Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Team Roth Drags Down Da Entire Manalapan Democratic Ticket!

Klauber is clobbered and Roth is routed!

Well, TruthTellers - YOU HAVE SPOKEN!!! You can fool some of da people all of da time, bully most of da people most of da time, and take politics deep into da bowels of da gutter, and it doesn't mean you'll win a New Jersey State Assembly election. In what was a resounding mandate by da people of Monmouth County in District 12, including Manalapan, Queen Michelle, Ruler of Manalapanistan wasn't just resoundly defeated for election to Trenton -- it was a landslide against her - and those who took orders from her!

It became for voters a "You can't be serious" moment. Michelle Roth, who never voted for a tax decrease in all her years on da Manalapan Township Committee, who didn't even get a coveted NJEA endorsement despite da fact her running mate works for da Board of Education, and her PR machine helped out by da Union County Democratic machine, it was her anger, angst and lawsuits against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown and his attorney, da Mosked man that may have doomed her campaign.

Da good news - Manalapan and Monmouth County will be represented in Trenton by proven tax cutters. Da bad news, da Queen, with her ego severely bruised, will probably become da next Mayor of Manalapan in 2010.

And, Roth's coattails pulled Commissar Klauber into da pit of despair too!

Much like Roth losing by a 2-1 margin, da Commissar lost by a Manalapan landslide!

Da Commissar, who signed off on everything da Queen did and said, joined her in da loser's column on election night. Yes, daTruthSquad endorsed him because of da way Ryan Green ran his campaign, but in da end, he too was kicked in da end by da "Stop Taxing Us Into Oblivion" express. Ryan Green, who hardly campaigned, was out-lawn-signed by a good 4-1 margin by Klauber signs, and didn't even do well in da debate, "Rothed" da Commissar in da election in a landslide 2-1 Manalapan margin.

DaTruth is, da Commissar has nobody to blame but himself. He never stood up to da Queen - even during his term as mayor. Like Con-zine pandering to his cronies, da Commissar too was not given a mandate by da voters, and was taken down by his associations and his tax and spend ways.

So, what sunk Team Roth?


It's hard to get upset with an esteemed public servant like Chief Brown, with his 29 years of faithful service to Manalapan. It's political suicide to badmouth a highly respected police officer and leader for calling you "lady" during an election year. Roth decided to do that in da most important election of her life. It not only backfired, it dragged down da Commissar with her. And Chief Brown may be da single-biggest reason, outside of taxpayer angst, that both da Queen & da Commissar lost by landslides!


She took on da First Amendment using taxpayer money - and lost. She took on da Mosked Man for two years using taxpayer money - and lost. Taxpayers, it seems, have spoken.


A number of people at one point called her "friend," that is, until "friend" became "fiend" and friendship was run underneath da tires of da Roth Express. Ask Mr. Gennaro. Ask Mrs. Schepler. Ask a certain member of da Cadre who provided details of da Mosked Man lawsuit to daTruthSquad. Ask a former Manalapan conductor. Ask Mr. Collincini. Ask Chief Brown. Ask any taxpayer hemmoraging $$$$$$$ to pay Manalapan municipal taxes. Ask them all, and they will tell you da tires from da Roth Express were grinded on them. Apparently, those with tire tracks on their backs have now spoken, too.


DaTruthSquad has heard from a number of TruthTellers who all said da same thing. This website made them decide to vote against da Queen, due to da rhetoric directed toward a certain few. People saw that da "truth" was not on that site, but on this one.

DaTruth is, da Roth landslide loss wasn't unexpected. Her campaign funding dried up soon after da whole Chief Brown affair began. Her traction with pro-police voters fell to zero. Democrats upset with her shenanigans turned their backs on her. Taxpayers saw through da lies, and those nifty, colorful mailers sent out by da GOP didn't help her either. Niether did da Asbury Park Press calling da Roth-led Manalapan Township Committee "one juggler shy of a circus."

DaTruth is, da folks daTruthSquad heard from who spoke of da Commissar all said da very same things -- He's a nice guy who stood by when wrongs were being done and turned his back on those wrongs. He left his legal ethics in his briefcase and stood by da Queen. In this case, he has nobody else to blame but himself. Even though he had more money, more signs, many more mailings, and an opponent who barely campaigned, he lost by a landslide. In da end, da only constant in all of this is his constant siding with da Queen.

Now, a new chapter in New Jersey turns. Governor Clown-zine is ousted. Da Queen is embarassed by landslide proportions. Da Commissar is ridden out of town on a taxpayer-funded rail. Which leads us to da next question -- when will "Da Wrath of Roth" rear its ugly head????

And, one more thing --- If you're a Democrat, and you have had any hint of corruption stain on you, look over your shoulder because you know Christie will be looking for you. And, in Manalapan, he and whoever he brings in as an attorney general now has da people's mandate to root out that corruption.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Great posting. Great election. Great job Squad.

KBee said...

You're point at the end about Christie going after democrats should put some real fear in some of these people. I hope he does. This corruption in Manalapan has cost so much money.

Anonymous said...

Michelle and Larry Roth you got exactly what you deserved. A landslide defeat! The people have spoken and they want no part of you in Monmouth County, they did not even want you here in Manalapan where you live!

The mask has been ripped off of you Michelle, the taxpayers all saw you for who you really are Michelle, a back stabbing, vendictive woman who will use and abuse anyone to gain the political attention you so desperately seek.

Hows that ego this morning?

Rick Klauber you got what you deserved too, the people have spoken.

If the McEnery Faction thinks that they are making ROTH the mayor this year think again.

Hell hath no fury like Republicans betrayed! You finally have the majority and you would make Roth mayor????

Anonymous said...

finally,the people of manalapan(including myself) have spoken via the polls.although this is a little embarrasing i will say it,this is the first year i have voted............
i didnt think my vote even mattered, but after watching these meeting on tv and attending.something had to be done.

QUESTION:who be the mayor next year,and why.

Anonymous said...

While Christie is looking at dems and corruption, hopefully he looks at Diplomagate regarding the Freehold Regional High School District. That needs to be re-visted again, and determine if those involved need to be fired and reimburse the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

I think Corzine and the economy brought down the whole deomcratic ticket. That's what the real pundits are saying. You remain self serving and it's very unbecoming. One might say that you are the reason Green one.

Anonymous said...

Christy promised to go after the corrupt no matter which party they are from. He can start in Manalapan!

If he only goes after the Dems I will vote against him in the next election.

Dems, Led by Lesniak and Codey, Start Cannabilizng Themselves said...

Election, News, Politics, Statehouse »
N.J. Gov. Corzine hurt most by struggle to deliver on financial promises
By Mark Mueller/The Star-Ledger
November 03, 2009, 10:55PM

Gov. Jon Corzine never quite fit the profile of a white knight — not with the beard and the bald spot and the predilection for sweater vests — but when he rolled into office four years ago, he seemed a better bet than most to tame New Jersey’s runaway spending and property taxes.

Voters liked his pedigree as one of Wall Street’s brightest lights, a trader who had risen to CEO at Goldman Sachs, a top investment house. Five years in the U.S. Senate added a touch of gravitas and political experience to the package.

One tumultuous term later, as property taxes continue to climb and as residents feel the lingering pinch of the longest national recession since World War II, those same voters have shown Corzine the door.With his loss tonight to former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, Corzine becomes just the third New Jersey governor in the past 60 years to go down after a single term in office.

Veteran legislators who have worked with Corzine — both in public and behind closed doors — point to a number of reasons for his defeat, but they say none looms larger than the Democratic governor’s struggles to deliver on his signature issues: reining in taxes and firming up the state’s shaky finances. . . .

In some cases, he had trouble connecting with members of his own party, with whom he went to war early in his tenure over his insistence on a one-cent increase in the sales tax. The result: the first government shutdown in state history. After the fray, some legislators complained Corzine acted as if he were still a chief executive ordering around "junior traders." The governor ultimately made peace with his party, but with his popularity sinking as the election neared, he faced a near insurrection: Some Democratic leaders wanted to replace him on the ticket, a move that ended when an internal poll showed Newark Mayor Cory Booker wouldn’t fare any better, top Democrats said. Some party leaders even considered abandoning Corzine for Christie after a major corruption bust this summer.

"He was in danger of losing party support," state Sen. Ray Lesniak (D-Union) said. "People were looking to jump ship and line up with Christie. That could’ve been a disaster."

Backers say Corzine made important and lasting changes in Trenton, pushing through ethics reforms and killing so-called "Christmas-tree spending," or pork doled out by lawmakers.

But he also had a political blind spot that left him vulnerable to criticism, said Senate President Richard Codey, who served as governor for 14 months. Corzine’s romantic entanglement with former union chief Carla Katz, his decision to bail out of jail a lobbyist accused of stalking the state Democratic chairman, and his huge donations to an influential minister who later endorsed the governor all raised suspicion with voters Corzine never understood that, even if his motives were pure, others would view such incidents differently, Codey said.

"The thing is, okay, how does it read?" Codey said. "He didn’t understand the incredibly wide disparity between being a U.S. senator and a governor and the scrutiny that comes every day. You have a life of your own as a U.S. senator, and as a governor you’re in a total fishbowl. You’re the man. Who you have a drink with at night, that’s the story."

Anonymous said...

Ryan Green didn't get a mandate. He just got swept in withthe rest of the Republicants.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of the winners. Now you have to keep your promises.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like two more political hacks in Manalapan learned what so many learned before:

You don't tug on Superman's cape; you don't spit into the wind; you don't pull the mask off an 'ole Lone Ranger; And you don't mess around with you know who.

Is Lucas the next one to learn the lesson? He doesn't seem to have learned anything from losing his only bid for higher office. This time around, he won't be running against Shapiro.

Anonymous said...

So let's see how this plays out now. Spodak's lawsuit has been dismissed. The hate website is an abysmal failure whose only claim to date is causing Michelle to receive no financing for her campaign. Klauber is gone. Michelle's political career is now reduced to serving out her term, probably in the minority. And both Klauber and Michelle are facing personal lawsuits for hundreds of thousands of dollars for their stupidity and vindictiveness in office. Brilliant moves by them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stone believes that Roth and Klauber were not elected because the economy caused us to vote against Democrats and for Republicans.

Nice spin, Mr. Stone, but wrong. We voted OUT the CANDIDATES we DID NOT WANT in our government.


Now we need to get rid of this Obamacare bill and Cap and Tax.

Anonymous said...

On a positive note, kudos to both Klauber and Green for getting their campaign signs off the roads and intersections so quickly.

On the other hand, isn't it ironic that there are only Roth signs still out there? I guess she's waiting for someone else to do the work for her.

Anonymous said...

Funny Stone should try to spin this election. He was as responsible as anyone for Michelle's loss. Potential contributors and supporters of Michelle were told by certain Republicans to visit the hate site to see Stone's postings and Larry Roth's postings. The website scared them away. They wanted nothing to do with her. So if anyone deserves the credit for Roth's loss, it's not Barack's economy, it's Fred himself. By the way, Roth lost in the twelfth district by a much higher margin than Corzine lost in those towns. So it's not the economy, it's Roth.

Manalapan Democrat said...

I was told by Roth supporters to check out the site that became known as the Manalapan Hate Website. I was told it was where hundreds of people got real information about Manalapan, and not lies and slander. I checked it out once, and never went back. All I saw were 4 or 5 people posting vile things and things I knew weren't even close to the truth. That site also made me change my mind about Michelle, and I didn't vote for her.

Anonymous said...

So I hear Spodak's lawsuit was dropped like a bad habit????

Spodak, Roth, Klauber - these guys couldn't win a 50-50 raffle if they were the only three people playing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ryan Green for his victory.

Anonymous said...

What is that I hear at the Manalapan Hate website?

It must be the sound of crickets!

can't delete this said...

A classic that is soon to be erased by the anti-First Amendment folks at the Hate site:

4612. No Lady Roth, the people aren't stupid
by nineiron18, 11/4/09 17:22 ET
And they proved it yesterday. The days when attacking people and trying to destroy their lives and reputations pays off are over. The people won't accept that from their politicians. And, contrary to what the mayor has said, elected officials work for the people, not vice versa. That was also made very clear yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The township of Manalapan has spoken. The language was clear -change is wanted and needed. Klauber is out, it is his own fault, he allowed himself to be part of the Michelle Roth Team. Roth herself felt the wrath of the public when she lost her Assembly bid by more than 17,000 votes in the 12th district including losing her hometown of Manalapan. Covered Bridge could not even save her.
Change is occuring all over NJ today. But the real question is will change occur in Manalapan?

Will the new Republican majority, Lucas, Cohen and Green work cohesively? Or will Lucas continue to alienate and be adversarial towards Cohen? Who will Green align himself with? Hopefully he will force Lucas to knock off his childish behavior and act like an elected official of his own party, the Republican Party and work with Cohen and himself for the betterment of the town.

Andrew Lucas and his political leader Steve McEnery need to remember the public has spoken in Manalapan. They are feed up with the political circus that the Manalapan Township committee has become famous for, it is nothing to be proud of. Decorum, respectability and trust need to be restored in Manalapan.
Andrew Lucas needs to realize the public will vote him out just as they did Klauber and Roth.
Municipal Chairman Steve McEnery's political future as the chair remains in question as well.

Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

"What is that I hear at the Manalapan Hate website?

It must be the sound of crickets!"

If you haven't figured out what that site was put together for, you are as stupid as you look.

Anonymous said...

stu, just tell the truth once: green won, you lost. next case.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Fred gets funnier every day. I never realized Stu was running against Green. I thought Green was running against Klauber. And if I remember, didn't Green's literature talk about the frivolous case against Stu, and Klauber's lawsuit against the Chief, represented by Stu? And yet there's Fred saying Stu lost. LOL. What a clown. You can't make this stuff up. I guess that gives us some idea of how valid the emails are that were written by this proven mutual fund con artist who thinks Green ran against Stu. Fred's family would be so embarrassed if they actually spoke to him any more.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM. Chances are, Fred will have this deleted in minutes:

Funniest post of the year by bonniestone, 11/5/09

on datruthsquad, Fred (zachtesla and dabullsquad) posted, never letting the facts get in the way of one of his insane rants, that Green beat Stu on Tuesday. I wonder why I thought I saw Klauber's name on all the lawn signs. LOL. What a pathetic senile old loser Fred's become. What a waste of someone who long ago actually had a working mind. I've made a $1,000 contribution to the Alzheimer's foundation today in Fred's honor.

Anonymous said...

"If you haven't figured out what that site was put together for, you are as stupid as you look."

I think everybody has figured it out. That's why no one reads it.

KB said...

Whoever made that post about Stu running against Ryan Green is in serious need of dementia medication.

What in the world are they putting in the Kool-Aid that they;re drinking at the Manalapan Hate website?

Anonymous said...

For residents who live near Wood Avenue, please come to the Public Hearing this Tuesday night (Nov. 10th) at 8:00 PM to voice your opposition to the Very Low and Low Income housing proposed by Ordinace 2009-19.

Anonymous said...

When is Stu Brown's court date about his rediculous suspension. Isn't that supposed ot eb this week?

Anonymous said...

"Funniest post of the year by bonniestone, 11/5/09

on datruthsquad, Fred (zachtesla and dabullsquad) posted, never letting the facts get in the way of one of his insane rants, that Green beat Stu on Tuesday. "

Dabbullsquad said no such thing. I would call you a liar, but what's the point? I mean it's not like you are going to stop lying, right?

Anonymous said...

you're not just demented, Fred, you can't even read. No one wrote that you said those things as dabullsquad. They said that you are dabullsquad and that you said that here, on datruthsquad, which is plain to see to anyone reading the comments above. You really have no brain left at all, do you Fred? You should just be gracious and thank that person for making the 1,000 donation to the Alzheimer's foundation in your name. That money may help you very, very soon.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM in response to one of the hundreds of posts by an attorney charged with securities fraud continually ranting about the the attorney who wrote Miracle's Law. You can probably figure out for yourself why Fred was so offended by Miracle's Law.

4605. Oh, shut up Fred
by bonniestone, 11/6/09 11:37 ET

no one wants to hear what a proven securities fraud artist has to say EVERY SINGLE DAY about the attorney who wrote the anti-pedophile law. We get it. You're nuts. We understand. You don't have to prove it any more. You're a sick obsessed useless little man with no job, no career and no life. The only thing you do ever in any given day is obsess about Stu. You are a pathetic little washed up fool. That's all you prove, day after day. Obviously Stu doesn't care one twit what a nothing like you has to say and neither does anyone else. Better yet, since it's always so entertaining, go back in to Shop Rite in your bathrobe and slippers like you did last night and start screaming about Stu. It was funny last night and I'm sure it will be funny again.

Anonymous said...

"you're not just demented, Fred, you can't even read. No one wrote that you said those things as dabullsquad. "

You are the demented one. I'm dabbullsquad and I ain't Fred. Dabbullsquad wrote no such thing. You are a liar.

Dick Tracey said...

• Fred doesn't obsess about Stu, but you surely obsess about Fred. Fred is just giving old Stu a taste of his own medicine. You know what I mean. Like the last time he told you he was going to destroy someone. Sounds like the citizens are looking to turn his tactics back on him. That's merely an observation on my part of course, as I have no knowledge of Fred’s or anyone elses intention.

Furthermore, I surmise that you and your cronies (if there is actually more than one of you, which I am beginning to doubt) foaming at the mouth, babbling posts are just a bonus for Fred.

I saved this in case it doesn't make the "cut" here.

Anonymous said...

To Dick Tracy. (who happens to be Fred Stone). Stu doesn't post. Everyone with an IQ over 90 knows that -- which, of course, leaves the trolls at the hate site out of the loop. Also, only a flaming baboon would think the emails about "destroying" someone that Fred wrote actually came from Stu. Which means either Dick Tracy is a complete buffoon (you know, could be Kathy) or is, in fact, the person who wrote the email, the proven and penalized securities fraud con man, Fred Stone. No "citizens" are turning "tactics" back on Stu, because only Fred is acting this way and they were never Stu's tactics. Stu has a career and doesn't spend every minute of his life obsessing about someone else. I can understand someone like Kathy or Fred, with absolutely nothing productive they're permitted to do all day, spending every minute posting about Stu.

So once, again Fred, just like you did last night in Shop Rite in your bathrobe and slippers, your obsession with Stu is simply expanding your legend of being Manalapan's biggest depraved fool. But maybe we misjudge you. Maybe you are going fruit loops this week to draw the attention away from your girlfriend's Massive and record setting loss for Assembly. See? We misjudged you. You're actually a compassionate guy just looking out for the dragon lady.

Anonymous said...

"Fred doesn't obsess about Stu." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, Fred, are you that far gone, or were you actually trying to be funny?

Anonymous said...

So I guess screaming at people about Stu in Shop Rite in your bathrobe and slippers isn't really "obsessed" with Stu. I'm going to have to go back to wikipedia to see if I don't have the wrong definition of "obsessed."

Anonymous said...

Re: 'go back in to Shop Rite in your bathrobe and slippers"

He thinks he's Vincent (the Chin) Gigante.

Anonymous said...

Not only does Stu post, a fact that we all are aware of, Stu obsesses over Fred. Not a good thing, because Fred is going to be his undoing.

Dick Tracey said...

Deal with the fact that the citizens have had enough of Stu. Fred hit the nail right on the head. He sends you, the mindless, spineless and cowardly lackey to attack people. These folks are not afraid to let Stu know who is talking about him. These folks don't hide behind mindless, spineless, cowardly lackeys.

By the way, on the off chance that one or two people who are not a mindless, spineless, cowardly lackey, Fred was never seen in ShopRite wearing a robe and slippers. It's just another lie.

By the way 2, I DEFINITLEY believe the emails Fred published from Stu are real. I'm certain Fred wouldn't have published them unless they were bulletproof. You know how to prove them false lackey. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

bingo. eyegore gets 25 lashes tonite.

Anonymous said...

Very much thanks to Ryan Green and some of the other candidatesfor getting their lawnsigns off the streets. For those like Michelle Roth and her running mate who have left theirs out there, get over your loss and clean up your mess please.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another weekend where Fred has nothing to do but obsess over Stu. He is so pathetic, now he is obsessing that Stu is obsessing about HIM!!! This guy is truly a basket case. By the way, too many of us have seen the photos on Facebook of you in your bathrobe and slippers screaming at the deli counter at Shop Rite, Fred. So your denials are about as believable as your saying you didn't fake the emails, you were never fined for securities fraud and your problem with Stu has nothing to do with Miracle's Law. Why do you insist on posting things that are so easily proven false? Anyone with an IQ above a mediocre fifth grader should know better than that. You and Obama, Fred, spanning the globe to prove that not everyone graduating from Harvard Law is balanced, intelligent or honest.

Anonymous said...

That's a classic. Fred Stone telling us we shouldn't believe the actual photos of him in a bathrobe and slippers screaming in Shop Rite because he, an admitted and fined securities fraud con man who made up fake mutual fund companies to scam the market, denies he was there. Sure, and I'll trade you the Brooklyn Bridge Fred, for more of them rad emails. You're pathetic, Fred. You really are. And the saddest part is, you have absolutely no idea how people see you.

Anonymous said...

Guys, this isn't that complicated. Over the last ten years, Stu has been in the newspaper winning one case after another, accomplishing things as mayor (Fred lost the only time he ever ran for Township Committee, not nearly by the amount Michelle did, but he still lost), accomplishing things as township attorney, batting away all the frivolous attempts by the Manalapan Trolls to attack him, and when was the last thing Fred ever accomplished? Ever? The only story you can find on google about Fred Stone is his being fined and costing his client $180,000.000 for securities fraud. Gee, ya think he might be just a tad jealous of Stu? Duh!!

Anonymous said...

suggestion: stu and his friends ought to do their shopping only at wegmans. i just saw a little old bald guy standing outside of shoprite in a bathroom and slippers, holding a baseball bat.

Anonymous said...

From NJ.COM. Larry will be deleting this very shortly, so I wanted to copy it as soon as I saw it. NOW it all makes sense:

4617. Looks like Michelle Roth did it again
by auntieem180, 11/7/09 17:06 ET
Once again, her insane rage has cost Manalapan big bucks. In the suit against Stu, she refused to settle as originally agreed, which would have given Manalapan a RELEASE and kept them from incurring the legal expenses they're now going to incur to defend Stu's suit against them. Now, in her insane rage against Stu, she allowed him to pull another fast one on her. Instead of negotiating an end to the age discrimination case against her and the Township, once she heard that Stu was supposedly against the settlement which left the chief with a "suspension" that won't cost him any pay, and won't require him to stay away at all (I don't know how YOU define suspension, but it's tough to spin this one), she INSISTED that the township accept the settlement. She had no idea how Stu played her. Now, the Chief gets off scot free, virtually as if the case was dismissed, the age discrimination case continues, and Michelle gets to say the chief was "suspended" with no consequence. LOL. It's unbelievable how easy it is for Stu to push Michelle's buttons to get her to do whatever he wants. It's hard to figure out what's funnier. Stu's playing around with Michelle, or Kathy Baratta calling every defeat a victory. This one was really funny because she claimed STU M. lost the case when Bitterman was the attorney on it, not Stu. But then, we all learned long ago that Kathy never let's the facts stand in the way of a good rant.

Re: 'the emails Fred published from Stu are rea' said...

Where are these e-mail messages "published"?

Blog Administrator said...

We must apologize. The three comments left for on this site between 5:40 PM and 8:10 PM will not be posted. They contained passages from an allegation posted on another site we cannot post on this site. Even though the allegations were not made here, it is best they are not posted here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Blog Administrator.

Anonymous said...

Is it true at Manalapan taxpayers are going to have to pay nearly $16,000 so Chief Brown can get a paid day off?

What kind of complete morons are running this town? These vendettas are out of control. Is should not be forced to pay this money from my taxes. I know this election is over, but I will tell you whoever runs next year and is an incumbent I will not vote for.

Anonymous said...

to the blog administrator: good call. An even better call would be simply to ignore anything posted by Fred. Really. None of your readers care what he has to say. He never says anything remotely true. And you're not a government agency so the first amendment doesn't apply. It would be one thing if he had something intelligent to say, but he never has and never will. You demean the entire forum by publishing anything he posts.

Anonymous said...

as a supporter of this blog i have to say,can you please stop with the fred stone junk,we get it.i visit this site to give my opinion and get the truth into whats really happening in manalapan.when i visit this site and see 14,15 or 20 on the comments,i cant wait to read what the squad has uncovered next.lately its f stone this and f stone that.WHO CARES.stick to the important issues please.

Anonymous said...

Not only is it true the real number is much higher! Yes it is. Then compound that with the 100K they have spent on the lawsuit they dropped against Stu M and you will see how your tax dollars are managed. Not too well. The post prior that talks about settling without releasing the lawsuit for age discrimination is correct, that lawsuit against Michelle is still on. Then there is the case of Stu M. who we all read in the paper has plans to sue the town for malicious procsecution. AND.....if the Chief decides to sue for defamation against Roth for her actions at the Sept. 9 meeting where she accuses him of "sexual harrassment" and the fact that the chief was never RICE noticed of this latest allegation and the investigation Roth claimed he was under. What will this cost us the taxpayers? What about the settlements both Stu M and the Chief will receive. Not to mention the legal fees.
Klauber and Roth have cost us enough. Thankfully Klauber is gone on Decemeber 31.

Next year Lucas is up for re election lets see if he uses his moral and ethical compass and does the right thing in this town. Right for the taxpayers, Susan Cohen, Chief Brown and Stu M.
Good principles Andrew are important and something a farmer like yourself should learn to sow.

Anonymous said...

Good work by the blog administrator and the Squad for keeping most of the trash off this site. I do find it interesting how some people use the first amendment to write whatever they want, and at the same time sign it anonymously but on another site use their name and slam this one for allowing anonymous blogging. I read this site, even for some of the whacked out comments because to me it shows just how stupid and condescending some people can be. But at least this site doesn't delete like NJ.com does, and there's no hyporcracy like on the Hate website.

Anonymous said...

i hate the hate site and i definitely hate hyporcracy, which i believe means a person who says he doesn't eat pork but then eats it anyway.

Anonymous said...

sounds like Fred is off his medication again.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the TV ad from Roth?

Who is more stupid? Young Roth for not knowing what being fiscally conservative is, or Old Roth for thinking it is raising taxes three years in a row as long as it doesn't go on her personal credit card!

Anonymous said...

Stu, you really must stop obsessing over Fred. Tell your disgusting frizzy haired lackeys to stop posting nonsense and go back to neglecting thier families.

Anonymous said...

yep. Fred is DEFINITELY off his medication again. Now he's hallucinating that Stu is obsessing about HIM. LOL. I doubt that anyone obsesses over Fred, let alone Stu.