Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manalapan Ex-Mayor Exposes More Problems for da Queen - Opens Pandora's Box Further

There are a lot of people who may disagree with da tactics and execution of former Manalapan Mayor George "Porky" Spodak, but what he did at da early-November Manalapan Township Committee meeting to some was partisan, but to many others he exposed corruption in Town Hall and kicked open da Queen's Pandora's Box of secrets that could very well be da lynchpin for an investigation.

Here’s da story.

It was soon after da Queen read her disclaimer about people speaking in Town Hall during the open public session having a maximum of 5 minutes to speakand that it would be enforced.

The enter "TruthTeller" Spodak, who sat down, and began to discuss the events that occurred recently in court involving Committman Gennaro & Deputy Mayor Cohen.

Cohen & Gennaro, who as Township Committeepeople allegedly did not have calls returned to them and apparently would not get proper legal guidance from da Taxpayer-Funded Manalapan’s Legal Dream Team regarding da money being spent by taxpayers in da now-infamous “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” case, went directly to da judge with their statements and concerns.

In a somewhat terse exchange between Spodak and Gennaro, Spodak held in his hand legal documents from da case - and here's what was said during da meeting:

Gennaro: How did you get a copy?

Spodak: None of your business.

Gennaro: How did you get it?

Spodak: I got it.

QUESTION - How is it a citizen in the community, albeit a former mayor got his hands on sensitive legal court documents that could have come from da Township Committee’s super-secret Executive Session – or from da ACTUAL case itself?

How did Porky get his paws on those legal and obviously sensitive documents? Did someone steal them from da court and give them to Porky? Were they stolen from Town Hall? Did he find them sifting through a dumster on Taylors Mill Road? Was anyone heard to say, "Hey, meet me behind Town Hall at midnight, and bring da package - and no cops?

Da fact he was in possession of those documents -- and da Queen and her court jesters didn't even bother to ask da important questions Mr. Gennaro clearly did means either da Gang of Three doesn't care how an average citizen came into possession of those documents, or did Spodak inadvertantly have potentially uncovered corruption in Town Hall?

Either way - anyone reading this blog should get into contact with da Monmouth County DA, Anne Milgram, or Chris Christie and this should be brought to their attention!

Soon after that exchange where it became apparent Spodak would not reveal his source as to how he got his hands on those documents, Gennaro said that since he was not able to get information from Manalapan officials or lawyers paid for by Manalapan taxpayers, he gathered info on da case from all of da legal papers displayed on da Electronic Frontier Foundation website!

Spodak, in his presentation, also specifically mentioned daTruthSquad’s October 27 blog, entitled, Gennaro & Cohen Unlock Da Queen’s Pandora’s Box,” which specifically mentions how & why Gennaro & Cohen went to da judge, after they were kept in da dark about events in Town Hall by other members of Manalapan’s Township Committee, and da taxpayer-paid lawyers of da Dream Team.

That’s also da “same website that daTruthSquad and da Mosked Man used in their defense,” said Spodak about da site where people have been able to learn about da case when da Township Committee, using taxpayer money, attempted to remove da First Amendment from da Constitution and silence this blog.

Then, Spodak showed in spectacular fashion why Township Attorney Kennedy has been a valuable asset to Manalapan, and da Queen clearly allowed a violation of meeting rules on public speakers.

Anyone speaking in open session has only 5 minutes to speak, known as da “5-minute rule.” Kennedy let da Queen know on at least 3 occasions that Spodak was passing, then well beyond da 5 minute rule. Even members of da audience were trying to make that clear to da mayor, who threatened to “have them removed” if they spoke up further. Da Queen allowed Spodak to continue despite knowing she was permitting a violation of da rules – and despite being told by da Township Attorney -- more than twice -- that she was allowing da violation of that meeting rule!

Using a stopwatch, Spodak spoke, excluding breaks in his conversations, for at least 12 minutes 37 seconds, although some TruthTellers allege it was closer to 15 minutes – obviously well over da 5 minute rule!

That was a direct violation of da rules regarding public speakers, clearly displayed by Spodak happening as da Queen presided over da meeting which nearly went out of control, making those threats to have people "removed."

Then da Asbury Park Press, in their interview with da Queen, told da newspaper, “Asked what the cost of the lawsuit would be to taxpayers, Roth would only say that attorney David Weeks, who has regularly represented the township in court, will be paid on contingency if the township recoups damages from Moskovitz."

Da problem with da Queen's statement is that quote to da newspaper is in direct conflict with da now-infamous “Rosman Editorial,” where Mark Rosman clearly showed that there were 4 lawyers paid with taxpayer dollars in da Mosked Man case - an editorial that actually became part of da legal case in da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man lawsuit!

Now, as for Spodak, between his statements about da alleged actions of Gennaro & Cohen and Gennaro’s reactions, they both claimed there were leaks in Manalapan Town Hall.

Spodak may have singlehandedly uncovered that, because it seemed at times to da untrained eye that da Township Committee’s Gang of Three knew exactly what Spodak was going to say, since they immediately added to their schedule without any previous discussion a resolution of censure for Gennaro and Cohen - something daGang of Three didn't even discuss with their Township Attorney!

DaTruth is, Spodak may have exposed exactly what this blog has been saying, which is there are leaks in Town Hall of information winding up on blogs - something they have blamed on da blogs - and da case against da Mosked Man has serious problems attached to it, which will be for another blog, and through his own actions, Spodak exposed that da Queen does not enforce even da simplest rules, da “5-minute rule” for public hearing speakers – something Spodak should be commended for.

As for da censure vote, how da Gang of Three were so prepared for what Spodak was going to speak about is a mystery.

Maybe all 3 are clarvoyant? Did they all go to a spiratual healer before da meeting? Were da answers to their questions about Spodak mysteriously uncovered using a oijia board prior to da meeting? Was devil worship involved?

Regardless of if or how they knew, daTruth is it was obvious it was as partisan as petty partisan politics could possibly be.

And - to show pettiness to its core -- one of those censured wasn’t even there!

Cohen, as stated by a speaker after Spodak - who stayed within da 5 minute rule - was hospitalized due to an illness and wasn’t even present to defend herself!

As da local Snoozepaper wrote, Gennaro was basically left to fight da Gang of Three alone & 1 against 3. “Gennaro's reaction to the censure was, "You people do what you want."

How can you have fairness when you need 3 votes to approve having a toilet flush and you have “Da Gang of Three” in power?

Fortunately for Manalapan's taxpaying residents, Gennaro & Cohen also made it clear they were above da petty partisan politics of da day.

Gennaro said to da Press, “As part of our oath of office, we all swore to be fair and impartial, to act reasonable, responsibly and do the right thing on behalf of the taxpayers," Gennaro said. "I will always tell the truth, regardless of the consequences, on behalf of the taxpayers of Manalapan."

Cohen said to da Press, "I did what I thought was right for the people of the township who elected me to represent them."

Those statements clearly and without a doubt show they truly care about da taxpayers of Manalapan, and "For All Da People" they serve.

Ironically, da Snoozepaper did not have a direct quote from either Gennaro or Cohen for their censure report outside of what was said during da meeting.

And fortunately for Porky, da way da Snoozepaper reported on Porly's exploits in Town Hall it almost felt like he has his own public relations staff on hand with another Snoozepaper "Front Page" story about his exploits in Manalapan Town Hall – even going as far as printing snippets of his “resolution,” claiming Cohen & Gennaro's actions were “tatamount to an act of treason.” Da way da writer wrote their story, entitled, “Ex Mayor Lobs Attack At Two Town Officials,” da only thing missing from Porky Spodak was his red, white, and blue cape, and da missing “S” on his shirt, and that he leaped tall buildings and bent steel in his bare hands getting over to Town Hall!

DaTruth is, after these unbelievable exploits, an investigation into da actions of Manalapan Town Hall and da Queen’s administration is warranted even more than ever. Thanks to da outstanding work of Mayor Spodak, we have clear evidence da Queen violated her own meeting rules, exposed how partisan da Mosked Man case is by da Queen-led Township Committee voting to censure two people who were obviously denied information - and one who wasn't even there - allowed Andy Boy, told by a judge to refrain from da case to comment on it and bring da censure motion, and da Queen refused to answer how much taxpayer money was being used to pay for da case!

Mayor Spodak, in his actions may have opened up another pandora’s box for da Queen. If da Manalapan Township Committee is ever investigated by da county or state, or even da Feds for their actions, you can thank people like Mayor Spodak for bringing things out into da open.

And, as Mayor Spodak pointed out, and Mr. Gennaro proved, it appears even government officials get information hidden from them and from da public by reading this blog! Freedom of speech is important, and remember – it was da Queen herself who gave her blessing to Free Speech by saying during da meeting we all have “da right to free speech,” and she would not take away that right! She actually said that during da meeting!

Of course, if da Queen is right, then why would she approve bringing legal action against daTruthSquad in 2007 in a case that cost taxpayers a lot of money - and thanks to da hard work of da Electronic Frontier Foundation - was tossed out of court saving Free Speech for another day!

It’s good to know da Queen herself approves of free speech, which is exactly what this blog is all about, and why daTruthSquad will continue to bring you daTruth.

And that’s daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought Spodak was on Roth's side. If he's going after Democrat's too, then good for him.

Anonymous said...

Here's my 2 cents. Where did Spodak get the supposed non-disclosed papers? Why was he allowed to speak for 15 minutes, and not the same 5 minutes everybody else gets?

I'd love to be there if they raid town hall.

Anonymous said...

Spodak thinks he can blindly attack anyone and everyone without ramifications because he's friends with the two Queens and the official seconder. He's in for a surprise. There are people who were around when he was thrown out of office by Jim Gray in 1983. There are people who know his two wives. There are people who know about the money. All in due time. All in due time.

Anonymous said...

I want to know how Kathy Barataa got a copy of the certifications too? WHo gave the certificastions to Spodak nad Baratta? Andrew Lucas, Rich Klauber or Michelle Roth? Was it the attorney's in the case? Who gave the copy out?These 3 are screaming exercutive session musst be kept hush hush, yet somehow Spodak and baratta got a copy. I called the judges office today and they said they dod not give out any documents from Gennaro and COhen to anyone. Well who did they get it from? Roth, Klauber and Lucas knew exacttly what Spokdak was up to, Roth let him soeak for 14 minutes. She had the whole gang there, Gerry Ward, the Aaronsons. Roth's running mate Don Holland and his wife Wanda made it a point to hug and kiss Tony Gennaro after the disgusting display of a set up by Roth and her gnag. I guess there is trouble in her camp already. Word is Holland wants no part of what those 3 did to Gennaro and Cohen. He is against it.

Anonymous said...

The judge refused to accept the "certifications' because as TC members Cohen and Gennero were represented by counsel. Both the NT and the APP reported that Da Mosked Man then filed the papers himself with the judge. That meant that they were public documents that Spodaka nd Barrata could get ahold of. Nice work, stu.

Anonymous said...

oh, please. Your obsession is showing. The judge handed the copies to the attorneys. That's already been reported. That didn't make them public documents. Stu took the documents he got from the court and resubmitted them to the judge who gave them to him. He certainly didn't give them to Baratta or Spodak. ANDREW made the documents public when he gave them to Kathy and Spodak. Let's get real, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Facts are folks the judge is not allowing these documents to be "public record". Regardless that Moskovitz made those certifications part of his case, those certifications were confidential and had to be given out by an attorney. The 3 members of the township committee each got a copy, they read them and who was in court that day the certifications were handed out to the attorney's? Andrew Lucas. So who do you think gave it out?Is the attorney Weeks, now suddenly talking to his clients? He hasn't for months. Was it McCarthy who is not the attorney of record on this case? Who gave them out? Someone did. Gennaro and Cohen did not distribute them. Spodak was stunned last Wednesday night when Gennaro asked him "where did you get a copy"? Spodak wasn't expecting that question. DaTruth did a great job showing how Spodak was the tool used to set up the ambush for Gennaro and Cohen. It showed how the 3 of them knew what was coming from Spodak. Roth gave Spodak the floor to do her dirty work. Now we all need to take Roth, Lucas and Klauber to task. The time has come to end this nonsense. The facts are mounting against the township's infamous trio.

Anonymous said...

Spodak the idiot did not go after a Democrat! He went after a Republican and an Independent. The Democrat he should have gone after is Andrew Lucas.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Spodak. TREASON!!!!! TREASON I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how the moment you mention Lucas all the exclamation points (a la Malypractice) suddenly appear. Like that's a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody been paying attention to the conviction of Sen. Wayne Bryant?

cut and paste this site to learn all about it.

Senator Wayne Bryant was convicted of sending underlings to political appointment jobs to do the work while he received the pension benefits. If you look back to 2001, this is EXACTLY why Stu Moskovitz threw Norman Kauff out of town. The News Transcript reported back then (they had a real reporter in Manalapan, not Kathy B.) that he was calling in "sick" in Manalapan, leaving another attorney there. They then reported that he wasn't sick at all, but was found attending meetings in other towns. They then reported that Norman agreed to resign, claiming his schedule was "too busy." Norman never forgot that Stu blew the whistle on him. Now lets flash forward. Norman is of counsel to Rogut McCarthy and Troy, the camapaign financier of democratic campaigns and Andrew Lucas. Daniel McCarthy is the attorney that forced the case against Stu pretending it was about a land deal -- which we all know now is a bogus claim -- the attorney charging the Township $10,000 while Michelle Roth keeps saying attorney Weeks is handling the case for free. Wayne Bryant was CONVICTED of violating the law for doing exactly what Stu Moskovitz told Norman Kauff he wouldn't let him do in Manalapan. Now the taxpayers are paying for Norman's revenge. Get those checks out guys and dolls. Michelle, Lucas and Klauber are going to do whatever McCarthy tells them to do. Want proof? In January, despite the fact that he has brought national shame to Manalapan with his wild rages against daTruthSquad (for which we've also paid with our ever increasing tax dollars) Michelle, Lucas and Klauber are going to appoint McCarthy to the Township Attorney position in Manalapan. Well, one good thing, in another year or so, after the next election or two, Manalapan will be able to bring a legal malpractice case against Daniel McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

He thanks for that trev. I sent your science fiction story to Christie's office. with any luck they will ask to interview you, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

As long as Christie and his team of investigaters come to Manalapan, I don't care. Their taxpayer fraud has to stop. Maybe Lynch and Bryant will have company in their prison cell. A few people with Manalapan addresses.

Anonymous said...

I think since Queen Roth and her royal court won't disclose how much taxpayer money is being used for their backroom deals and the lawsuit, maybe someone should file an OPRA request and getthe answers. This way if they don't disclose it, then Christie will have no choice but to investigate Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

Hey Malypractice (aka Andrew), are you saying the News Transcript lied? Because everything in there about Norman Kauff was taken right from the pages of the News Transcript. So when you call it fiction, you're calling the News Transcript liars. Is that because you're still bitter that Rosman publicized your attempt to defraud the News Transcript by having someone else sign their name to your letter to the editor? Still bitter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Malypractice (aka Andrew), are you saying the News Transcript lied? Because everything in there about Norman Kauff was taken right from the pages of the News Transcript. So when you call it fiction, you're calling the News Transcript liars. Is that because you're still bitter that Rosman publicized your attempt to defraud the News Transcript by having someone else sign their name to your letter to the editor? Still bitter.

m. practice said...

IT'S LIES!!!!!!!!!!! LIES I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHELLE ROTH IS THE BEST MAYOR WE'VE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!!! HAD I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANDREW SHOULD RUN FOR GOVERNOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS IF MICHELLE APPROVES!!!!!!!!! KEEP DRINKING THE KOOL AID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone on this site list ANY accomplishments that Tony Gennaro made on the township committee, in almost three years?

Anonymous said...

yo da man fruck spodak

mal e. practice said...





littlestewie said...

Hey mal e. practice. Another baby? But, but I'm the baby. Why the deuce would they want to replace me? My, my cheeks are pinchable, my bottom is smooth, my laugh is heartwarming. Aha ha ha ha ho ho ho! What's that? I certainly am not overreacting! What the devil do you think happened to Bobby when they added cousin Oliver to the Brady bunch?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like doublespeak and DELAY - DELAY - DELAY the Roth & Andy way.

littlestewie said...

Very well then. But mark my words, when you least expect it, your uppance shall come!

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we all know that maly & stewie are the same person now. How does it feel to be caught in the trap? The best thing about this site is they won't take the post down like you can on other sites, so now everyone will know.

mal e. practice said...

EXPOSED!!!!!!!! EXPOSED I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAUGHT I SAY!!!!!!!!!!! TOO BAD IT WASN'T CHRSITIE OR THE FEDS CATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAUGHT RED HANDED I SAY!!!!!!!!!!

littlestewie said...

Oh yes, you have a lot to think about: public drunkenness, grand theft auto...

and also, quote 2:

What are the stakes of this wager?