Saturday, June 14, 2008

Da Queen and Her Court Are Setting Precedents

DaTruthSquad was reading recently about one of da Queen’s political counterparts. This individual, for whatever reason was none too happy with some peasants who, for whatever reason decided to question and mock authority.

Da politico in question, although it’s not known whether taxpayer money was being used to finance his case, went to a judge to unmask some folks who decided to poke some fun at a politician.

Fortunately for da Chicago fellows, da Electronic Frontier Foundation was in a position to lend a hand.

In da case of Dominic v MySpace, da case would never even make it before a judge and jury. Realizing what one might suspect would be da enormous cost involved, and da unliklihood of winning, da politician simply did da right thing in this case and voluntarily stopped da case, dismissing his own claim.

Unlike da case in Cicero, Illinois, da case of “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man” continues to barrel its way through da legal channels, and at every turn it is not da Queen or alleged Manalapan / and or Freehold resident Andy Boy taking money out of their own pockets to pay da Manalapan Legal Dream Team for their services. YOU DA PEASANTS of Manalapan are da ones paying for it with ANOTHER DOUBLE-DIGIT TAX INCREASE!

In a story written about da Cicero case, it states that, “This case isn’t the first time the EFF has gone to court to argue that public officials are going beyond the law in trying to unmask Web speakers. Late last year, the organization successfully backed a blogger in New Jersey when town officials there were trying to discover his or her identity.”

In their legal brief, da EFF said, “Litigants may not use the discovery power to uncover the identities of people who have simply made statements the litigants dislike.”

That, of course, is eerily reminicient of what happened in Manalapan, New Jersey last year. Da Manalapan Legal Dream Team, under da orders of da Township Committee tried to use da discovery process to unmask not only daTruthSquad, but anyone who posted anything within da blog! They wanted anything and everything – and as da EFF discovered, they didn’t even file da proper legal subpoena to get what they so desperately wanted!

DaTruth is, history was made in Freehold, and Manalapan will always be a party of it.

On that cold December day, when Judge Flynn made his ruling from da bench a precedent was made throughout da land that politicians cannot use their powerful bully pulpits and attempt to silence critics because they dare to not agree with them, or not bend knee to kiss their rings. It means anonymity is once again as safe as da founding fathers of the United States wanted it to be. It says that, yes – you can speak your mind, even if those elected officials who spend YOUR taxpayer money don’t agree.

Da very unfortunate problem in Manalapan, and many other towns like it, is that politicians seize power and use it for their own gain.

Ask da farmers who got “down-zoned,” and ask Hovnanian who is building McMansions on postage stamp-sized land right down da road.

Ask da developer of da Village in Manalapan why not one store bringing much-needed revenue has been built yet.

Ask yourself why your taxes will have leaped over 40% in da past 2 years this year.

Ask yourself why traffic is getting worse in Manalapan.

Ask yourself why you have to go to another town just to get your basic staple items.

Ask yourself why da politically appointed head sewer rat at da WMUA was arrested in a Federal raid?

Ask why at least $130,000 has been spent on a lawsuit with a “Manalapan Legal Dream Team” group of lawyers – whose sole purpose is to recoup $10,600?

Ask why da Township Committee spent some of that money attempting to flush da First Amendment down da toilet? Ask why farmers don’t like da “down-zoning?”

Ask yourself why some wanted to hide under da rug da “Because I Hate Italians” fiasco?

Ask why a former Recreation Director was sent packing?

Ask why a famous symphony conductor was questioned over $4,000 covering at least 5 years?

Ask why Manalapan’s decorated and well loved police chief is under fire from da Queen?

Also, ask why da Chris Christie’s people were investigating Town Hall regarding da Village

Yes, those are a lot of questions for one small town to be asking. Investigations – frivolous lawsuits – sky-high tax increases – people being tossed under da “Roth Express” – and this is just da last 5 years!

Now, ask why da local Snoozepaper has not once, as far as anyone knows, made an OPRA request to find out exactly how much money has been spent on “Da Township of Manalapan vs Da Mosked Man?”

DaTruth is, there is much more to come. And if those in da media won’t look into it, then maybe as bloggers and peasants it’s our job to uncover da Truth.


Anonymous said...

The Queens reign is going to end.

She has done such a good job using taxpayers money on frivilous lawsuits, attacking those she hates with her public vendettas, that she has gotten the attention of those near and far. All eyes are upon her.

Unethical Politicians in Manalapan are not going to be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Da Stu Squad is rapidly sliding into irrelevance. used to be entertaining with its just boring.

a fan from West Windsor said...

Hardly boring, in fact it's opened my eyes to things happening in Manalapan I can't even fathom.

And I don't even live in Manalapan, NJ. I just like reading this blog to see what crazy thing happens next. This blog is better than a daytime soap.

Anonymous said...

Lucas won. Green & Garcia won. McEnerey won. You lost. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

Lucas lost the freeholder election. He is currently the subject of two separate DCA investigations. One for his voting to pay bills on a case where he's the defendant. The other for running for election in Manalapan while living in Freehold. People have already been subpoenaed on those matters, so they're very real. Green & Garcia will lose if they don't dump McEnery. They only won by fifty or sixty votes when they had the line. That's a horrible showing, horrible enough to show that they can't win in November with McEnery. McEnery won 22 to 21. For a municipal chairman in power that's a pretty pathetic showing. And the only reason he won was that he promised Rhoda she would be the vice chair - a promise he, of course, didn't deliver, and he was able to get a long time friend of Mary Ann's to betray her friend. Anyone who has to win that way is disgusting, as disgusting as the so-called friend. And the people on Butch's and Steve's side? They won. They won because they got to fight the good fight, with decency and dignity, sure of the justice of their position, and just as sure that they stood up against evil. And the fight's not over.

Anonymous said...

Spin it any way you want: Lucas won. Green & Garcia won. McEnerey won. You lost. Move on. Bidet, Cowboy Steve, and Da Mosked Man are over. THink about it - even RHODA has more influence than them!

Anonymous said...

When all is lost and your back is against the wall - repeat the same old tired lies and half-truths to try and rile people up.

Anonymous said...

It's not spin; it's facts. All of the real republicans will have nothing to do with McEnery. Everything stated above about the end of days for McEnery, Lucas and the other corrupt crooks destroying the Republican party are true. That's why you can't deny a word of it; all you can do is repeat the same nonsense, calling it spin, talking about Stu. What everyone has figured out is that when any crooked politician in Manalapan mentions Stu, it's clear it means someone hit home and they need to deflect. I don't think it's going to work any more. It certainly won't work anymore now that Meiterman has talked, McEnery will be persona non grata in the county party and the investigations against Lucas are coming home to roost.

Anonymous said...

So, in other words, the real Republicans didn't want Butch and Steve in, and wanted to keep McEnery, so all three won...after Lucas won last year, despite the rumours that you guys spread. Nice. Who'se your next incompetant candidate for 2009 - Heckler? Apropos after the stream of losers you put up.

Anonymous said...

Ok, obviously you're a McEnery supporter, if not McEnery himself. No one else could be that done. The real republicans supported Budai and Johnson. The real republicans voted 21 to 3 in the republican club meeting to support Johnson and Budai. The real republicans knew about McEnery's deal to sell out the republican party to Gerry Ward to reelect Roth, something he appears to have accomplished. The real republicans watched as McEnery brought in twelve people who had never been part of the republican party to vote to put Green and Garcia on the line. McEnery's problem now, of course, is that the clueless dolt Puharic is now gone. He will get no support from the county republicans now. His candidates will get no money or support unless they publicly dump McEnery. Lucas only won because he ran against Shapiro who couldn't have beaten George McGovern, and the third party candidate still doesn't know that the election season has started.

Anonymous said...

Roth is nothing to brag about. Her husband is famous for all the wrong reasons. Like making national headlines over his "I hate Italians " remark. Democrats in the county know all too well about Manalapan, Roth, Ward and their brand of politics. The County Democrats think the Manalapan Dems are difficult to work with and crazy. They have 20/20 vision on what is happening here and they are not too pleased. But Roth would never tell you, she is a spin doctor and she hides behind that mask.

Anonymous said...

Question to the blogger who says that Lucas is the subject of 2 DCA investigations. If that is true I'm very curious why none of the newspapers have reported on it yet. If you have any information to share, this seems to be the venue to share it. I'm a Manalapan resident and new to this blog although I've heard many things about it. Please let us know more about the investigations. If that's true then he should resign.

Anonymous said...

Investigations aren't announced publicly. Don't believe the nonsense that he's under investigation....

Anonymous said...

Just like you shouldn't believe that Manalapan Town Hall is under investigation for the Village mess.

Oh, wait, that is happening!

Anonymous said...

Word out of townhall though hush hush, it is true 2 complaints were filed against Andrew Lucas with the DCA for ethics. Seems he is a defendant in the case of Manalapan vs. Moskovitz and he voted to pay for the legal bills where he is a defendant. Not too cool. Then there is the documentation that he was living in Freehold and he was running for reelection in Manalapan for office. Better yet, Roth it appears knew about this and said nothing. My my there was a time Roth would have taken the informtion directly to the transcript. Now she just stays quiet. Why is that? Perhaps she made a deal to ensure she has that 3rd vote? Remember a committee person who has full knowledge of an unethical action by another committee person must report that activity to the authorities if not they are just as culpable as the offender. Hmm.....

Anonymous said...

I want to know who Meiterman squeeeeeeeeeled on! Bet they live in the Battlegrounds!

Anonymous said...

investigations aren't going to be in the newspaper. Subpoenas, on the other hand are very real. The investigations of Lucas are very real.

Please help Manalapan said...

This was on It's worth reading, and Squad I hope you're reading too. Sounds like another case of an ego-driven local government making backroom deals and running amok.

2986. daTruthSquad......
by manalaman, 6/16/08 19:02 ET
has just hit a vital nerve on his/her latest post dated June 14, 2008. The post reads "Da very unfortunate problem in Manalapan, and many other towns like it, is that politicians seize power and use it for their gain". He/she goes on to say "Ask da farmers who got "down-zoned" and ask Hovnanian who is building McMansions on postage stamp sized land right down da road".
daTruthSquad had hit the "nail on the head". It is one one of the biggest "scams" to ever hit Manalapan, or any other New Jersey town. I sincerely ask da Truth Squad to please look into this further by determining how much in roll-back taxes Hovananian has paid on each of these units that were formerly assessed as farm ground for the last 50+ years. The homes that were built "across da road" were hit with roll-back taxes of over $20,000 per home. If Hovnanian was hit with even half that amount, it would mean over $10 MILLION dollars to Manalapan Township. I am willing to bet that Hovnanian has paid next to NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

Changing Times Too

The Queen will tell you she had no choice under a court order to allow KHOV to build which was true, based on the lawsuit of KHOV and it was both the Republicans and then the Democrats involved. But what about the roll back taxes that those properties should be generating? Has anyone inquired if they have been paid to the town? Were they reduced or exempt based on the settlement? Many questions need answering. Ask at the next TC meeting. Find out the real story.

Anonymous said...

the court order provided for fifty acres of commercial that would have lowered taxes for all of us and kept the traffic from those homes off the road. Roth and Shapiro engineered a sweetheart deal with hovnanian to allow them to build residential instead -- that was NOT part of the court order. Manalapan got nothing out of that deal, hovnanian made millions. I wonder what was in it for Roth and Shapiro?

Anonymous said...

This is from an ACTUAL newspaper that does ACTUAL stories, doing ACTUAL leg work to investigate and report the truth. These four fields were installed by FieldTurf -- so that BS about lead not being found in the type of field we're installing in Manalapan is just that -- BS. I wonder how many childred Michelle Roth will end up killing just to get reelected.

Anonymous said...

it seems the link got cut off: here it is again. piece it together when you put it in your browser:

Anonymous said...

Mayor Michelle Roth can't keep her head buried in the rubber tire crumb of her prized synthetic field for Manalapan any longer. The article clearly states that there are problems with lead levels in a the same brand of field that Manalapan had installed. Of course the company disputes these findings. The State health department recommends children age 7 or under not use the field at all. Roth needs to tell the public that the field she had to have built is sitting idle, complete and paid for. Seems suddenly there is no access to the field and therefore it is not usable until Spring of 2009!! Could it be that Michelle Roth has realized that her FIELD could cost her the election? The reports keep streaming out of the State and the Government Agencies. The final report by the US Product and Consumer Saftey Commission is due out in late August. Just in time for elections. Is Roth doing damage control? Remember she is the financial guru, who has spent over 1 million dollars for a field sitting idle, losing a year of it's warranty that may ultimately have to be removed due to health risks. I guess the Italian American Committeeman Anthony Gennaro, who has voiced his opposition to the field being installed and asked repeatedly for cautionary care and to wait for more health reports before installing the field was right all along. What was the harm in waiting if the field was not being used for another year anyway? VOTES! Roth knew all this. But Gennaro is Italian and we all know how Roth and her husband feel about Italians, especially Gennaro. Remember Larry's famous remark "I hate Italians." The children of Manalapan deserve better, they need leadership that will protect them first, not a political career. Michelle Roth your sloagan for all the people included the children. You have failed them.

Anonymous said...

You have to feel sorry for Queen Michelle Roth and her cast followers. Unlike, she can't wave her royal wand and have postings disappear here.

I had no problem with her field idea, but after reading this I'm now against it too.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Michelle Roth and Committeman Richard Klauber- SHAME ON YOU!

I just watched your performance from the last township meeting.

The way you treated the Chief of Police Stuart Brown was disgusting.

You call yourselves ethical? your behavior towards the Chief of Police was deplorable.

To Chief Stuart Brown, I hope you sue them for harassment.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the June 17th comment which states, "I wonder how many children (actually this illiterate spelled it "childred") Michelle Roth will wind up killing in order to get re-elected."

Well the Truth Squad has finally done it. It took three years but it has for the first time accused a member of the Township Committee of actually murdering little children. This should not suprise anyone. People on this site regularly resort to calling other people, whores, crooks, thieves, child molesters, and traitors. They have tried to run people out of town, get them out of elected office, threatened them with law suits and on and on and on.

As if starts dawning on the author of the Squad just how irrelevant his words are, expect things to get even worse, though frankly I don't know how much worse it can get than accusing someone of being a child killer.

I urge readers to stop visiting this site. I am done. It's morbid comments have finally ended my visiting this site forever. To all those who continue reading this junk, enjoy your continuing relationship with pure evil.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on this. I feel like I have to take a shower every time I read this crap. I think it has just been morbid curiousity to see what depths these people will drop to. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

It's about time you took a shower. You should read this site more often. How about losing a hundred pounds while you're at it?

Anonymous said...

Larry, in response to your last two posts, murder might not be the right word. Perhaps the reader should have said manslaughter. Your wife knows full well that this artificial field is a serious hazard that is currently being banned across the country. Yet, she spent 1,000,000 dollars of taxpayer's money on it without any concern for the welfare of our children because she wanted to be able to brag about being the mayor who put in an artificial field. That's criminal negligence. If someone dies as the result -- not out of the question -- that's manslaughter. So spare us your sanctimonious nonsense. And you WILL be reading this site. Because you post every other week that you're done reading it and you can't pull yourself away. So, just another lie out of Larry Roth, I guess. By the way, the people who post comments on this site, like you, are not datruthsquad, so blaming datruthsquad for the comments here is like suing Stu for your wife's approval of the purchase of the rec center properties with oil spills in 2004, when she voted for the court order/settlement before Stu was even there. I'll bet that doesn't fly in November, either.

Anonymous said...

Any reports from the meeting at the library last night (Wed)?

Anonymous said...

You can't just fault the Queen Mayor for the whole field issue. There are others to blame as well.

As for the comment you don't like, I read it. So what? It's an opinion, like my opinion, yours, or anyone elses on this board. I've seen worse. If you don't like this site, read a different one. I read it for the facts that aren't reported on other blogs or nwspapers. That's my reason. Reason's like opinions, vary. And, I agree "killing" isn't the right word to use.

Anonymous said...

"People on this site regularly resort to calling other people, whores, crooks, thieves, child molesters, and traitors. They have tried to run people out of town, get them out of elected office, threatened them with law suits and on and on and on."

Bravo to the person who wrote this! Finally someone gets it. The person who wrote that comment obviously stands by the fact that lawsuits such as the one against Stu Moskovitz should never have happened, and that whole First Amendment lawsuit which drained taxpaer funds was wrong too.

Although I never saw any comments that called someone a "whore" or "child molestor" it's refreshing to see someone stand up against those lawsuits against Stu.