Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Balky Knee & He May Lose His $5 Million Mansion! Reason Enough To Free John Lynch!

"If you can't do da time....."

It's an old saying, and it couldn't be closer to daTruth when it comes to a certain head of da Lynch mob, former State Senator and Democratic power broker John Lynch. He's currently holding da title of "INMATE" at da Stockade Hilton for his crimes after he pleaded guilty to taking thousands of $$$$$$ in kickbacks. Now his lawyer is saying prison time has been too harsh on da INMATE.

According to a Star Ledger story, a Federal judge has been asked to release Lynch because prison life has been too tough on him.

And before you go there, no, he's not in SuperMax, or Attica, or Rahway. And no, he's not in Cellblock "C" with murderers & rapists & guys who steal Cable TV. He's actually at a minimum-security prison "camp" east of Pittsburgh.

Now to be fair, he has had his share of health issues while in his "camp." According to the Star Ledger, Lynch "was assigned to a top bunk, then tore a ligament in his knee getting out of bed. Last winter, he suffered an abdominal hernia while shoveling snow on the prison grounds, but was told by officials he's not eligible for surgery to repair the injury."

Now before you start feeling too much pity, the Star Ledger also says his family is having money issues, much like da average state resident these days. "And while he's been locked up, Lynch's family has auctioned assets to stave off foreclosure because they can't sell a $5 million new home he began building in Lawrence Township before he pleaded guilty to tax and fraud charges."

Guess everybody in prison has $5 million houses these days after they leave jail???

Lynch's attorney is painting a gloom-and-doom portrait of a man who was once "The" political power broker in da state.

"But Arseneault's letter was striking because it painted a pathetic portrait of a man once widely feared and respected as one of the most influential figures in New Jersey politics. The attorney wrote that Lynch's financial situation had "severely deteriorated," in part because of his imprisonment. He also cited a host of ailments, including the knee and hernia injuries, and said precancerous cells on Lynch's face, scalp and neck put him at risk for melanoma."

Of course, what if every attorney for every INMATE sent a letter like this to a judge. There wouldn't be any inmates left in prison!

Now, daTruthSquad does feel bad for da INMATE Lynch's physical condition. However, nobody ever said prison was a country club, despite where Lynch is serving his time. And, da last time daTruthSquad checked his pocket copy of da Ten Commandments, "Thou Shalt Not Steal" was #8 on da Top-10 list.

DaTruth is, giving in to this INMATE sets a horrible precedent. Da guy with da creaky knee from climbing out of bed and hernia from shoveling snow and can' pay for his $5 MILLION DOLLAR MANSION deserves to be cut a break? What about da poor inmate raped or stabbed in state prison? What about da guy cut up while making license plates in metal shop? Don't they deserve to be cut loose too?

Letting Lynch free because he may lose his $5 million dollar mansion is an affront to da very reason he was sent to jail in da first place! Lynch broke da law by his own admission. Lynch broke da public trust. If he is cut a break because of his balky knee and back and da potential loss of his $5 million dollar mansion, then I think every jailbird in every prison should start sending letters to lawyers about their hard lives and why they need to be cut a break.

If John Lynch wants to da right thing, let him serve his entire sentence where he is. He did da crime, so he should do da time - even if they foreclose his $5 million dollar mansion!

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Changing Times too...

The word that comes to my mind is Arrogance and Entitlement.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the words that come to mind are:

Power broker
Violator of the law
Power Hungry

Yours are good too Changing Times. I say keep him in jail for every day of his sentence, or stick him in a state prison here to see what life in jail is really like.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times too...

I agree with your choice of words as well.

He is in a soft facility and he is complaining. He should have thought about what he was doing and realize that he was not above the law.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times too...

It seems that there are some other new indictees,,, Ferriero and Oury from Bergen county.

Chris Christie is doing his job, God Bless him.