Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: The NJEA Hands Out Their Endorsements - and Roth is Snubbed!!!!

This may be a serious sign that da campaign to get Michelle "Da Queen" Roth elected to da NJ State Assembly has trouble. Da NJEA, one of da state's two or three most powerful unions has handed out their coveted endorsements. Out of 40 state legislative districts, candidates, mostly Democrats, in 38 of those 40 districts received ringing endorsements from da NJEA.

Ironically, two districts were left without NJEA endorsements.

One of them was District 12.

It was expected that Declan O'Scanlan and Carolina MachoGrande would have as good a chance of getting an NJEA endorsement as a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest. Both lean toward vouchers and school choice, which isn't popular in NJEA circles. DaTruthSquad has learned from GOP'er sources they knew their candidates wouldn't be getting da NJEA endorsements. However, we are told they were as surprised as anyone that da Democrats in District 12 didn't get ANY endorsements from da NJEA!

Da Queen's co-hort in this contest is himself a teacher, and Roth is a Democrat's Democrat, as liberal as da day is long.

Da big question is --- why didn't Roth or her running mate get da coveted NJEA endorsement????

Could it have something to do with her lack of taking any stance at all while "Diploma-Gate" and "Wasser-Gate" was happening in her own school district?

Was it her support for Pat Horvath, a pillar of support to Grand High Exaulted Dr/Mr/Lord/Divine Ruler/Chairman Wasser who lost by a landslide in da last school board election??

Or, and this question must be asked --- did da NJEA's pulling da support rug out from under da Queen's glass slippers have anything to do with da lawsuit she is now embroiled in against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown, who she pushed to have suspended because da Chief called da Queen -- and cover up da ears of children on this one --- a "lady???"

In all, da NJEA supports 47 Democrats, and 24 Republicans. No Roth. No Amberg. No Democrats at all in District 12.


One has to at da very least speculate as to why da NJEA decided not to back Roth in District 12. Why did da NJEA turn their backs on both Roth and her teacher running mate? Do you smell something strange too?

Da NJEA didn't even spend a sentence as to why they were not picking any candidates in District 12 -- and before you jump to da conclusion about da other district they didn't pick anyone - read it for yourself:

"Endorsements in what some insiders see as a competitive 36th District - that's Assemblyman Fred Scalera (D-Nutley) and Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-Passaic) - will be announced at a "later date," according to the NJEA."

Da NJEA backs Governor Con-zine, which is as surprising as a backroom deal in Trenton or acne on a 15-year old. Da NJEA also backs his grandmother, Lt. Governor running mate Miss Loretta.

No Roth. No teacher running mate. And, apparently no "later date."

DaTruth is, one has to speculate that da situation with da Chief of da Manalapan Police Department may be carrying some weight here. If da NJEA, or any organization, were, hypothetically of course, to hand out an endorsement to Queen Roth, then you would have to think that endorsement would also be an endorsement of da way da Queen conducts business in Manalapan -- which obviously includes da handling of Chief Stuart Brown, one of da most decorated, most respected, and maybe da best police chief Manalapan has ever had.

One would have to think that to endorse da candidate, any candidate, would mean endorsing their actions too. In this case, a suspension of a police chief for getting out of a chair in a meeting and calling a woman, "lady."

DaTruth is, there's a reason that blogisphere cohorts who support da Queen are trying desperately not to have some information get out. It's why this blog site itself has been attacked - unsuccessfully - by spammers. It's why postings on NJ.com's Manalapan board disappear faster than they can be written. It can also be speculated as to why da "Hate Mosked Man" website has appeared with da same 4 posters posting.

DaTruth is, there is a very logical reason that da NJEA withheld their endorsement of da Queen and her teacher running mate, and are shunning District 12. You might say, da NJEA may have simply decided to "Brown out" District 12.

Obviously they must have had a very good reason to shun da Queen and her teacher running mate. However, even if they do not post a reason, da simple fact da Democrat-dominated NJEA decided not to back da Queen and her teacher-running mate speaks volumes - and sends a very clear message.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

It would seem to me to be very clear. Roth dissed the police, so the NJEA is dissing her, and her running mate gets caught up in it all.

Kudos to the NJEA for showing some backbone.

Anonymous said...

It could also be her support for the horrid treatment of African workers by her clients. That smacks the face of unions around the world. It could also be the fact that the Union had no intention of getting involved in an election involving a woman who is the most vile candidate running for any assembly district. It has not gone unnoticed across the State that since she showed up, it's not just her increasing taxes - at the expense of the working man -- 50% that's a problem. With her "I hate Italians" fiasco, and the litigation to nowhere wasting tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees that she and Klabuer have lied about all along, the ugliness of the blogs due to the three or four of her puppets with nothing to do all day but post hate pieces and attack people, and all of the other disgusting events in Manalapan that can all be traced directly to her and Klauber, the Union, representing EDUCATORS, doesn't want to have anything to do with the filth of Manalapan. Look for other traditional Democrats to run just as fast from Michelle Roth.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting post temporarily on the Monmouth forum:

3964. Endorsements are in
by datrutroot, 9/1/09 14:08 ET
These are the endorsements for the Assembly candidates.

Notice the glaring omission in the twelfth district. The NJEA which endorses mostly democrats and an occasional republican who has been around long enough to convince them they have their vote, has chosen to AVOID only two districts, and the twelfth, including Michelle Roth and her TEACHER running mate is one of the two. Why? Rumor has it that the hate blogsite created by two of Michelle's puppets had a lot to do with it. Supposedly, someone Michelle insists on underestimating, made sure that the NJEA was aware that with Michelle you get Fred and Kathy and Gerry and Drew, and made sure that they saw the blogsite before the endorsements were made. It is also my understanding that this blogsite is being shown to potential campaign contributors and others she needs for her campaign. November's numbers should be staggering.

Anonymous said...

Dear daTruthSquad--

Can you cite just one instance ever in which you have taken a position that is not in accord with or favorable to Stuart Moskovitz? If not, perhaps that will help you understand why some think you ARE him.

Anonymous said...

You might be right about that vile site set up by her friend. All they do there is tear apart Stu Moskovitz. Apparantly that is their "real truth."

It's also their "real agenda."

formerly of nj.com said...

Since they have every post deleted that isn't to their liking, and they enjoy censorship so much, I will be posting here instead. They tried to shut this site down once before and failed miserably. And they used taxpayer money too. At least here you can post without having to give a blood sample like on the other site that wants a lot of personal info. Let the same 3 or 4 people post there.

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering how much more damage Michelle's enemies will be able to do to her by pointing people to the hate site run by her two little pit bulls, the fined Fred and the fired, oops, oh yeah, "retired" lol, Kathy. If it isn't clear that Kathy and Fred are part and parcel of Michelle Roth, it will certainly be clear that her husband is posting over there and therefore endorsing the most disgusting blogsite in the region. No wonder no one wants to have anything to do with Michelle. I think every democratic worker and contributor should be shown that website so that there's no doubt what Michelle Roth is.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Michelle Roth's chance of any Assembly vote is doomed by a lot more than that disgusting site of Kathy Baratta's who's now decided to put signs up all over Manalapan to promote her lethal website.... The NJEA has seen more than that dirty blog, the Stuart Brown massacre, and the "I Hate Italian's" footage...and the list goes on and on... Who's tooting who's horn now, "Lady" Roth!!!! Michelle Roth for Assembly - NOT!!!!!!!

Colts Neck Democrat said...

I didn't read about this anywhere else. I have to admit I didn't believe it until I went to the link you provided.

The fact that Roth and Amberg didn't get the NJEA endorsement I think is even bigger than your blog gave it credit for. He's a teacher, and she's a Democrat with friends apparently high up there in the Democratic machine. If the NJEA didn't give either one an endorsement, especially considering the conservative nature of their GOP opponents, then something is even worse than you gave it credit for.

Thanks though for pointing this out. I think the newspapers should learn from you, and now you have a new reader.

Anonymous said...

I dsaw this on the NJ.com forum, and I know it will be deleted by the forces against free speech soon, so I posted it here where they can't get to it...

4468.2. They Are a Violation
by JoeyCrack256, 9/2/09 11:53 ET
Re: Take down signs - KB by Lynda555, 9/2/09
If Michelle Roth made it her business a few years ago to enact the law so that her political opponents wouldn't place the signs in strategic places so that they would block hers from view (let's call a spade a spade here: that is the real reason why she did that), then she should extend the same law to the signs that advertise the site that her husband Larry uses as their vehicle to slander and hate on certain people in town. But, being that Larry Boy does it, I am guessing that what is good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander in her eyes, and thus, she will probably not use her own law to take the signs down. We could go to the next TC meeting and ask why this is, however, and then make sure that we use whatever BS answer she gives along with her generally condescending manner to vote against her in the polls in November.
Personally, I think the signs about "the real truth" make Manalapan look like a bunch of idiots. Why are we letting 19 people (I checked her roster of registered posters on her site) making the other 30-sum-odd thousand people in town look that way? As bad as NY State is with its legislature, they don't make their citizenry look like a bunch of babies, so why does this town, through the overt actions of some reporter and her yellow journalism, insist on doing so? I don't like this one bit, especially since people from other towns can drive down Route 9, read the signs, then go to the site, and see just what kind of people live in Manalapan. It is an absolute disgrace. Every last one of those posters should be ashamed of themselves for making good people like you and me look like fools. Let's all remember this in November: Michelle Roth is running for Assembly and Richard Klauber is running for re-election to the Township Committee. Are we seriously going to let these people continue their runs in political office all while over burdening us financially, and then, in an effort to put salt in the already large wounds, besmirch our reputations as residents and good citizens of what was once a great place to live???

Anonymous said...

The Truth squad has a friend on the nj.com board. This will probably be deleted in minutes there, so here it is.

FYI - I am in 100% agreement with it. Once the Squad stopped the hate spammers from trying to destroy his/her comment site, this site has become so much better, which is why I read it and not the Transcript.

4469.1.1. I think her point was
by 81alim, 9/2/09 16:00 ET
Re: Not my cause by Lynda555, 9/2/09
that the overwhelming number of posts are about Stu one way or another including the constant ranting by Fred begging Stu to sue him. I don't think Stu is going to waste his time going to court against someone like Fred. Fred's a nobody. Anyone reading his posts isn't going to take them seriously. Look at the way he writes. Can anyone really read them and not think Fred simply has gone out of his mind? Fred probably knows Stu could never get anyone to testify under oath that they believed anything Fred posted. As even those of us who aren't lawyers know, if you can't prove to a jury that anyone is going to take the comment seriously, you can't win the lawsuit. Good luck getting a jury to believe anyone took anything written by Fred seriously. But to get to your point, RepCitizen, while there are a few, very few posts on that disgusting site, the overwhelming purpose of the site is clearly to attack Stu. Lord knows why, and I doubt that He cares any more than any of us. If you really want your forum to be taken seriously, like datruthsquad is, much to your dismay, then do what datruthsquad does -- publish things people care about. Datruthsquad cleaned up its site by not allowing the disgusting comments to appear that now appear only on your hate site. If Kathy cleans up her site the same way, maybe decent people will actually spend more than five minutes on it without throwing up and rushing to take a shower. Remember, I said DECENT people, not the six trolls who constantly post on that site.

Anonymous said...

Funny how with all the posting on NJ.COM trying to advertise her sewer of a forum, Kathy had the above two posts deleted, which complained about her littering the town with her signs and littering the town with the mere presence of her forum pretending to be the "voice" of Manalapan, when, in reality, it is the "voice" of six highly disturbed and obsessed people who long ago ceased being of any use to anyone.

KBee said...

I saw this on the NJ.com board and knew it would be deleted by the "Real Frauds" in minutes, so I'm leaving it here where there is truly freedom of speech.

4479.2. Examples of namecalling
by Lynda555, 9/3/09 12:05 ET
Re: Take down signs - Kathy B by Lynda555, 9/3/09
Ms Baratta disagrees with conservatives, so instead of arguing the facts she resorts to name calling. Take for instance her comments on her "truth" board.
She refers to FOX news as the "FOX whorehouse" whose "hoes" are working overtime.

She refers to Limbaugh, Hannity, etc as the "douchetroops."

Is this the kind of posts we want people to think is the "truth in Manalapan?" Really?

Anonymous said...

I've seen those signs (aka: litter) on the streets too. She should get out there and remove them at once. I'm sure she would be the first to be up in arms if signs that said "Read the Truth Squad" started showing up.

Hey Squad, do you have any "benefactors" like she does?

Anonymous said...

"Hey Squad, do you have any 'benefactors' like she does?" I doubt it. A major difference between this forum and the hate forum is that almost everyone posting here has an active career, and almost everyone there has plenty of time on their hands because they are fired, "retired" or have a failing business that doesn't take up much of their time. Look at the names there. There's not a productive person in the lot.

Anonymous said...

amazing how the "truth tellers" love freedom of speech until they don't care for the content of the speech, and then they hate littering!

Anonymous said...

Duh, maybe because there's a difference between truth and littering. Of course, that's something none of the major participants on Kathy's hate site ever understood, particularly Kathy.

It's just likecensorhsip in Red China said...

From njo.com:

September 6, 2009China Web Sites Seeking Users’ NamesBy JONATHAN ANSFIELD

BEIJING — News Web sites in China, complying with secret government orders, are requiring that new users log on under their true identities to post comments, a shift in policy that the country’s Internet users and media have fiercely opposed in the past.

Until recently, users could weigh in on news items on many of the affected sites more anonymously, often without registering at all, though the sites were obligated to screen all posts, and the posts could still be traced via Internet protocol addresses.

But in early August, without notification of a change, news portals like Sina, Netease, Sohu and scores of other sites began asking unregistered users to sign in under their real names and identification numbers, said top editors at two of the major portals affected. A Sina staff member also confirmed the change.

The editors said the sites were putting into effect a confidential directive issued in late July by the State Council Information Office, one of the main government bodies responsible for supervising the Internet in China.

Anonymous said...

This comment (deleted a few times on nj.com) is for Ms. Baratta. A person who receives a proclamation from Manalapan should not then go and litter Manalapan with illegal signs. More importantly, it is despicable to advertise your forum as the "truth in Manalapan." Your forum does not represent the people of Manalapan -- as of now it seems to be all about one lawyer's hatred for another lawyer. The language and the venom is getting out of hand. Your speech at the TC meeting was all about your "holier than thou" attitude that your members "sign" their posts. I'll give you credit for that -- but the nasty attacks are still attacks whether you sign them or not.

And since you asked me -- Yes, I have a problem with all of the other signs you speak of. But the question really is -- Do you think YOUR signs are exempt from Manalapan's code and why?

Anonymous said...

hey, lady! [i know you love the compliment.] is your head screwed on so backwards that you're more worried about a little sign than about someone falsely accusing someone else of being a child molester? where did you learn ethics and morality, in north korea?

Anonymous said...

The question really is do why do you think the signs violate the code? You must, because you call them illegal. I believe KB said that she didn't put them up. You refuse to believe that. That's your problem, not KB's or anyone elses.

Anonymous said...

I called the code enforcement department and they said the signs are illegal. They were going to notify the Dept of Public Works to take them down. I'll give them 2 weeks before I call again. If one of KB's members put up those signs to advertise her forum -- she should ask that person to remove them.

What I don't like about the signs are 1) that they are illegal (KB is not above the law) and 2) that they advertise to be the "truth in Manalapan." Come on, really? If one lawyer has a problem with another lawyer -- they should handle it without bringing our town's name and reputation into the fray. The ranting of the member is embarrassing to our town.

Anonymous said...

KB owns the website the signs belong to. Therefore she is responsible, irrelevant if she bought and or placed them in the ground anywhere around town.

Doubt me ask the township clerk.

Anonymous said...

To the poster several posts above (probably Fred) who asked whether it was worse for an illegal sign or someone falsely accusing someone of being a child molester. The answer is, while it's not likely anyone will believe that the accused actually is a child molester, meaning, no harm, no foul, the vile and false accusation that an innocent person is the alleged poster of the child molester accusation is a far more serious issue, since people are gullible enough to believe the innocent person was actually the poster. That means the accusation claiming someone posted the comment is far more actionable at law than the comment that someone is a child molester. In other words, if you can't prove someone is the person posting those comments, you can't be a very good lawyer if you're publicly saying they are anyway. But I guess we knew that, didn't we?

Anonymous said...

It's not just that KB owns the website. On her website and on NJ.COM, she THANKED her "anonymous benefactor." Thus, she is complicit in the violation of law. Had she denounced the placement and asked on her website for the person to remove them, she wouldn't be liable for the fine, as she is now.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who wrote "To the poster several posts above (probably Fred) who asked whether it was worse for an illegal sign or someone falsely accusing someone of being a child molester."

I would start praying. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

My comment was that the "ranting of the member on KB's forum is embarrassing to our town." The member commented on KB's post that I would probably blame the slaves for slavery and the Jews for the Holocaust.

Can anyone tell me HOW he comes to that conclusion?

I stand by my comment that he is embarrassing our town with his ranting.

Anonymous said...

To the poster (probably Fred) who wrote, "To the poster who wrote "To the poster several posts above (probably Fred) who asked whether it was worse for an illegal sign or someone falsely accusing someone of being a child molester."
I would start praying. Just a suggestion."

LOL. Physician, heal thyself.

Anonymous said...

After the last township committee meeting, it is certainly understandable why the NJEA or any educated person would stay as far away from her as possible. Is there anyone connected to her who isn't a total crackpot? Think about it: Roth, Larry Roth, George Spodak, Fred Stone, Drew Shapiro, Larry Sherman, Kathy Baratta.... Everyone of them is certifiable.

Anonymous said...

The question is how can KB use our town's name for her forum? These 19 people are being advertised as the "real truth in Manalapan."

How embarrassing for our town!

Anonymous said...

"The 19 people?"

Seems to me there's just 4 or 5 of them.

Anonymous said...

How much money would it be to put up 500 DaTruthSquad signs around Manalapan? Apparantly what KBee is doing is perfectly legal, so why not put up datruthsquad signs?

I'd be willing to be one of those "benefactors" that KBee has.

KBee said...

Count me in. That other blog is a sick joke IMHO.