Monday, December 1, 2008

DaTruthSquad's Gobble-Gobble Awards

There are times daTruthSquad wants to bring back da "BaconHead" awards, which became a symbol of abuse of power and everything wrong with politics and politicians. It indeed may make a comeback, as so many TruthTellers have been asking about them. Before da year is out, don't be too surprised to see a "2008 BaconHead Award" winner, and also da "2008 TruthTeller of da Year" award will be handed out.

You can nominate for both in the comment section at any time, and your votes will be counted!

Now, for da First Annual 2008 Gobble-Gobble Awards, for da moves most reminiscent of being a turkey:

Manalapan News Coverage of 2008: Cathy Barratta - Local Snoozepaper!

One has to admit her coverage is second to none, because as many TruthTellers have said, nobody's coverage of Manalapan could be any worse when it comes to certain issues. When a former Manalapan mayor speaking from anywhere between 5-15 minutes during those 5 minute public sessions can get so much time on Page 1 of da Snoozer in a given year, then he either has one heck of a public relations person, or da Manalapan Township Committee on its own couldn't make news if it showed up for a meeting naked. One could speculate her news motto could potentially be -- "If da Mosked Man is not yet done, stick former mayor Spodak on Page One!"

Following da Judge's Order to a 'T' Award: Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident Committeeman Andy Boy!

Right after da judge tells him he must not participate in votes relating to da Mosked Man case, he motions to have fellow GOP'er Susan Cohen and Mr. Anthony Gennaro censured. So you know, that censure motion and vote was in direct relation to da Mosked Man case.

Da "Say To Da Blind Man - I See Your Point" Award: Andy Boy, Cash Klauber, and da Queen!

Not only did they vote to censure Susan Cohen, but they did so when she wasn't even there to defend herself! She was reportedly hospitalized at da time and recuperating from alleged heart issues. One must theorize that buying a dog and then kicking it after you didn't feed it for a week it wasn't in da budget.

Da "Recession - We No Need No Stinkin' Recession" Award: Da Manalapan Township Committee!

In these hard economic times when 401k's are now worth 201k's and Manalapan foreclosures are at an all-time high, da Queen and her followers vote to buy a piece of land for almost 2 times it's value, bond for it making it cost even more, and then find out there may be environmental issues attached to it. Oh, and did daTruthSquad mention they have no actual plan in place for what they really want to do with da land?

Da "Trust Us - We Know How To Handle YOUR Money" Award: Manalapan Mayors Roth & Lucas!

Let's see....Raise taxes about 28% in one year, then the very next year raise them again by 14% with no increase in services or quality of life? And you thought the price of a barrel of oil at $140 was high.

Da 2008 Manalapan Legal Dream Team Lawyer of da Year: Carolina MachoGrande!

A blockbuster upcoming edition of daTruthSquad will have more on Macho's Grande newest problem. Stay tuned.

Da 2008 Manalapan Legal case going nowhere award: Coming Soon!!!!!!

Hint - It's not da case you think, but it could very well lead to others.

Da "I'm a leader but I damn well wish someone would follow me" award: Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery

He wins a confidence vote by a single vote. Enough said.

Da Worst Political Strategist of 2008: Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery

McCain/Palin win Manalapan. Zimmer beats Lautenberg in Manalapan. And da Queen carrying more baggage than Samsonite and American Tourister can make in 40 years combined take down da Iron Girth-led disciples Green & Garcia. There were actually times you had to scratch your head during da campaign and wonder who da Girth-meister really wanted to have win that election considering da kind of campaign he was responsible for.

Da 2008 version of da "Nuclear Family" award: Andy Boy

Last year, he got married but apparently after da wedding lived with his parents for months while his new blushing bride lived in neighboring Freehold to be closer to her job while he was running for political office. Now, it appears they all live in some form or another in Andy Boy's parent's house, which is now his house by deed, which begs da question - who gets da master bedroom?

Da 2008 "picture's still on da milk carton" award: Sir Lawrence of Manalapan

There was a time you'd see Sir Larry at da Queen's side (we're not going any further with that). But since he uttered da now-infamous words, "BECAUSE I HATE ITALIANS" - da only place you expect to see Sir Larry is on da side of a milk carton with da caption, "Have You Seen This Man?"

Da best TV show in Manalapan for 2009: OPRA

No, not "Oprah" as in Oprah Winfrey, but Opra, as in Open Public Records Act. Following daTruthSquad's order, it seems that there are OPRA requests being made in Manalapan Town Hall. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from making their own or others. Da more questions you raise, da less they will be able to hide da answers, and since da local Snoozepaper is either unwilling or cannot ask da real questions, da old rule applies -- If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

DaTruth is, an OPRA request is easy to start. I urge all da TruthTellers to investigate something if they feel that a wrong has been committed by career politicians. Investigations into da likes of INMATE JOHN LYNCH & DA CONVICTED FELONS SHARPE JAMES & WAYNE BRYANT all began when someone decided it was time to investigate what they perceived was wrongdoing - after public citizens blew da whistle and folks like Chris Christie heard that whistle.

In Monmouth County, that whistle has blown enough that political cronyism has taken GOP'ers out of power on da county level. Losses like da one Andy Boy suffered for Freeloader was da opening salvo in da Democratic takeover and ouster of political cronyism. Da louder you blow da whistle, da more people will hear it.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

You are way too funny. Unfortunate what you have printed is "da" truth.





Anonymous said...

It must be hard to be an a$$ all of the time

Anonymous said...

I don't think so. There are so many people involved in politics in Manalapan who seem to have no trouble with that. Heck, McEnery, Lucas, Spodak go non-stop without skipping a beat.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have not been reading Da Truth Squad for the last year, here is a quick summary of what you have missed:

A hysterical litany of bad meat references to former Mayor Spodak. There is no end to the hilarity as the Squad repeats the same tired meat jokes over and over again for your reading pleasure.

A weekly attack on Former Mayor Andrew Lucas, featuring the always funny line that he is Princeton's dumbest graduate. If people really think about it, wouldn't you rather be Princeton's dumbest graduate than a good student in almost any other college in the country? Wouldn't you rather be the world's worst professional baseball player than a good player in semi pro ball. But I digress.

A never ending, rip roaring, hilarious attack on future mayor Rick Klauber as the Squad continues to refer to him as "I'll second that" Klauber. This despite the fact that Mr. Klauber is seen week after week contributing more to the proceedings than almost any other member.

What you have also missed is the effect of the highly influential and funny funny Truth Squad rantings against Mayor Michelle Roth all year long. This went a long way in her election loss to Mr. Garcia and Mr. Green as the Truth Squad followers voted in droves for the Republicans...oh wait, that didn't happen.. Sorry.

Also featured this year was the amusing drinking references to McHenry and Ward, gay references to Lucas,who is married, anti Italian references to L. Roth which has been going on for three years now, and really funny attacks on Mr. Hall who had the guts to speak the truth.

But the funniest thing of all is how the Truth Squad talks all the time about how obsessed everyone else is with Stuart Moskevitz when his name is brought up virtually every week ad nauseum in this blog. The lengths this column goes to in order to deny that Moskevitz is the author of this blog is hysterical. Who else has the knowledge of the law suits to write about this? Who else is cares about this narcisist to write about him every week for almost four years? Somebody please give me a plausible answer to who the Truth Squad is other than Moskevitz.

Hey Stu. Try writing something new for a change! Then maybe somebody would pay attention to you and your whiney vicious blogs.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, Stu's name keeps coming up because YOU are obsessed with him. YOU are the one who keeps bringing up his name. But that's ok. You can mention him the rest of your life every day when you explain how you lost your house. And spare us the "Andrew is married" bit. YOU were the one who said you weren't living in Freehold, that was just your wife. lol.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, if you're so sure that Stu is daTruthSquad, how come you never took him up on his $100,000 challenge. Remember the one that was printed in the News Transcript? If you could provide any proof he was daTruthSquad (which a court of law has already determined he is not) he would donate $100,000 to the township if you agreed to resign if you failed. But no, you're too much of an effete coward to put your money where your mouth is. You can only write "anonymously" (like we don't know who you are) and hide behind low life big mouths like Spodak. Grow a pair, Andrew, if that's even physiologically possible for you.

Anonymous said...

what blog are you reading Andrew? I don't see most of those things you're talking about in daTruthSquad. Where did daTruthsquad ever talk about the alooholic tendencies of the twin bookend municipal party chairmen? Nowhere. Where did datruthsquad ever talk about your sexual preferences or Peter Hall's? Nowhere. And the anti-Italian references to Larry Roth were in the Asbury Park Press, News Transcript, Associated Press, News12, Jewish Times and a whole bunch of other places. Are you saying they're all daTruthSquad? You must be, since you believe everyone is Stu. And by your own logic, I guess you think the News Transcript is Stu, too, since they don't seem to be able to avoid working him in somewhere almost every issue. Maybe it's time you actually got a job and did something with your life instead of mooching off mommy's farm.

old_poodle said...

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Moral of this story.......

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why does it always seem that when the Truth Squad touches a nerve almost immediately the members of the Lucas Alliance (mostly democrats & McEnery, and they can have him) immediately start calling people names and trying to make tear this blog down.

Keep touching that nerve Squad. I can't wait for the county and state to swoop in and investigate Town Hall! Then the fun will really begin when the Lucas Alliance starts pointing fingers at one another, because that's something they can't blame Stu for.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself. They'll try to blame Moskovitz for that too.

Anonymous said...

who is the leopard now?

Watch out for that old poodle!!!

I am everyone said...

Anonymous said: For those of you who have not been reading Da Truth Squad for the last year, here is a quick summary of what you have missed:

Nice job there anonymous, you hit the nail right on the head.

This blog has steadliy gone into the crapper for almost a year. The defenders of "da mosked man" are low life losers who can do no better than disparage everyone around them. They are more rabid than the most rabid dog. What's that saying about the company that you keep?

thank god for the first amendment said...

Isn't it nice that you can slam the Truth Squad and not have to worry that Queen Roth and her minions won't use taxpayer money and sue you.

That's the difference between your friends and this blog. Unlike this blog, your friends wouldn't know the First Amendment if they fell on it.

Anonymous said...

"low life rabid dog" --- that coming from the hysterical Queen who has passed resolution after resolution attacking everyone that disagrees with him, who has turned on every running mate he's ever had, who is hated by his own family and has embarrassed his party, his township and his county. Yeh, sure, call everyone else what you are. Go get your pink sweater cleaned and go back to Freehold.

Anonymous said...

IMHO Queen Roth and her minions have used enough taxpayer money on political vendettas and witch hunts. Unfortunately for all of us it will still be taxpayers money used to pay for the settlements from those politcal vendettas and witch hunts.

Anonymous said...

I think the only way to put a stop to this is to demand from the county and state a formal investigation into Manalapan politics and Town Hall. That's the only way Roth & Lucas can be stopped from running this town like the bosses used to run Jersey City and places like it. Corruption in Manalapan has to stop now!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster who gave us the synopsis above: You are right on the mark, although you did miss one: Every few weeks we hear about that ridiculous MegaMall, with the 'stories' conveniently omitting the fact that the developer continually pushed for approval for things not allowed on the site.

Anonymous said...

and they say the NT is a rag.......

Anonymous said...

yes they do. And for good reason. It will always be as long as they have insane, vicious, dishonest, immoral trash reporting for them. How about if you tell us the truth about you and George, Kathy, before we tell the story for you. There are still people who were around then.

Anonymous said...

I saw the meeting from last night aired on channel 77. Klauber are you 100% positive that you only paid 6K out on the case of Manalapan vs. Moskovitz? You know you are under oath sitting up there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, maybe $6000 this week!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they keep repeating last nights meeting? It is that good!!

Anonymous said...

wow, no wonder spodak was divorced twice. What a low life. How could anyone have ever married him. Does he have a clue how foolish and little and petty and vicious he looks? My goodness, if I were his children I wouldn't let him near the grandchildren. I'll bet they don't. I really do. Does anyone know?

Steven said...

da Truth shall be known

This ought to be good said...

yes they do. And for good reason. It will always be as long as they have insane, vicious, dishonest, immoral trash reporting for them. How about if you tell us the truth about you and George, Kathy, before we tell the story for you. There are still people who were around then.

I think you should publish the story. Come one, tell us, tell us! You are always threatening to tell us. Stop the nonsense and just tell us already! While you're at it, tell us who you are too.!

Anonymous said...

In the best choreogrphy ever performed since the Kennedy assasination, the renegade wing of the Republican party sent person after person up to the table to defend Committeewomman Susan Cohen on Wednesday. An endless parade of zombies and robots defended the Deputy Mayor, attacked Committeeman Lucas, attacked the Mayor and Committeeman Klauber and twisted facts around and around until no one with a brain could stand it any longer.

I find it particularly interesting that there was virtually no repetion. Everyone who spoke had their own separate points to discuss. Each took an aspect of the lawsuit and spoke to it. It was almost as if someone had gotten all these people in an office building in Freehold and told them what to say and how to say it.

Wolf_Pack_leader said...

Maybe it was done in a wolf's den Kathy? Isn't that where a wolf pack hangs out?

Anonymous said...

Yes Stu, that's where a wolf pack hangs out, but not Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Renegade Republicans? What ever happened to the county committee that McEnery brought in to vote for him? They haven't been seen since. Where was the Republican campaign this year? The entire election was a fix so that Roth would win and the gang of 3 would remain. Green had somewhat of a chance to win. Garcia knew he didn't have a chance. They cheated the Manalapan residents out of a fair election. Just look at the McCain & Zimmer results. If the Republicans would have 2 qualified candidates and a campaign Roth and Holland would not have won.

Anonymous said...

Hey McEnry, if you're so confident how about allowing the county committee to vote again for municipal chair. I would bet you don't get more than six votes.

1.) you
2.) your daughter
3.) Lucass
4.) Peter Hall
5 & 6.) Rhoda & her side kick

J. Wellington Whimpy (JWW) said...

Quit crying

Anonymous said...

Kathy, you and McEnery seriously need to see a doctor. I don't think there are no more crazed, irrational lunatic egomaniacs so out of control as the two of you. Do you two have any idea how many people are laughing at you? No one is afraid of either of you. You aren't afraid of people you laugh at. And you two are becoming classic jokes. Now don't forget to follow up with "Quit crying." Because you only prove what limited intellectual capacity you have when you just repeat the same thing over and over. Do you really think that's clever? Do you think anyone else thinks it's clever? And yet, you are so obsessed, so crazed, so lacking in any kind of intelligence, you're going to say it anyone. Go ahead, knock yourself out. Prove my point.

George's former lover said...

Quit crying

Anonymous said...

To "George's former lover". Since you know him so well, Kathy, how come you never reported on the meat he was caught trying to pass off as Kosher? Oh, I know. That would actually be journalism.

Whimpy said...

Quit crying

Anonymous said...

quit drinking

Anonymous said...

quit pretending

Big Gut Steve said...

Hic. Burp.