Monday, May 12, 2008

GOP Grumblings – Where's PuPu Planning to Nest?

MoreMonmouthMusings reports on his website that da casa of Monmouth County GOP Head Honcho Adam PuPuPuharic is up for sale. According to Weichert Realtors, da asking price is just over $364,000 for his palatial Aberdeen estate.

Casa da PuPu comes complete with 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, a landscaped yard, and even a shed! Thanks to Honest Abe for his added info on this.

DaTruthSquad and all da TruthTellers hope da move by PuPu is a good one.

Unfortunately, da story does not end there. At da last meeting of da TruthTellers, someone asked da silver dollar question – where is PuPu moving to?

If you’re a GOP’er wouldn’t you like to know? Actually, you have da right to know.

What if PuPu were moving to Ocean County, or Mercer County, or Brazil? If he lives outside da county borders, he cannot be county chairman (although it apparently didn’t matter in da last Manalapan election). Reports have said this move has been kept quiet. Why?

PuPu has complained, according to our friend Musings that his move is some sort of “a security issue.” DaTruthSquad had no clue of PuPu’s self importance, however, we will give PuPu da benefit of da doubt on this one. If it is such a “security issue” for you, then feel free to hire your “enforcers” to help you move. We’re sure da exercise for them couldn’t hurt, although it wouldn't surprise anyone if da last time Iron Girth grabbed a couch it was to take a nap on.

Now that da poop is out of da bag, it’s time for PuPu to come clean and let his GOP’ers know where he will be moving. Remember, one usually puts their house for sale when they plan to move somewhere, and da people who elected him have da right to know if he’s leaving da county.

He has said he’s running for reelection, so what if he’s moving out of da county? He would be wasting da time of every GOP’er.

DaTruthSquad believes that this move will be a good thing, but it should also include PuPu moving out of his Freehold GOP office. Under his “leadership,” da only 2 Freeloader seats to be lost in da last 20+ years happened, and da party is tactics and attacks against fellow GOP’ers have fractured da party worse than even daTruthSquad has witnessed here over da last 3 decades! If this party has any chance of winning in November, and even that may be out of reach now, new leadership is vital in order to attempt to regain control of da Freeloader board when da Democrats take over in January.

While it was tough to sort through da myriad of them only to pick da 5 best-fo-da-worst PuPu blunders, daTruthSquad has come up with “Da PuPu’s Top 5 Worst BaconHead Moves as GOP Commissar.”

#5 - - Saying we needed Rudy Giuliani to run for US Senate in NJ against Lautenberg. By saying we need a New Yorker, he basically says there are no good GOP’ers in da house.

#4 - - Adding da words “vetting process” to da GOP’er lexicon, insuring candidates like Anna Little are shoved out of office and people like Andy Boy Unanue are asked to carry da GOP’er flag.

#3 - - 2 words – HATCH ACT!

#2 - - 2 other words – Anna Little

And #1 - - - Describing with absolute & complete clarity exactly da type of people who are a part of PuPu’s inner circle by allowing da following words to escape when his foot became un-lodged from his mouth, “people who gain monetarily or are mentally unstable make up the majority of political operatives available to a chairman as willing workers.”

DaTruth is, Adam PuPu has had 2 years to keep his promise of uniting da party and making it stronger. His 2 years as Commissar have left da Monmouth GOP fractured and teetering on losing control of da county for da first time since Reagan was President. Da party needs new leadership. Da party needs to remove da perception of bullying, strong-arm tactics, elitism, cronyism, nepotism, Carton-ism, McEnery-ism, and da many other “ism’s” that have turned away hard working footsoldiers of da party.

If Adam PuPu wants to move out of Aberdeen, that’s his choice. For da best of da Monmouth GOP, he also needs to hang a "For Sale" sign at his desk and move out of his Freehold office.

And that’s daTruth.


Middletown GOP said...

I have to give you credit where credit is due. You're 100% correct, this joke of a party boss has to go. If he moves out of the county, good riddance.

Manalapan republican said...

Puharic has done almost as much to further the Democratic cause in Monmouth County as Andy Lucas in Manalapan has, who wouldn't even support his own running mate last year but cast the dceciding vote for Michelle Roth as mayor this year.

Publicola said...

Greetings friends and neighbors~

Would someone please be kind enought to let me know when the election is for GOP positions and when and where GOP meeetings take place in Monmouth County. I would be much obliged for your information.

Many thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

but cast the dceciding vote for Michelle Roth as mayor this year.

Not quite, as mayor he did noty even vote

It was Cohen, Klauber and Roth who voted for Roth as Mayor. Gennaro voted no and Lucas congratulated Roth.

Anonymous said...

GOP Meetings -- Republican Club meets the third Tuesday of each month, usually, but not always, at Mamara's. For the best information, contact Butch or Steve Johnson and they'll be happy to tell you.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous. It's true that Andy didn't vote this year, but that's only half the story. Last year, he made a deal with the democrats to do whatever they asked in exchange for their vote for him for mayor. No one can possibly argue with the fact that Andy turned out to be by far the worst mayor in Manalapan's history. If nothing else, at least every other mayor actually lived in Manalapan while they were mayor and didn't raise taxes 28%. This year, he insisted on being reannointed mayor despite being brutally awful and incompetent. Because of his deals with the democrats, the only way to prevent him from dropping Manalapan further into the toilet was for Susan to take the only other option offered. Klauber and Roth made it clear that her choice was Lucas or Roth. That was really no choice at all. Lucas simply could not have been considered by any reasonable person. Lucas then didn't vote, so that he could stay tied to the Democrats and make it look like Susan had made the deal, not him. Anyone who knows Andy knows that like his mentors McEnery and Shapiro, he makes up for his lack of intelligence with sliminess.

Anonymous said...


I see nobody wants to tell you detailed info. Contact Butch Budai or Steve Johnson at

Go to the contact page and send them your questions. I would bet they are willing to welcome anyone who wants to support Republicans in Manalapan.

Vote June 3rd, Column 3. Butch and Steve have done so much for the Republican party and for Manalapan. Their opponents became republicans this year. It is an easy vote for Butch and Steve.

You may be too late to register to vote. But, if you are registered as a Republican or as an undeclared, just show up to your polling place and say "I want to vote for Butch and Steve!"

Anonymous said...

I recently changed parties because I became very frustrated with my taxes going up and Corzine doing nothing. As a registered Republican, after reading this blog I believe that whomever the establishment is backing is in the pocket of someone and I don't want that. I will be casting a vote for whoever is not on the line. Budei and Johnson get my vote. It does not appear they're in anyone's pockets.

Da Tac man said...

I'm glad to see this blog is still blogging.

I watched your case very closely and I have given money to the EFF in the past. You made a statement by standing up to the Communists running that little town of Manalapan, New Jersey and standing up for the First Amendment.

Your blog is a testament to the way the Internet should be. Keep blogging and keep fighting for us. You may not realize it, but what you did sent shockwaves through every miniscule politician who wants to shut down free speech that they don't agree with. Keep up the great work.

Marc in Tacoma, Washington.

Anonymous said...

If you think that bidet and johnson aren't in anyone's pocket, then apparently you haven't followed the history of the mega mall.

Manalapan republican said...

Hey Iron Girth, do tell how Butch & Steve are in anyone's pockets.

At least make up a good story. As for the truth, you wouldn't know it if you fell on it.

Anonymous said...

They advocate the development on the monstracity on Millhurst Road without regard for the traffic nightmare that it will create. Why?

Anonymous said...

They advocate getting the builder to do what the builders are always required to do when they build a shopping center -- improve the roads to deal with the traffic. That's a lot better than what Shapiro/Ward/Roth/Lucas left us with - thousands of houses being built in that area with no improvements to the road, so that we're going to have massive traffic jams with constant tax increases because we don't have ratables. The fact that the politicians continue to fight the village center is just one more good reason for getting rid of the politicians. As for being in anyone's pocket, there are few people who aren't aware of the fact that Roth/Ward/Shapiro were doing the imprisoned Lynch's bidding in blocking the village center to allow his project to go ahead in Monroe.

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

All one has to do is watch channel 77. They taped their so called "Ad Hoc Committee for Rte 33" open meeting. Watch aand listen to what is being spoken by our former elected officials. Remember it was Shapiro who made the public comment as a member of the planning board that he knew the project-the village- had met all the criteria but he was voting no anyway. It is a joke, Roth appointed all her anti village cronies to sit on the panel. You think that is a fair and impartial panel? If you do I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The Village at 500K feet with route 33 access would have been a good thing, no homes, no theathers just nice shopping and restaurants. Now thanks to Roth the developers have lost the village feeling in their renderings of the site and it will be another epicentre. Even Rich Cohen on the Board said that on channel 77. Roth thinks that every resident of Manalapan can keep absorbing the costs of running Manalapan when she raises our taxes this year again. Maybe she can afford it with her foreign based business. But those of us who earn their money in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can't!!!
Roth has to go and go soon.

Anonymous said...

So, we have a mayor known as the Queen who is responsible for turning a Village Center into just another strip mall so her political friends can score points in the next town over. We have a former mayor who turns his back on fellow Republicans and traveled to the next town over to spend quality time with his "wife" and for the occasional booty call while leading the charge to raise taxes 28%. We have another committeeman who tells residents they work for HIM.

The sad fact is I live in Manalapan. The even sadder fact is these people got elected.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious = why is Roth being blamed for the builders inability to layout 500,000 square feet of retail space into anything other than a "strip mall"? Can it be that the builder is using the same incompetance in picking an architect as he did in picking lawyers and engineers who were unable to force through changes in zoning to allow the original 1.2 million square foot monstrocity to be built? Come to think of it, the Grove in Shrewsbury looks a whole lot like just another 'strip center'. Is that all this builder is capable of?

Anonymous said...

Because she is a convenient target to blame to avoid taking responsibility for just how inneffective the Brunelli/Moskovitz team was in changing the zoning.