Thursday, November 19, 2009

Da Queen Pens "Da Sour Grapes of Roth"

You can call this a potential new chapter to another Manalapan lawsuit.

Not satisfied with just looking like da town under her leadership has spent over $16,000 so Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown could get a paid-for one day suspension, Queen Michelle has made her first official statement since losing her State Assembly campaign by a historic landslide, and losing Manalapan voters even worse!

She penned a very tasteless editorial in da Asbury Park Press. In this latest Sour-Grapes-of-Roth-O-Gram, she:

1. Blames da newspaper for leaving out key facts. Isn't that like slipping on da shoe, and blaming da shoe?

2. "The first resulted in an internal affairs investigation." At what time did da Manalapan Police, or any police department Internal Affairs Division conduct any investigation into da Chief? In fact, da Chief was allegedly never given a RICE notice he was even being investigated by a town official - a big-time violations of rules.

3. "The township attempted for 10 months to resolve the dispute with the chief professionally." If that's da case, then why did da Chief feel he was being harassed to da point he felt he needed to file a lawsuit against those responsible for harassment?

4. "The Township Committee cannot and should not "roll over" every time a lawsuit or an appeal is filed." How quickly we forget da discrimination lawsuit filed against da police by 3 kids a few years ago. Da police wanted to fight it and have their day in court, but da Township Committee and da lawyers settled it for $$$$$$$ 6-figures - against da wishes of da police! Nice precedent setter there!!!

Now, to be fair, da Queen has every right to say what she wants to say. Da problem here is, what she has said could be deemed discriminatory and defamatory in nature, and as a township official it could cause trouble. As a township official in da middle of a discrimination lawsuit, and currently a DEFENDANT in that case, it could make matters worse for Manalapan.

Ask yourself this - would any lawyer worth their weight in Spam allow anyone they represent to not only say whatever they wanted about a case they were being sued in, but put it in writing and in that, take pot shots at the person bringing the lawsuit?????

Any lawyer, or first-year law school student, or any college student with a descent GPA who wants to go to law school will tell you, there's 3 things you NEVER do - especially if you personally have been named in a lawsuit:




So what did da Queen do????


"Because of Brown's prior behavior" ... "for his behavior and treatment of women." Let's see, da man has 29 years on da job, and how many compalints have been filed against him by people other than da Queen????? It appears, unless da township committee is hiding something, that number is "ZERO!"


She claimed da newspaper is hiding something on purpose, writing "I will fill in the details the editorial overlooked or ignored."


Did she hire a lawyer to represent her whose name is I.M. Stupid? Is she getting advice from fortune cookies? There are probably two-year olds at da pre-schools who are much smarter and know better than whoever's advising her. One can only imagine what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team thought of this after they fell out of their chairs reading it.

So, now that da Queen has inserted both feet and her pen in her mouth, how will da Mosked Man, who is representing da Chief as his attorney handle this? Since he was also defamed in that same editorial, what will he do since he also has his own legal case against da town and da Township Committee??

If you were in his shoes, what would you do? Would you use this editorial as evidence of a pattern of abuse by da Manalapan Township Committee?

DaTruth is, da Queen's editorial could be a potential problem in either legal case. Da very simple rule is -- you NEVER speak out while a legal matter is in motion. But then again, who is daTruthSquad to be handing out free legal advice to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team or their clients?

So we tried to figure out what da Mosked Man will do in this situation, from a legal perspective, asking our Legal TruthTellers for their opinions.

OPTION 1: Da Mosked Man could potentially use this editorial as evidence in da Chief's harassment case, showing that "pattern." That might be a stretch, but it is possible.

OPTION 2: Da Mosked Man could attach this to his own case, alleging da Queen defamed him. If daTruthSquad were a judge, this might be hard to prove, but again, in New Jersey, you can sue anyone for anything it seems.

OPTION 3: Da Mosked Man could write his own rebuttal editorial for da newspaper. We suspect he won't however, because when someone makes a mistake, you don't make da same mistake.

OPTION 4: Da Mosked Man will attend a Township Committee meeting, and interrupt a former mayor when he speaks to interject datruth instead of accusations. Hey, this is New Jersey, and anything is possible.

DaTruth is, on da surface, da Queen has put herself and da legal cases that she's a DEFENDANT in in a pretty bad spot. She talks about da legal case involving her and Chief Brown negatively, and she also speaks poorly about da Mosked man, who has filed a lawsuit against da town because of da actions of da Township Committee in da original "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" frivolous lawsuit that after 25 months, da Township was forced due to their own persuit to drop da case! It will be interesting indeed how da Township must proceed in each case now that da Queen's pencil runneth over.

How does Manalapan proceed from here?

DaTruthSquad polled da TruthTellers, and we came up with some intriguing options on how to fix this case - and have a little fun too:

OPTION 1: Da Mosked Man and da Queen will be in a Steel-cage wrestling match at next year's Manalapan Day for charity. We came to da conclusion that if this happened, we expect da "Killer Queen" would actually beat da "Marauder Mosked Man" after she was illegally handed a "foreign object" by a cadre member sitting in da first row.

OPTION 2: In a "Thunder-Dome" setting, two people enter and one person leaves. We concluded that da Queen, both bigger and possibly heavier than da Mosked Man, could beat him with her breath.

OPTION 3: We decided to make both face their worst possible fears, and see who survives. We will send da Mosked Man on a fishing trip alone with former Mayor Spodak, after he has fully read da Brillo Blog. Da Queen's task will be to take her husband to Little Italy. Da advantage here goes to da Mosked man.

DaTruth is, what da Queen did with this editorial will quite probably only make matters worse. Yes, we just poked some fun at it, but daTruth is - this isn't a laughing matter. In da end, it will be da taxpayers of Manalapan who will have to pay for any judgment in this case, including fees for lawyers - and that of course for da taxpayers is nothing to laugh at. It will be interesting to see how da Manalapan Legal Dream Team handles this dilemma. We do expect that will be da last editorial da Queen will be writing for a while. We'll have our sources in Town Hall watching for da next move by both parties, and you'll hear daTruth about it here.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that Klauber actually got more votes in Manalapan than Roth did? If that's true, then it really shows how low she has sunk.

Da Vote Counter said...

Over 12,100 people voted in Manalapan.

Roth only got 4,000 votes. That means 2 out of every 3 people in Manalapan are fed up with her lawsuits, tax increases, and the way she has embarassed this town.

12,000 people voted, and she only gets 4,000 votes. I believe that call that a landslide LOSS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Butch and Steve both got more than that in the PRIMARY election two years ago when only about 10 per cent of the voters actually voted, and they lost their election. Just to put her 4,000 votes in perspective. That means she got fewer votes in a general election where she was the only home town candidate, than any of the four republicans running against each other in the single party primary two years ago!!!!

And who is this???? said...

It looks like an anonymous poster who also posts on the HATE website is exposed:

4629. keep posting.....
by zachtesla, 11/19/09 14:33 ET
Re: First let's be accurate by zachtesla, 11/19/09
your crap in my wife's name, you sick ba$tard, and the prosecutor will be at your door.

Anonymous said...

no, it proves the truth of torah that loshonhora is like murder, and DTS and its puppetmaster belong both in jail and in hell.

Anonymous said...

Truth is both Roth and Klauber lost their own districts. Those are the facts straight from the Board of Elections result sheets. She did so poorly in Manalapan that any thoughts of her getting the line to run for re election in Manalapan in 2011 from the county are off the table.

The elections results of her Assembly race of 2009 have shown everyone in the politcal know that she has destroyed her reputation.
Her actions in Manalapan have been documented so well by the Asbury Park Press, the News Transcript and displayed on Channel 77 for all to see.

Her latest rant in the Asbury Park Press will undoubtedly cost the taxpayers more money. The taxpayers are already on the hook for 10K to represent her in this mess. God only knows how much more money Michelle Roth will cost the taxpayers of Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

I like reading about all of the excuses coming out of the Roth camp.

It was the voters voting against Democrats (but Corzone and Klauber got more votes than she did).

The Republicans broke their promise to keep the election clean (like she never did)?

Propoganda did her in (like she's not the Queen of that).

It's all Moskovitz's fault (have to blame someone).

I guess there's not any mirrors in the Roth house. Maybe they should look in one.

Anonymous said...

i can't figure out why datruthsquad is posting Fred's second grade filth. It does nothing for the esteem of this forum, no one wants to read it, and the only person who has to fear the prosecutor is Fred himself. I have to assume datruthsquad is letting him post because he or she despises Fred so much they want everyone to see what a dumbaxx moron this guy really is, with all his arrogance and unsupportable ego. The best way to make Fred look like a fool is to let him do it himself as he proves on a daily basis. Maybe datruthsquad can record Fred's next bathrobe and slippers rant in Shoprite and print it here.

Anonymous said...

Re: 'Fred's next bathrobe and slippers rant in Shoprite':

Our own self-styled Vinnie da Chin walks the aisles whenever he sleeps over in town.

Anonymous said...

hey, squad, is that story on kb's site about stu trying to be the biggest putz in manalapan, is that a true story, or is that some more hate from the haters i hate?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Fred has nothing to do again. Notice how productive intelligent people like Stu spend their time accomplishing things, like he has in court, and influencing elections, like he has, while less than intelligent whiny little losers spend waste all their time doing useless things that don't accomplish anything like spending their whole life posting about other people. You know, whiny little losers like Fred, George, Larry. Don't they realize that they are only proving to people how superior someone like Stu is who ignores them while they're fixated on him? I wonder why they feel the need to constantly prove how superior he is to them? And they still haven't figured out that if they weren't making fools of themselves with each of their posts, datruthsquad would never print their posts in the first place. Really. Can you get any dumber than these people?

Anonymous said...

no one reads the hate site, because no normal human being is interested in the filth posted by the trolls living under that bridge. Few people read because they don't want to read fred and larry's filth there either. Keep posting garbage from fred and larry like you have above, datruthsquad and people will stop coming to this forum, too.

Anonymous said...

Question that I hope someone can answer.

The TS laid out very clearly that Michelle Roth in her letter to the newspaper not only defamed police chief Brown, but also his attorney, and both have seperate lawsuits against the township, and I believe Roth too but I may be wrong on that part.

If that is true, how can any lawyer worth 2 cents allow their client to defame in public for all to see the very same people who are suing her and the town she represents? Doesn'tthat put the town in a really bad spot?

It would seem to me that this is far worse than anything Committeepeople Cohen and Gennero did, and they received a public censure. Maybe if Roth can't do the job she should resign?

Anonymous said...

I think what Roth wrote does put the township, the defendant in 2 lawsuits, in a very bad spot.

First, if they investigate and find no evidence that Chief Brown did anything wrong in his career toward women, Roth has simply lost the case for herself and the town.

Second, Moskovitz was clearly defamed IMHO and if he's at all smart, he probably copied the newspaper 100 times, framed it, and will make it evidence in his case against Manalapan and Roth.

Since Klauber doesn't have the you-know-whats to stand up to Roth, maybe Green will, and Lucas should (but I don't expect that). She deserves a public censure for her actions. Nothing less shows the TC is agreeing with Roth, which will only make Moskovitz's case that much stronger.

Anonymous said...

I agreee with the prior poster. I know this blog believes in the First Amendment, but allowing the slime and defamatory comments from people like the HATE bloggers from KB's site to post here is wrong. Let them keep their evil to themselves. Ignore the HATERS.

dabbullsquad said...

Before this gets deleted by the HATE club from NJ.Com:

4634.1. the real knee slapper
by glinda27, 11/20/09 23:34 ET
Re: She should read Transcript by glinda27, 11/20/09
is that Michelle doesn't realize her own lawyers conned her. They told her they got a "suspension" when the settlement provides the chief doesn't lose a single day of work, and doesn't lose a single minute of pay. He takes one day and reports to a "counselling" session paid for by the township, for which he gets paid as well. Where's the suspension? And she bought this hook, line an sinker. That whole group -- ward, roth, her eunuch husband, stone, spodak -- just find new ways each day to get the community to laugh at them.

Z. Tesla said...

This is from the Transcript. Read this paragraph closely, and see what $16,000 of your tax dollars buys you - a paid day off and a paid lecture for the day.

"According to attorney Lawrence Bitterman, who represented Brown, the chief will serve the one-day suspension with pay. He will take an eight-hour counseling class to be selected by the township administrator and paid for by Manalapan."

Anonymous said...

I guess we all know now who Zach Tesla is.

Anonymous said...

When someone as nice as Dennis has to write something like this about the HATE website, you know what kind of trash that site is:


4635. That was a horrible post
by db7753, 11/21/09 15:32 ET
about Stu M on the other site I thought that as for the class exchange of ideas. Using foul language Horrible ComonKB I thought you ran a clean ship Two wrongs do not make a right

Anonymous said...

it was a word-for-word adaptation of a satiric blog about joe lieberman by one of america's greatest satirists. someone needs to grow up and get a life. you now can call people "douche" on prime-tiome network TV.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is Zach Tesla really the same guy that paints the horses, or is he the guy that moved the Giants to San Francisco?

Anonymous said...

That'swhy people don't go to the Manalapan HATE website anymore, and that is why Michelle Roth lost her election by a landslide.

Isn't it interesting how when this blog called KB out for wanting to sell her site (wouldn't get a nickel for it) right after her candidate lost by a landslide, they decided to stay running. Then, as Dennis so aptly described, the HATRED and RAGE of the 3 posters there has turned full blast. You have to hand it to the Squad and to Stu, because they know how to pull their strings.

dabbullsquad said...

I think the point that the Chief's record will be exponged after he gets a paid day off and is paid to attend a meeting speaks volumes of who is representing him. The Chief couldn't have won a better victory in court than he has so far, thanks to his attorney.

The only problem for the Gang of Three and their henchmen, that lawyer is their arch-nemesis, so they will do whatever it takes to make it seem like they won, but like with Michelle's and Klauber's landslide losses, the people of Manalapan know better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Squad, you should write a book about life in Manalapan and how you've won every time they file a frivolous lawsuit against you.

Anonymous said...

the chief's lawyer was bitterman, not the bitter man. let's see how stu does on the age discrimination case before we send him flowers.

Anonymous said...

Larry, it's laughable that you call someone else bitter. What exactly would Stu have to be bitter about? And, by the way, as I see it, Bitterman was the chief's lawyer for a year and got nothing accomplished. Stu was representing the Chief for three months, and Bitterman was complaining that Stu was "undermining" him. Meanwhile, while Stu was "undermining" Bitterman, the chief ended up without losing a day's pay or a day's work, where before Stu got involved, the case dragged on for a year with the chief in jeopardy. And the only two "bitter" people I see are Fred Stone, still bitter over Miracle's law, and you, Larry, because Stu made sure your wife lost TWO elections now. In the meantime, he's made at least a hundred thousand dollars representing people, like the chief, like Shapiro's dad, who came to him because of the publicity your crazy wife generated for him. Bitter? That sounds more like YOU Larry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this can replace those disneyland commercials: "Hey, Larry. Your wife just lost her assembly race by historic numbers and even got fewer votes than Corzine in a lot of districts in Manalapan, and you've lost your business and have to work out of your home til you find another job, and your wife looked like a fool again, spending 16,000 in taxpayer money and claiming the chief was suspended when he's not losing any time from work or any pay. What are you going to do now?" "Why, I'm going to spend all day every day posting about Stu." Too bad you can't afford Disneyland. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think you better start saving for those flowers for Stu M.

Every time Michelle Roth shoots off her mouth the case gets sweeter for the Chief of Police and his lawyer Stu M.

Anonymous said...

LOL, LOL. At the end of all this..... LMAFO.........

Anonymous said...

how long do we have to read these idiot remarks.please,spodak,lucas,stone,
ROTH,barfatta.........just go lost because you are losers.please go away.......

Anonymous said...

well, first Larry, I'm sure will do wery well with the discrimination case since people are lining up to testify your (XXXXXXX) wife. Second, let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, he's going to make off of your wife and Lucas for the stupidity of that frivolous malpractice case when he files the actual lawsuit. Bitter? Yeh, sure, as bitter as Carter was when Ford pardoned Nixon. LOL.

brickman said...


How does get away with deleting posts just because they contain derogatory misinformation about the hate squad. someone should complain to the Attorney-General, but then again he's another communist just like his boss b. hussein.

at least here, we have the blog administrator to block the hate squad's efforts to tell the facts, while the decent people are allowed to post their information without fear of deletion.

Anonymous said...

Well said Brickman.

Anonymous said...

Try to name any fact posted on the other blog.

Anonymous said...

I was at the meeting and I'm a proud resident of Englishtown.

Your town committee has some nerve trying to shove that ghetto into our backyard. I hope they feel the same whay when we build our COAH obligation right on the border of Manalapan near your Manalapan Rec, so our COAH residents have someplace to congregate within walking distance to their apartments.

Anonymous said...

To the person from Englishtown, please remember that the 4 jackals who claim to represent Manalapan are not representative of the people of Manalapan. Klauber lost his election by a landslide, and Roth lost hers by a larger landslide. We don't want them built either. I think someone should see if Roth got any donations from builders or developers in this past election she LOST. I bet she did. That might explain something.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, Englishtown angrily killed a state-county effort to build a bypass around it for, presumabl, Route 522. It also built the Samaritan houses alongside the railroad tracks, putting another final nail in the coffin of commuter rail transportation in this area.

The borough has caused many of its own problems, and they're far more serious than the tickets for speeding at 30 m.p.h. on Main Street.

Anonymous said...

"Try to name any fact posted on the other blog."

here's one: Stu Moskovitz doesn't know who DTS is. here's what he said:

that would be a great deal to make if I actually knew who Truth Squad was. In truth, I really don't. I have suspicions and have been able to narrow it down by excluding certain people, but i really don't know.

Frankly, every time I think I do know, they post something that the
person i think it is wouldn't know. There is no question that the person is favorable to Joe, but it's clearly not Joe. I think we both agree, he's not really capable of writing that.

Anonymous said...

Not from Englishtown but they have a right to defend their downtown businesses from have all traffic bypass them thus killing their commercial rateables.

The Mom line could be in Manalapan and there are more properties in Manalapan where they could be located. That is not Englishtown's problem.

Anonymous said...

Re: 'The Mom line could be in Manalapan':

The MOM line was built 150 years ago, and it is in both Englishtown and Manalapan. Englishtown purposely ignored 25 years of state studies, both for the train and the vehicular traffic.