Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DaTruthSquad's Thanksgiving Wishes

It has turned into another interesting year in Manalapan. A mayor was booted from office, his handler was told by voters in District 12 that not only was she not wanted, she was not wanted by 2 out of every 3 voters! Alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident and alleged Republican/and or Democrat Andy Boy's hairline receded further. A woman was upset at being called a "lady," and it cost taxpayers $16,000. A former mayor continues his "First Amendment Lawsuit-To-Nowhere," and another former mayor and former township attorney has a lawsuit pending against Manalapan and some of their politicians, while Manalapan's police chief is also suing da town for discrimination.

Just another quiet Thanksgiving in Manalapan.

With that in mind, daTruthSquad has polled da TruthTellers with an interesting question -- what do some of Manalapan's characters have to be thankful for, and what will their Thanksgiving dinner table look like?????

Mayor Klauber: "Da Commissar" as he is known spent 34 months on da Manalapan Township Committee, and will spend da last 2 as "Lame Duck." He raised taxes two of da three years he was here, and this year used a controversial measure to keep taxes flat - one same one that he and da Queen once reviled. He promised to be da "Solar Committeeman," a promise he really didn't deliver. He promised civility during Township Committee meetings. If that wasn't a turkey of a promise, nothing was. He was, in effect, a failure. You don't even have to believe daTruthSquad on that - ask da voters who voted him off da Manalapan Township Committee island by a landslide. Even Democrats had enough of him. For da Commissar - no turkey for Thanksgiving - you get to eat Lame Duck, and for Manalapan voters, it was cooked to perfection.

Committeeman Andy Boy: When you ask da TruthTellers if someone is a Democrat or Republican, and each time da vote is 50/50, it tells you something. You cut taxes when you first took office, and then was an architect for the biggest 2-year tax hike in town history. Former enemies are now your friends, while former friends in da Manalapan GOP'er club don't want anything to do with you. We're not even sure if you're pro-police like you used to be. For all of this, we serve up a special holiday treat - Turkey and Chicken, you get half of each with extra half & half for your coffee, and waffles for dessert.

Police Chief Stu Brown: You apparently did raise your voice during a meeting, called a woman a "lady," and for that, instead of being locked in chains or face summary execution or a cell in Guantanamo like some may have wanted, you get a paid day off and once you take that day, an unblemished record. You also stood up for your principles, and didn't let a bully try to take your milk money. For that, you not only get a turkey dinner with all da trimmings, you also get our respect.

Manalapan Township Administrator Tara Tiara: Much like da turkey on Thanksgiving, you also find yourself in da center of da rack at 350 degrees. You sided with da Queen, and now find yourself da DEFENDANT in a lawsuit. Because you allegedly can't get along with a member of your staff, you were ready to charge Manalapan taxpayers with hiring a six-figure person whose job it would have been to walk down a hall between your two offices! For Thanksgiving, you get a turkey - minus da legs since during "Lady-Gate," you showed you had none to stand on.

Incoming Manalapan Township Committeeman Ryan Green: You barely campaigned, had no money raised by your campaign manager, didn't look good in da debate, yet took down da Commissar by a landslide. Despite not getting daTruthSquad's endorsement, congratulations on your victory. Now, Manalapan residents will soon see which Ryan Green they elected. Will he stand up to cronyism? Will he stand up against meetings turning into mockeries? Will he keep his promises? Will he side with da Queen and be da deciding vote on her becoming mayor next year? All good questions, but for now, we will give Sir Ryan, a potential white knight, da benefit of da doubt. For Thanksgiving, you are given a dinner with all da trimmings for turning da Commissar into a Lame Duck.

Snoozer Editor Mark Rosman: Since you took over as da Manalapan reporter, you have shown absolutely no bias in your news reports at all, and people have started trusting what they read there. You no longer allow da printing of press releases. Nothing is one-sided. For you, a turkey dinner with all da trimmings for good and extremely unbiased work this year.

Blogger-To-Da-Few Kathy "Back-Page" Barrrattta: You have won several achievements, including a number of BaconHead Awards. You started a blog as an election started, and tried to sell it once da election was over. It has turned into a chat room for da four member "He-Man Mosked man Hater's Club," and it's no surprise that da number of readers of this blog increased. For your Thanksgiving dinner, daTruthsquad offers you da town's biggest turkey - your blog, and stools for da 4 people who post there to join you for a dish of crow.

Committeewoman Susan Cohen: You spoke your mind and received a censure, while da Queen spoke her mind and was defeated in a landslide election. You can say you have served da last 22 months with honor and distinction, and became a role model of honesty as a member of da Township Committee. You said when you were elected that "You Work For Us." For as long as daTruthSquad can remember, you are da only one who not only backed up your slogan, and have done so with distinction. Your only flaw -- you said you won't run for reelection, which is something that isn't in da best interest of Manalapan residents, but understandable considering what you have been put through. You too get a dinner with all da trimmings, and our bountiful thanks.

Committeewoman Michelle Roth: You have had a very interesting year. You have been on da receiving end of two lawsuits, lost your biggest election by a historic landslide, went after da chief of police for calling you a "lady," and became da poster child for why Manalapan politics has been compared to that of places like Camden, Jersey City, and 3rd world dictatorships. Da voters have spoken, and who knows, they may speak again in two years. We could say a lot more, but instead, we'll just serve you up dinner. For Thanksgiving, you get a turkey, but due to all of da municipal tax increases you've handed Manalapan residents, your turkey has no meat - only bones. For your hubby, Sir Lawrence of Manalapan, for everything he has written on da so-called HATE blog, he gets a side dish of crow. And, no Italian take-out food will be allowed on Thanksgiving.

Da Mosked Man: You spent 25 months battling a lawsuit that in da end, da township was forced to withdraw due to no evidence. Da whole event would have been over, with no further legal activity, if not for a member of da township committee who wouldn't agree to da deal brokered by both parties and approved by da judge. Now ,you must sue da town for remedy for their lawsuit, which could cost taxpayers big. You now represent da chief in his discrimination lawsuit against da same people who went after you. While this year has been interesting for you, next year, with both lawsuits entering da discovery phase, which could be revealing to say da least, will be even more interesting. Your holiday dinner will consist of a turkey with all da trimmings, and a special thick steak served on a hot "Stone."

To all our brothers and sisters in da Manalapan Police Department, a safe year and thanks for all of your hard work. To our friends at EMS, thank you for your volunteerism and doing more with less thanks to da township committee. To da citizens of Manalapan and our worldwide readers, our promise to continue blogging until Manalapan is safe and rid of political incorrectness in Town Hall. To da people who continue, even in da face of danger, to supply this blog with inside da Town Hall information, our eternal thanks for being patriots for da cause of justice and rightousness.

DaTruthSquad wishes all of our thousands of weekly readers da very best this holiday. Be safe, be well, and try not to file any lawsuits against anyone, or defame anyone by speaking during meetings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and that's daTruth.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Da Queen Pens "Da Sour Grapes of Roth"

You can call this a potential new chapter to another Manalapan lawsuit.

Not satisfied with just looking like da town under her leadership has spent over $16,000 so Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown could get a paid-for one day suspension, Queen Michelle has made her first official statement since losing her State Assembly campaign by a historic landslide, and losing Manalapan voters even worse!

She penned a very tasteless editorial in da Asbury Park Press. In this latest Sour-Grapes-of-Roth-O-Gram, she:

1. Blames da newspaper for leaving out key facts. Isn't that like slipping on da shoe, and blaming da shoe?

2. "The first resulted in an internal affairs investigation." At what time did da Manalapan Police, or any police department Internal Affairs Division conduct any investigation into da Chief? In fact, da Chief was allegedly never given a RICE notice he was even being investigated by a town official - a big-time violations of rules.

3. "The township attempted for 10 months to resolve the dispute with the chief professionally." If that's da case, then why did da Chief feel he was being harassed to da point he felt he needed to file a lawsuit against those responsible for harassment?

4. "The Township Committee cannot and should not "roll over" every time a lawsuit or an appeal is filed." How quickly we forget da discrimination lawsuit filed against da police by 3 kids a few years ago. Da police wanted to fight it and have their day in court, but da Township Committee and da lawyers settled it for $$$$$$$ 6-figures - against da wishes of da police! Nice precedent setter there!!!

Now, to be fair, da Queen has every right to say what she wants to say. Da problem here is, what she has said could be deemed discriminatory and defamatory in nature, and as a township official it could cause trouble. As a township official in da middle of a discrimination lawsuit, and currently a DEFENDANT in that case, it could make matters worse for Manalapan.

Ask yourself this - would any lawyer worth their weight in Spam allow anyone they represent to not only say whatever they wanted about a case they were being sued in, but put it in writing and in that, take pot shots at the person bringing the lawsuit?????

Any lawyer, or first-year law school student, or any college student with a descent GPA who wants to go to law school will tell you, there's 3 things you NEVER do - especially if you personally have been named in a lawsuit:




So what did da Queen do????


"Because of Brown's prior behavior" ... "for his behavior and treatment of women." Let's see, da man has 29 years on da job, and how many compalints have been filed against him by people other than da Queen????? It appears, unless da township committee is hiding something, that number is "ZERO!"


She claimed da newspaper is hiding something on purpose, writing "I will fill in the details the editorial overlooked or ignored."


Did she hire a lawyer to represent her whose name is I.M. Stupid? Is she getting advice from fortune cookies? There are probably two-year olds at da pre-schools who are much smarter and know better than whoever's advising her. One can only imagine what da Manalapan Legal Dream Team thought of this after they fell out of their chairs reading it.

So, now that da Queen has inserted both feet and her pen in her mouth, how will da Mosked Man, who is representing da Chief as his attorney handle this? Since he was also defamed in that same editorial, what will he do since he also has his own legal case against da town and da Township Committee??

If you were in his shoes, what would you do? Would you use this editorial as evidence of a pattern of abuse by da Manalapan Township Committee?

DaTruth is, da Queen's editorial could be a potential problem in either legal case. Da very simple rule is -- you NEVER speak out while a legal matter is in motion. But then again, who is daTruthSquad to be handing out free legal advice to da Manalapan Legal Dream Team or their clients?

So we tried to figure out what da Mosked Man will do in this situation, from a legal perspective, asking our Legal TruthTellers for their opinions.

OPTION 1: Da Mosked Man could potentially use this editorial as evidence in da Chief's harassment case, showing that "pattern." That might be a stretch, but it is possible.

OPTION 2: Da Mosked Man could attach this to his own case, alleging da Queen defamed him. If daTruthSquad were a judge, this might be hard to prove, but again, in New Jersey, you can sue anyone for anything it seems.

OPTION 3: Da Mosked Man could write his own rebuttal editorial for da newspaper. We suspect he won't however, because when someone makes a mistake, you don't make da same mistake.

OPTION 4: Da Mosked Man will attend a Township Committee meeting, and interrupt a former mayor when he speaks to interject datruth instead of accusations. Hey, this is New Jersey, and anything is possible.

DaTruth is, on da surface, da Queen has put herself and da legal cases that she's a DEFENDANT in in a pretty bad spot. She talks about da legal case involving her and Chief Brown negatively, and she also speaks poorly about da Mosked man, who has filed a lawsuit against da town because of da actions of da Township Committee in da original "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" frivolous lawsuit that after 25 months, da Township was forced due to their own persuit to drop da case! It will be interesting indeed how da Township must proceed in each case now that da Queen's pencil runneth over.

How does Manalapan proceed from here?

DaTruthSquad polled da TruthTellers, and we came up with some intriguing options on how to fix this case - and have a little fun too:

OPTION 1: Da Mosked Man and da Queen will be in a Steel-cage wrestling match at next year's Manalapan Day for charity. We came to da conclusion that if this happened, we expect da "Killer Queen" would actually beat da "Marauder Mosked Man" after she was illegally handed a "foreign object" by a cadre member sitting in da first row.

OPTION 2: In a "Thunder-Dome" setting, two people enter and one person leaves. We concluded that da Queen, both bigger and possibly heavier than da Mosked Man, could beat him with her breath.

OPTION 3: We decided to make both face their worst possible fears, and see who survives. We will send da Mosked Man on a fishing trip alone with former Mayor Spodak, after he has fully read da Brillo Blog. Da Queen's task will be to take her husband to Little Italy. Da advantage here goes to da Mosked man.

DaTruth is, what da Queen did with this editorial will quite probably only make matters worse. Yes, we just poked some fun at it, but daTruth is - this isn't a laughing matter. In da end, it will be da taxpayers of Manalapan who will have to pay for any judgment in this case, including fees for lawyers - and that of course for da taxpayers is nothing to laugh at. It will be interesting to see how da Manalapan Legal Dream Team handles this dilemma. We do expect that will be da last editorial da Queen will be writing for a while. We'll have our sources in Town Hall watching for da next move by both parties, and you'll hear daTruth about it here.

And that's daTruth.

Friday, November 13, 2009

For Sale - Controversial Blog - Low Miles - Original Owner

Want To Buy A Brillo Blog????

DaTruthSquad was recently checking out da "For Sale" section of a local newspaper looking for some office equipment, when all of a sudden an ad caught our eye:

"So-called HATE website for sale. Original owner. Low miles. Easy to maintain due to low readership. Hardly any posters. Bad reputation. Asking $500,000, but willing to accept pre-chewed bubblegum, wet leaves, hair gel or change of a nickel. Contact ASAP as I seriously need a life. Call as fast as you can."

Now, ironically, another website is also for sale, this one by a resident of Howell that allegedly discusses things in Manalapan. Da website has been called many things. It was started by a former "BaconHead" award winning reporter to discuss Manalapan topics. However, once it joined da blogisphere, it had an interesting impact on that blogishphere that made one website that caters to Manalapan useless, while driving up da readership levels of another website across da board.

Since it was daTruthSquad that has seen its reader numbers and unique visitors and returning visitors strongly increase even more than average since da inception of da Brillo-blog, we really can't be too unhappy with it. We do, however, feel bad for which has had post after post deleted until it has become meaningless for Manalapan residents.

However, da brief and what can be construed as an apparent unhappy short life of da Brillo-blog cannot be ignored.

There were a certain number of postings made, some of those none-too-kind to say da very least, about a certain Manalapan attorney who represented a father in da case of his son, a former Manalapan Mayor (he won that), battled da Manalapan Legal Dream Team for 25 months (he won that too), has a lawsuit pending against Manalapan Township and a sitting Committee member, and represents da Manalapan Chief of Police in a discrimination case against Manalapan Township and da Township administrator. There are also some none-too-nice threads and comments about this very blog, but we're all big girls and boys and we all believe in Freedom of Speech, so we can take those stick & stones.

Of course, that blog started at about da very same time daTruthSquad was da victim of some very persistent spammers who posted vile, hateful comments. Of course, when those spammers were uncovered and blocked, ironically, spamming of this blog became non-existent.

In da end, when you look at da Brillo-blog folks who have been making da most comments, you have a former multiple BaconHead Award winner, a guy who once said "Because I Hate Italians" during a Manalapan Township Committee meeting, a former fund lawyer once a party to fraud and deception charges who knows what it's like to spend quality time in litigation brought against him and his cohorts by da government's Securities & Exchange Commission, a current Manalapan political leader who has brought more lawsuits himself against Manalapan Township than da Mosked Man (and all didn't fare very well at all, except taxpayers paid for their defense), and another public citizen who proclaimed his support for da Queen, despite being an alleged GOP'er.

DaTruth is, besides littering Manalapan with hundreds of "Alleged Truth" signs allegedly paid for by some mysterious benefactor, this Brillo-Blog really didn't do much, except galvanize those who were against da Queen Roth's ascent to da State Assembly throne in Trenton to vote against her in a historic defeat. It didn't help Commissar Klauber either, who lost his election by a landslide of lawn signs. And, ironically, da Brillo-Blog was born around da time da Queen decided to make her run for State Assembly, and now is for sale shortly after her amazing historic landslide defeat.

We can only speculate that da old phrase, "Timing is Everything" is alive & well.

DaTruth is, we at daTruthSquad are unhappy to see da Brillo-Blog go away. Considering da increase in readers this blog has seen since da Brillo-Blog scrubbed its way into Manalapan, we really can't say anything too bad about it. Considering how it apparently rubbed some da wrong way, it could have actually impacted da election of da very same people it appeared to support. Of course, considering how much support da GOP received from Italian-Americans and uniformed officers, they really couldn't have helped much.

Obviously, this blog would also like to help if da Brillo-Blog owner would like to sell that blog. We've asked some of our TruthTellers to see how much da Brillo-Blog could fetch on da open market, or even what it would be good for. Here's what our TruthTellers discovered:

* Da Brillo-Blog and a mop will clean most dirty floors.

* Da Brillo-Blog and 25 cents will get you candy out of da candy machine at da local supermarket.

* Da Brillo-Blog and $8.00 will get you through da Lincoln Tunnel, without EZ Pass.

* Da Brillo-Blog, added to 100 pennies, equals $1 dollar.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, can be used to cover your head when it's raining.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, will turn yellow when covered in mustard.

* Da Brillo-Blog, if printed, is a waste of perfectly good paper.

* Da Brillo-Blog cannot be used for a "I'm really stupid because" defense any accredited attorney who has not been taken to task by da SEC in any legal case, because despite da obvious, any competent judge won't fall for it.

* Da Brillo-Blog, guaranteed to help your chosen candidate (Roth & Klauber) lose their election in a landslide.

* And finally, Da Brillo-Blog, used in conjunction with a very strong laxative, will give you relief when you need it most.

Yes, da Brillo-Blog is for sale, according to a post on that blog as told to daTruthSquad. We enjoyed da competition. We wish it well.

And that's daTruth.

Monday, November 9, 2009

DaTruth Revealed About "Lady-Gate" - And How Much Taxpayer-Funded Vendettas Are Costing

It became known as "Lady-Gate." News of Lady-Gate began when Manalapan Township Committee "Lady" Michelle Roth, who would later lose her State Assembly campaign by near historic proportions, claimed women basically weren't safe when in direct proximity to Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown.

Of course, it escalated from there. Now there's rumors of an "investigation" of Chief Brown and alleged handling of other women in Manalapan Town Hall. Interesting how for 29 years of his employment, there wasn't a blemish on his record - not a word on how women from Marlboro to diamond mines in Zimbabwe and South Africa and all points in-between should fear for their lives, as we were led to believe by some.

Manalapan's Township Committee, led by da Queen, wanted to even go as far as add what would have been a $$$$$$$ 6-figured salary person to act as a go-between between da Chief and another $$$$$$ 6-figure individual, Township Administrator Tara Tiara.

In da end, it appears it was Brown who sought an end to this - to this chapter - as da township was spending even more $$$$$$$$$$ on lawyers fees.

Now, of course you can't go to da bathroom in Manalapan Town Hall it seems without a conspiracy theory. Manalapan's spin zone blames -- and gee what a shocker this is -- da Mosked Man for everything going on here. Da Asbury Park Press says that da lawyer Bitterman made da offer to "step down from the case during Thursday's court proceedings because he thought attorney Stuart Moskovitz, who is representing the chief in a separate, ongoing age-discrimination lawsuit against the township, interfered with Bitterman's ability to counsel the chief toward reaching a settlement."

Now, before you go believing what you might read on da so-called "Hate" website, this case isn't over. While da Chief will accept a one day suspension, and attend a session for a day, which is not in any way an admission of guilt - both days are days he will receive his full salary for!!! He isn't getting docked even one cent's pay!!!!

Why did he do this???

He did this because it isn't costing him anything - in fact, he basically gets a day off with pay out of it -- but for him, it also ends this small chapter in da story, and from da looks of it, at least for da moment slow da meter from running all over da wallots of da taxpayers of Manalapan.

How much has "Lady-Gate" cost Manalapan taxpayers for legal bills???

So far, low estimates have this bill at between $15-16,000, and da clock is still ticking. It will go even higher, because what da Mnalapan Township Committee could not do is come to a settlement in da Chief's age discrimination claim, which will go forward.

Why will it go forward?

Because da judge in da case tossed out da Manalapan Legal Dream Team's argument that da Chief's case was a frivolous one and had no merit, meaning obviously there was more than enough merit for it to go forward!

According to what da Asbury Park Press wrote, da Manalapan Legal Dream Team lawyer argued that a prior incident, and Tara Tiara's claim was good enough. Da problem here, and any 1st year tort lawyer would see this, is that da "prior incident" was one that da Chief was da one who submitted da claim, and Tara Tiara's "investigation" was not admissible as well since there was no detail about it.

FYI - da Tara Tiara "investigation" could come back to haunt Manalapan Township and da Queen and Tara Tiara, because it appears da Chief was never given a RICE notice as per da law, meaning he never knew he was even being investigated for claims he never knew about from people he may or may not even know! That's something that could be traced right back to Tara Tiara, because she's da Township Administrator and da direct superior of da Chief in Manalapan's pecking order of personnel!!!!!

Now, let's see what your nearly $16,000 YOU DA TAXPAYER has spent has gotten for you:

1. A one-day all-expenses paid suspension for da chief that YOU WILL PAY FOR, valued at about $575.00 before taxes!

2. A one-day all-expenses-paid "counseling" course that da chief will be paid for, also valued at about $575.00 before taxes THAT YOU WILL PAY FOR!!

3. Da Chief didn't even have to plead guilty to anything -- he only had to admit he "raised his voice" during a meeting!!!

4 So far, about $15,800 in legal bills THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR!!!!

So, let's recap:

*** Da Chief still gets full-pay for his extra day off - and gets full-pay to attend a "counseling" session for "raising his voice." And, da discrimination case he has against Manalapan Township, Tara Tiara and da Queen still continues!!!!!

*** I guess for folks like da Queen, Tara, da Commissar and their supporters, that's money well spent -- expect it's not their money --- IT'S YOURS!!!!!

*** And yes, da meter is still running here.

DaTruth is, this deal was da best possible deal for Chief Brown. He basically gets two days off WITH FULL PAY, and his discrimination case against Tara Tiara and da Queen will continue! Yes, he does get a small one-liner on his personnel record, but at his age and years of experience, does that really matter? Will that really be a detriment to him?? Will he not get a pension because of it??? Does it tarnish him even da slightest???? Basically, YOU DA TAXPAYER have and are paying still for another Gang of Three sponsored witch hunt at taxpayer expense.

Now, those who guard your pursestrings, being da Queen and Tara Tiara and da Commissar, said they pursued action against da Chief to "protect da township from future lawsuits that could involve da chief's behavior toward other women, said da Asbury Park Press newspaper.

We can actually only hope and pray that da Tara Tiara and Queen's "Blue Ribbon Five Star Turn-over-all-rocks Inquisition-like Please-someone-find-evidence" Investigation (ALSO AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE) finds something against da Chief, because if not, not only will this completely exonerate da Chief, but it will be unbelievably costly to da Taxpayers who will have to foot one huge settlement check to da Chief for what they are putting him through --- and remember who da Chief's lawyer is --- Da Mosked Man, da arch-nemesis of da Queen, da Commissar and Tara Tiara.

Doesn't it sound more and more like politics as usual in Manalapan????

What will Ryan green do about this? How will he and Andy Boy vote on this once da Commissar is relieved of his township duties in January?? Will Andy Boy or da Queen be mayor and/or deputy mayor next year??? How much (and daTruthSquad believes da overall figure is already into six-figures) has Manalapan really spent on lawyers this year????

Many questions, not enough answers from township officials - and that's daTruth- da "Real" Truth.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Team Roth Drags Down Da Entire Manalapan Democratic Ticket!

Klauber is clobbered and Roth is routed!

Well, TruthTellers - YOU HAVE SPOKEN!!! You can fool some of da people all of da time, bully most of da people most of da time, and take politics deep into da bowels of da gutter, and it doesn't mean you'll win a New Jersey State Assembly election. In what was a resounding mandate by da people of Monmouth County in District 12, including Manalapan, Queen Michelle, Ruler of Manalapanistan wasn't just resoundly defeated for election to Trenton -- it was a landslide against her - and those who took orders from her!

It became for voters a "You can't be serious" moment. Michelle Roth, who never voted for a tax decrease in all her years on da Manalapan Township Committee, who didn't even get a coveted NJEA endorsement despite da fact her running mate works for da Board of Education, and her PR machine helped out by da Union County Democratic machine, it was her anger, angst and lawsuits against Manalapan Police Chief Stu Brown and his attorney, da Mosked man that may have doomed her campaign.

Da good news - Manalapan and Monmouth County will be represented in Trenton by proven tax cutters. Da bad news, da Queen, with her ego severely bruised, will probably become da next Mayor of Manalapan in 2010.

And, Roth's coattails pulled Commissar Klauber into da pit of despair too!

Much like Roth losing by a 2-1 margin, da Commissar lost by a Manalapan landslide!

Da Commissar, who signed off on everything da Queen did and said, joined her in da loser's column on election night. Yes, daTruthSquad endorsed him because of da way Ryan Green ran his campaign, but in da end, he too was kicked in da end by da "Stop Taxing Us Into Oblivion" express. Ryan Green, who hardly campaigned, was out-lawn-signed by a good 4-1 margin by Klauber signs, and didn't even do well in da debate, "Rothed" da Commissar in da election in a landslide 2-1 Manalapan margin.

DaTruth is, da Commissar has nobody to blame but himself. He never stood up to da Queen - even during his term as mayor. Like Con-zine pandering to his cronies, da Commissar too was not given a mandate by da voters, and was taken down by his associations and his tax and spend ways.

So, what sunk Team Roth?


It's hard to get upset with an esteemed public servant like Chief Brown, with his 29 years of faithful service to Manalapan. It's political suicide to badmouth a highly respected police officer and leader for calling you "lady" during an election year. Roth decided to do that in da most important election of her life. It not only backfired, it dragged down da Commissar with her. And Chief Brown may be da single-biggest reason, outside of taxpayer angst, that both da Queen & da Commissar lost by landslides!


She took on da First Amendment using taxpayer money - and lost. She took on da Mosked Man for two years using taxpayer money - and lost. Taxpayers, it seems, have spoken.


A number of people at one point called her "friend," that is, until "friend" became "fiend" and friendship was run underneath da tires of da Roth Express. Ask Mr. Gennaro. Ask Mrs. Schepler. Ask a certain member of da Cadre who provided details of da Mosked Man lawsuit to daTruthSquad. Ask a former Manalapan conductor. Ask Mr. Collincini. Ask Chief Brown. Ask any taxpayer hemmoraging $$$$$$$ to pay Manalapan municipal taxes. Ask them all, and they will tell you da tires from da Roth Express were grinded on them. Apparently, those with tire tracks on their backs have now spoken, too.


DaTruthSquad has heard from a number of TruthTellers who all said da same thing. This website made them decide to vote against da Queen, due to da rhetoric directed toward a certain few. People saw that da "truth" was not on that site, but on this one.

DaTruth is, da Roth landslide loss wasn't unexpected. Her campaign funding dried up soon after da whole Chief Brown affair began. Her traction with pro-police voters fell to zero. Democrats upset with her shenanigans turned their backs on her. Taxpayers saw through da lies, and those nifty, colorful mailers sent out by da GOP didn't help her either. Niether did da Asbury Park Press calling da Roth-led Manalapan Township Committee "one juggler shy of a circus."

DaTruth is, da folks daTruthSquad heard from who spoke of da Commissar all said da very same things -- He's a nice guy who stood by when wrongs were being done and turned his back on those wrongs. He left his legal ethics in his briefcase and stood by da Queen. In this case, he has nobody else to blame but himself. Even though he had more money, more signs, many more mailings, and an opponent who barely campaigned, he lost by a landslide. In da end, da only constant in all of this is his constant siding with da Queen.

Now, a new chapter in New Jersey turns. Governor Clown-zine is ousted. Da Queen is embarassed by landslide proportions. Da Commissar is ridden out of town on a taxpayer-funded rail. Which leads us to da next question -- when will "Da Wrath of Roth" rear its ugly head????

And, one more thing --- If you're a Democrat, and you have had any hint of corruption stain on you, look over your shoulder because you know Christie will be looking for you. And, in Manalapan, he and whoever he brings in as an attorney general now has da people's mandate to root out that corruption.

And that's daTruth.