Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Manalapan's Election: Pick a Finger & Point It At Da Poobah

In da microcosm of da Kingdom of Manalapan, voters had to consider many things. They had to endure a Queen-led tax increase of over 40% in da last 2 years -- a worldwide embarassment out-of-control politically charged and a political vendetta lawsuit costing Manalapan taxpayers well over $100,000 -- more problems (and you'll be hearing about it soon on this blog thanks to my TruthTellers at da Taj Mahal) at da WMUA -- a more-than-million-dollar land grab with absolutely no plan on how to use it or what to do with it -- cronyism on a huge scale -- a leader of da Township Committee more reminiscent of Leona Helmsley -- yet somehow, they still voted for her.

And da question is -- How?

How can someone who carries more baggage than a sky cap at Kennedy Airport during da holidays win? How can someone who blamed everyone else except her husband for saying, "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" win reelection?

Well, let's look not at da person who won, but instead - da person who made her victory possible -- her "campaign manager," if you will -- and it wasn't Gerry Ward.

Since becoming Manalapan GOP Grand Poobah, it's been about nothing but power for Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery. Since 2004 - 5 elections in all - his only true victory that he can point to as his own came thanks to Joltin Joe Locricchio! He ran a campaign in 2005 into da ground. He took da 2006 campaign and divided everyone into a loss. His 2007 campaign was won, not because of Andy Boy, but because of da popularity of Susan Cohen, and he wouldn't have anything to do with her. In 2008, he divided his entire party with two people nobody knew, raised barely enough money for bus fare, and no chance of winning despite a person in Town Hall some people liked as much as one enjoys a strong case of Herpes. And, let's forget being da driving force of Andy Boy's failed Freeloader campaign -- da first GOP campaign in 2 decades that lost to a Democrat!

His thirst for power has damaged da Manalapan GOP to da point of fracture. During da summer, he kept his Poobah-ship by a single vote. He has done more to alienate his base than bring new people in. And, he single handedly allowed da Queen to keep her stranglehold on power in Manalapan.

How was that? Look around da Kingdom.

1. During da campaign there were more "For Sale" signs on lawns than Green & Garcia signs.

2. At Andy Boy's Manalapan residence on da roadside, there wasn't even 1 G&G sign.

3. They had 1 mailer, and other than that, did you know there was even a local election in town?

4. They ducked a debate with da Queen which would have got them face time, and potentially da few votes that would have made da difference.

5. Thanks to da division he caused within da local GOP, they had no foot soldiers to help them.

6. According to their ELEC reports, da most money brought in at 1 time was from Green himself who paid for his own fundraiser!

This is da advice he was giving out as leader? If this guy were with General Custer, he probably would have been da one saying, "Look, over da hill - I think they're friendly Indians."

A number of TruthTellers told daTruthSquad they actually believed it was in da Poobah's best interest to have da Queen ascend to da throne, because it guarantees Andy Boy's power base through his alliance with da Queen.

One TruthTeller actually was overheard saying, "I think we have da only Republican leader in da nation who applauds tax increases and wasteful government spending!"

Thanks to da Poobah, he allowed a candidate with more baggage than carried by UPS in a month to win an election, despite da fact she hasn't seen a tax hike she didn't vote for. It was da Poobah who was da dividing force between Joltin Joe and Andy Boy's separation. He turned away folks like Steve Johnson & Butch Budai, two of da harder-working footsoldiers in da Manalapan GOP. He was da person who guided Andy Boy's campaign that was da first losing Freeloader campaign in 2 decades. He had a hand in da rise, and especially da fall, of former county GOP leader Pu-Pu.

Then, you have da GOP leader's belief system. In 2005 and 2006, it was all about lowering taxes, a mantra of da GOP. However, in 2007, when his boy Andy Boy was one of da architects of da highest single tax increase in town history, all of a sudden tax increases were as welcome as flies on a manure pile to him! In fact, da Poobah obviously liked GOP-sponsored tax increases so much, he sided with Andy Boy in 2008 for another one!

DaTruth is, if Manalapan gets another double-digit tax increase, don't thank da Queen. Da fault squarely lies on da shoulders of a GOP leader who hasn't said word-one about a GOP-led "Largest municipal tax increase in town history," followed by a second GOP-led double-digit tax increase! It begs da question: Could da GOP Poobah have had a hand in da Queen's campaign?

Did you notice da Queen hardly campaigned? She was nowhere to be found -- but even less able to find were da Poobah's candidates, as da Poobah ran their race like a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Da Queen didn't have to campaign, because da poobah must have known that with a win by da Queen, plus her alliance with Andy Boy, means each of their chances to be mayor again, were intact.

DaTruthSquad can make this guarantee today -- either Andy Boy or da Queen will be Mayor in 2009 - and da other will be Deputy Mayor. If it happens, then we will all know it's about 2 people keeping power at all costs.

DaTruth is, da Manalapan GOP needs to make a serious decision. Da Poobah has proved that unless Joe Locricchio is on da ticket, he can't win an election he runs. In 2008, Manalapan's GOP lost a chance to gain a clear majority on da Township Committee. Right now, da split is 3 Democrats, 1 Republican, and whatever Andy Boy is. Manalapan lost a chance at lower municipal taxes, less cronyism, no more "land purchases to nowhere," and no 6-figure political vendetta lawsuits funded by taxpayers, and that loss comes at da feet of da leader of da GOP.

Da thanks for all of this - squarely resting on da prodigious girth of one GOP Grand Poobah.

Da time has come for da Manalapan GOP to strip for good their Poobah of his power. Da fruits of his labor is another failed campaign, a split party, and failed leadership. When a GOP leader not only sits by but publicly approves tax & spend increases on a massive scale, he has placed da principles of da GOP into da toilet and not bother to flush. He's violated da public trust of every registered GOP'er with his actions, all of which apparently benefits da Queen and her lawsuit sidekick, DEFENDANT Andy Boy.

It's time Steve McEnery resign and someone who has da faith, desires, and confidence of their entire party be put into that leadership post. He has clearly shown he can no longer lead his party effectively. His "my way or da highway" approach to leadership has allowed da Manalapan GOP to disintegrate. He needs, for da first time in years, to do da right thing for da good of da party - and not for himself.

Steve McEnery needs to resign as Manalapan GOP leader.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. When 49 percent of the county committee wants nothing to do with him, it's time to bring in new leadership.

Good blog Squad.

Anonymous said...

Green and Garcia ran what may have been the worst campaign in Manalapan history. Their campaign manager was McEnery by all accounts, and he brought them into this race. The fact they couldn't beat Roth will all her baggage is a reflection of his absolutely poor management skills. These guys had a chance considering how close they were.

I agree. McEney should resign.

Anonymous said...

McEnery is a joke who sold out the party. The numbers were so close that both republicans could have won if there had been effective campagning lead by an effective leader. I agree McEnery should finally do something right and resign.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree with all of you. McEnery did a great job. Look, it was widely reported that he had a deal many months ago before the primary to make sure Roth won reelection. This was part of his deal to keep Lucas in the loop and to hold on to control of the Republican Party. He came through exactly as he had promised. Don't blame him if Green and Garcia ignored what a dozen or so other people were telling them about the deal. Like Nikki before them and Peter and Miracle before her, McEnery accomplished what he wanted to accomplish, selling his candidates down the river for his own gain. The only one smart enough to see what he was doing was Susan Cohen, who didn't let him near her campaign and won.

Anonymous said...

As a proud Republican, I find it reprehensible that any person who calls themselves a Republican would support higher taxes so their friend can get power. That is not what the GOP is all about, and if thisreally happened then whoever is in the Manalapan Republican Party should order his resignation.

I'm not from Manalapan, and proud to be from Colts Neck.

Anonymous said...

McEnry Must GO!!!!

He may as well join the D's with Lucas!!!

Anonymous said...

McEnry & Lucas weren't even at the county party last night. Did Green or Garcia make it?

Anonymous said...

truthsquad you're wrong!!! It was all Rhoda's fault that REPUBLICANS lost this year. REPUBLICANS lost this year NOT GREEN & GARCIA!!! She wanted STATUS QUO...well she got it. She can keep ROTH AS MAYOR!!!

Anonymous said...

We need Butch and Steve to take over the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Yes & no to that. Rhoda did take her votes and gave them to McEnery, but so did 20 others who got snowed by McEnery's not so straight talk. Now there should be no excuse. There should be an emergency meeting held and he should be voted out, but this time by a landslide.

Anonymous said...

Facts are I am neither a McEnery or Lucas fan. Leadership comes from within. When Green & Garcia decided they wanted a seat on the township committee, they needed to show their leadership and work their asses off to win the seats. God knows Roth gave them enough material that they could have done their own SNL skits about her leadership. Did they use any of it? No. Did they speak at township meetings and challenge Roth? NO. If you want something you have to fight for it. Secondly when McEnery raised no money for them they needed to go out and raise their own. There is no doubt McEnery was with Ward outside of Sweet Lew's in Freehold Boro one early morning. What did they discuss? Did McEnery make a deal to protect Lucas, whom he considers, like a son? I don't know. What I do know is that Chairman Oxley needs to question Mc Enery's loyalty to the Republican party of Manalapan. The chairmanship of the Manalapan Republican party is grossly flawed. If the Manalapan Republicans intend to win next year they need new leadership and two canidates that will work hard and make a name for themselves.

Unfortunately for the rest of us Republicans we have witnessed Roth get re elected for 3 more years.

Anonymous said...


can you point me somewhere where i could see how manalapan voted for president?

Anonymous said...

Monmouth will be under Democratic rule.


Anonymous said...

Here comes another tax increase said...

Love all those Roth signs littering Manalapan. I think she should get a ticket for littering. Is she just going to leave them there until she runs again in 2011?

Anonymous said...

The town's sign ordinance requires that they be picked up within 2 weeks of the election. Four days after the election many are already gone, and two of those days it rained. Chill out. Now that we've cleared this up, let's get back to how fractured the Manalapan Republican Party is, and that the problem isn't with McEnerey, but with the malcontents led by Budai, Johnson, Lippman, Close, and a few others.

Anonymous said...

Larry, you forgot a lot of other malcontents. McEnery has no support besides his daughter, Peter Hall and Lucas. This new guy Jack seems to be on both sides of the fence. Can't figure him out yet. Don't trust him.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that every comment critical of the malcontents is either attributed to Andrew Lucas, Larry Roth, or Drew Shapiro? Butch and Steve got slammed in the primary. Don't you realize that there are many other people in town that wish you guys would just go away....

Anonymous said...

54 votes in a primary is getting slammed? Too bad Green & Garcia didn't work as hard against the Dems as they did against the Reps.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Peter Hall didn't fade away like every other loser McEnery put up.