. The big problem isn't the Village. It's the town approving 3,000 homes on a small parcel of land on Millhurst Road.

The town basically is allowing a builder to build a small town in that area. In a way we'll need the Village there because 3,000 homes will add at least 5,000 cars to the area and they'll all be heading to Freehold to do their shopping unless there's a place down the street for them to go.

That's called poor planning. Whoever on the planning board allowed that is a fool.

Anonymous said...

It is clear from the "public" meetings on television that everything has been discussed and decided beforehand.. Behind closed doors.

The Transcript was MUCH better this week. Rosman is much better than Barratta. The reports were accurate as to what went on at the public meeting. It is too bad there is no report about what went on before the meeting behind closed doors.