Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Republican Candidates Beware - Andy Boy Votes To Send State Police Packing

Apparently this one didn't mean much to da local coupon clipper, but you ask some TruthTellers and you watch their jaws drop in horror. It involves da police, and a lone township committeeperson who turned their back on da proud men & women who keep us safe.

Here's a little history:

For some time, there has been talk about shutting down da State Police barracks in Allenwood (Wall Township). Da land is valuable, and there are some who would like to sell da land, kick out da police, and build something that can bring in revenue for da taxpayers while making some developers $$$$$$.

There are a lot of folks against it. Local residents depend on da state police as their own police force. Unlike a town like Manalapan, some towns have little or no local town police. Those same police also help patrol da Garden State Parkway. But more important is their work in da local communities they serve.

State Senator Tom Kean, a GOP'er, came out strongly against kicking da State Police to da curb, and he wasn't alone.

Da Asbury Park Press wrote a scathing editorial against da closure of da Allenwood barracks saying, "The four squads of troopers at Allenwood responded to 6,226 calls in 2007, not including traffic tickets and assists to motorists. The Allenwood closing could strain other area law-enforcement agencies if State Police coverage is diminished or delayed. And the lack of a strong, permanent State Police presence close to the junction of Interstate 195 and the Garden State Parkway is troubling."

Da key point in da whole problem is this - "The closing — part of a state effort to save money — came after the state and the property owner could not agree on terms to renew the Allenwood lease."

You have a state that's paying - using TAXPAYER MONEY - over $80 million to fix up a park in Trenton, over $7 million for a failed study on raising Turnpike tolls 800%, politicians still celebrate Christmas in Trenton every time a budget passes, yet for some strange reason they don't have 2 nickels to rub together to protect citizens?

However, the above statement regarding not being able to figure out da lease, could potentially allow a developer to swoop in, and daTruthSquad hears it may be to build a bunch of new homes.

How ironic - we kick out da police, then build a bunch of new homes and have people move in but not provide them proper police protection! Who could possibly be pathetic enough to support that?

Well, developers will love it, because they'll make $$$$$$, and some politicians who support those developers will love it because they'll get campaign $$$$$$$.

Now, let's fast forward to a Manalapan Township meeting back in March......

One of da 5 members of da Manalapan Township Committee announced a resolution condemning that decision to close da Allenwood barracks. After making that motion, each member of da committee had their chance to make a statement for or against, and even ask questions so they could make their decision.

Do you wonder who was da lone individual who wanted to hand da police their eviction notice?

If you said Mr. Anthony Gennaro - you're wrong. He's a friend of da people who protect us and he voted to pass da resolution opposing kicking da State Police out of Allenwood.

If you said Susan Cohen - you're wrong again. She too was adamant against what da state wants to do to da state police, and she like Mr. Gennaro voted proudly to pass da resolution opposing kicking da State Police out of Allenwood.

If you said da Queen Mayor - and this may shock you - you're wrong again! Not only did she read da resolution, she too voted to pass da resolution opposing kicking da State Police out of Allenwood.

If you said Cash Klauber - this won't shock you - but you're still wrong. DaTruthSquad can't remember a time when Cash didn't vote da same way da Queen has.

So, since da resolution condemning da eviction of da State Police passed 4-1, let's see who voted to kick da police in their backsides?

If you said alleged Manalapan / and or Freehold resident and alleged GOP'er Committeeman Andy Boy, you'd be right!!!

Now, why would Andy Boy, an alleged GOP'er in a party that is allegedly pro-police decide that having da state police in nearby Allenwood isn't worth da cost to da citizens?

Maybe that's a question da local Snoozepaper should have asked? We all sure wish they did.

Maybe that's a question that should be asked of Andy Boy at da next Township Committee meeting?

Maybe that's a question his protege candidates, Blogger Bill Garcia & Ryan "3rd Place" Green should be asking of their key supporter?

Maybe that's a question Blogger Bill should be blogging about?

DaTruth is, dissing da police demands a response. Why did Andy Boy vote against supporting da State Police? What was his reasons? Anyone who watched da meeting knows he asked Tara Tiara 2 questions regarding da resolution? What questions did he ask? What was Tara's response?

In an editorial, State Senator Tom Kean hit da nail on da head. Closing the Allenwood Barracks is more than just another slight to Monmouth County; it is a dangerous decision that will impact the safety of the entire region. It is worth noting that, just recently, a known member of the Surenos 13 street gang from Philadelphia was apprehended in Wall Township. In addition, our area has a number of sites, such as the Monmouth Executive Airport in Wall, which could be an inviting target for terrorists. One cannot help but wonder about the logic of reducing police presence in our area given the level of violent crime presently taking place in Asbury Park. Equally troubling is the impact that this decision could have on Trooper safety. For instance, a Trooper who pulls over a vehicle on Route 35 in Neptune Township would depend on back-up responding from Hamilton Township in Mercer County or Sayreville in Middlesex County.

Then again, considering all the problems noted at Thompson Park & Manalapan High School, what has Committeeman Andy Boy done? Well, give that man a "BaconHead" because so far, he's done nothing.

And, if anyone should know this it would be former failed-Freeloader candidate Andy Boy, but Upper Freehold, Rooselelt, and Millstone have no police departments of their own. They rely on the State Police for protection!

DaTruth is, da two people who should be concerned da most is Blogger Bill & 3rd Place Green. They are da ones who have to stand with Andy Boy, as he and Iron Girth are their biggest backers. Da simple fact more than a month has gone by and not one word from 3rd Place Green and not one blog from Blogger Bill shows either they support kicking da State police out of Allenwood, or they had no idea about Andy Boy's vote, meaning they are out of touch with what is happening in da very same Town Hall they hope to occupy.

Da editorial ended with da sentences, "Meanwhile, Kean and his bill's co-sponsor, Sen. Robert Singer, R-Ocean, should insist Fuentes level with everyone affected by the Allenwood decision by justifying it in terms of finances and public safety."

Da very same can be asked of 3rd Place Green or Blogger Bill. They should insist their mentor Andy Boy come clean and answer as to why he wants to evict da police. If they don't disavow their mentor, then it will be very difficult for anyone who stands with da police to support their candidacy. You know their primary opponents, da very qualified Butch Budai & Steve Johnson will be asking those questions. You also know if they do get through da primary, da Queen will certainly be asking those questions - which begs da question - is it even possible these 2 guys are in da race to throw it to da Queen?

And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

You failed to mention the State Police just relocated to Farmingdale.

This is a non story.

Anonymous said...

Only a handful of officers relocated there. The serious issue that Sean Kean is fuming about is still a problem.

And although I don't always agree with the Stu-squad, I do agree here. McEnery's 2 candidates better speak up before either the primary or Roth paints them as not being friends of the police. The Squad is right, because if I were a Republican in Manalapan I wouldn't be voting for those guys and I'd base that vote squarely on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Non-story. Sounds like something the Transcript or one of their reporters would write.

Anonymous said...

If it were really a non-story, Kathy Baratta would already have covered it.

Anonymous said...

Not true. If it were a non story, Kathy Barrata would have written about it, but she would have blamed Moskovitz for it IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Just got back from my business trip and read the Andy Boy story about his vote. I think it is a valid question to ask McEnery's hand picked candidates, Green and Garcia or as I call them Gareen Team. The question is legitimate, how and why did Andy Boy support this closure of the Police Barracks in Wall? As for Roth, look, we are not deaf, dumb or blind, McEnery and Ward met for breakfast in Feehold Boro, made a deal to help get Roth in again by McEnery running the weakest duo he could find, the Gareen Team. The bigger picture IMHO is that McEnery made the deal to protect Andy Boy and keep him in good graces with the Democrats on the dais. Budai and Johnson need to get their campaign for the primary up and running. They are the only chance this town has. They have to beat Roth and Holland in November. God knows we can't afford Roth or her "I hate Italians" husband Larry for 3 more years.

a manalapan republican said...

I detest these blogs but I do read them to keep up with things happening.

With that said, I'm furious that neither the Transcript or the Asbury Park Press did not have any story about what Lucas did to the police. As a registered Republican I'm shocked and appalled. By not standing with the police Lucas has fiven the Republican party a black eye. Since neither candidate, Green or Garcia (that I would have voted for) have said anything for over a month and are still silent, they have lost my vote. I will go out of my way to vote in the Manalapan primary in June, and I will cast my vote straight down the line for Johnson & Budai.

I may not like these blogs, but I'm gaining some respect for them.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love this printed on NJ.com today. The truth speaks volumes........McEnery you are toast!

Chairman clears up info about endorsementsIwould like to clear up some confusion that exists about the Republican candidates for Manalapan Township Committee. Ryan Green and William Garcia have received the endorsement of the official Republican County Committee.


The members of this committee are elected by the voters every two years, in June, at the time of the primary elections. They are the only legally constituted body who can officially endorse candidates seeking the Republican Party's nomination for elective office.


Steve McEneryRepublican Municipal Chairman- Manalapan


Publicola said...

Greetings Friends and Neighbors,

I post hereto once more, as an anonymous and new resident of the Pan, interested in staying involved with my local government in general and the local GOP, in particular.

This learned and respected blog is excellent and reporting issues that do not get the play they deserve in the traditional media, and I applaud its efforts in this regard. In many of your postings, however, you insinuate or imply that there is some kind of covert accord between the Democrat Mayor and the Chair of the GOP. As a new neighbor and committed Republican, I would like to know more about this theory. Is there public evidence? Am I misinterpreting your words? Are there any other sources to learn more of this cross-party hanky-panky?

Additionally, once again, I humbly request that someone assist me in learning when the local GOP committee meetings are, how one can get involved and whether there are any other Republican clubs around worth participating in? Many thanks in advance.

Humbly and anonymously yours,


Anonymous said...

First off Publicola, no one in Manalapan calls it "Pan." Although, you may be right in assuming you have located yourself in the "Frying pan."

Andrew Lucas sold out every running mate he ever had. When he dumped Joe L. he swore he didn't make a deal to be mayor. Less than two weeks later he became mayor with votes from the two Democrats. When Anna Little won the Freeholder seat, and Lucas lost, Andrew participated in the demand to have Anna give up her seat so Andrew could be appointed to the seat. When Andrew asked Susan Cohen to be his running mate, he had already started his own committee to elect. After the primary, he quit talking to her and Steve McEnery took ALL THE MONEY and gave it to Andrew. Susan, the republican candidate and running mate, got NOTHING.

You want to know about the frying pan? Andrew and McEnery brought two candidates to the county committee vote and stacked the committee so they would be chosen over Butch and Steve. Just FYI, Butch and Steve helped Andrew get elected. Now, Andrew is selling them out, too!

You want to hear the truth, contact www.manalapanrepublicans2008.com The site will be up soon and Butch, the president of the Manalapan Republican Club, and Steve, the director of the Manalapan Republican Club, can help you get involved.

As for me, you won't see me there anymore. I am done with the whole "Frying pan." I am going to retire in a couple of years and move far away from this mess. Good luck to you!

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

Anonymous said...

You forgot 2005 when he had a big hand in sinking Peter & Miracle's campaign against Roth. One of Benedict Andrew's greatest hits was sending a scathing letter to the editor that he allegedly wrote for another person to send in to the Transcript.

Of course that person wasn't bright enough to remove his email address from the letter, and the Transcript easily figured it out.

Andy Boy is probably the Democrat's best secret weapon against the Republicans, and if Roth wins this year, that means Lucas will have helped her twice to win.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

I wonder what is going to happen when the township introduces their budget to the public Wednesday night. Will Andy Boy Lucas go along with Queen Roth to raise our taxes, instead of cutting the fat out of townhall and nixing their 4.8 million dollar capital spending spree? I think that the Queen and her 2 minions are going to be faced with a real dilemna. The town re evaluated everyones property last year, raising the value of every Manalapan home and taxes. Now in this economic slump the homes are spiraling downward in value. They are not valued at what the town re evaluated them to be but yet we are paying taxes based on the re eval higher rate. With the lower value in home prices, how long will it be before the taxpayers start demanding their property be re evaluated at the current market rate and demand their taxes be lowered? After all the prices are down significantly in town. Economically everyone is feeling the hit from gasoline, to a gallon of milk and let's not even talk about the cost of groceries. Less taxes generated less revenue to spend. Times they are a changing and the taxpayers are fed up with the Queen and her refusal to cut the fat in townhall and her spend, spend, spend capital budget mentality.

Anonymous said...

Wow, are you clueless. Revaluations take place every ten years. The township committee didn't do it because they felt like doing it, but rather because state law required it. If everyone in town demanded that their houses be reappraised, all that would happen is the effective tax rate on the lower values would increase. The township committee cut a lot of expenses over the past two years, and currently have a hiring freeze. What "fat" are you suggesting be cut? ALmost half of the new bonding initiative is for infrastructure like roads. Do you want this put off so the condition of the roads deteriorate and the cost to fix them goes up?

It's easy to sit in the cheap seats and criticize...how about coming up with real, tangible suggestions.

Anonymous said...

No it is you who are clueless. I did not read that Changing Times accused the township committee of re evaluations or blaming them. Wow you are very defense.

Did you read the article a few weeks ago about the 2 men in Jackson from the Westlake community who challenged the tax assessor? They had their taxes lowered. The assessor has an onslaught of appeals and actually re assessed the entire area resulting in lower taxes. The town lost 2.4 million because of it but they did the right thing for their residents. Lower home prices equate to less taxes. You are clueless. We are spending too much for our property taxes based on the current market. Changing Times didn't mention the infrastructure. Maybe Changing Times saw the same thing you yourself said. "Half of the capital bond is for infrastructure." HALF of $4.5 MILLION DOLLARS IS $2.25 MILLION. You can cut $2.25 million in FAT. $500K bucket truck DPW just can't live without a to change light bulbs at the REC. What is the truck going to do on the 363 other days out of the year when it is not in use????Ask the fire company to lend a fire engine to do it. Shared services. Plus more amenities for a rec center that does not generate a dime. Cut some of the assistants of the assistants out in townhall. I agree with Changing Times it is time politicians like Roth, Lucas and Klauber get real with how they spend other peoples money-ours.

Anonymous said...

Jackson has not had a reevaluation for about 15 years.

FYI some homes valuations in Manlapan were already lowered this year.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they were due to appeals.

Anonymous said...

Nope those were the 2007 reductions, there were unsolicited 2008 reductions.

Anonymous said...

You are a great source of knowledge. Are you one our elected officials or are you a township employee?

The average resident wouldn't have that type of information at their finger tips now would they?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I read my assessment that was mailed to me.

Anonymous said...

I read my assessment too and it only mentioned my house. No others.
Your previous statement said some homes valuation had already been lowered.

Anonymous said...

I think you've been exposed, Larry Roth

Anonymous said...

do you still hate italians, larry?

does your wife, the woman behind lucas, still hate the jews?

do you both still support the apartheid loyalists?

bet you do!

Anonymous said...

Wrong, idiot. Farmindale only provided a "place" for Troopers to do their reports in hopes of having one stay around. Their is no SP barracks in Farmingdale.