Friday, December 19, 2008

The Epitome Of A Public Servant

When Mr. Anthony Gennaro first became a Manalapan Township Committeeman, this blog nicknamed him “Jack of Clubs,” believing he would be a Queen clone. With complete surprise, but for all da right reasons, that perception changed within 3 months in office.

Manalapan residents realized exactly what they had in Mr. Gennaro shortly after Sir Lawrence of Manalapan stood up and proudly proclaimed “BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS” in a response to a question from an Italian-American committeeman.

Remember, it was daTruthSquad that first sounded da alarm about what was said, who said it, and how it was said which ultimately led to mass protests and an onslaught by da news media demanding answers.

DaTruthSquad learned soon after from embedded Cadre sources that Mr. Gennaro was thrust squarely into da middle of that fiasco by da Queen, Sir Larry, and da Cadre leadership. They reportedly, without any remorse or regret, demanded Mr. Gennaro stand by da Queen & Sir Larry, despite of what was said, because of politics.

Then came da news media interviews by da Queen, which were more reminiscent of a Sarah Palin interview with Katy Couric. Da Queen, instead of showing remorse and apologizing for her husband, instead blamed an Irishman for her husband saying “BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS.” Gennaro apparently realized what he had gotten himself into with da Queen and her cadre. He had a choice – kick his integrity to da curb and stand with someone who mocked his heritage, or tell a longtime friend they should atone for their sins or risk losing his friendship – or far worse, paint a bullseye on his back and become da target of their venom.

Even though they were longtime friends, what they didn’t know about Mr. Gennaro after all those years is he has more integrity than any of them realized, and instead of politics, he put da people first.

His decision came during da most attended Manalapan Township meeting in history. With TV news crews, newspapers, and radio newspeople in attendance and cameras rolling, and a standing room only crowd and hundreds more outside da building, Mr. Gennaro chose his integrity & heritage and turned his back on da Cadre – which had already turned their backs on him, resigning from da Manalapan Democratic Party.

His decision was “da shot heard ‘round Manalapan.” It showed he had more integrity than da entire committee combined. And, while it made him an enemy of da Queen and her Cadre, it made him a hero to anyone who believed a political representative could not turn their back on backroom deals - because he stood up "For All Da People."

For da next 2 years, Mr. Gennaro didn’t do what was right for a political party or for a backroom deal. Instead, he voted with his conscience, acted as a professional, served his office with dignity not seen in Manalapan Town Hall in a very long time, and became an example of how someone serving in a political office should handle themselves.

Gennaro ran under a banner of “For All da People” when he ran for office in 2005. While his running mate, da Queen, used that slogan as a punchline, Mr. Gennaro tirelessly worked “For All da People.”

He crossed party lines when he believed it was in da best interest of da people of Manalapan. He was outraged over tax increases that were too high and worked & voted for lower taxes, and stood up against what he believed was corruption in Town Hall, knowing full well that vile and repugnant retribution against him would certainly follow.

However, Mr. Gennaro didn’t care about the politics, or the retribution that would certainly follow no matter how sick, twisted, and vile it would get. He cared about the townspeople.

When Gennaro & Susan Cohen went to da judge in da Mosked Man case, he didn’t do it because he wanted his name in da newspaper. He did it because he believed a serious wrong was being committed – not against da Mosked Manbut against all da people of Manalapan. It’s obvious Gennaro knew ihis actions would infuriate people like da Queen, Andy Boy, and Cash Klauber, but he didn’t care about their anger – he cared about da use of da people’s tax money in what has obviously become a political vendetta and anti-First Amendment lawsuit.

When an obviously planned “censure” motion was brought forth, Mr. Gennaro proved beyond a doubt he would not yield to corruption. He told da Gang of Three “Do whatever you want,” when da vote was to happen. He proved he was doing what da people, and not da political stringpullers, wanted him to do – and he proved he was above da sniping and shameful display of da Gang of Three.

Mr. Gennaro was also truthful. When he was asked, he told people on da record he was not being given information that other Township Committeepeople were privy to. He even said on more than one occasion he had to get information about da Mosked Man lawsuit from this blog because important township details were being hidden from him!

Da fact this blog was a source of information for Mr. Gennaro, and other politicians, news people, and other people & professionals, because of this blog’s embedded Town Hall sources, proves beyond a doubt there’s something very wrong with da way Manalapan’s Queen & Crown Prince are running things.

Mr. Anthony Gennaro spent 3 years dealing with abuse from people who wouldn’t know character, honor, and integrity if they were rapped over da snout with it. He proved to be da type of public servant we all need. He cares for his townspeople, and it showed. He was professional in every detail and aspect.

What not many people know about Mr. Gennaro balanced his duty to his town with da duty he has to his family. His father, a great man, has been ill for years and Mr. Gennaro has been da type of son any father would be proud to have. Taking care of his family was balanced with attending meetings, working on budgets, and making sure that he did what he felt was in da best interest of Manalapan residents. Mr. Gennaro should be da blueprint that anyone seeking office should follow. He proved he is a man of his word, with convictions and beliefs that specify that as an elected official, it was his duty to represent "All da People," no matter what.

Mr. Gennaro, on behalf of da TruthTellers, daTruthSquad wants to thank you for your dedication to “All da People” during your term in office. You handled yourself with grace under pressure, you were 110% fair and 110% working for all da people. It has been a long time that an elected representative was someone you could tell your children to be like. That person is you, Mr. Gennaro.

Your service to Manalapan will be missed greatly due to your diligence, integrity, and ability to do what is right for da public you served with honor and distinction.

Thank you, Mr. Gennaro, for being the kind of representative we can all be proud of. And that is daTruth.

With humble regard,



He we go again said...

Finally, I happen to agree with dafraudsquad. Tony is great for the town. What is shameful is FraudSquad using the opportunity to praise Tony as, yet another means for slamming and smearing (reference to certain persons character) his political enemies. Additionally, getting in for perhaps the zillionth time, mention of the Township of Manalapan’s lawsuit against the defendant. Give it up. Get a hobby. Nobody reads this except the cultists.

Have at it cultists. If nothing else, it's always entertaining.


A concerned citizen watching his town be torn apart

Not Andy Boy
Not Big gut
Not da Queen
Not Cash

Anonymous said...

I applaud DaTruthSquad for telling it like it is about Tony Gennaro. The fact that he mentioned the lawsuit is important. What is clear to just about everyone now is this "lawsuit" is the most prominent symptom of what is wrong in Manalapan. It is a ridiculous lawsuit to begin with, trying to blame an attorney for following a court order. Maybe Klauber thinks it's malpractice to follow a court order, but you're not going to get any good attorney to say that. And the cadre knows it too. This lawsuit was never about malpractice. As I read the papers on EFF, it is pretty obvious the lawsuit was brought for two reasons. One because Michelle Roth wants vengeance for losing the election in 2004 and thinks Stu Moskovitz was the reason (how's THAT for insane paranoia). And secondly, because Lucas and Shapiro had a deal to fix the election to get the two of them elected at the expense of their respective running mates, and Lucas knew that Stu Moskovitz would have worked on Susan's campaign and blown up their plan. That lawsuit is and will be the symbol of Manalapan's corrupt government. Every minute that lawsuit continues, every dollar spent on it, like the ADDITIONAL $6200 just paid Wednesday night bringing the total over $30,000 in lawsuit costs to try to recover $10,000 for the cleanup, is a neon sign exposing the corruption in Manalapan. Kudos to daTruthSquad for having the courage to tell it like it is.

Anonymous said...

They say you're judge not only by your friends but by your enemies. So let's see. On Tony's side is Susan Cohen. Lined up against them are Andrew Lucas, Steve McEnery, Gerry Ward, Beth Ward, Michelle and Larry Roth, Drew Shapiro, Rich Klauber, Kathy Baratta and George Spodak. I'd say you don't need much more proof than that, that with the expiration of Tony Gennaro's term, Manalapan's government just lost a boatload of class.

Anonymous said...

There's not just going to be a malpractice case against Caroline Casagrande. There's another one coming against WMUA Chairman Eric Abraham, another of the wicked witch's flying monkeys. It seems Eric was representing Sandoz (a client entrusted to him by Hill Wallack, I guess because they don't really know him that well) in a patent infringement case against AstraZeneca. Eric did such an incredibly poor job, that AstraZeneca won a Summary Judgment against Sandoz in federal court. That means they won the case without ever having to go to trial. It's not unusual for a defendant to win a summary judgment case, it happens often, because plaintiff has the burden of proof, but when the PLAINTIFF wins a summary judgment, that is HUGE. My brother works for Sandoz. We'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Maybe that's why ol' Murry isn't too worried about his lawsuit with Drew. lol.

Anonymous said...

It's very rare that you hear nice and positive things about any person holding office. I don't live in Manalapan (although I love reading about it) and my town has enough problems with its politicos.

It sounds like we need more Gennero's in government. Mr. Gennero, if you want to move to Howell, we'd certainly like to have you in our government. BTW, nice blog Mr. Squad.

Anonymous said...

Tony, the town deserved you. The township committee and all their hatred and arrogance had no place for someone who put the public good first.

You will be sorely missed.

Anonymous said...

"And secondly, because Lucas and Shapiro had a deal to fix the election to get the two of them elected at the expense of their respective running mates, and Lucas knew that Stu Moskovitz would have worked on Susan's campaign and blown up their plan. "

You somehow deduced this from reading the EFF papers?

That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. How do you continue to get away with these outrageous lies? I hope you don't have children.

Anonymous said...

I served with Tony for many years on the planning board, the only interests he served were the people who lived in the town. Tony it was an honor working with you,


Anonymous said...

I too worked with Tony on a couple boards and committees. It was never about him or the politics. My best to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

to the post three up from here calling everyone else stupid. You're giving yourself away Lucas.

Anonymous said...

I had the honor of serving on the planning board with Tony Gennaro. He never once put any outside interest above what was best for the town. What happened to him by my fellow Democratic members of the township committee hurts me to the core. If I have learned anything, I learned my own party needs a serious lesson in humility. Tony, thank you for your faithful service to Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

No, I called you stupid, stupid :)

Anonymous said...

Yayyy!!! It's the weekend. You know what that means!!!! It means McEnery is drunk and is already posting (see above post). Don't you just love the weekends. No one ever sees him at election time, so the weekends are the only time we get to hear from him. GOOOOOOO JAMISON!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been drinking. GOOOOOOO Manneshevitz!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, if there was any doubt that the ugly poster is McEnery, that last anti-semitic posting should just about do it. By the way, you'd be wrong if you think it's just a coincidence that the posting by McEnery above was only a couple of minutes after the posting by Malypractice attacking Tony Gennaro on NJ.COM.

Anonymous said...

Someone on claims that Andrew sent him an email claiming the lawsuit against Moskovitz isn't going to cost the town anything. Well, Klauber claims the town spent $6,000, and on the December 17 billing we the people are paying Lucas's lawyer over $6,000 to defend him against Moskovitz. My math may be bad, but isn't that over $12,000 the town according to that Lucas email isn't paying?

Anonymous said...

So let's make sure we understand your thought process. When you post Go Jaimison, a reference to Irish whiskey, that's ok. When some one posts Go Manneshevitz, that's anti semitic?

Right...... You are a piece of work, an ugly, hateful, piece of work.

You have zero credibility loser.

Anonymous said...

Andy Boy will be resigning this year. He signed the Shapiro agreement that was designed to have Joe L resign. Andy Boy better remember his emails he sent out because they WILL come out to haunt him.

Anonymous said...

So will your past.

Anonymous said...

Let's face it. Everyone knows the real story behind the "I hate Italians" controversy. It was started by McEnery as a way to attack both Italians and Jews. McEnery has made it clear to everyone that he hates Italians and hates Jews. He is an old time Irish bigot that is part of a distant past in this country. He is an ugly hateful evil person that enjoys dividing people and turning one person against another. He tried to destroy Locricchio because he was Italian. No other reason. He tried to destroy Moskovitz because he was Jewish. No other reason. He tried to get Cohen defeated because she was Jewish. No other reason. Until the republican party recognizes this person has no place in modern politics, they will never win another election. And the comment about Jamisons was because McEnery himself admitted to people that when the weekend comes, he gets lost in a bottle of Jamisons. McEnery has no life. So he drinks. He lost his job years ago and has much too much time on his hands. He could use it for good. He chooses to use it to serve his own ego and to hate people. He is the same kind of pathetic useless has-been as Spodak. They are peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

I think you have anger issues that need to be addressed. Of course you could always just end it, thus helping yourself and doing the rest of us a favor.

Anonymous said...

another typical hateful drunk comment from McEnery. Why are we not surprised? And McEnery talking about "anger issues?" LOL. We've all seen your emails, Steve. Talk about anger issues. You talking about anger issues is like Lucas and Peter Hall supporting California proposition 8

Anonymous said...

It's only hateful to you. The comment is most definitley appreciated by everyone else in Manalapan. Your obsession with Steve and Andy seems to consume every waking moment of your poor pathetic life. Congratulations on becoming a complete loser.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Steve, you're so predictable. And you're so drunk you now think you can speak for "everyone else in Manalapan." You can't even speak for the republican party anymore. The only people you can speak for are Estrogen Boy and his fire station bff.

Anonymous said...

Hey McEnery. Why not tell us about the DUI you're hiding from your wife. And while you're at it, tell us how your son-in-law almost got fired for letting Estrogen Boy's boyfriend off the hook for his DUI.

Anonymous said...

^^ Keep babbling, you babbling buffoon.

Anonymous said...

gee that's clever, McEnery. I guess the brain cells are a little soaked today, huh?

Anonymous said...

That old gag again? It's really getting boring, kind of like you geek.

Hic. Burp. said...

quit crying

piece fish said...

quit whining

To the guy who talks about McEnery all the time said...

Do you want him to do you or something? I mean, holy cow!

Here is the answer said...

No, it's the opposite if you know what I mean :)

Anonymous said...

I think the Squad just proved him/her self right. With all the infighting you see in these comments it shows just how special Tony Gennaro was on the TC.

Good luck in the future Tony. We'll miss you.

Just_da_ facts said...

This is par for course of this township committee. First it was Collincini, then Sheplar, Lewis and now Solinski. Who's next? The police chief?

More lawsuits!!! More contributions from these lawyers to the Democrats campaigns.


Animal Control officer fired for giving aid to stray animals, other charges

By Alesha Williams • December 22, 2008

MANALAPAN — The township recently fired its animal control officer of 20 years for allegedly flouting department policies.

Former animal control officer Mark Solinski will fight the termination incourt, said his lawyer, Stephen B. Hunter of Freehold.

Solinski, 45, was about a year shy of being eligible for state pension andretirement health benefits through the township, Hunter said.

The Township Committee on Dec. 18 voted to terminate Solinski, who has beensuspended since September. Solinski, who was paid $44,392 in 2007 according tostate records, spent almost all of his 24 years as a municipal employeer in animalcontrol.

Among the charges against Solinski: he made arrangements to have feral catsspayed or neutered for residents who wished to keep the animals, againstdepartmental policy.

Solinski was cited for using his municipal vehicle to commute to and from work,after a supervisor advised him not to. He also was charged with carrying twogasoline cans for personal use in his municipal vehicle, Hunter said.

Township labor counsel Richard J. Shaklee said Solinski continued his activitiesin spite of written and verbal warnings.

But Hunter said Solinski bent the rules because he wanted to save the lives ofthe stray cats. The cats eventually could have been euthanized at a shelter.

"He's criticized because he's humane and cares about animals,'' Hunter said.

Hunter said Solinski used the township vehicle unauthorized after he had troublewith his own car, while his supervisor was on vacation. He added Solinski had been given permission to use the township vehicle to commute to and from his Manalapan home in another instance when he had car trouble.

"If the charges were sustainable, they would warrant a wrist slap or areprimand,'' Hunter said in an interview Monday. "These are not serious charges atall, but there were obviously personality clashes that led to his termination. It'spublic employer arrogance at its worst.''

Hunter said Solinski was "trying to work out a situation where he wouldcontinue to be employed for the next year or so until he reached the 25thanniversary'' of his township service. At that point, Solinski would have beeneligible for a state pension of about $23,000 annually and township healthretirement benefits, Hunter said.

He said the township had offered a settlement … about 1/9th of his$43,000-a-year salary … which "would not have represented creditable service forpension purposes.'' So the offer was rejected, Hunter said.

Township Committee members earlier this year had balked at municipal costs for retiree health benefits and adopted an ordinance that would cut those expenses. ButShaklee said the termination had nothing to do with saving dollars the townshipmight have had to pay upon Solinski's potential retirement.

"When you tell (an employee) multiple times in writing that this is the way wedo things, and he goes out and does it another way, that's cause for someone to bedisciplined and cause to be fired,'' Shaklee said.

"No employee has the right to explicitly flout an employer's directive,''Shaklee said. ""He had the opportunity to talk to a supervisor and ask for anexception, but he just went ahead and did what he wanted to do.''

Hunter said he expects to file a complaint in Superior Court in Freehold to getthe termination reversed.

Anonymous said...

Interesting...neither DaSquid nor his loyal minions mentioned ANYTHING that Tony accomplished in 3 years on the TC...

Anonymous said...

Basically he was against everythingthat is wrong with Manalapan. I think the Squad made that very clear. Keep drinking your Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

Tony Gennaro tried to accomplish a lot for the people of Manalapan but unfortuantely he did not have 3 votes. Why because he did not drink the kool aid that the Gang of 3 was offering him. He was doing what was right for the town while taking the verbal abuse of Roth behind closed doors and in public. Roth told Gennaro he had "No Balls" in executive session, nice language from the mayor. It goes to her character and we all have witnessed her character towards the residents and taxpayers who pay her annual salary and medical benefits. What Tony did was expose Michelle Roth,Rick Klauber and Andrew Lucas for who they are politically and what they have done to the taxpayers of this town.Don't forget the heat issues with the synthetic turf field or the fact that there was over 1.2 million in surplus left in the budget but Roth banged you over the head with a huge tax hike, or the fact that they are suing Moskovitz for a political vendetta and spending way too much money on it. Michelle Roth's woman scorned tirade at the last meeting was very telling. First it showed a total lack of class for attacking a committeeman who was absent because he has been keeping a bedside vigil at his gravely ill fathers bedside. Secondly, Roth had the mitigating gall to say that Tony Gennaro did not have the courage to call her in 3 years, did you Michelle Roth call Tony Gennaro? Tony Gennaro sent Roth an email asking if she wanted to be mayor in 2007, but did Roth have the courage to respond? No. But her husband "I hate Italians"Larry did but not to the original question but to ask how Gennaro's father was. Tony Gennaro said this at a public meeting to Roth and did she have the courage to answer him? No she ignored him. Does Michelle Roth think that we are all stupid and do not remember this? Michelle Roth in her typical arrogant way thinks she can re write history. Michelle Roth you can't hide from the truth and the truth Michelle Roth will never allow you to.

a truthteller said...

With over 5000 readers per month, do you think this blog gets more readers than the Transcript?

Considering the lack of ads in that newspaper, I think advertisers took note.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long the boys at GMNEWS headquarters will allow Kathy Baratta to destroy the paper. By now they must know people are afraid to advertise in the News Transcript because they don't want people to think they are supporting her reporting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Larry is that the best you can do?
Friends of 18 years? Gennaro and his family saw what kind of friends you were, they realized that they never knew you or your wife. Friends don't do what you did. The truth will be told and you will see who has the last laugh.