Sunday, December 27, 2009

DaTruthSquad's 2009 Year In Review - Da Winners - Da Losers - Da Real Losers

Another year, another frivolous lawsuit, more bickering, less things done, no Village ratables or additional ratables of any kind to offset local taxes, more ratables and better shopping in Freehold. Marlboro, Monroe and Millstone, a probable yes to low-income housing, promises un-kept, age discrimination, and rain at Manalapan Day. Just another year in Manalapan politics.

Here's da highlights (or low-lights depending on what side you're on):

January: Commissar Klauber becomes Mayor of da year, and in one of his first acts tries to enact a rule to "end political bickering." Da only problem, a little thing called da First Amendment, and an even larger thing, one of those opposed to his "silence" tactic was former Mayor George Spodak. Combined, da Snoozepaper, Porky and daTruthSquad stood together, and da Commissar backed down.

From da "History, We Need No Stinkin' History" file - although it happened in 2008 at da end of da Queen's reign of terror, she said to one of her subjects during a public session when asked about legal billing, "YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT A BILL BECAUSE MISTER MOSKOVITZ STARTED A LAWSUIT!"

Yes, in da Queen's world, it was da Mosked Man who sued himself for legal malpractice, and started da "lawsuit heard round da world!"

And you thought it couldn't get any worse - but it's only January!

February: Da Township Committee moves to approve da crumb rubber athletic field that a number of cities and states banned due to health risks. Da Commissar and da Queen hailed da field as da new cornerstone of Manalapan rec. While this was da big news of da time, da even bigger news would come in December when da Queen and Commissar tried to push through a 110-unit low-income apartment building which would be within walking distance of that very same cornerstone!

March: Welcome to "Tillis-Gate," where we wrote, "Manalapan's Gang of Three or Four want to purchase 25 acres of land, in which about 40% or so is completely unusable due to wetlands issues, for twice da price of da going rate, to build a yet-unknown project on it because nobody knows what they want to do with it, to expand a rec center that was just expanded, while home foreclosures in Manalapan are at an all-time high, with a 42% municipal tax increase in da last two years!!!"

OK, let's get this straight -- Da Gang of Three go after an award-winning symphony conductor over $600, stall da Village for years, but they're OK with paying double for land worth half da price, nearly half of which can't be built on, with no plan, and a potential arsenic problem???????

April: Da Queen announces she's running for da State Assembly. Corzine and da Queen - Perfect Together. And they would be - in da loss column in November. Did da frivolous lawsuits finally catch up to her???

May: It's budget time, and da Township Committee decides to keep taxes flat. Andy Boy, da architect of flat budgets of 2005 and 2006 despite da scorn of da Queen, only to turn his back on his tax cutting pledge and raise taxes 42% in just 2 years by denouncing his former pledge and plan now joins da Queen, now saying lowering taxes is right - and so does da Queen and da Commissar! Confused???

June: DaTruthSquad uncovers what da Gang of Three didn't want anyone to know --- da lawyer they approved to handle da case against da Mosked Man resigns three months ago!!!!! In da end, and after an exhausting search, da Gang of Three can't even find one lawyer on da entire East Coast of da United States who would take da case! And, in June, da Commissar admits what they refused to admit before and that this blog has been saying all along - well over $100,000 in taxpayer money had been spent on da whole "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" affair!

July: Snoozer editor Mark Rosman follows da bread crumbs left over by daTruthSquad and reveals that da Queen & Commissar's fuzzy math about da legal costs incurred by taxpayers during "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" don't add up. In a stunning and revealing report, Rosman not only agrees with daTruthSquad that much more money was spent on lawyers than da Queen & Commissar allege, but one of da basis points of da entire lawsuit against da Mosked Man was fraudualant. Rosman says ""Moskovitz said the closing on the Dreyer property occurred on June 8, 2005, which indicates that he followed Shepler's April 15, 2005, directive not to close on the property until she had the preliminary assessment and site inspection report from Birdsall Engineering." This means she received da papers from da Mosked Man on May 26. Da closing was on June 8. Now, say what you want about daTruthsquad, but at least, we and our proud and informed readers know May 26 comes well before June 8 on all calendars -- except apparently -- those calendars used by Manalapan's Gang of Three and their lawyers!

Your tax dollars at work!

August: Here's where "Lady-Gate" starts to take shape. Da Queen wants to suspend da Chief of Police in Manalapan for calling her a "lady." Yes, that's not a typo. da Chief would have an answer to that one in da coming months, and his answer will literally make da Queen's head spin around!

September: "Lady-Gate" explodes all over Manalapan. Following a Queenly mea-culpa that wound up on YouTube, da Queen made direct allegations against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown which included :

"Sexual harassment, verbal abuse and abuse of power by Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown..."

"Chief Brown has a history of verbally assaulting and threatening women."

"Chief Brown’s attack last September on me..."

"Chief Brown’s rage."

"Chief Brown and his repetitive abusive behavior toward women."

"His demeaning language and threatening behavior."

"I do not want any other women to be victims of Chief Brown’s rage."

Soon to follow, da Chief also had a reply for da Queen, but unlike her 8 minute mea culpa, his was just two words. When asked who his attorney is as he files an age discrimination case against Manalapan, da Queen and Tara Tiara, he says just two simple words guaranteed to enrage any member of Manalapan's Cadre of Evil- - Stu Moskowitz!

October: Now that da lawsuit against da Mosked Man is over, and his against da town has begun, da "Excuse Train" came barreling down da tracks and derailed directly into Manalapan Town Hall! After 25 months of a case that ended when Manalapan couldn't find a lawyer to handle it, "According to da Queen --- Da Lawyers Told Us To!!!!!!!!!

Now, wait. DaTruthSquad thought that both Commissar Klauber and Queen Roth told anybody that would listen that 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee voted on this? It used to be da Mosked Man's fault. Then it somehow became this blog's fault for writing about it. Then it went back to being da Mosked Man's fault. Then it became da fault of those da Gang of Three claimed "leaked" info. Then it was back to being da Mosked Man's fault, followed by being this blog's fault. So now it's da lawyers fault? Wait, didn't they stop da case because it was da Mosked Man who didn't go through his insurance carrier, so da Gang-of-Roth thought they would have a hard time recouping da entire $10,500 for da soil cleanup - which was another excuse?

You really can't make this stuff up!

November: While da big news was da absolute landslide losses handed to da Queen for State Assembly and da Commissar in Manalapan, maybe da most interesting bit of news of da entire year was handed to us by none other than former alleged-reporter and current website operator Kathy "Back Page" Barratta, who posted on her blog site, which ironically started about da time da Queen announced her run for State Assembly, was now for up for sale after her landslide loss! Of course, we wouldn't be daTruthSquad if we both did not report da news and also poke some fun at it.

In "For Sale - Controversial Blog - Low Miles - Original Owner, we came up with a "Top-10" Brillo-Blog list, and felt bad that some of those 4 or 5 people who posted there (although we know of at least one who posts comments on this blog site under "anonymous") might have nowhere else to exercise their Freedom of Speech. In da end, and it appears thanks to this blog, Back Page Barratta decided to keep her website running.

December: The big news out of da Manalapan Township Committee was da vote they didn't take - da one for what da fine folks in Englishtown called "Love Canal II." Da Gang of Three wanted to build a 110-unit low-income apartment building, allegedly to try to satisfy a portion of da COAH commitment. Five problems --- (1) With a new GOP'er governor who is against COAH coming in next month, COAH commitments could easily change to da benefit of towns like Manalapan, (2) THERE COULD POTENTIALLY BE CONTAMINATION on da site that could potentially cost $$$$$$$$ 6-figures to cleanup, (3) A large number of residents, including many from Englishtown who would border da low-income apartments are unhappy to say da very least, (4) not even a simple traffic impact study, or any important study for that matter, had been done to size up da impact of everything from traffic, added kids to Manalapan schools, da fact there's no sidewalks for 1/4 mile to da nearest bus stop, and (5) no solid infrastructure to accommodate these folk's needs.

In da end, da Manalapan Township Committee realized all da publicity was something they didn't need (especially since they've had da Village People jumping through hoops for da last 5 years, so da vote was not taken until at least some small study can be done - at taxpayer expense.

DaTruth is, 2009 brought some very interesting results. Da Queen's political aspirations were summarily rejected by da voters by landslide proportions. Commissar Klauber felt da voter's wrath by da same measures. Da daTruthSquad blog has become da most popular website for Manalapan's Freedom of Speech. Thousands of visitors read this site monthly, equally as popular as last year's figures. Da so-called "Manalapan Hate Website" will continue in operation, since it was put up for sale and nobody would buy it or maintain it.

Da commitment of this blog has been maintained. Our TruthTellers, despite their best efforts to uncover them, can be found along with daTruthSquad in Manalapan Town Hall and also within da Cadre. We have successfully been able to uncover wrongs and da doings of those behind many closed doors thanks to their hard work and dedication to da First Amendment of da Constitution of da United States.

Our blog for 2010 remains da same as always, root out corruption within political walls, make sure politicians keep da promises they make, and, to be fair, make sure our readers know what is really happening in Manalapan, and not just what some career politicians or their propaganda sellers want you to know.

A special daTruthSquad Thank You to all of our readers for making this site one of the top information sites in the area, and our TruthTellers for their hard work and dedication in gathering all of the inside information to expose.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2010, and that's daTruth.


StoneEC said...

It really is fascinating how much corruption can come out of one small Monmouth County town. If it weren't for the Truth Squad, then it's probably safe to say none of this would have been exposed. Now all we need is for Christie to bring on a real attorney general to go into towns like Manalapan and make examples of corrupt politicians like these.

Anonymous said...

My town of Linden has the same type of problems. This isn't just a local issue. It's an issue statewide of towns like Linden and Manalapan and the corruption they face on many levels. I agree. Hopefully Christie can do something about it.

Anonymous said...

It's so sad to see how low this once great town has sunk thanks to the likes of those people like the Roths and others who put politics ahead of the people.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that 2010 is a better year than 2009. Hopefully things will turn around with Christie.

Happy New Years to all.

Anonymous said...

I'm another reader of your blog from Linden. It's scary how much corruption can be found in both towns. I hope that you people can do something about yours. The Union County machine is too infested in our town to get them out.

KBee said...

Hey Squaddo, it seems my blog is getting more hits than yours. Maybe its because my readers really care about Manalapan and yours want to tear it down. And Gerard is right, you will be unmasked for the vile person you are. Unhappy New year to you all.

Anonymous said...

One word for the last Kbee comment: Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where the annual predictions from the Truth Squad are?

From a reader in Staten Island said...

My Manalapan friends turned me on to this blog. You should write about Staten Island too. Great stuff. How about a Twitter page for 2010?

Anonymous said...

it must be exhausting to live in Manalapan!!.. I think you've topped Marlboro and Howell for craziness and ego-centric insanity!..this is very frightening: as tons of big-city folks pour into "Monmouth:the place you want to be," the clash of old and new, the fights to be big fishes in little ponds, get nastier and nastier, and we sure seem to be losing any type of "home-town" feel..perhaps it's the snake that runs through it all, rte. 9, which gets so overloaded daily that it feels like L.A. or some other large city.. hard to suggest what will stop some of this, other than the elective process, to keep changing your players til a majority of sanity returns to try and straighten some things out!'s strange when frustration with all the levels of gov't. are expressed, there's often a call to eliminate a level, and the call is for the counties to go: with so many of NJ's towns just riddled with severe corruption, egos and agendas run amok, perhaps it's time to really consider dumping the local level, and let the counties handle things regionally, since it appears we are headed there, to begin with!!..oh, I forgot, they won't want to give up that council badge, plaque, and free trip to A.C. every year!!!and, the chance to get their name on yet another unneeded public building built with increasingly more taxpayer bucks!!.. sad..