Friday, November 13, 2009

For Sale - Controversial Blog - Low Miles - Original Owner

Want To Buy A Brillo Blog????

DaTruthSquad was recently checking out da "For Sale" section of a local newspaper looking for some office equipment, when all of a sudden an ad caught our eye:

"So-called HATE website for sale. Original owner. Low miles. Easy to maintain due to low readership. Hardly any posters. Bad reputation. Asking $500,000, but willing to accept pre-chewed bubblegum, wet leaves, hair gel or change of a nickel. Contact ASAP as I seriously need a life. Call as fast as you can."

Now, ironically, another website is also for sale, this one by a resident of Howell that allegedly discusses things in Manalapan. Da website has been called many things. It was started by a former "BaconHead" award winning reporter to discuss Manalapan topics. However, once it joined da blogisphere, it had an interesting impact on that blogishphere that made one website that caters to Manalapan useless, while driving up da readership levels of another website across da board.

Since it was daTruthSquad that has seen its reader numbers and unique visitors and returning visitors strongly increase even more than average since da inception of da Brillo-blog, we really can't be too unhappy with it. We do, however, feel bad for which has had post after post deleted until it has become meaningless for Manalapan residents.

However, da brief and what can be construed as an apparent unhappy short life of da Brillo-blog cannot be ignored.

There were a certain number of postings made, some of those none-too-kind to say da very least, about a certain Manalapan attorney who represented a father in da case of his son, a former Manalapan Mayor (he won that), battled da Manalapan Legal Dream Team for 25 months (he won that too), has a lawsuit pending against Manalapan Township and a sitting Committee member, and represents da Manalapan Chief of Police in a discrimination case against Manalapan Township and da Township administrator. There are also some none-too-nice threads and comments about this very blog, but we're all big girls and boys and we all believe in Freedom of Speech, so we can take those stick & stones.

Of course, that blog started at about da very same time daTruthSquad was da victim of some very persistent spammers who posted vile, hateful comments. Of course, when those spammers were uncovered and blocked, ironically, spamming of this blog became non-existent.

In da end, when you look at da Brillo-blog folks who have been making da most comments, you have a former multiple BaconHead Award winner, a guy who once said "Because I Hate Italians" during a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, a former fund lawyer once a party to fraud and deception charges who knows what it's like to spend quality time in litigation brought against him and his cohorts by da government's Securities & Exchange Commission, a current Manalapan political leader who has brought more lawsuits himself against Manalapan Township than da Mosked Man (and all didn't fare very well at all, except taxpayers paid for their defense), and another public citizen who proclaimed his support for da Queen, despite being an alleged GOP'er.

DaTruth is, besides littering Manalapan with hundreds of "Alleged Truth" signs allegedly paid for by some mysterious benefactor, this Brillo-Blog really didn't do much, except galvanize those who were against da Queen Roth's ascent to da State Assembly throne in Trenton to vote against her in a historic defeat. It didn't help Commissar Klauber either, who lost his election by a landslide of lawn signs. And, ironically, da Brillo-Blog was born around da time da Queen decided to make her run for State Assembly, and now is for sale shortly after her amazing historic landslide defeat.

We can only speculate that da old phrase, "Timing is Everything" is alive & well.

DaTruth is, we at daTruthSquad are unhappy to see da Brillo-Blog go away. Considering da increase in readers this blog has seen since da Brillo-Blog scrubbed its way into Manalapan, we really can't say anything too bad about it. Considering how it apparently rubbed some da wrong way, it could have actually impacted da election of da very same people it appeared to support. Of course, considering how much support da GOP received from Italian-Americans and uniformed officers, they really couldn't have helped much.

Obviously, this blog would also like to help if da Brillo-Blog owner would like to sell that blog. We've asked some of our TruthTellers to see how much da Brillo-Blog could fetch on da open market, or even what it would be good for. Here's what our TruthTellers discovered:

* Da Brillo-Blog and a mop will clean most dirty floors.

* Da Brillo-Blog and 25 cents will get you candy out of da candy machine at da local supermarket.

* Da Brillo-Blog and $8.00 will get you through da Lincoln Tunnel, without EZ Pass.

* Da Brillo-Blog, added to 100 pennies, equals $1 dollar.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, can be used to cover your head when it's raining.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, will turn yellow when covered in mustard.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, is a waste of perfectly good paper.

* Da Brillo-Blog cannot be used for a "I'm really stupid because" defense any accredited attorney who has not been taken to task by da SEC in any legal case, because despite da obvious, any competent judge won't fall for it.

* Da Brillo-Blog, guaranteed to help your chosen candidate (Roth & Klauber) lose their election in a landslide.

* And finally, Da Brillo-Blog, used in conjunction with a very strong laxative, will give you relief when you need it most.

Yes, da Brillo-Blog is for sale, according to a post on that blog as told to daTruthSquad. We enjoyed da competition. We wish it well.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for convincing KB to keep her site running.

Anonymous said...

Too funny Squad. The laxative line was the best.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I hope KB keeps her blog site going. I enjoyed my weekly look at just how stupid and immature some people can be.

You're right however about their blog. I think it was only put up to be used as a tool to get people to vote for Roth. I noticed they never spoke about Klauber. I guess he must have done something to earn the wrath of Roth.

Anonymous said...

Great point TS about the NJ.Com Manalapan board. I stopped reading that one after each post seemed to be deleted within hours. Freedom of speech is still alive and well here. Keep up the good work, and very funny one this time.

Anonymous said...

If it's true that Brillo is going to keep her HATE website going, it shows just how much power Stu has over them.

Sycophants rejoice. You same 3 or 4 people can still have a place to show you're lunatics!

Anonymous said...

Good work Stu. If anything, you proved beyond a doubt that KB and her little minions really have nothing to do with their lives.

PS - "Da Brillo-Blog, added to 100 pennies, equals $1 dollar" - very funny stuff this time.

Anonymous said...

wow, squad, you are a riot! if i only still had legs, i'g be slapping m,y knees, but instead, i'm slapping my stumps.

Anonymous said...

it looks like one of KB's sycophants have checked in with that stumps post.

Anonymous said...

One of the prior posts had it 100% correct. Stu has them wrapped around his little finger. He announces he represents Chief Brown, and KB and her cronies write nasty things about him. She decides to sell the HATE website, and the Squad makes fun of her, and now she's not going to sell it. It looks like Stu really does have a lot of control, especially over them.

Anonymous said...

wow, we all wish we could be like stu. so smart, so powerful, so handsome. manalapan's greatest mover and shaker. stu, i love you.



Anonymous said...

she's not going to sell the website because it's worthless. If she had run a decent website, she would have built up a following and it would have had value. But she allowed her own hatred and Fred Stone to make the site useless and valueless. She's not going to sell it now because she can't. It has no value.

Anonymous said...

Site not being sold. What will happen first is...... Well, you'll see :)

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remember the last weekend Fred Stone wasn't online posting about Stu or pretending to be Stu or both? Neither can I. Does anybody remember the last time Fred Stone ever accomplished anything in his life? Ever? Neither can I. Maybe that explains why he has to focus on Stu's life. You know, the one Stu is actually living while he's not paying any attention to a sad little man like Fred.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, if you're tired of Fred, and who isn't, blame datruthsquad. Since NJ.COM won't allow the posts of this social deviate to remain on their site -- and who can blame them -- and no one reads the hate site, only datruthsquad is keeping this fool alive, to the detriment of the credibility of this forum, by printing his posts. He's never said anything anyone is interested in reading, he diminishes the credibility of any site that prints his posts, so frankly, datruthsquad is allowing him to do to this site what he did to others. I can tell you the other popular and respected blogspots simply won't print his posts. Datruthsquad should follow that lead if they want to be held in the same esteem.

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree. the stonely one is persona non grata. without him, this site would be the essence of purity and goodness, and so would the hate site, if only they would ban stonely and larry, kathy, george, barry, dave, gerry, seymour and drew. then it would be good there too, especially if they would let people post anonymously so they could say what they want without fear in case what they say is without any factual support.

Anonymous said...

I found your site through a link from More Monmouth Musings. This has got to be the funniest site politically I've seen. Some of the prior blog posts you have are unbelievable, but they seem very true. I'm in Atlantic Highlands, and don't know much about Manalapan, but if only half of what you posted is true, your town is more corrupt than Newark was when Sharpe James was there. I'm surprised the FBI hasn't set up a branch office in town. Keep fighting the good fight Truth.

Anonymous said...

"yes, I agree. the stonely one is persona non grata. without him, this site would be the essence of purity and goodness, and so would the hate site,"

Gee, that could be the first honest and intelligent thing Fred has ever said.

Anonymous said...

Great post I'm sure will be deleted by the Anti-First Amendment Group:

4623.1.1. Untitled
by joeycrack256, 11/17/09 11:09 ET
Re: Offer for KB website..... by joeycrack256, 11/17/09
I don't think she's in debt, but I do think the fact that her credibility is shot had something to do with it. I mean, really, she came onto the scene like gangbusters last summer with her answer to this board and used it as a bully pulpit in an effort to potentially influence voters in this year's election. Day after day after day, she and her followers sat behind computers talking trash about people (instead of being adults and calling those individuals out to their faces), and then all of a sudden, she just decides "that Given that [she is] not a Manalapan resident nor [does she] any longer cover the town as a journalist, it seems a supreme waste of [her] precious time to bother posting on a Board where the town's residents (for the most part) either don't have the time or the inclination to use it as the valuable resource it could be..." My question is how is this all of a sudden a problem that would cause her to want to sell the board?
The very existence of that board is because she thought enough of herself (perhaps too much) that as an outside resident with an inside perspective of the town's government due to her journalistic "talents," she could offer some debate with respect to the town's political situation. But, instead of debate, the board became a witch's brew of hate and invective directed at anyone who disagrees with her followers. That's not necessary, especially since every last one of them states that this board is beneath that one simply because people don't use their own names. But when you spill hate-filled speech using derogatory terms for people, namely Stu Moskovitz (derivatives of the word "douche" wherein they combine that word with his first name, for one), how does that make you any better than the posters here or anywhere else, for that matter? The simple answer is that it doesn't: two wrongs don't make a right. And I am willing to bet that between all of the negative press regarding Michelle Roth's shenanigans, as well as the fact that her rather big (and foul) mouthed husband had a very large piece of the action on that site, specifically how he was acting as his wife's spokesperson in both her election campaign as well as the campaign to ruin the career of one of the finest law enforcement officers in the State, the "real truth site" probably contributed to Michelle Roth's defeat for the 12th District Assembly Seat. I am also willing to bet that due to that defeat, a.) the post-traffic on the site has lessened considerably, and b.) she contemplated selling the drama, so-to-speak.

However, she has changed her mind, and wants to keep the board. I wonder why that is, especially since in her statement regarding her change of heart, she mentions that illustrious Stu Moskovitz. In light of this, and in light of the posts that she either writes or allows, what exactly is her mental status? Why on Earth would someone from Howell create a site about Manalapan, then decide to get rid of it namely because she isn't a Manalapan resident, then decide to keep it because of a guy who is nothing more than an ill-perceived threat? I just don't understand. Personally, I think they should all just go away, because they do absolutely nothing good for the Township of Manalapan.

Click to view these responses

Anonymous said...

Another great post:

4623. Offer for KB website.....
by sayonara, 11/17/09 9:57 ET
$25,000 CASH....You pay me and I will take it off your hands.

Anonymous said...

So Manalapan will have to deal with her HATE website and the 4 juvenile posters who hate Stu.

It just means they'll be able to watch him win his case for Chief Brown, and with a little luck, blame Stu when the Feds come in to Manalapan Town Hall and make arrests.

Anonymous said...

KB responds to Marty Mabe for some strange reason on

4623.1.1.1. Marty, Marty, Marty
by kbaratta00, 11/17/09 11:29 ET
Re: Offer for KB website..... by kbaratta00, 11/17/09
Mr. Mabe,
Like Bruce who holds Freehold in a special place in his heart because it is his hometown, so do I as Manalapan is my hometown. Ruined as it has been by people like you, I remember when it was a great place to live. Which reminds me. Get at least one thing right. I do not live in Howell, I have never lived in Howell. I grew up in Manalapan (long before your ilk ruined it) and I now live in Freehold Township where everybody is a class act and self-serving, trouble-making lowlives like you keep to themselves if they're here at all.

Kathy Baratta

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like Kathy and her clowns fell right into another trap set by Stu. By them staying around, it only means they will create more hate, and probably sink the next candidates for Manalapan Township Committee. People didn't fall for the lies on their site. Instead, they saw through it and voted against Roth and Klauber in record numbers. Keep up the good work KB!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Squad, tell us again how Fred Bone destroyed the manalapan forum by responding with his horrible, disgusting facts to the worthy and pleasing untruths that you had posted there about him. i love that story!!

Anonymous said...

looks like Fred, the man who was caught making up phony mutual fund companies has wasted another day of his useless life posting nonsense that no one cares about. What a sad shadow of a former man. Think about it. To what other sixty seven year old man are anonymous blogs the most important thing in his life, his obsession, his psychotic fixation, above friends, above family, above any useful employment. Really.

Anonymous said...

You can look at what happened on Nov. 18, when what FS twisted what had started out as a straightforward discussion into his professed area of expertise, Italians. When he was called out on his prattle, the entire thread disappeared in an instant.

Anonymous said...

Stu, you spend way to much time on this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another misstatement from the king of misstatements and, probably, another mass deletion:

"4629. First let's be accurate
by dabbullsquad, 11/19/09 11:26 ET
I know it's hard for you.

1. It's 38,000+ votes.

2. She got more votes than Amberg

3. In every other district Dems got hammered by at least 2 - 1

Go peddle your bullspit to somewhere else."

Anonymous said...

Yayyy. Now we get to laugh at Larry, too, not just Fred. The official tally shows that over 41,000 people voted for Casagrande and O'Scanlan in Manalapan, not 38,000. You can't tell the truth to save your life, can you, Larry? And spare us the attaacks on Stu. You're no more credible than Fred, for heavens sake, and anyone who actually knows Stu knows he's far too busy making money off of your wife's stupidity to spend one minute posting. You, on the other hand, having trashed your business, have plenty of time to do so.

For Da Record said...

4629.2. Here are the real numbers
by suetonius, 11/19/09 12:08 ET
Re: First let's be accurate by suetonius, 11/19/09
State Assembly - District 12 - General170 of 170 Precincts Reporting - 100%Max Winners=2 Name Party Votes Vote %

O'Scanlon, Declan (i) GOP 41,529 32%

Casagrande, Caroline (i) GOP 41,279 31%

Roth, Michelle Dem 24,469 19%

Amberg, John Dem 22,807 17%

Welzer, Steven Grn 1,549 1%