Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BREAKING NEWS - PuPu Exits Stage Left!!!!!

As daTruthSquad has been saying all along - Commissar Adam "PuPu" Puharic for da good of da Republican Party in Monmouth County must walk da plank. Under his reign of terror Monmouth Republican foot soldiers walked away in droves, donations slowed to a trickle, and 2 of da 5 prized Freeloader seats went to Democrats - a first in over 2 decades!

Along with his other many un-accomplishments, PuPu blamed everyone but himself, for da Hatch Act (first reported here), for losing Freeloader seats, for his ultra-secretive "Vetting process," for failed choices of candidates, and for backing those who led da party astray.

Now news that he will indeed NOT run for reelection as County GOP Chairman!

Here are the excerpts of the letter posted on the GOP website & email statement, including thanking his "cast of characters," many of whom had a hand in destroying da Monmouth Republican party as we knew it:

Wednesday May 14, 2008

When I was elected Chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Committee in June of 2006, I inherited a civil war, a party morally-bankrupt and headed for near certain collapse. I haveoften described my first few days as walking into an old western movie, straight into the middle of a bar-room brawl.

I made two promises. The first was that I would fight with every fiber of my being to keep Monmouth County Republican. There was no burden I wouldn't personally bear. There was no obstacle I would not climb over, or bull through. Everyone who had an earnest desire to work for a Republican victory was a friend.Everyone who harbored a personal agenda not helpful to the teameffort - was not.

We have weathered a terrific storm in our time as Monmouth County Republicans. In the aftermath of Operation Bid Rig, we were forced to retain control of the Freeholder board, recapture every legislative seat, maintain all of our constitutional officers, and keep every party faction from tearing apart the whole. If that wasn't enough, longtime leaders such as Steve Corodemus and Ted Narozanick were not running. Marie Muhler was retiring as our Surrogate. Jen Beck and Declan needed a running mate who would help them secure the victory in the 12th. And Joe Oxley had given his party only three weeks to replace a popular incumbent Sheriff.

To make matters that much worse, we were handicapped at fundraising. Scandals and secret fund accounts forced me to raise campaign dollars with a level of transparency unmatched to this day by any other County political organization. And yet the Democrats continued to wheel $37,000 union checks in while I was grilled daily by the press over $300 contributions. We still managed to raise more each year.

In reviewing the above listed tasks, I hope I make every Bush-hater squirm - mission accomplished.

There was a second promise however. I promised my family that I would not let our personal finances fall below an agreed upon level. I have tried everything in my power to maintain a job that can coexist with the chairmanship. I have held out every hope that this could happen. I waited until this day trying to make the numbers work.

A promise is a promise. Therefore, I am today announcing that I am not able to seek a second term as your county chairman. I want to thank Dana my wife, who stood beside me every day of this two-year journey, and Chuck Casagrande of the Danskin Agency, who has given me a wonderful opportunity here at my new home.

And I want to express my extreme gratitude to the countless Republicans who have been my shield and my sword, my shelter and my rock. There are too many to mention in all, but I want to mention some, who have my friendship forever. Michael Borg (enforcr), Joe Kyrillos, Steve McEnery (Iron Girth), Kathleen Donohue (daughter of Iron Girth), Ron Gravino, Sean Kean, Andrew Lucas (alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident who also raised Manalapan taxes and obscene 28%), Caroline Casagrande (bloggers are "anonymous bomb-throwers" & daughter of his boss), Rob Clifton, Bill Barham (FOC - Friend of Carton), Claire French, Tom Gagliano, John Costigan, Dave Rible, Mary Pat Angelini, Kim Guadagno, Peter Carton, John Cantalupo, Steve Chance, Alan Hodgson, Rich Weiner, Jerry Deltufo, Dan Peters, Mike Skudera, Tom Apostle, Serena DiMaso, Noreen Kelly, John Bennett, Bill Dowd, Fred Neiman, Rick DeMichele, Rob Ortiz, Rich Zeoli, Phil Morin, Keith Davis, Bill Layton, Mark Duffy and John Raue. I did my best. You outdid me. Please forgive me for returning home on my shield.

And to the Monmouth County Republican Party, our best days are in front of us. We have weathered the storm. We will win this year. The county is safe. Never lose faith in the party we belong to. Don't allow cynics to sell out our values to an over-reaching press. Don't trade leadership for the whims of the mob. Thank you for letting me lead this party through some dark days.

I will always be proudest of three achievements in my life. I am blessed to be married to the greatest person in the world. I am thankful to be a father of four outstanding children. And I will forever cherish the time I had as the Monmouth County Republican Chairman. Thank you.


You forgot the plug said...

Adam Puharic
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aMalcontent said...

Can he take McEnry & Lucas with him?

Anonymous said...

Is it still breaking news after it "broke" yesterday a.m. on other blogs and was front page in todays APP?

Anonymous said...


Happy Middletown GOP said...

I don't know who to feel worse for.

Iron Girth McEnery for losing the person keeping him in power?

Iron Girth's daughter Kathleen for potentially losing another political patronage job?

Or the Monmouth Democrats for losing the best thing to ever could have happen to them - Puharic becoming GOP Chairman?

Anonymous said...

Thank God! Tyranny will soon end!!

Anonymous said...

Should US Attorney crime buster Chris Christy look into a suspected deal that if Pu PU ran Cassaporkface her daddy would give Pu pU a job ?

Looks like Pu Pu's tenure was a loser 2 years. Even though Cassapork's daddy gave Pu PU a job a loser is always a loser. So long loser. I would buy insurance from a street bum before a loser like Pu Pu.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your bubble anonymous, but there is nothing illegal about Phuaric taking a job with the father of the candidate he personally selected over other candidates. Obviously it drips of nepotism and is sleazy and makes the Repoublican party look like a bunch of pathetic corrupt party bosses only out for themselves, but it's not illegal.

Anyway, there's other things Christie could look into in Monmouth County and find plenty of corruption.

Vote for Butch & Steve! said...

Vote for Butch Budai & Steve Johnson in the Manalapan GOP primary!

That would be the final nail in the tyranical seige of Iron Girth!

Anonymous said...

Greeen and Garcia for Township Committee!

Anonymous said...

Sure, then, like Andrew Lucas, he can run for Freeholder next year. Like Andrew, Ryan Green runs for office only to run for another office. He has no intention of actually doing a good job for anyone who elected him. Ryan ran last month for school board, and immediately turned around to run for township committee, thumbing his nose at the people who elected him to the school board expecting him to fulfill his commitment -- at least for a full month. Like Andrew Lucas, he will have a very short lived political career. People can sense when someone is a total waste.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong! Green was chosen by McEnery to run for the township committee BEFORE he ran for the school board. He knew he was going to bail on the kids if he won. Isn't that FRAUD? Who would vote for such a user?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I agree with you when you say Ryan Green was picked by McEnery to run for TC before he ran for the school board.

I do believe McEnery went after him, and Green should have picked between the 2 jobs. If he continues to run he is indeed showing he wasted our time and vote in the school board election.

Forthat reason, I will not vote for him or his running mate who I've never heard of before.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but it does seem more likely that Republican Steve McEnery is doing everything he can to make sure Democrats win in Manalapan this year. His 2 spectacularly unqualified candidates have no chance against Roth, where Butch & Johnson could put up a great fight. If I were a Republican, I'd be wondering what the hell is going on with the manalapan Republican party.


Anonymous said...

I like that, BAIL OUT ON THE KIDS!

Whatever did those kids do for you, right Mr. Green?

Anonymous said...

The big question is whether or not Steve McInery will be in charge after November.

Anonymous said...

You want him out, it will be in June. Within seven days after the primary election...if you vote column 3...Guaranteed!

Anonymous said...

So in other words, his job is safe.

Anonymous said...

yep, every bit as safe as you said Puharic's federal job was.

Anonymous said...

Never said that was. Adam is a commisson based guy who can't devote the time. Steve is in a different situation. He'll be here this fall.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that a Republican municipal chairman covered up one of his past candidates getting stopped for DUI.

This person told me a candidate was stopped and let go and somehow this Republican chairman knew about it. Supposedly a township committeeman knew this too and did not report the incident to the authorities thus covering it up.

My question is... would that committeeman be in any kind of trouble for doing that? Would the chairman or the cop who supposedly let this past candidate go on driving while DUI be in trouble?

I hope it is not true, but if it is, how do we go about verifying this?

Anonymous said...

Isn't his son-in-law a cop in Englishtown?