Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Brother Is Coming To Manalapan?

We've seen more than our fair share of people running red lights along stretches of Route 33. However now you may not get away with it - whether you actually went past the red light or not. That's because Big Brother is coming to a traffic light in Manalapan soon.

In what could be a boon to we da lawyers, Manalapan will soon be adding some of those controversial cameras to the intersections where it is believed many people speed through red lights like there were no lights there at all. To be fair, if anyone breaks da law they should be held accountable, whether they are a politician or not. However, these Big Brother devices could come with a cost.

In other towns and cities where these little boxes debuted there has been some controversy as to their accuracy. A split second could be the difference between traveling through town to do your shopping in Freehold or getting at least a $75 dollar ticket for seeing the light being yellow and thinking you could make it through.

Also in other towns, there have been concerns over da possible number of rear end accidents because people fearing da Kodak Moment that hit their brakes at da last second.

However, here in Manalapan, big brother will soon be calling several a few street corners home as those cameras are being readied to be installed. Da good news is it will create a new revenue stream for da town which we do need, since Manalapan still ranks at da bottom of da list for ratables in da county, despite what we hear to allegedly be a new super electronics store of da PC Richard type and variety and two other big box stores coming soon to an Epicenter near you. Da bad news is that new revenue stream could be coming directly out of your pocket -- if da camera actually works right.

Da next question is - where will they be installed? Will they put one at da traffic light outside Covered Bridge? Will one go at da end of da block where Manalapan's Land Baron lives? Will they go near schools or along Route 9? We'd be curious as to where they go -- and who decides that if it not da police who know best.

DaTruth is, da fine folks at da Manalapan Police department do a fine job of patrolling Manalapan roads. Adding these cameras could potentially be da prelude to getting rid of a few officers in town. And, as we've all seen, taking cops off da streets in Camden and Newark and other towns has not been da best for keeping crime statistics low.

However, daTruthSquad also has good news about Manalapan's men and women in blue.

Thanks to some excellent detective work by da Manalapan Police Department, two boils on da buttocks of da world were arrested after police began dealing with a bunch of break ins at Covered Bridge. Da two young hoodlums that were busted, one of whom is a Manalapan resident are believed to be behind da recent rash of robberies, at least seven of whom may be charged to these young adults who we can only surmise truly make their parents proud. DaTruthSquad has been told by confidential sources that while these two alleged senior stalkers may be collared for as many as seven of da crimes where everything from jewelry to money was taken, many other robberies may have gone unreported and police are still actively working that angle.

DaTruthSquad has been told da un-dynamic duo allegedly posed as Covered Bridge workers to gain access to homes while their victims simply let them through da front door under da guise of doing some maintenance work. Once inside, they helped themselves to da goodies of those senior citizens.

Now, things like this don't just happen in Covered Bridge. Just because someone has a name tag doesn't mean you should let them into da house. If you have any questions, just refuse anyone you have concerns with entry until you know for certain they belong. If you think its a bag guy, call da police.

Kudos to da fine folks at da Manalapan Police Department for working hard and going da extra mile to catch da bad guys. You can credit their hard work to da legacy left behind by former Manalapan Police Chief Stuart Brown, who despite accepting a settlement from Manalapan's Legal Dream Team for da age discrimination lawsuit he filed, is still fighting to get his immaculate and great name and reputation back as he pursues a defamation case against certain members of da Manalapan Politburo - which will of course like many other cases before it be paid for by da great taxpayers of Manalapan.

And, if you're wondering why Land Baron Andy Boy became mayor for a second year, maybe it's because da rumor mill is working overtime about a potential run for County Freeloader? Will Andy Boy run for Freeloader with Little Lil? Will someone on da Manalapan Politburo have something to say about that? Don't be too surprised if an upcoming daTruthSquad has more to say about that.

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

These devices are being installed to pick up the revenue that has dropped off from the steady decline in the number of tickets being issued by the police department. I don't believe that this is the result of unhappy or lazy cops, it's because there is less of them now than there was a few years ago. The population of the tows, grown while the size of it's police force diminishes. Something has to give, we cannot expect the same level of services that we received in the past. Da Squad is right, big brother is coming, sooner than you may think.
If this is the price we have to pay to help keep the township afloat, it's going to be a bitter pill for some folks to swallow.
I just hope the township officials have the guts to call this for what it is, a source for badly needed revenue & not some safety program implemented to protect those who dare to drive within our township.

Anonymous said...

But will they shorten the yellow as other places have done>

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with this. While I agree with datruth that this is much akin to big brother, if you violate the law so be it.

And if we can save money on less cops then I'm all for that too. I for one will obey the traffic laws and not go through red lights.

Stuart said...

I'm fine with it as long as they also pick up the jaywalkers at Gordon's Corner Road who endanger everyone because they are too dumb to figure out the difference between a red light and a green light, or where the crosswalk is.

Anonymous said...

yeah like in Newark where the cop waved the cars through th e red and everyone of them got a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
But will they shorten the yellow as other places have done>

This is what has me worried. They could shorten the yellow light and this could become a cash cow on the backs of people like me going to the supermarket. I say no big brother. Let the Manalapan police do their jobs!

Anonymous said...

plus they can track your every of da free?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like more of something Andy wants to use when he runs for higher office than somethingthat will really help Manalapan residents. But then again he is a full-time politician isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Yes there is going to be incidents where incicent people will be targeted,for instance there is an accident and you are waved thru a light by the police even though it may be red. The camera doesn't know this. Smile your on Candid Camera ! Be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Manalapan Township Committeeman Leaves Democratic Party

Don Holland will seek GOP nomination for reelection

Press Release

Manalapan Township Committeeman Don Holland announced that he has left the Democratic Party and plans to seek the Republican nomination to run for re-election in 2011. Mr. Holland cites major differences with the Democratic Party as his reason for making the change.

“I don’t view this as leaving the Democratic Party, I view this as joining a team that more closely reflects the values of serving the best interest of Manalapan. This has not been an easy decision, but my loyalty to the residents of Manalapan is what motivates me,” Mr. Holland stated.

Mr. Holland is proud of his record of accomplishment on the Manalapan Township Committee, where he has served since January 2009.

“The decisions I make are always based on what’s best for our residents. I don’t believe in the petty bickering or partisan politics that permeates the Manalapan Democratic Party. I want to focus all of my energy on making Manalapan an even better place to live, and the members of the Republican Party share that mindset,” said Mr. Holland.

The Republicans currently serving on the Township Committee include Mayor Andrew Lucas, Deputy Mayor Ryan Green, and Committeeman Jordan Maskowitz.

“I’ve had the pleasure of serving with Mr. Holland on the Township Committee these past few years and he has been great to work with,” said Mayor Lucas. “Mr. Holland has put aside the silly partisan bickering and has always been a gentleman and a problem solver. He truly has served Manalapan well and we’re thrilled that he wants to continue his service to Manalapan and its residents.”

As a member of the Township Committee, Mr. Holland has actively participated in developing the municipal budget, and has worked on many initiatives that provided residents with no municipal tax increase last year. He first got involved with local public service by founding and chairing the Manalapan Agricultural Advisory Committee and the Farmland Preservation Committee which is responsible for preserving over 1200 acres in Manalapan. He personally has worked on every application.

Prior to serving on the Township Committee, Mr. Holland served as chairman of the Planning Board, he served on the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Environmental Commission.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Holland is perfect for the Republicans. He has no voice, no ideas, and agrees with anything that's said by others so long as it's said politely and quietly. Looks like Iron Girth and Baron Andy Boy have won themselves an empty chair on the way to one-party rule of Manalapan.

Anonymous said...

What a shocker. Another Roth running mate running for his life. Her defeat in November may be more historic now.

Anonymous said...

Holland's dead weight and just another rubber stamp. Instead of doing what Roth tells him, now he'll do what Lucas and McEnery orders. We get what we pay for.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Don Holland knows he is his own man. For him to abandon the Democrats the way he did meanes that either he couldn't stand dealing with Roth and Ward anymore, or maybe he knew too much about their "activities" and wanted to be as far away from it as possible. His leaving the Democrats is the last nail in their coffin. The Manalapan Democratic party is now history in Manalapan. Nice job Roth and Ward for taking such a strong organization and jamming it into the trash compactor. Good luck Don.

Anonymous said...

What's next? Kathy Barata announcing she's a Republican?

The politics in this town are incestuous.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!

Larry, Michelle, Fred and Gerry just announced they are becoming Republicans!!

Anonymous said...

Time to change jersey's and root for the winning team, lol, this is too funny !

Anonymous said...

amazing! Don Holland now changed his name! From now on, he's Don Belgium!

Anonymous said...

There must be some hidden incentive, some ulterior motive, behind the flipping around.

Anonymous said...

The Manalapan Democrats are toast this year. This means that in 2012 Michelle Roth will be out of Manalapan politics. I'm starting to like Andrew Lucas more now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there's any more Democrats left to run with Roth, unless her hubby Larry runs. I guess that means they will lose the Italian vote.

Anonymous said...

The first place to put a red light camera is at the Gordon's Corner bus stop. Cars run the light at all hours, especially if they don't see a pedestrian right in front of them.

Anonymous said...

Wall Committeeman George Newberry enters Freeholder race

WALL TOWNSHIP – Wall Township Committeeman and former Mayor George K. Newberry announced that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Monmouth County Freeholder.

“Being born and growing up in Monmouth County, I know first-hand what a tremendous jewel Monmouth County is. It is with that value in my heart for this County that I announce my candidacy for Freeholder,” he says.

“I believe I demonstrated as Mayor and as a Wall Township Committee member that I have the experience, knowledge and values to be an effective member of our Freeholder team, and I ask for the support of my party to place my name on the ballot,” he adds.

Newberry says that thanks to many decades of Republican leadership, Monmouth County is envied for having a high bond rating, low county taxes and the finest parks, recreational programs and library services. He says he plans to continue on the strong foundation laid by previous administrations and use his many years of business experience overseeing multi-million dollar budgets and large commercial projects as a member of the Freeholder Board.

“Today’s tough economic times call for vision and experience in controlling spending and waste. In continually controlling costs the Freeholder Board must keep in their vision what Monmouth County has become and make sure the high level of regard many have for Monmouth will remain. I promised the people of Wall and will promise the residents and businesses of Monmouth County that as I work toward efficiencies in budgets and they look in the future at the town they know and the County they love those places will be no less than what they envision them to be today. As a senior project manager for a large contracting company, I have hands-on experience negotiating contracts, budgeting, managing a large staff and making a dollar go further,” he says.

Living in Wall Township and working for 25 years in the Bay Shore area, as well as assisting his Father, who until his recent passing, lived in Cream Ridge, has given Newberry a bird’s eye view of the County on a daily basis for many years.

Newberry, age 55, traces his heritage back at least five generations in Monmouth County. He has been married to his wife Jeanne, formerly of Rumson, for 35 years. They have a son, Bill, and daughter, Beth.

Mr. Newberry has been a member of the Wall Fire Company #1 since 1988 and served as Chief for five years. A member of Wall Kiwanis, he was named VFW Citizen of Merit in 1996 and Wall Township Citizen of the Year in 2005. He was the second gentleman to serve as president of his local PTA in his 120 year old elementary school and is a participant of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association as well as St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Ocean Grove. He has volunteered with The National Park service in West Orange and served as a member on the Wall Township planning board as well as rent stabilization board. Newberry has been a member of IBEW Local 400 electrical workers union since 1977.-moremonmouthmusings

Anonymous said...

Newberry sounds as if he got a lot more going for him than Lucas could hope for. That includes intelligence, experience and, not least, integrity.

Anonymous said...

Any camera on Rt 9 is a state responsibility not the township

Anonymous said...

@Any camera on Rt 9 is a state responsibility not the township

Then why haven't any of our many township officials uttered even one word about this problem? Instead, they harass the pedestrians. Talk about one-sided treatment!

Anonymous said...

@why haven't any of our many township officials uttered even one word about this problem?

The lack of any response strongly indicates that one of our bevy of township officials can quickly post excuses but not take action (except to pad his and his family's nest).

Anonymous said...

I believe that by law, yellow lights have to be a certain length. Some where around 3.9 seconds. The lights in Englishtown were not of the legal length and any one who knew fought their tickets and won. The yellow @ 522 and Taylors Mills is suspiciously short but I've never timed it.