Friday, April 11, 2008

Da Hidden Truth About Da Manalapan GOP Civil War

War has been declared within da Manalapan GOP, and my embedded GOP'er sources tell daTruthSquad it won't end with da primary, no matter who wins in June, and it was a strategic maneuver, but it appears it wasn't orchestrated by who da local Snoozepaper woul lead you to believe.

It appears if da Poobah keeps control, the “reform faction” candidates as they’re being called by da local Snoozepaper may possibly run on their own line in the fall as “Reform Republicans.” If party boss Steve “Iron Girth” McEnery’s line fails in June, they too will take a second line on the ballot – and there’s a very important reason for that – he may be forced to – and it’s not GOP’ers that may be doing the forcing!

There has always been a simmering feud within da Manalapan GOP, but it blew its stack when a series of events drove a wedge wider than da girth of da Poobah himself between da factions. Thanks to da TruthTellers, it appears da series of events happened this way:

1. It became clear in January that 2 figures were emerging for da GOP to run for Township Committee. One was Butch Budai, who just happened to be da campaign manager for Susan Cohen's victorious campaign last year. He's also da current club president and doesn't see eye-to-girth with da Poobah or alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident & DEFENDANT Andy Boy. Da other is Steve Johnson, who just happens to be outspoken about da Field of Nightmares supported by da Queen Mayor & alleged Manalapan and/or Freehold resident & DEFENDANT Committeeman Andy Boy. He's also a former club president, and like Budai, his wife was fired from her volunteer position in Manalapan by da Queen Mayor this year.

2. It became crystal clear to da Poobah that he didn't want candidates he couldn't control. So, he reached out to "independent" Ryan Green, who is running for every possible election in Manalapan this year, and in a year that da powerful political elite have set their sights and their Snoozepaper against da bloggers, da Poobah enlists "unaffiliated" Blogger Bill Garcia, who has his own blog and isn't afraid to leave his religious & personal thoughts on it while removing any mention of daTruthSquad from it.

3. Both "independent" & "unaffiliated" apparently & suddenly change their political ideologies to GOP in late-February.

4. Da Poobah chooses da day to pick candidates. He selects da day between Good Friday & Easter Sunday, which also happens to be da very same Holy weekend Budai was scheduled to be out of town. Because of the religious implications, a number of county committee people who select candidates was unable to attend. They were then kicked to da curb and 12 hand-picked replacements were bussed in on da Poobah Express, handing their votes to Team Poobah.

There have been 2 news reports about this so far, one was a fair & balanced report by da Asbury Park Press. The other was a Poobah press release written as only Back Page Barratta can for her Snoozepaper.

Da Snoozepaper claims they were unable to contact Johnson & Budai, who apparently were quite able to be contacted by da Press and gave what appears to be truthful commentary.

Da Snoozepaper instead decided to only interview Poobah supporters, and interviewed 1 couple who are longtime GOP'ers who are in step with da Poobah. Da other person they interviewed was another Poobah supporter, someone da Snoozepaper described as a "gadfly," which, according to Webster's dictionary, is either "any of various flies (as a horsefly, botfly, or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock, or a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism."

Regardless whether da Snoozepaper claims da person is an annoying insect that bites livestock or one that annoys using criticism, she, according to da Snoozer writer, "was approached by a member of the county committee in an effort to get her to join the reform faction."

It is unknown where da meeting took place in a back alley or at "faction headquarters," which is what one is led to believe when you read da Back Page release.

And, regardless of where da meeting was held - and da fact they've called daTruthSquad worse - da BaconHeads at da Snoozepaper owe that young lady an apology for referencing her as "an annoying insect that bites livestock."

In da Press story, which did not find it necessary to call someone an annoying insect, instead were able to get important interviews with Budai & Johnson, and unlike da Snoozer press release, told both sides of da story by painting a picture of a large number of GOP'ers who are not happy with da current leadership and demand change.

Unlike da Back Page press release, da Press story told us "GOP Municipal Committee Chairman Stephen McEnery said Budai and Johnson caught a case of sour grapes," which underscores the "us vs them" mentality Team Poobah apparently wants to portray.

Unlike da Back Page press release, da Press story reported an extremely important facet, that "Budai and Johnson, a Zoning Board of Adjustment member, also have organized 40 residents to run on their line for the 48 local Republican County Committee seats, they said. The township reported unofficially that 76 people are running in 24 districts for the seats. "Many of us decided to join together to work to return Manalapan to the kind of community we all enjoyed before the party bosses created the negativity that saddens us all," Budai said.

This means either Manalapan is da “Sour Grapes" capital of da world, or indeed da dissent is widespread. Apparently, that is da difference between 1 "newspaper" that you have to pay for, and da other "Snoozepaper" which gets tossed on your wet lawn whether you like it or not.

Now, here's what daTruthTellers know that da newspapers didn't know.

It appears there's a reason some in da GOP "Grand Old Poobah" party don't want Budai & Johnson on da ticket, and it surrounds both da Democrats - da Village - and da Mosked man.

Da Democrats desperately want to keep control of Manalapan, and they want their Queen to stay in power. Recently Democrats went to bat for alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Andy Boy after da Mosked man served him papers naming him as a DEFENDANT in da case of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," and da person who stood by "Republican" Andy Boy's side was none other than Manalapan Democratic Chairman Gerard Ward!

In a Snoozepaper letter-to-da-editor, Ward wrote, "I stand shoulder to shoulder with Chairman Steve McEnery and the Manalapan Republican Party in support of Andrew Lucas."

This of course is a far cry from another letter Ward wrote about his new comrade a few short years ago when he said of his pal Andy Boy, “However, Mr. Lucas’s lack of qualifications for elected office is astounding. Mr. Lucas isn’t even a homeowner — he is a 20-something man living at home with his parents.”

Or, there was Ward’s questioning Lucas’s claim Manalapan was heading toward insolvency – that was – of course when Lucas wasn’t leading the charge to raise Manalapan’s taxes 28%! “How much is our town’s reputation worth? The year before the $12 tax decrease, (Committeeman Joseph) Mr. Locricchio and (Committee Andrew) Mr. Lucas swore we were going insolvent. How is it we went from insolvency to having enough money for a tax decrease?”

And then there was this gem by Ward discussing Lucas’s skills with a budget, Not even their own auditor would back his ridiculous claims and say that the town was in a ‘dire situation,’ ” Ward said. “Why is (Lucas) and his Republican friends so intent on destroying this town’s image just for political gain?”

Another Ward letter to da Snoozer questions whether Andy Boy was covering something up, “It’s a shame [Manalapan Township Committeeman] Andrew Lucas wasn’t born during Watergate and subsequently paid no attention to the lessons learned during that time period. The one undisputable fact to come out of that affair, which both Republicans and Democrats can agree upon, is that you never cover up anything. You will eventually get caught, lose all credibility and the public will never forgive you. Mr. Lucas’ 45 minutes of evading the simple question, “Did you attend the meeting where the future of the Englishtown Police Department was discussed?” was pathetic but not surprising."

Why is it that someone who has spent several years writing less-than-flattering letters about Andy Boy is all of a sudden his pen-pal?

DaTruth is, maybe when all is said and done another Democrat leader is da one who said it best when she said simply, It takes a Village.”

And who was it who said, He was for it, before he was against it?”

It’s nice to see that Andy Boy has more support these days from Manalapan’s Democratic leadership than he does with Manalapan’s Republican foot soldiers. Remember, it was da Queen who cast da deciding vote to make her former arch-rival Andy Boy mayor in 2007, and Andy Boy who cast da deciding vote to make his former arch-rival da Queen mayor in 2008.

DaTruth is, it was Andy Boy who cast da deciding vote to bring his 2004 campaign strategist, da Mosked Man, on board as Township Attorney in 2005, at da same time he was severely criticized in 2005 campaign literature released by da Roth campaign for taking “a limousine ride to Trenton” with da Village developer. What a difference a year or 2 makes.

If da reform candidates gain power, it could put an end to a certain lawsuit known worldwide as “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man,” and prove da lawsuit was nothing more than a political vendetta?

Also, both da Ward & Queen-led Democrats & Iron Girth-led GOP’ers in power fear a win by da reformers will catapult da Mosked Man back into political power in Manalapan, something they apparently loathe & fear.

In an upcoming daTruthSquad, we will have to examine why, when da town leaders have laid da foundation of their battle against da bloggers does da Poobah enlist a blogger as a candidate, how it will look if da School Board guy doesn't win reelection for his school seat yet run on da Poobah's ticket, and whether da GOP’er Poobah wants da Democratic Queen Mayor reelected?

One has to speculate what may be happening in da “back room” where certain deals are struck?

And that’s daTruth.


Colts Neck Democrat said...

This blog is great. I can't believe the guy the Monmouth GOP gave their blessing to has already quit. These guys who lead the GOP are a pathetic joke. No wonder they keep losing Freeholder seats every year after never losing even one for 20 years.

Keep up the good work Squad!

Anonymous said...

I would vote for the 'establised' Republicans or the Democrats just to keep Da Mosked Man out of any position of influence in Manalapan. He has done enough damage to date and we don't him...or the mega mall he is shilling for.

Anonymous said...

From reading your blog and the paid and free papers, it seems that Ward still isn't crazy about Lucas, but stood up for him against the vicious attack that Moskovitz launched against Lucas and his wife. Ward may disagree with Lucas' politics, however, Ward chooses to attack Lucas based upon his actions in town hall, not the bedroom, as Moskovitz chooses to invade.

Anonymous said...

Ward wouldn't side with Lucas unless there was something in it for him IMHO. Name the last party boss who stepped over lines like that and didn't have something up their sleeve.

I'm no fan of the Mosked man as he is called, but I do believe the lawsuit against him is frivolous and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on it is the reason I will not vote for any incumbent in Manalapan this year.

Anonymous said...

The last few years in Manalapan have been ugly with all of the negative politics going on. Spending all that money on a lawsuit over $15,000 should be investigated by the law.

As for voting this year, I will not vote for any of the "established" candidates for the sole reason I don't know who's pockets they are in. The independents get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Moskovitz cut taxes and increased the surplus every year he was in office. When Michelle brought the township to near insolvency in 2004, he came in as township attorney, cut the legal bills by two thirds and when he left, there was still a huge surplus and another tax cut. He brought water to an area of Manalapan no one ever heard of, broke ground for the arboretum, brought in 2.5 million dollars in grant money -- which no one has done since, created many senior citizen programs still in use today, was in favor of the village center because it would have provided at no cost to the taxpayers soccer fields, a bandshell for concerts, a first aid squad building a performing arts center and land for both open space and a new school, while bringing in enough revenue so that we wouldn't have had a tax increase for a decade. Yeh, he's the problem, not Shapiro, Lucas and Roth, who have raised taxes, destroyed the surplus, started an exodus from town hall, created an atmosphere of hate and ugliness, and divided the town on racial and ethnic lines. That's the facts, not the horsesh** shapiro, lucas and the twin budhas dictating as municipal chairmen are spreading.

Anonymous said...

oh brother! talk about drinking the Kool Aid. Lucas lives in Freehold and defrauds the voters of Manalapan by running for reelection anyway. He lies his way through it, like he's lied about everything he's caught doing, and the bad guy here is the guy who discovered the fact that Lucas is a criminal? Has New Jersey become so corrupt that the whistleblower is the bad guy and the criminal is the victim?

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too
Have faith,the people of Mnalapan are fed up with the status quo in Manalapan. Roth is disliked enormously in Manalapan. Channel 77 has been a blessing, it has exposed her. The synthetic field is going to be the fall of the Queen. You see the million dollar question is what information does she possess that makes her so superior that she can say she feels this field is safe? Completely ignoring the reports there have been health dangers found? What does she know that the countries of Italy, Sweden and Norway who have that banned them and are removing them don't? NOTHING!! Or the state of Connecticut that has placed a moritorium on building them? Or better yet the City of New York that banned them? How is it that this woman who has no environmnetal/health science background knows better than all these scientists and country leaders?

Anonymous said...

children? you think she's worried about children? This is a woman whose daily bread is paid for by the blood and sweat of oppressed African workers in the gold mines who are still suffering the remnants of apartheid while Michelle Roth and her ethically challenged husband write glowing press releases about how wonderful the gold mining companies are in providing housing for these workers -- housing that cramps 15 workers permanently in a small room as living quarters. Do you really think she cares if our children are seriously injured so that she can get a headline for the artificial field? What I don't understand is how a woman who violates everything her religion teaches can claim to "follow" that religion.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Her business representing gold mines that alleges to treat workers poorly if true is a disgrace. Her obligation as an elected official is to the people. Her slogan in 2005 was for all the people. Children too. She has become a politician that thursts power and attention. She makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

What started the rift beween McEnerey, Budai and Puharic?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lucas, who doubles as sitdownrhoda, decided that Shapiro was his kind of guy. He has attacked every republican there is, including Rhoda, constantly, who has to have a screw loose to keep aligning herself with the two people, McEnery and Lucas, who spend all day long making fun of her. It's really tough to take Rhoda seriously, when she continues to allow them to walk all over her.

manalapan republican said...

Unfortunaterly for Republicans in Manalapan McEnery and Lucas have shown their true colors and they are not real Republicans.

Real Republicans are hard working and truly care about the causes we work hard for, like lower taxes and limited spending. Andy showed his true colors by siding with Roth on the biggest tax increase in town history, and he was the one who designed it.

McEnery has sold us out bringing in Democrats to run on our ticket.

I for one will be voting in the primary against anyone who is a puppet of Andy & McEnery.

Mal E. Practice said...

To the person who wrote the following:

I didn't believe one word you said, until I I looked up a certain public relations firm and a certain gold mine in Africa, and found the connection. I read the story linked here and it made me physically ill. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Anonymous said...
Changing Times Too

Her business representing gold mines that alleges to treat workers poorly if true is a disgrace. Her obligation as an elected official is to the people. Her slogan in 2005 was for all the people. Children too. She has become a politician that thursts power and attention. She makes me sick.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anonymous said...

Was it Mayor Michelle Roth's husband Larry who said because I hate Italians ?

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too
Okay I opened the link to the South African Gold Mine story but where is the connection to Michelle Roth and her firm? I have been honest and have said I do not like her ethics and actions. IMHO she is a thursty power hungry dispicable politician who cares only about her self preservation to retain the title and power of an elected official on the Manalapan Township Committee and she does not care about our us or our children. Please show me the link that you claim absolutely shows her firm represents that gold mine in the horrific story I just read from the link you posted.
Thank You

Anonymous said...

Her firm is an investor relations co. that works with publicly held companies, a few of which are mines. A few malcontents translate this to supporting apartheid. Typical nonsense.

Anonymous said...

her firm used to publish the names of her clients on their website. The website was shut down when people looked up the clients and started publishing the names of the clients, the news stories about their oppression of Africans, and press releases she wrote to show her involvement. Months later the website was reopened, without the names of the clients. I assume whoever pubished those things before on the blogs has saved them and will republish them in October when it's too late for the democrats to replace her.

IHateItaliansAfricansChildren said...

she also wrote positive press releases for firms that were caught severely damaging the environment and invading Native American reservations. Her clients -- the ones she writes positive press releases for -- are the most offensive corporations in the world. No wonder she has no problem with the artificial field

Anonymous said...

"a few of which are mines?" That had to be Larry Roth that said that. ALL of Michelle's clients are mining companies, not a few. ALL OF THEM. That was clear from her website. Strip mines, mines that were built by apartheid and continue to operate on the blood and sweat of Africans, just like the plantations continued to operate in the 19th century after the civil war on the blood and sweat of "freed" slaves.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on another site and had to post it here. I figured it would be deleted as most posts on are. It was very well written and speaks the truth.

2791. Laughter is the Best Medicine
by dottyp, 4/13/08 9:35 ET
Re: Does anyone know who Peter Hall is? by riverfiter, 4/13/08
My late mother used to say that laughter is the best medicine. I have found this to be very true in recent years. I have learned a great deal in the 17 years that I have resided in Manalapan about people, by how they choose to behave. On this forum, there are people who choose to post anonymously and sometimes say despicable things about other people and that is their choice. I have chosen to post my opinions and feelings about various topics under my real name and that is my choice. As in the recent court case involving daTruthSquad, this is America and people are free to say as they please. What I have learned is how to sit back and laugh about what people say. I truly enjoy reading daTruthSquad because I find it very entertaining and at times, very informative. During the campaign last year, Joey D and I learned a great deal about how things in Manalapan really are and IMHO, what goes on in the political arena is pretty pathetic. It truly amazes me what some people won't say or do, to get elected. But most importantly, I have learned that laughter is the best medicine. So to all my fellow forum posters who feel the need to, at times, "verbally beat me up" please feel free to do so, as that is your right and I will continue to LOL.

Anonymous said...

What will Iron Girth do if his new protege loses his first election this year for the school board?

If you can't win the school board, how can you be expected to win the township committee?

IMHO, if he loses that does not make Republican prospects look good at all.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Well my curiosity got the better of me and I spent a few minutes navigating the internet and low and behold I found that Roth's firm indeed represents/ed the mining company that was listed on that link regarding the poor living conditions. Larry was the contact person on it. So who ever mal e. practice is you were correct and posted the truth. Represneting a company that treats its employees that poorly speaks volumes to the character of the indiviual writing the hype for them. My instincts about Roth were right on from the minute I met her and this is just more proof that she is not what Manalapan needs.

Terri said...

Nice catch mal e. practice and changing times. I read that story link and I didn't know what it meant until I also did some internet searching and found the company either did or still does have a contract with our Queen Mayor's company.

Unlike NJ.Com, the reason I like reading this blog is because not only is it entertaining, it makes you think and provides evidence for claims made. I can certainly understand why the Manalapan politicians tried to go to court to have this site taken down. The politicians may control some newspapers, bu they have no control over the internet and it must scare them silly.

Keep up the good work Datruthsquad, Changing times, and mal practice.

Anonymous said...

So, if/when Butch and Steve lose the primary, will they run as independents in November?

Anonymous said...

Why are you so sure they will lose? Maybe you should ask what Manalapan's newest Republicans will do if they lose?

Anonymous said...

Butch and Steve are running as Republicans. After June 3, Ryan Green will be wondering how he lost two elections in two months, and Bill Garcia will be back to running his right wing psycho church con state website.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Bill Garcia personally, but don't attack him as being a psycho. The man has deep religious beliefs that influence him. We can all learn from his example. That being said, I don't believe he will win in November as there will be a large turnout voting against conservatism in the Presidential election, and he will be affected by this. I still respect the man for running...and holding true to his beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Well Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds, that was a statement from Roth in her 2005 campaign. Well think about this, the gang of 3 want a synthetic turf field regardless of the health reports being produced about the health dangers to our children playing on them. Several articles appeared late yesterday afternoon and then again this morning about lead levels found at two NJ sites with synthetic fields that had levels of lead 8 times higher than allowable. Search the net they are all there. Yet we have one of the gang of 3 Klauber, who is preaching we need to spend 1MILLION DOLLARS to convert the street lighting to conserve energy and is pushing the use of solar panels on the municipal building and the schools to "Go GREEN" What kind of hypocrit is Klauber? He claims to be concerned with the environment and energy and yet he is pushing the synthetic field? NOW that it has been proven there are health and environmental problems with this type of field will he do anything? Or will he continue to thwart all of Mr. Gennaro's objections to the synthetic field? Now look at a candidate for school board, a Democrat and a Gang of 3 supporter, Larry Furman who is campaigning that he too is a big solar energy Go Green advocate. Like Klauber we have not heard one word from Furman on his opposition to the synthetic turf field going into our town. So why haven't we? Let's face it, if you believe we have to save the earth and GO GREEN why aren't you concerned with the effects an artifical field can have on our environment and our children? If you are truly are for the environment then this too should be part of your concern for the safety and health of the children as a school board member.
More hypocrisy in Manalapan? I think so.
There is a brilliant quote from Jeff Teitel of the Sierra Club in an on line nbc new york article from yesterday 4/14 where he states that the Sierra Club has been fighting for 6 years to ban synthetic turf fields and this is his quote relating to synthetic turf " If cows can't eat it children shouldn't play on it." Kudos Mr. Teitel, I think that says it all. End the Hypocrisy in Manalapan and fight to save our children. Vote No to anyone who refuses to stand up to the Gang of 3 and allows this field to be built in Manalapan. Our childrens lives depend on it!

Anonymous said...

The articles about the high levels of lead in the artificial turf fields relate to older fields made by Astro Turf that used nylon. The field that is being installed in Manalapan is rubber based, and by a different company. ALl of this was in the articles you refer to. But you knew that.....

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Yes it is an older field with the same TECHNOLOGY. Funny they found this out now some 5 plus years after the field was installed. What is lurking in the brand spanking new field that the Queen and her minions want to put in? The reports are swirling around about the chemical compounds that are carcinogenic and the heat and latex but no one wants to address it from the Gang of 3. So are we to use our children as quinea pigs and let them play on the field?

Anonymous said...

What I'd like to know is why the Manalapan Township Committee won't at least do some proper tests. Can they not care about the health of our kids? Of course if it comes back 10 years from now there are health issues they'll just play dumb and say how could they have known.

It's amazing what some people will do to have their name on a plaque saying they did something.

Anonymous said...

...and what 'tests' do you recommonds, oh wise one?

Anonymous said...

What about the studies showing problems with the fields that Gennaro brought forward, only to have thrown back in his face by the Queen of Mean?

Maybe the same reports showing problems that led New York City to stop them. Or Connecticut? Or 3 other countries.

Anonymous said...

Those reports showed concerns. The reports were reviewed by the TC, Dave Richardson, Greg Vilesi...and the Board of Ed, who recently put in three rubber surfaced playgrounds at schools. What exactly are you suggesting be tested?

Anonymous said...

If you can't produce evidence of their safety, here are studies that raise serious questions:

"Doctor urges caution on fake turf
Lisa Chamoff, The Advocate [Stamford, Connecticut]
October 16, 2007,0,2479037.story?coll=stam-news-local-headlines

WESTPORT - A expert on the environment and children's health told a small crowd at the Westport Public Library last night that parents should be wary of synthetic turf athletic fields, and he agreed that cities and towns should not rush to install the fields, which are made in part from recycled tires, until the health risks are determined.

Dr. Philip Landrigan, who heads the department of community and preventative medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, spoke about exposure to chemicals such as pesticides, lead and mercury, and how they affect children's' health.

Aside from the arguments that synthetic turf athletic fields are less costly to maintain than grass, Landrigan said the fields get very hot and can cause rough abrasions that are more likely to become infected.

After recently reviewing a report from New Haven-based Environment and Human Health Inc., Landrigan said he agrees that the shredded tires and the affect on children's health should be studied further.

The report centered on a recent study by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven.

The study found that under laboratory conditions the tire fragments released at least four dangerous compounds, including one recognized carcinogen, under slightly elevated temperatures. The compounds can irritate eyes, skin and mucous membranes. The rubber also was found to leach heavy metals into water.

The organization has asked for a moratorium on the further installation of the synthetic turf fields until more research is done.

"What we don't know at this point is to what extent do these toxic chemicals . . . get into kids' bodies," Landrigan said.

He noted a study being conducted by Rutgers University utilizing a robot that will move around the fields and take air samples about a foot above the surface to measure the amount of chemical exposure. He said it also would be a good idea to work with groups of parents and obtain urine samples of children who use the fields, to see if chemicals are passing through their bodies.

Landrigan also focused on the increasing incidence of asthma, childhood cancers and developmental disorders, such as autism. He said there are chemicals that haven't been tested for their possible toxicity, and children are more susceptible to exposure because they drink more water and often transfer substances to their mouths. Children also are still developing and they take longer to rid their bodies of chemicals, he said.

"We are conducting in our society a vast toxicological experiment," Landrigan said.

There is evidence for environmental causes of developmental disorders, including lead, methyl mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, Landrigan said. He advised people to eat organic foods as much as possible, be informed about neighbors' pesticide use and encourage the use of "green" materials in schools. . . . "

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Well this is just another atrocity that we are facing in this township of Manalapan. Read todays APP. We have the Queen spending another few million of our dollars at the rec center, that is 6 million in 2 years! But she refuses to pay $11K so that 17 children from Englishtown can attend the summer rec at Manalapan . Englishtown which gets so little funding has never paid the fee in the history of the Rec. But good old Queenie Meanie found a way to save $11K by screwing these financially challenged families from giving their kids a summer camp. But it gets better, we need a another police officer to work Manalapan High School. Guess what no money for that either,no money for the First Aid Squad, but we have money to fix the rec?! We have money for everything else but the children!! Do you see a pattern here? Considering that the Queen can afford to send her kids to private sleep away camp why should she care for those less fortunate? Such a humanitarian isn't she? But then again doesn't the Queen of Mean earn her money in the foreign market writing PR BS for foreign mining companies that treat their workers like second class citizens? So is denying those less fortunate a routine for her ? She has proven she cares nothing about our children, she has refused to stop the synthetic field with it's health hazards, she refuses to pay for our 17 children from Englishtown, she refuses to give the Police Department of Manalapan the money they need to protect our children at the High School, but she can spend $6 MILLION DOLLARS AT THE REC now can't she?? Whos suffers? Our Children! SHAME ON YOU MICHELE ROTH! Beware of politicians like her that come to your door and tell you they are for all the people like she did. IMHO she is not a leader she is an elitest!

Anonymous said...

Englishtown residents pay taxes to Englishtown, not Manalapan. If kids need to be subsidized then Englishtown should cover it, not Manalapan residents. Where do you get your $6 million from for the rec center? As the article clearly says, less than $2 million is being spent on the first phase of construction there? You are also way off base in your personal attacks about what her firm does. Man, you are so obvioulsy a (not so effective) political attack can't even read an article and spin it without outright lying!

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Truth Hurts Huh? FACT> Last year Roth approved 3.8 MILLION in bonding for the REC. This year 2 MILLION. I think that adds up to 5.8 MILLION so I rounded it to 6 OMG! Are you her political watch dog out to protect your master? I am telling the truth. Yes Englishtown residents do pay their taxes to Englishtown but Manalapan set a precedent when they started paying for the children of Englishtown. It has been a policy for more years than can be remembered. Now all of a sudden we kick those kids out? As for what she does in her PR firm, she does indeed write press releases for her companies, majority of which are in the mining industry in foreign countries. Spin until you knock yourself out. The truth is what you and Roth fear. The truth will sink her re election bid. I am a taxpayer fed up with the BS that she is spinning under the guise of an elected official claiming to represent all the people.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous poster two postings ago that claimed the previous writer was "way off" on what Roth's firm does. The previous writer picked up what they wrote from the internet where it's all out there in black and white. Pray tell, what "inside information" do you have that what the internet shows her firm does is "way off base" and how exactly do you come by that inside information?

ABR - anybody but roth said...

I guess when one sends their children to sleep away camp, or drives fancy cars, or is politically connected, why should they care if workers are dying because of the conditions they work in halfway across the world while tucked away in a huge house in an overtaxed New Jersey suburb they write glowing and wonderful things about the company working them to that grave while getting paid per month what those workers may barely see working 12-16 hour days in a year.

Anonymous said...

To the poster complaining about the $11,000 subsidy for Englishtown kids going to Manalapan's summer program, please remember this:

That $11,000 will be used for much more important things than a bunch of happy kids using our recreation facilities.

We need at least 2 more large signs in town with the name MICHELLE ROTH in big letters in front of construction sites so when she drives around her kingdom she can be happy. That's much more important than some peasants having a nice summer.

What in the world were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

I just read this on NJ.COM, and, since the Monmouth County Republican Organization (aka Adam Puharic and his rotundity, Steve McEnery) pay Kathleen Donaghue to spend all day monitoring NJ.COM deleting any post referring to her father, I thought I'd copy it here before it disappeared:

I'm no fan of Larry or Michelle Roth. Who is? And they are hardly beyond reproach for the way they dealt with the situation, but you are absolutely right that the person who fanned the flames, the person who created the ethnic divide in Manalapan was Steve McEnery who did exactly what you just said. Now that the cloak of immunity has been removed from McEnery, more and more stories are coming out about him. This man has, at one time or another, actually one time AND another, attacked Italians, Jews (there are MANY stories of that -- explaining his hatred of the Mosked man and his disdain for Rhoda, who still lets him walk all over her), Greeks -- that one is making the rounds across the county -- and many other ethnic groups. The man is a racist. He is an evil divider. He is a drain on the party and on the township. It is not an accident that he can't win an election. He can't get two people to work together let alone a team. Ryan and Bill Garcia are about to find out like everyone else before them, that hitching your wagon to McEnery is political suicide. Ryan better enjoy his three years on the school board, because he will never recover from being McEnery's candidate for township committee. Ryan has won his last election ever.