Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breaking News: More Potential Corruption Concerns For Manalapan's WMUA

You won't read about this in da local Snoozer, and certainly not on "Da Lies About Manalapan" website.

As many of our readers know, this blog has spoken out more than once about da WMUA, Manalapan & Marlboro's sewer authority. They've been raided by da FBI, their chairman sent to da Stockade Hilton, built a "Taj Mahal" with taxpayer sewer fees, hiked flushing fees 30% in just one year, and had a lawyer of theirs investigated over his pension. They also have a paid spokesman - making somewhere between $25-50,000 annually!

That's right - a person whose job it is to speak on behalf of bile and other things that flow through sa sewer authority! That person is Jeff Meyer, who, by da way, is very popular with Democratic circles. As daTruthSquad found out, he's heavily involved with da Burlington County Democrtic machine, knows da Democratic players in Manalapan quite well, and -- oh yeah -- did you know he's apparantly under investigation by ELEC for his alleged involvement with former 30-day Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano III, da guy who bacame da poster child for da last slew of corruption arrests in July!

Da Asbury Park Press writes that Meyer "is named in an ethics complaint" with ELEC. Meyer, says da newspaper, says he quietly "resigned from da Burlington Democrats for personal and professional reasons" in August. However, da newspaper says it was Democratic Committee Chairman Rick Perr who demanded Meyer resign. Apparantly, da Burlington GOP claims both Perr & Sewer spokesman Meyer both "failed to disclose in state reports their controlling roles in 'New Frontier," da PAC through which Meyer said he raised funds for Cammarano and others."

Published reports show New Frontier gave $15,000 last year to Cammarano's election fund.

Now, it appears WMUA Commandant Eric Abraham, who was placed in his position that comes with a pension by da Manalapan Democrats, says they will now reinvestigate whether da sewer authority really needs someone to speak for da stuff that flows through it.

Why is this important?

DaTruth is, this is a credibility issue. Da guy who Democrats have made, using homeowner's money, as da spokesman for all things that flow through your toilet has an apparent direct connection to da poster child of da latest corruption sting, and there's obviously a severe discrepancy as to whether Mr. Sewer Spokesman resigned on his own, or was forced to by members of his own party.

DaTruth is, and this blog has been saying this all along - why in da world does a sewer authority even have a well-paid spokesman? Was this a political reward? Was this party patronage? Who has approved this? Does your toilet really need a well-paid spokesman? Has this person ever worked on any Manalapan political campaigns (the answer might surprise you)?

Da smartest thing da Manalapan Township Committee - especially Mayor Da Commissar can do - is demand da WMUA remove da spokesman position and save da townspeople money. If da Commissar's silent opponent can make any gurgling sounds, then that person should speak out and demand it as well if da Commissar fails to act.

Da smartest thing da District 12 GOP candidates can do is also to make this public, and lay da blame for a raw sewage spokesman who has obvious political party ties directly to da high heels of "Lady Queen" Michelle Roth. Add to this da possible alleged ties to Hoboken's Cammarano, and you now have political corruption to play with as well.

As for Eric Abraham, da Commissioner of Raw Sewage - he should do da smart thing and remove da politically connected sewer spokesman before any damage can be inflicted on members of his own political party.

DaTruth is - this blog has been calling for this "sewer spokesman" situation to be investigated for some time. Apparantly it was a "non-starter' for da local Snoozepaper, but now is da time to act if Democrats don't want to wind up with raw sewage on their faces come da November election.

Now this is not to say Meyer is or is not a bad person. What is does say, is politics-as-usual has to end, politicians need to be held accountable, and as this blog has said all along - da local sewer authority does not need a paid-for spokesman to talk about things that travel through your toilet and come out da other end!

And, kudos to da Asbury Park press for doing their homework and uncovering corruption. Apparantly some newspaper has to.

It's time to jettison da sewage speaker for Manalapan - and that's daTruth!


Anonymous said...

It's the executive director who is in federal prison, not the chairman, so far.

Anonymous said...

This is EXACTLY why I stopped reading the Transcript (Snoozpaper) and I read this blog instead. What has been happening at the WMUA is still best to be investigated by the Feds. To employ a spokesman for a sewer authority is IMHO a political giveback, and we the taxpayers are footing the bill. This has to stop.

Thanks DTS for shining a light on these cockroaches.

Anonymous said...

The Transcript never reports on anything other than Moskovitz being guilty or cats up a tree. I don't even care if KB isn't there to do what she alleged to be reporting. The fact they let her do what she did so long is the reason I won't read that rag any time soon.

And Bean, before you beat up on the Squad again, maybe you should ask your reporters and yourself why this blog site and the Asbury Park Press seems to beat you to every big Manalapan story?????

Anonymous said...

correction is in order for the last post. The NT never reported on Moskovitz being "guilty" since he's never done anything that would qualify as "guilty", "liable", "unethical" or otherwise worthy of negative press. The proper statement is that while the now fired KB was at the NT, all it ever did was attempt to defame Moskovitz by making things up claiming he was wrong. It's why no one really had a clue what was happening in the litigation to nowhere until the Township was finally forced to drop it, making anyone who relied on KB for news scratch their heads.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for Ryan Green to speak out on this. Steve McEnery has kept a very tight leash on Ryan, fearful that if Ryan actually campaigns, or says anything worthy of someone who wants to be a township committee person, he might accidentally beat Klauber.

Anonymous said...

Squad, you hit the nail here. Meyer is now dragging baggage into Manalapan with him. I think the WMUA should be investigated for their hiring practices. If this is a political patronage job he should be fired at once.

And you're also right. We don't need someone to be the spokeman for our sewers. This guy is basically a highly paid spokeman for S$#t.

KBee said...

I'm surprised the Manalapan hate site isn't discussing this.

Then again, it's just the same four people talking about their hatred of a certain Manalapan lawyer, so maybe they don't have the time.

Anonymous said...

It eats you up that they are not discussing it, doesn't it? Good, I believe that's part of the plan.

Anonymous said...

the manalapan "hate site" is talking about it, as you can see on DTS. the KB site is not because it's all BS, innuendo and guilt by association and calls for the observation, "where's the beef?"

Missing the Obvious said...

You say the "raw sewage spokesman who has obvious political party ties directly to da high heels of "Lady Queen" Michelle Roth." Besides being a Democrat working in Manalapan what exactly are the obvious ties to Roth?

Anonymous said...

My view is, they're not talking about it because IT IS THE TRUTH! They're the very same ones who said Larry Roth never said "Because I Hate Italians," and also the same ones who said Moskowitz was guilty and would pay huge.

Wrong again!

My 2 cents said...

They won't discuss this because like other times, their hands are caught in the cookie jar. No wonder they hate this site. It's because it talks about everything they're trying to hide.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Cabbage Patch Larry claims he is so proud of someone he knows so well. Clearly it is his wife who is imploding at the seams. Queen Michelle Roth aka Assembly Candidate from the 12th district. Oh yes Cabbage Patch Larry be proud of her for discussing a legal case where she is being sued and where there has always been a standard of "black boxing litigation.” Case in point at the August 12th meeting when town lawyer Ron Cucchiaro allowed Susan Cohen to be verbally handcuffed from speaking or voting because she was a witness to everything that happened but yet Roth is allowed to speak. Clearly the rules do not apply one more to time to your wife Michelle Roth who makes her own rules of conduct and law. If Roth can speak so can Cohen who is a direct witness to what happened but her story is a lot different than Michelle "don't call me a lady Roth's." That's all well and good, too bad the comments Michelle Roth made are more problematic for her, defaming the Manalapan Chief of Police. How come Michelle Roth did not speak at the August 12th meeting in front of a packed room of Chief Brown supporters? Instead she spoke to an empty room. Cabbage Patch Larry was she afraid of hearing the boos of the crowd on camera? Clearly her M/O, talk when no one can challenge her. Michelle Roth says she is fighting back for all the woman in Manalapan clearly she must agree with Chief Stuart Brown's work regarding protecting women. Cabbage Patch Larry you and your wife Michelle Roth should have read the article before having accused the Chief and went running to Mark Rossman of the News Transcript and APP with your attempts at rewriting history.

Thanks again to the Transcript for this great article from January 7th, 2009 praising Chief Browns input for a new legislative bill A-4354 anti stalking against WOMEN!! Even Mike Panter the former Assemblyman from the 12 district, the very seat Michelle Roth is dying to win introduced this anti stalking bill and thanked the Chief for his input. As hard as you may try Michelle Roth, you are no Mike Panter. Go to-njantistalking.blogspot.com/.../nj-stalking-law-front-page-news_07.html

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009
NJ Stalking Law Front Page News Transcript
Law would give victims of stalker options
Bill needs one more vote in state Assembly before Gov. can sign legislation
With a unanimous vote the state Senate passed a bill that would make it easier for police to assist the victim of a stalker.
The action came during the Senate's final voting session of 2008 on Dec. 15.
"I am pleased to join with my colleague, Sen. Buono, in sponsoring this landmark legislation that will broaden protections for stalking victims. This measure will simply let women live free from fear," Sen. Jennifer Beck (R-Monmouth and Mercer) said of the bill she sponsored.
The legislation was sponsored by Beck and Sen. Barbara Buono (D-Middlesex).
Initially introduced in June 2007 by former Assemblyman Mike Panter (D-Monmouth and Mercer), the bill has undergone some changes from the version that the Assembly unanimously passed March 13.

Changes included the removal of a section that related to mental suffering or distress. Originally, the bill stated that emotional stress was defined as significant mental suffering or distress that may, but does not necessarily require medical or other professional treatment or counseling. The bill now reads that emotional stress is defined as significant mental suffering or distress, leaving no mention of medically proving that state.
Also changed was the degree of the penalty if an individual is convicted of stalking. Initially the bill sought to make stalking a third-degree crime, but changes have been made to maintain the crime at a fourth-degree level for a first offense.
Tom Fitzsimmons of Beck's office explained that the amended version will return to the state Assembly for a revote in 2009. The Assembly also met on Dec. 15 for its last session of the year.
According to the New Jersey Legislature's Web site, the Assembly will meet again for voting Feb. 5. If the bill is placed on that day's agenda and is once again passed in the Assembly, the governor can then sign it into law.
The bill will expand the current stalking law to include conduct that causes a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of a third person or to suffer emotional distress. The bill also amends the definition of course of conduct to include directly or indirectly or through a third person or by device to follow, monitor, surveilling, threaten or communicating to or about a person. It also covers interfering with a person's property and repeatedly committing harassment against a person.
"Technological advances require that the Legislature update and amend current statutes to ensure that the victims of stalking receive the best available protection," Beck said, citing global positioning systems and easily concealed cameras that furnish stalkers with the means to harass another individual.
Law enforcement officials have previously stated in Greater Media Newspapers that the current law limits their actions unless a direct threat is made against the victim.
The bill was initially drafted with the assistance of a Monmouth County woman who is a victim of stalking, along with input from Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown, Marlboro police Detective Sgt. Paul Reed and Marlboro police Detective Ross Yenisey. The bill received additional information from the National Center for Victims of Crime, Washington, D.C., and the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women.
Violators of the law would be punishable by a term of imprisonment not to exceed 18 months, a maximum fine of $10,000 or both. Violators who commit a second or subsequent offense are guilty of a crime of the third degree punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of five years, a fine of $15,000 or both.
January is National Stalking Awareness Month, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime. The center reports that 1,006,970 women and 370,990 men are stalked annually.

Anonymous said...

You have to laugh. What does supporting an anti stalking bill have to do with being verbally abusive to women? Men can be stalked to. Just ask Mr. Lucas, who was stalked by a private investigator at the behest of a former township attorney.

Here is the important part. Listen up, not even you can distort this.

Everything she said happened, WAS NOT denied by the chief in the hearing. That means it happened.

So all you people who made fun of the "lady" comment, did so without having any idea of the context in which it was used. Now we know, because it WAS NOT denied by the Chief during the hearing.

Time will tell if Mrs. Roth's allegations are real. I don't see why she would utter them unless they were true. Clearly she felt threatened.

Anonymous said...

Susan Cohen has a decades long history of protecting women from abuse, going back to when she founded the Manalapan Domestic Violence Group -- the model for such groups across the state. Susan deals with action, not the kind of bile filled rhetoric we have come to expect from Michelle Roth who has never devoted five minutes of her life of hate to help any women anywhere. If the women of Manalapan have to depend on Michelle Roth for protection, they are in serious trouble. Her accusations are a new low, even for her -- and that's going some.

Anonymous said...

michele roth, let alone any of these other clowns, compared to panter. dems could take some lessons from him.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the TC, led by Klauber and Roth, are trying to distort the facts about this case with Stu Brown. Yes, Brown is the one bringing the lawsuit against Roth, Tara and the township. However, it wouldn't be happening if the township didn't spend taxpayer money in an effort to suspend him for calling Roth a "lady". That, along withthe other abuse he has had to endure from these people. You can't have one without the other, and it was their actions that started this mess. Brown is merely defending himself, and you should expect any innocent person to defend themselves from a wrong.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that Roth, hen the town showed up to defend the Chief never looked up or said one word. Was she doing a Suduku puzzle? Did she care. Of course, she will say whatever she wants when she has her stormtroopers at her side. What a horroble rolemodel for the people of our town.

Anonymous said...

To the poster who said, "Time will tell if Mrs. Roth's allegations are real. I don't see why she would utter them unless they were true", you (undoubtedly Larry Roth) aren't in a position to laugh at anyone. Everyone knows Michelle is in deep trouble politically. Her polls are lower than WMUA's sewers. She is desperately trying to create something to run on and has created this whole "sexual harassment" thing out of thin air. Unfortunately for her -- fortunately for the residents of the 12th district -- she picked on someone whose actions and behavior is beyond reproach, proving once again, that Michelle never lets her brain get in the way of her rage. By the way, Larry, your other statement, "Just ask Mr. Lucas, who was stalked by a private investigator at the behest of a former township attorney" is equally ridiculous. Only George Spodak is dumb enough to buy that one. Lucas wasn't "stalked", he was served with a summons at his home in Freehold, where he was living with his wife while running for office in Manalapan, by a licensed private detective and process server who was forced to document Andrew's residence when Andrew kept sneaking away to avoid service, a rather cowardly act by Andrew, to say the least. There is a world of difference between "stalking" and service of process, but again, you and your wife love to throw these disgusting allegations around to discredit decent people and cover up your own shortcomings. But I think the people are finally on to you. I think the party is finally over. I think you'll see that in November. There is only so long the taxpayers will put up with the hate, and rage and viciousness and childishness for which Michelle "Don't call me a Lady" Roth has become the poster child. We want meetings that are about improving the town, not attacking Michelle's enemy of the month.

Anonymous said...

PRICELESS - Finding out WHO deletes the posts on nj.com.

It is so random and unexplainable.

Anonymous said...

Hey Squado, Can I be an anonymous "benefactor" and put up signs for your blog site in Manalapan. It doesn't matter whether its legal or not. At least since KB can do it, so can you.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that Michelle Roth's action of 09.09.09 at the Manalapan Township Meeting galvanized her political fate.

She will lose the 12th district Assembly race.

She is neither respected nor an advocate for women. This latest stunt will prove that.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog a lot better since the spammers decided to post their bile on the Manalapan hate website. The only "truth" about their site is those signs are an eyesore and should be illegal (if they aren't already). Keep up the good work Squad.

Anonymous said...

Roth said she would give us an example of the "screaming" tone of Chief Brown - which she did. No one in their right mind would consider that to be "screaming."

I would assume that the use of the word "lady" in referring to her was the Chief's way of restraining himself from actual name calling.

Her use of the words "verbally ASSAULTED" seemed to be used to overstate what may have occurred.

The other woman was concerned about this being aired at a public meeting. The lawyer said it was okay, but didn't it just feel wrong to you? I would have liked to hear her take on the situation since she said she was also in the room. This video of her accusations of the Chief will be out there for all to see and hear. It does not feel right to me.

Anonymous said...

It sounded to me like she was trying to get women's groups on her side during an election year.

I'm seriously starting to wonder if Roth didn't plan this to try to gain favor with a political voting block in an election she could easily lose.

Anonymous said...

The lawyer on KB's forum posted a truly tasteless joke about Joe Wilson and Republicans. Whatever your politics - this joke is just in poor taste.

It makes it all that more important to get the town to take down those "real truth in Manalapan" signs.

Does anyone know who paid for and distributed those signs?

Anonymous said...

If that was her plan, it seriously backfired. Women who are active in groups that actually DO defend other women are outraged. The use of sexual harassment as a political stunt demeans all the women who have serious sexual harassment claims and threatens their very lives. She has done a serious disservice to women and if she thinks that won't have major repercussions, she's quite mistaken. So far, virtually every gimmick Michelle has tried, from the litigation to nowhere, to the attempt to suspend the chief, to this silly charade Wednesday night has backfired on her. Like her close associates, she's far less intelligent than she thinks she is.

Anonymous said...

Women in Manalapan are outraged over Michelle Roth's latest political stunt against the Chief. After her soap box performance where she claims she is protecting all women by speaking out against the Chief of Police. Roth is the last person in this world women want protecting them. We need the Chief of Police more now than ever to protect us from Roth. She is the real villianess in this town!

Her scheme has backfired and she will feel the wrath of her actions on election day.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stone,

Idiot? Nitwit? Why can't you argue or defend a position without badmouthing the other person.

I am neither an idiot or a nitwit. You and KB seem to think that tasteless, sexual jokes are acceptable to be representative of Manalapan. The problem is that the both of you think you are smarter than everyone else. You sign your name to everything because you actually want credit for what you think are very clever remarks.

I stand by my statement that KB's forum is an embarrassment to Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

I must differ from the rest of the people here regarding the comments of Michelle Roth.

Her obviously pre-planned, pre-practiced, and staged performace was worthy of an Academy Award for Best Actress. She really had me when she said she wanted to protect all women from this evildoer.

You must give her credit where credit is due. She gave a commanding performance worthy of political fliers and TV commercials at a time when the meeting was ending and nobody could comment. She is obviously a great PR person. However, as human beings go, well I'll leave that up to everyone else.

And Michelle Roth, congratulations are in order. I never thought Manalapan could sink any lower than it has. You proved we can be taken to even lower depths. Again, congratulations to you on your award winning performance. If this political thing doesn't work out, try acting. You'd be good at it.

To 'She gave a commanding performance ' said...

She had months to rehearse it. And she needed them.

Anonymous said...

Can we say RECALL ROTH after she loses yet another lawsuit?




A Loyal Benefactor said...

I actually priced out signs like the Brillo Blogger has in Manalapan, and they're pretty cheap. I think I'd be willing to spend a few dollars and as your unnamed benefactor put about 500 signs all around town.

"For the REAL TRUTH"



If you like that, post a message on the blog, and the money I would have used for a Ryan Green donation will go toward your signs!

Another eager benefactor said...

Same here.

stuart moskovitz said...

no thanks, i don't need the money. as my hero nixon said, we can get the money.

Anonymous said...

KB asserts on her forum that Cohen should have spoken up at the meeting if she disagreed with Roth's statement.

If I were Cohen and I was under the impression that I shouldn't be talking about this at a public meeting - I wouldn't say a word even if that lawyer said it was okay. I would want more than an off-hand evaluation of the legality of the situation.

KB asserts that Cohen didn't say anything because she has to be coached first. Does she mean like preparing and writing a speech ahead of time like Roth did and then springing it on everyone at the end of the meeting so that it could not be commented on by the public? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

how sad that Fred Stone has so little to do with his life that he has to post the idiotic nonsense claiming to be Stu Moskovitz. of course, if I were Fred Stone, I'd probably rather be Stu Moskovitz, also.

Anonymous said...

Fred wouldn't know what to do if he had to carry Stu's briefcase and caseload.

Anonymous said...

right. that's because fred does deals and is not a litigator. in other words, he brings people together rather than driving them apart as stu does.

Anonymous said...

Stu represents people who are being abused by corrupt politicians. He's representing an eighty year old man who was sued by his son, the corrupt former mayor. You want to blame Stu for Drew's suing his father? Who writes your material, Greg Bean? Stu is defending the police chief from the harassment of the vicious and evil former mayor Michelle Roth. You want to blame Stu for Micelle's anger at the world or her attempt to besmirch the character of one of the best police chiefs in the state to further her hopeless political campaign? Hmm. Maybe you ARE Greg Bean. And Fred? Does deals? Yeh, we know about Fred's deals. We can read all about them in the SEC complaints against him. If I were Fred, I wouldn't be bragging about the "deals" he used to do. (Anyone thinking Millennium is still letting Fred anywhere near their deals anymore can call me about buying a bridge over the East River).