Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Monmouth GOP Needs To Investigate Da Manalapan GOP Leadership

Da talk in Manalapan is about da victory of Barack Obama, but what is also being discussed is how a Democrat with more baggage than Delta Airlines can win an election - especially when da GOP won da big elections in Manalapan - and in da surrounding towns!

It appears John McCain scored a victory in Manalapan, and even Dick Zimmer who lost by a landslide in New Jersey apparently did very well in Manalapan! It show Manalapan is a GOP town -- that is -- unless you run for local town office.

So, how is it McCain & Zimmer scored in Manalapan, but da 2 GOP hand-picked candidates of GOP Grand Poobah Steve McEnery both lost?

DaTruthSquad has investigated this matter, and da findings are shocking.

ISSUE 1: Da Campaign.

Locally, this may have been by far da worst-run campaign in town history! Green & Garcia couldn't be found, even if their faces were put on da side of milk cartons. Their signs appeared to be da same ones from da primary, and looked it. Their ELEC Reports show they didn't raise enough money to get them bus fare to Sayreville. They sent out one mailer in da last week of da campaign. Their "listening tour" reportedly attracted about 10 people to da Library, and that figure included them and their alleged campaign manager. Da senior GOP'er in local government, Andy Boy, didn't even have a campaign sign in front of his alleged Manalapan home through da weekend before da election!

Needless to say, it's tough to win if you don't campaign, and whoever gave them da advice on how they ran their election should be very suspect.

ISSUE 2: Da Competition.

G&G were running against Da Queen. She was running on a record of raising taxes over 40% just in da past 2 years, voting against da tax decrease of 2006, and being outspoken about not wanting a tax decrease in 2005, as well as voting to raise taxes in 2004. She is da catalyst of da now-infamous "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, which has cost Manalapan taxpayers at least $125,000 already -- but we don't know exactly how much since she refuses to tell anyone how much it's cost.

Her record also includes spending over $1.6 million after bonding for a piece of land valued at just over $750,000. She is a key player in blocking da Village from being built, which is why Manalapan has one of da worst ratable rates in da entire state and why homeowners pay more of da town bills than business does!

Her record also shows she was a proponent of spending during one of the worst economic times since, as Obama put it, since da Great Depression!

And, let's not forget her place in da "Orthodox Issue" and "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS," da issue that put Manalapan on da ethnic-slamming map!

She won election, despite enacting record-high town budgets using record-high homeowner tax money and voting "YES" to da biggest tax increase in town history! And, da campaign manager of da G&G Boys managed his campaign even worse than da McCain campaign - because he couldn't beat - or did he even try to beat - da biggest taxer & spender in Manalapan government's recent history.

ISSUE 3: Da Campaign Manager.

How is it that, in a GOP area where McCain & Zimmer did very well in Manalapan, and in bordering Englishtown, Freehold, and Colts Neck their local GOP won majorities in their towns, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE DA MANALAPAN GOP LOST DESPITE ALL OF DA GOP GAINS IN DA AREA?

After da first contested primary in memory for da GOP, a vote was held to see if da GOP Grand Poobah would keep his job. He won da controversial vote by a single vote! In da process, he lost his footsoldiers and folks who would always be at hand to help a campaign. He didn't raise any money. Da proof there are ELEC Reports showing Green dipping into his own pocket to pay for his own fundraiser!

At town hall, he has never stood up to protect fellow GOP'er & Deputy Mayor Susan Cohen, who is constantly taken to task by a number of da Queen's Cadre membership. She was excluded from information on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit, to da point where she and Mr. Gennaro had to see da judge in da case and attempt to add their briefs to da controversial case!

He was a key player in da failed-freeloader election of Andy Boy Lucas - da first GOP Freeloader loss in 20 years, and da catalyst for da Democrats to now mount 3 straight winning elections to take over county leadership. His support of former County GOP Chairman PuPu propelled him to become da "Chair of Chairs," a job he immediately lost when PuPu lost his grip on power.

DaTruth is, there was a reason daTruthSquad called for Da Poobah's resignation.

When you look at da record, how da G&G Boy's campaign was run, how he didn't raise enough money, how McCain & Zimmer won in Manalapan but da G&G boys didn't - it raises serious questions, even as far-reaching as collusion.

Is it even possible that da Poobah wanted da Queen to win? Is it conceivable that da GOP leader wanted da biggest tax & spend Democrat in town history to win?

Two words - Andy Boy.

FACT: In 2007, Andy Boy became mayor, despite GOP objections, when da Queen and her new "Jack of Clubs" Klauber - 2 Democrats - voted him into power. In 2008, Andy Boy did nothing, making da Queen da Mayor. In 2009, it's already expected either Andy Boy or da Queen will be mayor, and whoever isn't da mayor in 2009 could in fact be mayor in 2010. Is that "power sharing?"

FACT: In 2007, alleged GOP'er Andy Boy was one of da architects of da biggest tax increase in Manalapan history. He also was a budget factor in da follow-up tax increase in 2008 -- over 40% in 2 years combined! This means Andy Boy has become da single-biggest "TAX & SPEND" Republican in Manalapan history! His GOP commander - da Poobah - has given nothing but support --- and as daTruthSquad has uncovered, according to already established ELEC Reports, da Poobah has signed on to be Andy Boy's 2010 campaign manager!


DaTruth is, if da state GOP or county GOP knew of his support for these historic tax & spend increases, they'd be through da roof! This means that someone needs to ask da Ox-meister if it's OK to support massive tax increases to pay off controversial land grabs, and even more controversial lawsuits?

Here's what needs to happen.

STEP 1: Da Manalapan GOP needs to hold an emergency meeting and discuss their leadership before 2009. Either they need to formally approve unanimously a "We Love Taxing & Spending to Oblivion" plank, or they need to ask and demand da resignation of Steve McEnery.

STEP 2: Whoever da new leader will be, they need to caucus with Andy Boy and ask him if he's still a GOP'er, and if so, prove it with actions and deeds.

STEP 3: Da "New GOP" needs to demand, with a firm voice, demand da state step in and investigate da Manalapan Township Committee for their handling at TAXPAYER EXPENSE of da Mosked Man lawsuit that has long-surpassed the six-figure mark.

DaTruth is, right now da Manalapan GOP is a fractured group of individuals with no clear leader except for their club president, who still has no power when compared to da Grand Poobah.

Da County GOP has a choice to make as well, do they support "TAX & SPEND" as a GOP platform, or do they reject that philosophy? If they reject TAXING & SPENDING," then da County GOP must either censure da Manalapan GOP leadership, or demand leadership change immediately.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can McEnry be forced out? can there be a vote of no confidence?

proud freehold GOP member said...

Unlike you guys in the Manalapan GOP leadership ranks, we here in Freehold actually work for ALL of our GOP candidates and don't make back room deals with Democrats to keep power.

Oh, and we have the mall and more ratables than you'll ever have!

Thanks Lucas & McEnery.

Anonymous said...

Manalapan GOP = LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oxley had better wake up and realize he lost control of the County Freeholders by doing nothing about McEnery in Manalapan. He had the opportunity to step in; he had the power to step in; he knew exactly what was going on. He did nothing. The County loss is on him for not getting involved in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

You conveniently forgot to mention that Green & Garcia lost some credibility because of the vicious attacks that Butch, Steve and their followers made against them. Sore losers aren't team players.

Anonymous said...

So now it's Butch and Steve Johnson fault that you didn't run any campaign McEnery? What a loser!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Butch and Steve never attacked Green and Garcia. They ran a totally clean campaign. The only ugly piece in that entire primary was the piece McEnery did with Peter Hall's photoshop - that really juvenile puppet piece he stole from the Karcher campaign. Has anyone noticed that McEnery has never attacked a democrat, only republicans?

Anonymous said...

What was the attack piece McEnery did on Roth with that less than flattering photo? Isn't she a Democrat or did she secretly become a Republican?

Anonymous said...

Is that what you call an attack piece? Most people who received it actually thought it was another pro-Roth piece. It was so poorly written, and the picture was the same picture Roth herself would have used. There was no mention of any of the dozens of issues that could have been used against her. It was a joke. It was an attempt to make it LOOK like McEnery was actually working for the republican candidates without hurting Roth. Interesting that you would point that out as somehow being an attack on a democrat. Hmm. You wouldn't happen to be McEnery himself, would you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree withthe previous posting that Oxley gets some of the blame for this. Oxley inherited a team of troublemakers and people solely out for themselves. Like the national GOP, the county party needs a makeover, and probably the worst example of cronyism on the local level comes from Manalapan,s Republican leadership.

I'm not on the committee that could vote out someone like McEnery, but if I was, I most certainly would.

Anonymous said...

It's not Oxley's fault. It's all Rhoda's fault.

Anonymous said...

Anybody go to the last TC meeting? Any surprises?

Anonymous said...

No. Andrew violated a court order again, but that's never a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that also "not a surprise" was the ethically challenged corrupt former mayor of Manalapan George Spodak who was thrown out of office in 1983 by Jim Gray and is now reduced to being Michelle Roth's laughable barking chihuahua made a fool of himself once again. Why doesn't he just buy a court jester outfit to wear and make it complete. And where is that fake lawsuit he told everyone he was filing?

Anonymous said...

You know, there is another way to look at the election of 2008 in Manalapan. Is it possible that the 8700 people who voted for the Mayor, knew a lot more than you think they knew? They knew about the tax hikes but they also knew that they were necessary in these hard times. They knew that the extra money paid for for the Tillis property was worth it for the future of the town.

The truth is that the public heard the lies about the Mayor over and over again and they don't believe them. So a campaign by the slug that ran the 2004 campaign against her would not have worked. A revisit to a sarcastic remark made three years ago by her husband carries no weight. No one believes that Hovanian funds her campaigns. No one believes that she has anything to do with John Lynch. NO one believes that she has something against the Orthodox Jewish community.

The election is over guys. You lost. Your party is in complete disarray. Put up some candidates that have a clue. Put up some candidates that will debate and know what they are talking about. JOhnson and Buddai? Get serious. Don't blame McHenry and don't blame the fact that your campaign was not dirty enough to win.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm out of the loop here, but how did Lucas violate a court order? What did he do?


Anonymous said...

Lucas was ordered not to have anything to do with the land deal case. The motion to censure was because of the certifications alerting the judge to the illegal activity of Michelle Roth. His introducing the resolution violated the court order. What I don't understand is Larry Roth's comment above about the "slug" who ran the 2004 campaign against her. That would be Michelle's "bff" Andrew Lucas, who accused her of making the township insolvent. Now that she has three democrat votes and doesn't need Andrew anymore, does Larry's posting signal a change?

paying too much in taxes in manalapan said...

You sound like you know about this case. Clarify please, if Lucas isn't supposed to have anything to do wit hthe land case, then how can he bring the motion you claim he brought? Obviously that would be a clear violation of the case that I suspect the judge ordered. Wouldn't he be in some type of trouble for this?

Anonymous said...

it would seem like that to me.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'd like to see the judge throw him off the township committee for violating his order. Remember this is the same guy who ran for this seat while he was a freehold resident and claimed he was only "visiting" his wife and living with his mom. That might explain the pink sweaters, but it's still not believable.

Anonymous said...

I think the "mosked man" should definitely bring this up to the judge at his earliest convenience. I have to say I would find it very hard to believe that Andy Boy would violate a judge's ruling, but if anyone in this case actually did violate the judge's order then they should be penalized in the strongest possible terms.

Anonymous said...

It's not that hard to believe. The newspaper AND the News Transcript have already reported that the judge ordered Andy not to be involved in this case directly or indirectly on behalf of the township. The resolution Wednesday night introduced by him is a matter of public record. There's not much of a gray area here.

Anonymous said...

I too find it hard to believe that Andrew Lucas broke a judge's order by nominating and voting on that sanction ordinance. If he did break the rule, why didn't the township attorney scream something at him? Why didn't his own attorney tell him not to do anything?

And here's an interesting question. If he did break the judges rule, is the town liable for his actions?

I hope Andrew didn't do anything to violate the judge's order, but someone better check to be sure.

Anonymous said...

You people are ridiculous. The judges order prohibited Lucas (and Cohen) from voting on anything having to do with the Moskavitz case. What happened on Wed. was the TC voting to CENSURE Tony and Susan for violating executive session and ignorning the agreement that the TC wouldn't be involved in the day to day matters of the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: Englishtown to cut jobs. Disclosure isn't being made because Da Mosked Man isn't providing the documentation to the public:

Anonymous said...

Andrew, don't even attempt to spin that one. The censure was solely about the submission of the certifications to the court. You violated the court order, Andrew. I hope they remove you from the township committee or throw you in the slammer overnight for violating the order. You'll like it in jail, Andrew. More than anyone I know, you'll REALLY like it there. And as for the Englishtown story, don't be a moron. The resolutions were voted on IN PUBLIC so everything was disclosed at the time of the meeting. That was just one more story Kathy screwed up with her obsession about everything Stu. When the News Transcript realized Kathy had lied again in yet another story, they changed it for the print edition:

Kathy is by far the most embarrassing reporter to any newspaper anyone has ever met. And shame on Greg Bean for having so little professionalism and so little character that he keeps her around. He just confirms every week that the News Transcript is a coupon clipper that is not to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Roth, Klauber and Lucas voted to CENSURE Gennaro and Cohen was that Gennaro and Cohen exposed their lies about the Moskovitz case.

I heard that Gennaro laughed at them. Good for Tony Gennaro!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good for Tony Gennaro....the only TC member in memory that served a full term but have the respect of his fellow members to serve as either Deputy Mayor or Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, like in Manalapan politics, you have to judge people by their enemies. Manalapan politicians are so corrupt, so ugly and so hateful, that you are more deserving of respect if you have made enemies of these people than if they feel you are low enough to be one of them. Kudos to anyone who is not befriended by the likes of Roth, Lucas, Klauber and Shapiro.

Anonymous said...


Gennaro is so well respected because of telling the truth and they went ahead abd censured him because of it. The Gang of 3 is not a gang that anybody wants respect from.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...the voters just keep re-electing them. Must suck being you, sitting on the sidelines blaming everything on Shapiro, Larry Roth, Andrew, Klauber, Michelle Roth and McEnery, while nothing you throw sticks, yet your mega mall doesn't get built and your messiah stu gets publicly and legally stewed.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, Life is a beautiful thing. You should get one of your own. The voters voted against you for Freeholder. You will never be anything more than the democratic party stooge up there. Nice future. And you blew off your business to do it. That's bright. Not. And I wouldn't be so proud that the village center isn't built. Have you seen your tax bill, you moron? And YOU were the one supporting it in 2005, remember? Before you became Michelle's little poodle. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Shapiro got reelected, did he? And how is Stu getting "stewed" when he is making more money out of his part time Englishtown gig than you're making in your career, he's winning his lawsuit against you while the township has been exposed on the frivolous lawsuit against him, he keeps getting new clients every time you jokers get your pit bull without lipstick (or hair conditioner, or diet, or clothing allowance for that matter) to write about him in the coupon clipper. Once again, Andrew, you're out of touch with reality. Go take another trip with Brunelli.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Christie can't figure out how to get from Marlboro to Manalapan. What everyone in Manalapan has already figured out is that this lawsuit stinks more than NYC during a garbage strike. Look, Roth, Klauber and Lucas are admitting it themselves with their actions. Look at all the money they were spending to expose daTruthSquad because he/she revealed what was going on. They went crazy for cocopuffs over that one bringing national shame to themselves. Now, when two of the five township committee people refuse to participate in the coverup of the unlawful transfer of taxpayers funds to Roth's campaign contributors, the lawyers hired for this case, they panic again and pass that ridiculous, meaningless "censure." Hey Michelle and Estrogen Boy, here's a line from history for you -- "If this be treason, make the best of it." It's still America, you corrupt low life pondscum.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Michelle is acting like she actually won something with this election. She won by less than 500 votes while running virtually unopposed thanks to Steve McEnery. And she had almost no coattails, leaving her running mate scrambling to barely get by. Just to put it in perspective, in 2004, Joe Locricchio beat Michelle by 2400 votes and dragged even Andrew across the finish line, for heavens sake. Had there been a campaign this year, we'd be done with Michelle.

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, Michelle and Don won.

Anonymous said...

When Gennaro finishes giving his testimony complete with written executive minutes done by Ms. Weeden, the Manalapan clerk, who will be laughing last?
Not Roth, Lucas or Klauber, keep up the good work Larry.

Anonymous said...

The more I read this blog and the comments, the more I realize that the News Transcript is notto be trusted when it comes to telling people what is actually happening in this part of the county.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of violating court orders and legal matters, why is it that Da Truth Squad is still blogging about Manalapan and corrupt politicians? I thought the blogger or bloggers were sued to stop last year and this year too. I know from readingthe links on this blog that the court case last year that we all paid for was tossed out because Manalapan's lawyers were completely outclassed. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with Spodak's lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should ignore the News Transcript and only get information from DaLackOfTruthSquid, which has been just soooo influential in:
* Reforming the Manalapan GOP;
* Getting the Manalapan GOP candidates elected;
* Getting the MegaMall built;
* Having the lawsuit against DaMoskedMan dismissed;
* Getting Kathy Baratta fired;
* Stopping the turf field from being built;
* Stopping the Tillis Tract from being purchased;
* Getting Shapiro indicted for supposedly stealing money.

Come to think of it...aside from providing comic relief to many of us, have you been successful at ANY issue you tried to support? Didn't think so...

Anonymous said...

wow, Larry, you're really working overtime today. Three judges have already said that the case against DaMosked man has no merit. That's why your wife and Estrogen Boy have had to keep distracting the public by suing datruthsquad and censuring people who exposed your corruption. Your wife didn't win the election, Larry, McEnery lost it for the Republicans. Trust me, that will never happen again. As far as how successful datruthsquad has been, last I checked Susan Cohen won and Drew Shapiro lost. Everyone in Manalapan now knows the real story of Michelle and Estrogen Boy's vendetta against Stu masquerading as a malpractice case. And, datruthsquad kicked your wife's huge a$$ in court when she tried to violate his/her constitutional rights, bringing national attention to your wife's corruption. I'd say datruthsquad has already accomplished a lot more than most blogs ever do.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Thanks to datruthsquad, none of the slime that runs Manalapan now will ever be able to run for higher office. datruthsquad has done the entire state a service by putting a ceiling on these disgusting lumps of bat guano.

Anonymous said...

I don't always agree with Truth Squad, but the last 2 postings have a great point. Before the Squad showed up the corrupt politicians of Manalapan did whatever they wanted because they had a friend at the Transcript who allow Kathy to print whatever they say without checking the facts. Now that they have been exposed for what they really are, they really will be limited to being in Manalapan and nowhere else. Shapiro's political career is in the dumpster thanks to the Squad. Larry Roth's famous phrase got exposed thanks to the Squad. The Moskowitz case got exposed for what it is thanks to the Squad. Soulds to me like a very influential blog.

Anonymous said...

Before you gloat, Roth could wind up being an Assembly candidate in 2009. She would lose but she still could get the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Not a chance. The democrats know this is their best chance to beat Casagrande. Beck isn't running this time; her seat isn't up. They're not going to waste it on a bloated loser with more baggage than Samsonite.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, this is VERY interesting, from NJ.COM (probably erased by now:

3566. One can always hope
by trevanian, 11/15/08 17:39 ET
You know that land deal where Michelle Roth and Andy Lucas are trying to buy an $800,000 piece of contaminated property (the Tillis property) for $1,400,000 to benefit their pal John Lynch? Well, take a look at this from the Bergen Record about another deal incredibly similar. Of course in that case, people are being tried for criminal conduct:
New Jersey taxpayers paid hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the appraised value for a 4-acre plot of land at the center of the federal government’s indictment of Bergen County Democratic chief Joseph Ferriero.

AMY NEWMAN / STAFF After hiring Governmental Grants Consulting, Bergenfield won funding to buy the Marchbank property. The property, a historic parcel abutting Bergenfield’s picturesque Cooper’s Pond, was certified as worth $987,500 by the state’s Green Acres preservation program in 2003.

But documents reviewed this week by The Record show that the property sold for $1.2 million, and that state and county officials signed off on grants and loans totaling even more — $1.4 million — to help Bergenfield acquire the tract."

Chris -- don't even think about trying to win an election for governor when you let the Manalapan Township Committee do these kinds of things at every meeting while you're gathering headlines and not doing your job in Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Did former Mayor Spodak say how he got the certification that Mr. Anthony Gennaro submitted to the judge in the case of Manalapan vs Moskovitz?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and I'm sure Roth & Lucas have absolutely no contact with the Manalapan lawyers.

If you believe they have no contact, then I have a wonderful bridge over the East River to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Attended the Mayor's Gala this past weekend. A biparatisan, charitable event. 240 people attended from all over. 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats from the Township committee showed up. (No show Gennaro missed it again.) Cassagrande and Scanlan showed up. You would expect all the people who talk incessantly about how much they care about the comunity, would have attended. Guess who was missing? The biggest talkers, Butch, Steve, Coral, Gloria, Susan and finally, of course, Stu. Talk is cheap guys. You missed a great event. We raised some good money for some very worthwile causes. You are all a bunch of whiners.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they didn't have costumes. I heard the Mayor showed up dressed like a firetruck. And did you forget to mention that Andrew made a cameo appearance and then made a beeline out of there because he didn't want to have to face anyone and explain what he's been doing with their tax dollars? Or maybe some of Andrew's clients were there and he didn't want to have to explain how he lost all their money.

Anonymous said...

I hope all the money they raised will go to Manalapan tax relief, because with Roth & Lucas in charge again, be prepared to have them suck our wallots bare for their vendetta lawsuits, questionable land deals, and so we can subsidize other towns because we have noplace to shop in town.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget to mention that McEnery wasn't there, or Peter Hall, or Jim Gray or any of the other devil's disciples that have been responsible for the corruption in Manalapan? Funny how you picked out people who would be EXPECTED not to want to be in the same room as the criminals running Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Roth was dressed like a "firetruck" as you say because she "hosed" the taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

I was at the ball. It was all I could do to avoid laughing in Roth's face. What a sight she was in that bright red circus tent she was wearing as a "gown." The rumor isn't true, by the way. When she walked in, they were NOT playing "send in the clowns."

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't knock Michelle's dress. It happens to have been one of K-Marts more popular blue-light specials. Even though it looked more like a red light special.

Anonymous said...

That was Michelle and not a real firetruck? Does that mean that wasn't a dalmation standing next to her, it was Larry Roth?

Anonymous said...

As a dalmation owner, I am quite offended you dare compare such a wonderful breed of dog such as the dalmation to Larry Roth.

Unlike Larry, my dog has never barked out that he "Hates Italians."

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a dalmation and George Spodak?


A. A dalmation actually serves a useful purpose.

Second Answer: When a dalmation barks, you actually have some idea what it's trying to say.

Third Answer: people like to have dalmations around.

Fourth Answer: dalmations never go 25 years doing absolutely nothing of any value for anyone.

Fifth Answer: a dalmation is trained. It's not going to foul town hall.

Sixth Answer: a dalmation can actually lift its leg.

Seventh Answer: a dalmation is longer than it is wide.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone should tell you that Gennaro did donate 2 tickets to the mayors ball this year, like he did last year. Ask Marty G.

Unlike you Gennaro is not a hypocrite.

Roth's red sparkler was in such bad taste, wrong dress, wrong fugure. But then again why are any of you surprised?

No one ever put her on the best dressed list. Fortunately for Mr. Blackwell he is already dead, if not the sight of Roth in that red sparkler dress would have killed him.

Anonymous said...

Don't you "people" understand anything? This is exactly why your candidates lose elections. Nobody wants to hear your vicious personal attacks. The day that Rick Klauber came out and talked about "reason" in his campaign, he slaughtered his opponent. No one wants to hear this garbage. This is exactly why this site has no influence anybody except the four of five pathetic followers who lack the brains to figure out the truth for themselves. But hey, keep on abusing people with personal insults and lies and innuendos. Pretty soon you won't have anyone in town who wants to be affiliated with the Republican Party. By the way, anyone see today's Asbury park Press. Check the local section.

Anonymous said...

Let me make sure I understand. The husband of the woman who voted to censure her fellow township committeepeople for exposing lies and trying to do the right thing for the taxpayers is now telling us that no one wants to hear personal attacks. Hmm. I guess the Roth household has no mirrors.

Anonymous said...

What the Manalapan Township Committee did to Susan Cohen while she was hospitalized and not even there to defend herself shows these politicians are the lowest of the low. Thank goodness for people like Susan and Tony Gennaro who, unlike these politicians, stand up for the citizens they so honorably serve.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Michelle Roth, Committeemen, Lucas and Klauber were exposed for a lawsuit that was never authorized to begin. They are also responsible for 4 attorney's being involved in this case. I think Mark Rossman of the News Transcript would take issue with Mayor Roth's remarks in today's APP. Mayor Roth evaded the truth by stating in today's paper that Mr. Weeks is the attorney in on the case and is working on a contingency fee. I guess Mayor Roth forgot the editorial Mr. Rossman did questioning the billing of the 3 other attorneys on this very case. I didn't. See the attached by Mr. Mark Rossman.
Editorials September 26, 2007
Legal case is costing town, but how much?
The meter is running and what's being pumped into it is not quarters - it's dollars and lots of them. Briefly, the Manalapan Township Committee is suing attorney Stuart Moskovitz, who was Manalapan's municipal attorney in 2005.
The committee alleges that in 2005 Moskovitz improperly prepared a contract of sale for a pair of properties the township was buying on Route 522. The lawsuit alleges that Moskovitz's actions left Manalapan on the hook for the cost of a soil cleanup when contamination was discovered on the site. The committee is seeking damages from Moskovitz, who is representing himself in court.

Residents may not realize four attorneys are working for Manalapan to prosecute this case.

They are Caroline Casagrande, who is the current township attorney and whose bills show that she has conferred with the special counsels who are handling the matter; Robert Renaud, an attorney who was brought into the case initially to file an affidavit which states that he believed there was a case against Moskovitz; and special counsels Daniel J. McCarthy and David Weeks.

I have seen two bills Renaud has submitted for payment. They total more than $6,400 at $350 per hour.

Casagrande is billing Manalapan $135 per hour for her services.

McCarthy is billing Manalapan at a rate of $130 per hour for his services.

Weeks is working on a contingency basis and will recover a fee if Manalapan wins the case against Moskovitz.

At two early stages in this case, Moskovitz has been rebuffed by two judges in his attempt to have the lawsuit against him dismissed. I guess you could say those are victories for the township, but the victories come with a price of keeping Casagrande, Renaud, McCarthy and Weeks working and the meter still running.

Moskovitz said he has yet to file an answer to the township's complaint against him and said that when he does, the costs of the attorneys representing the township will keep adding up. He also said he will file a motion for summary judgment. If that motion is denied the case will proceed to trial and expert witnesses, depositions and other legal actions will have to be paid for.

Moskovitz said he will not settle the case or allow an insurance company to settle the case for him.

He said, "at the end of the day, the township is ahead of the game by not condemning the land, since Green Acres already told the township in 2004 that they wouldn't contribute the $250,000 they were giving to purchase the property if there was a condemnation started after 2004 on this property.

"If I included the language (the township claims should have been in the contract), the township would have been forced to condemn the land because of the court order and would have been in the hole $250,000," Moskovitz said.

"Therefore there is no damage. The township can't win a lawsuit if the act complained of put them ahead of the game. I won't settle the case because lawsuits that are not justified should not be brought.

"Settling an unjust lawsuit would simply encourage more unjust lawsuits to be brought. The township should never have settled the police suit making them appear guilty. That was a disgrace. I will not make the same mistake by settling this lawsuit," Moskovitz said.

I spoke with Weeks on Sept. 21 and asked him about the possible outcomes of the case. Weeks said the best case scenario for Manalapan would be to win the case and recover the cost of the remediation project from Moskovitz.

He said the worst case scenario for Manalapan would be to lose the case, recover nothing from Moskovitz and have to pay the cost of the remediation project.

I asked him if Manalapan can recover all of its legal costs from Moskovitz if it wins the case. Weeks said, "I don't know, that has not been discussed."

I also asked him if the legal fees of any of the attorneys who are working on the case have been capped. Weeks said, "I have no idea what anyone else's arrangement is. I am on contingency. I suggest that you ask Mr. McCarthy."

McCarthy did not return a telephone message left at his office.

Here's the problem as I see it.

Manalapan has a contaminated piece of property that has to be cleaned up. Township engineer Greg Valesi told me on Sept. 20 his best estimate for that work is now between $80,000 and $115,000, including the remediation work and engineering fees. He said, "I am trying to minimize costs for everyone involved."

Valesi said he has not done any work related to the Manalapan vs. Moskovitz case and will not do so if asked by the Township Committee.

It was only a few months ago that a figure of $18,000 was being floated around in conjunction with the remediation project, and only a few weeks ago that a figure of $50,000 was cited by a municipal official. Now the amount for the cleanup work is tens of thousands of dollars higher.

To be fair to the people who cited those different costs, those three amounts may not have been referring to the same scope of a remediation project, or included all of the same costs. But that is the problem with this entire situation - nobody seems to have any hard and fast answers about what all of this may end up costing taxpayers.

I do not know who is right or wrong in the case of Manalapan vs. Moskovitz. Obviously, each side believes its position is the correct one. A judge or a jury will decide this case eventually.

It appears to me that taxpayers are the forgotten side here. A "victory" for the Township Committee, under some circumstances, could still be a loss for the people who are footing the bill for this case. It is up to those taxpayers to ask their elected officials if this is the most prudent course of action that can be taken.

Mark Rosman is the managing editor of the News Transcript.

Anonymous said...

Stu, articles in the APP and the NT don't make you look too good...

Anonymous said...

First, do you seriously think Stu wastes his time reading what trolls like you write on these blogs? Second, the APP today specifically said Stu was just following a court order from 2004. So how exactly, Andrew, is Stu the one who doesn't look good. It seems to me the three stooges including you, Andrew, are the ones that don't look too good. You're wasting taxpayers money for your silly vendetta that isn't going anywhere, hasn't gone anywhere for what, almost two years now? And it just goes on and on, and all the while, the only person who's going to lose is you. Do you reall think we don't all see that? Do you really think we're all as stupid as you, Princeton's dumbest graduate?

Anonymous said...

Everyone I speak to says that the people who don't look good are the three buffoons who are attacking a woman in a hospital and a fellow committeeman who tried to save the taxpayers money by blowing the whistle on the illegal wasting of taxpayers' money. So I don't think it's Stu that doesn't look good in the newspapers. I think it's the two Queens and the official seconder.


But Republicans won every freeholder election, involving more than 30 contests for seats on the board, from 1987 until 2006. The board was all-Republican until McMorrow defeated Republican Andrew Lucas in 2006 for the seat held by Narozanick, who retired.