Monday, May 19, 2008

URGENT UPDATE: Connecticut To Investigate "Manalapan-Style" Field

Republican leader Steve Johnson has railed about the possibilities of serious health issues related to the "Manalapan-Style" field demanded by by da Queen Mayor and alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident "Defendant" Andy Boy. So has Committeeman Mr. Anthony Gennaro. Both were scolded by angry posters on a message board that they had in effect no clue as to what they were talking about, and by da Gang of Three on da Manalapan Township Committee, which took da implied "Nobody is dead yet from it so it must be OK" attitude.

Well, nobody may be dead yet, but unlike Manalapan's Gang of Three, others are taking da potential seriously.

DaTruthSquad has uncovered that da Connecticut State Attorney General and have agreed to study the potential environmental and health risks linked to artificial turf.

”What we don't know may hurt us - and our children,” Blumenthal said in a news release Friday.“This study will help answer profoundly significant questions that are urgent, because right now our children are using these fields and communities are deciding whether to spend millions of dollars on installing more of them.” The attorney general said he is concerned primarily by the results of a state study that found that rubber crumbles in the turf may contain toxic chemicals that could sicken people or contaminate groundwater. Last year, the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station completed a study determining that the recycled tire crumbs used to soften the synthetic turf fields can emit four volatile organic compounds which can release gases into the air when heated by the sun. The gases could cause short-or long-term health problems."

Note da key words here - "a state study that found that rubber crumbles in the turf may contain toxic chemicals that could sicken people or contaminate groundwater."

Da exact same type of fields Connecticut will investigate is da same type of field da Gang of Three are demanding for da Field of Nightmares!

Now Manalapan officials claim they did a proper investigation and found nothing wrong with da field. Maybe that's true. What is not known is how much Manalapan spent on their "investigation," if da person doing da investigation was competent, if a Oujia Board was used, or if they just held a Seionce to channel the energies of anyone who died from using the field and nobody answered.

What Manalapan knew, thanks to this blog & Mr. Gennaro, was that last year, da "Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station completed a study determining that the recycled tire crumbs used to soften the synthetic turf fields can emit four volatile organic compounds which can release gases into the air when heated by the sun. The gases could cause short-or long-term health problems."

But again, See-No-Evil, Hear-No-Evil, and Looking Evil, known as da Manalapan Gang of Three wanted nothing to do with some study performed by experts in their field. Da Gang of Three also don't believe da Connecticut Attorney General, or a number of high-ranking Connecticut lawmakers. They also don't believe anything da nvironmental Protection Agency is saying out of Washington, DC, who announced it has begun exploring synthetic turf's potential toxicity. That move echoed earlier decisions by two state agencies to study the environmental and health impacts of the fields. The focus: whether components of the rubber such as lead, zinc and arsenic could cause harm if inhaled by players as vaporized gas or washed into groundwater.

Oh, and did daTruthSquad tell you that one of da prime reasons that alarm bells were set off in Connecticut was because New Jersey's Department of Health & Senior Services asked da Consumer Products safety Commission to look into da rubber pellet turf for safety issues?

Oh, and did daTruthSquad also mention California also has questions about synthetic turf fields too?

Oh, and in New York City too.

Oh, and did daTruthSquad tell you they're also studying this same thing in Montreal?

Remember, just because da local Snoozepaper doesn't print it, it doesn't mean it isn't really a "non-starter."

While it is still unknown if da rubber pellet fields in question are safe or unsafe, it's obvious there are too many more questions than answers, which is why both da Connecticut investigation and da EPA believes investigations are warranted. What is also unknown is why da Manalapan Township Committee is rushing at breakneck spped to install a field that is raising so many questions.

DaTruthSquad wonders if people like da Queen Mayor, alleged Manalapan/and or Freehold resident "Defendant" Andy Boy, and Cash Klauber would sign an agreement holding themselves and whoever it was they commissioned using tax dollars to study da effects of da rubber pellet fields be personally responsible for all medical health problems related to da field? They may be quick to sign da agreements to get their names on signs on da field, but would they put their reputations and vast wealth behind it?

DaTruthSquad believes we all know that answer.

DaTruth is, Manalapan's politically connected leaders were made aware of these problems, thanks to da independent investigation launched by Committeeman Gennaro that fell on deaf ears. They also heard from Steve Johnson, who directed his concerns to these same political leaders who, in effect, told him to get lost. Why were these two individuals ingored? Why weren't their concerns listened to? Why weren't they taken seriously?

It could very well be that da fields are OK and not a real health risk. But again, why not wait for da Federal studies into this issue? Why not make sure things are OK from da Federal level, before you place da entire town on da hook if we find out there are actually health issues here? If we do find health issues, will da Mosked man somehow be blamed?

DaTruth is, what da TruthTellers and da people of Manalapan need to do is show up at da May 28th Manalapan Township Committee meeting. That's da night they let da peasants know about da budget they've secretly been working on, and let us know what tax increase da Manalapanites will suffer with -- on top of last year's 28% tax increase! One reason you'll be paying more taxes - da Field of Nightmares. Another reason, da now-worldwide famous "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" First Amendment & Land-Deal-Gone-Bad lawsuit that could very well have cost taxpayers over $150-200,000 dollars for da $10,000 cleanup of a home oil storage tank.

Again, you won't read about it in da local Snoozepaper. That's a shame, as is scraping one of those Snoozepapers off your wet driveway. Da Snoozepaper has to know all of this. Why won't they print a story on da potential health risks? Since Back Page Barratta for some reason isn't asking da hard questions - you will need to. Ask exactly how much money has been spent - down to da penny, on da "Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man" lawsuit and demand evidence? Ask why Manalapan won't wait for da Federal studies on crumb rubber fields to be done before you spend millions of dollars on this "Field of Nightmares" and its upkeep? Ask why Manalapan WILL be getting another big tax increase -- on top of the 28% wallot-breaker Gang of Three led tax increase of 2007?

Go to the May 28 meeting and ask before they stick that vacuum nozzle in your wallot and siphon more money out of it for their lawsuits and pet projects. Ask to see da report Manalapan did on da Field of Nightmares health issues! Ask why Manalapan will be receiving ANOTHER tax hike - on top of last year's astronomical 28% wallot-breaker tax hike! Ask why da Queen keeps blaming "Defendant" Andy Boy for the budgets of 2005 & 2006 that she claims forced Manalapan to raise taxes 28% - and why he says nothing! Ask exactly how much Manalapan's Gang of Three has spent on "Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man," for a mere $10,000 soil cleanup!

Don't be too surprised if they refuse to answer any of these questions. If they do - da silence will be their answers. And that's daTruth.


Anonymous said...

Very weak. This is the bombshell news you promised us in your 5/17 update (which is now gone)? Guess you just like to read your own blog. By the way, the only "defendant" I know about is your friend Stu and his friend Drew. Someone should write a pilot for a sitcom. They could call it the "Drew and Stu" show. Wait, they would take each other to court over who gets top billing! Maybe call it "A couple of defendants", or "Two clowns and a courtroom"

Anonymous said...

Andrew is not Stu's friend although Andrew is the defendant in the Township of Manalapan lawsuit. So that's strike one, Larry. The taxpayers are paying money to bring the suit and paying money to defend the suit, all so Michelle can satisfy her ugly thirst for vengeance at our expense. Second strike is that the lawsuit and the artificial field are going to be the two of the three issues, along with Michelle's second huge tax hike, that finally rid this town of the debilitating cancer you and your wife have become to this township.

Anonymous said...

So what you're telling us Larry is that this isn't news at all, that Michelle knew about the investigation, knew about the dangers, knew she was poisoning our children, and went ahead with it anyway to grab the headlines? What kind of a witch is your wife. Justifying apartheid is not enough for her?

Anonymous said...

don't forget about Klauber. He's voted all along for every payment made on the lawsuit, including the $10,000 to the "expert", the "disbursements" to the contingent fee attorney, and the hourly fees to McCarthy -- the major contributor to the Roth and Lucas campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Is Larry Roth the editor of the Transcript? Maybe that explains why the Transcript always writes great things about Michelle Roth and nasty things about Moskovitz.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I liked the idea ofthat new field, but now after reading this blog and seeing all the proof that there may be potential hazards, I'm not in favor of the new field unless they can 100% prove there are no health risks. I think we should vote to postpone the field until the government studies are released. Anything less could put Manalapan kids at unnecessary risk.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Republican, but if I were and I lived in Manalapan I think Steve Johnson now deserves your vote.

Anonymous said...

Get off Michelle's back!

Ryan "I wanna be a committee man, but, I wanna screw the teachers and the kids first" Green approved the same toxic rubber for the playgrounds. He got the PTA to pay for it, too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know that. So this means I won't be voting for Ryan Green or Michelle Roth this year.

Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

No wonder these politicians hete the bloggers. If it weren't for them, they could hide their back room deals and underhanded deals because the loser Snoozer won't write anything bad about them.

Keep up the good work bloggers. Without you we'd never know the real truth about the Moskowitz lawsuit, the issues with the fields, or what really goes on behind closed doors in town hall.

Anonymous said...

This is news? Chicken Little has cried for years that the sky is falling, yet more than 3,000 of these fields are in use nationwide. No studies have produced conclusive evidence of serious risk. Hey, Steve, tell people not to drink the water or breathe the air...I hear they are both contaminated.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Marlboro and East Brunswick install both these fake fields and rubber surfaced playgrounds over the past year or so? Did we get the benefit of their investigation into safety?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long Larry and Michelle are going to keep posting on these blogs that there's "no conclusive proof" while all these studies continue to get released and governments all across the country are stopping the use of the fields. I guess if they keep denying it, no one will realize how they are risking the lives of our children for their own personal gain until after the election.

Anonymous said...

right. just like there was no proof that Andrew lived in Freehold (pay no attention to the photos of Andrew coming home to Freehold every night, or the utility bills, or the rent checks or all the other proof), or that McEnery and Lucas had secret deals with Ward to sell the Republicans down the river (pay no attention to their meetings at Sweet Lou's or Lucas' father putting Shapiro signs on the front lawn). right. no proof. And I guess there's no proof that Michelle makes her living writing public relations pieces for the white gold companies still oppressing Africans. And I guess there's no proof that Larry said "I hate Italians" while Michelle blamed everyone else instead of just doing the right thing and saying, "Larry made a mistake, one of many that he makes, cause he's that kind of a guy." LOL. If you think Michelle Obama is going to drag Barack down, wait until you see what Larry does for Michelle in November.

Anonymous said...

To te above poster. That's right moron, there is no proof. Only you and your gutless, cowardly friends making baseless allegations. Hopefully, some day, someone will make false statements about you and your family.

Anonymous said...

the "no proof" comment was sarcasm. Before you call someone else a moron, try not to do so while proving that is exactly what you are.It makes you look a lot like Lucas.

Anonymous said...

The tobacco companies had 50 studies that said there was no relationship between smoking and cancer. They had one that said smoking caused cancer. They paid "Billions" for not showing that study.

The Field Turf field has hundreds of studies by major universities across the country and around the world. They outline in detail the dangers. But, hey, Chicken Little is your argument.

You are going to let your kids suffer and risk death because you want them to be able to play immediately after a rain storm.

Who is the quacker here? Where is DYFS when you need them?

Anonymous said...

To the above posting about Andy and Freehold: I would find it very hard to believe a lawyer woul make Andy Lucas a defendant in a lawsuit unless they had undeniable proof. Even the Transcript said his wife lived in another town and alleged he was making booty calls there. Why would his wife live in another town? It's obvious something isn't right with this whole situation, the lawsuit against Moskovitz and Lucas. And if what was allaged is true, that the cleanup cost was only $10,000 and legal expenses and other bills are over $100,000, then at this point bring in the Attorney General and look for the fraud because as a taxpayer there must be some IMHO.

Anonymous said...

To the moron. I know you were being sarcastic, but nevertheless, there is no proof (secret meeting indeed). For the second poster, Stu & Drew refers to Stu and Drew S, both defendants in actions brought against them. Try to keep up, all you foaming at the mouth haters.

Anonymous said...

But it's Andrew Lucas who is the defendant in the Township of Manalapan case now. Apparently YOU haven't been keeping up. Once again, before you call someone a moron, try not to act like one yourself. And stop already with the no proof -- there's been so much proof posted, it's more than was ever presented in the Rosenberg trial. Do you really think that you can keep saying "there's no proof" when everyone is aware of the proof and think anyone will believe you?

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

Did you read the App today where Roth says what is she to do about Manalapan's taxes. She has no choice she says but to raise them. Did Roth ever think to STOP HER SPENDING ???!!!

Did we need to spend 5.9 MILLION DOLLARS to expand a rec center over this past year and last for a facility that does not generate any revenue for us? If the town can't regenerate surplus we are all in big trouble. Thanks to Roth's adamant stance against ratables, ie, the Village, we have no new ratable sources.
I heard Gennaro say at the last meeting that our CFO recommended the town build a hotel. How come Roth does not take this recommendation and explore it?

Seems that Roth feels the taxpayers are the ones who have to take the burden on their backs to keep this town running since she isn't doing anything to generate ratables.

Roth demanded that a synthetic turf field be installed at the rec and has ignored the health reports. . Instead of her spending the 850K for the field why didn't she install a splash pad where she could have generated revenue with admission fees? Plus offer a water feature for our summer rec kids instead of them having to use Marlboros pool. Isn't Roth the one who bragged she has an MBA? We are in a fine mess thanks to her. Next year according to the article today, there is no way to replace our used surplus except to raise our taxes again. Thanks Roth!!! Remember to vote her out in November. Good riddence.

aMalcontent said...

daTruth... when are you going to report about Garcia's blog site plagiarizing other peoples work?

Manalapan: Pension of ex-attorney (James Cleary rec’d $165K)for WMUA unwarranted
May 15, 2008 — billgarcia

The legacy of the imprisoned Frank G. Abate lives on at the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority, officials say.

Google this: "The legacy of the imprisoned Frank G. Abate lives" and you'll see that Alesha William Boyd wrote it for the APP.

Anonymous said...

To the moron who just does not get it. Is the township v Stu over? Is the Stu directed Shapiro senior v sonny boy over? I don't think so. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but that makes Stu and Drew defendants. When Andrew walks, do you apologize for all the bullspit you slung? Probably not, cowards never do, they just slink away under the cloak of anonymity.

Anonymous said...

You keep calling other people morons, and you keep proving you're the moron. Sounds a lot like McEnery to me. You're laughable. Your hatred continues to make you look like a nitwit. Stu is the attorney for ONE of the parties in the Shapiro case, so he's not DIRECTING the lawsuit. It's not a play. And if you could read (which someone who constantly says "supposably" probably can't) you'd know that Andrew is now the defendant in the Township suit, meaning the taxpayers are now paying for both ends of the suit while asking us for a tax increase.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone apologize to the guy who sold out his party, gave us a 28% tax increase, started the frivolous lawsuit in a girlish rage because he didn't get free legal services, served as Manalapan's mayor while living in Freehold and then lied about everything by saying he was living with his mommy while "visiting" his new bride. Is there anything this piece of dirt hasn't lied about?

Anonymous said...

I heard Gennaro say at the last meeting that our CFO recommended the town build a hotel. How come Roth does not take this recommendation and explore it?

Uhm...where? And who is going to build and run it? And how will it do competing against the two new hotels going up in Freehold?

Hotel companies are always looing for sites to build new facilities. If they thought that they could make money by putting one in Manalapan, wouldn't they do it?

Oh, yeah - the idea was suggested by Tony "put vending machines int he rec cent" Gennero, who in over 2 years didn't bring a viable suggestion to the TC. In the immortal words of a former Manlapan mayor, "Thanks for not running again".