Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DaTruthSquad's Thanksgiving Wishes

It has turned into another interesting year in Manalapan. A mayor was booted from office, his handler was told by voters in District 12 that not only was she not wanted, she was not wanted by 2 out of every 3 voters! Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy's hairline receded further. A woman was upset at being called a "lady," and it cost taxpayers $16,000. A former mayor continues his "First Amendment Lawsuit-To-Nowhere," and another former mayor and former township attorney has a lawsuit pending against Manalapan and some of their politicians, while Manalapan's police chief is also suing da town for discrimination.

Just another quiet Thanksgiving in Manalapan.

With that in mind, daTruthSquad has polled da TruthTellers with an interesting question -- what do some of Manalapan's characters have to be thankful for, and what will their Thanksgiving dinner table look like?????

Mayor Klauber: "Da Commissar" as he is known spent 34 months on da Manalapan Township Committee, and will spend da last 2 as "Lame Duck." He raised taxes two of da three years he was here, and this year used a controversial measure to keep taxes flat - one same one that he and da Queen once reviled. He promised to be da "Solar Committeeman," a promise he really didn't deliver. He promised civility during Township Committee meetings. If that wasn't a turkey of a promise, nothing was. He was, in effect, a failure. You don't even have to believe daTruthSquad on that - ask da voters who voted him off da Manalapan Township Committee island by a landslide. Even Democrats had enough of him. For da Commissar - no turkey for Thanksgiving - you get to eat Lame Duck, and for Manalapan voters, it was cooked to perfection.

Committeeman Andy Boy: When you ask da TruthTellers if someone is a Democrat or Republican, and each time da vote is 50/50, it tells you something. You cut taxes when you first took office, and then was an architect for the biggest 2-year tax hike in town history. Former enemies are now your friends, while former friends in da Manalapan GOP'er club don't want anything to do with you. We're not even sure if you're pro-police like you used to be. For all of this, we serve up a special holiday treat - Turkey and Chicken, you get half of each with extra half & half for your coffee, and waffles for dessert.

Police Chief Stu Brown: You apparently did raise your voice during a meeting, called a woman a "lady," and for that, instead of being locked in chains or face summary execution or a cell in Guantanamo like some may have wanted, you get a paid day off and once you take that day, an unblemished record. You also stood up for your principles, and didn't let a bully try to take your milk money. For that, you not only get a turkey dinner with all da trimmings, you also get our respect.

Manalapan Township Administrator Tara Tiara: Much like da turkey on Thanksgiving, you also find yourself in da center of da rack at 350 degrees. You sided with da Queen, and now find yourself da DEFENDANT in a lawsuit. Because you allegedly can't get along with a member of your staff, you were ready to charge Manalapan taxpayers with hiring a six-figure person whose job it would have been to walk down a hall between your two offices! For Thanksgiving, you get a turkey - minus da legs since during "Lady-Gate," you showed you had none to stand on.

Incoming Manalapan Township Committeeman Ryan Green: You barely campaigned, had no money raised by your campaign manager, didn't look good in da debate, yet took down da Commissar by a landslide. Despite not getting daTruthSquad's endorsement, congratulations on your victory. Now, Manalapan residents will soon see which Ryan Green they elected. Will he stand up to cronyism? Will he stand up against meetings turning into mockeries? Will he keep his promises? Will he side with da Queen and be da deciding vote on her becoming mayor next year? All good questions, but for now, we will give Sir Ryan, a potential white knight, da benefit of da doubt. For Thanksgiving, you are given a dinner with all da trimmings for turning da Commissar into a Lame Duck.

Snoozer Editor Mark Rosman: Since you took over as da Manalapan reporter, you have shown absolutely no bias in your news reports at all, and people have started trusting what they read there. You no longer allow da printing of press releases. Nothing is one-sided. For you, a turkey dinner with all da trimmings for good and extremely unbiased work this year.

Blogger-To-Da-Few Kathy "Back-Page" Barrrattta: You have won several achievements, including a number of BaconHead Awards. You started a blog as an election started, and tried to sell it once da election was over. It has turned into a chat room for da four member "He-Man Mosked man Hater's Club," and it's no surprise that da number of readers of this blog increased. For your Thanksgiving dinner, daTruthsquad offers you da town's biggest turkey - your blog, and stools for da 4 people who post there to join you for a dish of crow.

Committeewoman Susan Cohen: You spoke your mind and received a censure, while da Queen spoke her mind and was defeated in a landslide election. You can say you have served da last 22 months with honor and distinction, and became a role model of honesty as a member of da Township Committee. You said when you were elected that "You Work For Us." For as long as daTruthSquad can remember, you are da only one who not only backed up your slogan, and have done so with distinction. Your only flaw -- you said you won't run for reelection, which is something that isn't in da best interest of Manalapan residents, but understandable considering what you have been put through. You too get a dinner with all da trimmings, and our bountiful thanks.

Committeewoman Michelle Roth: You have had a very interesting year. You have been on da receiving end of two lawsuits, lost your biggest election by a historic landslide, went after da chief of police for calling you a "lady," and became da poster child for why Manalapan politics has been compared to that of places like Camden, Jersey City, and 3rd world dictatorships. Da voters have spoken, and who knows, they may speak again in two years. We could say a lot more, but instead, we'll just serve you up dinner. For Thanksgiving, you get a turkey, but due to all of da municipal tax increases you've handed Manalapan residents, your turkey has no meat - only bones. For your hubby, Sir Lawrence of Manalapan, for everything he has written on da so-called HATE blog, he gets a side dish of crow. And, no Italian take-out food will be allowed on Thanksgiving.

Da Mosked Man: You spent 25 months battling a lawsuit that in da end, da township was forced to withdraw due to no evidence. Da whole event would have been over, with no further legal activity, if not for a member of da township committee who wouldn't agree to da deal brokered by both parties and approved by da judge. Now ,you must sue da town for remedy for their lawsuit, which could cost taxpayers big. You now represent da chief in his discrimination lawsuit against da same people who went after you. While this year has been interesting for you, next year, with both lawsuits entering da discovery phase, which could be revealing to say da least, will be even more interesting. Your holiday dinner will consist of a turkey with all da trimmings, and a special thick steak served on a hot "Stone."

To all our brothers and sisters in da Manalapan Police Department, a safe year and thanks for all of your hard work. To our friends at EMS, thank you for your volunteerism and doing more with less thanks to da township committee. To da citizens of Manalapan and our worldwide readers, our promise to continue blogging until Manalapan is safe and rid of political incorrectness in Town Hall. To da people who continue, even in da face of danger, to supply this blog with inside da Town Hall information, our eternal thanks for being patriots for da cause of justice and rightousness.

DaTruthSquad wishes all of our thousands of weekly readers da very best this holiday. Be safe, be well, and try not to file any lawsuits against anyone, or defame anyone by speaking during meetings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

I think there all a bunch of turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving Squad.

Anonymous said...

I may have missed this, so maybe someone can clarify this.

Why is it, if the town and Moskovitz lawsuit ended, that he is allowed to sue the town and whomever else?

Also, is there a conflivct of interest if Moskovitz is suing the town and he represents someone (Chief Brown) who also is suing the town?

Anonymous said...

I just checked out KB's HATE blog. She has a little potty mouth on her in one post she wrote about her hatred of Steve Cataneo. She still can't believe what her poster pal Larry said was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Funny as always Squad. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Truthtellers.

TaxPayerAndIVote said...

"The town and Moskovitz lawsuit" did not end. The town dropped their suit after 2 years. Moskovitz is suing because he feels it was a frivolous suit in the first place and he wants to be compensated for all the time and money he had to invest fighting it not to mention the things that were said about him and his reputation. Now if a certain person(s) on the council had signed off on the agreement that was negotiated between parties their would have been no Moskovitz suit.

Why is a lawyer having multiple suits against a party a conflict of interest? If he was the town lawyer AND he was representing someone suing then town then it would be a conflict since he would be on both sides of the fence. Since he is on the same side of the fence (suing the town) there is no conflict.

小劉 said...


Anonymous said...

My Thanksgiving was sweeter this year because the people of Manalapan and the entire 12th District got it right. They read and witnessed with their own eyes the type of person Michelle Roth is and they felt she was not a leader, and they did not want her to represent them in the 12th district.

Then there was Rick Klauber who lost his re election bid for the township committee in Manalapan. He too was shown the door by the people who are so tired and fed up with the Democratic antics.

Now the Republicans have the ball in their court. Let us see if they do the right thing or they too will be shown the door. Mayor Susan Cohen sounds good to me. Hope they realize she is the sole deserving Republican for that job.

Anonymous said...

I agree with this one from the NJ. com website. I'll reprint it here before the Roth's have it removed from there:

4645. SIGNS
by kabootsy, 11/28/09 1:20 ET

a reader from Englishtown said...

D-Squad, you haven't talked yet about your Manalapan Town Commmittee trying to shove a ghetto on the border of Englishtown, away from their fancy homes. I would like to see you expose what corrupt deals they made to get that nearly approved. Please discuss the Manalapan ghetto in one of your blogs. You have more Englishtown residents reading your blog than you know.

Anonymous said...

I think there has to be some corrupt angle to what Klauber and his cronies want to do with their project. Since we can't get the state to investigate them, maybe this blog can. I'm also an Englishtown resident who is 1000% against this future crime scene.

Anonymous said...


I'm guessing it's been many years since you read "Animal Farm" or "1984". George Orwell would have loved this blog.

Anonymous said...

ghetto, crime scene? A little snobish, ain't we?

Anonymous said...

Apparently this soon to be Manalapan ghetto isn't going to be built anywhere near your house.

I wonder how you'd feel if Englishtown decided to build a halfway house for convicted sex offenders adjacent to the town border with your Manalapan Rec Center. Would you be OK with that?

Anonymous said...

To the person who thinks this is snobbish:

That housing project is planned to be built down the street from MY home. There is no planned sidewalk from it to Main Street. When these people move in, and they're walking on that very narrow street, how will you feel then? When your police have to spend most of their time there, and not protecting your part of town, how will you feel then?

Since Englishtown has no rec center, will it be OK if some undesireable residents go over to your Rec and sell drugs there or drink there? I guess that will be your tax problem, and health problem when they get sick from the oil in that soil.

Anonymous said...

If that gets built, good luck using Route 522. If you think it takes time to get through that light now, triple it.

Anonymous said...

If the traffic on Route 522 bothers you so much, ask what happened to the bypass?

Anonymous said...

My oh my. Sex offenders, drug lords, pimps, lions and tigers and bears, oh, oh. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Talk about stereo typing. You people are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

If you're OK with them, let them build this "condo complex" next to your house and the backyards where your kids play.

Englishtown residents against the ghetto said...

Let's face facts. You people in Manalapan have stonewalled a planned Village complex with study after study and even lied by villifying it saying they would build a XXX movie theater there.

Now you want to rush through a 200 unit development for low-income residents.

No traffic impact study. No infrastructure study. No sidewalks to be built. No parking study or commuter impact study. No study on how police will have to manage this. No reports on what it will take to clean up 50 years of contamination of the property by an oil company! Nothing of the kind. Just "Let's build it."

Seems to me someone will make a pretty penny if this is built so fast? I wonder which politician is going to see some of those pennies? Maybe that's the reason some Manalapan politicians want this so much?

Anonymous said...

spoken like a true friend of the village and a true former counsel for englishtown. deflect, deflect, deflect.

Anonymous said...

I think the folks from Englistown who are opposed to the building of affordable housing in "their backyard" should ask committeewoman Michelle Roth a few questions. They are concerned that there is something wrong here with the committee's desire to "fast track" this apporval.

First and foremost look at the NJ Elec forms filed by Michelle Roth on 10/23/09 from her failed NJ 12th district assembly campaign. Roth documents that she accepted $5,000.00 from a comapany called CSI Construction, LLC, whose principal owner is Mark Issa. Just a few facts for you. Mark Issa and CSI Construction built Heritage Village on Woodward Road. It is an age restricted COAH affordable housing rental complex with approximately 100 units.

Interesting questions to ask Michelle Roth are did she sit on the planning board when this application came through and did she vote in the affirmative on it?

Secondly was she also sitting on the township committe and did she also vote in the affirmative on it as a committee member?

Anonymous said...

Actually, what you will find is that Michelle Roth hasvoted YES to just about every project that has come down the line, except for the Village which her handlers are opposed to.

Anonymous said...

I was checking out the HATE website and someone named Fred Stone wrote that he was going to post comments on that site that the blog administrator wouldn't post here.

One can only wonder what obscene material he tried to post, since that is the only type of comment the blog administrator won't post, as far as we know. I can only guess the HATE website has no problem posting vile comments if he has to resort to doing that.

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't read that site anymore. The only "Truth" about it is that it contains vile comments about particular Manalapan residents the 3 or 4 people who post there don't like.


Anonymous said...

Squad, thank you for not allowing any filth to be posted in the comments. There's obviously no place for that in this blog, and it is very understandable.

To be fair, there's always a place people can post vile and disgusting comments, and that's KB's blog if they so desire.

Blog Administrator said...

In the last two weeks, we have had to unfortunately not allow some comments from being posted, due to the following reasons:

1. Posts contained abusive language not suitable for this blog.

2. Posts contained vile comments of a sexual nature.

3. Posts viciously and maliciously attacked citizens who are not the subject matter of the blog or past blog postings.

We do believe in free speech, but not to viciously attack others. Thank you for your consideration, and for reading this blog and your continued patronage.

The Blog Administrator.

Anonymous said...

The above post was not written by the blog administrator. I know this for a fact.

Comments that disagree with the blog owner's DO NOT GET POSTED. That has been proven beyond a doubt.

Anonymous said...

To the contrary. We've seen tons of posts here in opposition to the presumed positions of the blog administrator/owner/whatever.