Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: State Assembly Candidate Roth's Police "Rage" Allegations Challenged - By Someone Who Was Actually There!

At da last Manalapan Township Committee meeting, Committeewoman and State Senate candidate Queen Michelle Roth shocked everyone by making completely shocking and devastating allegations against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown. In a prepared, apparently rehearsed and definitely calculated speech, da Queen leveled charges against Chief Brown that - if true - would make him da worst enemy of women since Jack Da Ripper or da Hillside Strangler. In her "campaign speech," Roth directly and without hesitation in her power as a Manalapan political office holder directly accused Police Chief Brown, saying:

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown are a big problem. " "The public need to know that Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women." "... not aware of the full scope of the serious issues we face with Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women." "I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

This, of course, raised da following immediate questions:

1. Why in 29 years of da Chief being on da job has no other person come forward outside of a career politicians in an election year?

2. Any "evidence" of da Chief's "history of verbally assaulting and threatening women?"

3. Any "evidence" of "Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown," other than that of da Candidate Queen?

4. Why was Tara Tiara so silent????

These claims were reported by da local Snoozepaper in a very well-written report by actual newsperson Mark Rosman, while a Snoozer editorial by Baconhead Bean seemed to blame this blog for everything wrong in this world of Manalapanistan. Then, enter da Asbury Park Press to provide both a little sanity - and even more evidence that something is rotten in Roth-ville.

Da Asbury Park Press - in a direct followup proving this blog was absolutely 1000% correct in da last blog, "And Da Academy Award Goes To --- Queen Michelle Roth!!! ," added da smoking gun that could bring down not only da case around da Queen, but could put Manalapan on da hook for what could be a multi-million dollar lawsuit for defamation!

Committeewoman Susan Cohen, who has a rock-solid reputation where it comes to da protection of women, told da Asbury Park Press - and this is important -- "Cohen, however, testified in the disciplinary hearing that both the chief's and Roth's voices had been raised at the 2008 meeting. She said in a phone interview that Roth on Wednesday left out key facts and gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."

Note - Committeewoman Cohen specifically says that Roth "left out key facts" and "gave an inaccurate account of the 2008 incident."

Now, reverse back to da so-called "independent" Millburn person who, after hearing what must have been reams of data from da Roth camp that any person with female anatomical parts is in grave danger of being within 50 miles of Chief Brown, handed out a penalty of: (a) Flogging -- (b) Firing on da spot -- (c) Dropped from a plane into da Tora Bora region of Afghanistan -- or (d) still only handed a token one day suspension!

Why then was he only given a one-day suspension, if even she-males should be concerned about their safety following da Roth-O-Gram at da first September meeting?

Why then, was this case not deferred to da Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office?

Why was this case, if even anyone with long hair is in severe danger of Chief Brown, suggested by da Queen's prepared and rehearsed statement, did da "independent" person not even demand counseling?

Why was Chief Brown, who according to da Queen's statement is a "rage" machine certain to go postal if any person who even dreams to be female enters da room, not admonished for his alleged actions?

Could it be, as this blog has alluded to -- that this suspension case brought by Manalapan against Chief Brown isn't what it seems?

Now, da township has ordered it's labor attorney McLaughing to da bank to investigate this matter. According to da newspaper, McCheese has been "investigating" this - under orders of da Queen and McTara, since sometime in April! How long does it take to investigate one allegation? What is McStretching-this-out waiting for? What is he McWaiting for? If this situation is as dire as Queen McRoth alluded to, then what is taking McDragging-His-Feet so long, especially if women are at risk and in peril as Queen Roth suggested?

DaTruth is, this situation had become a Mc-Laughingstock, even before Roth signaled her "Brown-out" alert that even women in Mongolia aren't out of da reach of Chief Brown's "rage." However, by making her prepared speech, she instead as added a new dynamic into this - and that is - she potentially put Manalapan on da hook for what could be a potential 7-figure lawsuit for defamation, unless it's proved that da Chief is actually da president & CEO of da "He-Man Women Hater's Club."

Proof of da last statement - that actually came from da guy who loves to use da word "vitriol." Baconhead Bean wrote that in his last diatribe. And, he's right - at least about that, when he wrote, "If these allegations against Brown turn out to be false, Moskovitz will likely be the lead counsel in the biggest lawsuit against Manalapan to date."

Interesting too, is that in da last Asbury Park Press story, both Queen Roth and Township Attorney Coo-coo-Cucchiaro both said that "litigation and personnel issues previously prevented them from disclosing details about past situations involving da Chief," and "since Brown and his attorney released information" about da case, "they were comfortable disclosing more information about da events."

Holy Double-Speak and Psyco-babble Batman!?!?!?

Ask yourself this -- why was it that when da 25-month long Mosked Man case was going on, da Township Committee would not allow ANYONE to discuss ANY litigation with anyone -- despite da fact that da Electronic Frontier Foundation provided everything from lawyers letters to actual case evidence on their website for anyone to read? However, now it's OK to discuss pending litigation in da open in Town Hall during meetings - because da Queen says so?

Now, Queen Roth has an even more serious problem. By allowing her mouth to runneth over, she now puts Township Administrator Tara Tiara in da direct line of legal fire. If it is proved that her testimony is not truthful, which could happen if Committeewoman Cohen's testimony is accepted as factual, then da question of - is or did Tara Tiara cover anything up by anything he might of said - or didn' say??? How can Tara Tiara keep her job if her sequence of events doesn't match that of Cohen's, if Cohen's sequence is considered valid? By Cohen saying what she did, and handling it as graceful as she did, it could potentially put Tara Tiara's reputation into question.

DaTruth is, there's some things about this case that are being kept hidden from da people of Manalapan, as well as da voters of da 12th District. Why -- because if it's proved that this is nothing more than an election stunt, if true, could be damaging not only to Queen Roth, and Tara Tiara, but to da people of Manalapan who may be on da hook for paying a defamation case if one arises.

Why does daTruthSquad bring this up???

Because, daTruthSquad has come into possession of information regarding this case - from a member of da Cadre. Once da shocking information is double-verified, it will be presented here - so stay tuned. And, they can't come close to trying to put a gag order on this blog - or any blog - since da Queen has already spoken at length about it in da September meeting!

Shocking allegations are on da way -- and that's daTruth.


TaxpayerandIVote said...

DTS - I am a faithful reader week in and week out, but have a problem with all this secret information you say you have, but never seem to release.

A few months back you said you had an expose coming on the insurgents in the Manalapan GOP. I do not recall seeing anything since you made that statement.

Then there was the shocking news on the former mayor's lawsuit against anonymous bloggers. Don't recall seeing any shocking news since then.

Smoking gun in the Manalapan vs Moskovitz lawsuit that could have cleared Stu back in 2005, but you had to reveiw it with a lawyer first. Any news on that.

Then there was the 9/8/09 news that you were tipped off to information regarding the Roth vs the Chief situtation and a potential lawsuit about to hit Manalapan politics. Details soon. How much longer?

Lastly it was your statement in the latest blog that you have info on the Roth Chief case from a Cadre member that needs to be double verified. Will we get an update on this before year's end?

I'm still waiting to hear the audio tapes that Stu has on Drew from a few years ago. Last I heard he was holding them back as part of a potential lawsuit.

Like I said I am a fan, but you start to lose credibility with all this statements without following through.

Anonymous said...

now how long will it take until someone posts that that was from larry?!?!

how about a story on how much susan cohen is gonna cost the town by her gratuitous quote given to the APP? michelle checked with counsel before making her statement. if susan checked with counsel, it wudda been opposition counsel, not the township's counsel. brilliant show of loyalty to da taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Roth is running for Assembly, not State Senate:

In the 2009 election, the Assembly incumbents are opposed by Democrats John Amberg, a teacher in the Irvington Public Schools system who resides in Tinton Falls, and Michelle Roth, a Manalapan Township Committeewoman."--http://www.njvoterinfo.org/d/12.php?p=d/12.php

That's at least three fairly basic items your fact checking has bombed.

Anonymous said...

"now how long will it take until someone posts that that was from larry?!?!

how about a story on how much susan cohen is gonna cost the town by her gratuitous quote given to the APP?"

Now THAT is a quote from Larry. Susan Cohen isn't going to cost the taxpayers a dime. It is Larry's wife Michelle that has cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation by attacking her long list of enemies. The lawsuit against Stu that cost the taxpayers 50,000 in legal fees so far that we know of and may result in a million dollar settlement when he sues back, was done by Michelle, not Stu. It was Michelle that prevented the township from getting a release from Stu, not Susan. It was Michelle that kept attacking the chief until he finally sued her and the township, not Susan. It was Michelle that defamed the chief with her lies about sexual harassment that even Greg Bean realizes is going to cost the township a fortune, not Susan. Sorry Larry, your days of blaming everyone else for your and your wife's evil are over.

If you were at the meeting or saw it on TV, you'd know said...

It was more than clear that Cohen was surprised by the sudden switch to public statements. If Roth and the lawyer opened up that avenue, then it is open for all.

Anonymous said...

If you're trying to blame Susan Cohen for this, then you're way off base.

It was Roth who asked for and received permission from Mayor Klauber to speak about it. He agreed. Not once did the township attorney stop her from speaking, or say that Klauber shouldn't let her make her statement, even when it obviously contained damaging, inflammatory, and defaming statements.

What Cohen said afterwards was long after the jenie was let out of the bottle. And, both the Squad and Bean are right - this will cost the town HUGE when the defamation suit happens.

Anonymous said...

The author of the Letter to the Editor in the NT is right when he says that Bean must STOP criticizing the town of Manalapan for the actions of a few. He is also right when he says that Bean is not objective when it comes to the Roth/Brown fiasco. The reference to the son should have been left out of his letter.

But the 3 outspoken members of the "real truth" forum are using the letter of this one person to say -- "See, this proves that everyone in Manalapan is rude."

The lawyer actually posted the author's address and phone number and told people to call him. (Granted there are only about 12 people reading it, but still.) I'm a little worried about the lawyer's state of mind - he seems obsessed by anger and he lashes out in truly vicious posts.

Also, one of the 3 is the husband of a TC member. He also calls the people of Manalapan rude. Maybe Manalapan should stop paying for his family's health insurance -- then he can call us cheap, as well.

And KB -- she tried to prove that because the author didn't know the meaning of "tete-a-tete" that his assertions were therefore incorrect. Okay, KB -- but remember Obama doesn't know the meaning of the word "tax" and yet . . .

Anonymous said...

what roth said was favorable to the township she serves. what susan said was damaging to the township mshe is supposed to serve, so if she had info that helped stuie's case, she had a fiduciary obligationj to shut up, and she breached that obligation. SHE should be sued by the town, and run out of office be recall petition.

Anonymous said...

Roth has now caused the township to be involved in four separate lawsuits. Susan Cohen has not caused the township to be involved in any lawsuits. You can't spin that Larry, no matter how you try. Michelle has been a disaster every day she's been in office. Susan has been the only person sitting up there with any character.

Anonymous said...

For a guy who DOESNT have a computer,spodak sure has alot to say.................(above post).

once again i sat and watched him make a complete baffoon of himself.

kudos to susan cohen.

when andy was asked if he could now make a decision on whether chief brown should be suspended replied,im still getting information as of yesterday and cannot.why did klauber and father time rush to judgement?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so it's all right to speak out on a case in litigation if you agree with it and to shut up if you don't. That's one hell of a standard. Reality and the truth just don't matter to some people.

Anonymous said...

When will the tape of the 9/23 Township Committee meeting go up on Ch. 77?

Everyone in Manalapan should listen to Cohen's statement about what Chief Brown did and didn't do, and the exchange between Klauber and Moskovitz wasn't bad either.

Ka-ching, Ka-ching said...

Anybody have any idea how much the lawyers are racking up on the Brown/Roth case?

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM. This says it all:

Here it is, from the corrupt puppet master himself: by loserlarry, 9/24/09

This is Gerry Ward's posting on the hate site. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black:

"And THE Academy Award Goes To -- Moskovitz

What a performance at last nights meeting. Truly something out of Broadway. I believe that was the first time since he was thrown out of office by the voters of our GREAT town that he approached the dais at a Committee meeting with the exception of when the committee was stupid enough to make him Township Attorney. His yelling and screaming over what a resident was discussing was reprehensible. He looked more like a 2 year old who didn’t get what he wanted from the toy store. What Moskovitz fails to understand is, it is the right of every resident of this town to speak about whatever they want at the public portion of our Committee meetings. How about him putting the town on notice? Oh gee another lawsuit! How strange coming from him. George you did a great job!

Here's what Gerry forgot to mention. First, when Stu spoke, there was thunderous applause in the room. Obviously he had the town on his side, Gerry, not the side of the dwindling corp of corrupt sycophants you control. You're senile puppet George Spodak was justifiably laughed at. Second, Stu has never sued the town, Gerry. He's represented ONE client against the town -- that's his job. And he was sued BY the town, by YOUR people, Gerry, YOUR litigious people, Gerry. You also forgot to mention the fact that while Stu has only NEVER sued the town, YOU have sued the town THREE TIMES. THREE TIMES, Gerry, and yet you talk about Stu being litigious? And one of the times was while you were democratic municipal chairman -- a person who should be protecting the town, not suing it. Can you spell "transference?"

As usual Gerry, the hatred you have instilled in everyone taking your orders has allowed you to make a fool of yourself once again.

But we're glad you posted. And I reprinted it here so that all of Manalapan can see what the democratic party in Manalapan is all about, and why it is so critical to get all of you out of office. So that Manalapan can stop being one giant hate fest and start being a great place to live again.

Anonymous said...

And this followup was posted:

4527.1. You forgot one more little lie
by nineiron18, 9/24/09 17:05 ET

Gerry's been spreading for years. Stu was never "thrown out" by the taxpayers. Gerry's wife Beth was. Michelle was in 2004. George Spodak was. The voters didn't even allow Fred Stone IN when they voted overwhelmingly against this psychopath in the '80's. But Stu never lost a general election. Ever. In 2001, when he stood up against the Democratic corruption, the county bosses who were making hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers' money in improper professional billings, created a primary, gave $100,000 of campaign contributions to his opponents -- still a record -- and just barely beat him in the primary. The party bosses prevented the public from deciding whether to reelect him. They knew he'd be reelected and their gravy train -- the one Gerry Ward himself has benefitted from -- would be over.

Anonymous said...

This is a posted response to another of Fred's outrageous postings:

4526.2.1. where's your proof that Stu is posting, Fred?

by nuttystone, 9/24/09 17:47 ET
Re: This is by nuttystone, 9/24/09

You keep repeating the lie fifty times a day, because basically you have no life. You're asked EVERY DAY, where's your proof that Stu is posting, and all you ever do is refer to these fake emails you've written. Even THEY don't say he's posting, Fred. Geez, if you're going to make up lies about someone, make up lies that work, for heaven's sake. But are you going to deny that you were fined by the SEC for Fraud? For Fraud, Fred. And you want us to take you're word for the fact that he's posting? How dumb do you think we are? Do you think we're Gerry Ward or something? WHERE'S YOUR PROOF, you con artist?

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make this sh**t up.
It's like an ever ending soap opera. Same players different day. You have the woman treated like a clown,now worried about cardboard.
The guy from Pease road cuddling puppies with the chief, sounds like he's always ready to cry, The shoveler with his handful of E- mails mumbling incoherently, now he wants to give flu shots ??.
Then comes mosked man charging down the aisle looking like Mel Brooks shouting Inquisition. It couldn't get funnier, oh then you have that Balding guy who is on an ever ending sabbatical doing research. Maybe that couple on Sweetmans lane have the right idea, We need a no Torture ordinance passed right now.I feel like I'm being waterboarded every other week. If this doesn't stop soon I guess I'll have to rent a boat and go fishing at Milhurst lake with the old guy.

Klauber is some sort of financial wiz (or whiz) said...

Does the so-called mayor really think the public has the same intelligence level that he does?

He says outright that the township had an appraisal for the Tilles tract at $800,000. Providence wanted $2.4 million.

The $1.5 million settlement is supposed to be a compromise. Well, in the next similar situation the owner should ask for, say, $8 million or maybe even $20 million. Then the compromise could be $3 milion or $10 million.

And we all know whom Providence is tied don;t we?

Klauber is da financial genius for us said...

Don't forget that at the same time the Tilles deal went down, the Gentile tract was taken out of court and into "private" negotiations. "Without prejudice," it must be added.

How many millions is that 8-year adventure going to cost us?

Anonymous said...

Between the Gentile property court proceedings, what happend with Tillis and those connected to it, the moskovitz lawsuit, the Datruthsquad lawsuit, and the Brown lawsuit, Manalapan has to be the most corrupt town in Monmouth County, and maybe the state.

Anonymous said...

as is her daily practice, "retired" (lol) reporter Kathy Baratta has been monitoring NJ.COM 24/7 deleting anyone telling the truth. One post she deleted (too quickly to even copy) was the post by Glinda which pointed out how dumb Michelle Roth actually is. It's really one for the Guiness Book of Records. She is actually bragging about the fact that she is going to cost the taxpayers 2.5 million dollars for her uncontrolled anger, rage and hostility and hysterical hatred, in that ridiculous litigation to nowhere, now that there is a notice of claim charging her with malicious and frivolous prosecution. She actually gave a copy to the frizzy haired chain smoker to post on her website. Has anyone in politics ever been that clueless? Does she really think bragging about the money she is costing the taxpayers is a good campaign strategy? Well, if she doesn't get it now, she and Klauber will figure it out in November. They'll lose an election, and Stu will probably buy a yacht. Knowing Stu, he'll probably have an annual boat ride for underprivileged children on the yacht while Kathy and her five fellow deviates will spend the day cackling on her failed forum.

KB said...

Kudos to the Mosked Man, standing up to the bullies and the hatemongers who run the Manalapan Hate website. Great work!

Anonymous said...

I just read some passages on that Manalapan hate website. I'm shocked that someone who claims to be a newspaper reporter is running that trashy hate site. All there is is hate and rhetroic against Manalapan residents by Manalapan and Howell residents.

Whoever coined the phrase "Manalapan Hate website" to describe that waste of internet space is definitely on the mark with that one.

Driving you crazy said...


There are over 5400 views on the other Manalapan site. It only took one person, pretending to be many to make it one of the most popular websites in the history of Manalapan. To say there is hate and rhetoric against Manalapan residents is a bald faced lie (what else is new!). It's people speaking their mind about the evil doers who live in Manalapan. By da way squad. Should this comment be suppressed, I will email it to one of the posters on the other site and post it on nj.com (for as long as someone will let it stand).

I have become a convert and will vote for Michelle Roth and Mayor Klauber. I want to thank the person(s) who day after day attack the civil servants of manalapan for helping me to make up my mind. Keep it up and it will be a landslide!

Anonymous said...

Hah. Kathy didn't delete this one fast enough. We were able to copy it:

4526. Kathy, you ignorant slut
by loserlarry, 9/26/09 14:48 ET
People have tried your site. They've gone off as fast as possible. People don't want to spend their day reading lies, smut, obscenity, defamation and every other type of garbage that is the definition of you and your site. You are white trash. You always were. You couldn't tell the truth to save your life. And by the way, Robert Hall went out of business 30 years ago. I doubt there's a person alive in Manalapan who even knows what Robert Hall is. Since you clearly buy your clothes from the second hand store on Canal Street, you're the only person who would even know what Robert Hall is. Get a life Kathy. Or at least a job. Or at least a haircut.

Anonymous said...

I think we can stop worrying about Kathy's website (as if we ever did):

4527. It's official
by datrutroot, 9/26/09 15:13 ET
Kathy's site is a classic KB failure. There are 40,000 people in Manalapan. She's had those silly signs out, illegally of course, for over a month. The site has been up nearly three months and only 22 people have signed up for it and at least half of them, if not more, left quickly after seeing that it was a hate site for three or four of the most despicable people in Manalapan (and Howell). Why would anyone want to read that? If you check, you'll see they don't. They are averaging 9 or 10 TOTAL people viewing a day. Since you can name the seven or eight of them that go on every day including George "I don't have a computer, because I'm too busy sitting in empty courtrooms all day knitting and hoping someone will notice me, because I need attention and have no life" Spodak, it's easy to see NO ONE is viewing the site. The stats show Fred's been on the site half his life. In three months, the number ten user barely has been on an hour, and only six minutes since the first week he was on. It's a failure, Kathy. Just like you.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what John Amberg, Michelle Roths running mate? or is he? in the 12th district assembly race thinking of Roth's performance the other night? WHen she tried to squash Cohen's comments about Chief Brown? Can't be too happy the APP editorial called Manalapan and Roth,"2 jugglers and a clown short of a circus". This is the woman who is his running mate. After the smack down she got the other night and whats instore to come has he really continued to campaign with Her? Rumor is there trouble in paradise and Roth's behavior and the flap she has caused in Manalapan against the Chief of Police is the reason. Word is their poll showed that she is not liked very much, by WOMEN!!!! I guesss the W.A.R. Women Against Roth movement is working. Life it's a beautiful thing. Roth is in trouble politically and personally. According to her BFF Kathy, Stu Moskovitz is suing her for 400K plus 2million in punitive damages. The town can't provide legal counself for malicious prosecution, which is what she is being sued for along with Andrew Lucas and Richard Klauber.

Anonymous said...

shocked!! why can't they be like us, and be filled with love for our fellow humans, kindness, truth, fairness and pure old decency. as voltaire once said, 'anonymity is the essence of humanity.'

Anonymous said...

Stu, loving his fellow humans? C'mon, are you out of your mind?

Anonymous said...

Want to know just how much trouble Michelle is really in? She longer has a business on Gordon's Corner Road. She had to close the office and work out of her home (a violation of zoning laws, by the way). And here's Larry Roth spending all night on a Saturday night online posting. So you know how much they're enjoying life. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Roth has paid the price for her thrist for power. She has abandoned their business, so much so that Larry has made it no secret to anyone who would listen that he wished his wife would get out of politics and focus on their business. Politics has become Michelle Roth's obsession of a job, she must have her hand in managing the day to day of the township. A job that the taxpayers of Manalapan pay Tara Lovrich close 100K + a year to do. Micro managing is what Roth does. The taxpayers of the 12th district and Manalapan need Michelle Roth to go back to her home and work on rebuilding her flattering company. The taxpayers of Manalapan can not afford Michelle Roth to stay in Manalapan politics or win the election in November to serve our 12th District in the Assembly.

Roth is Wrong for the Taxpayers of Monmouth County. She can't manage her own business, she certainly can't manage ours as proven. When the Freehold based attorney Stu Moskovitz finishes with Manalapan, Roth would have cost us millions. Michelle Roth take care of your family and leave the rest of us alone!

Anonymous said...

as patrick henry said, 'give me vicious anonymity or give me death.'

Anonymous said...

To Larry Roth, posting the ridiculous attack on Stu just above. It was Stu who brought water to the Manalapan community on the other side of Englishtown that every other Manalapan politician ignored. It was Stu that brought lighting to dark areas of Knob Hill that other politicians ignored. It was Stu who lowered taxes every year he was in office rather than spend our money for self gratification like the current politicians. It was Stu who got state funding to provide senior center programs others never provided. It was Stu who agreed to represent an 80 year old man persecuted by his corrupt son, Drew. It was Stu who agreed to represent the Chief while Klauber and Roth were persecuting him. Every time this community has needed someone, it has been Stu that stepped forward. No wonder the corrupt group of hatemongers controlling this township are so obsessed with him they spend every day of their lives attacking him on one blogsite or another while their own businesses are failing. Right Roth? Right Shapiro? Right Klauber? Right Stone? Right Spodak (since you like to talk about lawsuits Spodak, how about telling us about your lawsuit last year against Old Silver Tavern, you flaming hypocrite). That's ok. Just watch the September 23 meeting on channel 77. This community knows who's right and who's wrong. That's why Baratta was fired to begin with. That's why the community isn't the least bit interested in the trash this odiferous unwashed former "reporter" posts there.

Tens of thousands more dollars flying out said...

What in the world is going on?:

"South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka, of the chiefs' association, Township Attorney Ronald Cucchiaro and Lawrence Bitterman, one of Brown's attorneys, said as of Friday a meeting had yet to be scheduled but all expected they would meet.

Hayducka said he was hopeful the issues between the chief and the township could be resolved in another attempt at mediation by the police chiefs' association. He said the association has been attempting to resolve matters for months, "and then the issue of the (lawsuits) came up'' and negotiations fell apart, Hayducka said.

"We're hoping we can all just sit down one more time and try to iron all these issues out for the good of the police department and for all the residents of Manalapan,'' Hayducka said, adding the township already has spent $11,500 in legal bills on the matter. ""I think things have gone a little too far.''--app.com

For the record, because app.com will block it soon said...

September 28, 2009

Committeewomen clash over chief's suspension


Two Township Committeewomen are facing off in a dispute over the events that led to the proposed suspension of the Police Chief.

Township Committeewoman Susan Cohen says Committeewoman Michelle Roth's account of a 2008 meeting between township officials and Chief Stuart Brown left out key details, including Roth's own inappropriate behavior. Roth and Township Administrator Tara Lovrich last year filed a disciplinary complaint against the chief that led to his proposed suspension; Brown is challenging the suspension in Superior Court.

Roth had said at a Sept. 9 Township Committee meeting the chief had screamed at her: "I don't report to you, lady'' and sarcastically asked her to ""crawl back under her rock'' at the 2008 departmental meeting. She also said the chief had moved toward her in an intimidating manner.

Cohen, residents and Stuart Moskovitz, an attorney for Brown, have said Roth at the Sept. 9 meeting spoke in violation of state law that requires the chief be notified before his performance is publicly discussed. Cohen, a witness at the 2008 meeting, said that because Roth was allowed by township legal counsel to speak about the incident at the previous meeting, she felt comfortable giving her own account.

""The Chief did not lurch, lunge or walk in a fashion that was threatening to anyone,'' Cohen, president of the township's Domestic Violence Response Team, said in a prepared statement. Cohen said Roth repeated twice at the 2008 meeting ""Go run and hide, Chief,'' to which he responded with the statements Roth had made public.

""There were no threats or abuse by Chief Brown against anyone on that day,'' Cohen said, adding the township already spent $11,500 in legal bills on the matter. ""It was just childish behavior by both parties.''

Cohen also said in a later interview that she felt Roth's inappropriate characterization of the chief's behavior as abusive in that incident calls into question any other of Roth's claims of abuse by the chief. Roth said at the last Township Committee meeting that the township's labor attorney, Roger McLaughlin, had launched an investigation into the chief's mistreatment and abuse of power with women township employees.

Roth said only that an independent hearing officer, Millburn Township Administrator Timothy Gordon … not a township official … had determined from the testimony of Roth, Cohen and Township Administrator Tara Lovrich that Brown's behavior had been problematic enough to warrant suspension .

But Moskovitz argues that Gordon has been embroiled in a publicized legal battle between Millburn and police in that township; Moskovitz said he believes Manalapan officials intentionally selected Gordon to oversee the disciplinary hearing because of the administrator's history.

""How do you pick this guy to be your independent hearing officer?'' Moskovitz said in a phone interview. ""There are 566 towns in New Jersey and they couldn't find an administrator who wasn't battling the police?''

Lovrich said in an earlier interview the township had selected Gordon from a state managers' association to which she belongs. Gordon was unavailable for comment.

The chief, 48, also in August filed an age-discrimination lawsuit in Superior Court against the township which cites the proposed suspension and other issues.

South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka has agreed to help mediate continued negotiations between the township and the chief before they are scheduled to appear in Superior Court Oct. 22 over the proposed suspension. Both sides have agreed to the mediation but had not yet set a meeting, officials said.

Anonymous said...

It now becomes obvious that there is wrongdoing here in this Brown vs Manalapan case.

I clearly remember Roth and Klauber telling everyone the Moskovitx case that lasted over 2 YEARS only cost taxpayers $7,000. Now this one, just months old, has already cost taxpayers over $11,000?

Obviously there is something wrong here. Klauber and Roth couldn't have been lying about the Moskovitz legal costs to taxpayers? Could they?

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to anyone following this nonsense who the instigator in town is and it ain't Michelle Roth or Chief Brown. Deal with that problem and the rest go away.

Anonymous said...

The instigator is Michelle Roth, and her silent puppet masters, Drew Shapiro and Gerry Ward.

The APP is not holding back, they realize that MICHELLE ROTH has lost her credibility. Like their editorial said " 2 jugglers and a clown short of a circus" when they described the Manalapan township committee. Susan Cohen is the sole credible elected official in Manalapan and Stuart Moskovitz the Freehold based attorney that Michelle Roth "loves to hate" has credibility.
Let's see how well the 4 uncredible's of the township committee keep their public promise to work things out with the Manalapan Chief of Police or will they reneg? Was it all just a sound byte for the media and to quash the public's out cry? The taxpayers are watching and so is the media. Roth and her 12th district assembly race is in trouble. Her public image is negative according to recent polling. Will Roth step up to resolve this matter with the Chief and save the the taxpayers thousand of dollars? Or will she continue to be her old caustic and vindictive self?
Time will tell and we are all watching and reading the papers. I bet her opponents are too!

Anonymous said...

It's obvious to everyone other than the five trolls inhabiting the hate site that every problem Manalapan has had in the last four years has Michelle Roth's name on it. The trouble is with her, not the person protecting Manalapan by standing up to her.

Anonymous said...

Klauber said at the beginning of the year he would do things differently. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has the power to shut Spodak down. He is allowing him to create a circus atmosphere meeting after meeting, because he does not know how to control a meeting. This guy is clueless and unqualified to be returned to office. Every time Spodak speaks is another condemnation of Klauber. Klauber is indeed the ringmaster of the circus. And his relying on the lawyer who claims the first amendment protects people's right to defame other people would be absurd even if Klauber weren't a lawyer who should know better.

Anonymous said...

The problem is, Klauber has no common sense. Allowing Spodak and Roth to make a mockery of his meetings where money gets spent and the taxpayers get screwed is not common sense. Allowing a lawsuit to go on for two and a half years that he knows is frivolous is not common sense. Lying to the taxpayers constantly about what the lawsuit is costing is not common sense. Allowing the Chief Brown fiasco to go on by voting to suspend him over Michelle Roth's act of rage is not common sense. Allowing Manalapan to become known during his administration as a cesspool of hate is not common sense. Frankly, I see no evidence that Klauber has exercised common sense at any time he's been mayor.