Monday, February 28, 2011

Three Words - DUMB & DUMBER - And A BaconHead!

If we have learned anything over da years in Manalapan, we have learned that nothing - nothing is shocking anymore when it comes to the super-geniouses who run da Manalapan Township Committee. At da last Manalapan Township Committee meeting, what we saw with a certain "re-vote" to some is much ado about nothing. To others, it's a shocking display of brain cell "A" not getting a good cellphone reception with brain cell "B."

Da Manalapan Township Committee had to have two re-votes on issues they had already approved completely by party lines. Why - you might ask?

Well, in one, a current member of da Manalapan Township Committee had to now recuse himself because he voted in favor of someone who was a relative to be a PAID employee of a township program!

Can this get worse?

Da person who had to recuse himself is Manalapan's Deputy Mayor!

Can it get even worse?

Of course it can! Da Deputy Mayor in question is Ryan "Big Oops" Green. Now, to be fair, it is possible that da name in question was not familiar to him. It is possible this person is some third-cousin four-times removed. Maybe it is a long-lost uncle? It's not like it was his sister or something like that.

Well, there's a reason we gave "Lyin" Ryan da nickname "Big Oops." Da name he missed on da list of paid workers is that of a person named Amy, whose last name just happens to be Green - just like his! Any Green is listed as a "cluster director" for da summer recreation program - paid $22 per hour. She may be da cluster director, but for Big Oops, this was more like a "cluster %$#@."

Also to be fair, Big Oops said at da meeting that da mistake had two blames - he admitted it was his fault, but also admitted he was of all things - - a victim of da Queen's "gotcha" politics! Seems to us he doesn't need any help from da Queen to get "gotcha'd." Let's face facts - if he can't recognize his own last name on a list of names, do you really want this guy overseeing a multi-million dollar budget made up of YOUR TAX DOLLARS????

And still to be fair, while it takes a big man to admit he missed his own last name on a list of names, blaming da Queen for your "gotcha" like blaming your car for running out of gas.

Then, there's da other "Big Oops" moment, but this one didn't come from "Big Oops." In da other "recuse yourself" moment, one member of da Manalapan Township Committee decided to vote in favor of -- and get this lovers of da recession -- to give himself a massive tax break!

Only in Manalapan!

In this "recuse yourself" moment, this Manalapan Township Committeeman voted to reduce taxes on a farm listed on Iron Ore Road by $13,000 (thirteen thousand dollars!). Now, to be fair, one might think there's hundreds of farms on Iron Ore Road in Manalapan - maybe thousands? It's not like da Township Committeeman didn't realize it was his OWN block and lot number address on da list. It's not like he's also da same person who gained da nickname "Land Grab" for trying to get his newly bought land placed on Farmland preservation so he could get over $1 million in taxpayer money for it. And, it's not like he's DA MAYOR!

Yes, only in Manalapan.

Yes, he voted in favor of a resolution that would cancel all 2011 preliminary taxes for farmland as well as other selected properties with reduced assessments in the township. And double YES - HIS WAS ONE OF THEM!!!!

Now, to be fair, at least he didn't blame this on da Queen also. He took responsibility - but did so knowing that he had three fellow Republicans who were watching his back on this one, so unless "Big Oops Ryan" and his cohorts were fully immersed into a block of ice before da vote was taken, there was no way Land Grab Mayor Andy Boy would be denied his $13,000 tax break.

Da Queen called this during da meeting "As the saying goes, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube." Well my TruthTellers, cavities and gingivitis is alive and well and lurking in da molars of Manalapan Town Hall.

DaTruth is, everybody makes mistakes. However, are we to believe two elected officials - one a sitting mayor and da other a sitting deputy mayor - had absolutely no clue as to what they were voting on? Did they not read the resolutions prior to voting on them? Did the Township Attorney not raise even a single "red flag?" If they truly didn't know what they were voting on, then why are they in these taxpayer-funded paid positions to begin with? How can you not even recognize da property YOU OWN on a list of property owners who - in this recession - will RECEIVE A MASSIVE TAX DECREASEWHILE ALL OTHER TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS MUST PAY HIGHER TAXES??? And how can you not even remember da name of your own SISTER -- whose last name MAKING MATTERS WORSE just happens to be da very same as yours???? It doesn't take da Queen to raise da red flags here -- you guys did a great job raising them yourselves!

So, let's get this straight in case we missed something --- In da middle of a recession, da Republicans in Manalapan led by da deputy mayor vote to hand a $22 per hour job to his own sister - claiming he didn't see his own sister's name on da list - even though her last name and his are EXACTLY da same ---- and da mayor, who stands to reap over $1 million dollars from da state for his own land he just paid for - and now he's VOTING TO GIVE HIMSELF A $13,000 TAX BREAK????


If Chris Christie were still in da investigation business, he'd probably have to buy a house in Manalapan just to cut his commute down to investigate all of this.

DaTruth is, in less than two months of his new administration as mayor, you have a mayor giving himself a HUGE $13,000 tax break, and not even knowing his own deputy mayor voted for his own sister for a paid town job! And - to make this even more attractive to Grand Master Vic and his Monmouth Democrats, da very mayor voting to cut his own taxes before recusing himself is also running for Monmouth County Freeloader!!!!!!

You can't even come close to making this stuff up.

Due to all of this, daTruthSquad calls on Land Grab & Cut His Own Taxes Mayor Andy Boy to cancel his proposed campaign for Monmouth County Freeloader. This is an embarassment to da Republican Party, da town of Manalapan, and anyone who pays outrageously high property taxes in New Jersey! It's time you show us you can actually do da right thing.

With this in mind, we have to hand out a February BaconHead Award. If da vote were last week, odds are a certain Manalapan Democratic Municipal Chairman had a great chance of winning, but in Manalapan, BaconHeads can change in a Manalapan minute.

So, without further ado....... For voting his own sister to a paying job in town, then saying he didn't realize his "oversight" before he blamed someone else's "gotcha politics" for his not being able to recognize his own sister's name who just happens to share his OWN last name on a list of names, and being da town's deputy mayor which obviously sets a great example for both da residents and da young people, we have to hand this month's coveted BaconHead Award to none other than Manalapan Deputy Mayor Ryan "Big Oops" Green!

And that's daTruth!


Anonymous said...

You would have to think that in approving anything that even remotely financially benefits family members should be 110% off limits.

IMHO without a doubt Lucas and Green both should have known better. Lucas has been lurking around in Town Hall for more years than he should have and Green was on the school board. If they have the balls to claim it was an oversight then one of a few scenarios is viable.

1 - They never read the agenda, and are at fault.
2 - They are simply too stupid to understand the definition of conflict of interest and are still at fault.

Anonymous said...

According to the Asbury Park Press story of 2/24/11, it states that the claim of "oversights" appeared absurd. Mayor Lucas it is alleged is a Princeton graduate, financial business owner (out of his garage)and a Manalapan farmer. You would have to believe that someone this smart would know that the Manalapan tax assessor requires that farm owners need to file for reduced farmland assessment by August of the prior year. One can be led to believe that Lucas did not legally own the subject farm property at that time and only purchased it later on after he was granted the purchase price from New Jersey Farmland Preservation.

Here's a simple idea - INVESTIGATE THE WHOLE THING!!!!

Anonymous said...

All of a sudden, it's Roth who looks like the school teacher and Green and Lucas are wearing the dunce caps in the corner.

Anonymous said...

"All of a sudden, it's Roth who looks like the school teacher..."

I don't think so. That's like saying that Qaddafi makes Ahmadinejad look like Thomas Jefferson. It really doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

You can say that Roth is a little user-unfriendly, but she has never been caught with either hand in a cookie jar, which is more than you can say about andy boy and big oopsie.

Be Careful Out There. They've Got .45's. said...

"MANALAPAN — Three Shore-area men arrested in a home burglary on Thomas Drive last week are now facing additional charges related to thefts in Tinton Falls.
Creg Curry, 31, of Central Place in Long Branch, Bernard Valentin, 31, of Kentwood Boulevard in Brick and Altonio Williams, 34, of Woodland Place in Long Branch, were arrested Thursday afternoon, as Curry drove a vehicle away from the scene of the Manalapan burglary, police said.
Police searched the vehicle, a 2004 maroon Nissan Pathfinder, and recovered a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol and more that $75,000 in jewelry and personal property taken from two homes on Winchester Drive in Tinton Falls that morning, said Capt. Christopher Marsala said. . . . The suspects communicated through cell phones and two-way radios, police said.
Marsala said Manalapan police got wind of the third robbery when a live-in maid spotted the suspects and ran next door to call police. "The live-in maid saw them coming into the house through the back door and ran out the front door," Marsala said. "She called the homeowner and asked him if he was expecting somebody. When he said 'no,' she then called the police."
Williams, who police said is wanted out of Miami-Dade, Fla., was also charged with with possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. Curry, also known as Marcus Curry, was also charged with possession of stolen property that was reported stolen out of Houston, Texas.
Assisting in the arrests were Marsala, officers Joseph Felicia and Reggie Grant, Detectives Joseph Moreto and Charles Alaimo and Patrolman Peter Chalfin."--app

Anonymous said...

"but she has never been caught with either hand in a cookie jar."

Really? How about trying to ram the sports center for her friend down everyone's throat? How about bringing in Lesniak's insurance company in exchange for his telling the Monmouth Dems to make her a candidate for higher office?

How about all of those other insane things she tried to do that made no sense to anyone except the person in the background who quietly would benefit? Do you think that came without a price? Maybe her hand wasn't actually in the cookie jar, maybe she was just selling the cookies. I guess to Larry and Fred, selling the Township's cookies makes her a girl scout.

Anonymous said...

You left out the key feature about that list, it was [allegedly] in alphabetical order.

"Green ...hadn't noticed his sister's name on the seven-page alphabetical list..."

Anonymous said...

You have a mayor giving himself a $13,000 tax cut and a deputy mayor padding his sister's checkbook.

The mayor claims he didn't realize his own property was on the list. The deputy mayor claims he didn't notice his own last name on the list.

With everyone's property taxes going up this mayor feels its OK to lower his own proeprty taxes? With people begging for jobs, he OK's his own sister to have a $22 an hour job?

How you guys haven't been investigated for corruption is way beyond me.

Anonymous said...

When your mayor and deputy mayor have nicknames like "Land Grabber" and "Big Oops" you can almost smell the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Andrew Lucas who is running for Monmouth County Office of Freeholders? I'm guessing that will go over very well with the rest of us taxpayers who are not getting $13,000 property tax decreases.

Anonymous said...

I watched the meeting on TV. It seemed as if Michelle Roth was acting more like the mayor than Lucas was. When you see the committee in action and Roth comes off looking like the adult, you know there's something fishy there.

Anonymous said...

Stu Moskovitz for Manalapan Township Committee!

Anonymous said...

"I watched the meeting on TV. It seemed as if Michelle Roth was acting more like the mayor than Lucas was. When you see the committee in action and Roth comes off looking like the adult, you know there's something fishy there."

LOL. Sure, Larry. arguing over every little meaningless detail that does nothing for the citizenry and makes the entire government look foolish -- something she's been doing for six years now -- is what you call "adult?" And ignoring her and going on with the township's business as the Mayor has done is "not adult?" I see your politics is as brilliant as your business sense.

Anonymous said...

Run Stu Run!

Anonymous said...

"Run Stu Run!"

ok, Larry, maybe your time would be better spent trying to figure out how to earn a living since whether or not Stu runs -- which is about as likely as Sean Hannity working for MSNBC -- Michelle isn't going to be providing your health care once the year ends.

Fred said...

I definitely am endorsing Stu for TC because, while the people now up there have no clue about anything, Stu is smart enough to have some way of knowing who all the anonymous people are who post stuff here about him.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing group of people who run Manalapan.

You have a former cop who the jury is still out on, a deputy mayor who gives his sister a paying job but claims he didn't recognize her own name on al ist and her last name is the same as his. You have a Democrat who knew he couldn't win as a Democrat so he switched parties. You have a mayor who just gave himself a $14,000 tax break while everyone else in town is dealing with high taxes. And then you have a person who has been responsible for more lawsuits started againstthe town than probably anyone else in TC history.

What a group indeed.

Anonymous said...

How many blacks are members of the Yorktowne club?

NONE! They aren't allowed on the bus much less sit in the back. Right, Mr. Lucas?

Anonymous said...

Well at least Lucas doesn't have a future as Freeholder!!

Vast amount of County Committee members have discussed his situation--thanks in part to blogs like this and Moremonmouthmusings--and say Andy's career is over

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked his registration forms filed with the SEC to see what conflicts are disclosed relating to his business and his position on the TC?

Anonymous said...

Lucas will become Freeholder. He will get more land paid for by our tax dollars and we will be on the butt end of his wrath as he and his political bastard friends take, take and take.

Say anything to get elected and do what ever you want after you are elected. Isn't that what he told you Mr. Green?

Anonymous said...

Hell in a hand basket right here in Manalapan. Lucas sold out everyone who ever trusted him. The sad ones are those who went back for seconds, thirds and fourths!

Anonymous said...

He went from a hated rival of Michelle Roth to being her best buddy. He went from being a rival of James Gray to having him as his mentor. He was the product of a winning campaign of Stu Moskovitz to leading the charge to sue him - and lose the case and leaving Manalapan residents holding the bag. It's amazing how this guy who is fast becoming a career politician plays the game.

Anonymous said...

I find it shocking the state hasn't investigated this town's politics. You guys are making Newark's politicians seem virtuous.

Anonymous said...

what's amazing is that you haven't been disbarred yet.

Anonymous said...

Manalapan Republicans against Lucas!

He must not have the keys to the county taxes!!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up. He's equally as responsible for all of these lawsuits brought by people who the town has gone after as much as Roth is. He can blame Roth or the lawyers all he wants to, but ultimately he was either the mayor or on the cojncil at the time and voted YES for all of them. To me he's the Manalapan Republican's version of Michelle Roth.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lucas treated me badly. When I told him I didn't like him but thought what Micelle Roth was trying to do to him was wrong, he apologized to me. Now I love Andrew Lucas. I think he is a changed man. We should elect him as a Freeholder. He is a changed man!