Monday, February 21, 2011

We Told You So - Welcome To Ward Island!

Well over a year ago when we first said there were serious chinks in the armor of da Manalapan Democrats, there were some who said we were "making up lies," and even worse. Hate to say we told you so.

We criticized da leadership. We said there were issues between da Queen and her latest running mate. We told you da Manalapan Democrats were facing da distinct possibility of being shut out of Manalapan government in less than one year. We even said there could be some differences of opinion between some people on da dredded "Hate" chat site involving Lawrence of Manalapan.

Welcome to Ward Island - population --- SHRINKING FAST!!!! Hate to say we told you so.

Here are da issues:


In three elections, da Queen has had three different running mates. Since losing in 2004, there have only been limited sightings of Running Mate #1 Beth Ward. One was nearly getting into a fight at a Township Committee meeting with another woman during da dredded "Because I Hate Italians" fiasco and the other was last year making serious news during "Land Grab-gate." Running Mate #2 Mr. Anthony Gennaro left da Manalapan Democrats during da "Because I Hate Italians" fiasco because of circumstances surrounding da participants. Now, Running Mate #3 is jumping on his tractor and driving away from da Queen before his term in office is over.

Farmer Don is not going to become an Independent however. He's announced his intentions to not just join da Manalapan Republican party, but he wants to be on da ticket and go up head-to-head against da Queen! Da 2011 Manalapan Township Committee elections haven't even started yet, and now they're turning into da biggest election since 2004!

DaTruth here is - for Farmer Don to take this type of action means he is either spiteful and vindictive, or he seriously believes da Manalapan Democrats are severely out of touch and wants nothing more to do with them and their leadership. Since anyone who even remotely knows Farmer Don knows he isn't spiteful or vindictive, then you have to at da very least surmise that either (A) he was told do something he didn't want to do, (B) he can too easily see da corruption through da trees or (C) he came to da conclusion that da Manalapan Democratic party as it is with its current leadership simply wasn't for him anymore, and da best way to change it is to defeat it.


We've said before da Manalapan Democrats were having issues. We've been saying that for years. Eventually da flies catch up to da manure truck, and in this case it took a bunch of years but those flies have reached their nirvana. Where once a united Manalapan Democratic party could do no wrong with a 5-0 supermajority on da Township Committee, it got whittled down to 3-2 thanks to da great politicking of da late Joltin Joe Locricchio, and before you could say "Sue Da Mosked Man" da Republicans took over with a slight majority that just became huge with da defection of Farmer Don, who brought his wife Wanda for da ride.

In da past several years, you had Mr. Anthony Gennaro bolting da Democrats over an issue that came directly from Roth Island, da highly respected and decorated former Manalapan Chief of Police suing not once - but twice over issues that were created on Roth Island, add to that one for Manalapan Rec leader, a decorated symphony conductor, a former Township Administrator, a former Township attorney, da First Amendment lawsuit, and all da hyjinx that has made Manalapan a laughingstock - all coming on or through Roth Island, and you have all da ingredients to make even da most loyal Democrats wave da white flag and defect.

DaTruth is - and this is simple math - too many ill-advised lawsuits they couldn't win + too much waste of taxpayer money + too many good people being under da Manalapan Democratic bus + last year's spectacularly unqualified candidates + da Queen's and "One Bourbon's" Waterloo at da hands of Land Grabber Andy Boy and his handlers = a recipe for disaster.


All you need to do is read this quote attributed to Farmer Don to know that da once powerful team of Manalapan Democrats can now eat from da same pizza with slices to spare.

"The decisions I make are always based on what’s best for our residents. I don’t believe in the petty bickering or partisan politics that permeates the Manalapan Democratic Party. I want to focus all of my energy on making Manalapan an even better place to live, and the members of the Republican Party share that mindset."

Sentence 1: "The decisions I make are always based on what’s best for our residents." This sentence can be taken two ways - (1) Farmer Don wants to do what is right for da people he was elected to serve, and (2) Da Manalapan Democrats don't give a rat's hind region about what is best for town residents.

Sentence 2: "I don’t believe in the petty bickering or partisan politics that permeates the Manalapan Democratic Party." Unfortunately for "One Bourbon" and da Queen, there is simply no "Gray" area here. In this sentence he specifically points da blame at da party leadership using da words "bickering" and "partisan politics." In effect, he's calling out da leadership and showing that backroom deals and one-upsmanship has destroyed da Manalapan Democrats, and he's spent too much time on da bus and this is his stop.

Sentence 3: "I want to focus all of my energy on making Manalapan an even better place to live, and the members of the Republican Party share that mindset." In another slap in da face of da Queen and Gerry "One Bourbon - One Shot & One Beer" Ward, da respected Farmer Don simply says that he had two choices - work with da people who want what is best for da town or work with da people who care only about themselves. We all see who he picked.


Da defection by Mr. Anthony Gennaro was probably da "first strike" but is miniscule in comparison to Farmer Don's dissing da party. Farmer Don was da shrinking team's white knight. Now that da white knight rode off on da horse he rode in on - and galloped at high speed to da enemy GOP'er party and da Democratic-hated Land Grabbing mayor - it leaves not much at all for da Democrats to hang their hats on.

It seems as if ever since BaconHead Award-winning intrepid reporter Cathy Barratta left da Snoozer, Democratic press release alleged stories haven't been able to get into print as easy. And, ever since Chatty Cathy decided to side with Land Baron Andy Boy on at least one key issue against Lawrence of Manalapan, even her chat room is looking more Republican.

Da massive loss of "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit hurt both da Democrats and da town's credibility. Da First Amendment case some say was da prime reason both da mojo and da credibility was taken from da Manalapan Legal Dream Team and handed da victory to da Mosked Man.

"Because I Hate Italians" was never forgotten, and neither were da cases against Chief Brown that backfired directly on da Manalapan Democrats.

Put all of this together, with questionable leadership from Ward Island, two spectacularly unqualified candidates in last year's election, starting and losing easy-to-lose lawsuits, taking on an opponent in da Mosked Man for all da wrong reasons, heavy-handed tactics against some respected folks on da township payroll, and you can see why Farmer Don put his tractor into overdrive and shifted gears to da Manalapan GOP'ers.


This one may be too easy to call.

(1) With da Manalapan GOP'ers holding a 4 to Roth majority, da Queen's tenure for da rest of da year will make da way she treated Mr. Anthony Gennaro during his last two years on da committee seem like a catered picnic at Manalapan Rec. Embedded GOP'er sources say da GOP'ers plan for handling da Queen will be to simply ignore her at every turn. No matter what she says or does, ignore her.

(2) With Farmer Don running as a GOP'er, he will be paired with a member from da Yorktowne Club which will again mean victory for da GOP'ers and cement da Yorktowne Club as da political power base for Manalapan.

(3) If she even runs for reelection, look for da Queen to pair herself with a well-known someone from Covered Bridge. She will use da "what has da GOP'ers done for you lately" line to rouse them up, coupled with a few surprises to get their votes which she will need to avoid a landslide loss.

(4) We believe it is very possible there could be da potential for a power play for da leadership of da Manalapan Democrats.

(5) At da end of da day, Manalapan GOP'ers will hold a 5-0 super-majority come January 1, 2012.

(6) Manalapan Mayor Andy Boy will run in a primary for Freeloader this year - and lose.

(7) Oh, and Chris Christie will run for President in 2012.

And that's daTruth.


Eddie in Edison, NJ said...

From an outsideer looking in, it seems to me that the person who is in charge of the town's Democrats has completely lost charge of the situation. Maybe as they say it is time for a "regime change" for the Democrats in town. It seems like the Republicans have their act together.

Anonymous said...

Larry Roth for Manalapan Democratic Municipal Chairman!

Anonymous said...

I think Gray & Lucas plan for tearing down Roth and Ward and the Democrats was played to perfection. Roth is 8 months away from losing an election, Ward is 10 months away from leading a party with no seats that the party, and the last two Manalapan elected officials to the TC have quit their party DURING their term in office. What does that say about Jery Ward's so-called leadership?

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of sycophants. Each and every one of you.

Anonymous said...

I take offense!@$#

Don is not a farmer! He is a retired plummer pretending to be a farmer!! To vote a million dollars so Lucas can buy some farm land doesn't make you a farmer. Kiss my farmer ass!!!

Anonymous said...

@Kiss my farmer ass!!!

How about tearing down a historical house that should have been classified as a landmark???

Kiss my farmer ass! said...

Yeah, Lucas didn't want to circa a house because it might not have been in his best interest. I mean where would he get his money if we spent it to preserve our historic heritage?

He lawyer talked his client into tearing down the shool on 33 when a question was raised whether it was a historic site.

Lucas has beed legally connected for years!

Anonymous said...

I hear Andy wants to limit the amount of time that members of the TC can speak their meeting reports. Didn't he learn anything from that First Amendment case he brought against Moskovitz - AND LOST!

Anonymous said...

I've read here about a historic landmark that some politician wanted to tear down. Which site was this? And would that have been legal?

Anonymous said...

Kathy Barratta for Manalapan Township Committee!

Anonymous said...

Stu Moskovitz for President of the United States. Unlike Obama, he was born here.

Anonymous said...

Living in Covered Bridge I would like to know which well known person in Covered Bridge will be running with Da Queen (if she runs). The manager of Covered Bridges web-site is not allowed to address this on its Resident Input page. Hmmmmm?????. I asked and was told because it is Political and only a rumor.