Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Social Networking & Sewer Rats - And Yes - A BaconHead

Ten years ago what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt, and maybe other places in the Middle East soon enough would never have happened. Tyrants and dictators ruled with an iron fist. Even though many still do, the youth and impoverished of those nations now feel empowered thanks to a little thing called the Internet and something called Facebook and Twitter.

Ironically, many in the Arab world may owe their freedoms to an American kid with the last name "Zuckerberg."

People have used these sites to organize, to plan demonstrations, and get their messages out faster than ever. It seems tyrants can't keep up with technology.

Before Facebook became what it is, we had bloggers. People who didn't have millions of $$$$$ to own a newspaper instead had a computer, an idea, a message and internet access. Many people and organizations have blogs. Despite naysayers they are still as popular as ever, take for example the respected blog "MoreMonmouthMusings." Blogs are the new newspapers - places you can get information sometimes much faster that maybe a newspaper can't supply, or believe things are "non-starters" when they are really news to people affected by it.

In 2007, this very blog was under attack, not for yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater, but instead for actively discussing a legal case certain small town politicians didn't want to have discussed outside of very closed doors. We openly discussed it, and we were then threatened with legal action for it. We had two options - stop blogging and let those who want to eliminate da First Amendment rule the day - or stand up to da bully who wants our milk money.

We stood up.

Not only did we stand up, we also set a legal precedent that stands today in our great nation. Already, it appears our legal challenge to da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team and da precedent it created has already been used in court in a similar successful legal challenge. But, it also did something even more important.

There are some who even dared say that it was da inclusion of daTruthSquad into this case that threw da big monkey wrench into da plans of da Manalapan politicians and their Legal Dream Team, making da case unwinable for them and handing victory to da Mosked Man.

Our successful challenge threw a huge monkey wrench into da plans of da politicians and da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team's case against da Mosked Man. After 25 months of taxpayer-funded challenges, da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team realized they had no case whatsoever and was basically forced to end their legal farce against da Mosked Man. However, this doesn't end here.

Failing to agree on a suitable conclusion, da case now continues, not as "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" but instead as "Da Mosked Man vs da Township of Manalapan." Now, da Mosked Man is going after da very people who went after him, and don't be surprised if da taxpayer-funded Manalapan Legal Dream Team settles this case out of court for more money than da Mosked Man would see in 5-10 years.

Yes, my TruthTellers - arrogance does come with a price - sometimes a taxpayer-funded price.

Which brings us to da Manalapan Sewer Rats.

This month, da GOP'er dominated Manalapan Township Committee under da leadership of Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy had a patronage opening to fill on da Manalapan Sewer Authority. Who did da GOP'ers decided to make a paid-commissioner of da WMUA? Did they pick an engineer who knew something about waste treatment? Did they pick a management pro who has experience with aquatic engineering? Did they pick someone who ate too many spicy burritos and knows how to flush a toilet? Or, did they pick someone who is da defacto leader of their political party?

If you picked "D" for defacto, you are correct.

Da person they chose to be a paid commissioner complete with cadillac health benefits was none other than Manalapan GOP Municipal Chairman Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery!

Even more ironic -- this type of choice is da very rationale that Governor Chris Christie is flushing out in Passaic County. Maybe Christie should look at Manalapan's WMUA as a place he can also clean up.

To be fair, if a then-Democratic-dominated Manalapan Township Committee led by da Queen had made Manalapan Democratic Chairman Gerry "One Bourbon, One Shot & One Beer" Ward or Mr. Michelle Roth da new commish, can you imagine da outcry from Andy Boy and his cronies complaining to anyone who'd listen about cronyism at its finest?

DaTruth is, da pick of Iron Girth wreaks of cronyism. But that's something they'll probably have to deal with in November when da Queen and da Democrats makes that part of her platform.

As for this year, Manalapan like many towns who have depleated or will soon their yearly snow budgets will be facing serious budget issues. Should it be fair that Manalapan taxpayers and toilet flushers have to foot da bill for political party crony commissioners whose job is to oversee a sewer system? Maybe its time that da Manalapan GOP follow their leader Chris Christie and abolish da sewer commissioners and do away with da cronyism - and da salary and cadillac benefits that come with it.

And - remember that Manalapan Township already has a government liason at NO COST TO TAXPAYERS whose job it is to be the go-between between da town and da WMUA --- Land Baron Mayor Andy Boy! If you need proof - check out da town website as of January 10.

Or, Land Baron Andy Boy can do one better -- prove Christie wrong! Why not make commissioners for other things in Manalapan, and place his friends and $$$$ supporters into those positions at taxpayer expense!

Maybe Manalapan should create da "Commissioner of Yorktowne Shopping Center" and put da person who was Andy Boy's political campaign treasurer in place with a salary and benefits? Maybe one of da heads of da Yorktowne Club can be da new "Commissioner of Route 33," and pay him and give him benefits too. You can always nominate daTruthSquad as Manalapan's "Commissioner of Bloggers" - but to be fair, we'll decline because we don't want to take hard-earned taxpayer money. We'd much rather win a lottery, or win at da poker tables, or win a lawsuit first brought against us.

This, of course, brings us to da always popular and always fun BaconHead of da Month!

Congratulations are in order for da very first BaconHead of 2011! For accepting a job that comes with a salary and cadillac benefits - and for having as da qualification for being nominated for this position da resume that includes "Political Party Boss" and "Leader of Republican Election Campaigns" - we at daTruthSquad boldly hand you da BaconHead of da Month to none other than Manalapan Republican Municipal Chairman / Paid Sewer Commisioner Steve "Iron Girth" McEnery!

DaTruth is, you can take it from somebody who has served da people at one time - There is no need for 4 commissioners who suckle from da public trough when you already have peopleon town governments whose job it is to do da very same thing - oversee and report back! You can wither follow Republican Governor Chris Christie's lead and do away with political patronage jobs for da sake of padding political friends pockets - or admit you don't have true Republican values and stand aside and let someone else do what is right "For All Da People!"

It's time that citizens of Manalapan attend meetings, and demand from their political Republican leadership that they do what they preach and rid Manalapan of political party patronage. We call on da Manalapan Township Committee to demand da WMUA remove all so-called "Commissioners" from da public and private dole. We already have town "liasons." We don't need politically connected people suckling from da public trough. Da citizens deserve nothing less!

Be honored, and place this BaconHead Award next to da picture of da toilet flushing. And that's daTruth!


Anonymous said...

I like the pig. Says it all about those corrupt Republicans. They're the first to scream about corruption but the last people to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Strong editorial in the News Transcript about this:

Manalapan Democratic leader: WMUA appointment was all politics

Want proof it is “politics as usual” in Manalapan? Look no further than (Mayor) Andrew Lucas’ decision to appoint Stephen McEnery, Republican Party municipal leader, to the paid position of commissioner of the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority (WMUA).

Mayor Lucas has crowned himself mayor for the second year in a row, contrary to the traditional rotation of the post, ensuring that he can use the power of political patronage to advance his own goals.

He has now extended his reach to the WMUA, and its roster of professional appointments, by placing Mr. McEnery, his No. 1 political fundraiser, in a position to dole out more patronage positions. In typical fashion, Mayor Lucas appointed his party’s municipal leader without interviewing any interested candidates, or even publicly identifying who was in the running.

The members of the Manalapan Township Committee (Ryan Green and Jordan Maskowitz) who supported Mr. McEnery did so without any open or fair process to weigh his qualifications against other candidates.

Not a good start for new Committeeman Maskowitz - he fell right in line with his rubber stamp and voted for Mr. McEnery, even though Mr. McEnery has no qualifications other than the fact that he is the Republican municipal leader.

How is this good for the WMUA, its employees, and its customers?

The WMUA has held its rates stable since 2005 and it even reduced rates for some senior citizens last year.

You would think that Mayor Lucas and the Township Committee would not want to tamper with success, but apparently the chance to play “politics” was too good to pass up.

Gerard D. Ward
Democratic chairman

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Politics as usual in Manalapan! But then again we're all to blame because we voted for this land grabber.

Anonymous said...

Here's even more interesting questions. I was told by someone who knows the politicians in Manalapan who would think would know something about this in fact they don't get health benefits like the DTS says, but instead as Commissioners they "run" the WMUA and oversee its operations.

If that statement were true, then:

1. Why wasn't the "Commissioner" position posted for anyone to apply for, and not just hand-given to the person who runs the Republican party as a patronage job?

2. Why are Manalapan homeowners allowing the WMUA to have an actual director making over $100,000 when these 4 "Commissioners" actually run things?

One way other other, it's time to investigate the WMUA.

Anonymous said...

Truth Squad: Get your facts straight. WMUA hasn't had a paid spokesman in a long time, rates have been stable since '05, and commissioners run the authority, not just carrying messages back to the towns like you say.

Another Lucas lackey said...

"Truth Squad: Get your facts straight. WMUA hasn't had a paid spokesman in a long time."

When you say "a long time," does that mean last week? According to the Asbury Park Press, the edition dated February 19, 2010, which according to the calendar I use was less than one year ago, he was re-hired by the WMUA. In fact, the title of the story was "WMUA retains spokesman despite controversy."

Maybe both the Asbury Park Press and the DatruthSquad aren't as so out of the loop as you claim?

Anonymous said...

You mean this newspaper story>

"The Western Monmouth Utilities Authority Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to hire authority spokesman Jeff Meyer for another year, in spite of the fundraising controversy that surrounded Meyer last year. Commissioners said the post had been publicly advertised in a legal notice, but that Meyer's firm, Capital Public Affairs of Princeton, was the only candidate who applied for the position."

Anonymous said...

"Truth Squad: Get your facts straight. WMUA hasn't had a paid spokesman in a long time, rates have been stable since '05, and commissioners run the authority, not just carrying messages back to the towns like you say."

Sounds like more propoganda from a certain propogandist who has fallen out of favor with the Roths and now is in favor with the Lucas camp.

Anonymous said...

I have to seriously disagree with those that feel the Manalapan Republican Chairman isn't qualified to be one of those who runs the Manalapan Sewer Authority.

First, I'm quite sure Steve McEnery knows where the bathroom is. Second, I'm very sure he has a lot of experience flushing things down a toilet. Third, he's obviously very politically connected.

Isn't that the 3 criteria needed to be in charge of the Manalapan Sewer Authority?

Anonymous said...

Agree that twp should have an open process for WMUA commissioner, not just done as a backroom deal for Andy's buddy. Disagree that WMUA has a director making over 100K. It doesn't, which is why the commissioners run it.

Anonymous said...

"Truth Squad: Get your facts straight. WMUA hasn't had a paid spokesman in a long time, rates have been stable since '05, and commissioners run the authority, not just carrying messages back to the towns like you say"

Can someone then please explain to me exactly who earned the $822,000 in "Administration Salary and Wages"?

Before you explain that, please remember that the 2009 budget also called for $2,753,000 in salary and wages for those who provide the service (workers).

Since there's no director as someone claimed, does that mean these "Commissioners" split the $822,000? If that's the case, then Christie needs to stop spending time on the Passaic Sewer rats and focus on the sewer rats running Manalapan's WMUA.



Anonymous said...

After reading all of this, I have to agree something doesn't smell right with the Manalapan Sewer Authority.

Anonymous said...

Rather then sit here and misread WMUA's financials, and moan that "something doesn't smell right" why don't one of you get up the guts and actually go to a WMUA meeting? Then you can ask an intelligent question about who gets the $822K in salaries, rather then posting some nonsense that the commissioners split it. And I read the financials. Admin went DOWN from $822K in '09 to $710 in the current budget for '11. In fact, total admin costs went down from $1.9M in '10 to $1.6M in '11. Sounds to me like the commissioners have been doing a good job of cutting admin costs. Is the new guy up the the job? Does Lucas even care?

Challenger to Lucas Making His Move said...

"Newberry Announces For Freeholder

By Art Gallagher

Wall Township Committeeman George Newberry has sent a letter to County Committee members seeking their support for the GOP nomination to run as Freeholder Lillian Burry’s running mate this fall. georgenewberryletter11

A full size copy of Newberry’s letter can be found here.

Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas and Spring Lake Councilman Gary Rich are also expected to compete for the nomination. Former Middletown Committeeman Tom Wilkens, who narrowly lost the nomination to now Freeholder Tom Arnone last year, will not be a candidate this year.

The Monmouth GOP’s Annual Lincoln Day Dinner is the traditional kickoff for candidates seeking county and legislative office. With Republican incumbents seeking reelection for the legislature, surrogate, and Burry seeking a third term as freeholder, the nomination for Democratic Freeholder Amy Mallet’s seat is the only race that is expected to be competitive in the screening process.

The Lincoln Day Dinner is this Sunday evening at the Shore Casino in Atlantic Highlands."--moremonmouthmusings

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lucas has been raising money to go after Lillian's seat. Watch out Lillian. You are the target, Lucas is the P.O.S. arrow!

Anonymous said...

Big Brother is coming to Manalapan, Red light camera's !
Should rake in some nice revenue for the Town$hip. We may be the first in Monmouth County to be graced with these wonderful devices. (check the web for some horror stories where these things have been installed, many places pulled them out after they caused more trouble than they were worth)