Monday, September 29, 2008

Assault & Intimidation - Must Just be Another Typical "King James" Wasser Meeting

The following is a mock dramatization of a recent Freehold Regional School District meeting:

Heading into da parking lot, you pass a sign that says "No Intimidation Zone" on it. After parking your car, a "School Meeting Security Guard," a large man dressed in black wearing Jackboots writes down your license plate number. You walk to the building where the school meeting will be held, followed by 2 "School Meeting Security Guards" writing down your description. You reach the door, where a "School Meeting Security Guard" orders you to place your hands on the wall as you're patted down. You then proceed through a metal detector, and into a room where a smiling "School Meeting Security Guard" performs a body-cavity search.

Once that painful experience is over, another "School Meeting Security Guard" takes an oral DNA swab. On your way to sign in to speak to the honored board members, led by Dr/Mr/High Exalted King James Wasser, you pass by a large sign that reads, "Intimidation Of Any Kind Is Unacceptable At This Meeting!" You are then shown by "School Meeting Security Guards" a collection of "Missing Persons" pictures, cemeteries, and pictures of rotting corpses. As you sign in, another "School Meeting Security Guard" whacks a Singapore cane on a large padded dummy positioned on the other side of the table. On da table are thumbscrews, a noose, a pair of pliers and a blowtorch. You are then led by another "School Meeting Security Guard" dressed up like Satan who takes you to your assigned seat, which is stained with a red substance that looks like blood, who says to you, "Please allow us to notify your next of kin if you plan on speaking here tonight"

Sounds intimidating, does it not?

Now, to be sure, this is not how a typical Freehold Regional High School district meeting is held. However, there are some who are not happy with da way they're treated at these meetings - and with good reason!

Recently, da Asbury Park Press reported that a person at one of these meetings was taken away by ambulance after he claimed he was assaulted by a "School Meeting Security Guard."

Even better than this, a Manalapan resident asked a question of the so-called administrators. He was reportedly told - and get this - "I'M NOT HERE TO RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTIONS!"

Now, here's some daTruthSquad questions for you to ponder:

1. Who is paying for the phalanx of these ""School Meeting Security Guards" who oversee the proceedings where you're apparently allowed to ask questions - if you dare - but then told "I'm not here to respond to your questions?"

2. Why isn't the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Offfice investigating the alleged assault by a "School Meeting Security Guard" of a man there to watch the proceedings?

3. Should the ACLU be contacted regarding what one Manalapan teacher said was the "Administrators' intimidation tactics are keeping people from speaking their minds?"

4. Is it time the state steps in and takes over the Freehold Regional High School District?

5. What could potential lawsuits cost taxpayers?

Now, here are daTruthSquad's answers........

1. If these "School Meeting Security Guards" are paid for with taxpayer dollars, that must stop at once. There is no reason anyone should fear or face intimidation by one of these folks, and that practice must end. It's easier and less likely to receive retribution making fun of McCain, Palin, or Obama than asking questions of da Freehold Regional School Board!

2. If this person was assaulted, and an investigation proves it, that particular "School Meeting Security Guard" should face criminal charges, and whoever hired him should be asked to resign. Something like this should never happen, and the simple fact that any person was taken away on a stretcher after da lights in da room are purposely turned off is proof enough that da situation is out of control.

3. If this teacher's claim is verified, she should immediately be given her job back with compensation, and whoever orchestrated her plight should be fired with just cause.

4. Absolutely - YES. The district has shown, led by the incredibly poor example of Dr/Mr/High Exalted King James Wasser's claim that "BSU" (da unaccredited fly-by-night Breyer State University) is how someone should get a degree, that they cannot both police themselves and put da children before their own egos. Da state has taken over less complicated school districts for even less cause. Wasser and his henchpeople have shown they cannot be trusted to run a treehouse, much less a school system.

5. This is New Jersey, where anyone can sue anyone for anything even without factual evidence (more on that coming soon). And yes, we da taxpayers will be on da hook!

DaTruth is, a person allegedly assaulted at a meeting for simply videotaping it, da entire situation with Breyer State and bogus degrees, da arrogance dripping from da top on down, da intimidation at meetings and apparently against at least one teacher - these individually would be reason enough to allow for concern. All of these together indicates a pattern - and that is doing both a disservice to da kids they are supposed to have da best interest of, and da taxpayers they are supposed to serve.

DaTruthSquad calls on da ENTIRE Freehold Regional High School District school board to RESIGN! This should be done for da best of both da kids and da taxpayers.

And, Christopher Placitella , da super-genius who said to da taxpayer asking a question, ""I'M NOT HERE TO RESPOND TO YOUR QUESTIONS" should in this blogger's opinion be removed from his position without haste!

Da Asbury Park Press hit da nail on da head with their latest editorial, "Failing Grade for Board."

King James Wasser's statement to another parent, "I do not work for you," (by da way, didn't we hear that at a Manalapan Township meeting?)shows how completely out-of-touch he is and that statement alone demands his removal.

This video, courtesy of Google, says it all - and is MUST-SEE TV!

DaTruthSquad also calls on everyone reading this blog to call da offices of State Senator Jennifer Beck and an actual working Assemblyman, Declan O'Scanlan to formally launch an investigation into how da Freehold Regional High School District school board runs their operation, da alleged assault, and demand da alleged "Dr." resign. Tell them daTruthSquad sent you!

It's time to fix this problem before someone else gets assaulted, intimidated, is da subject of ridicule, a body-cavity search, or worse.

And that's daTruth!


Butch_Budai said...

Thanks daTruthSquad. The next Board of Education meeting will be Monday night October 6th at the Administration Building on Pine St in Englishtown. The meeting begins at 8:00 PM but I would suggest that you arrive early and get in line. The last meeting they did not open the doors until 7:50 PM. Every other meeting they have opened the doors very early so that the teachers could get there early to sign in and get the nice cushioned seats in the front.

Anonymous said...

First step to stopping this nonsense is Wasser must step down or be removed. Start at the top and work your way down.

Who's the fat ugly slob woman who blocked the channel 5 reporter ?

Butch_Budai said...

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Doctor~Who~R~U said...


Gurrieri, Edward Security Officer 1


9/1/08 - 6/30/09ADDITIONAL Manalapan


Healy, Timothy Security Officer 1


9/1/08 - 6/30/09ADDITIONAL Colts Neck


Mottershead, Harry Security Officer 1


9/1/08 -6/30/09



Noble,George Security Officer 7


9/1/08 - 6/30/09

REPLACEMENT RAISEAcademy/Adult HighSchool


Sutton, Tracey Security Officer 1


9/1/08 -6/30/09



Swinarski, Donald Security Officer 1


9/1/08 - 6/30/09

ADDITIONAL FreeholdTownship


Wagner,Kirk Security Officer 2


9/1/08 -6/30/09



Anonymous said...

Hey Dr Who, where in the world did you find out the names of those Freehold so-called security guards?

I bet they'll be looking fo the Squad at the next meeting!

Anonymous said...

The links to the 9/22/08 FRHSD BOE meeting Public Comment sections are now available. I apologize for the tie lag but Google has had some difficulties. The first speaker in the first video is difficult to hear but makes some good points. Listen carefully.

Other portions of the meeting will be up as soon as possible.

Thank you

Part 1:

Part 2:

Anonymous said...

Make sure to listen to the teacher of 32 years at the beginning of the second video.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read this blog. If I read the News Transcript they'd probably never tell us what really happened at these meetings.

Anonymous said...

The news transcrap is a free coupon clipping rag and not a real newspaper or reliable news source.

For_Sale said...

Round trip ticket to San Diego.

More details to follow!!!

FRHSDTaxpayer said...

What about Placitella's comment that they rely on the adminstration's recommendation regarding bill payments instead of asking questions themselves? Hell, if that's the case why have a BOE at all? Just let the administration run things.

BREAKING..NEWS...!!! said...

Thank you for contacting us regarding our 2009 NSBA Annual Conference in San Diego.

In light of recent events in the Freehold Regional High School District, NSBA has had to make the decision to rescind the District’s invitation to present at our 2009 Annual Conference in San Diego. Placing Mr. Wasser on our educational program would not be of service to the local school board or to the Association at this time.

If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact NSBA again.


xxxx xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

serves him right. good going!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet he'll still go to California with the taxpayers footing every dollar.

At least we have datruthsquad to keep us informed. I don't know where they get the information, but I'm glad they do.

daTruthSquad. contributor said...

daTruthSquad is not just one person. There are many individuals who contribute. Lucas, Roth & McEnery were WAY off the mark by accusing daMoskedman.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to understand why they filed a lawsuit to shut datruthsquad down. How likes someone talking about their plans from behind closed doors. Didn't someone else file another lawsuit about this blog too? I thought I read something aboutthat some time ago but nothing since.

Anonymous said...

george spodak was the person who filed. For those of you who don't know who George Spodak is (99% of Manalapan)he is an attention starved loser who's been through two wives and was involved in sordid activities regarding the first. He was voted out of office 25 years ago and is trying to make a comeback by showing up at the township committee meetings and attacking Susan Cohen, Stu Moskovitz and basically everyone else Gerry Ward tells him to. The poor sucker thinks he's going to make a comeback and doesn't realize he's just the latest person to be used by Ward to be made a fool of and cast aside. George is a little man who will never impress anyone. His lawsuit will be as successful as everything George does.

Anonymous said...

Wasser invitation revoked

By Joshua Riley • EDUCATION WRITER • October 2, 2008

ENGLISHTOWN — Freehold Regional High School District Superintendent H. James Wasser's reputation precedes him.

That used to be a good thing when Wasser toured the educational conference circuit as a guest speaker.

But the National School Boards Association has learned about the controversy over Wasser's doctoral degree obtained from a diploma mill. On Tuesday, the association revoked Wasser's invitation to deliver a presentation at its April 2009 national conference in San Diego, Calif.

Wasser had insisted at the last school board meeting that the district fund his $2,311 trip, despite some residents' vocal opposition.

The national association has made sure Wasser won't speak at its conference.

Wasser "would hamper the credibility of the presenters involved," a letter dated Tuesday to Wasser from the NSBA stated. The letter referred to the situation and the publicity that surround Wasser's credentials.

The letter, written by NSBA Conference Programming Manager Bethany Kashawlic, said the "difficult" decision was, in part, a product of talks with the New Jersey School Boards Association.

"(The NJSBA) leadership agrees that placing you on our educational program would not be of service to the local school board or to the Association at this time," Kashawlic wrote to Wasser.

Wasser could not be reached for comment because the administration building was closed for the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana.

Calls to board President Patricia Horvath were not returned. Board member Joan Leimbach declined to comment. In July, the Asbury Park Press reported that Wasser, one former assistant superintendent and one current assistant superintendent, Donna Evangelista, had obtained degrees from a bogus online university, Breyer State University.

Breyer State has since been booted from Alabama, Idaho and the African nation of Liberia.

Former Assistant Superintendent Frank J. Tanzini had already retired from the district.

The district has been embroiled in controversy since.

Last month, the Press reported that state officials ordered the three administrators to stop using their academic titles or face fines. Wasser and Evangelista ceased receiving the higher pay associated with these degrees — an extra $2,500 annually — but did not return the $2,900 in tuition the district paid for each administrator to receive the degree or the higher pay earned in previous paychecks.

No public apology was offered by the administration, despite demands from school board members, legislators and the public.

While the NJSBA explained to the national board that Wasser would not be invited to speak at a state function, it did not offer an opinion as to whether the national organization should "dis-invite," Wasser, according to an e-mail Tuesday from NJSBA executive director Marie Bilik to Kashawlic.

That e-mail was a clarification of the NJSBA's stance, spokesman Frank Belluscio said. Belluscio said the national organization did not represent the conversations with the NJSBA clearly in the letter to Wasser.

In previous years, Wasser had gained a good reputation as a conference speaker.

Wasser presented "The Board-Superintendent Team: Working Together to Make Better Curriculum Decisions" with board President Patricia Horvath and Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Koegler for the NJSBA in 2005, and "Effective Strategies for Handling Special Education Cases" — a workshop about minimizing special education litigation — with Assistant Superintendent Patricia Emmerman and Board Attorney Nathanya G. Simon for the NJSBA in 2007.

Wasser's name carried with it the title of doctor on the speakers' lists at both conferences. "Wasser is a great presenter," Belluscio said. However, he added, echoing the language contained in Bilik's letter, "because of the controversy, we would not invite him to speak (at a state conference at this time) because it would cloud any information he would present to our members."

Even before the organization nixed Wasser's conference status, his plan to present in San Diego had been a point of contention for the public.

During a fiery open public session at the Sept. 22 district board meeting — during which the board passed the resolution to spend more than $2,000 for Wasser's trip — Marlboro resident Michael Fishman grilled Wasser, asking him why he thought he deserved to spend district money to go to California after taxpayers footed the Breyer State University bill and paid for Wasser's resulting pay jump.

"I am entitled to attend two national conferences a year," Wasser answered.

His answer was not sufficient for Fishman, and they raised their voices in anger toward each other.

Fishman was not the only angry taxpayer opposed to Wasser's trip.

The NSBA received an e-mail from Marlboro resident Ira Levin late Tuesday afternoon, stating his displeasure with Wasser's San Diego trip.

Ira Levin explained the Breyer State story in the e-mail.

"If this is an example of the type of leadership your organization is looking for, than (sic) I'm sure he will make a tremendous impact on your program," the letter sarcastically concluded.

"My problem is the way he handled the recent Breyer State debacle," Levin said during a telephone interview Wednesday. "A leader takes responsibility for their successes and their failures. . . . When you look at the facts, and they stare you in the face, and you refuse to acknowledge that you made a mistake, you failed," he said.

Within an hour, the national association informed Levin that Wasser would not be speaking.

The next Freehold Regional Board of Education meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, although the board expects to enter a closed session until 8 p.m. Regular board meetings are held in the district's administration building at 11 Pine St., Englishtown.

Anonymous said...


Round trip tickets to San Diego!!!


Anonymous said...

Wasser is now a joke and a bad example of integrity to our children and education community.

If you support Wasser you support a loser who lost his bogus ph d. Wasser tried but was caught to get a PHD the easy way now known as the Wasser way. Wasser needs to resign or be removed by the clueless integrity challenged board asap. The citizens deserve at least that much.

Anonymous said...

Who was that ugly fat slob pig woman who pushed the Fox 5 reporter ?

Anonymous said...

I saw that Fox 5 TV report and that fat woman that you described pushing the reporter looked like a man to me. Are you sure it was a woman ?

Anonymous said...

Whoever she was the Eagles could have used her last weekend. She'd make a good linebacker.

Here's my question. How did this blogg get the information on Wasser's trip getting revoked before the Asbury Park Press? I can understand the Transcript not having it.

Anonymous said...

To answer your question about the Transcript, look no further than this post I found on the Howell, New Jersey blog site. I all think we know who the KB initials stand for. It says she, the report thinks "people are trying to create a problem here." It's no wonder nobody takes their reporting seriously anymore.

Re: James Wasser's PhD allegedly phony
Reply #2 - Jul 17th, 2008, 6:00pm


Wasser is an administrator, not an educator. There are people that run hospitals who hold no medical degree nor do they need one to administrate the day-to-day workings of the place. I really think people are trying to create a problem here. If you are happy with the district and the education your children are receiving, what exactly is the complaint? The man runs what I believe is the largest school district in the state and all things considered, I'd say he's doing as good a job as can be expected.


Anonymous said...

Probably why KB is not covering the story. Rebecca Morton & Toynett Hall have been covering it. They have done a good job.

Anonymous said...

That also explains why Kathy Baratta was out in front denying that the man at township committee meetings with diarhhea of the mouth, George Spodak, sold tainted meat (there's a reason he's "retired") and denying that there were any "issues" resolved in the east wing of town hall between George and his wife Shirley. For those of you who thought that ANYTHING written by Kathy Baratta in the News Transcript was accurate, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

lol. diarhhea of the mouth. I like that one. George Spodak's pathetic need for attention and incredibly dumb comments meeting after meeting makes Rhoda look like she has a REAL doctorate degree. Maybe someone should have a name on NJ.COM "sitdownGeorge".

Da Truth Reporter said...


By Matt Pais • MANAHAWKIN BUREAU • October 3, 2008

On Thursday night, as vice presidential nominees Joe Biden and Sarah Palin squared off on economic and energy issues for 90 minutes, American voters listened, ostensibly to weigh the candidates' responses and help them choose a side in an election that stands one month away.

At a pair of debate-watching parties in Monmouth County, however, Palin and Biden's responses served only to reinforce voters' perception of each candidate for better or for worse.

At a GOP-backed affair at Bar Anticipation in Belmar, where John McCain posters flanked a bank of flat-screen televisions, nearly every sentence from Biden's mouth drew catcalls, while Palin's words were greeted with everything but a standing ovation.

"Sarah Palin is kicking butt, and Joe Biden doesn't know his butt from his elbow," said Michelle Green, 41, of Ocean Grove.

When the debate turned to the current energy crisis and how skyrocketing gas prices have put a crunch on middle class Americans, Green saw an opportunity to connect her values — both moral and economic — with Palin.

"With (Palin), instead of killing babies, maybe they'll kill one caribou as they drill and get some oil back to the U.S.," Green said.

Green? Is that Ryan Green's wife or sister? Missing from the strident cheerers were Manalapan Municipal Chairman Steve McEnery, his daughter Kathleen Donahue who thinks she works for the McCain campaign, Manalapan Township Republican candidates Bill Garcia and RYAN GREEN. Also missing were the other 18 County Committee members who voted for McEnery as Municipal Chair.

a malcontent said...

gaming the system

by butchbudai, 10/3/08 11:07 ET

From todays APP

Davy assured the committee the degrees cannot be used to secure a post but can enhance a salary and thus fatten a pension.

"It is not illegal to be stupid and pay for one of these fake degrees," Davy said. "It is illegal to use one."

Jane Oates, executive director of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, told the panel the diploma mills are businesses that sell academic degrees but require little work from students. She said some grant 500 doctorate degrees a month.

"Apparently, a resume and a two-page paper was all that was required for an acting superintendent in Asbury Park to earn a master's degree," said state Sen. Shirley K. Turner, D-Mercer, another sponsor of the bill, said.

"These people are gaming the system to enrich themselves, and these are the very people who serve as role models for our children," Turner added.

Anonymous said...

Academic fraud should be dealt with swiftly and severely. How a fraud like Wasser even holds a job now is beyond me. Breyer State, LOL, come on.