Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Parents: Don't Let Your Kids "Wasser" Away Their Education!

If you didn't see a Channel 5 reporter get "Wassered" you may want to click here and see how your tax dollars are being spent on a man who used taxpayer dollars to get a "Doctorate" and get raises from it.

If you didn't read da Voice of Reason blog and watch the YouTube video of Mr. Dr. Mr. Senor Wasser blaming everyone for this situation -- but himself -- and be smug about it -- then check this out!

After discussing this with a number of TruthTellers, it has become clear a stern & serious warning must be issued to da children. While every parent wants their child to get da very best education, NO PARENT SHOULD ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO "WASSER" THEIR CHILD'S EDUCATION AWAY!

And check outside to see if it's raining elephants, because even da local Snoozepaper got it right!

Here are da telltale signs your child is "Wassering" their education away, or you may be inadvertantly be allowing your child to "Wasser" their education into da toilet. If you answer "C" to any question, you may be pulling what is now being referred to as a "Wasser!"

Question #1: You child proudly proclaims their 1st choice for college.
A: Princeton University
B: Harvard University
C: Bogus State University

Question #2: You discuss with your child what school location they could travel to.
A: Rutgers University in New Brunswick
B: NYU in Manhattan

C: Dufus State University at a post office box in Liberia

Question #3: You child tells you about their college thesis paper.
A: 100 pages on "Education Theories for the 21st Century"
B: 100 pages on "Platonian Philosophies and how they relate to today"

C: "Which is better - Heineken or Bud Light in 50 words or less"

Question #4: You child's future college campus is.
A: 1000 acres in Storrs, Connecticut
B: On the banks of the Charles River in Boston

C: A Post Office Box in Tinytown, Idado

Question #5: Your child's university is.
A: An Ivy league School
B: The state University of one of da USA's 50 states

C: Recently kicked out of a Third World Nation.

Question #6: Da cost of your child's education is:
A: $40,000 per year
B: $7,000 per semester with your child living at home

C: A monthly Internet access charge

Question #7: Your child's favorite instructor is.
A: The head of the Business Department
B: The head of the Theater Department

C: Professor Jack Daniels & his collegue, Miller "Bud" Light

Question #8: Your child in 11th grade says to you.
A: I think I have the grades to get into an Ivy league school
B: I need to take an SAT prep course to boost my chances to go to Georgetown

C: Why am I wasting my time in High School? I can do da "Wasser," pay $2000 and get a diploma mill degree from Bogus State in 2 weeks - and I can do it while still in high school!

Question #9: Someone asks you where your child's college is. You reply:
A: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
B: Washington, DC

C: Liberia, oh wait, Alabama, no - now in Idaho, for the time being

Question #10: The esteemed list of graduates of your child's university includes.
A: Franklin Delano Roosevelt & Margaret Thatcher
B: A list of 10 winners of the Nobel Prize

C: James Wasser

DaTruth is, if you picked "C", then you are pulling what has now become famous as being a "Wasser."

DaTruth is, what makes this even worse is this person who made being a "Wasser" famous is not someone selling fast food after midnight on Route 9, or a convicted felon sent to jail for fraud. This person, now famous on YouTube and Channel 5 news is the top person making over 6-figures as the head of a school system! He blamed everybody for this situation but himself according to the videos, and was even so bold to vow he will be resigned to another 5 year contract in 2011! It was only after newspaper, radio, and TV media reports spurred by a number of bloggers that he finally decided to agree with the state and give up his bogus "Doctor" title.

Thanks to "Diploma Mill-gate," Freehold's school system and those town who use it have become da laughing stock of da nation. It wouldn't surprise anyone if Obama or McCain use it as political fodder at this point. You know Letterman and Leno certainly will.

DaTruthSquad is calling on Mr. Wasser and his #2 to do da right thing and resign, not because it's da right thing to do, but for da good of da children you are allegedly supposed to be setting an example for. Da example you are setting now is a horrible one - getting taxpayers to pay for a dimploma-mill paper saying you're a "Doctor", and making taxpayers foot da bill for that and all raises.

So parents, for da good of your children, don't allow your kids to "Wasser" their all-important education away.

And that's daTruth.


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That's because they didn't send back page Baratta to cover the story. Rebbecca Morton knows how to write a story. She listens and takes notes.

Anonymous said...

Here's another question that can be OPRA'd from the district. Over the last ten years, how much money has gone to pay lawyers to defend James Wasser in the many, many lawsuits filed against him personally for abuse of the district and its personnel. If you think the Mercedes was expensive, if you think the 2500 a year increase was disgusting, wait until you see THOSE numbers. No wonder the School Board Attorney is so loyal to Wasser. He's a huge meal ticket.

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Hilarious blog! This was great. Add me to your list of readers.

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Did I miss something ?

The Fox 5 reporter I thought asked Wasser good questions. Why did Wasser keep telling the reporter they were not appropriate questions ? All Wasser had to do was answer the questions instead of acting like a jerk to the reporter. Wasser is paid by the public and the reporting was doing his job asking questions on behalf of the public. Doesn't Wasser realize the public pays his salary.

Wasser embarassed the community ion which he serves on TV and by trying to pull a fast one with this bogus doctorate degree I agree with The Truth Squad that Wasser should do the right and honorable thing and resign.

Even Nixon knew he had to resign.

Wasser needs to resign ASAP so the children will learn that doing things like this in life doesn't pay. The fat ugly woman who body blocked the reporter should be ashamed of herself and should call the TV station and tell the reporter she's sorry.

First time I read this blog from the link provided on and it's quite informative and humorous.

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I think it's time for Dr. Koegler to sing.

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I live in Manalapan. Why is it I feel like I'm being "Wassered" by my local government?

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Lightshines said...
Since he won't resign, they won't fire him and he won't return the money, it looks like this story isn't going away any time soon. So I asked Sam Cooke what he thought about all of it. He told me he personally interviewed Wasser who told him:

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the courses I took

But I do know that I conned you
And I know that if I can keep it too
What a wonderful world this would be

Don't know much about doctorates
Don't know much about education
Don't know much about leadership
Don't know what those ethics are for

But I do know about BSU
If I get the credit and the bill goes to you
What a wonderful world this would be

Now I don't claim to be an "A" super
But I'm trying to be
So maybe by being a Jack “A” super
I can win more goodies for me

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the course I took

But I do know that I conned you
And I know that if I can keep it too
What a wonderful world this would be

La ta ta ta ta ta ta
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
La ta ta ta ta ta ta
(what’s a book?)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
(courses I took)

But I do know that I conned you
And I know that if I can keep it too
What a wonderful world this would be

Anonymous said...

Just another fat cat taking what they can at the taxpayer trough.


freedom fighter said...

datruth squad you are the man we need more like you but please help us at secaucus we are being invaded by a out of control mayor who is taking our rights away much like they have yours please post somethings we can do to protect our online privacy they are trying tosue what do we do .helpppppppppp

For Freedom of Expression said...

Seeing as how this was censored within minutes of its posting on, it should be on the record here under its original heading "Bigger & Better Than Wasser":

"Embattled Globe scribe wants her job
Ethics issues raised
By Christine McConville | Thursday, September 18, 2008 | | Media & Marketing

A Boston Globe reporter at the center of a Miami schools scandal is fighting for her job, as the Hub newspaper tries to deal with the embarrassment and questions about her professional ethics.

Journalist Tania deLuzuriaga has been on vacation since last week, when the Miami Herald reported that she may have had a romantic relationship with a high-ranking school administrator while reporting on the school district for the newspaper.

If true, she violated one of the most basic tenets of journalism, the Miami Herald editor has said.

E-mails between deLuzuriaga and then-assistant school superintendent Alberto Carvalho include sexually explicit language and agreements to bolster each other’s careers.

In one e-mail, deLuzuriaga addresses what appear to be Carvalho’s complaints about a story she wrote.

“I see your point about the quotes and giving credit . . . and I ask for your understanding when I miss the opportunity,” she wrote.

The e-mails surfaced after the married Carvalho was recently tapped for a $325,000-a-year district superintendent’s job.

But yesterday, amid public outcry over the alleged affair and the swiftness of his appointment, the Miami school board postponed plans to sign off on Carvalho’s contract."